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No Longer a Conspiracy Theory, First State Legalizes Weaponized Drones for Cops


North Dakota — Nothing says “police state” quite like unmanned aerial vehicles patrolling the sky ready to deploy 80,000 volts to the nearest protester or dose entire crowds with chemical weapons.

The idea of weaponized drones has long been a dystopian, yet fictional idea. However, thanks to House Bill 1328, in North Dakota, this police state hell from above is now a horrid reality.

Thanks to a police union lobbyist, the idea of police using drones for “less than lethal” weapons is now written into North Dakota law.

According to the Daily Beast,

The bill’s stated intent was to require police to obtain a search warrant from a judge in order to use a drone to search for criminal evidence. In fact, the original draft of Rep. Rick Becker’s bill would have banned all weapons on police drones.

Then Bruce Burkett of North Dakota Peace Officer’s Association was allowed by the state house committee to amend HB 1328 and limit the prohibition only to lethal weapons. “Less than lethal” weapons like rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, sound cannons, and Tasers are therefore permitted on police drones.

The term “less than lethal” is thrown around to make tasers, which have been responsible for hundreds of deaths since 2001, seem like they are okay to be deployed on infants.

The reality is that “less than lethal” weapons are only slightly less lethal than the real thing. Now that these weapons will be put on drones, entire new safety concerns arise, such as accuracy and the simple issue of a drone falling into a crowd.

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After being duped by the police lobby into passing a bill allowing cops to equip drones with weapons, Rep Becker is worried. He spoke up about police deploying these weapons when they aren’t near the intended target.

“When you’re not on the ground, and you’re making decisions, you’re sort of separate,” Becker said. “Depersonalized.”

One need only look at the Middle East and the thousands of innocent women and children who’ve been slaughtered by US drones to imagine the grim reality of such legislation.

Law enforcement and their union lobbyists are assuring lawmakers that drones would only be used in non-criminal situations, like a missing person case or for photographing crime scenes. This begs the question of why they would need such ominous legislation if they say they’ll never use it?

According to Keith Lund of the Grand Forks Regional Economic Development Corporation, laws like this one are to combat restrictions in drone development to create jobs.

North Dakota has been hit hard by the oil bust, and more drones equal more jobs.

“It’s really all about the commercial development, which is where all of this is heading,” Lund replied. “If [a law] is somehow limiting commercial, law enforcement development… that is a negative in terms of companies looking and investing in opportunities in the state of North Dakota,” Lund said, according to the Daily Beast.

It’s not only weapons attached to drones that are raising issues in the state either. Police and their lobbyists are putting up a big fight to allow the use of drones for spying without a warrant.

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“Requiring a search warrant for surveillance is ‘restricting development?’” asked Rep. Gary Paur, a Republican, at a hearing.

It seems that corporate and state collusion, at the expense of the people’s liberties, doesn’t even have to happen behind closed doors anymore.

Get ready, because if we know anything about the military-industrial complex, it’s that it spreads like a virus. It is only a matter of time before other slimeball politicians sell out civil liberties to prop up “Big Drone.”


  • This needs to be fought and stopped. There is no crime that a local police force needs such a device.

  • Y’all should watch the show Colony on USA. They use these

  • 1984 here we come. Orwell hit the nail on the head.

  • This is only going to widen the gap between cops and citizens…

  • They should be easy to knock out of the air.

    • To be a criminal offence?

    • They gotta know who did it first….
      A mask and a shot gun will take those down without revealing your identity….

  • Occupy Oakland used chant “OPD you must be high / You taught a fuckin pig to fly” whenever the highway patrol helicopter flew in. Looks like future marches will get to use that chant more often.

  • … drip. drip. drip. it’s gone way too far.

  • OMFG

  • I am sure they thought the same way when cops got cruisers and 2-way radios, times change and now criminals will be able to use these same tools. Remember it was the criminals who were fond of “tommy guns” gotta stay one step ahead of the thugs

  • WTF happened to us !!!!

  • This is insane!!!!!!…..

  • Go ahead and turn in your weapons though…


  • It’s quite simple. Be smart and you won’t ever have to worry about being on the wrong side of this device. Where are they going to use them? Against rioters and protestors? Rioters need to be dealt with and there are much better ways to accomplish goals than protesting. Be smart. Simple.

    • yup cause there’s NEVER a good reason to protest ??

    • By voting? ????

    • what dou you suggest genius ??

    • “Be smart and you’ll never worry about someone abusing their power”

    • Chrisanthos Vlasiadis – is that what I said?

    • what should be done about injustice ?? you obviously never suffered injustice sir !~

    • Ryan Robbins we can put people down that suffer injustice in the hands of cops, the system in general, employers, etc but if you were in their shoes ??

    • i shouldn’t have to be ” smart ” just so someone with AUTHORITEE won’t unjustly KILL me !!

    • This is so wrong!!!!!!!

    • Chrisanthos Vlasiadis – Nope, i haven’t. I have never been treated poorly or unfairly. Is a revolution the answer? Isn’t that what this page persuades people to do; start a revolution? Or is it simply to spread awareness? People are given the right to protest if they choose to do so. There are different ways to protest. One way is to take action and go put effort into making changes. There is nothing wrong with this method. Then, there are the protestors who gather in groups and are merely on step below rioters. Pointless!

    • It’s a RC helicopter with a taser or pepper spray.

    • first spread awareness then we decide : do we just accept the way things are going ?? or do we do something about it ?

    • The Blimps will be aloft soon..with drone platform and sweeping surveillance abilities.
      There’ll be no immunity from worry…especially if you’re smart on them and their abuse of sweeping powers ~

    • Unless you like your head in the sand Joshua Jones

    • Yes, changes need to be made. I certainly don’t have the answers, but there are many individuals who have the voice and the knowhow to at least make a decent attempt at a change. I just think many things are blown way out of proportion. It’s not like these things are going to be roaming the skies over every city and town randomly choosing and disposing of targets. C’mon.

    • ‘ I feared for my life ” is the magic wand it seems nowadays IRREGARDLESS of the specific facts of a situation . do we just accept this till it happens to us or a loved one ??

    • Chrisanthos Vlasiadis – I know what you’re saying and it is a very difficult position for both the police and citizens. There are bad cops. There are bad citizens. Is it difficult to just lay down and comply with a cops demands of you fear for your life? Yes! Is it difficult to not act? Yes! Both sides are faced with difficult choices.

    • Ryan Robbins well, at least not YET , who is to say they won’t be doing all this one day ?? it’s just the beginning . how many rights do you want to give up ? how many wrongful deaths are acceptable to you ? what if one day this comes knocking on YOUR door ??

    • If I had the answers I would be out there doing something, not here on FB. I don’t have the answers so I try to understand both sides and do my best to keep the peace in my own way. It’s all I can do at this time.


    • Chrisanthos Vlasiadis – you’re right. This very well could be the beginning. But there is more awareness than ever and the situation is escalating every day. Let’s just hope that there are enough good people on both sides who can make things happen and come to an understanding.

    • Ryan Robbins im not happy reading about all this either . there are most likely other better things , more productive things i can and should be doing with my time . if it didn’t happen then none of us would have to worry about it and can just go about our business and our day and that would be great . but every day it seems we’re getting shafted more and more by the powers that be

    • Chrisanthos Vlasiadis – Yes, it does! But maybe I am just naive, but I have faith in people. That we will figure all of this out. You and I for instance have different opinions on this flying device, but we managed to have a reasonable conversation. We want the same thing and I think most people out there want that same thing too. We are just very divided right now and hopefully there will be more fairness and equality in the near future.

    • Well said Ryan Robbins ! spread awareness through art ,fuk the riots people are getting hurt – look at Bansky ,a work of art !

    • Don’t be so nieve. This is a direct attack on your right to protest. Don’t be a boot licker

    • Ryan Robbins and you know this how? Seems to me like martial law is the new land of the free

    • Keep bowing to your manufactured god, the government. It must be hard being such a naive and mindless statist drone. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1709455879274672&id=1425604894326440

    • EJ Valdez because art is going to stop them from putting you in a fema camp

    • Sorry guys i don’t mean to be such a dick but come on.

    • Bruce Stoner – I never claimed to know anything. I simply stated I believe that there are enough good people out there who will not let this planet fall to compete chaos. I think we will figure it out. Certainly I do not know the future, but I have tons of faith in people and am almost certain it will all work itself out.

    • ??

    • Ryan Robbins: Your country’s freedoms were founded on protests on the most massive scales.

    • Ryan Robbins. If Martin Luther King Jr didn’t go to the streets n protest ,they wouldn’t have gotten the rights they got..If women didn’t March in the streets n protest for there rights,they still wouldn’t be able to vote n such..You should study history. Smh

    • Kieran Kirchner – very true. I would hope we can handle things in a more civilized manor than all out war. There are different levels of protesting with war being at the highest level. I don’t think war is necessary to accomplish the necessary goals for this particular scenario.

    • Scot Butterfield – I stated above there are different types of protesting. The people you mentioned did so in a manor that accomplished their goals. Organization and procedure were used to gain audience under controlled circumstances. Positive protesting. This device would not be needed for said protestors. It would be needed for those violent protestors who are really only rioters in disguise.

    • In M L K time they didn’t have the same technology like we do now 2016.. jus sayin

    • Idiot

    • That’s the attitude that allowed things to get this far, until the warrantless drone comes your way to find out why you’re hiding.

    • This is a human rights violation on every level…deplorable.


    • http://www.thenetgunstore.com/ I CAN DEFEND MY FREEDOM FOR 900 BUCKS …..#NOTWORRIED

    • Barry Cuthbert – I have no reason to hide.

    • TheRiver King Exactly..Electrified if they really wanna play..

  • If we don’t rise up and take America back, we never will have another chance…. 1984’s tyrannical system is in place, either the OWR or NWO will try to emerge next…

    • Im glad to see there are still some people with reason.

  • 12 gauge with bird shot.

  • If you said “cops will be turning drones into weapons soon” last year, you would have been considered a conspiracy theorist. Now they have done it.
    I bet if you make any more logical predictions you’re still a conspiracy theorist though.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more bro

    • This image perfectly shows how most people look to me anymore…

    • A god created by “We The Sheeple”. Endorsed by corporations and elitists you’ve probably never heard of that have existed since the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. Advertised by your precious media all over the globe. And you think you have ANY idea what’s going on? Please, scrub the fecal matter out of your brains and start using it!

    • I copied and saved that after posting it once so not all of it applies to you guys, you obviously have a brain.

    • I’d like to use the term critical thinker 😉

    • Great photo Michael,

    • So is yours Tim. Saved that.

    • Critical thinkers are still called conspiracy theorists by the mindless masses. If they only knew the source of that term…

    • We’ve allowed ourselves to be manipulated conditioned,and controlled … It bothers me so much sometimes and then I have to remind myself that it’s not necessarily all our fault guys. there are systems in place that are being used against us and These systems have been used against the masses for centuries…they’re just simply updating these systems as time goes on. We no longer value freethinkers in our society, instead we labeled them conspiracy theorists and lunatics rather than value people for thinking outside the box or outside the conditioning that’s forced upon us… It’s so rare that I get to have an intelligent conversation with a couple of people I appreciate this thank you

    • Just keep spreading open mindedness and well being. That’s all we can do.

    • Michael Schooley I didn’t know that about the origin of that term lol doesn’t shock me at all but thank you for that ?

    • Most people aren’t aware of it’s origin, but I’m glad to inform people who are willing to be fully aware. Giving up is what they’re counting on, that’s why I refuse to.

    • Well said brother! I’m with you!

    • The sad thing is that it repeatedly happens and people repeatedly fall for it.
      Lets build a wall! Who cares if it locks us in! Rfid chips in muslims! They wouldnt put em in anyone else. Rfid chips are good! Govt can protect us! Even though i dont trust them….
      Obamas gonna end the iraq and afganistan war! Well he had to keep us at war 8 more years…. Lets vote for trp! He wants MORE security! You knoknow, survaliance of us! Who cares hes trustworthy. Republicans hate him! Thats why fox news gives him so much attention!!!!

    • Actually they haven’t yet, this is about a bill to lead to that, but no actual working model exist yet.

      Fear mongers

  • We’re not militarizing the police they said. No such thing as a police state they said! Lol

  • Fucking pigs

  • SciFi Surveillance drones just like they have in those SciFi Movies of Humanities future

  • Hell far pigs just flew..Now our privacy will no longer exist..


  • Hell now they can fly one of those over my house to watch me take a shit lol

  • Tim McCloud

  • 1984

  • People can change laws by gathering signatures on a petition which should read we are all signing the end of law enforcement to be able to use drones in my state city or town so start getting out the word ….

  • Maggie Finn

  • all police should go to school at least three years before being issued a gun…too many murderous idiots signing up to protect us…a person can be smart all they want…but when your confronted with a dumb cop….all the smarts in the world probably won’t save you….sucks..but that’s cops today…and now they have these?..ffs.

  • FACEPALM…. then run!!!!!

  • Nothing to see here. Keep moving !

  • Anthony Kauffman

  • No Masters, No Slaves!

  • …rat shot.

  • so if I shoot one of these out of the sky will I be done for murder like they do with dogs?

  • The police enforce CORRUPT LAWS MEANT TO MAINLY EXTORT THE PUBLIC. There’s hardly any laws that deal with actual public safety. It’s called common sense. If one becomes a cop, they agree to “lawfully” extort the public. I have absolutely no compassion for police or governments in ANY sense. They know what they’re signing up for. Why do you think courts allow plea bargaining? To give you a break? FUCK NO. It’s to get your money. This system has been invalidated and is in the process of collapsing. I hope y’all are geared for what’s next in America, the land of the slaves. Fuck the police, and fuck the government. Martial law takes affect this year. Good luck. The answer is a complete overhaul and demolishment of this OLIGARCHY. Any moderately intelligent person doesn’t need a leader telling them what’s right and wrong, what they can and cannot do. I know I’m ready. I hope you are too. Enjoy the show that is to come. It’ll be the last MANY people will ever see in this life.

  • Ok enough is enough merica. Put your fkng foot down please!! Why are you putting up with this shit? Just fyi the fate of the world is literally in your hands and your doing nothing about it.

  • Get the long Tom out..

  • I looked up the bill and I can’t find anything but where it says they should not bear lethal weapons. Nothinga boyt almost lethal or non lethal… hmmmm

  • This reminds me of the book Fahrenheit 451.

  • Can you do an article about Michelle Obama’s penis instead?

  • What a horror! Although I am Canadian…where something is used in one place, all other police forces will clamor for the same weapons “to fight crime” and any one else who disagrees with them. As some one put it…all you have to do is not disagree with the idiots who rule over us

  • A god created by “We The Sheeple”. Endorsed by corporations and elitists you’ve probably never heard of that have existed since the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. Advertised by your precious media all over the globe. And you think you have ANY idea what’s going on? Please, scrub the fecal matter out of your brains and start using it!

  • I hear they like molatof cocktails

  • Cody Avalos

  • they will break the law with this drones just to keep people “safe” you’ll see, soon, they shoot you from the sky just because they fell threat by us

  • Someone needs to develop an electro magnetic pulse gun so when they’re trying to throw yall in fema camps for reconditioning you can at least disable their electronic weapons

  • shoot’em down time! lol

  • and the chit goes south again

  • Everything

  • Onward march to a police state….

  • I’m sure the government has something to shut all our phones down with some kind of pulse too!

  • Terminator rise of the corporate fascist machines! To punish and enslave.

  • Let’s start calling them conspiracy facts once they’re no longer theory!

  • Constitution of United States of America. Bill of rights amendment one. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; Or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for redress of grievances.

    • Try explaining that to americans

    • Nothing against the usa btw just their government. It does piss me off that the fate of the world is in their hands though and they are going to destroy humanity by not keeping a leash on their government and military industrial complex though.

    • Well look at it this way. A lot of soldiers are fed up with our government too. Trust me when I say not everyone in America is a sheep.

    • When americans go to take america back from this corrupt government. We are going to need the support of like minded patriots to restore the constitution. World is in a scary place and these governments from different countries are playing a scary game.

    • “We the people” need to stand up everywhere and pull together.

    • The entire u.n. Is corrupted and ownedby zionist jews. They control the money through imf, federal reserve, central/world banks and they pull the strings. Why do you think any government with even half a concious would support israel? They are commiting horrific, unspeakable crimes and still get support over palestine. They are passing law making it illegal to boycott israel imports for ethical purposes!!! Wtfkngfk??? So basically they’re saying it is illegal to not buy products from psychopath murderers because it will hurt their pockets!!! If that’s not power i don’t know what is.

    • We are so going backwards on human rights and peace these days it’s like we went back in time 100 years or to nazi germany

  • Not good. Need to be stopped now before we completely become a police state nation.

  • We have to take away their power. Join A Sharing Based Species on FB. That is THE solution.

  • mean skeet targets

  • Ppl protest from there homes they make bets like almost like
    football games.

  • Haha. They your shirt over it. Or throw a shoe at it.

  • just last night i was catching up on Colony, and i saw the scene in the one episode where the drones killed a bunch of people and thought to myself, “self, at least we’re not there yet”…but im sure they wont be misused at all…i mean, cops are well known for being restrained in the use of force, right?

    • But they are there for your safty!


    • And if they dont use restraint, you deserved to die for not doing as you were told!
      Oh, you did as you were told? Shoulda done it faster! Huh, you did it as fast as possible? Well, you shouldnt have moved too fast!!!

    • I thik you need to wonder why the government thinks these are needed and why they would be needed in farming communities…

  • if used right would be a great thing, but I don’t trust the police, or most gov.

  • Once the pigs get them then the criminals are given them too, I guess in the near future bank hold ups and murders ect. can be carried out without wearing a balaclava meaning you can commit the crime without being anywhere near the fact. Send a drone attached with a weapon for drug transactions or we might see drones guarding crack dealers on the street corners against opposing gang threats. If you heard of the Melbourne gangland wars where a lot of criminals were killed most was committed by ambush and surprise and with the help of corrupt cops telling the killers their targets location so for awhile everyone involved was not only looking over their shoulders and trying to make sure they didn’t get ambushed but also had to try and hide their location from the pigs as much as they can, now if this drone was available then fuck it would have been much worse and very messy as most of the players in it couldn’t make a paper plane let alone fly a drone with a double barrelled shotgun and a 9mm attached to it. ⚰

  • well there goes smoking weed anywhere except your own house

  • Jim T Henize Kyle Saylor theyre coming for yoooou!!

  • Naomi Lyn B’xo when pigs fly!!!!

  • Well, since a lot of people recently have been getting all ,”Cop Killing Happy.” This is what you get. We our the demise of our own freedoms. We abuse what we’re given, and this is what happens. Period.

    • What you were given? This is what you get for what? Typical crimes that happen in every country since we were apes? Are you serious? Do you really need to be dominated that badly that you can justify a police state for the masses in your twisted or brainwashed mind? Why do you think the state has a right to control your life? I honestly cant believe that came out of someones mouth!!! Insulting yet fascinating a human being can be programmed this way.

    • It didn’t come out of my mouth. I typed it. Also, not a fan of wanting to be controlled, but I don’t know if you looked around lately, we are at war with everyone. What are we supposed to do? Let people just continue to go around and blow everyones heads off? When violnce reaches an all time high, not just in this country, but every country. What are we supposed to do. Tell us your idea, and we’ll fucking do it.

  • 12 gauge will fix this problem….

  • Ricardo Ortal

  • I can hear it now, the drone was in fear for its life.

  • We all knew that was coming !

  • Quite a few articles say this is bullshit.

  • Cool bust out the shot guns time to shoot some skeet

  • What do you mean by the phrase “conspiracy theory”? If no one was doing it, or if they do it legally, then there is no conspiracy, by definition.

  • Damn daniel! Back at it again with the weaponized drones.

  • this is what shotguns are for

  • We are in the abyss but they’ll tell you it’s the way to paradise.

  • It will be a boon for lawyers when they start causing injury to people.

  • Feel free to shoot the MF down.

  • Pigs really do fly now. Sky net becomes reallity.


  • Bad guys will now be packing portable EMP’s to knock those drones outta the sky…


  • oh god save us now

  • Why…there’s nobody in North Dakota, no violence!

  • OMG Tazer control to oops too late we killed him

  • Brent Pamplin

  • Looks like good target practice material.

  • long range target practice

  • Chris Monaghan

  • Met n laserpen zo neer te halen

  • Whats even more disturbing is you can buy fun drone kits at Wal-Mart….and it seems like all innocent fun….to down play this serious trend.

  • potatoe air canons are legal.

  • How many will they kill with this!!!!!

  • Show me the money and I will tell you who is behind it!

  • that shit can be shot down

  • The First Line Of Defence For TYRANTS!!!!

  • Just let us know who to sue, when shit goes wrong!

  • What the fuck is wrong with the Americans?? Nothing Personal, just wondering….

  • I never thought I’d ever say this — but thank goodness for the 2nd Amendment.

  • Lachlan Feakes

  • If you see one, do what you must to bring it down immediately. That is in addition to a lawsuit and massive protest. That is too dangerous for them to have.

  • the idea of putting lethal force behind an unmanned weapon I find deeply disturbing. Predator drones and their equivalents turn warfare into Video games, The disconnect from an operator watching often pretty low res images on a screen potentially thousands of miles away and then comparing to a well trained soldier having to go face to face? Know there’s some nutters in the defense forces on the ground but it’s not the norm and on the whole have a concience. Drone pilots on the most part don’t have to see in detail the results of their actions. This is not a shot at the pilots more at the system that finds them necessary

  • all i saw was that the police are going to have airborne targets available to shoot out of the sky. sounds like fun to me.

  • Ashton Freeman

  • shotgun cures it.

  • Instead of addressing societal issues that cause crime they just pour money into weaponry and better ways of hurting people. And yes, we all know that this new tech will be misused and abused and just become part of future stories about drones killing people over parking tickets or jaywalking.

  • Hello Cyberdine corp and robo cop all rolled into one awful profit driven non accountable mess

  • acab

  • Skynet

  • insane

  • Knocking one out of the sky is considered to be killing a police officer!

  • Brad Semmens

  • Immoral and unconstitusonal ! – and maybe even criminal.

  • I predict that someone is killed by the Cops for taking down one of their weaponized drones. After all they were in fear for their lives ? ? ?

  • …but body cameras to justify shootings are too expensive?!?

  • Right.

  • I can’t even.

  • Think, shotgun and 00 buck… lol… If you are in range, it is too…

  • its a wonderful time to be a cop

  • Oh boy, I sure bet this will be regulated and used properly, just like tasers.

  • Ah starting to sound like half life 1,2 and 3

  • Actually they haven’t yet, this is about a bill to lead to that, but no actual working model exist yet.

    Fear mongers.

  • I need to start training eagles

  • Yet another method Americans have found to kill people, well done give your selfs a sticker

  • If it flies it dies

  • .

  • Target practice

  • Exactly like a fucking Twilight Zone episode.

  • He is muslim so he must pay for it

  • every thing can go wrong, it already is wrong

  • I assume this is going to my generation’s answer to “cherries” the old cop lights they used to put on their roofs. Target practice challenge accepted 🙂

  • These aren’t going to get hacked at all, are they!!!! Bob Hammond

  • this is photoshoped

  • And what happens in the US eventually comes to the rest of us.

  • The Rise Of The Machines.

  • How many people are these thing going to accidentally kill we got enough cops killing innocent people already

  • IMO the second amendment will take care of that problem.

  • The complete militarization of our domestic police force to ring in the police state with its beginnings in a farm land… Bizarre.

  • Johnny