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Man Charged with a Crime and Fined for Growing a Vegetable Garden in His Own Front Yard


Sugar Creek, MO — A family in Sugar Creek, Missouri grew the beautiful vegetable garden in the photo above.

They’ve been given four days to tear out the entire garden or face a fine.

Why? Because it is in their front yard, and city officials and a few neighbors don’t like it.

Nathan Athans said he planted the garden in his front yard because it gets optimal sunlight. His backyard only gets sunshine for about two hours per day, and only in certain areas.

Athans told KSHB that he grows several different types of vegetables on his lawn and loves tending to his garden.

I’d probably say about 300 hours [so far this year], I spend all my free time out here.

I want my family to know where their food is coming from, I don’t want to have to go to the grocery store and worry about what was done to that food.

Last summer, the city cited Athans for weeds in his garden, and he complied with the order to clean things up, and paid the fine.

But now, the city has passed a shiny new ordinance – one that Athans believes is part of a witch hunt against him.

The family started an online petition, which explains why they feel targeted:

The city of Sugar Creek, Missouri passed an ordinance two days ago on March 28th, forbidding front yard gardens to grow food, within the first 30 feet of front yard space from the street. Mayor Matt Mallinson both passed and approved this ordinance. They gave us until April 1st to comply. We are the only house in the city with a front yard garden, and just happen to be exactly within those first 30 feet. They have been targeting us since we moved in last year, because we grew a garden in the front yard.

The city’s building official, Paul Loving, told KSHB that city received many complaints and that the ordinance is their solution.

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The petition goes on to explain the reasons the garden is so important to Athans and his family:

We believe in sustainability, growing our food locally without pesticides and excessive fertilizer use, reducing our need for fossil fuels to import produce from other countries, countries that have little or no regulations on pesticide use. Sugar Creek is also prone to flooding, as it is located next to the Missouri River, so using our yard for growing plants instead of grass is beneficial because our garden takes in water as well as holding the soil together to prevent erosion, all while filtering out pollutants. It has helped our basement not flood during storms, prevented storm water runoff pollution, reduced fossil fuel use, helped us eat healthier, and prevented us from consuming pesticides and GMOs.

Unfortunately, Athans isn’t the first to be subjected to harassment over growing his own food. People have been charged with crimes, threatened with jail time, and had their property destroyed for growing gardens in their own yards.

Remember, in the US, you never truly own anything.

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  • ridiculous~!

  • Slave’s

  • It drops property values in the neighborhood. That isn’t a garden. It’s a weed patch that harbors rodents.

    • It will “drop values” till the sheeple believe in monocultures and decide values based on appearancr of weed filled grass lots. This doesnt look like a weed patch.

    • I got fined for having too large of a vegetable garden in my backyard. Not only was the property completely fenced in, so was the garden. I refused to remove it when the city instructed me. I was then issued a fine and told of i didn’t pay it i would face jail time. They also made me dump out my rain catchers. I agree one doesn’t need it their front yard, yet it just shows you don’t own your property. Which is a huge issue.

    • The value of your home should be based on what it can provide.

    • Ashton Haggitt but when did you believe that the property was yours?dont you pay annual taxes for property?that is so the house is not taken away from you.you paid for the house only to the banks or the previous owner.but the state own it anyway.its not fair what they did but for a long time nothing is yours.

    • I know this Nastase Codruta. Didn’t i state it just gows to show you don’t own your property?

    • Buy 100 acres, put a gate up, and do what u want in the middle of it.

    • Bruce Johnson
      Wow out standing I’m speechless.new level of idiots come on why own anything if you can’t use it your way.

    • That is irrelevant to the point, which is that you are not free. If you’re fine with that, then you have plenty of company (the majority, actually), but at least stop pretending to be a fan of freedom… except for your freedom and that of people who want everything to be the way you want it.

    • Yea. Because everyone just has the ability to say fuck it, I’m gonna buy 100 acre plot of land. Lmfaoooo. A true statist through and through.

    • Ashton Haggitt Every time I look at my property tax bill, I’m reminded that I will never own property.

    • Here’s why James Damian Stewart


    • Bruce Johnson How about I buy 1 acre, do whatever the hell I want with it…and you just fuck off? Yeah…that sounds much better.

    • The United States of America Incorporated. A corporate buyout of the United States in 1837.

    • Looks like a well cared for mature garden to me, I see no weeds and no sign of rodents. Perhaps people should tend their own plots and grow what they want, be it grass or something edible.

    • Kevin, hence the law. Trailer parks exist. Move there.

    • Ashton Haggitt I’ll have to read that later. I’m sure it will just reinforce, and give some more detail, on many of the things I already know about, not the least of which is the illegality of the income tax.

      I’m gonna step back on that one. I spent too many years trying to explain it to people and don’t want to bang my head against that wall today.

    • Kevin McKinney THAT sounds like actual “freedom”!

    • My freedom’s won’t let me grow food crap! Guess I’ll have to vote for free stuff. NOT.

    • Bought this permit to grow food. Look how free I am!

    • Bruce Johnson That’s cool. Just don’t pretend to be an advocate of freedom. Pretty disheartening, considering the picture of the Arizona Memorial you have there, but not unexpected.

    • Bruce Johnson Wouldn’t want to encroach on your territory. If you don’t like American freedom then why don’t you just get the hell out of America? My yard is not your yard. Take your commie ass somewhere else.

    • If you don’ like the city, move to the country.

    • Kevin McKinney The problem with the one acre theory is when all of the people who SAY they stand for freedom suddenly form a very powerful mafia (also known as government) and start escalating the levels of force until you either comply or get killed.

      DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to slander the civilian mafias that have existed, or currently exist, by comparing them to the USG.

    • I recommend watching a doco called Real Estate 4 Ransom. Condenses the economic issues as well as touching upon the main issue of gentrification. Bruce is likely a member of the gentrification brigade who feel they know better than the community at large. I see your douchbaggery brucey. So I’ll use your thread to impart some info that’s useful.

    • Ashton Haggitt That’s actually one I’ve never read about before, but I’ll look at it soon. I don’t doubt you a bit, but these things literally make my head hurt at this point in life.

    • Shelly Ross I had to look that word up, but I agree with you.

    • Freedom in America???? That’s an oxymoron!!!! What Freedom????

    • I replied directly twice, but he still refuses to acknowledge my suggestion that it is fine for him to think that way as long as he doesn’t pretend to agree with the actual concepts of freedom. He’s responded to others. Maybe he’s just getting clobbered too much. It is the wrong page to be a freedom hater on.

    • Kevin McKinney Yeah, seems he’s throwing the old “This is ‘Murica, land of the free, and if you don’t agree with me, then you can GET OUT!” “This is the ‘Murican flag. It stands for freedom, and if you say it doesn’t, then I’ll beat you to death”.

    • Bruce Johnson So, the country is for real Americans, and the city is for fascists and commies? Good to know, comrade Bruce.

    • If I invest money, planning on selling later at a profit, so I can feed my family, I do it in real estate where controls are in place. If you buy a half acre next to my home, and say “F U! I want my place to look like a landfill.”, then you are taking food from my family. Again…Hence the laws in place to keep the trailer park folk in the trailer park.

    • Bruce Johnson
      Profit over rights..You are what is wrong with the country. Idiot

    • I’m just messin’ with you..

    • Thank God

    • Bruce Johnson omg tell me the whole thing was a troll so I can sleep easier tonight.

    • Bruce pease tell me where you live so I can move in next to you and sun tan in a banana hammock. Fuckin dick.

    • Even next door, you would be 1/4 mile away, and there is nothing for sale within 2 miles. If you want the “freedom” to destroy the value of your neighbors home, live in a trailer park..

  • Freedom and Democracy are just hollow words in the States and in my Country The U.K. .

  • That’s crazy Missouri/ Sugar Creek you all should be ashamed of yourself.

  • This happened awhile ago

  • That’s because of big corporations making the rules…… very scary

  • Dont they have anything better to do. GET A LIFE, There are other things more important that fussing about a yard

  • FUCK YOUR PROPERTY VALUES. My property has to have value to ME first.

    • Right ssmh

    • That’s why the law exists. To protect my investment from numnuts weed patches.

    • The law is evil. It’s making you evil. It is making you a judge and an executioner.

    • No Joshua. The LIVER is evil. It must be punished.

    • yah that garden is bringing down the neighborhood .. lmfao . asshat ..

    • When I moved to my current city, I was sold on the large number of home gardens everywhere! I love walking down the street and seeing all the different styes and techniques other home gardeners are using! ?

    • Remember WW2 “victory gardens”? Remember WW2 “grow hemp for victory”? We’re being whittled down to nothing.

  • Americans…we’re free!!!

  • wouldn’t that be considered a bill of attainder and thus illegal?

  • city officals in mo are literaly crazy they should be run out of town now a person cant grow a garden they must be republicans

  • Maybe everyone should grow a garden in their front yard instead of a lawn. Much better for our world.

    • maybe everybody should just start shooting !!!!

    • Cornelia Butterfield Yeah, I don’t think that will help the situation.

    • David SC Bump couldn’t hurt

    • Cornelia Butterfield – Because it’s all about YOU, right?

      What the fuck, people? The PROBLEM is staring you right in the face! You can start by looking in your God damned mirrors…

    • Maybe we should grow fields of corn, and fields of butter, and then get a flamethrower, Cornelia Butterfield.

  • Brendan Coyle

  • No…you can’t have any of my tomatoes

  • Self-sufficient people are an eye sore to the dependents!

  • But the city would probably be fine with Oleanders one of the most poisonous shrubs commonly in use .https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nerium

  • Sad

  • not right

  • Could easily happen at my home

    • As long as your income is high enough and you have the right friends, then it’s all good… in The Land of the Free(?).

  • Sure you can. You just can’t be a prick about it.

  • Absurd

  • Ive heard of the city saying you cant put in a veggie garden in your front yard. Let them stop me from putting one in my backyard! Im planning on getting a small green house.

  • Has been for a while now. Lady in Michigan went to jail for refusing to cut it down

  • Jaydene Wiles

  • I think its time to get a grip of your Country…..your just slaves. The powers that be are the Minority, the people are the Majority….WTF are you waiting for, take your Country back

    • The problem is that over 90% of the population do not actually support the concept of freedom. They’ve been very well trained to believe that they are “freedom lovers” by having it drilled into their brain at the same time they (we) were taught to stand and recite the pledge of allegiance to an inanimate object instead of being taught the concepts it was supposed to stand for. Good luck trying to get someone to admit that they’ve been duped since they were a little kid. Those of us who admit it are outcasts and told how we’re horrible Americans for not buying the BS anymore. Somehow we’re made out to be the freedom haters. Go figure.

    • This guy and his team are gathering serious momentum

    • James Damian Stewart love you man excellent comment I’m Dominican born and when I say stuff like that around American born people they get mad and tell me what the fuck are you doing here then go back to your country, if it’s so bad here ……… Great Answer they give back

    • Andy Moreno Thanks. Too bad most of the people actually FROM here can’t figure it out. Peace.

  • It looks like dogshit

  • What next? Not allowed to breathe the air? Murica’ land of the wealthy, prison of the poor.

  • Whatcha in for? Gardening! Yeah, it is as stupid as it sounds. But hey, still allowed to have sex with farm animals, lol, ya sick, twisted bastards!

    Listen, you, Americans! That’s your fault! If you want to be free, just fuck them all!

  • Is all this stuff true about growing your own food and collecting rain water in the USA illegal! Ahahahahahaha ha that’s some funny shit right ther

  • i think that the people in the USA have to set free, lets invade the USA…….LOL…., oh no wait there is no oil……:P 😛 😛

  • light the town wall up ! lmao !! https://www.facebook.com/SugarCreekMO/?fref=ts

  • In many parts of Europe there are community gardens on every street corner and front yard. The wars taught them to be self sufficient. Our society is to hung up on appearances. #Heirloom seeds.

    • certainly not in the whole of Europe so which place are you talking about? it sounds interesting to live there 🙂

    • Germany and France for sure, most of the wine growing regions throughout Europe they want fresh food with their wines.

    • Canada as well…maybe not all of it…but, Vancouver, BC has community gardens using vacant lots, rooftop gardens, front yard, back yard, skyscraper gardens, apartment gardens…green houses, patios, etc., we are known as ‘tree huggers’ … but growing veggies is a great community spirit, esp. in a huge city. AND that is very sad, when a person buys a house with land, pays taxes, and calls it home and can’t grow his own food !!

  • ropes

  • for the pruposes of this story tue yet i dont say any vegitable gardens geting busted outside the confines of this story. how come the city is doing programs to teach kids to grow in urban areas. cause this is bull shit

  • I think it might just be a design problem. their property is pretty small to use in that way. they should read up on some permaculture design and make it attractive from the road with perennial shrubs and flowers and grow in the micro climate behind that.

    • My front yard is small, too. I’m planning on my entire yard being raised beds, with clover, not grass, between the beds. In the part closest to the street, there will be a large flower bed. I think it will look beautiful.

    • Take a look at the satellite imagery of the untied states and look at how large scale mono-culture agriculture has absolutely destroyed this planet. it is disgusting and heart breaking. the only chance this planet has is if people start becoming food independent and only buy sustainable grown produce. 🙁

    • Yes, because looks are everything. Looks are what’s really important here. What’s that old saying from SNL? Oh, yeah…”It is better to look good than to feel good.”

    • no the law should be changed but until then its what has to be done for the closed minded prissy neighbors.

  • This is how to do it- make the change in the law, and everything else- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5u1QFXmc4A

  • This is so fucking dumb on cities part. You truly can’t do what you want with your own property. Ridiculous

  • My entire front yard will be a garden this year. It’s the only place on my property that gets enough sun. Fortunately, my neighbors haven’t complained about the 4 raised beds already there. They ask me what I’m growing and are very happy to get free tomatoes from me. 🙂

    • you are an asshole obey the rules or move to the country. Be glad Im not your neighbour because I would file a complaint

    • What are you supposed to do when you have only the option of the the front yard to garden in? It’s your place, do as you please, good for you!

    • Bonnie Cull-Vautour I do live in the country.

    • Bonnie Cull-Vautour
      I doubt you mow your own lawn.
      Gardens are beautiful.
      Plant one of your own. You’ll feel better about you life knowing that your family is eating healthy.
      Seriously, though, City ordinances are Bullshit about this.
      Don’t call someone an asshole you’re a grown ass woman, I’m believing, not in middle school any more.

  • It’s legal here but hey I Don’t live in the “Land of the Free”

  • Maybe “The Land of the Free” should worry about the dicktaters on their own soil first…just a thought

  • Maybe they shouldn’t have moved into a neighborhood that has city laws about plants over growing their yards. Just saying. People bitch about the most fucked up shit because they’re not looking at it from the right point a view.

    • Cause, yeah, that’s freedom. Not doing anything to anyone else but still told what you can or cannot do, else be dragged away or killed.

    • Again, choose the right community for you. If you want a big garden to live off of the land, then move somewhere unincorporated where there are no rules against plants being so high, or whatever the case is.

    • This guy probably knew that there were rules against planting a garden of that size, and decided to challenge the system, and didn’t win. Now he wants to wank about it. Go to the city council meetings and put it to a vote before you start being a dick and getting your ass handed to you, then cry about it on facebook without merit.

    • Therese Beegan And AGAIN… yeah… because THAT’S “Freedom”. …in The United States… the “Land of the Free”.

      Actually (and don’t take this as a knock, because it’s not) you should be all for every aspect of individual freedom.

    • Therese if people lived the way you are saying they should then you would have never gotton the right to tell your opinion. So get back in the kitchen and get me a beer and sandwich.

    • Hilarious jay, because your mom just made me breakfast in bed.

    • James, my point is, there are many communities to live in and to chose from. If your village or city or whatever has ordinances against that sort of thing, it’s because the people that went to the village meetings voted on it.

  • Adam Shortt lolol government

  • All I see is a well tended garden. The only people this garden is hurting are people who really shouldn’t matter since their concern is based on petty aesthetics. This bullshit opens the door for asshats to force you to paint your house a certain color or only use certain ‘approved’ lawn decorations. Fascist bullshit is all it is. Herd mentality fascism. He should replace the garden with a shrub trimmed to look like a giant middle finger. I would.

    • I would totally do this!
      It would become my favorite lawn decoration.

  • What??

  • I hope that family sues the neighbors and the city and wins. Keep your garden! If it’s in your land, it’s your choice

  • What? We need bigger government to stop this madness! More laws! Higher taxes to pay for community gardens so people don’t have to worry about food. . . Stop giving the government control over our lifes

  • Stupid zoning laws, and stupid meddling neighbors who should mind their own business. This is both sad and infuriating.

  • Land of the free… My ass!

  • Free my ass. You’re free to do exactly what you’re told or go directly to jail!

  • Probably banned as the result of a pissing and moaning middle class yuppie scumbag. Put up a fence, dead head anything that grows above it. 4ft is plenty high tor most plants, unless your growing corn or sunflowers. It’s Legal, yet enough of a middle finger to annoy the city! . “How you like me now!!?”

  • Its not a FARM , that stuff belongs in the back yard !!

    • fuck off rolf he should be allowed to do what he wants in his front yardyou fucking ass monkey the man has a good reason for doing it and u should shut the fuck up.

    • That’s an opinion… and I agree that it should be in the backyard. However, I will never support using the guns of government to force my opinion upon someone else or their property.
      Also, there are many people of the opinion that it doesn’t belong in the backyard either. If you’re okay with using force to make sure it’s not in the front yard, then what is going to stop that line from moving to the back yard? You know corporate farmers are pushing laws to keep people from growing their own food. Soon it’ll be illegal to grow any food at all because it hasn’t been inspected.

  • So where do we go to help him and his family pay the fine?

  • You’d think a society suddenly alive with social justice would be all over this, considering that the reason lawn maintenance exists is because it’s a symbol of class. RICH people didn’t need to maintain a garden, they used their valuable land to grow NOTHING, showing people how well off they were.

  • Aubrey Hicks you see this

  • If growing a garden is a crime, we must live in a parallel universe. Am i still allowed to breathe? Just asking…

  • WTF!!!

  • Well …. that sucks…… It had a lot of wonderful benefits. For example….if that guys neighbor came over and shit on his front lawn…..they guy would not have minded one bit, but said “thanks man”…

  • John Paul Hossner this is what i ment the other day

  • Don’t tell anyone about my rice.

    • That damn-well better not be rainwater in there! This is ‘Murica. Land of the Free. And if you don’t wanna do things the way we allow you to do them, then you can GIT OWT!

    • Oh shit I dint think of the rainwater aspect.

  • Don’t tell anyone about my wheat.

  • You have to do it responsibly. Build your garden wisely like a court yrad and this won’t happen.

  • move

  • Make a Revolusjon. People have to take back the power.

  • Say it like it is!

  • Just about every home in Japan has a small vegetable garden, that is if they have enough land to do anything at all.

  • What the hell is wrong with people the “city officials” or should I say the clowns running the circus should have told the people complaining to mind their own business and not worry about what is going on in someone else’s yard. We have cops killing citizens, citizens killing citizens, governors killing citizens, corporations killing consumers and you guys want to complain about someone growing a fucking garden. Grow the fuck up.

  • This should never happen in a single family home The HMO’s seem to tell home owners what to do but in a single family home. I don’t understand

  • And people wonder why I’m leaving the country.

  • Why does this not make sense? You already know they’re trying to kill you via food and water! You people may as well OPEN your eyes! You’re doing the rest of us an injustice, and yourself, by refusing reality!

  • Grow it in the back yard

  • This is offensive.

  • This is what happens when big government is in control. Liberal democrats pretend to support “the little guy” or the “down trodden” when the harsh reality is they only care about having more power over your lives. More government “assistance” and “entitlements” so there’s more need for more government bureaucracy to run the programs. As long as they keep the little man down, they maintain power over them. Want it to stop?…stop voting them into office.

  • that’s insane

  • This is so wrong, you should never be charged with a crime for being able to feed yourself without being a criminal.

  • Better not come in my yard talking that trash

  • Eddy

  • I’d rather see a lush green garden in a front yard than yellow dying grass that his neighbors had.

  • sounds like a bullshit post

  • Perfectly OK to grow anything in my front yard here in San Diego. In fact, my neighbour has goats and chickens in her back yard! And my other neighbour a few doors up …has chickens. If I had room, I’d have them too!

  • Police State.

  • Yes Me also seems odd that the mayor or the police tolerates being pushed to arrest people just trying to eat properly!!!!!
    Now don’t start saying they have to obey!!! Sometimes everybody has to learn to desobey stupid orders!!!!!!

  • Some that didn’t make it into politics where the thirst for power is highest, created something similar at a lower scale imposing some kind of unwritten legislation of how things should look like, how people should live and what to have in their garden. In general if it is not that fake plastic grass and some genetic flowers, it is not right. They put out of their law any plant that sneaks in calling it WEED. They act as if they are the licensed the scientists in aesthetics, biology, ecology etc. claiming that the price of the properties are affected and so. They are just promoting and imposing a sterile environment. There are so many plants needed by soil, humans, animals. It is another act of destruction.

  • The land of the free. Bollocks.

  • This man should feel so special, his masters have made a special law just to annoy him.

  • That is seriously screwed up….

  • Time to kick these corrupt bankers and politicians out of the white house

  • Common sense says if you like this and you want more of it keep voting the same two parties back in every time. Don’t blame me I vote Libertarian!

  • That’s because they want to control the food. Control that, you control the people.

  • MonSATAN.

  • #VoteLP Every office, every time

  • This is heinous. Is this what have we become America!?

  • That is the craziest thing I have ever heard, And the people that are doing thing should be told that they are mentally unstable too!!!

  • Insane

  • U can Petition that

  • Very sad. Its definitely high time for everyone to plant vegetables in their front yard.

  • freedom to die and be tested like a labrat

  • Messed up.

  • people should get together and build them a staggered box garden.

  • This borders on Leftist propaganda.

    As a homeowner who’s reliant on the value of his home in order to get the fuck out of this (literally) God damned country I would definitely take issue with one of my neighbors tilling their front yard to grow a vegetable garden.

    Maybe, someday – after Monsanto has turned all our food into poison. But, that day ain’t today and most likely won’t be tomorrow.

    RESPECT those as you would have them respect you.

    If you’re the only one on your block tilling your lawn in order to grow vegetables then you’re NOT respecting your neighbors – you’re willfully dragging their property values down in order to serve yourself.

    Once again, making it all about YOU instead of what’s best for all involved….

    • You can’t be serious right?!

    • Yeah, I am. The anarchy hasn’t started yet, chica. Simmer down.

      You fuck up my property value and I’m going to hurt you – I promise….

  • now say “it’s a free country” i dare you, i dubble dare you.

  • Looks better than those that don’t mow the grass.

  • they do not want independant people, that is not in their interest.

  • That’s why I live in an unincorporated spot outside of town …

  • Land of the free.

  • Sam Jouk there u go

    • America the land of the free…. Idiots!

  • This looks terrible, neighborhoods have codes, do it in the backyard.

  • “Freedom”

  • Is this for real?

  • Its not just the city officials its the neighbors of this man who complain because he doesnt have that useless lawn so they find growing vegetables to be unpleasant….. So what we are looking at is fundamentally changing the perspective of this superficial consumerist society.

  • Chris Sanchez

  • absolute disgrace to your town.

  • Haha

  • How can this be ???

  • What a horrible situation!! And what horrible and idiotic neighbors!

  • Sorry….when did gardening become a criminal offense? The U.S. is one f*&ked up country!!!

  • lets all grow ardens

  • there are rules in place for a reason look how unsightly that garden is I wouldn’t buy a house and move next door to this slum. gardens like this ruin property values for the other homes on the street and that is why these rules exist. you dont like city rules? then move to the country. every city has this law in place, as well as Canadian cities too. No planting 30 ft from the road. My backyard dont get any sun so I do without a garden. you dont see me running to the press to complain like this moron did. It is his responsibility as a home owner to know the city bylaws. I have no pity for him.

  • Merica’ home of the fr.. Well its home anyway..

  • We need more minds on our side! Hit the ‘Like’ button, comment (even 2 words) and share this, you are helping us reach more people! (y)

    • #taxationistheft

    • Not if you like paved roads, fire protection and the like.

    • Donna Karen Rosenblum-Pickens, you are lead to believe that. Money is a figment of your imagination and does nothing except to keep you a slave.

    • Donna all those things could be provided more effectively and efficiently peacefully without coercion or violence. Time to evolve

    • I’d like to see how. I don’t see how we can pay for these things, unless we pay for them. Have another idea? I’m all ears and open mind.
      And I’m evolving, thank you very much. That’s one reason why I’m here.

    • Donna Karen Rosenblum-Pickens, you do not need to pay. Things only “cost” something because someone says so and others believe there is no other way. But contrary to popular belief money doesn’t do anything. It is a tool, an outdated tool that is nothing more than balls and chains (almost litteraly, remember we are slaves). If money failed to exist, the knowledge and ability to do things like roads still exist. Without money, comptition becomes about primal needs. With thought and compassion those primal needs will be easy to fix. Money does nothing except make you believe you must worship it. Break the bonds and start thinking about its true nature and abilities.

    • Donna Karen Rosenblum-Pickens Because you can’t see how a peaceful voluntary world would operate is no reason to keep insisting on the use of force and threats of violence to get the roads built.


  • Your right this world and many of the people in it have taken leave of their senses

  • Sad ,sad country.

  • Free to do what you’re told…


  • Yeah in Missouri too, they keep modifying the right to farm bill, I wonder if the town is in violation of the right to farm?

  • Some people think that if you are buying your veggies from a grocery store you are supporting the mtat industry.

  • Bob Dylan predicted this! #UnionSundown

  • I would say the PR is just about right (y)

  • It’s illegal to compete with Monsanto. They own part of the U.S. Government, including President Obama.

  • Yes!

  • How ridiculous

  • who decides what you grow….??? is that what you call freedom and land of oportunities……, yeah right, i call this dictatorship…!!!!!!

    • Grow what you want. Oraganic Johnny seeds.

    • Probly your neighborhood homeowners association. lol

  • Rosa Maria Rosa

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  • Gregory Strack this shit for real?

    • Some cities have regulations saying you can’t grow a garden, or collect rain water lmao. Pretty serious shit

  • That’s stupid AF! Why get arrested just for growing your own food??

    • Many neighborhoods have ordinances about how your yard can and can’t look.

    • Damn so much for the land of the free uh?

    • To be fair, you are aware of these rules before you move into a neighborhood that has them, usually. There’s loads of neighborhoods with no POA if you can just fight the urge to move into a subdivision.

    • They won’t arrest you for growing it, but don’t aet it. In Wisconsin it is against state law.

    • Why are you asking why take the risk? Why are you not asking why is it a problem to provide for myself?

  • still havent seen anyone arested for growing carots.

  • Where is it legal to grow food ?

  • If she going to help me I’m down . Mmmmm chocolate

  • I did when I had garden space.

  • Moe Smileyfce

  • Growing vegetables is much better than wasting water on lawn.

  • Its fun and simple to do.

  • Amen

  • In prison.
    “Hey man.. What are you in for..?”
    “Murder.. I killed 30 people.. You?”
    “I had a Garden.. Grown my own food..”
    “Holy fucking shit! Stay away from me you psycho! Gards! Get me outta here!! Gards!!”

    • Hahahahaha this deserves way more fucking likes haha good shit

  • That’s a good looking man.

  • Michael Wysocki

  • Nazi America

  • Mikala Lovett

  • I volunteer for an organization called L.A. Green Grounds and we plant front yard edible gardens in underserved communities in Los Angeles. A city ordinance was passed recently that also allows people to also plant fruit and vegetables in sidewalk medians. If we can do it in California, others can pass legislation in their states, too.

  • When can I buy some stock in Soylent?

  • When freedom’s illegal, gotta be an outlaw….https://www.reverbnation.com/clintonkirby/song/20708504-be-an-outlaw

  • Amber Michelle Sennet

  • The scariest person to the government is the person who owes them nothing and needs them for nothing.

  • The ordinance is ridiculious

  • My mom loves wearing a shirt that says, “outlaw” lol

  • Let’s do it! Building a greenhouse this year.

  • Personally because I know human nature, I wouldn’t want to grow a garden in my front yard easily accessible by Humanity. Because they would steal all of my vegetables

  • These people set a great example of what we could do! ♡♡♡ And they didn’t bother to ask permission, they just did it.


  • She makes me wanna go plant some broccoli right now.

  • gardens, not lawns!

  • Right on …. What kind of BS is this

  • You can grow your own in container gardens too!

  • That’s what Gov’t becomes without the proper checks and balances. They slowly but surely take away all of our God given rights and then Sell them Back to us – IF you have enough money to pay the Fees, Taxes, Licenses, Registrations, Permits, etc, etc…

  • That’s America for you the land of bullshit and brain washed people. Rosie Drew

  • grow your own weed why your at it i need a still to/ big brother don;t like that with food n my still. but george washington had a still thomas jefferson 2 get free again.america

  • Rocie Trujillo Jimenez

  • Jorge Rivera you believe this shit?

  • I want to!!

  • Am moving up to the Blue Ridge Mts in September to become a commercial natural blackberry farmer. I’m doing it now here in Florida, so I know what to expect.

  • The fact that the man’s FREEDOM to grow (or not grow) HIS OWN FOOD on HIS OWN PROPERTY in this “the land of the free” ought to disturb and anger every American citizen who reads this……

  • Could the Government get any further up our ass?

  • use heritage seeds not Monsanto.

  • This is no longer America.

  • Wait u cant grow nothing on ur own property ?

  • James Kelly

  • Invest in and store non gmo seeds, they will be highly sought after in the future.

  • I live in the city of Cleveland and have a little garden every year, so why spread so much fear he just did it tge wrong way sounds more state level than Fed

  • What everyone is missing is that his busybody neighbors using the government to limit some one else’s private property for their desires is the root of this evil. The pansies in office supported by spineless courts have facilitated this unconstitutional and evil idea, tyranny of the majority, and that somehow municipalities have the right to limit freedoms of some people at the behest and request of a few others. Madness throughout the US, from local to federal.

  • so you cant grow your own vegetables in your own garden. tell that to my grandad . Although it wasnt in the front but the back. In England lots of people grow herbs , friut anf veg in their back gardens with greenhouses and garden sheds. WTF is going on in USA ?!

  • I wish?

  • ontrol the food supply and you control the people

  • If you are a US citizen (per the 14th “Amendment” you have no rights and may not lawfully own property.

  • in EU it is illegal 🙂

  • Harold Martin

  • Knowing what we now know about ecology. The arrest should be for those who plant grass and burden our ecological network. I guess that grass junkies and we’ll manicured lawn envy folks are at the root of thus law.

  • Very sad.

  • what makes this a crime?, this country was founded by self reliant people,

  • I truly don’t understand the reasoning for this crime. Who allowed this to happen?, who ordered the charges?, why is this a crime?. I don’t understand how this could happen in a free country. Ridiculous is an understatement.

  • The government will outlaw it.

  • Oh my goodness! Could life get anymore ridiculous?

  • Oh yes!!! It will help us to help ourselves!!

  • When I was growing up we always had a vegetable garden, so did many of our neighbors. This is beyond b.s. I think people should plant gardens in their own yards. Front or back yard, who cares? And for those who live in the inner city, there should be communal gardens.

  • Aaron Driver Steve Graham

  • Did it go against community rules. i bet it did and he refused to pay the fine and was locked up for it. Got what he deserved if thats the case

  • Bravo

  • The freedom to do what you want with your own property on your own property… as long as it doesn’t offend our government overlords.

  • GaryL

    Sorry. The ordinance is ex post facto to preexisting garden and the enforcement of which is prohibited by the constitution. “The prohibition of ex post facto laws was an imperative in colonial America. The Framers of the Constitution understood the importance of such a prohibition, considering the historical tendency of government leaders to abuse power. As Alexander Hamilton observed, “[I]t is easy for men … to be zealous advocates for the rights of the citizens when they are invaded by others, and as soon as they have it in their power, to become the invaders themselves.”


  • I agree with the ordinance and the order to remove the garden, which is in a neighborhood, not a rural area. This gardener would also be prohibited from painting his house in barber stripes, installing a ferris wheel, a fish pond, a skateboard ramp, and many, many other things, for the same reason that the community has the right to reject them on the reasonable grounds that property values would suffer. Beyond that, the community has the right to enact ordinances that prohibit actions or behaviors of which the community does not approve. Property rights are a two-way street. Were this man’s house, instead of being old and in an old neighborhood, instead a modern dwelling located in a newer subdivision, I hardly think he would get as far as removal of grass before he was made to comply with the community standards. The gardener in this story is basically saying that because his activity (in his mind) is noble and progressive, he has a right to infringe on the rights of others. But really, the simplest way to look at this is to ask yourself if you would want such a garden next door to your own house. Unless you live in the country and your nearest neighbor is quite some distance away, I think you would not.

    • iamatgg

      What you said is bitter and true in some nature. But I disagree. I like people grow their food, but they’ve to make it look pretty.

      • secret societies

        ironically, prettiness does reflect functionality meaning: a good garden looks organized and clean.

    • Paulie Johnson

      I find it absolutely amazing that you are saying that people should not be allowed to do what want with their own property while your profile picture is a protest to communism. When saying people can’t put gardens in their front yard is exactly what communism is! And I couldn’t care less if my neighbor puts garden in their front yard. WHY?? Because it’s none of my damn business what my neighbor does as long as it does not effect way of life . If you are so worried about something like a garden that you call the city over when it is not effecting you in anyway but you actually think it does you need to see a doctor.

      • secret societies

        well put

    • JTZ

      Apples to oranges. Planting a harvest of greens to feed your family is not like painting barber stripes on your house. Gardens do not devalue property, either, anymore than planting shrubs that some consider ugly devalues it. If he does not belong to an HOA, which is where people move if they want Hitler-like laws governing the appearance of properties, then the city has no right to inflict these ridiculous laws on him. And would I want a garden like that next door? Absolutely! Because I think it is a HELL of a lot better than living next to a nitwit that parks his old jalopies in the front yard, or covers it with rocks. At least this man is using his god-given brain to use his property effectively.

    • Daryl K. Sauerwald

      HL Your insane.

    • Luke Murray

      HAHAHAHA You have your profile pic showing anti communism and then you go spouting the very basics of what communism is all about as something good! HAHAHA, you need to educate your self man!

    • Mick Price

      “things, for the same reason that the community has the right to reject them on the reasonable grounds that property values would suffer.”
      Which is not a reasonable ground. You not have a property right in the price of your property. You have a right to use your property not to gain a certain amount of value from it, let alone a certain price for it’s sale.

      “Beyond that, the community has the right to enact ordinances that prohibit actions or behaviors of which the community does not approve. ”
      No they don’t, mere disapproval grants no rights at all. I disapprove of your posting rubbish on the internet, doesn’t mean I should be able to stop you.

      “The gardener in this story is basically saying that because his activity (in his mind) is noble and progressive, he has a right to infringe on the rights of others.”
      No he’s saying that isn’t his property not their’s and therefore they have no rights over it.

      ‘But really, the simplest way to look at this is to ask yourself if you would want such a garden next door to your own house. ”
      No that it doesn’t matter what you want it’s not your property..

    • hummingbird

      I would be happy to have a garden like that next to my house instead of a stupid homeowner who uses a lawn blower that makes a lot of noise and creates a lot of dirt, disturbing everyone for miles around to keep his property “clean”.

    • Gregory Cushing

      I did not see where he joined a HOA so, he should not be subject to petty rules that do not interfere with others safety.

  • Melinda Craig

    It’s not like that everywhere.

  • Waldo

    The government wants everyone to be a goose-stepping zombie.

  • grampy9134

    I now wonder what freedom means anymore in this country!

  • Roderick Moore

    Could he perhaps install a privacy fence around his property?