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Groundbreaking Discovery: Man Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000%


Jim Murray has been electrifying the world for over 50 years. His lifetime of experience has produced dozens of patents, inventions and now a truly remarkable discovery that can fundamentally change the way that human beings use energy forever.

When he was just five years old, Jim tells the Free Thought Project that he had already developed an affinity for motors and electricity. This curiosity was piqued by his father’s model train sets which Jim spent hours tinkering with. His natural gift and childhood passion fostered the creation of his first electromagnet when he was only six years old.

Over the next several years, Jim allowed his intellectual curiosity to carry him into multiple fields. He studied and built rockets and radios when he was in grade school and by the time he entered high school had developed an interest in nuclear physics. This led Jim to the construction of a linear electron accelerator, which was entered in the New England Science Talent Search of 1964.  This entry won young Murray first place in school, city and state science competitions. Additionally, his project was displayed in the Boston Museum of Science.

It was not long after graduation that Jim began seriously examining the work of Nikola Tesla. He was fascinated by Tesla’s incredible claims concerning power generation and transmission, and he vowed to rediscover the great scientist’s undisclosed secrets. Jim’s efforts eventually led him to individuals like Otis T. Carr, who claimed to have known Tesla personally. They also gave him a greater understanding of several lost Tesla secrets.

During his professional life, Jim has conducted research and experimentation on a variety of different technological applications all of which eventually contributed to the development of his SERPS (Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply) device This highly specialized electronic circuit has the ability to “Magnify” the effective power applied to it by nearly 50 times. When Jim coupled his device with his friend Paul Babcock’s patented ultra fast 5 nanosecond switching technology, they achieved a 4790% increase in electrical power compared to the input. This type of performance, if commercialized, would cause the largest electric utility companies to shake in their boots.

Jim explains:

Electric power is supplied by a special transformer to energize a resistive load. The undissipated  magnetic potential is then captured and stored temporarily, before being sent back to the source through the very same electrical load. This oscillating power has completely different properties than conventional electrical power, and actually reduces the total power required from the source.  The consequence of this energy dynamic is that the resistive load can be powered more than twice as efficiently, while the net power supplied by the line is reduced to a very small value. The implications of this technology for power conservation in the future are absolutely astonishing!

In the video below Jim gave The Free Thought Project an exclusive look at his groundbreaking new technology.

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After watching this amazing innovation in action, it is hard to believe that Mr. Tesla reached this same technological plateau nearly one-hundred years ago, and still, there has been minuscule advancement, until very recently, in the industry of energy generation. One need only examine the contents of Tesla’s patents to understand why the famous scientist was being watched by the FBI. It is no secret that after Tesla’s death in 1943, government agents seized much of his private research.

Jim’s research has also been scrutinized by the FBI. He tells The Free Thought Project that he, too, has had a run-in with the FBI because of one of the projects he was working on.

“Back in 1966, not long after my father died, I returned from work one day to find a strange message waiting for me.

When Jim attempted to ascertain the source of the message he was given a note that said:

‘Take the Hudson-Manhattan subway to Newark, New Jersey, and arrive at 11 Centre Place, FBI Newark Headquarters, no later than 10:00 AM tomorrow morning. Ask to see Agent Harold Miller, he will be expecting you.”

Upon his arrival, agents began questioning Jim about his research. After informing them of his interest in Nikola Tesla’s work, Jim says:

“The agents looked at each other silently, then scribbled some additional notes, which were inserted into a file folder with my name on it. I later learned that once you become a person of interest, the FBI retains your file indefinitely!”

Thankfully Jim did not let this obvious scare tactic deter his research. Now, thanks to modern technological advancements and the tireless work of courageous men like Jim Murray, we can begin to understand the truly groundbreaking nature of Tesla’s original work.

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The ramifications of the mass application of SERPS technology are nothing short of paradigm shifting. It is widely known that the “energy variable” is a primary factor in US policies. The pursuit of energy is no doubt a catalyst for many of the decisions politicians regularly make. However, most Americans are only aware of the research efforts which involve the utilization of coal, petroleum, nuclear power, wind and solar. These accepted avenues of exploration receive over 5 billion dollars in subsidies per year, while independent researchers like Jim are totally ignored.

The positive environmental impact of radical technologies like SERPS also cannot be understated. While lawmakers continue to pay lip service to the issue of global warming, this technology could drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the entire planet. Mountaintop coal removal is destroying entire swaths of land, oil sands developments are already slated to be the cause of up to the second fastest rate of deforestation, and hydraulic fracturing for oil & natural gas can require up to 15.8 million gallons of water per well.

In 2012, the total energy output from wind power alone in the US surpassed 60 gigawatts, enough capacity to power nearly 15 million homes. While renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydro have been widely criticized as being inefficient to meet the nation’s energy demands. The obvious truth is that through the use of technologies like the SEPRS device, we can more than meet our energy needs.

So long as organizations exist that can legally ensure the suppression of emerging technologies, the best interests of the people will always run secondary to the interests of those who have controlling ownership in traditional power systems. The same systems which ensure cash flow to the elite and continue to destroy our planet in the process.

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In addition to re-discovering Tesla’s technological secrets, Jim is also dedicated to revealing those secrets for the benefit of everyone. While he has independently secured funding for his technology already, Jim is also trying to secure funding to publish a book which will explain to everyone how it is done. If you would like to assist Jim you can donate to his Go Fund Me below.

Johnny Liberty is a researcher and investigative journalist. You can follow him on twitter @LibertyUnltd

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  • Imagine hooking this up to a thorium reactor.

  • Give it a month before he turns up dead, either “suicide” or mysterious causes or he’ll just disappear like all those holistic doctors

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    • What holistic doctors disappeared?

    • Toiséja Harriott , as you already know, it’s all part of the psychopayths’ agenda. You know what gets me ? How utterly ignorant those psychopathic are to think that all of those profits and “money” is somehow going to make them something more than they ever will be. That’s plain ignorance and stupidity.

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  • Michael Stainback

  • No it won’t. The govt and it’s cronies will stop it cold.

  • As near as I can tell this is just another variation of using reactive loads to fool power consumption meters. Older meters can’t read the power consumption of loads that draw current 180 degrees out of phase with voltage, so the load actually receives power. It’s just not measured. There are regulations governing how much phase shift is allowed.

    • Go back to the chalk board and start over.

    • It’s worth taking another look. Thank you, Sam.

  • Ramona Sue Smith Burnette

  • Next week’s new…he got assasinated. Smdh

  • Poor guy’s going to get assassinated for meddling with corporate interests 🙁
    Kudos for the work and dedication though!

  • Imagine if Tesla had published his work back then… there might never have been such problems in nature now. :/

    • Problems are profitable so, that’s why. All about the money.

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    • That makes it sad… 🙁
      I wish so much more for people in America. I wish I could do something to change how your government is.

    • Sebastian Avery Simmons You forgot to capatalize the UNITED STATES, and you are correct. That corporation does indeed represent only the corporate interests and not the ones such as that man who they would certainy have stopped from interferring with their profits. They’re fukin psychopaths, and their ignorance which in turn induces their greed is a major problem for us all.

    • Pretty much, which is why the US government seized all his work

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  • So he’s unlocked Tesla’s secrets but needs a gofund me account. Seems legit.

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    • And not one investor would like to get in on this, huh? Telsa needed a Currier pigeon and printed news to communicate with people his ideas. The age of internet and this guy is begging for money. I hope you give him all the money he needs.

    • i forgot everything is free in the age of the internet. . . never said I was personally going to give him anything, just that lack of funding has zero to do with discovery.

    • additionally, tesla had access to the biggest money dudes in his day, sans carrier pigeon, and he still died poor. His problem was not a lack of being able to get his ideas out to “investors”. . .

    • Jim has the funding for the technology, he is looking for help to publish the work to make it available for everyone.

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  • Until peer reviewed and proven at least a couple of times more by independent scientists, let’s wait before we shout hail mary. As someone with a college degree in advanced electronics I say it doesn’t add up. The science doesn’t add up, the energy needs to come from somewhere….

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    • If you really knew physics and science, they’re all laws that can be disproven. Something that people say “can’t be done” 100 years ago won’t necessarily be impossible to do forever. The Wright Brothers were told that aviation can’t be done yet we have airplanes today

    • To be true you would have to extract more energy out.of the transformer than you put into it.

      There is a fool born every day.

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    • Everyone said the world was flat, Magellan thought otherwise. Everyone said that you can never defy gravity, the Wright Brothers thought otherwise. Every single advancement we have in science was, at least once, thought to be impissible. You can never make a new leap in science if you keep on thinking how it’s impossible.

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    • Scientific illiteracy coupled with sophomoric name calling; par for the course.
      Unless someone, anyone, can explain how you can get more energy out.of a core than you put into it.(not to mention heat loss) your beliefs are just that, false beliefs.

    • The Free Thought Project.com Do you have any basic understanding of physic ? or electromagnetism?

    • I’m look at the video.
      So what i’m see, is a person who don’t understand what power, voltage and energy are.

    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton%27s_laws_of_motion#Newton.27s_3rd_Law THE MOST IMPORTANT PRINCIPE OF NATURE.
      “Law III: To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: or the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts.”

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    • Even though the laws of thermodynamics are negative statements and can’t be proven, they Have been experimentally shown to be true.

      If he proved them wrong, good. Release the schematics and prove it works, until then, I won’t believe it.

    • LOL! How can something that can’t be proven, be experimentally shown to be true ? LMAO ! Good God boy, you are utterly indoctrinated and stupid to boot. You should go hide somewhere. LOL!

    • Sam Kelley… You can’t “prove” magnetism exists. You cant see or detect its wave. You can’t determine which end will be which pole. But by experiment you can determine all of the above. Iron filings while track the waves and two magnets will allow you to determine pole direction.

      Now please stop trolling as I’m soon to run out of food to feed you.

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  • The machines this man has created manipulate electrical current so differently to what our current generators and resistors do. He’s solved the issue of electrical efficiency in such a way that it can be revolutionary if perfected and incorporated into every dwelling in the world. Tesla’s work was unknown to the masses until recently. When things like these are created, it seems even historically, the powers that be retain it’s development if it doesn’t serve the purpose of money. Until something better comes along, the entire world and it’s generations to come will benefit from this work if incorporated into our social structure, specially in the city, and rural areas that rely on the grid’s electricity for its energy needs.

  • It would appear that ‘thermodynamics’ is the new flat earth paradigm that needs to be addressed.

  • So let me get this straight.. Utilities are scare sh*tless about a technology that amplified input energy by 5000%??

    So they would have to use less energy input (which equates to operational cost overhead) in order to produce a huge increase in power (that they can sell at an even greater profit)?

    Ok.. I think I understand now..

    • Nope, they’d be obliged to lower electricity costs because of the amplifier. Either that or people would be using it inside their own homes

    • Roy Catapia Not sure that makes sense. Because it doesn’t matter what voltage they amplify it to, they STILL have to step it down to 110-220V at the end user level.

      And that is where the meter is located..

    • You have just shown that you have absolutey no idea of the subject matter presented and lack the critical thinking ability at this present time to comprehend such. What did you do to write that crap ? Have a conversation with the local meter reader who doesn’t know a whole lot of anything pertaing to his employment position ? LOL.

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    • Thanks for the post. That’s very interesting and I have probably seen the image on the right before but never paid close attention. It will give me something new to study.

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  • This is bullshit. I design switching power supplies for a living and I sometimes dump the extra flyback energy back into the input, but the net net is nothing is more than 100% efficient. Ya’ll look like fools.

  • Chad Kotevski

  • Another bullshit about Tesla

    • And you. Another ignorant idiot indoctrinated to no end.

    • Of course the troll. But I prefer thermodynamics instead.

    • ^ stick to it, then. Electromagnetism is clearly not your forte.

    • More generally, in your case, physics is not your friend.

    • Sam Kelley Do you have some understanding in physic ? electromagnetism ? Analytical Mechanics ? Lagrangien formalism ? Do you know the “Principle of least action” ? And the Noether’s theorem ?

    • I never UNDERSTAND anything that I do not agree or consent to, but I do comprehend a great many things that many others will most probably never have the Care to seek the knowedge required to make a wise decision or course of action to begin educating themseves on. LOL! Scratch your head on that one for a while. By the way, I work in the electrical field, and the knowedge I have acquired over the last thirty five years is that which you and most here will highly likely never comprehend. How would you like to accompany some real critically thinking men one day and be given an opportunity to use your limited amount of knowedge and mechanical aptitude to show us exactly how much you do not know about shit, you stupid litte lazy shit stain.

    • So after 35 years in electrical field, you’re only able to say ‘little lazy shit stain’. Bad evolution. Sub-human dumbass.
      Now, demonstrate by writing physical equations your “understanding” of the article. Oh, you cant?

  • Sounds like bullshit, like water as fuel. Thermodynamics are not easily fooled.

  • Not the game changer it sounds like. Very high power (on the order of a power plant) can be achieved by femtosecond lasers, whose average power is only a few milliwatts.

    Such a power supply may be useful for driving high power photonics, but it can’t multiply the energy delivered by the source.

  • Awesome!

  • I smell Bullshit. If it works, then why not just publish it on the web….???????? I say – ‘Put-up, or shut-up……! There’s a new Tesla Messiah outing himself every damned week.

    • Sam Kelley The reply of a patronising, misogynistic cretin of the first order. We aren’t talking about Tesla here dipshit, we are talking about someone CLAIMING to understand his work, posing for a corny photo – oh, and asking for funding BEFORE he has proven his CLAIM. Out here is the real, adult world, that is a cause for reasonable scepticism… Let’s see it peer reviewed or WORKING. Really, the creeps you meet on the web…!

  • I am waiting for one of Edison’s ancestors to show up with thugs, beat the living hell out of him, steal all the plans, then patent it all in the name of the Federal Government.

  • Hope the government doesn’t do to him what they did to Tesla.

  • And he still alive

  • Looks like he is capturing the back EMF with the caps. I’ve seen this in other experiments also and is very effective

  • Garry Curnow

  • Nah, its just going to increase the cost as always, and the person who discovered it will be either ‘offered’ a job in the government or vanish into shadow. Capitalism.

  • Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is just transformed. I can’t believe I have to point this out to supposed adults.

  • Tesla was a genius.

  • Tesla wanted to power the world for free and this look like it not free. Plus if there is huge re-vamping cost ? investors would walk away because they wanna make more money not less.

  • His patent will be bought and put on a shelf to collect dust.

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  • Tesla never went commercial because the energy could not be regulated/billed. Edison pushed for ac because it could be metered and capitalized on.

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    • the ‘anti’ are not the issue, the current stagnant ‘conformists’ are the issue to progress.

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  • stay safe Jim!

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    • Theyll just make it illegal and hit him with a gag order to keep quiet.
      Or theyll charge us for installation of said tech, but still charge us the same for the power.

    • It’s happening here in California. The Department of Water and Power is attempting to increase the charge for “electrical usage” exponentially to customers who have installed solar units to their homes. In all actuality, it is an attempt to keep a cash flow going that insures their outrageous salaries and keeps them in the meter monitoring business, whereas reasonably, they should be required to be paying those homeowners for the excess electricity that they generate.

    • Yeah that was the first thing that popped into my head too

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    • amirite?

    • You’re correct. I wouldn’t mind if they critiqued the US government, any government, or the media considering this is a libertarian page. The “if you’re concerned about this, you’re not concerned about political issues” posts bug me.

    • That’s entirely doable with out insinuating that I care about stupid shit and I’m a moron because I live in America.

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  • Central Florida News THEY DON’T Want YOU TO SEE https://youtu.be/iSo2AWwvCGI via YouTube

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      He will also have proof of a planned attack from some country with high natural resources.
      Oh yeah, the bomb will explode into rifels firing bullets causing a need for more gun control.

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    I think physics says this is impossible, but maybe I misunderstand what this guy is doing.

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    The book tells you how to make your own energy machine. It also tells of the government’s reaction to his invention.

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  • Not if the government has anything to do with it….

  • Rele hope he doesn’t get killed

  • man can NOT create energy

  • LE$$0N<100>YEARS LATER!

  • Tesla was silenced. Disgusting.

  • Better get that guy some protection. Quickly!

  • It is my hope he publishes somewhere other than the US where he will be safer.

  • Kolton Abbott cool!

  • if it’s true we’ll see how long he lasts .

  • Could we get some 3%rs to guard this guy 24/7?

  • Suicided in 3……….2………..

  • What does that tell you about our country?

  • If this is true he will be killed.

  • The government will never allow it

  • Good luck to him

  • Quick dump your notes in the web before you do your book. Just in case.

  • If he lives long enough he might get taken out by the government

  • Kieran Wilson

  • Has the government killed this guy yet?

  • so hope this comes true!

  • I know the car is sharp! I love it!

  • what is telsa

  • Remember what happened to the guy who made the “Water powered car?” I agree with most of the other comments…

  • Somebody needs to hire bodyguards for this gentleman.

  • He’ll be killed very soon like the rest of them before him. You think oil and healthcare are keeping these fucks happy?? No! Energy makes the world go round and of they can continue to make money off something like energy they will never let “free” or “0-point” energy run the world

  • Hope he doesn’t get found in a field sometime soon David Russell!

  • It will not make any difference. Tesla idea was for electricity to be free for everyone. Instead we are all screwed by the power companies

  • Stephen Thomas Richmond II

  • but it wont be free

  • The energy cabals will have him killed before publication, or they will have the government ban his book.

  • cannot wait to read it

  • Hope they dont kill Jim like they did with tesla. I am waiting for the world which has free electricity for all.

  • Where can I get a book

  • James Jackson

    • Thanks Jack. I’m still amazed at how many don’t know of him and his contribution to mankind that we take for granted. It’s nice to know Nikola Tesla is getting more recognition ever day. Elon Musk recently made a million dollar contribution to the preservation of his ‘Wardenclyffe Laboratory’ on Long Island which in my opinion….must be saved.

  • Eric House

  • Gregory Strack

    • Look at the quote above your comment. And I’ll remind you again. “Anti-social behavior is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists” -Nikola Tesla

    • Not everyone is a conformist but you’ll never know unless you get out. Even Tesla didn’t know everything. Everyone has flaws. Many geniuses were depressed and suffered from many things that were easily resolvable. Everyone has room for improvement but most people’s biggest flaw is not accepting that fact. Humans are meant to exist together, socially, strive for harmony. The world’s greatest achievements are never done alone. Isolation doesn’t help humanity as a whole. I also believe it hinders your ability to reach your full potential. Nobody is perfect. You cannot damn everyone in prejudice to the apparent majority. No excuse. I find your argument invalid still. You lack living a life to the fullest and I think you’ll regret it someday.

    • Tesla came up with his ideas all on his own. Are you making more $ bc of me or am I making more $ bc of you? “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes.” It’s just as easy for me to say you’re missing out on actually learning things but running around at clubs with morons, killing your brains cells. Two sides to every argument. And in the end, I don’t care at all what you do with your spare time, maybe you should do the same for me?

    • I’m not gonna try to change your mind. You choose the life you live. He may have came up with his ideas alone but without anyone’s help his ideas were buried and nothing he intended to do was achieved. My point stands.

    • All good. Just don’t forget – if it wasn’t for me sitting around, ‘doing nothing’ – all those creations you see, wouldn’t exist. And the guy who is making the Tesla cars – Elon Musk, watch a documentary about him sometime – complete introvert who sat around with zero friends, dreaming up paypal, then electric car industry, now high speed underground trains. Not everyone walks thru life wanting to interact with as many humans as possible- many are the complete opposite.

    • What we do only serves as another example of what can only be accomplished together, and not alone. I’m not gonna preach but I hope you live with no regrets. All I know if the bro House is not as much fun as it used to be.

    • Right now, fun is not on my agenda. Building the machine is. Will have fun after that’s done 😉

    • You have plenty free time for more than what you’ve been doing. I still don’t accept that excuse.

    • I don’t care if you accept it. I do with my life what I want, and don’t go around poking others when they don’t live the way I do. Worry about yourself

    • The brohouse is on a social decline and it sucks

    • There are greater tragedies in the world, and ones that can’t be fixed. Not every minute of life is supposed to be a party where everyone’s laughing/enjoying themselves. ‘Joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for pain & sunny days wouldn’t be what they are w/ out rain’..sometimes you gotta soldier down and go the opposite way of the herd if you want a different outcome.

    • I’m dreading Luke’s departure

    • Why? Ryan will be here and you guys can go buck wild.

    • I hate his dorky friends

    • The house’s residential coolness is down like 80% from the brotherhood’s glory days

    • Well I promise when my flow is up I will go out more with you, but you know how it’s been man.

    • You wanna be cool or make $…the two things don’t always go together, esp in the beginning

    • Idk man. I’m not gonna get hopes up

    • We finally have our rotation and schedule down. It’s not gonna be 3-4 months in between sets anymore. When I have more regular income, I will go out with you.

  • No need to publish a book – just type it up and release it on the Internet. Get the information out there, then it can’t be stopped.

    • I agree put it on the Internet and we’ll make sure to replicate billions of copies all over the Internet. Energy independence is our right as long as it doesn’t steal from others, which it wouldn’t if it’s produced entirely off the grid.

    • He wants to cash in on the book sales and that’s what’s going to be a down fall

  • He’s obviously not stupid therefore must have copies.

  • Good luck Jim, we need people like this in our world. He must be protected. All the good folk are gagged, or have ‘accidents/suicide’. Means they’re on to something.

  • Jim Poston Jesse Varner

  • We wouldn’t need to figure them out if the government just released them.

  • Maybe he is Tesla reincarnate!

  • Government = govern, good luck

  • Dead man walking !!

  • John Bedini, John Searle, Thomas Bearden, John Hutchinson are all people worth checking out.

  • Kool****

  • Wouldn’t it be cool if we used Tesla’s technologies when we were supposed to? This whole world would be a better place. Can’t have that.

  • Great

  • how long until he commits “suicide”

  • Interesting !!!

  • Matthew Lilly

  • Brad Murphy

  • Exxon won’t allow this. Gods speed Jim Murray!

  • He just may stumble over a nasty case of weaponized cancer… Haha

  • You magnify power by 5000% by releasing the same energy in 1/50th the time.

  • I would recommend that he doesn’t get on a plane anytime soon!

  • He’ll prolly be dead before he can. He should’ve known better than to let on. Too many people who’ve revolutionized energy have mysteriously died before they could share.

  • It only costs 49.95, but wait there’s more!

  • about time

  • Expect this poor bastard to have a mysterious demise soon

  • Snake oil.

  • I hope he survives. I would love to read his book, no matter how technical, if he can get it published.

  • I hope i can see that book soon , i am tired of those fckng company’

  • I give him 3 months but I’ll support him all the way and raise hell when they kill him

  • If he doesn’t shoot himself twice in the back of the head while hogtied first…..

  • He should get security guards before any of that

  • Better hurry and publish that book,before “big brother” kills you!

  • Hope to fuck he’s off grid already or he aint gonna be around much longer

  • If the elite want to live their lives constantly silencing or shutting down every piece of new and functional energy based science and technology, they’re going to be pretty stressed out with that in the next 10 years of holding back a stampede of wild horses, scrambling to stop it. These people are humans. They don’t have the concentration or stamina required to stop a hundred new advances per year. Then a thousand. Then ten thousand. It will keep pushing forward exponentially until it happens. Humanity isn’t keen on living in the dark ages forevermore because some guy who lived his life around the accumulation of numbers said so. This man isn’t the only other person in the world who’s smart enough to move humanity forward within the foreseeable and virtually immediate future if Jim Murray were to be “suicided” by police or hit men. They can’t stop it any longer. If they want to try, then they’ll only cause more problems for themselves in the process. It’s over. Gay marriage is legal (blind, bigoted hatred is starting to die), marijuana is now legal in Canada and Uruguay (the failed drug war is starting to die), fusion power is soon to become a reality if all goes as planned in Germany, and scientists have for the first time in medical history cured a brain tumor by successfully breaching the blood-brain barrier. The elite are losing whatever grasp they had on our world and it won’t stop there just because they want it to ever again. We are not like our grandparents. We do not think like them. We do not agree with them about reality, nor do we hold the same crooked and backwards “old world” opinions and values that they chose to live their lives around by following God and Government instead of rational common sense. Beating their children half to death for talking back, beating them half to death in school for chewing gum, etc. That shit all used to be no biggie way back in the day. World’s changing pretty quickly now. And it’s never changing back.

    • They only silence those who don’t sell out to them.

    • Word!

    • How do you know that the coming change, isnt orchestrated by the elite? They’ve been running the world with lies and deceit for a very long time. Wouldn’t be hard for them to manipulate a new world order… Or encourage it. Still gonna end up in their favour. It’s currency that is the problem. If they can make money off us, they will. We may end up with free energy, but what other costs will soar?… As long as the world keeps using pharmaceuticals, the elite will always have control over us. We will all be long dead before humanity is truly free.

    • Brett Kerr, you said it all when you mentioned, currency. The psychopaths running the circus will continue as long as there is that fukin fiat currency money system ruling the world. Get rid of those psycho fuks and their bullshit money, and we may be on to a brighter future.

    • Alec, my boy, you’re just waving your dick about!

    • Marijuana isn’t legal in Canada yet.

  • big money aka power companies ,oil.. will make sure we never find out about free power… if that book goes to print. i say within a week he’ll be found dead

  • Tesla’s magnifying transmitter doesn’t contain any “secrets”, it did operate on “innovative” concepts. But it’s power transmission without wires was NOT free, it simply didn’t need wires. It was still hooked to generators in Colorado Springs which cost money to produce electricity like any others. The term “free” has been used with this invention erroneously: the reason power transmission without wires did not succeed was that it is received by “tuning” to the frequency just like radio. With a simple tuner, there is no way to meter it and it can be stolen, hence the term free was misused in this manner. The second reason it did not succeed was that it likely would cause EMFs high enough to actually harm biological entities and THAT was the reason the government objected to it. But the whole concept died because of the inability to charge customers for it.

  • Aaaaaaaaaannnnnd ……. He’s dead.

  • I require data.

  • What a wonderfully brave man!

  • Francis Cadieux

  • It will never happen. He will mysteriously disappear or die of “natural” causes.

  • May he rest in peace.

  • This all goes back to 1 person and that persons desire to remian rich and powerful. And that person is J.P Morgan .
    Nikola Telsa was a threat to Mr. Morgan and his powerful friends the Rockefeller Family.
    Jim Murry is a threat to someone today just like Tesla was to Morgan and Rockefeller. Who Mr. Murry is a threat to I am not exactly sure of but I am positive he is.
    Who stands to lose the most money from Mr. Murry’s technology? And that is who is a threat to. Just like Tesla Mr. Murry will either be killed or burried.

  • The Rockefeller family /ˈrɒkɨfɛlər/ is an American industrial, political, and banking family that made one of the world’s largest fortunes in the oil business during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with John D. Rockefeller and his brother William Rockefeller primarily through Standard Oil.[1] The family is also known for its long association with and control of Chase Manhattan Bank.[2] They are considered to be one of the most powerful families, if not the most powerful family,[3] in the history of the United States.

  • Dear sir: Run away to Bolivia, Equador or Russia, before you are assasinated! Or at the very least get to one of their embassys. Hurry, and Best of luck!

  • All stolen from our ancestors

  • John Pierpont “J.P.” Morgan (April 17, 1837 – March 31, 1913) was an American financier, banker, and art collector who dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation during his time. In 1892, Morgan arranged the merger of Edison General Electric and Thomson-Houston Electric Company to form General Electric. He was instrumental in the creation of the United States Steel Corporation.

  • R.I.P. If this is true they’ll kill him

  • Jim Murray will be found dead soon you can put money on it

  • This dued has better be careful, People whith this kind of knowledge are often dissapeared by the worlthless shits we call leadership.

  • This dued has better be careful, People whith this kind of knowledge are often dissapeared by the worlthless shits we call leadership.

  • Its so funny: Electricity is produced at an exponential rate that the magnetic lines of flux are cut, therefore if i use a reduction ratio gear between the generator and motor. I can use motor to spin the generator at an increased interval, thus producing infinitely more electricity than is used to produce it! Here is the best way to never use fossil fuel for energy ever again and working constantly the generator should work for 3-5 years constantly without needing to then replace the brushes and or bearings. Find an old Washing machine or dryer, open up the back and take out the motor the belt and the pulley, find an old gasoline generator and remove the stator and rotator. take the big pulley from the back of the washer machine and hook it solid to the washing machine motor output shaft run the belt from the washing machine pulley to the rotator of the rotator stator assembly. Use the generator to power the motor and because of the reduction gear their will be power left over…. For example the washer dryer motor is rated for 1500 watts and the stator rotor assembly is rated to produce 6600 watts. Do the math and there is 5100 watts of fuelless energy left to power every single thing in your home (just not at the exact same time)

    • Using these generators the people of earth can free themselves from big bogus energy companies and their thirst for war, combined with growing ones own food and trading in actual tangible goods the people of this planet could free themselves from corrupt banks and governments simply by not buying and selling in their buck beads

    • It’s good to see some one who thinks as I do. Plain and simple common sense, and not that indoctrinated bullshit.

    • LOL granted its a little far fetched in ol usa but independance starts at the self level

  • Why don’t he use pirate bay publishing service?

  • Let’s hope he doesn’t get “suicided”

  • Well…this just put him on a hit list….he’ll never be heard from again here soon.

  • Matt, I imagine you probably heard about this…

  • Is this is a joke, I’m going to die a little inside

  • Tesla would be long dead now. He was a live and turned down the manhattan project. So he would be like 90+ now.

  • Now if he can setup an online store and we can purchase his product for our own use. I’ll even use bitcoin so the feds can eat chit

  • this iis bs …… some invention like this sud come to market long ago ……. :/ :/

  • Joshua McAllister

  • saw his videos on Youtube…..Jim knows his electromagnets

  • Why does he need $15,000 to publish the book?

  • د.محمد خضير الجبوري
    اعشقه وانت دكتور ؟

  • Nick Oh

  • Mario Perito

  • Colleen Marie

    • If he’s doesn’t mysteriously “commit suicide” first like every other person who openly tries to better the world.

  • I hope he lives long enough to get it through. I’d hate to hear he killed himself with 4 shots to his head.

  • Too bad he’s not really publishing the information, outside of selling a disc which supposedly has the information written to it

  • ok, publish now!

  • They will kill him. Just like they did Tesla!

  • Get it out quick or the oil companies will kill you like they did hundreds of others with similar ideas

  • hell be killed

  • Please let it be so

  • I’m sure they’ll figure out how to “put a meter on it”.

  • He’ll be dead soon..

  • Again and again this bullshit.
    First, read Feynman books (or other great minds) instead.
    Second, where’s the scientific paper? I dont see it on Arxivs.
    Third, how many of you have already invested in this “project” (fraud)?
    Forth, why this guy is not on crowdfunding websites?

  • Tesla reincarnate! This is awesome

  • I hope someone is protecting him from our government

  • I know Jim, he’s a great guy. Here’s wishing him all the best! I really appreciate his efforts. We could really use this technology.

  • He’ll be dead long before they allow this.

  • his secrets have been out. the problem is getting them manufactured and loosening the grip of the greedy fossil fuel tyrants

  • He’ll need around the clock security.

  • Not before those who will lose money try and get rid of him and his work.

  • He better hurry before he has an unfortunate accident

  • This guy’s going to turn up dead

  • He needs to be protected

  • A must read.

  • There’s a sucker born every minute. Also Tesla was a eugenicist, so he wasn’t such a great guy.

  • What about his wireless electricity thing that would have given us free power?! I mean im not taking away creds thats badass getting on Nikola teslas level!

  • Please share this, it’s hard to shut down the whole nation!

  • Please don’t die please don’t die please don’t die.

  • Hw will be dead and forgotten soon enough

  • I remain skeptical about anything Tesla. He was a genius no doubt, but if you research the time, physics was just beginning to develop as a field. And as everyone knows, physics is very theoretical. That meant every physicist was simply out to prove their theory- even if wrong. Hard to say if any of what Tesla believed was true, but I know it wasnt all right. He thought radio couldnt go long distance. Wrong. He thought the earth and ionsphere would be a better medium than radio waves and copper. Yet to be proven right. Is it too hard to be open minded to the point of believing conspiracies exist but most things are just random or natural?

  • Vamos a ver si los gobiernos del mundo lo permiten. NO Ganancias.!!!

  • He’ll be killed before he starts the book.


  • yeah.. I don’t believe it. Legitimate scientist publish their works where they get peer reviewed. This is not even close to credible. This is an embarrassing post. Why am I following this ridiculous page?
    They post pie in the sky about Tesla’s mysterious magic, they published a meme implying that it is not seriously warped to watch a movie a hundred times… w
    What has any of this silliness have to do with free thought?

  • COOL, That is a book I would buy !!!!

  • Hero !!!!!

  • Unfortunately,our government will NEVER let this happen.

  • Why would you announce b4 it’s ready to go public? Do you not see the world today? John Nelson was being funny and so true.. never telegraph ur punches

  • So when does JP Morgan travel forward in time to whack this guy?

  • And he’s still alive? Go Jim!

  • Please keep this man safe.

  • He will die in a plane/car/train/boat accident before the book gets published.

  • Accident or suicide?

  • I just hope he doesn’t die of a “mysterious” heart attack or something.

  • This takes it a step further and eliminates motion http://www.cheniere.org/megstatus.htm

  • Jake

  • Fuck, I hope he lasts through new years.

  • I didn’t think they were secrets.. When Tesla was around even he said his inventions were just too advanced for his time. We just never implemented his ideas because everyone became uneducated..

  • Chuck

    • Before I get excited I’ll let him prove his theory by first powering his own home!

    • And the next question will be, who pays for the fuel to power it? Let me be clear…if it works, paying for it won’t be the problem, HOW it’s paid for and WHO pays it will be!

  • Robert

  • I already fear for his life. He probably will be dead before the book can be published and the manuscript will never be found.

  • You can switch to solar power panels to power your home but the government won’t let you they want to keep robbing you

  • They will kill him.

  • Tesla had a plan to supply the world with free electricity and that is what should be available to the public

  • Yea if he doesn’t get killed by the government first

  • Won’t be long till he has a fatal “accident”!

  • Adam Jordan

  • Just what the man himself wanted

  • Does anyone else smell bullshit? …cause I smell bullshit.

  • Very interesting guy to watch & see his experiments on the video.

  • I will believe it when I see it.

  • Ryan Harvey

  • They have one of the original Tesla coils in the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood. Saw it last week.

  • Nope

  • Misha Jafar

  • And then he was never seen again……

  • Nope. …he will just disappear from sight or have an unusual accident. ….

  • Agreed – no time for a book and people know anyways and nothing goes behind their eyes! Forget publishing – give it out to all on the net scatter it far and wide among 1000 people or so- what’s this go fund me shit. For decades he’s sat with this and now someone else tells us. When there are others doing the same. If it’s free – no one needs to find him and he has investors! Wtf?

  • Who is the free thought project? Another self propagating money accumulating group. Truth is there are wealthy people already who could make it all easy- but instead people they come up with this way for people who don’t have squat to give $5, $10, $50, $100 because someone like this free thought dot com writes some moving sales copy!linked to a nice blog page …wtf

  • Yes he would… until they send out someone to kill him

  • Plot twist: he is also nikola tesla

  • So does he have a.book out yet?

  • He will be die of natural or unusual circumstances very soon and his work will disappear.

  • He’s with Tesla now…

  • Awesome! Tesla is my hero.

  • Hurry up, Murray!

    FREE ENERGY IS REAL & it cannot be Stopped

  • The “Correcting Time” is near

  • I smell a staged suicide.

  • How long before this gets confiscated to “work out all the bugs” and then stored in a warehouse where we never hear about it again?

  • Can’t you already buy this at http://teslaspowermagnification.com
    but he has a Kickstarter for $15k to write it?

  • The public should have a way to offer protection for people like this so he stays safe.

    If we all believe he will be killed by our leaders for trying to help the planet, why the hell do we just watch and let it happen?

    No one is coming to save us and our leaders are working against us.

    What could we do??

  • be dead b4 its published

  • No a mysterious heart attack waits

  • Set the energy free.

  • Davon

  • First product to make is the wardenclyffe and then the people just have to buy or build a reciever to get power for there houses. Might as well show them some death rays like the Chinese have there’s could hit the sun. I should have a anti-gravity saucer once I get in and out of college.#BTS anything the general public knows about the world is way off from what it was and could be.

  • Agreed.

  • One thing you CAN guarantee is that the US already has all these types of machines built and already in service in their Black Ops somewhere

  • Hani Abdul Rehman Glenn J. Miller this is awsome lol

    If this would be leaked to the Internet then it would put the global war corporations out of businesses hahaha

  • Dead man walking

  • This is a scam Jim Murray is dead do your research before donating or believeing everything anyone posts–http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/toledoblade/obituary.aspx?n=james-murray&pid=175757508

  • $20 bucks says hes dead before the years end. The cause, an ‘apparent suicide’.

  • Adam Tock Brendon Gibson

  • I wonder how long he has before the corporate pigs try to smoke him?

  • Of course he is.

  • So he financed but can’t afford to write a book.

  • Debunked. Carry on

  • we dont need goldenage. what we need is nikola tesla age…

  • it’s hard to believe how fucking stupid everyone on here is for believing this is a real “technology” that the govt. is covering up……..but I’ll just let you go back to believing your retarded conspiracy theory. this garbage is comparable to Chemtrails.

  • if big money does not silence him.

  • Is this a joke….how many other brilliant people have come up with free energy devices over the years…not one ever going into the mainstream…what makes you think this will be any different.

  • Coolest Beans

  • I just watched master of lightning this morning!!!!!!! what is up????

  • Brett Blevins

  • I’d love to read it!!!

  • Goodbye jim !!! Im sure the gov will knock him off .

  • Hmm.

  • about effin time!

  • It’s bullshit. Canada prosecuted some of its banksters early and therefore had no real estate crash. Canada would pay billions for a non petrodollar energy solution today because banksters don’t run their country.

  • Oh better hurry or they will kill him…

  • ConEdison will have him killed . Profit must be made.

  • %5,000??

  • Adam Barnes Jason Lugton worth watching.

  • Ha! Silly. Tesla did develop great innovations for electrical generation and transmission. But this kind of speculation is nonsense, pure and simple.

  • Nothing , and nobody are free. The only place we can run joyfully, unhindered by fear , are across the fields of our Dreams.

  • He did t do it. If he did it would already be known.

  • Interesting !!

  • The comments from some are an example of the fluoridation, indoctrination and dumbing down program that is evident. The ignoramuses write things such as, it can’t be done, or it violates the “Laws” of this or that. Heck, there’s a written piece of ignorance down the page that some idiot wrote pertaining to Issac Newton’s stupid bullshit about every action having an equal or opposite reaction. If you beleive that shit, then you are an ignorant fuk. There’s a lot of ignorance and the inability for many to think for themselves, resulting in their failures. Never say never, or you never will accomplish jack shit.
    Now we who can think critically do know that the so called, “powers to be”, will not gladly accept such things as what ole Jim Murrey has shown, so until those psychopathic greedy bastards are no longer controling just about every aspect of our lives with their fraudulent fiat currency “money” and banking system, then it will be status quo and or business as usual, which we always end up receiving the short end of the stick.
    So y’all just keep beleiving all of that indoctrinating bullshit and telling yourselves it can’t be done or it isn’t happening, and you will end up just like those morons who faked that Moon Landing crap. They did not send a man to the Moon because that wasn’t their intention. I will not go into that, but if they really wanted to send a man to the Moon, then it woud require a craft that could generate it’s own electromagnetic sheilding such as that of this planet, and not just some aluminum can. If there were no electromagnetic sheild, there would be no life as we no it existing on this rock. A good start would be for them to comprehend Jim’s work and go from there. A far better propulsion system, other than that rocket fuel crap they like to take a chance blowing themselves up with, would definitely be a plus.
    The motors and generators Jim has constructed are not some miracle that goes against any Laws or theories. Keep beleiving all of those guesses, theories and telling yourselves it can’t be done, and you will remain ignorant, indoctinated and dumbed down to no end. That, is why you fail.

  • Most likely the next big accident to, unexpectedly died so some elite fucker can take the patent to make more money and keep everyone enslaved

  • Pamela Figueroa

  • Terrance Jackson

  • i would buy tha book

  • We need this. Godspeed

  • Please do, damn the stinking oil.

  • Why do u have to expose it too soon? Dont burn yourself we got rats working behind the scenes to make sure your project won’t come out or even worse steal your project… telas project.

  • Tesla’s secrets? What secrets were those? They’re not much of a secret if you’re telling us about them. “Magnifying power” is just the inane and impossible dream of perpetual motion isn’t it, or did you actually mean to say something else there?

  • Hope so..

  • Share it now on FB and we will share it globally

  • If Tesla shared his discoveries free, so can Jim. They’re not Jim’s secrets after all.

  • The pentagon will show interest and then he will fall off the back of a train carriage Drunk even though he probably doesn’t drink or travel by trains as did the man who created the water engine in the us a dune buggy that ran on water and recently a newzealand man who has gone into hiding cause the pentagon contacted him wanting his water powered bike technology

  • Protect him!!!…those how are closest to this man!!!

  • He better do it quick before big brother takes him out

  • Not anymore it’s on Facebook. Now he will be stopped by the powers that be lol

  • People are slowly waking up! But we need more minds on ourside! Every time you hit the ‘Like’ button, comment (even 2 words) and share this story you are helping us reach more people!

    • Revisionist history.

      Who controls the past, controls the future.
      Who controls the present, controls the past.
      ~~~~George Orwell (1984)

    • Tesla is nice and all, but maybe you guys should do more stuff on TH Moray

    • Even if the energy is free, who pays to maintain the grid and equipment? Only about 1/3 of your current electric bill is fuel cost, the other 2/3 is power plant/grid maintenance.

    • I would imagine that there is no plant or grid. At home free energy…. Just a guess.

    • Why do we need a power plant?

    • Because the banking families own the history books and courses.

    • Why do they put flouride in the drinking water for the masses when it has been proven to slow mind function?

    • There are several very good books written about Tesla, he was a man way ahead of his time. He was also screwed royally by Westinghouse because of his benevolent nature

    • Bob Blanchette are you dumb?

    • and look up Edward Insull as well. He played a role with Edison to cover up Tesla’s work.

    • So everybody has thier own solar/wind/storage? You can do that NOW but it ain’t cheap.

      Energy is cheap, it’s converting it into a usable form that’s expensive.

    • Scott Kelsch : I have news for you Scott. Since the passage of the unconstitutional “Federal” Reserve act and the subsequent, unconstitutional and not lawfully or fully ratified Sixteenth Amendment establishing the IRS; in all legal theory and practice YOU, and I and every living person in this country, (and really in the world), are the chattel property of the nation and / or state in which they reside. UWGB, Law 101: Law and the Individual. Think about it. It is the legal justification for enforcing laws upon the individual, (or as in the case of Slick Willie and Hillary, choosing to NOT enforce the laws broken.)

    • Velikovsky Too !

    • Wake up sheeple!

    • Who can we vote in to change this?

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  • And that’s why he didn’t get the credits.

  • They do, unless they live in an area where there’s no sun, wind, or water.

  • You still have to pay for all the products to use it.

  • What if I told you we could live in a world without money.


  • Amen

  • DC or AC

  • Also a great supporter of Eugenics, and wiping other countries off the planet.

    • Where is the Quote from?

    • To be fair, a lot of well known and admired historical figures have been supporters or eugenics. Prior to the Nazis getting into it, eugenics was legitimate and popular.

    • So when he says it’s good to eliminate undesirables, that’s cool because a lot of people said it.

    • I’m adding historical context to his statement.

    • lets keep the good things he said and invented

    • True Kyrios. And add to that he never invented a Free Energy machine, or a death ray capable of wiping out whole armies.

    • some of the greatest minds are psycopaths…. go figure

    • Well can a man be wrong about one thing and right about another? Plus, this is all personal opinion, a noble thing he wanted to do with electricity


    • The eugenically unfit have evolved to be as stealth breeders. Ask my 2 ex-wives…

    • Hopefully he was talking about politicians.

    • The unfit dont like this at all

    • the question is how much research was put into finding out WHEN , WHY and Who he said this about…Was it a matter of HIS OWN personal opinion, or was he merely making a statement about those that suppressed his technology for control purposes…because this is exactly their plan, not his….his work was not to depopulate or control, or too profit from…so i dont see this being his personal wants or opinions….but i do see it being his opinion of those that were against his work becoming public….

    • Yes Wade. You have presented a question. And that is all it is. Conjecture and suppostion. no actual proof of any of that horsecrap you just spewed.

    • Crazy. Didn’t know that. I just hope you’re not bringing this up to discredit his good ideas because he also believed in things you disagree with. Cuz that’s not cool.

    • I bring it up because the man has been mythologized, most of which it not true. Including the claims he could extract free energy from some mystical nether region.

    • Dan, no one is perfect….

    • What does that mean or have to do with idolizing a man who, had he not been around, the things he invented would have been invented by someone else?

  • I agreee.

  • The Banksters Vote NO!

  • John galt

  • Fantastic!!

  • That is why he died in a hotel room in NY.. Good people like him just aren’t needed by the ZIONIST BASTARD running this asylum.

  • Yes

  • Learn about how these technologies are kept secret and the implications of such


  • A natural resource’s cost shouldn’t include profit. Otherwise, it’s not a natural resource.

  • Thats funny I was just watching an Ole Thomas Edison movie……Old Old Movie made him look like a God…… tha greedy old bastard ….He ruined a good man in Tesla

  • The Great

  • absolutely…energy should be like air…

  • Watched a documentary of Tesla on Netflix. Always was a fan but now…mind blown ! This guy was SO FAR ahead of his time. Amazing !!

    • Do you recall the name of it?

    • Yes, it’s called Tesla : Master of Lightning

    • Right Jesse and they crammed Thomas Edison down our throats. in school

    • Yes, Keno. Possibly because Tesla was a Serbian immigrant rather than American like Edison. The world owes a huge debt of gratitude to Tesla for his amazing inventions, some of which will likely never see the light of day

  • That would.be grand

  • It is quite flabbergasting isn’t it? People pay out their asses for heat and lights while people are making billions off the people paying out their asses for heat and lights.

    • Yes those who pay out the ass for power don’t even know how many KWH they use in a month. Easier to just whine about how much their bill is.

  • Anthony Jacob Woolston

  • here bernie put this on the top of your free stuff list

  • I’m not agree with this, energy from renewable energy sources and cheap not free, there will be no transaction if it is free and economic will go down.
    It should be followed by regulation government officer will get doubled punishment than people if they did corruption and they could got fired anytime if majority voices of people voting for that.

    • Fuck make another government subsidy for it, oh wait those are for all the expensive power sources like oil or coal.

      I think power sources should be a part of infrastructure solar panels in the roads n’ shit. Paid by taxes.

    • Yes solar system is the best so far but without transaction government could not maintain your secure, economic development and so many things to take care off. They need fund but the problem is they can use the money whatever they like. They should request people approval to do so by voting. That what real democracy about, what we have today in so many Nation is a fake democracy or I called modern human slavery system or intellectual tyranny

  • Unless they were obese, mentally ill or disabled….according to him

  • THE UNIVERSE IS ENERGY ????????? @@@@@@@

  • Nikola actualy hade idea what and how when energy is free.
    Did someone think about that.

  • Had Tesla been Awarded protection against all evils this country would be light years ahead. But then again Big money would never allowed it. I’d like to be standing at the gates of hell to see who’s being dragged in

  • Nikola Tesla is my favorite person of all time! When he died the US government raided his hotel room he lived in and took everything. Now we have half ass things that could be awesome and bring the together. He was the best!

  • Who is going to pay for the machine that generates the power. Who will pay for the power lines that traverse thousands of miles from the source to your house. Who is going to pay the workers to maintain the infrastructure. ? Just take a little time and think about all thats needed to get that power to your house. Do you really believe it can be free?

    • Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, no need for greed or hunger…… It is greed that creates our reality in this world greed of the few elite, the 1% that will die trying to keep it that way. Greed. No one should have to pay for anything, money us a made up lie by those few to enslave the other 99%. Greed, possessions.

    • Yes it could be free we are all so manipulated into believing things have to be the way they are that we fail to see the possibilities of a completely different system.
      Think about this if we had free energy all other resource scarcities would be a thing of the past as we could recycle most resources instead of burying them and polluting the planet. Also resources such as water could also be recycled. Some form of reward /exchange could be worked out that doesn’t involve the money and greed based system we currently have.
      It is this system that has withheld many
      technologies that with some development could make free energy a reality.
      When you look at the current corporate system every product brought to market is foremost brought to market for a monetary profit not human well-being or happiness but for a profit of stuff that is actually worth nothing. If you need proof of this look at the medical industry.
      While Iam fairly confident most initial inventors of things do actually have a good intention but once the corporations get hold of it the motive is purely profit and that is were the problems start.

    • Lewis makes a good point. The equipment to harness/distribute the power costs money to install, maintain, and replace. There’s no free lunch…

    • It can be “free” (after purchasing and installing the necessary equipment, not including maintennance) if its solar panels or a wind turbine on your property.

  • #DrDavidBanner

  • Reminds me of Robert House.

  • Us primitive types just wasn’t ready thean

  • Every person should be provided free energy, water, food, housing, sewage, clothing, education, and internet. These are the commodities of our century

    • Who will pay for all this “free stuff”?

    • No one should because fuck the monetary system. We have resources to grant every one of those commodities for free

  • The sun moon stars and the earth belong to it’s inhabitants. Stop rationing it off like it belongs to you.

  • Nikola rulles, say no to fossil energy 4 the elite makes money over it. Hate is not in my nature but I’ll make an exception 4 them…….

  • Tesla, a king amongst men.

  • The energy itself is free. Harnessing and distributing it is what costs money.

  • Free energy is available, but you are not allowed to access it without paying fees.

  • love the message but the pic makes him look like frankensteins monster w/out the bolts in his neck

  • use ur brain energy is everywhere dont blame the government or companies with a little math radiohack and home depot the world is yours

  • absolutely. renewable energy though

  • Tesla was given technology to benefit mankind..the military took it to use it against the World as weapons.

  • Smarter than Edison

  • Would be awesome!

  • Tesla gave up his patent royalties for us. To make all of us prosper!

  • We shouldn’t need to have to pay with pieces of coloured paper to be able to live with each day with electricity ☹️

  • Its not oftern engrs or scientists get credit for creating Modern World> Thks Tesla

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  • Consequently, JP Morgan and three fellow masons were going to take the maiden voyage on Titanic. JP’s buddies opposed the Fed and would be worth 11 billion dollars today. But just before the ship took off, JP cancelled his trip. Did he know something his “buddies” didn’t? Well they perished in the cold water of the north Atlantic while good ole jp went on to serve the evil agenda and made a ton of money doing it. Not posing any theories, it’s just interesting to me

    • There is an interesting Theory that the Titanic Never sink it was the Carpathian that sunk.It supposedly was for the purposes of insurance. If you search around YouTube you can find A one hour film on the conspiracy theory

    • Or the titanic was sabotaged and explosion caused inability to navigate away from iceberg. More than one theory, I suppose. I have seen pictures showing both ships; they look a lot alike but with some small differences, like where the lettering is placed specifically. I admit I do not know much about it, but I find it quite odd that jp cancelled his trip and his 3 masonic buddies who opposed the Fed did not have the same “intuition” about that voyage as he did

    • And that term….”conspiracy theory”….George Bush tricked all you into using that.

    • 9/11, sandy hook, moon. . . now the titanic ?

    • Just noteworthy, is all. We all know what role JP had to play in all this and his connections to the ruling elite. And his 3 friends who were also Masons (Roman house, I believe) opposed the Fed, which has helped the elite control the most powerful military in the world and accomplish many evil deeds in the years since. But only JP backed out. Maybe he knew something, maybe it was just coincidence. But when coincidences collide with the elite getting away with murder or cheating death, I become immediately suspicious.

    • Zhuge, the CIA coined the term “Conspiracy theory” long before George Bush was around.

    • Sure but Bush saying it on 9-11 is what got everybody else saying it

  • Yeah was a damn shame what happened to Tesla and where’s all his papers ? The us govmt went to his pad right after he died and snatched all his stuff- think that’s correct anyway ?

    • Yep, the reason for teslas secrecy was fear of his work falling into the wrong hands… but said secrecy caused his work to fall straight into those wrong hands upon his death.

    • Ah I didn’t know he worried about his work falling into wrong hands ..

    • There’s a decent tesla documentary on Netflix, Joan.

    • Donald Trump’s uncle was one of the fortunate men who were called to recover Tesla’s stuff.

    • The goverment owns all Teslas patants

  • And if pigs could fly! lol

  • Two Words

  • When one realizes that our historical business “giants” really were not so very admirable at all; they only died rich after having taken so much. Tesla on the other hand died penniless after bringing and giving so much to the world. Some are takers while others are givers. One has to question just whom are we taught to “look up to”, to admire and emulate in a “profit driven”, greed based capitalistic society, and to what point does that bring us to in a finite world.

    • I don’t know about you..but I really feel cheated…once again humanity suffers for the greed of a few..

    • no one, there’s no one worth any praise, no one worth the respect they think they deserve, NO ONE that even consistently tells the truth…the world is full of rich losers and poor people that need to rise up and quit taking their shit.

    • As opposed to a greed-based socialistic society where neither private profit nor scientific advancements are possible? If Tesla did not place some importance on profit that was his personal ethics at work, but it’s not as if he is a victim of intellectual theft, that implies intellectual property are actual things – they aren’t. And this is coming from a fan of his work and vision, don’t take it out on capitalism, just call a spade a spade, it’s greed and cronyism that distorts history and props up false heroes.

    • Uh, thank-you Brent Waller, but I DO consistently tell the truth with the rare exception of dealing with someone whom I already know will lie to me to get what they want or twist my words to mean something completely different than what I said. You know, like a cop, or an opposing attorney.

  • Well he did blow up a bunch of stuff JP Morgan lent him. And wasn’t it the FBI that took most of his research?

  • well lets work on free internet O_o

  • Tesla designs and manufactures premium electric vehicles. Tesla currently produces the Model S sedan and the Model X SUV crossover. https://www.teslamotors.com/

  • Mercedes Bianca Barba

  • banished from history,till now.

  • Who hid your grammar primer?

  • if only you were born in NY nikola, then you would have trusted no body!

  • he was 100’s of years ahead of his time, back than. if he were alive today, , , he would still be 100’s of years ahead

  • His research is slowly reaching the masses.

  • ….hadn’t HIDDEN my research…

  • Ty Sigley

  • Alexander graham bell bribed the patent clerk with one hundred dollars to ‘lose’ the already applied for patent on a competitors phone

  • Wishful thinking 🙂

  • I think so

  • Fu*in asshole

  • and the end to endless wars

  • The future holds good things.

  • “Hidden,” not “hid.”

  • They Lied

  • even 2 words

  • Typical republican Tranny!!!

  • Bullshit!!! Tesla new what he was duing, he was not a hoax !!!

    • Thank God, there are some wise people left. Tesla, for example invented AC, fought heavily fought against by Edison’s DC. Tesla had experimented on power transfer over miles but it took lots of power, no way there was anyhing even close to 100%transfer-ratio. All this is only diminishing his efforts and gains, what a great man he was, a genius.

  • The same JP Morgan that owns, (along with other banking family’s) the Federal reserve? it is in there best interest to NOT have free energy. Other than a Libertarian, who is going to end the Fed?

  • Pyrimis found in Bosnia prove this beyond a doubt

  • No we wouldn’t. Name one thing of value that we get for free?

  • Tesla’s “free energy” is just a safer version of getting free energy by hooking jumper cables to a power line. Tesla found a way to transmit energy, not create it out of nothing.

  • Albert Einstein was once asked “What does it feel like to be the most intelligent man that ever lived?” Einstein replied, “I don’t know, you’d have to ask Nikola Tesla.”

  • Tesla was one of the finest minds of the 20th century and look what corporate Amerika did to him. Does anyone see the similarities in whats happening in the corporate/fiancial world today ?

  • He’ll be killed..

  • JP Morgan is a fat-nose beeeotch!

  • People like JP controlled by a dark being they don’t believe exists or do they??? Tesla an enlightened being sent to help!!! We always reject the right people and embrace the bad ones!!!

    • That, or the bad ones force themselves into an embracement. Something on the order of raping society.

  • If Tesla hadn’t screwed himself over by insisting J. P. Morgan have controlling shares in his endeavors. If Tesla hadn’t squandered his time and money. If he had bothered to take a project to completion, then we would be paying for power through Tesla’s corporation because he was in the business of inventing for a profit. Do some bloody research people!

    • What research? What of the facts? Have you read Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla? The book commissioned by his family? I understand that free energy is possible. I understand there are corporations that doesn’t want it to happen. I also understand that people are too busy imagining Tesla to be some sort of messiah figure. They are to busy living in the past that they don’t bother with solving present problems. So keep believing Tesla is more than a man. A genius, but a man. Keep ignoring all the countless articles, papers, first person accounts, and Tesla’s own journals, letters and patents. That’s okay. Just another zealot for a useless cause. Me. I’ll focus on what I can do and worry about truth over what ifs.

    • This book says otherwise.

    • As does this one.

    • http://www.amazon.com/Wizard-Nikola-Biography-Genius-Citadel/dp

      Description From Publishers Weekly
      Seifer’s vivid, revelatory, exhaustively researched biography rescues pioneer inventor Nikola Tesla from cult status and restores him to his rightful place as a principal architect of the modern age. Based largely on firsthand documents including Tesla’s writings, his patents and those of competitors, it credits the Croatian-born Serb, who moved to New York in 1884, with the invention of the induction motor, long-distance electrical power distribution, fluorescent and neon lights, the first true radio tube and remote control, besides making vital contributions to the technology underlying television, wireless communication, robotics, lasers, the facsimile machine and particle-beam weaponry anticipating the space-based “Star Wars” defensive shield. Though often depicted as a recluse, flamboyant nouveau-riche Tesla (1856-1943) lived in Manhattan’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel for two decades, and hobnobbed with architect Sanford White, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, conservationist John Muir, mogul John Jacob Astor III, Swami Vivekananda. Yet the electronic wizard, who competed fiercely with Marconi and with his one-time employer Edison, became swamped in debt, abandoned by a world he helped create, ending his days in seedy poverty, a bitter, anorexic eccentric obsessed with feeding pigeons and avoiding germs. Seifer, who teaches psychology at Community College of Rhode Island, attributes Tesla’s downfall partly to his megalomaniacal, neurotic, self-destructive tendencies, partly to a quagmire of litigation and also to his Faustian pact with his ambivalent benefactor, Wall Street financier J. Pierpont Morgan, to whom he relinquished control of several patents. Morgan, suggests Seifer, stymied Tesla’s visionary scheme for a global, wireless power-distribution system because, if realized, it would jeopardize electrical, lighting and telephone monopolies. Seifer provides the fullest account yet of Tesla as an entrepreneur, experimental physicist and inventor.

    • This book was commissioned by Teslas family.

    • Vince Long I don’t debt his genius. I am simply tired of all the hype behind him. All to blame for his failures being heaped on conspiracy. He was human. An amazing human, but human. A lot of his failures were his own. No one else’s.

  • didn’t he sell his research?

  • BOYCOTT MORGAN/Chase Bank…stop supporting your enslavement

  • Actually he himself had a lot to do with the scrapping of his work….

    • Yes, because he could see how our political system could and likely would pervert his discoveries for war applications with devastating results.

  • Tesla had no interest in Capitalism. All he wanted was to fulfill his dreams (literally) and give the world free energy. That made him an instant enemy to the government and private sector.

    • Then destroy the private sector and expel the current government Congress and Senate and restructure the political structure so that it prevents greedy people from entering politics or can at least can easily expose such types of personalities and be expelled from politics.

    • Greed and corruption need to go. The private sector can stay.

  • I have read interviews with his son about him and Morgan actually being friends look into it

  • Daniel

  • greed before need

  • Still cant figure out how all of the electricity would be free. Is some one going to build and pay people to maintain all that equipment out of the kindness of their hearts ?

    • It can be built and attached to the home or building, then it only needs minor maintenance, likely by an electrician. The societal problem with advances in technology, it changes society and puts some people out of work. Look for example to the Luddites during the industrial revolution. The invention of the railroads and automobiles put a LOT of horses out of work.

    • That’s the best reply I have had about this “Free” electricity, thanks

  • Tim Monahan

  • I love TheFreeThoughtProject, but this “free energy” thing is total bullshit.

  • GREED is the reason mankind destroys the earth and itself

  • Naya Markopoulou ο δικός σου!

  • the energy-revolution has got to come at some point.it’s happening in all western countries, the ‘midle class’ beeing taxed out of existance,at some point the public will reach critical mass & strike back.

  • Destroy JP Morgan and his banks and companies by all means necessary. Greedy animals they are not human.

  • He was right

  • People are slowly waking up! But we need more minds on ourside! Every time you hit the ‘Like’ button, comment (even 2 words) and share this story you are helping us reach more people!

  • HA

  • Not sure this is true since the goverment, not JP Morgan, owns all Tesla’s patants.

  • Sure, free, and unicorns too but you’ll have to pay for those of course!

  • Wireless electricity already exists. It’s called lightning and last time I checked it was very dangerous. I’m sure Tesla wasn’t the only great mind in this world, therefore I ask myself why hasn’t anyone followed his footsteps?

  • “Hidden.” The word you want is “hidden,” not “hid.”

  • powerful timeline change…what would the world be like now?

  • The Morgan’s, Rothchilds & Rockerfellers have a lot of blood on their hands let alone the environment..Power hungry Bastards..

  • Solar makes power bills obsolete. And power companies….

  • oh yeah? when?

  • Nonsense, just utter garbage nonsense. Tesla made a way to wirelessly transmit electricity not make “free energy”. It was blocked because there was no way to charge individual users for it.

  • What can I say ! ; but the intervention of big money/big oil to hound, destroy and discredit a man to his penniless grave , who’s life’s work was to develop and advance mankind through his inventive genius.

  • history books are propaganda.

  • Love u bro! Rip.. A real man..

  • Yes, and someone once invented a carburetor that would get 200 mpg on gasoline, but never mind because you can actually run your car on water! Invest your money today! (And never see it again.)

    Did you know that the Twin Towers were actually destroyed by Tesla “Free Energy” ray blasts from the Death Star, in orbit over the Earth? There’s a whole faction of 9/11 Trutherism (which seems to be popular here, too) dedicated to this. As a matter of fact, Morgan Reynolds is a true believer, and it seems that Paul Craig Roberts is leaning that way, too.

  • It’s sad that our government doesn’t really care about the private sector or making our world a better place, there have been numerous inventions that have vanished- tires that don’t pop or wear down, gas mileage in the 100’s, free energy, and so on. All out government cares about is making money and monopolies. Hell cancer has been cured but it’s illegal to cure it with vitamins in the United States and the guy who changed T cells will most likely vanish. Do you know how many companies and drug companies would be bankrupt and cease to exists.

  • I wanna see the tesla coil

  • No, he didn’t. No he isn’t. So silly.

  • He’ll probably turn up missing just like the holistic doctors

  • He better find a good place to hide.

  • Mitchel Houser

  • they will murder him first i have a bad feeling. nicola tesla was a great man if it wasnt for him proving how safe electrcity was our homes wouldnt have light

    • THEN WE MUST REVOLT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • So much negativity and feeling hopeless and weak. The elites are laughing at the lot of you for being pussies. The elites would say this about you We have no trouble controlling these people because they are all pussies. We haven’t and the have already prophesied what we are going what a bunch of losers. It serves them right to be slaves.

    • We haven’t planned anything yet and they already prophesied what we are going to do. What a bunch of losers. Serves them right to be slaves

  • Going to? Put it online now if you mean it before you “have a heart attack”

  • Pretty good

  • who is he? never heard of him.

  • That’s some serouse shit

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good way to sign your own death warrant

  • He’ll be shot.

  • He didnt figure out shit. A power source is required for his device to work.

    • Magnify power, not create it……….

    • Hence he didnt figure out teslas secret!

    • Forgive my ignorance on the subject but if you could magnify power, couldn’t you then somehow feed that excess power back into the system creating a self sustaining power source with the remaining excess energy?

    • Kenneth Deschamps Maybe that’s why you cannot “magnify power”. The idiots promoting this crap are putting words in Tesla’s mouth, and if Tesla were alive today, he would sue for defamation of character, for good cause.

    • I think you’re right Bruce. It seem like if you possessed this type of knowledge you would want to get into as many hands as possible, as fast as possible. Not talk about it for years only to sell a book about it. It’s sad that he’s preying on the hope of all humanity just to make a buck.

  • It’s about time some one stood up for the great man tesla was

    • People always have. Ask any scientist, entrepreneur, humanitarian, basically anyone who isn’t a politician says nothing but good things about him. One of the greatest minds ever.

    • Ya it was sad I watched a few shows on Tessa, I recently lived in Michigan and went to the Henry Ford Museum and in there they had more things than HF there was displays and huge machine about the history of electricity generation in the world and United States and it was almost sickening that Tessa was not even mention only Edison I guess its a Michigan thing I was rather disappointed in that and the arrogance of a historical museum because as you know Edison and Ford or michigananders its is great to see someone trying to reutileze Teslas work for the benefit of the human race as he orginally intended thankyou

    • Oops tesla was not mentioned

  • someone prolly hid your dictionary too

  • Better hurry up and publish it before something “unexplained” happens to him… :/

  • They’ll find a way to assassinate him. Just to make money. Poor Tesla.

  • Umm… The ‘%’ goes after the number. Like this — 5,000%

  • Riiiiiight…..

  • Great man and idealist

  • Darien Bryant

  • Don’t talk about it until after the book is in about 50,000 places and they can’t kill him and destroy all of his hard work.

  • If he lives long enough…

  • better hurry up or else he might end up dead

  • We could have been living in a better and free world


  • You go Jim. Long live Nikola!

  • What’s the bet this guy goes missing or ends up dead in mysterious circumstances! Watch this space…

  • Excellent!

  • If he stays alive long enough.

  • Is still alive?

    • Thank you

    • For Now!!!

    • Exactly what I thought!

    • Bummer!!!

    • For now? Stop that kind of thinking. We should be thankful that someone is cracking the secrets of Tesla and share it to the world. We should focus our thoughts and actions in helping him spread this new knowledge. We should also go after the elites instead of waiting for them to do whatever they want and you do nothing because you are a pussy. Stop being a pussy and fuck up the elites their time is over.

    • Tekaai Kaewaniti do you know who will be the one to off him? Who the elites are? If so, let us know… other than that, If you eat into the profits of big business, they’re not going to like it very much… they would rather see what happened to Tesla and many others happen to someone like he, than to let someone succeed in taking their cash cow away from them… don’t be so naive… they don’t care about us until we’re not buying into them anymore…

    • The Free Thought Project.com The internet had him killed???which key do you hit to make that happen?

    • Tekaai Im Far From A Pussy. As For My “For Now” Comment It Was Supposed to Be Taken As Semi Sarcastic But I Forgot To Add Emojis. (Lol Freaking Love Emojis) But Back To The Topic Only Way To Even Have A Chance Against The Elite Is To Have Money Or Resource’s Which Is Similar In A Manner. Obviously You Have Some Sort Of Passion For The DownFall Of The Elite So Its All Good In Regards To The Ugly Comment You Made!!! ?

    • The Free Thought Project.com “So the internet had him killed”? An inanimate object? Contracted with a human to kill Jim Murray? How does that work?

    • Tekaai Kaewaniti , I think what Jacob was saying thats its a wonder someone hasnt done this bloke in . Not wishing him any harm . Corporations will not want this guys work made public.

  • Goodbye Jim

  • Why aren’t we seeing practical results?

    • Because this whole article is sheer nonsense. Yes, there was a genius named Tesla. He’s been dead a long time, and he never said most of the stuff these crackpots are saying he said.

  • He gon get shot

  • Buy his book suckers.

  • Bravo

  • Just this simple announcement makes me fear for his life, because the electrical energy “producing” mega companies won’t be put out of business without trying to stop anyone who could do so. Just as they done before in the last decades.

  • Some of us know, energy is a gross manipulation by government beaurecratic with triple digit incomes manipulating the American public. These Fucking assholes, the beaurecratic legion of society who would not know how to cook a hamburger, our elected officials running our country.

  • Hope he knows of the Bolivian pryamids , he could use them to futher his research.

  • Ioan Cristian

  • Jahangir Safari

  • he’ll be dead soon and no one would know how he died

  • If he doesn’t have an “accident”

  • Aaaaand he’s mysteriously died

  • She kis a girl and she bite it,I know now that everyone is a whore….Katty perry .

  • She kiss a girl and they bite it**

  • Huh. I’m surprised he is still alive.

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  • Vagina is more horny than any penis in the world hahaha…

  • I will buy this book as soon as it’s out

  • Big Bully ,JP MorganTesla was a humanitarian genius

  • Enough with the books, let’s get the Free Energy Towers up and running!!!.. Russia has them!

  • Groovy!

  • Good Luck. They will bury you like Tesla.

  • I enjoy your posts!

  • what is the name of this book?

  • Until it puts free energy into my home it’s just another meme. Rather than wait around for some savior to bring me free energy I plan to see if I cant build something myself using Nitonol. Good article including the paper from the conference on this technology that was held in the 70’s can be found here: https://www.endalldisease.com/free-energy-nitinol-heat-engine-invented-1970s-suppressed-oil-companies/ edit: I’d also like to add that the paper contains the design for several prototypes developed for the conference and should not be too difficult to replicate.

  • No such thing as free energy. Mass and energy are interconvertavle (E=mc2)

    C…….speed of light

    There are no free lunches……somethings gotta give

  • Stop. No one wants books. Make a product and sell it.

    Consult for existing engineering firms and boost their efficiency by whatever percent.

  • Carlos Sorondo

  • Feed back…. just like a microphone and amplifier gets louder and louder when you point the mic at the amp until it screams , the coil energizes faster and faster..

    • Faster and faster? You obviously know nothing of audio electronics and dynamic speakers. The speakers in a feedback system move farther and farther, not faster. Faster would involve a change in perceived frequency. Now, you may also perceive such a change but that is due to someone moving the mic in such a way as to affect the resonances. The total power in is still way more than the power out. Study up! rdn.harmanpro.com/product_documents/documents/791_1324418808/AFS_Whitepaper_original.pdf

    • I meant the tesla coil feeds back so as to have a rise in voltage and current (power), the speaker feedback was just a poor metaphor I used…

    • …but me and my friends play guitar and we build tube amplifiers… 😀

  • That is the history they don’t tell us Anout

  • He will be dead before the books gets published, and the book and drafts will mysteriously disappear.

  • Hopefully he doesn’t commit “suicide” or have a “heart attack”

  • KayKay Wigfall

  • but can we get free power too???

  • Be careful remember what they did to tesla

  • He better fucking hurry before they snuff him out…

  • Then he better go in hiding , God bless you Jim. ❤️

  • What’s the book called?

  • Wait wait wait, why do we think this is true? What did I miss?

  • People like these guys should be hidden from the face of the system

  • Great video. Most of it was beyond my comprehension, but if he could produce these generators for the public, that would be fantastic!

  • Have they killed him yet

  • If this is true, why isn’t Anyone building these power magnifiers??

  • Hope he lives to get it published!

  • RIP Jim Murray

  • So I’m not crazy? phew!

  • I tell you what- if he vanishes or dies soon and it never gets published or put in place then you know the bug government is behind it and dirty. Otherwise they would help to better the American way.

  • Scot Barbour

  • He wants to make money selling his secrets , and Tesla wanted it free to people …

  • This is total BS, and shame on FreeThoughtProject for promoting it.

  • Brian Andrew Force

  • offer you a sony video camera if you are interested in putting these “secrets” out OPEN SOURCE. – – You complain it’s so expensive to hire an editor? Well, put it out in a series of interactive website lectures. Or just stick with the greed-based Capitalist mode. At your age writing two volumes, sixty chapters?? Sorry Charlie, face it – – you don’t have the time to even spell-check it, much less Write it out. I LOVE PARADOXES – – FREE ENERGY, BUT YOU GOTTA GIVE ME A BUNCH OF MONEY???


  • Worried about his safety too.

  • Joey Kolanek

  • he’s amazing .

  • he will dye before that

  • Let’s hope he lives to do it

  • He should’ve kept his identity quiet. Now the feds are gonna kill him.

  • I predict an early demise for this man.

  • High School Physics, you cannot magnify power.

  • better go into hiding, cause this isn’t gonna happen !

  • Hope they do not kill before it published

  • I hope it’s true, and not another person that’s full of shit.

  • He’ll be dead of “natural causes” by the time you’re done reading this.

  • Carl Reed

  • Alfonso

  • No we wouldn’t. Even water isn’t free, so you can bet that someone other would have monopolized electricity until today.

  • hope he keeps safe.

  • Dat is nog altijd beste Men op arde ….

  • And it’s probably all because he was gay.

  • I wonder when he’s going to mysteriously “die by accident.”


  • The only way to magnify power is to reduce the amount of time in which a unit of energy is delivered.

    Otherwise, this post is either poorly worded or physically impossible.

    Tesla was (admirably) ahead of his time but he was not above physical law.

  • no wonder corporate-owned media isnt headlining this,this is huge. but that makes it all the more frustrating to realize just how big a mountain of knowledge we are beeing denied acces to :c

  • The

  • His machine really works. Check it out on youtube.

    • You believe what you saw, illusions and all, because it would be so nice if it were true. That doesn’t make it true. Sorry. I wish it did.

    • I am a electronic engineer and it makes perfect sense to use the collapsing field in a motor To power the next cycle.its only his way of switching that i do not understand. He does not create energy just make the motor much more efficient.

  • Can’t wait to get or buy the book please anyone knows how to buy that book?

  • OK…..simple logic here….one man could put the capitalist oil, gas, coal, and electricity business giants of the world out of business…..and so…..!? No wonder!!! The guy in England who almost did this by pioneering water-gas (by combusting the 2 hydrogen atoms in water) was savagely raked over the coals (no puns intended!). The guy who used the same techniques in the early 80’s to have a car run on water, and demonstrate a fully functional water fueled blow-torch, and wanted everyone to know water was a viaable energy source, had his research bought by the U.S. government, who subsequently buried it….or certainly never gave it back out to the U.S. public!!! The Japanese guy who is currently showing his amazing video on Youtube about his home recycling kit for plastic, that revert plastics back into usable oil, petroleum, and gas for home fuel, can’t get a distributor anywhere.

  • Ironically Telsa died a pauper.

  • No you would not have free energy you morons. Please take some time to actually read the history. He was working on a way of distributing energy which was very inefficient and would have killed millions with radiation.

  • Bollcoks

  • Well we waitin mutha fucka

  • well,lets see how long “they” let him live

  • Please Feynman, come back!

  • wanna bet he is going to disapier 😉

  • This sucks! This person is out to make money on telling you a “secret”. He’s not even selling a product! This is sooo against what Tesla wanted he would hate this idea! He spent 1/2 of his life trying to accomplish free energy for the world not $47 for my idea and you can build it yourself. If they truly know the “secret”, hiding it will only hide it from everyone. They have a tool at their disposal that Tesla didn’t…. the Internet! Either make a machine and sell it (become a manufacturer), or make it free for everyone. Otherwise…. your just an asshole!

  • Until goverment Takes his life 😀 😀 😀 … will give some american freedom for, just like tesla..

  • Ty

  • he will be dead or in jail before he can publish the book

  • 2.5k of worthless likes and 903 shares reaching out to 100’s if not 1000’s more… yet that same as when Tesla offered the World on a plate only a handful actually take notice or really care.

    Your likes are as valuable as your opinions.

    • The likes have almost doubled to 4,588, the shares have tripled to 2,190 yet the actual assistance has gone up by 3 people and $55.

      Facebook at it’s best. 😀

      Seriously, if I had the money I’d give this guy the whole $15k myself. Good luck Mr Murray.

  • this is old. we tried looking up this guy and found nothing. I questioning credibility.

  • Kyle Hoovler

  • If this is true, he should publish and distribute before any announcements; his life will be in danger!

  • Tesla is not the only one that this happened to! Think about that! The government was always able to do whatever they wanted in a quiet way! Nobody ever questioned them because they were the almighty power. Now with Internet and all the updated communications people see more! But they still don’t see it all. There are a lot of crooks in power! These crooks will do whatever it takes to fill up their pockets!

  • No he’s not, he’s going to commit suicide.

  • News Flash, Jim Murray has been found dead. Apparently suicide.

  • LOL what he’s proposing violates the laws of thermodynamics. You can’t create energy with out doing some kind of work and there is always some loss when you use that energy. I wouldn’t buy the book. Thogh maybe Bernie Sanders would

    • lol the kind of intelligent cooment I would expect from someone who would belive in this hoax

  • Why was and is Tesla not in any book in our schools? I never read about him until I graduated HS.

  • Yet you can’t make a meme with out typos in it. Smh.

  • Thermodynamics people energy can’t be created from nothing. Barnum was right

  • Don’t forget Leonardo DaVinnci.

  • You gonna die, you gonna die!

  • The Bildeburghs as well. At one time the Rockefellers were a dominant force in banking. Banks own everything including the unborn children.

  • Timothy Johnson

  • On the other side of the coin, I don’t bash banks or capitalism. It’s a good system, unfortunately in every system there are bad players that should be weeded out and learn to cook hamburgers at McDonald’s.

  • Ramsey Shehadeh

  • Enrique Vargas

  • Energy will never be free. It costs money for labor, materials, and land to place energy converters.

  • We honor another in his place , because the money always has won.

  • The murica of today uses books for toilet paper as they stare and CNN and blame the white male for existing and damn him as they buy Chinese goods with borrowed Chinese funds……

  • Guy’s trying to profit off people. Nikola Tesla was trying to let all have wireless power. We’ll see what comes of it.

  • right on for the murray clan

  • Matthew Boyle

  • i hope he has copys of his research locked away in a vault some were safe ,as he could have an accident.

  • and he is still alive?

  • So why did you let them?? Money???

  • he’s a dead man

  • Good info

  • 🙂

  • Not really though, he is still prototyping.

  • Because it would be so wrong to give the information free to the world as Tesla actually wanted.

  • I could only imagine if Tesla was the successor instead of edison the world would have free energy. The term free however is not appealing to some. 🙁

  • The future is now ,,,

  • I smell an assassination plot coming.

  • 528hz ♡ happiness is our natural state of being…love is what we r…find something to love and play more…

  • what a load of :poop:

  • RIP Jim

  • Brilliant Man….Terribly Suppressed….

  • You go, boy!!

  • I sure hope he isn’t given a “heart attack” or “accident.”

  • Candace Heimdal

  • lol, didn’t he hear about PDF ????
    Just another greedy man, who will die probably for that…

  • Samuel Tucker

  • We need all to know of Tesla’s genius.

  • Fuck the MIC.


  • Proofreading is a real thing!

  • Let us hope he doesn’t get suicided

  • Absolutely amazing!

  • Ernie Rapoza

  • Would certainly be nice…

  • It’s what tesla would have wanted

  • Tesla took radio waves which are harmless and converted them into electricity.

  • Thank You

  • Jason Hansen

  • I know nothing about physics or Tesla Or this guy….and yet I feel comfortable betting 1000 dollars that this guy is full shit.
    Total confidence I would win that bet.

  • Darryl Martin

  • Carlos F. Vasquez

  • Clive

  • i wanna read that book.

  • awesome…love Tesla

  • ‘Hope Jim stays safe.

  • So how much will that book cost?

  • A chap by the name of John Hutchenson has been replicating Tesla’s work for many years. His work proves the technology used on 9-11, with all its anomalies, was a Directed Energy Weapon, Which was Tesla’s biggest fear would become of his research. Check out his site, as well as Dr Judy Wood’s. He filed an affidavit to the supreme court in Dr Wood’s case against the fraudulent NIST contractors.

  • Tesla was amazing!!

  • The question here is not where, but when ?

  • I learned when I was 12 years old that there is no free lunch when it comes to producing power, Apparently it takes some people a lot longer to learn this fact.

  • If this is true, it should be a priority to keep rhis man and his work alive before “they” get to him and silence him like the soo many others before him.

  • Wondder how long before they have him kill……Accidentally Die.

  • What makes you think the bastards that squelched this technology and kept it from the people AREN’T using for their own black projects??

  • I hope he gets past the Cabal.


  • CABAL at work

  • Because the Cabal are in control but not for long, Humanity is waking up Yeah ha

  • they will find him in his car in a single vehicle accident…..

  • Ashley White

  • uhm ok but shouldn’t we shut the fuck up until the book is out? The more attention we bring to this man the more we put his life & our chances of reading this book at risk.

  • Franchesca Sandoval for a little more info on Jp Morgan ? Lol

  • If (and this is a big IF) he lives long enough to complete it !!!

  • SCAM!!!!
    Why collecting money for a book?
    If you can share it trough torrent network and Pirate Bay Publishing?

  • Yeah sure….. 😉

  • And if you buy his book that’s been out for a few years you too can waste your money.

  • Anyone else smell an upcoming assassination?

  • people like jim murry are a threat to the elites if he used teslas ideas for the benefits of human kind its a threat to the elites but if the elites could use that technology for evil he would be a hero but people like him are a threat to them people need to wake up money is the root of all evil this world is rife with natural abilitys for free energy for all and it would not harm the inviroment one bit

  • Werid 0s

  • Bout damn time!

  • Edison was jealous of Tesla’s genius.

  • i would love to read the book

  • some have! check out: KFSSI Blueprint Teaching

    KFSSI Blueprint Teaching
    Monday, October 26th, 2015 at 4:00 AM CDT on KFSSI Workshops
    MAGRAV SYSTEM: FREE ENERGY IN EXCHANGE FOR WORLD PEACE KFSSI Blueprint Teaching: From Monday Oct 26 2015, the Keshe Foundation teaching about the understanding and application of the Magrav technology is live and open to the public. EVERYBODY IS WELCOME ONLINE Also at Zoom Meeting when live: https://spaceshipinstitute.zoom.us/j/939474503 http://www.keshefoundation.org, http://www.spaceshipinstitute.org

  • Murry Bats again !

    the ball’s in our court.

  • qualcuno me la offre su un piano da non adepti come me?

  • Justin Cooper

  • ron gause

    Mr. Murray, your research is sounds very interesting and important. Don’t let your life’s work end up in government only hands like Tesla’s should you have an untimely demise. Have contingencies in place to pass it on for the advancement of man. Just a suggestion as governments and corporate entities are not to be trusted.

  • Carlos Barrera

    *State of the Art, Novel Technology, Featured Project Development / Space, Satellite and Habitat, Power-Plant, Generator, Self-Feed Unit; H2O=>HHO=>H2O=>HHO=>Etc… *4 Systems All in One Unit, One By One, Plus Four-4 Projects added One to Other; *·1-Gearturbine, ·2-Imploturbocompressor, ·3-Dynamic Generator, ·4-Electrolysis System:

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    ·2-Imploturbocompressor one MovingPart System Excellence Design and One Compression Step to, Similar to Hurricane Satellite view Same implo inflow way from Macro to Micro

    *Note;Plus-this-Two Projects to complete all the System Work/Self-Feed Unit Space Power-Plant-H2O=>HHO.
    ·3-Dynamic Generator/New Kind.
    ·4-Electrolysis System/BioDesign.

  • Nick

    I know this guy died, but what happened to SERPS? Will this ever reach the public?!

    • Jim is still alive. Let’s at least get that part right…

    • DO-NOT-MESS_with_USa

      UMMmm Nick:
      Just about every week “A” Jim Murray passes away,… nuff said.

  • Blair Devlin

    Obama (Illuminati puppet front) declared that no new energy technology will be suppressed (after the Motu Propri issued by The Pope).
    Whilst I am taking that statement with a HUGE grain of salt, you just need to look at the increase of new energy tech videos available.
    I’ve been looking into Tesla’s work for nearly 15 years, and have gotten further in the last 3 years than the entire 12 prior….

    • The Thinker

      I believe Tesla’s work and theories are just like Einsteins…. unprovable.

  • Joe Byrne

    You had me up to the point of spouting off on the ‘global warming’ crap. Taints the credibility of the rest of the article.

    • Chris

      I think you’re missing the point a bit. He said that lawmakers pay lip service to Global Warming, he didn’t say Global Warming was even real. Then he listed things that are indeed real, like the mountain top strip mining, and hydraulic fracturing, which do pollute. I think the point is: this tech is environmentally friendly, and the politicians who pretend to be green are hypocrites.

      • The Thinker

        if you say someone is paying “lip service”, the underlying intent is to say you believe it, but they don’t

        as for THIS technology, until someone actually makes one (Other than Murray), it will still be considered a scam

        • Chris

          I can’t remember the exact context of my statement, but I disagree with your definition. Look up the definition of ‘lip service’ if you want https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/lip%20service. I guess I was saying that they espouse the global warming rhetoric disingenuously. I think that that is a fair statement due to the overall intellectual dishonesty of many of it’s loudest proponents. If Al Gore, for instance, was right about global warming, the east coast would be under water by now.

  • me9999maw

    If this is true he better hire body guards or he may have a “Single Car accident” or “Commit Suicide” wink wink.

  • Hal Gailey

    Sounds like the reactionless ac generator


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  • Jgorish

    Why does he need a Go Fund Me account to publish a book? For about $100 he could self-publish through Lulu.com or similar sites that have come up since, including an ISBN number and distribution through Amazon and similar sites.

  • epic pants

    don’t need to write a book, just put the schematics and everything up on youtube and share it out to the world. type it up and make the pdf available on any number of free websites.

  • Is it really necessary to have three ED-related ads on one page?

  • DO-NOT-MESS_with_USa

    EVERY TIME I see a lab that’s full of ‘X’ and someone prodding for more money, it’s a red flag that ‘X’ don’t work and they need to recoup there losses.
    “IF” ‘X’ was viable, either gov would have taken it or it be on the market long ago.
    Come-on, 50 years (1966 to 2016) is rather long time to be playing and not producing.

  • DO-NOT-MESS_with_USa

    Way back in the late 1970’s high school science, we learned of an elliptical electric motor. Also (just a side note) the Stirling engine. Back then what intrigued me was why it only had one ellipse, why not 2? It forms an “X”, it’s also self balancing.
    Secondly, (I never tested) can there be alternating DC current? … ANYONE?

  • Umberto Fonte

    I’ve taken the liberty to forward this information on to the Trump Team. It’s time to get over the fear and allow this information to get the backing of we the people.

  • The Thinker

    when you choose to release a book, that explains nothing, has a bunch of bafflespeak in it, and makes it impossible for anyone to recreate this project, you realize that there are charlatans everywhere.

    if this power was doable, you can bet others would have been successful in recreating it.

    to date, NO ONE has accomplished this, and Mr. Murray’s demonstrations appear to have been rigged.

    I await for someone else to step forward with a working alternator that does what Murray says it will do, and disassemble it, reassemble it, and PROVE its output under lab conditions

    otherwise this is just more snake oil