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Man Beaten and Arrested by Police for Trying to Save His 3 Dogs from His Burning Home

Cocoa, FL — At 5 am on Wednesday morning, 58-year-old Wendell Joyner awoke to his house ablaze. However, after he ran from his home, he quickly realized that his three dogs were still inside.

“I got out of the house, and then I realized, ‘Oh, wait a minute, my dogs are in there,” Joyner told WKMG-TV. “So, I went back inside to look for my dogs.”

The smoke was so bad that Joyner had to keep returning outside to catch his breath while searching for his dogs. However, on the third time he came out for air, law enforcement on the scene told him to stay out.

Like most people would do when their beloved pets are threatened with being burned alive, Joyner ignored their demands. He then saw an opportunity to throw a firefighter’s axe through a window and attempted to go back in.

As Joyner heroically attempted to enter the window to save his dogs, he was tackled by multiple deputies who, he claims, used excessive force in bringing him down, which left him battered and bloody.

Joyner was then arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He was taken to a nearby hospital for a CAT scan before being hauled off to Brevard County Jail.

“My defense is — I was trying to save my dogs,” Joyner said. “I think at the most, they should’ve taken me aside, and if they felt that I needed it — to be in a squad car until things settled.”

Standing by the actions of his deputies, Brevard County sheriff’s spokesman David Jacobs said they believed Joyner was intoxicated and feared for what he could have done with the axe. However, the intoxication claim has not been substantiated.

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Jacobs warned that the charges were lenient considering the use of a firefighter’s axe could have landed Joyner with a felony.

Fortunately, the story does have somewhat of a happy ending, in spite of the charges, the Brevard County fire rescue team was able to save the dogs after Joyner was beaten and arrested.

They are now with him and his roommate who are staying with friends until they can rebuild. The roommates have since launched a go fund me to help get back on their feet.

Had Joyner been successful in his efforts, he would have been regarded as a hero, like the man in the video below. Or, he could have been seriously injured or killed — however, that was his choice. Instead, thanks to the Brevard County Sheriff’s department, this choice was denied and now he’s facing jail time.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • Wow

  • And if he had succeeded and died? The people restraining him were doing their job, TO PROTECT HIM.

    • By beating him?

    • It should certainly be left to his judgement whether or not he risk his life to save a loved one.

    • Sharon Antell – Souza vs City of Antioch, Gonzalez vs Castlerock etc. There is no duty to protect. It’s just PR

    • In my work I have a duty of care, which includes trying to keep people safe.

    • It should be his choice

    • If he has capacity.

    • The Free Thought Project.com “It should certainly be left to his judgement whether or not he risk his life to save a loved one.” Even when you are acting irrationally? They saved this guy. The dogs died, and that’s sad, but they SAVED this guy.

    • Sharon Antell and who decides if he has capacity???

    • freedom of choice was denied by a state authority therefore its infringement of rights.

    • How do you know that the decision had not already been made, Carolyn? As to the legal standing, I do not know your American processes for safeguarding vulnerable people so cannot comment.

    • Didn’t police take it to the Supreme Court to say they weren’t required to actually protect anyone?

    • I call bullshit … a grown adult should have the right to make their own decissions… this is still America!

  • yeah i have to disagree with this one. A human life is not the equivalent of an animal’s. Sorry. Not saying i wouldnt i have done the same if i was in the guys shoes. However, as a cop i would have done what i could to restrain him.

    • By beating him?

    • “He claimed” There is no source that says this is a fact.

    • Free people get to decide what they choose to live or die for. They may not have agreed with his decision but it was his to make. He signed no contract that made them responsible for his actions.

    • You have a great point. However. Think of it this way. What if YOU were just a bystander and see that the man is about to kill himself trying to save his dogs. Do you stand by, knowing you could have done something to save a man’s life? Or do you save him? I would have tackled him as those officers did. For once this is an example of cops actually doing their fucking jobs.

    • I couldnt stand idly by and just live my life knowing i could have saved a man’s life. It just would not sit well with me.

    • For some it would be better to die trying than to live with not trying. Those dogs could have been like kids to him.

    • That’s when your bravery as an officer is suppose to kick in and help the man retrieve his pets ! By the way LEO’s have no authority at all to stop an individual who’s is trying to save his property ! What if it was your animals fixing to burn to death in your house Tony Garcia ?

    • Botany major at Princeton ? What happened to that ?

    • Again. I agree. But from the point of view of an actual decent human being, it’s hard to imagine that said person could live knowing he/she could have saved him. There is more than one human being involved here. Try looking at it from both sides for a second. Now if you actually would just say “Fuck it he wants to die trying to save his dogs why should i stop him?” then in my opinion you’re one messed up person in my book.

    • Josh i wont even entertain your comment. I enjoy civil debates on this page not shit heads digging through my profile to try to get under my skin i don’t work that way silly rabbit.

    • It’s just my opinion though Ronnie Hampton not saying you’re an asshole for wanting people to have the liberty to decide how they live and die. I just believe some people need saving from themselves.

    • In you’re opinion it’s not equivalent.

    • Lmao….it’s not the states responsibility to save people from themselves, for anything, you save people from one another ! Why not help the man and why not answer the question…..what would you do if that’s was your situation ?

    • Good point James. This is true. Not in my opinion. So i can respect the opinion of a person who believes that his/her life is equal to that of an animal. But can said person respect mine?

    • Ok Josh here is my answer in hopes that you will piss off. Unlikely of course. If i was in the shoe’s of the man who’s house is burning i would attempt to save my dogs. I would be very angry that the cops stopped me. Now in the cop’s shoes. I would restrain the man. Because his life, in my opinion, is worth more than that of an animals. I would not help the man because i would not only be endangering his life but mine as well.
      Flip Side.
      If the man was trying to save his kids or human loved ones then of course id rush my ass in there with him. Satisfied?

    • Would you like to see what i do for a living as well? Maybe make fun of that? Give you something to do?

    • I don’t believe an animals life is worth a person’s I just know some do. You’re right though I do believe people should have the choice of how they did if that is what they want. That’s not even me being callous just respecting someone’s wishes. That being said when my mom attempted self harm in a very serious way I kicked in her door and took her to the hospital.

    • I just try to look at things from all possible angles. I can understand the reasoning from both sides of this story. However, if it is true that the cops beat him then there lies the real issue in my opinion but other than that i see no foul play here. Again, just my opinion and i do not know all the facts.

    • I don’t believe an animals life is above my own. I do believe in another persons freedom to decide that an animals life is equal to theirs. I believe in their freedom to decide to risk their life for one as well. Anything else is Authoritarian

    • Your life is worth more than animals? ????

    • Hey Tony Garcia – – I promise you there are about 7 Billion people on this planet who I would kick over the edge of a tall cliff before I’d let them push my dog over. And yes I am Absolutely absolutely serious.

  • I don’t think they should have beaten him but they may have saved his life. That said it was his life to choose how to end it.

    • But he would have endangered other people’s life’s, that’s the point.

    • Which they sign up for. They are supposed to be heroes arnt they? Or are they only good for anything if it involves beating or shooting someone?

    • How in the fuck would he have endangered someone else besides himself ? Explain that logic ?

    • Sharon Antell…. What steaming Horseshit. You obviously don’t have a dog. Good thing, too.

  • Bull shit!!!

  • Said it was for his protection.

  • cops were trying to save HIM

    • He is a grown man, he is able to make the decision whether or not to risk his life for what’s important to him.

  • they should have shot him. He could have gotten hurt.

    • Would shooting him not have hurt, if not killed him?

    • cops need to kill people to prove they are not gay. Never works. But closeted gay cops need to have fun to. Hiding behind a badge does that. Stop bullying cops.

  • Fuck the police.

  • Had the police allowed him his choice to go back in the house then they would have been accused of negligence and possibly culpable homicide.
    I think that man is lucky to be alive with a few bruises.
    I think the police did the right thing. The bruises may have been caused because he resisted their attempt to stop him, the axe seems to support that.

    • Shouldn’t it be the man’s choice to risk his own life?

    • The problem is his very family would hold the state responsible had he been killed in that burning house.

    • That’s possible, but speculation.

    • And here in lies the real problem. While should anyone be responsible for the man’s life if he wished to risk it? They could advise him to not, but that would be it. To me having the power over your own life, and even the choice of end of it, is true freedom.

    • The balance of his mind being disturbed ,due to grief,could be a reason.

    • The Free Thought Project.com That speculation is 99% correct.

    • “I think that man is lucky to be alive with a few bruises”. Absolutely right. He is lucky they didn’t shoot him!

    • So let me get this straight, this man couldn’t risk his own life to save his dogs (which the majority of people consider a family member) but these obtuse cops can beat him and almost take his life!? Keep it up……#disturbing #sickening #egregious

      Sarah Shawn Sturges, Kim Hussein Brunelle, Clarence Payne, Jim Martin

    • You never know when a punch will be deadly in a fight. So those fuckers try to kill a man who was trying to save his dogs.
      I have 5 dogs at home. If you Damn assholes try to interfere with the life of my dogs, I will make sure you end up in my basement. Then we’ll go on a hunt for your families.

    • Yannick Bourassa now that’s what I’m talking about!!

    • A real public servant would have helped him save his dogs

    • Tasty kool-aid Friedrich.

  • Wtf..

  • hey man are u insane? don`t go there u can die. now we gonna beat you to dead as a lesson 🙂

  • “Police are NOT heroes” As with anyone else, there are good and bad ones. You deal with low-life scum every day for 20 years and see what your attitude is like.

  • Police aren’t heroes? So the ones who run in burning buildings to save people, or deliver babies on the sides of highways aren’t heroes?

    • No. Only Fucktards looking for attention.

    • Lulz ok

    • Hey Fliehr how many cops were running into that burning building?? And the OTHER ONES WERE BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF HIM?? Busy god damn heroes I must say.

    • John Goeckermann that doesn’t make any sense.

  • Some people died from a single thrown punch .
    You never know when a punch will be fatal. Never.
    So when you fight someone bare hands, let’s assume you want to murder that person.

  • You don’t have to beat anyone to protect them; In fact, you are doing the absolute opposite! Who will protect them from the alleged protectors?

  • Some cops really act like they own your life!

  • A real public servant would have helped him save his dogs..I have a friend who is a fireman and he would have had this guys back..not kick the living shit out of him.

  • Reminds of that officer on video not long ago beating a women into a pulp on the side of a highway to prevent her from walking onto it.

  • Men will die for their dogs and dogs will die for their man

  • Maybe I don’t want to be “protected?” I don’t remember having asked for “protection.” I’ll “protect” my own shit..

  • disgusting

  • Fucking cops today are a fucking joke everywhere they think a badge makes them superior and free from any back lash Respect for them should not be automatic it should be earned

  • its a mater of property. You are a slave of the state, you are not allowed to risk your life unless the state deam’s so. We assume we are owners of our bodies, i can assure you, the state, the government, the financial elite feel otherwise. why else would it be illegal to do things to yourself, like taking “illegal” drugs, herbs, foods, body modifications, etc. Even suicide is technically illegal, fuck up killing yourself, and you risk criminal charges. How is any of this just? how will anyone learn personal responsibility if they are not allowed freedom over their own meat shell? how has it even come to this?

  • what if they let him go in and he died? Sorry I have to disagree with you on this.