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DA Failed to Prosecute Cops in Death of Eric Garner But Not Failing to Prosecute Man Who Filmed It


New York City, New York  – 22-year-old Ramsey Orta, the young man who filmed the NYPD killing Eric Garner, was arrested shortly after on trumped up charges and held in jail until a grassroots effort was able to raise his bail money. His imprisonment became national news when it came to light that food in the prison was tainted with rat poison, and Orta was refusing to eat as a result.

For the past two months, Orta was free, but today he is due back in court to face the charges against him. Orta was constantly harassed by police after filming the death of Eric Garner, and was eventually arrested after an encounter with police where he was accused of possessing a handgun. The police then piled more charges on him relating to alleged drug deals that took place in the past, however, Orta was never found in possession of any drugs.

Orta’s family recently released a statement that said:

22 year old Ramsey Orta suffered a life time of abuse by police. It was quite normal to have friends and associates who suffered the same. The abuse led to arrests for which many had “plea bargained” in order to be released from prison. The only other option, is to plead innocent and remain in prison for a crime you did not commit – until a trial had been scheduled. This trial could be any where from 2 to 3 years before being scheduled! That’s 2 to 3 years in prison for a crime you did not commit! And being young and unable to grasp the consequences of “a plea bargain” many plead guilty instead.

So Ramsey Orta has a record, and that record will be used in court to justify the accusations currently waged against him. They will point to what he has been accused of in the past – to justify the accusations being made today. Ramsey’s next court appearance will be on May 28th at 9AM in a Staten Island court room. He will be prosecuted by the very same District Attorney’s office, who refused to prosecute those who murdered Eric Garner. Ramsey, who has come to “world wide attention” because he filmed the murder – is now being prosecuted by that same District attorney’s office!

Niether the public nor the family has any confidence a fair trial will be given. And a demand for “a change of venue” removing the case out of the jurisdiction of the Staten Island District Attorney has been made by the family’s new attorney. The results of which remain to be seen. On May 28th Ramsey Orta will appear in court after finally being released from prison. Bail in the amount of $16,250 was donated by the public in order to secure his release. This is the second time the public has “risen” to the occasion. Ramsey was first arrested after the murder of Eric Garner had been deemed “a homicide” and bail in the amount of $75,000 was demanded for his release.

He was released and appeared in court as scheduled to answer the charge of “weapons possession”. The prosecution was unable to produce any fingerprints belonging to Ramsey and requested more time to get DNA evidence. Time was granted and they were unable to produce DNA belonging to Ramsey. His court appointed attorney at the time suggested he submit his own. Ramsey agreed, in an attempt to prove his innocence but the prosecution could not say of a certainty the DNA on the weapon in question matched Ramsey’s. With “no prints” and “no DNA” positively matching, one would expect the charge against him should of been dropped. But instead his home was “raided” and he, his mother, and several others in the area were all arrested. They were accused of “possession and distribution of an illegal substance”.

The mother was released shortly after being arrested and bail has just been obtained for the release of Ramsey. He is expected in court on May 28th to answer the charge against him and the request for a “change of venue” is also hoped to be received and granted. You are asked to come out in support. You are asked to recognize what is being done to Ramsey cannot be accepted or tolerated. It is police who murder who ought to be arrested and charged – not those who film them! And you asked to “come out and say so” loud and proud.

‎Lisa Mercado, Orta’s Aunt, said that she hopes to see a big crowd out front of the courthouse this morning.

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“I’m Feeling overwhelmed that tomorrow is my nephew’s court date. I’m so nervous, so lost in my thoughts. We are hoping to see a big crowd to show NYPD that we standing together,” she said.

The trial is set to begin at 9:00 at Richmond County Supreme Court, located at 18 Richmond Terrace, New York, New York 10301. A Facebook event page has been set up for the planned protest.

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work he organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” at bookpatch.com.

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    • Leanne Williams Toner stop thinking they are here to help

    • And, if you have a public defender…he works for the same organization.

    • And they are all paid for by the same people, the jails that house the inmates and make money off of them

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  • That basically sums it up! Cops and judges don’t like it when the system works against the system. The system was put in place to work against the people, and not the other way around.

  • Just another example of why most have no respect for cops and the justice system.

  • Crazy world !

  • This is so sad!!!!!!

  • Now ain’t that some bullshit!!

  • ^leave a dog in a vehicle get 1k fine, up to 10 years animal cruelty, unless you are a leo, then you get a paid vacation during lengthy investigation, free union law team, probably acquital, if charged at all

  • Alright. Now I’m sure of it. They want a revolution so they can declare Marshall Law. I didn’t think I was a conspiracy theorist. I guess I am.

  • We need to fix this and start prosecuting the real criminals not the reporters who are risking themselves to make it a safer world for us all.

  • do t stop filming..recording……for the record…

  • Shame

  • Big Brother is alive and well.

  • Ramsey Orta is a hero who risked his life to film NYPD murdering Eric Garner. Because of Ramsey Orta’s bravery, the whole world knows that NYPD are LIARS. RAMSEY ORTA IS A HERO.

    • and he is going to be punished for it.. welcome to the system.. -.- this is bullshit.. !

  • New York is nothing but a fascist dump, that guy needs to take them to the supreme court and sue them into oblivion.

  • This is the face of the establishment that rules over us and harvests our labor and wealth. We must follow laws that they write, while they usually are accountable and live high on our labors.

  • disturbing on so many levels the police should be recorded .

  • trumped up charges sounds like the police MO these days

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  • This is what a police state looks like.

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  • “The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.” Frank Zappa

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  • Crooked cops and judges need to be exposed for who they are on Social Media. They’ll think twice before deciding to hurt someone innocent.

  • Fuck that!

  • I’d love to be able to put this down to being an unbelievable load of crap but unfortunately it’s happening everywhere. I always hoped for a peaceful resolution but once something like this happened to me I realised just how hard it is to stay peaceful when you’re being railroaded by such annals that have no regard for you, your physical or your mental wellbeing.

  • It’s not backwards. It is a LEGAL system of contracts and commerce where men, women and their sons and daughters are PRESUMED to be only PERSONS or LEGAL FICTIONS that exist on paper, and are PRESUMED to be subject to the STATUTES, CODES, RULES and ORDINANCES of the corporation which is exerecising an ASSUMED JURISDICTION, and the “courts” that are owned and operated by those corporations are Maritime Admiralty courts of LEGAL contracts and commerce, are not Constitutional or Common Law courts, and do not recognize the God given Rights of all men, women and their sons and daughters, or the unalienable Rights guaranteed to the People by the original Constitution for the united States. Those courts consist of Administrators, prosecutors and attorneys who are employees of the corporation which owns the court, as are the employees operating under color of law, such as police. It’s all one big happy family of corporate parasitic usurping criminals running a grand racketeering enterprise and funded by the very same People, PRESUMED to be PERSONS, who pay PROPERTY taxes and other corporate taxes and ignorantly keep the scheme going and therefore allowing their Rights to be violated on a daily basis. How’s that for some real truth ? Can your minds handle that ? How many even comprehend it ? Crazy times we live in ? Ignorant times might be more fitting.

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  • judges from other countrys should give a comment

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  • Another bogus post from Tthe Free Thought Project Orta was indicted by a Grand Jury. Equally important, the “rat poison” issue was investigated and it was determined that there was NONE in his food.

    • But there was rat poison in some of the food. Lab tests confirmed that. He stopped eating after this happened. He never said he ate it.

    • Methinks you have too much faith in a grand jury system. The outcome is whatever the DA wants.

  • Eric Garner died of a heart attack. His death, never the less, was unnecessary.

    • The coroner ruled that cause of death was trauma to the head and neck. Without that his heart would have been fine

    • Wasn’t that the young Freddie Grey?

    • Thanks, that sounded right when you said it so I re read. What it did say was that Garners death was a homicide caused by compressions to the neck and compressions to his chest while in a prone position. His health issues were a secondary factor, they were not primary cause of death.

    • Mr. Gardner was killed. As was Mr. Gray. Simple.

    • No Freddy Gray got his spine broken by the police then thrown in the back of a van.

    • Im down with the law. But when the officers think they are above the law I’m done with them. We all have adrenaline and dont know our strength at times. But when you get a gang of power hungry assholes on you aggressively aggravating the situation a crime is very likely to be committed with the po po on the wrong side of the law. Our system of justice has been broken since thr inception of america.

  • he had a handgun well excuse me the bill of rights allows you to own a firearm maybe you forgot to mention wheather it was registeredor not.

  • Crazy times? The people are asleep and the elites are sacking the country and our rights as citizens. This will not stop until we pound back in numbers.

  • The people within this community should have never allowed this man to be in court..period.

  • They are trying to send a message……..if you try to hold us accountable by filming we will find ways to ruin your life!!!

  • This poor young man.. our justice system is not just at all.. you are guilty until proven innocent and with crooked cops and prosecutors and judges everyone is a target.. when will we ALL stand up to these real criminals..

  • A good lawyer will have a feild day with this

  • harassment

  • hummm. This sounds familiar. Can’t confirm his prints or dna on something. Did we ask for the cops prints and DNA? Perhaps those match what was on the weapon.

  • What can they really say or do he had a job to do as citizen of the united states of america.an he has rights so I don’t see where he broke the law.please help me to see.cause right now I just can’t……frfr

  • U people really believe he was arrested for the video how about the warrant he had out for is arrested but took off after he video the man breaking the law and did not put his hands behind his back like the cops told him too

  • Ralph

  • We’re not killing enough cops. Step it up people!!!

  • Is this for real? If it is that is grounds to start a revolution.

  • Typical of the bullies there are. More like a jester system than a justice system.

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  • This site is a hate site. I dare any one of the followers to profess themselves a Christian.

    • Criticizing authoritative overstep is hatred?

    • No, but a constant barrage against the law is kind of over the top.

    • Tell that shit to the people who have been dying at the hands of police… GTFOH!!!!

    • Look at all the lives they save compared to all the ones killed by those other than the police. Wake up and quit putting the blame on the protectors before there won’t be any one there for you when you need them

    • Shawn Sholtes: you ignorant sumbitch…I want to hear what you say when someone close to you gets murderedby a cop. Like a typically hypocritical member of ther tealiban /republican junta you will be crying “murder” because nothing is bad to you jerks until it happens to you.

    • Come to me and say that to my face. You will be the one calling the cops to save you. Just like a lib/democrat, has to resort to name calling to make yourselves look right and feel important while in reality it shows your true colors, talk about lame!!

    • Your true colors are showing as well, Shawn. And they aren’t pretty. There’s nothing wrong with criticizing public servants when they make a mistake that may cost an innocent or unarmed person their life or freedom. If any of you think Republicans or Democrats are going to do anything about police accountability then you’re mistaken. Also, I don’t see what Christianity has to do with the article or page, considering freedom of religion.

  • Burn it up tear it down for RAMSEY! No justice no peace!

  • The Eric Garner video surfaced and immediately the witness has a gun charge that’s the beginning of OUR legal quagmire. The legal system has no regard for individuals who do step out to report the truth. Allowing intimidation, persecution and menacing of innocent citizens, the legal system has work to do, LOTS OF WORK TO DO.

  • They have made so many shady deals america is a broke joke. Dont let them slide that new world order in on y’all! Its coming.

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  • what, what if the cops had shirt with cameras. what’s the difference. Our laws suck.

  • Good luck young man, I am in Detroit but I will be praying since I can’t be there.

  • And we preach to Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and China about human rights. How come we don’t preach to Saudi Arabia?

  • That is sick

  • Baltimore. No cops. How that working. Does free thought think that all police are bad. Where’s the post on the good ones. Could free thought be one sided. You guys are uniformed.

  • Wait now, he’s a good kid who’s had many run ins with police and plea bargaining out of them stay out of prison (not jail, but real prison where they put real offenders) and most of his friends have had many run ins and a lifetime of police “abuse”? Yeah, I’m all for putting cameras on cops, but I’m calling bull shit on this guy!

  • Fuck pigs

  • :/ corrupt to the very core >.<

  • My doctor told me to stay off live feed for the next two weeks but hell this is such a travisty of Justice I have to let you know, they the cops have harassed him since Eric was murdered by a cop , he gets off and the witness gets charges. BULLSHIT COPS LAWYERS AND JUDGES IN THE STATES ARE ALL BECOMING CORUPT .

  • Jim N Nancy Carver

  • Things are Backwards in this Case!

  • New Yorks finest.


  • Collectively the people that hate this need to pray about, “vengeance is mine saith the Lord.”

  • Breath easy – don’t break the law

  • This is total bull shit has to be stopped

  • He committed no crime. It’s called the First Amendment. It is not illegal to film the police as long as you’re from a safe distance and not interfering with their arrest. Clearly he wasn’t too close and he didn’t interfere. Hopefully some Progressive attorneys will help him battle this case of harassment and win a nice judgement. It would be nice if politicians and law makers explained to the police that they have every right to do this.

  • States attorneys and prosecutors are a bunch of worthless fks

  • This implies he’s in court for filming the incident. Isn’t he in court on completely unrelated charges?

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  • What an injustice bastards

  • USA cops stupid lacking of common sense

  • They are trying to scare people into not recording these attacks on civilians from people who we should be protected by not protected from.

    Messed up world


  • You better do something about your country quick!

  • In the end they will face Jesus who will decide their fate. .

  • To the police he committed a crime because he pulled out a camera and exposed them. So thankful that young man recorded that cop in South Carolina murdering Walter Scott. Can you just imagine how he would have been demonized and vilified had that incident not been recorded? Well, they did try, but that video was irrefutable …

  • I’m sorry , why are they on him ? Ridiculous .

  • Crazy Times? That is a nice way of softening what is going on. This behavior by the people we are supposed to trust, who are the people that should be the beacon of justice, but have failed us utterly and become the very same jackbooted nazi stormtroopers that my Grandfather fought against in World War 2. Racist thugs working for their corporate overlords. Murder is murder and I think they can hear that roar. That is the sound of the people that you have failed and you will not be able to hide your corruption. You will be held accountable. Where will you hide when you have to face the music?

  • Just strange to me that everybody are quick to have a camera in the hand to film the police catching and shooting criminals with more rights than police, then taking a video clip of a drug deal or any other crime being commented.

  • This man should not be charged and furthermore badge or no badge murder has been done to this man!

  • This is totally disgusting, I always thought the American system was a little F@@ked up.


  • obviously a corrupt system,and you people vote these same politicians into power

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  • They think when we revolt, they’re going to be able to control us. Hate is a powerful driver of will.

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  • He was murdered in cold blood on national TV and the cops still got away with it

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  • I dont understand whats he charged with thats our government for ya

  • There is no justice for us.

  • It is not times that are crazy but the people that allow such things to happen – that is, the American people. Every people has the government it deserves…..

  • Time to invoke your first amendment rights bro

  • MrRetloc

    So much for a “SPEEDY TRIAL”. This corrupt judge is giving the cops and prosecutor plenty of time to harass the “suspect”. These three players are the Board of Directors of Just-us, Incorporated…in business to make a profit; and nothing more. At best, this is a major Conflict of Interest. They are stacking charges and illegally using past charges to inflame the public as media is likely spewing this BS openly prejudicing any jury pool. When the Just-us corporation eventually LOSES THEIR COLLECTIVE ASSES; I can only hope the TAX PAYERS are paying ATTENTION…they certainly WILL BE PAYING THE PRICE.