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Cop Chains Innocent Man to Wall, Beats Him, Gouges Eyes After Refusing to Confess to a Crime

Milwaukee, WI — In August of 2013 former detective Rodolfo Gomez savagely beat Deron Love during an interrogation. He was chained to the wall.

Love, 27, was accused of killing his 7-month-old baby, a charge he would not confess to and one that he would eventually beat.

A year after being tortured by Gomez, Love was found not guilty of first-degree reckless homicide and child neglect in the death of his infant son.

Love’s innocence was of no matter to Gomez who repeatedly compelled him to confess.

After becoming tired of being told to confess to a crime that he did not commit, Love became agitated and began screaming in the face of Gomez. Gomez, then “feared for his safety” as the man, who was chained to a wall yelled at him. So he began to beat the restrained man – savagely.

There are two videos of Gomez’s interaction with Love. In the first video, Gomez is seen unleashing multiple punches and knee blows to the face and head of Love.

In the second video, both of Love’s hands are chained to the wall. Seeing the opportunity to inflict more pain, Gomez then began gouging Love’s eyes out. The screams are hard to bare.

Gomez was subsequently fired for this despicable behavior. However, he is now appealing.

Earlier this month, using a controversial tactic of slow-motion video presentation, the defense was somehow able to convince a jury that Gomez actually “feared for his safety.”

The defense broke the video down, frame by frame, and used cherry-picked images to sway the jury into believing their ridiculous self-defense stance.

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Sadly, the jury was eventually convinced.

What do you think? Watch the graphic video below and tell us in the comments if you think Gomez’s safety was ever in danger.

  • BalancedApproach

    A minority beat up on a minority. It must be the white man’s fault.

    • Greyvet

      No. An oppressor beat up an oppressed. It is societies fault.

    • Patricia Stidham-Burns

      It’s COPS! It doesn’t matter their skin color. They are ALL BLUE! Yes it is the white man’s fault!

      • BalancedApproach

        Which is it; the white mans’ fault or the blue man’s fault? It can’t be both.

        • Bill Williams

          All cops regardless of color are Blue, the problem is systemic. We have to define what “white man” means. I believe that it is the white mans system where white people are at the top of the pyramid. It isnt referring to every single white man so stop being so offended.

        • Patricia Stidham-Burns

          The white man started it. Once you become Blue you MUST follow the rules!

        • meangreen1

          It’s your fault idiot…shut up! If you don’t like what I said I’m in Milwaukee correct me, I’ll tell you where

    • Jeff Mack

      Your an idiot.. No one bought up Race

  • Philip Tomlins

    Where the fuck did they get the jury from? The cess pit.

  • If you fear a viscous dog chained to a tree, do you go up to pet it?

  • azsenjigal

    Gomez should be in prison and subjected to the same torture he inflicted on the man.

  • Death2killerpigs

    This pig needs to die. Roast some pork tonight! No Justice? No Peace!

  • Aaron Freeman

    I would’ve killed that pig… called him a cowardly pussy, and enticed him closer… then, with one arm, grab him, or force the pipe from the wall. I would fight, no matter what! And, if I was successful in grabbing him, I would’ve killed him, plain and simple…