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Mass Exodus — More Americans than Ever Before in History are Renouncing their Citizenship


As Donald Trump and his ilk boast building a giant wall to keep immigrants out of the United States, more Americans than ever before are fleeing.

According to the latest government data, the number of American citizens turning their backs on the United States has skyrocketed in the last decade, breaking records each year.

Since 2008, the number of Americans renouncing their citizenship has increased 18 fold, making 2015 the third record-breaking year in a row.

As the US government continues to spread war across the globe and pass legislation granting tax breaks to mega-corporations while squeezing small businesses for every last dime, people are saying ‘enough is enough.’

According to CNNMoney, unlike most other countries, the U.S. taxes its citizens on all income, no matter where it’s earned or where they live. For Americans living abroad, that results in a mountain of paperwork so complex that they are often forced to seek professional help, forking out high fees for accountants and lawyers.

This excessive burden of handing over 30-40% of one’s income is unsustainable, and we are now seeing its effect.

However, those who are renouncing their citizenship do so because they can afford to flee to another country. As they leave, the tax burden will continue to be passed on to the middle class as the state attempts to squeeze more blood from a turnip.

The irony here is that those who are fleeing are not the super rich elite as they couldn’t care less about the tax laws — that they wrote. Just last week, the Free Thought Project reported on the newly established tax haven for the super-rich — located inside the US.

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The words of Andrew Penney, managing director of Rothschild & Co., are extremely clear to the elite, who need not flee; the U.S. is now the world’s biggest tax haven. In a draft for a presentation in San Francisco, Penny wrote that the U.S. “is effectively the biggest tax haven in the world.”

In the meantime, that same skewed tax code is forcing small business owners out of the country just so they can make ends meet.

Small business owners and the upper middle class aren’t the only ones fleeing at record rates either. According to a report by the Pew Research Center, more Mexican immigrants are leaving the United States than are coming into the country.

This negative shift in border flow is happening for the first time in over four decades. It seems the Land of the Free, is quickly becoming the land to escape from.

If history is any indicator, the American empire will continue to expand and as a result so will domestic tyranny and taxation. This mass exodus of people out of the US is the canary in the coal mine for what’s to come.

As politicians and their supporters push to close the borders, remember one thing. A wall big enough to keep them out, is also big enough to keep you in.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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  • We’re winning the war of information, but we need more minds on our side. Please (Y) + Comment + Share this story. Thank you friends.

    • Happiness does not equal freedom. There are people that prefer to stay in jail or prison because they grew up that way and its easier. Notice, all these left wing countries have public education which indoctrinates people to love government and make fun of raw freedom. Also notice there are very few Christians, conservatives or libertarians. I’m sure the schools/government Indoctrination camps had something to do with that too. If freedom means being taken care of by your government for the exchange of individuality and free thought, then yes, those countries are more free. Look up the definition of freedom, it means something very different than socialist countries offer. I’ll take dangerous freedom any day over government control and lies to make me feel better

    • and it’s not just the freedom index either… but hey, we DO have Yosemite!


    • Justin Norell, you’re right happiness does not equal freedom, but the freedom index does not judge happiness… it judges freedoms…

    • Justin Norell it`s working until it comes to limitation of consumption, there can`t be unlimited growth on limited resources. Corporation socialism is to pay Wall street debts and than what? World Wide Slaughter to make elites wealthier and start all over again?

    • Justin Norell . Your post is drivel.

    • Democracy only works if society is informed about the world (not just the nation). The failure of the majority of our older generations were their credulity towards televised news and inability to find the truth. FreeThoughtProj is relatively right

    • And having few Christians, conservatives, and libertarians is a bad thing because?

    • Earth to Justin Norell, come in Justin…I don’t know where you got your ideas, but as an Irish person (and Ireland is ranked in the TOP TEN) I would like to point out that – we do not have a left wing government, we do not have indoctrination camps, we have lots and lots and LOTS of Christians and conservatives, we have individuality and free thought and obviously unlike you, we are not naive enough to think governments don’t lie to people…

    • Paul Buschman Let go of religion and you’ll find your religion man.

    • Having more libertarians is always better, if you know what the word “freedom” means. Derp harder?

    • Wesley Alan Let go of it a long time ago, I think you are missing the point of my sarcasm. I say if you want a “spiritual experience” go to a planetarium and take a virtual trip to the end of the universe.

    • Paul Buschman, that is the most stupid question I’ve ever heard. There are other people in the world besides progressives/socialists and communists. I don’t want to live in any system that only has one political movement. You people are crazy. Your idiotic, communist question is why I fear government teaching people. It’s not freedom when you have to indoctrinate people into thinking one way. As someone who is not a far right winger or a far left winger, your stupid question is pretty scary. People like you would have made Hitler proud.

    • To just believe everything government and corporations put out is also pretty gullible. The media lies so much now, to me it just looks like the globalists trying to force America to fall in with all the other countries that fell into line, gave up their weapons and became full blown government lovers. If you love socialism, that’s fine, I want bigger, newer better ideas all based around raw freedom. Government does not equal the God given rights people are born with, government equals nanny state. I want a diversify of different cultures and styles of government in the world. About all there is left is socialist and communist countries left. Not because either is a great idea, but because its easy to get people hooked on simple ideas. Capitalism isn’t the all out answer either, just saying, think bigger and outside of the box. Stop acting like government is the only answer

    • it`s time to grow people` goves based on patriarchate-matriarchate balance, connected to real life not a snobs` conservative tradition and corporate businesses.Power only for life autonomous systems not for legal speculators.

  • $2700 for each family member WELCOME TO GOVERNMENT DICTATERSHIP for the longest time.

  • How do I become one of them? I am not upper middle class nor do I own my own business. But I’m also not blind to what’s coming. Norway is my haven of choice.

  • It costs 2700 per person to renounce citizenship?

  • Alex

  • Exactly why we can’t afford to elect another establishment politician like HR Clinton! – Bernie or bust!

    • Really it doesn’t matter who we put in office. Our entire system is messed up.

    • How is a man who’s literally never had a job other than being a politician not establishment?

    • Bernie- the 30 year politician is not establishment? Lol

    • Not every politician in Washington is sold out to the establishment.

    • Lee Bristol but the ones who aren’t can’t get shit done. And Washington is the establishment do you mean the corporations?

    • I believe Sanders is correct in saying that the only way we, the people, get our country back is by creating a political revolution where millions of Americans stand up and demand something different from our elected officials.

    • Yes that and remove the Federal Reserve or it will just happen again. But over all yes that is the only way we can save ourselves and our country at this point.

    • Jacob Fenske – Yes, corporate America plays a huge part in what is establishment in our political system.

    • Oh yeah the fed owns the money we can’t do anything without their approval

    • You speak truth about putting an end to the FED

    • We need to break up the big banks, get money out of politics, and create millions of new, good paying jobs by investing in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure

    • I don’t trust ANY politician.. The way things work, is like watching David Blane, or any well known magician.. Things are NOT as they appear, and just because you see it with your eyes, doesn’t make it true.

      The monetary system itself is to blame, as long as money exists there will be corruption, famine, war, homelessness, and slaves.. We’ve reached a point where money just flat out isn’t necessary anymore. There’s MORE than enough food, housing, and technology for every person on earth.. Hell, we paid $1.2 trillion into the F-35 program which is a massive failure.. With what was spent on that piece of shit we could have ended world hunger for the next 50 years, but that’s not all.. We produce enough food to feed 10 billion people a year, there’s roughly 7 billion people on earth.. That alone should tell anyone with half a brain that this world is just not right.. And what’s to blame for that? Money… Money and greed! And it’s getting ridiculous.

    • Lots of young people in the millennial generation (my kids included) are getting involved in the political process and want to see some REAL change in this country… I want to see that change as well! The last thing I’m going to do is give up on their chance at reforming this broken system in Washington…

  • No suprise.

  • I wouldn’t renounce, go sovereign citizen.


  • Its hard enough to find any pride in being human.. – So I think this question should be lifted out of a national mindset, and adressed to the complete human population! ^^

    Pardon my greek 😉

    • 100%

    • Not only by war… – By powerty, viruses, food, water, poison, rules and regulations.. – ^^… – and 4 what purpose? – I mean.. – Are we in a rush to reach tomorrow?
      In Norway, the best country in the world! (NOT my words) – The double tounge from our politicians is so sickening.. – The present leader of NATO – Jens Stoltenberg, was Anti- NATO in his youth…. – And in UN- Saudi Arabia is head of human rights issues.. – What the FUCK is going on? ^^ Still pardon my greek! ^^

      And thank YOU Greece! – 4 trying to help all those poor people that flee across a dangerous ocean, IN WINTERTIME! …People are starwing, even here in Norway.. – Lack of housing.. – Private Coops… – Whatnot.. Everything is so out of bounds… – Yeah.. – Enough said. Keep up the good work, an let me know what I can do to contribute to end the cruel and unnecessary slavery of mankind.


  • If I had the means to leave the country, Id be gone already.

  • People have been brainwashed into thinking nationalism is the most important sign of – personal – identity. It is not surprising that Americans are no longer willing to accept nationalism as the be-all and end-all of existence. Whilst nations are necessary, they can only succeed if they co-operate with other nations. If they try to impose their will, and possess hegemonic designs, then they will, ultimately, implode. This is how all great civilisations collapse, from within.

  • No. Cant wait to flee..

  • I’m ashamed of my government.

    • It’s not your government. It was sold off soon after the Civil War.

  • Freedom ended with the 9/11 scam. Financial security ended with citizens United and the TPP. What exactly is left to feel proud about?

  • this is because we have such a corrupt government

  • I’m proud to be an American but I HATE our government. They have become the enemy within. Our government is no different than the mob, just more dangerous and powerful.

    • Amen brother!

    • well said..

    • Preach!

    • Red Tape bureaucracy is their deadliest weapon too.

    • They are only powerful because we let them be. If people would rise up together we can force change. But the system is designed too well. Everyone is so afraid to lose their job to take the time out to even try and stand up to the nonsense.

    • Eric Simpson, That’s true to an extent. The problem is, they control what our kids learn in school and college, they control the media and they have endless money. People wake up slowly and on their own time. We can’t come together till the majority wakes up. The other problem is parties. Political parties have people so brainwashed its crazy and scary to watch. I don’t know what all the answers are, nobody does, but we are in a very bad place right now.

  • Yes i,m proud to be american, but sad because obama is the biggest problem facing america.

    • Obama has no real power. He can’t do anything with out his masters telling him what to do and or say. The problem with americans is they think like you do. You think the president is the reason America is shit?

  • Proud to be part of a nation that allows people like Trump Cruz and Rubio to run for leader???….. Of course not lol. The US seems to be turning into a giant free roam mental institution.. And all the patients have guns and bibles.

    • Do you think you’d be better off in Canada? For example?

    • No. I think the US can still be saved. Just need a revolution of knowledge over personal beliefs and propaganda that enables people to profit off unnecessary industries (fossil fuels for example) that are destroying the planet.

    • It’s slowly happening. Starting with the widespread acceptance that our current war was based on lies for means of profiteering.

      People are starting to realize most human suffering and problems within our country can be traced back to psychopaths making fortunes.

    • Good job they have guns to protect themselves against your corrupt vile leaders.

    • Guns and bibles arent your problem. Its corporate money pulling all the strings that most certainly is the problem.

    • guns AND bibles ???? those bastards ! what on god’s green earth gives them the rights to have guns and bibles? next you’re be telling they shoot those guns and read their bibles. so in the end. are they really the bastards , or are the liberal nut jobs the bastards ?

    • Actually bibles are a big part of the problem.

    • Btw if you’re being literal, I can’t own a weapon because I have a mental illness, not saying I would shoot up a school though if I did have one.

    • That old book of fairy tales is a huge part of the problem. Gives the terrorist party all of its power

    • Hitlery isn’t any better than those chumps and we are slowly but surely being invaded by another religious cult as well. Is kinda scary.

    • Would you rather have the Koran as the “guiding book”? It doesn’t matter what is Truth. That doesn’t matter at all. It’s all about what PEOPLE BELIEVE is the TRUTH. Then, they ACT on it. Wake up!

  • Theyre coming here to godzone the buggers

  • This is the reality of US in this era. Thief, looter, gold digger, oil hungry.

  • Why be proud of a place where my mom front holed me into?

  • All I have to do is look at the current presidential options to see that.

  • Ok normally i would love to jump on board with this but it was 4,279 people last year. Come on. What a ridiculous post. You guys can do better than this. Mass exodus my ass!!!!

    • They are referring to the last 10 years and that the numbers are climbing annually.

    • I understand but it is such a low inconsequential amount of people though. You have to assume many are doing it because their company transferred them out of country or they met someone out of country and married and stayed. Not all left because they were fed up with the taxes or with the level of corruption and propaganda we have here.

  • James Conroy did you get the odds for your bet?

  • With a possible Bernie Sanders presidency I’m not surprised

    • If Sanders won you would see the numbers go down, not up.

    • People keep their money in offshore accounts due to the current tax code, Bernie’s tax code is even worse that number will go up

  • Not gonna lie, I’ve been thinking about Canada allot lately.

    • Nah, we’re under a blanket of ice up here. It’s been a terrible year for rabid polar bears too.

    • Coming from Chicago it’s no big deal and I prefer the cold anyways.

  • If they don’t want to govern fairly, then give it back to us Indians!

  • at the most nations only survive until they crumble away

  • “Mass exodus” is one of the most common writing mistakes. Exodus means large group leaving; don’t need the “mass” part.


    • Voting for trump I’m sure he has your best intentions in mind lol…voting for a dumbass like this is what’s wrong with America


  • Expat for 2 years now…

  • Murdering police ,Health care shambles ,War mongering administration , need I go on ?

  • somebody send this to tom leykis,,,,,,

  • Proud to be an American, ashamed of the governments. I love my country but I hate the government and what they’ve turned this country into. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves.

  • 30 trillion worth of Oil &
    20 trillion in gold was stolen in the invasion of Iraq

    (Remember Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction and was not involved in 9/11)

    But his countries wealth was looted nevertheless.

    And yes don’t forget the 17 billions dollars in cash was also stolen which the present government is demanding to return.

    Then they went to Afghanistan to secure the poppy fields and lithium mines by force.

    US govt is nothing but a fraudster murderer looter plunderers thieves liars con artists scammers.

    They don’t just lie to the world they also lie to their own public.

    • Actually he did.. purchased from our government. 4 billion dollars worth of biological and chemical weapons. We blew up the bunkers in the 1st Gulf War exposing our troops to them and polluting the earth instead of properly disposing. Beyond Treason is an eye opening documentary that goes back to atomic bomb testing and vaccination of the 2nd world war through the current invasion of iraq and Afghanistan. It’s been horrific crimes against humanity and the planet

    • Yep same shit with WW2

  • I am proud of what we used to be. We have been there throughout the years, building schools and hospitals. We are alway’s the first to help other countries during disasters. What I am not proud of is our endless wars that make the rich richer and leave death and ruined lives including the lives of our soldiers. If we are not willing to fight for our freedom we will continue to lose more of it.

  • I am in the works with a plan to leave America without a passport and declare refugee status upon entering europe or what country has no extradition policy with the USA. I wish to make a documentary about it. Called “Leaving America.”

    • I’d love to know how that pans out.

    • Good luck with that.

    • Amber Lynnai Visa waver program. We are a member state of 38 countries that allow travel with in those countries for 90 day visits with out having documentation. Second plan is the Danish embassy where I would apply for a Schengen Visa, and that program too has many member states/countries that allow passage/travel to and from for 90 day stays.

    • I’d like to join.

  • Did you know America has been at war something like 93% of time, 220 some years out of the 240 some years in existence? Some 57 democratically elected leaders around the world have be overthrown by the US? 20 to 30 million have been killed at the bloody hands of the US all around the world since WWII? It doesn’t take a genius to know that America has made a lot of mistakes and hasn’t learned from it, has made a lot of enemies over the years, or that there has been blowback in the past and that there will be a lot more blowback in the future. You can’t end terrorism and the stop the terrorists if you continue in the eyes of the world to be the biggest terrorist organization in the entire world. You can’t end terrorism when you’re the one that keeps creating the terrorists. I think Americans are just starting to realize this… they’re are not on the right side of history… There’s only so much propaganda can do before it reaches some sort of limit…

    • You my friend deserve an oscar for this speech. Wow!!!

    • Joshua Costa read this right here..

    • To cover lies america needs more lies aka kill kill kill their way to victory till Jesus comes and take their chances from there. That’s the only way as one should remind ourselves who ever holds the best firepower wins the day. No other nation or lawyer has the firepower to bring and institution called the president of the US to justice , they know it! And military might is their safe haven from true justice.

  • When you re no 1 there is a prize to be paid in order to remain no 1. I often find myself annoyed, pissed even learning another foul of us goverment or secret services. At the same time though i shiver at the idea of how much more others would be willing to commit, if they where world no1. China, arabs (in general) Russia and Germany come at mind.


    -George Carlin

  • Everyone admits our government is corrupt and yet you continue buying into the corrupt politicians in each four-year election. why is that?

  • I’ll be proud when we the people take this country back.

  • I want my own god damn country.

  • Crystal Hoyte-Miguel it’s time to go babe

  • Better get out quick before they make it too expensive to do so… oh wait… it’s already too damn expensive to do so!!! WTF!?

  • Wait till Trump gets elected. lol

  • Wish i could leave.

  • If the “America–Love it or leave it!” phrase holds, why do you have to pay a $3000 fee to renounce your citizenship?

  • Since Bush was reelected in 04, we have noticed a steady trickle of Americans migrating here. I doubt there is a mass exodus, certainly not in my country where we have a small population, and want to keep it that way.

  • I haven’t been a proud American since ‘we’ invaded Iraq & began to torture people. What’s to be proud of??

    • America didn’t start torturing with the start of the Iraq war. They’ve been doing it before, check out the CIA and School of Americas. They been doing it since WWII, maybe even longer.

  • When you steal from those who have this is what you get. What happens when all the producers leave? Nothing good.

  • Americans have been lied to by there own government for so long it’s no wonder some have had enough . The rest of the world certainly have .

  • After looking at the tax implications of our upcoming retirement, we aren’t staying either

  • I’m puertorrican born and raised, I still live in Puerto Rico and I’ve never been proud to be part of their colony. Unfortunately our government is incredibly corrupt and our people have been stupefied by ignorant tv programs and soap opera. Lucky for me I’m not a part of the sheeples. I’ve always been socially inept, really selective with whom should I talk, I don’t follow trend and I personally believe patriotism is a mental health disease.

  • Its a good thing, the weak will be weeded out, and we’ll build a new

  • i am proud to say i am a american but i am not proud of my government. nor do i trust them.

  • Ryan Garrett

  • You wanna be great? Just be great and don’t take friends into your bullshit anymore!!!

  • I am outa here very soon. 3rd world is better than this shit

  • Better off without them.

  • 1) If people are that afraid to be in America maybe it’s in their best interest to leave.
    2) If some are willing to stay and fight for what right, not just what’s popular today, then maybe they should stay.
    3) Am I proud to be American?
    Yes, and No.
    I realize the great advantage I have by merely being born in America.
    I also realize the disadvantage that I have when speaking of my government/militaries actions.
    You can run from the problem, but you carry it with you wherever you go.
    So, I would rather stay, fight for what I believe is right, and continue it forward.

  • don’t come to NZ we don’t want you…

    • Perhaps you could expand on who the ‘we’ are you refer to..I speak as a kiwi and based on the caliber of the Americans that I rub shoulders with,I would adopt the exact opposite opinion to yours..they are very welcome in NZ and I daresay would have a wider appreciation for New Zealand and it’s uniqueness than some narrow-minded locals.

    • stay in the USA then Timothy if you like it so much..

    • Kiwis like you are responsible for our country being sold out from under us…you can take Mr Key and his ilk with you..

    • I rest my case

    • what case – you don’t have one 😀

  • All americans should be ashamed….the USA has fucked up our planet:-(((

  • Nope pot of shit

  • hell no im not proud

  • LoL, several thousand people doesn’t make a mass exodus.

  • Proud to be an American!! I would like to renounce our president some of congress the fed the FBI the CIA the globalist the banks the corporations wall street and nsa the federal reserve. I’m proud to be an American because our history and those who died to keep us free and our founding fathers and john hancock abraham lincon the real boston tea party manifest destiny the native americans the civil war hero’s North and South the revolutionary wars hero’s Mexican American war heros The moutian men Jeremiah Johnson and explorers and football heros baseball heros basket ball heros but all these things that steal our freedom and start wars without our knowledge I’m not proud of. God bless America, in God I trust!

  • Let em all go…don’t need em……..losers….

  • Those People have the Money to Ex-Expatriate….


  • I’m proud to be American, where dissent is hallmark of true patriotism and love for our nation and it’s advancement.

  • What Go up, must come Down

  • I have plenty Tent space in a rural setting in Tasmania all Christian and Jews welcome.INBOX if you’re interested Tassie made the top 10 survive nuclear war nations along with New Zealand.The offer is legit you have to look after the airfares though lol but I’ll pick u up from Launceston Airport 🙂

  • Growing up my generation we would say I’m Irish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, French, and etc.

    Basically more people are proud of where there families came from then saying they are an American cause what the hell is there to be proud of? It’s sad I want to be but it isn’t there

  • Perpetual wars eliminates the constitution.

  • Why should I be proud of something I had nothing to do with ? I mean come on people now I’m happy being an American yes but pride??? I’ll reserve my pride for things I’ve done and accomplished on my own pride in a country you where born in is like being proud that you woke up breathing in the morning

  • How can you have pride in a collective association based on an artificial political construct?

  • We’re American at the heart it’s the cowards St the top breaking us wake up people bring them down I’m an American till the end

  • you can’t keep milking the productive class and squandering it on the bottom without the productive class leaving.

  • Kathleen Greaver

  • I have been thinking a lot about our nation and its people, all 300,000,000 of us, and I have questions for all the people who do not want to live in our Constitutional Republican form of government.
    We have Progressives (of both political parties) Socialists, Communists, Marxists, and others running for Congress, the President of the United States of America, state and local government seats in their legislatures and city councils across our Constitutional Republican land, what is the purpose of your candidacy?
    The Republican Party was originally born out of and to support our Constitutional Republican form of government; what was the desire to form the Democratic Party, and why was it born, since it is not mentioned anywhere in our Constitution, Bill of Rights or our Declaration of Independence?
    For those of you who do not like our Constitutional Republic why do you live in the United States of American when you could live in any country that has your desired form of government?
    What attracts you to remain in the United States of America that has a government that does not espouse your values?
    For those of you who do not like our form of government, why do you insist that the United States of America give up its Constitutional Republic to provide you with an alternative form of government?
    If you are a Progressive, Republican or Democrat, who wants us to change our Constitutional Republican form of government and it’s values to meet your desired values why can’t you put those values into a Constitutional Amendment and present it to all of the states for ratification; thereby exercising the provisions our Founding Fathers provide for by using the amendment process?
    If you are a Socialist why do you insist the United States of America become a Socialist Nation?
    If you are a Marxist why do you insist the United States of America become a Marxist Nation?
    If you are a Communist why do you insist the United States of America become a Communist Nation?
    Would it not be easier for any of you who wants or desires an alternative form of government to simply move to a nation which already has that form of government?
    If you are a foreign national, why did you come to the United States of America?
    If your answer is for a better life, why did you bring the ideology of the country you fled with you?
    As a foreign national why would you want the United States of America to change its form of government to be more like the country you fled?
    For all of you who want to change the United States of America Republican form of government, what is you true agenda?

    • I dont want it to change its form of government, I want the original form of government back which is no more, being that money runs our politics when it was designed to be run by the people. If our leaders are bought by billionaire lobbyists, then it is no longer a constitutional republic, it is now a fascist oligarchy. For example, 95% of congress was against the passing of the NDAA, but it still went through, you know why? Because our political system is for sale now, and that my friend is not a constitutional republic.

    • It all starts by getting involved local and state politics until you, I and the rest of the people who want our Constitutional Republic back we collectively at the state levels need to through out the incumbants which means having a say in the nominaitn process as it exists today, once that is accomplished get your desired candidate nominated, our use the writein process do not under any circumstances re-elect any incumbant unless he or she has done the job you sent them to Washington to do. For the House that happens every two year along with 1/3 of the Senate. I will not happen tomorrow or the next day it will take time but if you do not start today your already one day behind schedule….Join the organizations that share your values and preach to the multitude not choir…..

    • I agree and understand, only problem is that its only incumbants as you put it, running for local stuff, for me anyway. Only real choice I have is to do it myself, and with lack of education and money, you and I both know that wont go far.

    • Mmmmh the free and the brave are dead in their graves when the original home land security was decimated by gunfire ,introduced diseases and lies. Does anyone know what a red Indian is ?

    • Sounds like you have another agenda, is it Progressive, Socialistic, Marxist or Communist?

  • fuck no im not….thinking about going to canada….at least theyre not stupid oblivious assholes…

  • Where are they moving to?

  • never was

  • If Bernie somehow does not get the WhiteHouse seat, Im leaving and doing best I can to get citizenship elsewhere.

  • rats leaving a sinking ship? or do they know something we don’t

  • (y)

  • at just more than 4,000 last year, it’s still a trickle…

  • The statement that ” those who are renouncing their citizenship do so because they can afford to flee to another country”. is inaccurate. The biggest reason that people are renouncing their citizenship is FATCA. Those of use who already reside in other countries for reasons that have zero to do with wealth have had it with the ridiculous mountains of IRS documents we have to navigate through in order to file required returns. Most also find it incredibly unjust that, should we make over a certain amount of money or have over a certain amount of assets, we have to pay taxes to the USA on top of the taxes we pay in the country in which we live. I can not imagine that they are making enough back to even pay for this program but hey, that’s the IRS.

  • I’m not even proud to be human…?

  • loud message for black pres

  • Come on! All it means is that a record 4,279 individuals renounced their U.S. citizenship or long-term residency because they most likely had foreign accounts and were asked to pay their due taxes! Thank you Obama for getting rid of them!

  • Lol, the comments!!!! U ppl are _______, _______, and ___________________. U can fill those in. Lol

  • GTFO Adios!

  • Good get out. If your tired of not having freedom and you’re not willing to stand up and unite with the rest of us and fight to take back our freedom then I for one don’t want you here. You’re most likely an ignorant moron who is a part of the problem anyway. You’re just too dumb to realize that you can’t just point fingers without realizing you’re part of what’s wrong. So go on, get the fuck out of here.

  • What is there to be proud of?

  • No

  • The American government is fucked.

  • Michael Audu MB let’s skip out of this joint!

  • Eden….Atlantis….Rome……America

  • Never ever really been proud of anything that Amerikka stands for racism, police brutality, the two party system, we really need something new. We need to rewrite the justice system and penal system, so that mass incarceration stops putting young black people behind bars or killing unarmed black and brown people with impunity. There is so much wrong, that something has to be done to make it right!

  • That’s called taxes America still wants when you don’t live in America.

  • Canada for president!!!!

  • No no no this is all wrong. If we do that we lose.America shouldn’t be associated with what’s going on. Renouncing your citizenship is just quitting. That’s the problem with the middle and lower class no one wants to fight. No one wants to take a stand. Everyone just turns a blind eye

  • theres nothing to be proud of being an american unless u lack a morals an atleast half ur brain

  • 1 more year and I’ll be one of those many. Good-bye the stolen nation of filth

  • No this country is shit.

  • I don’t blame them

  • It’s not the country, it’s the politicians people are running from—the country is messed up because of the president and congress and the supreme court and the house. If America is lost right now it should be blamed on the politicians, George Bush for running some planes into the Twin Towers and starting a war in the Middle East that Obama has only escalated. America HATES the politicians and is giving up on the country because of them.

  • With nearly every tree cut down to make way for an ever growing population I’m betting that their is no wooden doors on the sinking ship to keep people afloat and with the people’s safety not being a priority I’m betting no life jackets either chances of keeping America afloat are slim to none ..you sank your own ship people by doing nothing when everything needed to be done.

  • Well if everyone would just wake the fuck up and stop being distracted and exploited we could do something about this bullshit but until then we’re pretty fucked

  • Bullshit post.. They are renouncing to beat taxes, inheritance and otherwise.Empires in the past have all crumbled, surely ours will too.. But that is not a symptom.

  • I have double citizenship. Why renounce? That’s stupid.

  • so where are they all going???

  • I am proud to be an American, I am ashamed of what the religious extremists have done to this country that was so “SPECIAL”

  • America will not exist in its current stated 100 years from now. Texas , perhaps the majority of southern states and california will breakway….

  • Nope

  • Good. Fuck America.

  • I spend six weeks of every other summer in Spain studying the language in prep for retiring to the country in a few years. I will be relinquishing my citizenship to a country I am now too ashamed of and embarrassed by to let people abroad know where I’m from.

  • Ashamed of the blantant satanic sex worship of rock, the superbowl, the ads, clothes. Sick of the lying cheating stealing politicians acting like dictators. Tired of the over tax, the refugee, and the welfare system. The people are in general are good, but are being used, and abused by a small minority of cult greedy socialist liars.


  • Given America has the world largest prison system housing roughly 1 in 4 of prisoner’s world wide I’m surprised its not lower

  • Everyone in the world have been brainwashed. You should be thankful for being part of the U.S , no country in the world with that size and population have such high quality of life. And i am not american.

  • Not so much. In spite of our bluster that we are the greatest, we are not.

  • Paul

  • No depending on the presidential election will decide if I leave the country

  • How can anyone say they’re proud to be an American anymore when we see how corrupt this whole country is? It’s a country BY the wealthy and FOR the wealthy. What a joke! And the phrase “liberty and justice for all” certainly ISN’T true, never was true and never will be. America is not even 300 years old, and we’re NOT TOO OLD TO FAIL. Sorry about the bad news. When are people going to wake up?

  • Good! Citizenship is a trap, which makes you an alien enemy through the social security act.
    This because America was declared bankrupt in 1933 and foreclosed by the foreign bankers, whom gave back to the Crown of England what was owed to them by the 1783 treaty.
    America never won the independence war. America is still a British colony, and American citizenship makes you a foreign enemy. The 1776 declaration of independence is void. The bill of rights is void. You (we) are all slaves.

  • Anarchist. Not a capitalist. If you don’t have money, you will starve/dehydrate, lose housing, and your own people will leave you to die. Not only that, but the money we work for has to be payed forward for propaganda, and the rich which are already set, in which they don’t care you are not. ,,!,,

  • I’m a victim of circumstance

  • No. If I were younger and still able to start over I would be out of here like a shot!

  • It never was an empire. God is no respecter of nations.

  • I never was. I don’t believe in nationalism. Borders are bullshit and living inside particular ones don’t make you better than those on the outside.

  • from the outside ,it appears Americans have an ego problem and aren’t a part of the real world.

  • Yes cause l’m a proud veteran of the vietnam war

  • Of course I am proud to be American, I was born on this land, live on this land, and ultimately die on this land. What I’m not proud of is the sad state of affairs that our country has become.

  • No wonder we’re having the Super Bowl and Carl’s Jr rammed down our throats here in Australia.

  • While you retain American citzenship, your corrupted government now considers you a terrorist.

  • I know this will probably get lost in the comments below but when I’m home alone I like to go out in my garden and cover myself with dirt and pretend I’m a carrot.

  • Ya, still am, are government needs to change though

  • FUCK America

  • I left. Ashamed and embarrassed, I now claim to be Canadian.

  • The United States of Assholes coming down. I have no problem with that. I believe a more sensible solution will emerge from the ashes once the rich and powerful have become headless…

  • Get the fuck out!

  • Hahahahah I’ve thought about doing this so many times. And I’m only 24

  • Good riddance.

  • Yes, if I could afford to live in Ireland I would. But the ones that are running are a lot of those who have fucked the financial system of the USA up.

  • How about staying and working together to change things!

  • Sad part is I’m one of these people working on getting out of this country because of everything wrong going on so far. Trump, TPP, current american politics, educational system, big business.

  • ” PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE FALL ” … True fact !!!! Pride is a weak link in anyone’s personal makeup … Think about it ! Pride portrayed as a good thing has been drummed into the masses over generations , that’s why it’s hard to understand it’s not healthy !

  • how much is 18 fold? For example….does this mean that ….. 7 years ago there was one guy….and now there are 18?

  • Idiocy is left to perish under loads of bullshit

  • hopefully it was all the white racist teatard pieces of shit.

  • Not yet, they can make debt and be fine. It will be in 30 years time when china has their dollar rolling and owns big stakesaround the world. The west income to cost of living and wages will destroy the west. America will be fine for along time yet.

  • This is my home and birthright…I will NEVER walk away from her.

  • The Free Thought Project.com Don’t worry, it can be quickly replaced or filled up by Filipinos. My fellow countrymen loves America more than they love their own. We are a de facto US colony and many of my fellow countrymen are suffering from colonial mentality. Thanks to the American educational system we have, Hollywood, NBA, and other mainstream US media and goods.

  • Good they won’t be missed by me,,,,,

  • I have thought about leaving as well over taxes. I am an aspiring actor, and if I hit jackpot, I don’t want to be bent over and raped with American tax rates. I love my country but I am tired of the bullshit. If I did want to leave, any suggestions where I should go?

  • It was only a matter of time.

  • Revelations

  • They are rich fucks.

  • Oh it’s fun being overseas and watching your idiot country to implode with stupidity. I say I’m Canadian if asked.

  • for survival

  • So what are they becoming instead? Just asking!

  • Fuck those guys get out of here. There could far worse places to live. Dont be jackoffs on this page

  • I am proud to be an American – mainly because unlike most people I understand that America is NOT about lowering it’s standards to include everyone, but rather people elevating themselves up to the level of being American. The lazy, spineless, and religiously zealous need not apply. We have enough freaks, thank you.

  • no i am not. and i am native American. i hate this place. absolutely fuking hate it.

  • Proud to be an American, not so proud of …

  • Damn right I’m proud to be an American. This is the best country in the world.

  • rats deserting the sinking ship. . .

  • Yea vite for Burney so we can pay more in taxes and get less for our money unless your young and in school

  • Marginally proud. I still think it can be turned around if politicians experience enough political pain. We need a fast track for citizen-backed amendments to the constitution.

  • Pretty simple..don’t like it? GTFO.

  • Damn right, I’m still proud to be American. American Natives are forever proud to live in this country. We consider this US of A our country. Its the Damn white people that want renounce their citizenship, TRAITORS. Let them go wherever they think is better, we don’t want them here anyway.

    • American natives? Who are the American Natives? Native Americans?

  • Probably because the US cares more about people living out of the US then it’s own

  • Its like history repeating, only the spies are not running from Russia or China, they are running to Russia. The movie stars are not leaving fascist Germany they are leaving fascist USA, if you dont see how thing have turned 180 since WW2, your not looking.

  • Yes. That being said more people are renouncing is a sign of Economic globalization rather than lack of patriotism. Americans get double taxed overseas regardless.

  • sadly they not happy, let them join the monarchy again 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVg5u91ozC4

  • Carlota De La Herrán Iriarte

  • Agenda 21.

  • Brand new mind opening, alternative media Facebook page. PLEASE LIKE for daily dose of honest, rational, sometimes controversial news and theories about life in all its aspects.

  • People are slowly waking up! But we still need your help, Hit the ‘Like’ + Comment (even 2 words) and share! (y)

    • More info ! This has got to lead somewhere. Its past time.

    • “Control” should be in quotations since T.hey are obviously out of control criminally insane humans

    • Terry Madsen they’re not human… why does everybody think they’re human? they’re draconian motherfuckers

    • can’t share this… there’s no icon to click on… hit the privacy settings

    • Truly taxation without representation…

    • this would be a better angle to push than the issue or rep/dem lib/com bernie/trump that so so many let the media brainwash us with. this should be what everyones talking about all the time

    • Richard Poirier, even Draco the law giver was human. Humans are capable of unimaginable hurt and depravity towards others, the decent amongst us choose not to is all

    • The permanent staff in Congress represents some of the real power in the City State that is DC. And it is run by the C/I/A.

    • These posts are getting annoying. I believe in that there’s a lot of corruption and things wrong with America. But I still love this country and see the potential for greatness in it. America is only a sinking ship if we let it be. For all of us who truly understand what needs to be done… Let’s do it. Jeez. Let’s stop complaining and do something about it.

    • Yes, case in point: The US Supreme Court.

  • After living 37 years of my life in the US and serving in the military….I also relocated to Mexico and actually enjoying my life now not worrying about what bills I have to pay next, not worrying about the cop behind me pulling me over.

    America is going down the drain and its sad most people are to brainwashed to realize it. I thank America for everything it gave me but your government and politicians are just too corrupt and destroying peoples lives.

  • Kathrina

  • Not a good article, it’s political rather than social. It doesn’t quote figures, (which are in the dozens, the last time I checked), and fails to identify one key reason; foreign banks do not want to absorb the costs associated with reporting demands placed upon US account holders. As such they are forcing US account holders to close their accounts.

  • I’m proud of my country just not my elected officials because they don’t represent the US POPULATION!!!

  • I’m proud not to be an American. I used to be proud to be Australian until our stupid PM Howard sent us into Afghanistan. You would have thought we’d have learned our lesson in Vietnam about following the warmongering Yanks.

  • The government fee for renouncing one’s citizenship has gotten so high that I cannot afford it.

  • No longer free. No longer #1 in anything except national deficit and Weapons manufacturing. Bombs anyone who disagrees with their government policies. Bombs anyone who has oil fields and questionable government. Complete war machine. What’s to be proud of exactly? Being an American is DANGEROUS and completely non-advantageous now. So why live with the risk?

  • Where do they go to live, Mexico, Costa Rica?

  • certainly understandable……….

  • I am Proud to be an American . Have you lived anywhere else, long enough to compare countries ??

  • really?? renouncing ..???

  • Instead of listening to both Dems and Repubs, how about this? Revolution and Anarchy. This way we can take back our freedom of choice. Take a look at our internet and what it can do!!! We can actually use our voices to vote on what we want done instead of some corrupt politician who says one thing only to do the complete opposite of what was promised. WE CAN DO THIS PEACEFULLY. Remember, Obama was spouting hope and change, claiming to shut down Guatanamo Bay base, mandatory labeling of GMOs, and a transparent government (signed the TPP without our votes including the renewal of the Homeland Security, which spies on us).


  • As an American hispanic, I’m tired of how all of these coward racist liberals that hate America like Obama, Clinton, Sanders, and their supporters, are trying to turn this great country into a 3rd world one. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems we have right now is the media and entertainment that are always trying to tell us how to think. They have created enough imbeciles that would re-elect a failure like Obama. Even more, I’m supposed to bow down to anti-American Obama, love liberal policies no matter how destructive they are, love bigger enslaving government, and be in favor of illegal immigration because of the color of my skin… disgusting. That’s why I and others created “Chepo Team”, the first true pro-America, comic strip. Please support our cause by liking our facebook page at :www.facebook.com/chepoteam . Thank you

    • The false paradigm isn’t real. Republicans and democrats depend on one another to maintain legitimacy. You can’t shame one party and run to the other for help, that vicious circle is what’s gotten us here in the first llace

    • I wonder if we had access to everything classified if we’d still feel the same way.

    • I’m not liking your bullshit page

    • You’ve got it all backwards.

  • Hell No!

  • where is a good place to go to?

  • You think this collapse was due to incompetence? Silly wabbit it was built by design.

  • Just don’t come to Australia. We don’t like Americans

    • What about Mexicans that grew up in America will that still count?

    • what about an american who also hates Americans?

    • Says the guy trolling on an American social media app…DERP….

    • No one in Australia ever gave me any grief for being an American.

  • Bon voyage

  • Could anyone give me their citizenship?


  • Welllll, it’s only the rich elite that can actually afford to move, or are renouncing their citizenship (rarely). Me, I will stay and fight for a little longer. Veterans for Bernie Sanders

  • We dont want you and your guns, stay there please.

  • Realistic doomsday scenario and your escape plan…Aaaaand GO!!

    • It’s a normal day, sun shining just a few clouds with a breeze, gettin ready for work as usual. I got on the freeway running late for work worried I would run into the expected traffic jam, but to my surprise there were no cars on my side of the freeway, they all were driving in the opposite direction. I was stunned. I hadnt been listing to the radio as I like to think to myself on the way, but chillingly I felt as though I needed to turn the radio on at that very instant. Static, then a click. Nothing. I kept switching stations searching but couldn’t get anything. I later realized I had no antenna.

  • I already have my own exit strategy since I have a parent born in Portugal that country will grant me citizenship and won’t beat me, kill me and/or jail me for smoking a medicated plant.

    • It makes since for any human to have dual-citizenship of at least min a eu country and american and or one of the americas or canada but dual is a good investment in todays world.

    • Steve Cost if you can get that citizenship I wouldn’t wait. I planned my exit awhile back and have seen so many things change in just a short time. Countries are getting more and more strict as they get more and more immigrants. People don’t realize how many Americans are leaving. Once I left I realized people from the US are arriving in hordes to Central and South America. These countries are struggling to keep up, and as such keep tightening their immigration requirements since so many people want to enter. Just my 2 cents.

    • I wouldn’t be in mainland Portugal I would be living in the Azores

    • Find me a wife, I’m coming too.

  • Sadly it is a sinking ship if people still decide to be stupid and it looks like they still want stupidity ruling their lives

  • I’m retiring overseas

  • But why should we be chased out of our own goddamn country by inept leaders? How bout we take back our own country?… Oh yeah that would take some effort on our part! WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!

    • “Get Up, Stand Up…stand up for your rights”
      Bob Marley
      More people need to act upon these words.

    • Exactly

    • Absofuckinlutely!!!

    • remember occupy? is that still going on? no… why not? because eventually we all need a shit, shower and to get back to work… or lose everything… they have everyone by the balls, the system is set up to work in their favor, no matter what the topic might be… to quote frank zappa – “all of your children are poor unfortunate victims of systems beyond their control” he saw it coming decades before anyone else

    • More Hillary, more war

    • A massive uprising is needed to save your country Jeff. The bankers need put in jail, the police need to be demilitarised, All politicians need put up against a wall and shot and the federal reserve needs to be burnt to the ground. Then you can reset your once great country.

    • Richard Poirier They shut down occupiers just like the hippies by arresting and down right fucking them up. The police are the modern gestapo.

  • look the Olympia is sinking again

  • All empires collapse. We had a decent run.

    • It’s just been one war after another, you have murdered millions, now it’s time to pay.

    • Not as good as the British one though eh? ?

  • I have been contemplating this. And I am Native American!

  • If you don’t like the government in America, move ? …. how about if you don’t like the government in America , start a revolution !!!!!

    • A revolution won’t do it. We’re owned by the Chinese. They will just come take what’s theirs. Brush up on your Mandarin and Cantonese. You’re gonna need it.

  • about 8 years ago…

  • It’s because more people are starting to open their eyes, do the research, and realizing that all of the major problems in the United States could have been so easily avoided if it weren’t for greedy people in power and the “1%”, and the people that still remain in blind ignorance still believe ANYTHING they’re told 1ST, which led to the “if you’re not supporting America, then get out!”

  • There are a lot of smart people in america but america is becoming the walking definition of “don’t under estimate stupid people in large numbers”

  • no american those who figured out the UNITED STATES corporation lie are denouncing the fraud and leaving the corp

  • Yes

  • move to where? Surely you don’t expect the rest of the world to take US immigrants do you?? Clean up your own mess…

  • well looks like i have to fight harder then , let them leave weak cowards Odins wrath be upon you, you should stay and fight. not run like scared cattle.

  • Obama

  • when the country was tricked into excepting the federal reserve…is my uninformed guess….

  • As soon as I shore up the income stream, I’m gone. The only concern that I have is it’s beginning to remind me of 2007

  • They steal our rights and sell them back to us. PFFT!


  • Idk, if I could afford to leave I would too

  • Where are they all going?…Somewhere nice?

  • Even most of the working poor want to leave and set themselves free but they are not able to do so because they even lack the basic resources to start their lives over in their natives or any other places. No one should entertain the idea that poor people don’t leave because they like it here. They find themselves trapped in this economic prison. Only if they knew what awaits them in America that is nothing short of slavery they would not have been to America. America is run like a business. Only people can make it here are people who already have something they bring with them or people who are very very lucky……

    • Well said.

    • I would have left years back if I had the means. I get the typical “if you don’t like it leave” response all the time. I’ve reached the point of just saying “pay my way out and I’m gone”.

    • Start walking. Walking is great exercise and doesn’t cost a thing. You can walk north or south for a long time. Good luck and good riddance.

    • Looks like you need the exercise more then I do. ??✌?️

  • I’m Italian so I’m moving to Italy I don’t care how poor the country is but its rich in culture

  • If Clinton gets the Democratic nomination, I may be next~

  • As soon as I get my degree, I’m moving to Canada. This wretched country will not be the end of me.

  • They raised the fee to renounce citizenship by 400% last year. They know people are tired of the BS. A mass exodus is in progress.

  • Isn’t that how we got here in the first place? We need to fix our own shit

  • It’s been the land of the fee for a very long time. It’s just more in your face now.

    The fantasy world you people live in!
    *goes to make more popcorn to watch the poo flinging*

  • I hear scandanavia is nice this time of year

  • Suspend your gung ho jingoism And wake up and see

  • what I can’t figure out is how does that help stop the cannibal Nation if everyone against it moves out,, you can’t run away from your problems,, you either fight there or you fight there, where ever you are the N.W.O. is there and has been since WWII

    • They’ve been around and working the agenda for much longer than that. Likely some time after the civil war.

  • Heads up!!!!!! You can LOVE YOUR COUNTRY and HATE THE GOVERNMENT!!!!

  • If I get the cash, I’m going to move to iceland and do the same.

  • Yes, yes it is.

  • Good question. I don’t know. I’ll continue to try here, since it’s too late for me to move somewhere else.

  • Hey guys! Just to be funny how about we all jump the Mexican border and live there!!??? Make Mexico great again!!! Yaaaay!!!!

    Ok and before anyone freaks out, this is a joke..

  • I’m planning on it

  • WHEN THE WORLD IS OVERPOPULATED ; Syrria evacuates its peoples by ‘inviting’ foreign bombers, whilst the so-called USA invites their departure ! (“so-called” ? Mexico (for one) has united states, and is in America !)

    • This world can easily sustain twice the number of the current population and more. That is if our species wasn’t so blatantly stupid.

    • Nah – for the sake of ‘peace’ we need to reduce the population !

  • Move? to where? to one of the many countries Amerika is bombing?

  • Ive been looking for a while.

  • Briana lets do it!

  • Because we had a dream and then #martin Luther king had a dream and then,we all had a new dream.so let’s stop dreaming people of the U.S.A..and let’s start the change we wanted from obama

  • I’m not proud to be an American but when I join the Army I still won’t be but I will be proud to be a Soldier.

  • Why don’t we all do something we haven’t done in a long time. Pick up a book and read it. Read about constitutional law and public or common law. The United States of America is not gone or a sinking ship. It can feel that way when you don’t have the knowledge or the will power to educate ourselves and act on those thought. We the people hold the power over this country, not the federal government. We have all allowed this to happen and have stood by and watch each other suffer because of it. We have all had American history and we should all know what a oppressive/ tyrannical government looks like. ” The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

    • word up bunch of zombies

    • Cee Linc i think goes much deeper than that. We have all taught a basic and I mean very basic understanding of the constitution and public law. Hell I just started to surround myself with and I can only see one way out without firing a shot. Education though due diligence of the law. We have a sort of a Stockholm syndrome. We all know we are doomed to repeat history but we all choose to repeat it anyway because it is easier to do nothing. I wish I could find more people who cared but the sad truth is they don’t. People think that some one person is going to conquer this issue and we’ll be fine. It is going to take all of US together and standing as one country. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that it can leave a positive impact.

    • Education is power. Real education that is. Not the propaganda bull on tv.

  • When, “in god we trust’ turned into ‘in nothing we trust’

  • *** Close the country from new immigrants for 5 yrs and plan on building a better system for the people that need a safe, and secure with work etc also give the veterans their dues for everything they did etc….. 1. Stop the wasting of money based on lies and end the wars bring the people back …. 2. create help and jobs for the welfare …make economical home for the homeless 3. make the big companies pay taxes like they are supposed to ….. and make them responsible for any wrong doing….4. All useless bureaucrats just there for $$$ and free ride get them out…. 5 instead of building nukes, atom, N.B.W bombs and build something useful to help the needy and the mid and poor class people in your country

    • If we would stop wasting money on war and propaganda bull, we could have things so much easier.

    • If we used our technology properly, we wouldn’t even need money.

  • Where is there to go ? Don’t come to Canada ,we got enough drama to deal with already ! Europe ? over-run by muslums ! Australia ,? same, Britain ? Same ! Where are you welcome with a handshake not dollars ? Unless you are moving to a place you are rebuilding cause you bombed it twenty years ago , No-Where !!

  • Land of the Flee. Do it before the mass exodus begins.

  • Land of the Fee? It’s more like “Land of Do Whatever the Police Say or That Fee Turns to Prison Time.”

  • when the ship has sunk , we won’t have a reason to move ! As in the denouement of “Atlas Shrugged”…..

  • Already left! Ecuador is nice.

  • Hahaha

  • I wish the Koch brothers would choose to move instead of choosing to destroy America.

    • Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Morgan, Bush, and maybe a couple of others are the ones the Koch boys are their “enforcers”. They merely work for the true masters.

  • i would never admit to citizenship of the USA if i were one.

  • America has just been one war after another, It has murdered millions and gained nothing but enemies for its atrocities, more Hillary more war.

    • More anybody more war. Presidents don’t have any control over, well, pretty much anything.

  • Because the Cold War gave the American Government entrance to American freedoms and have since taken more with every proxy war starting from Vietnam to todays “War on Terrorism”

  • References? Proofs?

  • Wrong. If you don’t like the government in America, VOTE.

  • Thomas Costello

  • Where they moving to?

  • Though social engineering and psychological manipulation, our govt has taken our republic and turned it into a democracy. Then, by the same means, corrupted the majority and led us to where we are today.

  • Our forefathers already tried that, and we are still in the same predicament we were then. I say its time we stand up, and fight for what our forefathers wanted.

  • Thing about this is it takes more money than the average person can come up with.

  • Waken up world.

  • Where the hell do you run to? Despite these terrible things that are happening in the USA, no place on earth has anything like the Bill of Rights (well, what remains of it) .

  • America became land of the fee when Titanic sank and the next day they started on working on the IRS and the central bank to enslave us all …

  • plenty of room in Syria just needs bit of a rebuild

  • Didn’t people flee to America because of this?! It’s happening all over gain! Where can we flee to now???

  • 19th feb, the ship goes down. #ShipOfFools.

  • easily fixed . Stop bombing the rest of the globe, exit NATO, cut military spending in half and invest the rest at home . End citizens United and get corporate $$ out of the electorate process and in time we will recover robustly ….oh yeah End the Fed !

  • Did you know? Walking is great exercise and doesn’t cost a dime. Matter a fact you can walk for a very long time north or south. If you don’t like where you are, just start walking. Good luck and good riddance to all of you ungrateful people. I believe you know you are not going anywhere, so figure out what you can do for this country, it’s not the other way around. Vote in the right politicians. Quit complaining and be active in fixing what ever floats your boat or shut up about it.

    • Really? You have to be a troll or ignorant to the truth. VOTING does not work and hasn’t worked since the beginning of the federal reserve. That was the beginning of the end. You do know the fed reserve is a privately owned corrupt bullshit organization that makes fiat currency out of thin air correct?

    • Well that’s why two anti establishment presidential nominee’s are leading the polls. Get a life man.

    • Did I forget to mention swimming doesn’t cost anything either. You can swim east or west as far as you want. Enjoy.

    • FREE to live elsewhere. Leave, run, walk, swim, I don’t understand why people stay. Oh ya it’s because they know America is not as bad as somewhere else. Go live in an other country. Nothing is stopping you. Bye and we will see you soon. If you don’t like something, fix it and make it right.

    • If you can’t fix it find someone who might be able to help. Bitching and complaining isn’t the answer to the problem.

  • And go to another country so they will bomb you XD

  • America is a ship that has already fallen below surface and everyone is only surviving on the air pockets trapped inside as the ship is approaching the depths right before the water is so dense that the walls are about to cave in and implode.

  • I just posted the same thing as my status.

  • change the fucking government, don’t leave your home. change it. fix it. create a new one. its in the constitution as our duty to relive corruption from our system. if we run scared we are cowards.

  • yes it totally corupt run by crooks

  • Land of the Fees, home of the chained.

  • i’d rather be a citizen than an enemy

  • or is it “land of the flee”?

  • No thanks, I’ll stay and fight to get my country back, stop the wars and imprison the politicians who put us here.

  • the jesuits have taken over

  • Because people started waking up from the American Dream I guess..

  • Soon, Mexico will put up the wall to keep us out!

  • If I had the money to leave, trust me, I would!

  • Yes it’s a sinking ship but what’s even worse is that as it sinks it is taking the rest of the planet with it.

  • They increased the cost of renouncing US citizenship from $359 to $3500 and it has not slowed the rate of US citizens throwing it in.

  • 1976 I think. When Nixon took America off the gold standard.

  • share =-

  • SHARE =-

  • If Bernie gets screwed out of the presidency, I am moving, only way Ide stay is if we all got together and decided to march,Ide stick around for that.

  • About 8 years ago

  • #feelthebern Establishment politics MUST end !!

  • To where?

  • All American Chutzpah

    Zionist Jews had nothing to do with any of this.