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Lindsay Lohan Took One of the World’s Strongest Hallucinogens “I did ayahuasca, it changed my life”


In a recent interview, celebrity Lindsay Lohan revealed that meditation, along with the psychedelic drug Ayahuasca changed her life, and helped free her from the path of addiction that she was on. She also revealed that her experience with the drug helped her cope with the pain of a recent miscarriage.

In the interview, Lohan said that, “I did ayahuasca, it changed my life.”

She shared that she saw her entire life and death before her eyes during the mystical experience, which allowed her to let go of the past issues that were troubling her.

Lohan went on to describe the experience as a rebirth, which has allowed her to start her life fresh, with a clean slate.

The Ayahuasca brew is traditionally prepared using the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and Psychotria viridis leaves. Psychotria viridis contains N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in the leaves, while Banisteriopsis caapi contains beta-carbolines such as harmine and harmaline.

DMT has long been known to have powerful psychoactive properties that can create life-changing spiritual experiences.

Until recently, studies of drugs like Ayahuasca have been strictly forbidden. New studies conducted by independent researchers are finding that psychedelic drugs are not only safe, but also have a great ability to heal people both physically and emotionally.

The United States Supreme Court has unanimously ruled in favor of the legal religious use of ayahuasca by the União do Vegetal, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has affirmed the Santo Daime Church’s freedom to use Ayahuasca for religious purposes. However, ayahuasca’s principally active ingredient, DMT, remains a Schedule I controlled substance, carrying a steep prison sentence.

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Many people like Lohan have been forced to travel outside of the country to meet with Shamans in the Amazon who are skilled and knowledgeable about the substance.

Lohan is not the only celebrity to have a life changing experience with Ayahuasca, the musician “Sting” from the police has also been very open about his shamanic experience with the drug.

Sting wrote extensively about Ayahuasca in his book “Broken Music.” In the book, he said:

“A series of descrete phone calls have secured us an invitation to a religious ceremony”…”the home of a syncretic religious group that uses as its core sacrement an ancient medicine derived from plant materials known as ayahuasca, and it is said to induce extraordinary and profound visions…….

I may be out of my gourd, but I seem to be perceiving the world on a molecular level, where the normal barriers that separate “me” from everything else have been removed, as if every leaf, every blade of grass, every nodding flower is reaching out, every insect calling to me, every star in the clear sky sending a direct beam of light to the top of my head. This sensation of connectedness is overwhelming. It’s like floating in a buoyant limitless ocean of feeling that I can’t really begin to describe unless I evoke the word love. Before this experience I would have used the word to separate what I love from everything I don’t love – us not them, heroes from villains, friend from foe, everything in life separated and distinct like walled cities or hilltop fortresses jealously guarding their hoard of separateness. Now all is swamped in this tidal wave of energy which grounds the skies to the earth so that every particle of matter in and around me is vibrant with significance. Everything around me seems in a state of grace and eternal. And strangest of all is that such grandiose philosophizing seems perfectly appropriate in this context, as if the spectacular visions have opened a doorway to another world of frankly cosmic possibilities.”

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work he organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” at bookpatch.com.

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    • Why is there a picture of morels where there should be either a. muscaria or a species of psilocybe?

      Morels are delicious, don’t get me wrong, but they will impart no experience outside of your taste buds, or the hike to find them.

    • whatever you choose to try, have at least one very reliable friend (not taking anything at that time, but preferably experienced with that particular drug) at your side when you do…

    • And you can get a nice permaburn if you’re not careful

    • I have heard from people first hand about Ayahuasca, so please, please don’t promote association of Lohan with it, TFTP. Thanks.

    • I do not think everyone should voluntarily try them. Many things can happen or possibly happen when trying them.

  • Hey Lindsay…

  • Gage Kerscher!!!

  • The caption is a bit snarky considering the context, don’t you think?

    …and no, it is not really surprising that Lohan tried ayahuasca.

    • She more than likely used it to get fucked up,honestly. But people seem to have used it to enhance their minds for thousands of years. Maybe she benefited, but maybe she just wanted to get high. But you throw upfrom the stuff, and apparently face your worst fear. I would not touch anything that made me that fudged up

    • Drew Hoyle, Speculate much? I am not really interested in your conjecture.

    • Drew, your comment is insanely ignorant. Honestly, I can’t think for a reason why you wrote it.

      I think she tried ayahuasca because the universe conspired to bring it to get attention, cause anyone who has seen her Oprah reality show knows she needed to get real!

    • Drew, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Anyone who knows anything about ayahuasca, knows it’s not a drug you take to just get high. She probably tried it for the same reasons we all try it. To heal some part of us, that we don’t know how to heal. Tons and tons of people have spoken about how helpful, and beneficial a single ayahuasca experience is/could be. Do a little research before opening your mouth. The hours of purging and puking, prevent ayahuasca from being a recreational drug. I sure as hell know I won’t put myself through that, just to get high.

  • I saw people flip on LSD-25. Lindsay Lohan is an idiot to begin with.

    • One who knows people who take acid, would never call it lsd-25. You sure you are not just making shit up because you disagree with substances used to make people more aware? And don’t pull any of that,”I have done it a bunch of times”, because i did, and my depression was kept at bay because of it.

    • Another shithead. 25 was manufactured by SANDOZ LABS. DMT is not the most powerful hallucinogen. Get your trash straight GARBAGE MAN.

    • If she did do this I Applaud her. Ayahuasca this is not Acid 1970’s. Your spiritual awakening waits you when doing Ayahuasca

  • Ayahuasca is life changing and from those that I know who did it are better people than they were prior

  • Try LSD…!

  • WHAT ? Lindsay Lohan did drugs ?? Oh go on !!!

  • Expand your mind. 🙂

  • This is only a celebrity endorsement of something you have to be really responsible with, it probably isn’t the best person to listen to.

  • Anna Guziewicz

  • I just got back from doing ayawazka!(spellcheck), life changing ill never forget it

  • Ibogaine is a psychedelic used to cure heroin and other addictions

  • Lindsay lohan was raised by wolves then fed to the Disney machine. Give her a break for cryin out loud. The kid was doomed from day one.

  • Ian OZ Totton

  • Well there goes probation again

  • This is cool; that lady has problems, seems legitimate in her experience. Can’t take away from that. I will say, mushrooms and lsd have been one of the best treatments to my brain disease.

  • Laurenz Gunnar Onnen

  • Griffin Thomas

  • Try it and decide for yourself, but leave your fear at home, or it will be what prevents you from the experience you seek. In 1990, I did acid for the first time. It changed my life, and opened, what was a very closed mind. I am forever grateful, and wish I knew then what I know now. Hallucinogens are a gateway to reality, but in the hands of party minded fools, they are just a fun experience, or an utter nightmare. Depends on what’s in one’s own psyche. With the guidance of a shaman, they are tools to expand conciousness, healing, and compassion. We have been lied to systematically by governments and religions, set on controlling us. The top of this structure of hiarchal control, knows that if we all took psychadelics in a responsible way, motivating us to war would be impossible.

    • Ayahuasca this is not Acid 1970’s. Your spiritual awakening waits you when doing Ayahuasca

    • I have done both. I know what I speak of out of experience.

  • Ashley Jelks your BFF! ;P


  • oh yeah she’s my idol pfff

  • I have read numerous testimonials about this sacred plant and how it is used to heal people from deep rooted problems. Most with excellent results. I am also very curious to venture in South America to give this a try.

    • Tarapoto, Peru is the place to get it. Make sure you get a good shaman, or it can send you to the after world for good.

    • Thanks for that tip Santos! God Bless

  • Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.

  • My very first thought was: Celebrity endorsement.

  • shit loads of people worse then her lol

  • I hope it helps all of society, considering she is a huge roll model for idiots everywhere

    • Im with you on this.i for one do not want to watch idiocrisy become a reality.its swiftly on its way.

  • Are you kidding??!! – “The last person you would expect to benefit from this learning experience.”
    This is EXACTLY who I think would benefit…

  • Why is she “the last person you’d expect”? Do you like know her personally? Did she tell you all about how much she hated hippies and now she turned around all like actually I love tripping though?

  • Mitchro Stevenson Adam Meere

  • Just a little advice from someone who has been exploring alternate realities for a few years, along with the systems of knowledge built around power-plants and their energetic energies that govern them, There is a danger with those who take power plants (everything naturally occuring that isnt refined to pharmacy grade) are often unaware of the energetic parasitc beings that use it as a doorway into people. There are several types, some known as Jinn/ inorganic allies and others known as “flyers” or “voladores”. Make sure that if you are under guidence of a healer or medicine man when you work with these medicine plants, that you learn to invoke protections before, and clensing rituals in the area you partake, and make sure you shut the doors of perception when you are done. Eventually you wont need the help of medicine plants to awaken, but often it only takes one really good trip to understand at a level no book can teach you. Do read though, look at the old systems of knowledge, because it can help you with interpretation of what you will witness. First time I ever used Datura for example, i met the little green woodland beings that look like dwarfs, who look after the trees, and they told me a lot of things that i dont really remember about looking after plants. I have always had gardens and planted trees since those experiences. Another time I witnessed the Rolling force of death, which is like a wave that strikes the human shell that surounds us, the external of the energy field. The rolling force continuosly strikes the front of the energy shell, which is why when you are protecting someone who is ill or injured, you have someone walk in front of them to help sheild them when they are vulnerable. (the force will eventually crack and destroy the shell, which results in death). Best advice written about dealing with power plants, (from Carlos Castaneda’s books) warns to go to knowledge like you would go to war. Most of all be polite, not all people match all power plants, you will know when you have a good match, when the entity behind it interacts with you, even when you are sober. If you dont get on, you can get horribly ill from the experience. Most of all, never bring fear into it.

    • Ummmmmm

      You were just Trippin sweetheart


      I’ve Done it thousands of times

      Focus and environment
      change a trip every time

      Even though the journeys can be repetitive
      or recurring in nature

      Our souls are eternal

      That’s how God made them

      These chemicals just allow us a tiny fractional glimpse into what we truly are

      Yoda WAS right about one thing ……

      “Luminous beings we are
      Not this crude matter ….”


  • That is why she’s fucked up

  • party on

  • I would..

  • People should be mentally prepared for psychedelics before they go in, and you should understand that you may not be the same person coming out as the one going in. That’s usually a good thing!

  • Hopefully she’ll get her act together.

  • Leo Sargon

  • wwoooppppdy fucking dooo

  • “It changed my plastic surgery face!”

  • does that mean she’ll stop twerking and sticking her tongue out like a inane idiot trying WAY too hard to be “provocative” and “raunchy”?

    • You may have her confused with Miley Cyrus…

  • What she needs is to know Jesus!

  • Haley Marion

  • Thats great she was on her way to self-destruction, people it is not a recreational drug, it takes you to you the part you don’t want to look at

  • I really hope it helped her and she learned something. She seemed to have some personal demons she was battling with to have gone through everything she did.