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After Man Filed a Complaint Against a Reckless Cop, the Cop Had Him Charged with Harassment

Surprise, AZ – Last Month, in a large town just outside of Phoenix, a man named Casey Hagon witnessed an off-duty police officer driving recklessly without his lights on. Hagon followed the officer to check if maybe the officer was responding to a call, or if he was returning to the station for something important. However, Hagon followed the officer back to his residence, where he then parked his car and went inside.

Hagon took a picture of the vehicle because that was the best confirmation that he could get at the time, and then immediately filed a complaint with the Surprise Police Department

“He had already gone in. But I had snapped photos of the vehicle so that I kind of had validation, and of the address, and went further down, hung a U-turn and then parked,” Hagon said.

While he was on the phone with the police department making the complaint, the officer came charging back out of his house, pulled his vehicle down the street, and then parked behind Hagon with his lights on to pull him over

Hagon explained, “He wanted to know why I was snapping photos of his house. So, then now I’ve got validation at that moment that it’s his home. I don’t remember exactly how he said it, ‘Who you on the phone with?’ or ‘Why are you on the phone?’ or ‘Get off the phone’ – something to that effect – and I said, ‘I’m on the phone with the Surprise Police Department now reporting this incident.’

Hagon went on to express his concern with how the officer was driving, meanwhile, two other officers arrived on the scene.

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Hagon was then told by a supervisor that he was wrong to follow the police officer home because it could make the officer feel threatened.

I told him I’d like to have a complaint and I’d like for him to get a ticket, no different from anybody else. He explained to me that it was at the discretion of the officer whether a ticket would be written or not, and he said that he’s not had any other complaints ever, so at this point he doesn’t see that happening,” Hagon said.

Hagon thought the issue was over when he was sent home from the scene, however, a month later he was taking an evening walk and noticed the same officer speeding down the street yet again, without his emergency lights on.

Hagon again snapped photos of the vehicle and called the police department to file a report.

However, instead of doing something about their officer’s reckless driving, they allowed the officer to file a harassment charge against Hagon.

“The next day, my son calls me at work to let me know that there was an El Mirage police officer at my house,” Hagon said.

“That had me completely perplexed. For what reason? So, I called the city of El Mirage to ask what had happened or what was going on. He said he had an injunction against harassment to serve on me on behalf of Officer Drew Persha. I cannot believe that the result of filing a complaint on an officer for not following the law was that I’m going to get an injunction against harassment filed against me,” he added.

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In a later statement, the Surprise police department said,

“The Surprise Police Department had no role in the officer obtaining the court order. I would like to reiterate that the Surprise Police Department is dedicated to objectively and thoroughly resolving all citizen’s complaints. Our Professional Standards Unit is currently processing Mr. Hagon’s complaint and we once again ask the public to remain patient as we complete this active on-going administrative investigation.”

The harassment charge comes along with a legal order for Hagon to cease contact with Persha and stay away from his home. The order went on to state that Hagon was a danger to Persha and his family.

However, Hagon says that he does not mean anyone any harm, he just wants to see the officer held to the same standards of safety that everyone else is.

“I’m not out for this officer at all. I would just appreciate him to follow the laws that he’s set to enforce. I have an 8-year-old that’s out in the neighborhood,” Hagon said.


John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can purchase his books, or get your own book published at his website www.JohnVibes.com.

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  • Cops are the tip of the spear. What difference does it make if government directly or indirectly abuses the individual? If it were only Law Enforcement abusing us, we’d be damned lucky.

  • Yep! If you make any headway against them they’ll come at you some other way. Lie, cheat and steal to snuff your voice out.

  • The State has given a life sentence to a man who stood for his rights and hurt no one. Dustin Heathman is a political prisoner and American patriot who dared to stand by the Constitution. The cops lied about what really happened. Please come to our page and share Dustin’s story. He never tried to hurt or kill anybody.

  • I’d say that cop definitely has a conflict of interest if anyone would have one.

  • Sounds like he has Thomas O’Grady, JR. Syndrome.

  • You can watch videos of people going into police stations and asking to file a complaint about an officer and usually they are bullied, denied documentation in order to file a complain or asked to make a verbal complaint (which goes nowhere) and are arrested before they can escape.

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  • Lesson learned, the first thing a person in a similar situation shoud do, is file an ‘Injunction against harassment’ against the offending officer, then followed by the complaint.

  • not right

  • The Thin Blue Line

    Keep on selling the American lie
    All puppets dance for the public eye.
    Can’t beat us all down so
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    No justice for the piece that won’t fit in.
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  • Open season yet?!

  • and then guy SUES the cop back for Malicious Prosecution and violations of his OATH and WINS!

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  • good for the cop, just goes to show what kind of ass holes they have on the forces in the not so great usa

  • i would like to say that i am leaving you page. though your information and questions are well put. i clicked on a link to read a article about the rainbow gathering being terriost activity. shortly after reading a few lines a pop up blocked the page, and demanded that i do what i already have. click “like” & subscribe. Demanding that people do something for information is not “free thought” good by.