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Man Flips Off Cop For Nearly Causing Wreck, Cop Gives HIM a Ticket for ‘Improper Hand Signal’


Las Vegas, Nevada – A man was recently pulled over by police and cited for “using an illegal hand signal” because he flipped off a cop who almost caused a car accident. The Free Thought Project has obtained an interview with the driver, Kris Luce who captured much of the stop on video.

According to Luce, as he was driving down the highway in heavy traffic, he found himself surrounded by several police officers on motorcycles who came dangerously close to his vehicle and almost made him crash into them.

“I was driving my truck down the highway in very heavy traffic. I was in the far left lane and started passing couple bike cops that were in the middle lane. As I passed them they split lanes, one to my right and one went behind my truck to my left in the emergency lane. They both then jumped back into my lane in front of me. There was very little room and the car in front them was on their brakes, they hit their brakes and I hit mine,” Luce explained to the Free Thought Project.

Luce continued, “I almost ran into them since they jumped in front of me. First I was stressed cause I thought if I hit them my life’s over even though they jumped in front me without even a car length available. Then I got mad and flipped them off. One cop exited the highway and the other saw me giving them the bird and pulled me over. He detained me and cited me, I had just expired insurance card so I got a ticket for that and one for illegal hand signal.”

Luce was able to provide proof of insurance at a later date, so he was able to get that charge dismissed, but he is still facing hundreds of dollars in fines for the “illegal hand signal.”

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He also said that the officer could not initially tell him why he was being detained or what he was being charged with.

“When I asked why I was being detained he couldn’t tell me the real charge cause he didn’t know all the best codes and had to look it up,” Luce said.

In the video, Luce does not hold back his frustration with the officer, who could have gotten one of them killed with his recklessness.

The officer shifted the blame and attempted to say that Luce using his hands to make a “signal” out of his window was a danger to other drivers.

Knowing that he was on camera, the officer refused to admit to his erratic driving, but he did claim that he had the right to switch lanes illegally without his emergency lights on.

Luce also said that the officer’s demeanor changed entirely when he knew he was on camera, and that off-camera, he actually apologized for slamming on his brakes.

“After the video he did apologize about slamming on his breaks,” Luce said.

“His demeanor in that video is very different from the beginning of stop. I thought I recorded the beginning but when he was back writing the tickets I saw that it didn’t record. He also calmed down a lot when he saw I am well versed on my rights,” he added.

After the video cuts off, Luce explained to the officer that he also rides street bikes. Luce is quite familiar with these officers as he had been intentionally run over by a car while on his bike two years ago and was railroaded by the LAs Vegas PD. After the accident, Luce was injured badly and also received multiple charges.

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After Luce got out of the hospital, he attempted to show the officers video evidence, taken from a friend’s go pro camera that proved he was not at fault, but they ignored it.

However, that did not deter Luce, who took the footage to KSNV News, who in turn brought the tickets to the police station and had them all dropped.

Now, Luce is being run through the gamut again for committing no crime. However, he has since hired an attorney and awaiting his day in court.

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can purchase his books, or get your own book published at his website www.JohnVibes.com.

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