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Death Rattle of Mainstream Media: Multiple Corporate Outlets Now Labeling Each Other “Fake News”

Thanks to CNN and BuzzFeed, a war now rages among corporate media outlets, a true study in irony, as the New York Times and Guardian hurl accusations the two outlets are guilty of publishing Fake News — the same Fake News all of the aforementioned have cited in unabashed attempts to discredit legitimate alternative media.

CNN first published an article citing without including information ostensively ruinous to President-elect Donald Trump’s political career — but BuzzFeed took that ball and ran — publishing documents believed to have originated from an unnamed British intelligence officer and admittedly unsubstantiated and unverified.

Careless reporting by the mainstream press, in other words, has reached critical mass — and known publishers of Fake News are now calling each other to task for egregiously vapid journalism.

“BuzzFeed Posts Unverified Claims on Trump, Igniting a Debate,” the Timesheadline asserts, while — going a step farther — the Guardian’s article is entitled, “BuzzFeed publishes unsubstantiated Trump report, raising ethics questions.”

CNN first reported on the dossier allegedly obtained from the unnamed British intelligence official, but left out the more lurid and revealing details from the 35-pages BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith later decided were fair game for publication — despite “serious reason to doubt the allegations.”

BuzzFeed reported Tuesday, “The dossier, which is a collection of memos written over a period of months, includes specific, unverified, and potentially unverifiable allegations of contact between Trump aides and Russian operatives, and graphic claims of sexual acts documented by the Russians. BuzzFeed News reporters in the US and Europe have been investigating various alleged facts in the dossier but have not verified or falsified them. CNN reported Tuesday that a two-page synopsis of the report was given to President Obama and Trump.”

Mainstream outlets scrambled over each other to ride the viral wave when BuzzFeed’s article garnered over one million views in short succession — and 3.5 million less than 24 hours later — but none of those organizations bothered to restrain themselves in the interest of investigating the dossier further.

Incidentally, the Times was among them — and in its scathing critique, curiously notes,

“The reports by CNN and Buzzfeed sent other news organizations, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, scrambling to publish their own articles, some of which included generalized descriptions of the unverified allegations about Mr. Trump. By late Tuesday, though, only BuzzFeed had published the full document.”

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As if reporting on unsubstantiated claims without providing the documents you’re citing somehow excuses the Times’ capricious abandonment of journalistic due diligence. Nevertheless, the article contends,

“BuzzFeed’s decision, besides its immediate political ramifications for a president-elect who is to be inaugurated in 10 days, was sure to accelerate a roiling debate about the role and credibility of the traditional media in today’s frenetic, polarized information age.

“Of particular interest was the use of unsubstantiated information from anonymous sources, a practice that fueled some of the so-called fake news — false rumors passed off as legitimate journalism — that proliferated during the presidential election.”

Again, the Times reported on the exact information BuzzFeed did — but didn’t provide the contentious document for the public to evaluate — so, in essence, it’s accusing itself in the mix.

According to each outlet — either parroting another or making its own assertion — the 35 pages had been passed around behind the scenes in both the media and intelligence communities. That fact alone, if indeed true — which would be hard to glean from this imprudent crowd — raises questions on the decision to publish so close to inauguration day.

In addition, that intel officials have indeed had possession of the dossier but have yet to verify its contents sufficiently to provide comment to the press intimates the striking potential the documents are inauthentic — or the information isn’t accurate. CNN might have held back from publishing those pages, but its article contained the equally dubious claims,

“Some of the memos were circulating as far back as last summer. What has changed since then is that US intelligence agencies have now checked out the former British intelligence operative and his vast network throughout Europe and find him and his sources to be credible enough to include some of the information in the presentations to the President and President-elect a few days ago.”

BuzzFeed, in what might come to be an act of journalistic suicide, said to hell with it — took CNN’s report as a cue, and ran the laughably flawed document — admitting at the time that by doing so it was essentially publishing Fake News.

And now the New York Times and other corporate press seem to believe eschewing the blame for contributing to the mess — under the pretense of plausible deniability for refusing to publish the actual dossier to back their allegations — is as simple as publicly castigating the original outlets they copied.

Glenn Greenwald adroitly summarized this media shit show, writing for The Intercept,

“All of these toxic ingredients were on full display yesterday as the Deep State unleashed its tawdriest and most aggressive assault yet on Trump: vesting credibility in and then causing the public disclosure of a completely unvetted and unverified document, compiled by a paid, anonymous operative while he was working for both GOP and Democratic opponents of Trump, accusing Trump of a wide range of crimes, corrupt acts and salacious private conduct. The reaction to all of this illustrates that while the Trump presidency poses grave dangers, so, too, do those who are increasingly unhinged in their flailing, slapdash, and destructive attempts to undermine it.”

Hell bent on pinning blame for its own journalistic failures throughout the election cycle, corporate media began targeting alternative outlets as Fake News and Russian propaganda for its stellar reporting on the contents of leaked documents deleterious to Hillary Clinton.

But because the mainstream press constitutes little more than a mouthpiece for the U.S. political establishment, independent journalists — aware of this nonsense — have continually called out the errant and viral reports from outlets like the Times, CNN, and Washington Post.

Indeed, the backlash over falsely labeling independent reporting Fake News has been so intense, the outlet that championed and initiated the use of that term — the Post — came forward this week to pompously declare its retirement.

Indisputably, however — and particularly as the American public watches this unseemly and mortifying abandonment of journalistic integrity play out — mainstream media is now little more than a picked-over carcass of its former self.

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To believe anything a corporate press this errant and devoid of the standards, principles, and rectitude its roots were founded on — unless purely for entertainment’s sake — would plainly be foolhardy. Garnering reliable information from mainstream presstitutes is like agreeing to play Russian roulette with facts.

It’s time to admit the patently obvious — mainstream media is dead.

  • OkBluzMan79

    Go fuck yourselves shitdicks.

  • Mike Nadonly

    Interesting article Claire Bernish and you are quite correct about the media. I honestly don’t trust any of them. What has me curious is why you failed to mention the secrecy of Donald Trump in all of this. If he was more open or at least as open as every other president elect none of this would be happening. Please inform me where I am wrong about my conclusion.

    • Mike Menlo

      No logical person would share information with entities who have repeatedly and constantly proven they have no interest in journalistic ethics or integrity. Entities which have been proven to be driven by, apparently bought and paid for; loyalty to, endorsement/support of agendas, candidates, and a proven-corrupt shaministration. Entities which have been caught; distorting facts, furthering lies, fabricating stories.
      ” … as open as every other president elect …” ?? Like the fraudulent, corrupt, treasonous, foreign-born, islamist assclown who had all records sealed, offered an amateurishly-doctored “document” as a birth certificate? 🙄😒

      • Mike Nadonly

        Well I was with you in the first paragraph. And then unfortunately you veered off into political fundlementalist conspiracy land. I have come to accept the reality that an intelligent conversation with you will not be possible. That sincerely saddens me because I’m always interested in learning more. But thanks for replying and good luck in koko land.😉

        • Chocodog

          Part of the irony in all this is guys hate Obama because they think he’s a Muslim and they hate Muslims because of 9/11 and 9/11 was not a Muslim operation.


          • Mike Nadonly

            You do realize that if you or anyone else could actually prove that you would not only be gaurenteed a Pulitzer prize but change the course of history. Now what is more likely ,an extremely well organized conspiracy. One in which none of the thousands of people involved ever come out and admit what happened. Or maybe you’re just wrong.

          • Midas

            To highlight a few facets of all of this: Ever look into all the people close to the Clintons that up and conveniently died? Or the list formed from the Podesta and DNC emails of journalists who would report anything they were told to? Have you made any efforts to actually seek out information regarding any of those “thousands of people”? Or are you just making assumptions here?

          • jeansandjacketrequired

            seems like YOU are making assumptions.

          • Midas

            Care to elaborate?

          • Mike Nadonly

            So let me ask you this just about the Clinton’s. You are aware that over the last 30 years the republican party in congress have spent millions of dollars investigating the Clinton’s. From everything including travel gate, whitewater, Monica Lewinsky Hillarys emails and everything in between. They have never found anything to charge them with. Are the republicans in on the conspiracy? I’m definitely not a Clinton fan never voted for either of them. But I must say that the facts clearly dispute with what you believe.

          • Daisy Oneale

            yeah cause all the witnesses wind up dead and evidence is shredded and erased (bleach bit)

          • Mike Nadonly

            So the conspiracy just deepens, no evidence is ever actually found. And the people investigating either just give up or die. This is what you believe? That’s why I stated at the beginning of this conversation that it is not possible to have an intelligent conversation with political fundlementalist or conspiracy driven people. You’re not looking for the truth you’re looking for whatever you need to fill the holes in your story to make whatever you already believe true. Good luck with that.

          • Daisy Oneale
          • Mike Nadonly

            Relax Daisy I’m just going off the information that you supplied. But I will apologize to you because after reading the other post on this page it is obvious that I wandered into conspiracy land. And I’m pretty sure that you’re not used to talking to people that don’t believe the world is a diabolical nightmare controlled by the most elaborate conspiracy in the history of the world. So I’m sorry, I won’t be bothering you any more because I obviously don’t belong on this app.

          • Daisy Oneale
          • guest

            The truth will soon be outed and in that truth the world will be shocked which is not only shown but proven beyond a shadow of the doubt.
            Sick, perverse, monied and powerful.. dangerous combinations in corrupt men.
            Just wait it’s coming soon…

          • Chocodog

            Proof is in abundance, free fall, Nano thermite, molten steel, numerous eyewitness, explosions, admission to “pull it” by Larry Silverstein, you’re just not interested in the one event that changed our world, if you were you would know all of this. Try going to dig within by Kevin Ryan https://digwithin.net/ or here http://youtopia.guru/

            You are an anti-patriot and have let 15 years of research pass you by. Why don’t you care about mass murder?

          • jeansandjacketrequired

            So Bush 2 is a mass murderer? 9/11 was Bush’s plan all along?

          • Chocodog

            Curiosity will lead you to the answers, and no Bush is no mastermind of anything. Look up youtube Larry Silverstein and Building No 7.

          • Mike Nadonly


          • Mike Nadonly

            Listen to me son you don’t know a damn thing about me. So when you call me unpatriotic you are clearly thinking with the stuff that comes out of your ass. You aren’t telling me anything new about 911. I used to be a conspiracy nut too, not to the extent that you are. But I freely admit that I still have questions about that whole deal. That being said there’s no way in hell that Bush was smart enough to plan the kind of conspiracy that your putting forward. You’ve pissed me off which is usually difficult to do. I’m done with this for now.

          • Daisy Oneale

            buh bye

          • billdeserthills

            So many great reasons to hate the most natural-born terrorists on this planet & obama, did you know that muslim
            extremists are celebrating their 30,000 terror-event since 9/11?? Has obama decreased the amount of terrorism since he took office, or do you think the fact that he is directly responsible for the huge growth of isis has increased the terrorism?? I’m sure you know obama is responsible, and as he has already admitted to it, only an idiot would believe he ever had good intentions for the people of America

        • Mike Menlo

          Facts are facts. BO is a fraud and a traitor. Should be in Gitmo.

          • Mike Nadonly

            For what charge and please be specific and include the obvious evidence that you clearly have in your possession. Otherwise why would you make such an absurd statement. Also please inform me why the Republicans in both the house and the Senate haven’t brought up any charges based on your ( facts). I’m thinking that you won’t be able to do any of this because the diabolical world you think is all around you is really only in your head.

  • Chocodog
  • Francis Vetter

    Thank you donald trump!!!

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    • Livingwater Freelygiven

      I closed Facebook and Twitter accounts and switched to Gab and Minds. I switched from CNN to FOX. I closed the NYT subscription and switched to the Drudge Report. It’s nice now to get real news instead of the fake news I was getting. :).

  • doucyet

    The once laughable Piers Morgan seems to be trying to reinvent himself, we’ll see what happens there. As the others follow suit or lose their followers, it will fun to watch. Then again, there could be enough lost souls out there to keep one or two of the rags up and running.

  • jeansandjacketrequired

    Mainstream media is dead! We have only lies and innuendo. Can’t wait for Trump to start his totalitarian regime

  • jeansandjacketrequired

    There are a LOT of tweakers wearing tin foil hats posting here.

    • Daisy Oneale

      and you’re fit to judge why??

    • guest

      Move along snowflake! Maybe we should supply you with a puppy and some crayons and coloring books? Sorry this is not a safe space!

  • Bouchart

    Not tired of winning

  • jeansandjacketrequired

    What do you tin hat people think of Putin and Trump? Trump is beholden financially to Russia. And what do you think about Trump inviting call girls over to pee on him?

    • billdeserthills

      Personally I think the sex trade could be much more profitable if it was regulated. The tax money could exceed what the marijuana industry bring in, the best thing about the sex trade is if you don’t want any don’t buy any.
      I mean if Mr Trump enjoys a refreshing golden shower while in Russia, I think he should have some. I think we should re-evaluate our possible belief that Russia is Our enemy–I would certainly prefer to have them as a friend, with the Chinese getting uppity lately it might be good sense to have a new friend

    • Daisy Oneale

      tin hat people? really? brainwashed much?

  • Blue Drache
  • Mervin

    And Putin laughs.

  • alexandra

    What exactly is main stream media? oh yes puppets. Sorry Michelle we like u but..NO.. even though u were on jimmy fallon unlike any other outgoing wife never did less than 2 wks prior to an incoming president we still are not buying the BS. Keep telling those kids to eat well and sell those GMO’s to the poor and middle class all the while the rich eat only organic!

  • BoBo Jones

    a couple of good movies of how the media whores work, Mad City and Wag the Dog enjoy share

  • Flying Gabriel

    The golden showers evidence was a set-up by a 4Chan user. Check it out.

  • Keysbum

    oh please… this “fake news” BS is just another smokescreen for censorship and information control. it is entertaining though….

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  • Ursula Bergamotte

    Damit lenken sie von #PizzaGate ab – widerlich.

  • Jedi Τσακ Νόρις

    The Obama – Clinton – Soros conglomerate, and all its media puppets, are foaming in anger right now, on the prospect that in about a week a templar from a different (if not, dare I say, competing) temple will be running the US’s official government. Oh dear, we’re in for quite a ride, the way things “smell”