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Mainstream Media Exposed Pushing Fake Story on ‘Mysterious Illness’ in States With Legal Weed

The amusing irony of the “fake news” crusade being pushed by mainstream media is the fact that MSM themselves are publishing fake and misleading stories.

Take CBS, for example. In November, CBS Boston published an article promoting an unproven blacklist of fake, misleading news sites. Now, in December, they have published what can only be called a pathetic attempt at a cannabis hit piece – devoid of any rational basis.

The title, “Mysterious illness tied to marijuana use on the rise in states with legal weed,” is enough to make people who don’t click on the article think something dangerous is happening as cannabis is legalized.

Reading the article would lead the less analytical among us to think something serious is afoot in Colorado, portending bad things as prohibition crumbles.

As we will see, there is no substantial evidence of a rise in the illness, and no evidence whatsoever presented for a rise in multiple “states with legal weed.”

Dr. Jonathan LaPook, chief medical correspondent for the CBS Evening News, begins with Lance Crowder, who was having “severe abdominal pain and vomiting” for two years but couldn’t get a diagnosis. Finally, a physician at an Indianapolis emergency room said he had a condition called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) due to being a heavy pot smoker for many years.

CHS is a real illness, but there’s nothing “mysterious” about it. In extremely rare cases, when someone smokes large quantities of cannabis every day for many years, they can develop “cyclic episodes of debilitating nausea and vomiting” which are relieved by hot showers. The average onset of symptoms is after 16 years of smoking heavily.

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But the kicker comes next. Dr. LaPook pivots to Dr. Kennon Heard at the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, Colorado, who published a study titled “Cyclic Vomiting Presentations Following Marijuana Liberalization in Colorado.

Dr. LaPook writes: “He co-authored a study showing that since 2009, when medical marijuana became widely available, emergency room visits diagnoses for CHS in two Colorado hospitals nearly doubled. In 2012, the state legalized recreational marijuana.

Dr. LaPook equivocates CHS with cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS), but the two are not the same. CVS is caused by any number of things.

According to the Mayo Clinic:

“Once thought to affect only children, cyclic vomiting syndrome occurs in all age groups. Research suggests that cyclic vomiting syndrome may affect almost 2 percent of school-age children and that the number of cases diagnosed in adults is increasing.

Cyclic vomiting syndrome may be related to migraines. Episodes can be so severe that the person has to stay in bed for days.

The syndrome is difficult to diagnose because vomiting is a symptom of many disorders.”

It appears that Dr. Heard’s study did look at cases where patients noted cannabis use, but the distinction between CVS and CHS is important. Now let’s look at the numbers in the study.

The authors reviewed 2,574 visits and identified 36 patients diagnosed with cyclic vomiting over 128 visits. The prevalence of cyclic vomiting visits increased from 41 per 113,262 ED visits to 87 per 125,095 ED visits after marijuana liberalization…

This corresponds to an increase from 0.036 percent of visits to 0.07 percent of visits. This seems hardly significant to warrant concern, especially since the data comes from two hospitals and there is no indication of controlling for other factors, such as migraines or childhood history. In other words, this ‘study’ appears to be manufactured to make its point.

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The authors note, “Patients with cyclic vomiting in the postliberalization period were more likely to have marijuana use documented than patients in the preliberalization period.

So before legalization, people didn’t admit they smoked weed as much.

This means the rate of occurrence could actually be the same before and after legalization. If 40 people didn’t admit they smoked weed before legalization, there would be no real difference in the comparison. And, of course, this means the scary claim that a “mysterious illness” is “on the rise” could be totally wrong.

CBS doesn’t stop there, though. They use this study to claim CHS is “on the rise in states with legal weed” – even though the study is from only two hospitals.

As a final clue to the desperation of CBS in linking cannabis legalization with a “mystery illness” on the rise in legal weed states, here is a screen shot of the article.



Clicking on the top right link, “Little-known illness tied to smoking weed on the rise,” brings one to the same article with the more ominous headline — suggesting they actually changed the title to make it more ominous, and far more misleading.

  • john smith

    this could actually be referring to the fake weed and that shit is a gamble with your health

  • doucyet

    There is no doubt that a mysterious illness is spreading. It’s called DCitis and once you contract it you suddenly have delusions of grandeur and believe you know what’s best for everyone. You then start passing laws that apply to everyone except you and your buddies with DCitis. It can only be cured by an extended lack of oxygen…………

  • Thank you for writing this piece. Way too many people are seeing the fake piece title and getting misinformation.



    • Guy

      Just Curious is all i’am being. It’s was the all caps that caught my eye.

      I see you all call yourself PARIS_GIRL, have read the story of “Tail Of Two Cities and actually traveled there to “The City Of Light” and France too, seeing the spot of where the Guillotine was located durring the French Revolution, were Marie and other “ELITE” met their fate !

      So by that, are you promoting a Revolution by the people, similar to what occurred in France as depicted in the novel, here in America ?

      If you are, what makes you think that it will work here ? It didn’t then, nor in Russia, or Cuba, or China, or just about any place else you or I can name, having only the effect of being replaced with something else, that is often worse, according to history, than what they had in the first place !

      Our revolution of 1776, was to throw off the tyranny of England, to be replaced by our Constitution, written by the Founding Fathers of America, that by no means is perfect and has been amended to the point, that it is almost unrecognizable to compare to the original ! But not bad in originality !

      So again my question ! What are you suggesting ?
      One other small point, I am a nurseryman, horticulturist, and raise orchids and roses too, as a hobby and passion !

  • searchlight

    acidosis from the munchies

  • JohnAbramson

    “So before legalization, people didn’t admit they smoked weed as much”.

  • metalbuoy

    Fake news strikes again, this time from the marijuana prohibitionists like kevim sabet. America is a joke nowadays.

  • searchlight

    this diagnosis can be used as an easy out for doctors and hospitals….people will be mis -diagnosed with CHS and die from something else….this will be next

  • crozbomb

    i have severe cvs, I’ve had it for years, i found that if i smoked weed it went away. after a server spell in hospital i came across this “chs” bullshit and decided i had to stop. thing is I’ve had this for about 8-9 years and only started smoking daily when it first happened so i could eat or sleep due to the constant nausea, years before i had the attacks i could not eat a full meal. after 2 weeks clean i am getting worse and not recovering which lead me to google “is chs fake” and found this. anyone with my disease will come across weed and will find it changes their lives like a miracle drug, hence the chronic use. so this whole thing is causing me great distress as i had blamed myself for doing this to myself even though i already had it and i first had a severe attack only a year or 2 into smoking. so is this fake and should i smoke as usual,because the way I’m going without weed is not looking good, I’ve lost over 2 stone despite already being underweight and cannot eat at all. the weed is out of my system and all articles say you return to normal after 7-8 days. 15 days later and my stomach is burning and churning and i need to take anti nausea meds every 4 hours. help.