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Massive 63-Story Dubai Skyscraper Engulfed in Flames – Still Standing

A fire engulfs The Address Hotel in downtown Dubai in the United Arab Emirates December 31, 2015. © Ahmed Jadallah
A fire engulfs The Address Hotel in downtown Dubai in the United Arab Emirates December 31, 2015. © Ahmed Jadallah / Reuters
(RT) — A 5-star Dubai hotel became engulfed in flames as the city was preparing for New Year’s Eve celebrations, with 16 people receiving injuries. Firefighters are currently battling the fire at the 302-meter tall Address Downtown Dubai.

It was not immediately clear what caused the fire, which covered at least 20 stories of the building near the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper. Burning debris rained down from the building as firetrucks raced to the scene.

Al Arabiya reported that one person was killed during a stampede in the process of evacuation, however, this information has not yet been confirmed by officials.

Eyewitnesses told Sky News that firefighters’ access is complicated by structure and crowds.

Civil defense representative said that all residents have been evacuated, and people are being moved out of the Dubai Mall located nearby.

The fire engulfed the hotel from the outside and did not spread inside, according to Dubai’s media office. Officials said that the firefighters have sustained most of the fire, however, have not yet extinguished it completely.

As the building just caught fire, panic was reported in the area around the hotel and social media users posted videos of people running away from the scene in crowds.

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The Address Downtown and residential compound has nearly 200 rooms and over 600 apartments. The hotel is situated about 2km from Burj Khalifa, one of the sites of New Year’s festivities.

“It’s pretty scary stuff,” Chris Browne, a tourist from London, told AP. Stuart O’Donnell, a British intensive care nurse in Dubai, said that the building was a prime location for those who wanted to see the fireworks display.”You feel sad for the people inside… It spread so quickly when it started,” he told AP.

Dubai’s grand New Year celebrations and fireworks proceeded as scheduled despite the massive fire that still continued to burn nearby.

Earlier officials said they planned to go ahead with the festivities, which include three displays beginning at the Burj Khalifa. The skyscraper is decorated with 400,000 LED lights, while the fireworks display will feature 1.6 tons of pyrotechnics.

In February, a massive fire broke out in the Marina Torch, a residential skyscraper at the Dubai Marina. The residents were evacuated and no fatalities were reported in that incident.

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    • No the building had very few intermediate column and used tubular steel to increase the open floor space. The weight was borne on the outside walls of the structe. When the outside walls were breached the building, if the fires were not controlled, as they weren’t, the building was bound to collapse. The building in Dubai was built differently. Wake the hell up and smell the coffee.

    • The plane hitting the side had nothing to do with tower 7? Fell in the exact same way. Demolition

    • Kevin Pratt …Been working as a construction inspector for many years. You can`t tell these truthers anything about structure or metalurgury so don`t try,,,it will only mes up your NYE..

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    • No dipstick, I use physics. That course you skipped in school because it was so hard.

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    • Not very clear on the concept of cause and effect are you Thomas.

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    • Why would WTC 7 be the only building nearby that fell at free fall speeds? The other buildings that were damaged were just that. Damaged. Why didn’t the dozens of other buildings that were hit with debris fall demolition style? We’re those 3 WTC buildings the most poorly built structures in New York? And after you spout whatever nonsense you think can explain that, explain the thermite found at the base of the buildings and the diagonally cut support beams.

    • Because it was in the way of the falling debris.

    • It didn’t fall at free fall speeds you nitwit. http://debunking911.com/freefall.htm

    • I saw it fall at free fall speeds with my own eyes.

    • The design of the towers was dated and flawed
      The land was worthless and in disrepair
      Larry Silverstein was unhappy with his purchase of the area after it was privatized (’98-July’01).
      Cause and effect?

      Mayor Bloomberg is quoted as referring to decide to “pull” building 7 because it was doomed to collapse. This means HIS story is that, amidst the chaos of the first two explosions, a team was able to wire it for demolition, thus “pull.”

      BTW a claim like that is utterly ridiculous.

    • There were other buildings in the way too. Why didn’t they fall like that too?

    • There was no thermite. Thermite is made with some very common ingredients found on any building site.

    • Your responsed are just beating around the bush. None of my questions have been answered. Way to go, guys.

    • Who mentioned thermite?

    • They didn’t get hit with as much debris.

    • I get the feeling you get into these arguments a lot.

    • Your denial is depressing.

    • Truth usually is when you are looking for a conspiracy.

    • Will Lyon that free fall “chart” has been refuted. They started the clock at a time specifically to say there was no free fall. Also it would have fell over not down. Kevin Pratt what about the other buildings that debris hit? Every other building was better constructed? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the oldest kid on the block.

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    • The funny thing about that free fall chart is that even if the speeds do not match, the curvature does…but I guess we all forgot physics and the significance of identical curvature

    • It’s too late for these people. They’ve already been herded into their little safe space where the truth can be ignored and science doesn’t exist.

    • Kevin Pratt calls us morons but can’t answer a question or handle debate without name calling and becoming irate that we don’t blindly follow a shit government. This guy you call names is a vet and will stand up for your right to have a different opinion and voice it. I was in basic during Sept 11th was graduated and in the middle east within a month. At least this dumb grunt can look at facts objectively and not dismiss opinions of others because they differ from mine. I don’t mind the debate it opens new discussion. Instead you shut down and follow the shepherd like sheep.

    • Let’s say fire weakened the structure (of any of the buildings) enough for collapse, let’s say falling debris damaged parts of the structure they hit enough for collapse. That still doesn’t explain the global symmetrical failure of all supports needed for near free fall acceleration through the path of most resistance (conservation of energy? Conservation of momentum?).

      If you have asymmetrical damage to the support structure (which fire damage always is; so is damage from falling debris unless you have enough to completely destroy whatever it’s falling on), you get an asymmetrical collapse.

      But what do I know? I’m just a lowly aerospace manufacturing engineer with a BNS in physics.

    • Kevin you are an old sheep…tower 7 fell in a controlled manner just like 1&2 and how do you explains the pools of molten steel found days after? And the clean cut steel beams? And traces of termite on the scene? Wake up dumbass

    • Thermite *

    • How is this even a topic anymore? We have way bigger fish to fry people. We cant change the past. Trust me the powers that be love the fact that were still arguing about this. Fuck the truth. Forget the past. Look to the future to prevent bullshit like this from happening again.

    • Kevin Pratt calls us morons but can’t answer a question or handle debate without name calling and becoming irate that we don’t blindly follow a shit government. This guy you call names is a vet and will stand up for your right to have a different opinion and voice it. I was in basic during Sept 11th was graduated and in the middle east within a month. At least this dumb grunt can look at facts objectively and not dismiss opinions of others because they differ from mine. I don’t mind the debate it opens new discussion. Instead you shut down and follow the shepherd like sheep.

    • The funny thing is they are liking my comments even though they are on the opposite side of the argument from me! So at least my manners have made friends even if we disagree.

      Come on guys, it went down after two hours; just watch the live coverage for clues. The first callers on NBC claim explosions but no planes.
      Gerard Way, singer of My Chemical Romance and at the time resident of NJ, claimed in a video (easily YouTube-able) not to have seen planes but witness the collapses with commuters on the way to Hoboken. Sorry for the specificity of that reference but it is good to get “eye-witness” words from celebs who have a different perspective than the main story.

      Bear this in mind if you watch the coverage: The FIRST to mention planes are the newscasters, who are not on the scene and are being fed information as the job always requires. The commercials playing are even related to planes; Howard freaking Hughes was NBC’s next feature when 9/11 interrupted!!

      There are lots of very interesting things about this whole “conspiracy,” and if it is all one big coincidence I will certainly be in shock. The appearance of it is just too bizarre for me to deny its reality anymore.

      And for anyone too old to rally up their rage against the government, remember when they took JFK from you?

    • They like your status so it alerts you there’s a response

    • Nah I’m getting alerts for all new comments in the thread.

    • Kevin thinks it took a plane and jet fuel to bring down the 1 and 2 towers but merely debris pulled down the 7 tower

    • “More good news our prophet Osama! As one of the hijacked infidel areocraft crashed, by Allah’s will our men survived and began to throw rocks at another building from inside the Twin Tower! It was Allah’s will that this building too was destroyed! Death to the West! Allahu akbar!”

    • -real letter to Osama bin Laden found on a passport

    • Do you need a hug

    • Mark Williams So knowledge is based upon looks now is it? Plenty of footage still left around today of the events that took place, I was 20 at the time, in NZ, yet I knew within a couple of weeks that it was an inside job, Its known that the majority of Americans are stupid as shits, you sir are no better>
      You can fire all your “debunking theories” as much as you like, but after hearing multiple experts claim the buildings fell in controlled manners and thermite was found on the scene with precise cuts on the structual beams, I find it hard and near impossible to believe that planes took down those buildings…WTC7 was definatly a money making scheme, if you claim it was due to debris from two towers, you are already a slave

    • Here is someone I hope you old farts can respect. Yes THAT John Lear, as in LEARjets Lear.


    • Mossd? ROTFLMMFBO.

    • Jared William I do remember JFK because I am old. I’ve been researching his assassination for more than forty years and “they” are still refusing to release millions of pages of documents. So, “why does it matter?” It matters because everything built upon a lie is inherently a lie. By the way, the freefall chart originally released by NIST was challenged by David Chandler, a High School Physics teacher, and NIST reluctantly changed their chart and admitted WTC 7 fell at free fall speed for over 2.5 seconds and near free fall the rest of the way…all of which is impossible without removing the steel structure supporting the building.

    • You poor deluded fools. Kennedy was shot Oswald. The towers fell because of the planes crashing into them, as did Tower #7.

    • Must suck to be be so stupid as to believe every conspiracy theory you hear because it is more interesting than the truth. To bad it is just plain false.

    • Must suck to believe everything the media tells you.

    • You’re the one doing that not me. I am basing it on 40 yrs. of experience building buildings and physics.

    • Building 7 fell the same way. No plane. Proof enough the others were demolitioned.

    • See above Remo and learn something.

    • Sean Jones, the older the sheep the stiffer the horn. ROTFLMAO.

    • Kevin Pratt FTW!

    • Bartleby Blue: “Why would WTC 7 be the only building nearby that fell at free fall speeds?”
      It didn’t. “For some reason”, “Truthers” habitually omit the fall of the WTC 7 East Mechanical Penthouse, which collapsed almost 8 seconds before the fall of the North Facade. After it collapsed, one can easily see a wave of internal destruction. After the North Facade began to collapse, it had a brief interval (~2.2 seconds) where it dropped at freefall, or perhaps slightly faster.

      Truthers have to explain why it would be necessary to plant invisible, silent demolition charges ( 😉 ) in WTC 7 to bring down the North Facade, when the collapse of the East Penthouse was sure to bring down the building anyway.

      Again, we must face the fact that some of the biggest enemies of the Freedom Movement are in the Freedom Movement itself. I’m not saying that they are deliberately enemies; it’s just that they combine lazy and crazy in such a way to drive off plenty of potential supporters.

    • Jared William: “The design of the towers was dated and flawed”
      False. They were of “tube in tube” design, the height of modernity, pioneered by the great Pakistani architect/engineer Fazlur Khan.
      “The land was worthless and in disrepair”
      False. Lower Manhattan has some of the highest ground rents anywhere in the world.
      “Larry Silverstein was unhappy with his purchase of the area after it was privatized (’98-July’01).”
      False. Silverstein Properties obtained the master lease on the WTC just weeks before 9/11. Everyone thought it was a financial coup for both Silverstein Properties and PANYNJ. I challenge you to find any business article that thought otherwise.
      “Cause and effect?”
      “Mayor Bloomberg is quoted as referring to decide to “pull” building 7 because it was doomed to collapse. This means HIS story is that, amidst the chaos of the first two explosions, a team was able to wire it for demolition, thus ‘pull.’ ”
      False. Why do you seem to believe that the cause of liberty can be advanced by telling stupid, childish, easily refutable lies?
      “BTW a claim like that is utterly ridiculous.”
      Finally, a true statement. But not in the way you intended.

    • Jared William : “Here is someone I hope you old farts can respect. Yes THAT John Lear, as in LEARjets Lear.

      John Lear is the son of William Lear of Lear Jet fame. Neither had anything to do with the actual design of the Lear Jet.

      John Lear claims that NASA landed on Mars in the 1960s, that there are alien artifacts on the moon, and that Venus doesn’t actually have an oppressive carbon dioxide/sulfuric acid atmosphere, but is actually inhabited by an advanced alien civilization.

      He’s the perfect spokesperson for the Liberty Movement.

    • Kevin Pratt. If you have the experience in building construction than I respect your input on this topic. However, as someone who like everyone else wants to know the facts, can you show us other instances that back up your claim as to why building 7 fell when and how it did. I think the interesting thing I have personally found is behind the truth movement is they offer up proof of other buildings (granted how they are built play a factor) that have had similar or worse events take place yet they don’t collapse. Is there something u can show us where something similar happened and it collapsed just like wtc 7?

    • I think Kevin is suffering from sheeple .

    • Kevin Pratt, you’ve obviously never studied the core structure of the towers. You still don’t know your ass from your elbow after 40 years.

    • Mark Williams stick this up your ass, jerk off!

    • Kevin Pratt ROFLMAI IMAO
      ?? You sound like a teenager. God, how rude and stupid some US hillbillys are. Please dont bring this shit to europe u dumb fuck.

    • Kevin Pratt, shut your fucking pie hole you ignorant little cunt.

      I’d love to fill in these clueless twats.

    • This is like watching the special olympics..even if someone wins, you’re all still retarded. There are two other entirely different sites with incredibly questionable “evidence” or “official narratives” to coincide with this one. That, is irrefutable. That is a fucking problem.

    • And we’re not debating an accident here.. these events have set the global political climate.

    • You can dissect one part to its base level it does nothing if you dont step back and look at the picture in its entirety.

    • Thank you Tom, your picture proves my point. Thanks again.

    • Kevin, you could have cut the top third of that building off, raised it a football field and dropped it and it wouldn’t have destroyed the twin towers like it did. On another subject, what happened to the plane in Washington? No landing gear, wings, tail section… Nothing. That includes video. Unbelievable.

    • I’m sorry Kevin Pratt but you are very miss guided you have obviously not done your homework and have been sold a bill of goods that has been spun and manipulated by the corporate media. It’s time for people to open your mind and see the facts that right in front of you. There is 15 years of facts that have had to be collected by independent individuals doing investigations on there own due to deliberate obstruction of any investigation untill a year after 9/11.9/11 & NIST reports both jokes never question verbal testimony of firefighters Ground Zero workers policeman about bombs in the building molten metal secondary explosions etc. etc. the list is the never ending story!

    • Only 32 likes Kev. Good job.

    • MOSSAD. Yeah Kev, these guys. https://youtu.be/tRfhUezbKLw

    • Yeah well, it is the holidays and all. LMAO.

    • Mfw nobody can ever address my concerns about asymmetrical damage and violation of conservation of momentum & energy (see previous post).

    • Those assigned by the gov to investigate 9/11 themselves admitted the investigation was corrupt. They didn’t DO much of an investigation at all. Much like in the case of the Warren Commission after 11/22/63

    • I like science
      Watch “What a Gravity Driven Demolition Looks Like by David Chandler – Polskie napisy” on YouTube

    • Watch “Expert vs Expert by Jonathan Cole – deutsche Untertitel” on YouTube

    • Watch “Acceleration + Serendipity by David Chandler – русские субтитры” on YouTube

    • I don’t understand this… Why all the intellectual people who have provided facts and points to support your arguments… Waste it on a moron. Remember never argue with an idiot…. Because he will bring you down to his level and beat you with experience.

    • Those who refuse to believe anything other than what they’ve been told to by the establishment have a more serious problem: denial.

    • However those that believe that which is backed up by science will be proven correct.

    • Kevin I have no idea what your trying to say in your last comment. If you were trying to say the science is on the side of the truthers you are 100% correct and you will never see another steel structure building fall from fire in your life time let alone 3 in one day .

    • Their selective use of the science that agrees with them.

    • Kevin Pratt People can be willfully ignorant, but you can’t fix stupid…Which are YOU? BTW, 1) WTC#7 wasn’t hit by a plane. 2)Jet fuel doesn’t melt steel, and the Towers were designed to withstand a Jumbo Jet. Anything else stupid you would like to spew?

    • No jet fuel will not melt structural steel but at 1300 degrees Fahrenheit it has all the rigidity of over cooked pasta.

    • old as fuck correlating with dumb as fuck….the only difference being you didn’t choose to be old.

    • That’s funny some people used to say that climate change was selective science also but they don’t anymore… even Exxon Mobil scientists agree climate change exists. You 9/11 deniers will believe and say anything your feed just like sheep .

    • When 97% of scientist tell you something is happening it is not selective.

    • False Flag? Get help.

    • Here is one of those guys you can say doesn’t know what he is talking about. Because he did the tests for NIST at Underwriters Laboratories on the steel in the buildings . There goes your cooked pasta Theory.

    • Yeah Kevin Pratt prove climate change is happening I don’t care 97% of scientists say it is ….there’s just no proof!

    • Lmfao. How could someone use hard science to prove that something untold happened during 9/11, but cant come to terms with all the hard data released about global climate change? You really have your priorities fucked.

    • Yeah, because 97% of Climate scientists are party to a conspiracy to cut the use of fossil fuels. Why exactly?

    • Guys you are killing me… Look at your replies and look at his… He is just saying random things… Look he first was saying how dumb you are for believing in the conspiracies… Then had you so hell bent on proving him wrong.. We will show him… That he just used conspiracy to prove a point and you didn’t notice… What did I say before… Happy New Years.

    • How about this you will Believe scientists about climate change that have some theories about weather changes and data about weather patterns. But you won’t believe scientists architects physicists metallurgists policeman fireman ironworkers ground zero workers and engineers that have scientific proof scientific principles i.e. Laws of nature Newtons laws of physics and solid evidence that the story of 911 didn’t happen the way they say it did. Through history theres been thousands of examples of corruption in every organization in this country from the top to bottom. You say get help. False Flag operations? I say ….hundreds of examples of false flag operations. I’ll name a few. Operation Northwoods Generals plan terrorist attacks in the United States to blowup bombs killing US citizens and shoot down planes with college students in them . Gulf of Tonkin never happen asper Robert McNamara . United States tested LSD on thousands of US and Canadian citizens. US gave syphilis to Tuskegee patients and prison inmates. Project Azorian CIA resurfaced the Soviet submarine to retrievew three ballistic missiles. The Pat Tillman story … Was False he was killed by his own Ranger platoon “friendly fire” The Jessica Lynch story ….also false propaganda story . The Iran-Contra CIA buying and selling drugs and weapons. A 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl testifies to congress about Iraqi soldiers killing premature babies by taking them out of their incubators and throwing their bodies on the hospital floor to lie us into the first Iraq war ,turns out she was the Kuwaiti ambassadors daughter and the CIA gave her acting lessons. Project MKultra CIA’s mind control program did experiments on US citizens using hypnosis,sensory deprivation, verbal and sexual abuse, torture! Edgewood arsenal human experiments. And my favorite the US Government doesn’t spy on its people ease drop on its phone calls or collect data spying on the internet. Thank you Bradley Manning Julian Assange WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden I can go on forever. And you tell me to get help who needs the help buddy!!!

    • We all need to stop trying to prove what is so obvious that it makes everybody look stupid both the truth and the idiots that want to suck the government’s dick because they’re blind stupid morons this was a conspiracy to blow up all of these buildings with pure purpose that is so obvious any idiot with a smart phone can find the reasons why Donald Rumsfeld trillions of dollars missing from the defense budget meetings happening in the Pentagon that morning all those people are dead… the Bush family with their stolen Russian stocks and bonds were maturing the very next day… proof was needed… meetings were being held in the Twin Towers, now all those people are dead…

      What about the murderous bony face Jew fuck, that double insured the Twin Towers for specifically terrorist attacks,,,
      he …(that piece of murdering scum) invested very little compared to what he received… Always follow the money you morons. period.

      All the gold was stolen from inside the vaults just prior to the collision what a fucken coincidence you geniuses.

    • Kevin Pratt when the temperature outside is over 75 degrees your brain has the virginity of a rotten tomato son you are an idiot there is no possible way these buildings fell and all those important people died and those responsible. Super super wealthy and this was not an inside job you need to get your head examined but start off with somebody real stupid to do it so that you can understand what’s going on.

    • The only science that is 97% accurate is the science said that you make up bullshit as you go I would like you to post the 97% scientific proof in your next post in here so we all can get educated by the dumbest man on earth.

    • Sir we want to get rid of fossil-fuel so your grandchildren don’t live under water you dumb fuck as a matter of fact have you ever heard of magnetic kinetic energy well so I can put one together for you and your garage and it can power the whole neighborhood in one day I could do this and I think even a moron like you can figure out two cylinders with magnetic opposite opposing will make two engines moving in opposite directions regardless of how stupid you are.

    • Mexican build it we should know

    • John that Jew rats name is Larry Silverstein and he made billions off of the buildings collapse. Contested it in court and got EVEN MORE money for it. In true Jewish fashion.

    • Bush and Cheney refused to testify separately before the 9/11 Commission as was requested. They also refused to testify under oath and they also this allowed any recording or transcription of what they said to be published or revealed in any manner. What did they have to hide?

    • I think more the a couple did that already same design as any. You need a wake up call


    • You guys are still arguing with someone whom is obviously a troll or has a learning disability? Ffs it’s a fb thread anyone that knows conservation of momentum and energy are things already knows and those that don’t probably won’t care/understand.

      There are more productive places to expend your energy. This is why paid shills are a thing.

    • I love how Kevin keeps referring to science without actually providing any.

  • Dubai is in India?

  • Michael McClean

  • I’m certain though, that the hotel was built by slaves from India.

  • dubai is not in india…

  • Here it goes……rabbit hole…..

  • From what I’ve seen so far the fire seemed confined to one side of the building and did not affect the escape routes that people needed to get out of the building. Also the structure was not struck my hundreds of tons of aiircraft hitting at hundreds of miles an hour. Final point no melting aluminium coming into contact with water. And yes I have an Engineering Honours Degree with post graduate masters degree.

    • Building 7 wasn’t hit by a plane old mate. Might wanna enrol in a “using powers of observation” course. Hear it starts in February.

    • Airplanes are mostly made of aluminum.

    • And no fkn Thermite

    • You’re full of SHIT bullingdon club..how the f**k did you get any kind of degree?? IDIOT..

    • Dilip Sen – then what caused the tons of molten iron found under the debris of all 3 collapsed buildings, MORON?

    • Oooooooh, so your some kind of expert?

    • Truthers≈MORONS

    • “Aluminum coming into contact with water” was never a viable theory for the cause of the collapse of the Twin Towers, and isn’t part of the “official story”, anyway.

    • Mick Davis , ya got a reading comprehension problem there numbnut !

      Dilip Sen’s comment was to the Bullingdon club idiot that’s trying to convince us the towers fell from impact and jet fuel fire !

      Nano-thermite was painted on support steel … As you already know !

      Work on your comprehension skills before commenting again !
      Ya won’t look so stupid !

    • Nano-thermite painted on support steel. Statement needs link to scientific conformation. Cockrun, you KNOW ‘nano-thermite’ is NOT an explosive?

      Like this; link And some copy… MORONS

      This paper explores the explosiveness of nanothermite.
      Steven E. Jones made the error early in his research, of classifying nanothermite as an explosive in the same category as the high explosive RDX, with no published science to back up his claim. The 911 truth movement has never recovered from this error, for to this day nearly everyone in the movement refers to “explosive nanothermite” …
      Examples of Jones confusing these issues are cited and commented upon. Two technical papers on nanothermite are cited to support my contention that nanothermite is not anywhere near being an explosive in the sense of a high explosive like RDX. These two papers are also cited on the issue of adding organics to nanothermites to produce gas generating nano-thermites (GGNT) and I maintain that these papers suggest that the only way to make a nanothermite truly explosive is to combine it with an explosive or other high-explosive mechanism. “It’s not the ‘nano’ that makes it explosive. It’s the explosive that makes it explosive.”
      Finally, I make recommendations of what those who advocate the nanothermite theory for WTC destruction can do to clarify their position, and I announce The Nanothermite Challenge.

    • the Dubai building probably didn’t have its security at time of disaster being run by a Bush relative – Marvin Bush – which is also probably why its still standing

  • This is the dumbest fucking post for what SHOULD be bloody obvious reasons.

    • Just a FedTroll acting like she is Sane

    • Your right! Science does not prove you wrong with how hot jet fuel burns compared to the melting point of steel! Oh wait…….. Science does say you are wrong

    • Bradford Robinson Considering the fact that you don’t even know the correct “you’re,” something tells me you don’t know much about science, either. Engineers aren’t the ones standing behind these conspiracies. #thanksforplaying

    • Bradford Robinson P.S. An engineer actually did an experiment showing steel melting at a temperature even lower than would have occurred at the towers. Not to mention the structural damage from the impacts.

    • Show the proof ?sources ?

    • Natasha, check out AE911, architects and engineers for 911 truth. WTC7 fell at free fall speed and no plane ever touched it. A few floors caught on fire. You’d be an idiot to not question the official story.

    • Engineers actually stand behind the fact that 911 was deliberate.

    • Natasha Lahera Still no sources?

    • Me, I’m a source. I’ve worked with metal my whole life. You conspiracy theory idiots are what’s wrong with this country.

  • thats because there were no preplaced explosives in thr hotel

  • yes completely different techniques and materials

  • Looks like a ritual

  • George Bush is responsible for everything that happened 9-11.

  • First off,,,if you want to make an intelligent point about something you can`t misidentify Dubai as India. Secondly, comparing 2 buildings that were different structurally means nothing. That isn`t promoting “free thought”,,,,its suggesting you know something that nobody else does. But how can anyone take you seriously when you make a huge geographical error and then compare apples to oranges????

    • Thanks for the insult. I guarantee you my brain functions fine. Besides that I`ll put my credentials up against your when it comes to construction materials and structure any day of the week but lastly,,,,tell me what you can prove and not what you think might have happened.

    • I think many if not most steal structures are built on the same idea. Many buildings that involve the use of a steel “skeleton” might have some design differences as it pertains to layout, but it’s my understanding they are essentially the same. I don’t want to fight with anyone or trade insults today. I’m just saying isn’t it quite odd a massive fire has never or very rarely collapsed a building before. And in Dubai this building had a fire much worse, yet it stands. Many other buildings that experienced similar fires stand as well. And we our supposed to believe “office fires” collapsed wt7! Does none of the official story about wt7’s free fall collapse seem odd too you? None of it? Also totally uninterested in fighting just curious about your logic.

    • Derk is right, location really doesn’t matter here. But….the principal is that the buildings are completely different. When was the building in Dubai built? Did they use the exact same materials the twin towers used? Point is, two different buildings built many years apart using different structural components will react differently. Anyone with a normal functioning brain knows that.

    • I have before in these arguments and don`t intend to do them with you when you start off insulting my intellect. Your whole life….really? I`m 60 and been inspecting material and structure longer than you`ve been on Earth. Building such as those,,,which ones cause I don`t think there are that many in the world,,,if any at all any more.You have no facts.

    • David Garcia …heres the thing for me. I don`t dispute the idea that we know everything about how what happened happened, In fact,,we may never know exactly what and how. However,,,inferring that things are explained outside the accepted norms of science/physics/metalurgry by something that can`t be proved and assumes so many other things that also can`t be proved ,,for me,, is irresponsible.

    • WTC 7 had only a few small fires scattered over a few floors, and collapsed straight through the path of greatest resistance and fell at free fall speeds.

    • WTC 7 was also struck by a much larger building.

    • Camera angles seem to make a difference.

    • Your right… The building materials do not have any comparison to what we built our buildings to!!! Oh wait we have better technology but ours fell. Science says you are wrong

    • Your experience with building materials is what Brad??Exactly what allows you to say WE….. What process in the manufacture of building materials have you ever participated in?? You familiar with the building codes of that day?? You know anything about the SOP for purchasing, chain of command, schedule, inspection from back in the day of construction. Lets not even get into what you don`t know about structure.Just read,,,,think,, read somemore and maybe you might learn something.or don`t and continue to sound ridiculous.

    • Quoth David Garcia:

      “I think many if not most steal structures are built on the same idea. Many buildings that involve the use of a steel “skeleton” might have some design differences as it pertains to layout, but it’s my understanding they are essentially the same,,,”
      Actually there’s a good chance that the Address Hotel, like the Burj Khalifa Dubai, isn’t made of “steal”, but is of reinforced concrete, much more resistant to fire than steel. The new WTC 7 has a reinforced concrete core, too: A special reinforced concrete even more fire-resistant than usual. Engineers learned lots of lessons from 9/11.

    • Quoth Robert Ruiz: “Camera angles seem to make a difference.”
      They sure do! Why don’t you show this photo from late in the afternoon?

      Puny fires! Or did The Vast Conspiracy smuggle giant smoke machines into WTC 7?

      This is just embarrassing. We must come to grips with the fact that one of the biggest reasons that the “Freedom Movement” isn’t taken seriously is the “Freedom Movement” itself.

    • I would be surprised if there wasn`t a fair amount of structural steel in Dubai, That said,,,fire supprsssion systems, fire proofing and additives in concrete can all affect how a building can perform under duress. You are correct,,,engineers learned much from the tragedy that was 9/11 along with the 40 years of advanced engineering that occurred between the time of these two buildings.

    • Bradford Robinson, better technology?? The twin towers were completed in 1970 and 71. Building 7 was completed in 1987. The Address Hotel in Dubai was completed in 2008. I really don’t think that our ’60s tech trumps Dubai’s ’00s tech. Just sayin……

    • Im guessing Joe Merlie works for the government, only reason to make such stupid statements.

    • Some of the best engineers in the world with access to modern technology in Dubai.

    • Scott Bacon, instead of insulting the guy, why don’t you prove him wrong? But seeing that you lead with an insult, I’m betting you don’t have any actual proof.

    • Regardless of the materials or location or anything. The building fell straight down at free fall speed instantaneously upon impact. How is it not painfully obviously not from the impact of the planes? Disagree? Prepare to defend your argument.

    • Aside from that watch the videos in slow motion you can see a row of windows exploding a few floors below where the impact took place almost at the same instant that it hit. Almost.

    • Wesley Jenkins ,,,All you have to do is READ my previous comments in these threads to see what I do. That seems to me to conote a laziness on your part with regard to research. Must be a common thread.When you choose to disregard,,as in your use of the term “regardless”,,,the elements of construction you automatically disqualify yourself from the discussion about what happened. In order to understand what happened you need to have a base of knowledge on construction materials, structure, physics regardless of what you assert. Watching a video and imagining that something happened without knowing anything about those elements is just ignorant. BTW,,,terms like “almost at the same time” and “free fall speed instaneously” show you are just repeating catch phrases from others. I doubt you understand any of the mechanics of what constitutes free fall speed. You shouldn`t use things as facts in your argument that you can`t defend with knowledge.

    • Correct not in India but the Indians did build it. I can’t believe anything there is still standing. All the money and looks. Just a facade. Actually a shithole and everything poorly built by the extremely poor.

  • Oh boy

  • So a building meant to withstand a plane bigger than the one that hit it, towards the top, flalls completely flat. Then this one must be flat by now right?

  • Did that building have a 900,000 pound jet crashing into it a full speed? Conspiracy theorist are total dumbasses!

    • I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. No planes hit tower 7.

    • Go away you foolish tinfoil hatter

    • Proof is in the pudding. A building doesn’t fall at free fall speed into its own footprint due to an office fire. How about you do some research instead of being lazy and just cop out and call everyone who questions the official story a “conspiracy theorist”.

    • Oh yeah and just to let you know a plane can not possibly go full speed at the altitude that the towers were at fyi.

    • You’re the guy who believes buildings just fall all by themselves. That makes you the fool.

    • That weight would be at max take off weight, which i severely doubt these planes were anywhere close to.

    • Colby Russell Leo Real Talk

    • Does jet fuel burn hot enough to melt steel? Ok just checking my science

    • Oh no it was the office furniture that burns that hot right?

    • Rob Dompeling please tell me how science statistics make someone a moron… I do what you do and if i am your age and am still in your position… Im a moron… Oh wait thats you

    • Mike is a cartoon man who believes in cartoon physics.

    • Opinions and facts are different Rob Dompeling. A building does not fall due to office fires its as simple as that. Dubai is the perfect proof along with the Madrid building fire. But it just a coincidence how a building that houses different departments owned by the government falls out of nowhere, a plane disappears after hitting pentagon, the “terrorists” passports survived, molten steel was found during clean up of the North and South towers, Larry Silverstein takes out a 4.5 billion dollar insurance policy for terrorism on the WTC only a couple months prior, do you want more proof that our government did this to get public consent to invade and terrorize innocent countries? All for the sake of money and oil?

    • Oh and also Mike Speake, the planes that hit the North and South towers (not tower 7) were 767s which have a takeoff weight of 395,000 pounds. 395,000 doesn’t equal 900,000. Don’t spew bullshit.

    • WTC 7 was never hit with a plane and it collapsed.
      It is impossible for jet fuel to melt steel beams.
      There is evidence of people inside those buildings, claiming they heard an explosion inside of the building BEFORE the plane hit. A.K.A. Thermite.
      Research people.

    • Mike you dumb fuck , no plane hit tower 7 ! You have embarrassed yourself there you complete and utter Moron.

    • Mouth breathers. What happens to melt when it gets hot? Does it melt or bend first. Malleability of metal. Look it up

    • Mike your the perfect example of a sheep

    • Wow look at all these engineers doing all their research from sources they only use to reinforce their viewpoints as opposed to getting objective facts.

    • Building 7 came down like magic the dust from the twin towers knocked it down you know like the big bad wolf or something.

    • Bradford Robinson: “Does jet fuel burn hot enough to melt steel? Ok just checking my science”
      “Jet fuel melting steel” isn’t a part of “The Official Story”, but is a part of the strawman Truther argument. Stop embarrassing yourself and the Liberty Movement with stupid memes like that.

    • total MORON is you, sheep among sheeple with little to no intellect….. never question because you will get your illusion of freedom and security destroyed….

    • And for your knowledge, according to the report, it was not the impact of ”Large plane” crash into the building was not the reason for its destruction, but Fire, only Fire…. and there was no Jet Fuel, it actually flew away as big fire ball when the plane crashed into the building….. how long does it burn in fire to collapse ??only a few minutes then goes imploded down to its own footprint… since 9/11 there have been several fire-incidents and some of them even lasted for several hours, from 10 to to 28 hours… fully engulfed in real FIRE, not just smoke as you saw in WTC… and yet none of the building collapsed ……. common sense will tell you that such Fire can’t melt steel huge columns…. let alone entire building imploding to dust ….

    • No…not even a hplogram.

    • Government trolls

  • Jeff Eisenberg Jack Zito

  • Yeah, you missed a Geography class…….

  • WTC cutest building ever lol

  • Yes the planes did bring the towers down but the conspiracy is who flew the planes into the towers.

  • That’s the debate I was having on news pages on fb

    • Dumbass

    • WTC 7 had only a few small fires scattered over a few floors, and collapsed straight through the path of greatest resistance and fell at free fall speeds.

    • 7 had most of the bottom section of an outer wall taken down by debris from the towers falling. Fucking retard

    • LOL try educating yourself instead of hiding your head in the sand. It works much better. Ignoring other investagations because you’re scared and choosing not to research other reports from canadian investagations that’s your own choice. Canadian architects have gotten together and debated plausible causes.


      Investagat 9/11 for the 24 Canadians who lost their lives that day!

      The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and still refuse to investigate. 😉

    • Lol “try educating yourself” from the guy that thinks it was an inside job. I bet you think god is real too huh?

    • Take the foil off of your head and read up http://debunking911.com/

    • WTC 7 had only a few small fires scattered over a few floors, and collapsed straight through the path of greatest resistance and fell at free fall speeds.

      Your argument is invalid. My argument makes you angry? You have a problem and you need to seek help.. Good luck.

    • N.I.S.T is a political group of scientists.. How about you research an independent group of architects? #TheTorontoHearings is a great place to start. 🙂

    • Your poor choice of words and vulgar responses led me to believe you’re not very intelligent. Like I said, good luck.

    • My argument is invalid? Did you even read the article I linked to? Of course not because you’re so brainwashed you refuse to accept that it was nothing more than a terrorist attack.

    • You’re using intimidation to spread your message which isn’t a very great way to tell any truth… I have did my research and the official story just doesn’t seem right to me. I will continue to spread the news so that others will look into it as far as I have. Good luck convincing others your side with vulgar responses and intimidation.

  • Really, well they did not had a fricken huge plan with fuel crash into the building, I like your site but sometimes you are full of shit

  • Time to unfollow these idiots

  • Bla bla bla

  • Because Indians construct in Dubai… Not Germans or Americans

  • India lmfao

  • A plane never even flew into 5 world trade I know cause I used to bring in building material to the GCs . 9/11 was a inside job believe that and bush should be brought up on treason charges

    • Plane not plain. You can’t spell – typical tin foil hatter

    • Fuck off govt troll lick a dick Neanderthal

    • you mean WTC 7? WTC 5 was not a collapse

    • U all make me laugh…

    • Well then..I guess all the thousands of people that seen it happen were hallucinating!! And sorry if I didn’t spell that right.

    • Styles.. If you believe it’s an inside job, ok, that’s possible I guess. But don’t say that the planes didn’t hit the Towers. Because they did.. Live video feed of it. Seen it myself while watching the first one burn. Plane flew right into it.So unless all major media was in on this ahead of time and showed fake footish in real time. I doubt your theory is right.

    • I didn’t say the planes didn’t hit tower. I said they didn’t hit 5 world trade the smaller building. No plane flew into it and it collapsed man explain that shit to me

    • Styles it’s building 7 broham. If you’re going to throw a theory out there, which I agree 9/11 was an inside job. You gotta at least know which building it was. Building 7. However, do not let anyone’s doubt take away from what you are looking for. Many people lost their lives thay day for the profits for the ones whom own this country.

    • https://www.facebook.com/TunisTribune/videos/10153014945747926/
      There were no planes but inserted ones that we all saw.

    • Shut the fuck up

    • Listen to a stoner bro

    • Actually Michael Smarjesse Sr.. The media did know it. The news accidentally aired 4 or 5 minutes prior to 911 about 911. Considering you’re a senior you probably have no idea of some of the technology the elites have

    • Johnny.. Thanks for reminding me I’m a senior.. lol. I don’t know about the pre-emptive news you’re talking about. But I do know this or at least I believe this..To pull off such a horrible “inside-job” crime would involve the cooperation of so many local and federal agencies and media groups that the “mechanism” in control would have to have the power of mass hypnosis! And I refuse to believe that because if true, then The Lord’s return is surely very, very soon.I’m ready… Are you?

    • Well there are facts that point towards Cheney, Bush, the pm of England at the time Blair, and the Saudis who carried it out. So there’s a bunch of agencies tied in with all of those people

    • That’s right,Elvis was the pilot and he survived the crash and did a collaboration with Tupac which is selling millions right now!

    • Stfu u idiot u sound stupid …

  • don’t encourage this dumbness

  • I was literally just thinking this.

  • Eeeee they all believe the fairytales in Murica, Jet Fuel was a good storyline to get it all started for christians n patriotic fools

  • Simple….one was an inside job…the other wasn’t.

  • Samuel

    • Bro there’s an actual video of the latter buckling under its own weight. There is so little room for conspiracy there.

    • The official report states that WTC7 collapsed due to fire and not directly due to physical damage from falling debris, and obviously not because of any jet fuel.

      WTC7 was a steel highrise, made with flame retardant materials. Collapses directly into itself symmetrically, despite asymmetrical damage.

      If you search around online you’ll find that no event in modern engineering history, even slightly resembling what occured here, has ever been recorded

      Sounds legit though

    • There’s a video showing some of the foundation buckling though, bro science aside. Also it’s unlikely scenarios like this have happened before. Reports said the side facing the trade center was totally busted up. It’s why the building was evacuated.

    • Yea I saw the pictures of the physical damage on the closest side – but the official report states that the collapse wasn’t due to that. Only fire

      Been googling and youtubing but I cant find any footage of pre-collapse buckling, only sudden collapse. Got link?

      ” The collapse made the old 7 World Trade Center the first tall building known to have collapsed primarily due to uncontrolled fires,[8] and the only steel skyscraper in the world to have collapsed due to fire.[9]”

      Quotes straight from wiki but actual sources are from NIST (US Gov) and BBC

    • I Google wtc7 and it was like the third link

    • All I’m seeing is a video of a steel highrise on fire, fueled by its own contents. Do a quick google search and you can easily find over a dozen other examples of large steel highrises on fire, most of which are engulfed in considerably larger flames, that didn’t collapse or even partially collapse.

    • WTC, centre of the worlds wealth, built shitty cheap buildings that fall under circumstances where no other buildings have fallen before? Yeah right.

      Explain the free fall symmetrical collapse into its own footprint then.

      You can trust mass murderers, bankers and the CIA if you really want to bro. They’ve never conspired to do anything, ever.

  • Janell Bogar Opsahl

  • WTC 7 had only a few small fires scattered over a few floors, and collapsed straight through the path of greatest resistance and fell without resistance.

    • Stop saying freefall speeds like you have any idea what that means. You should study at the University of Dubie, its in Paris, India.

    • WTC 7 had only a few small fires scattered over a few floors, and collapsed straight through the path of greatest resistance and fell at free fall speeds. Lol…

    • Its? For somebody who brags about university, they can’t tell the difference in reference to ownership… “It’s in”***

    • On my mobile phones .. ‘ is inconvenient – Kind of like how its hard to read reports from your moms basement.


    • 11. In a video, it appears that WTC 7 is descending in free fall, something that would not occur in the structural collapse that you describe. How can NIST ignore basic laws of physics?
      In the draft WTC 7 report (released Aug. 21, 2008; available at http://www.nist.gov/el/disasterstudies/wtc/wtc_draftreports.cfm), NIST stated that the north face of the building descended 18 stories (the portion of the collapse visible in the video) in 5.4 seconds, based on video analysis of the building collapse. This time period is 40 percent longer than the 3.9 seconds this process would have taken if the north face of the building had descended solely under free fall conditions. During the public comment period on the draft report, NIST was asked to confirm this time difference and define the reasons for it in greater detail.
      To further clarify the descent of the north face, NIST recorded the downward displacement of a point near the center of the roofline from first movement until the north face was no longer visible in the video. Numerical analyses were conducted to calculate the velocity and acceleration of the roofline point from the time-dependent displacement data. The instant at which vertical motion of the roofline first occurred was determined by tracking the numerical value of the brightness of a pixel (a single element in the video image) at the roofline. This pixel became brighter as the roofline began to descend because the color of the pixel started to change from that of the building façade to the lighter color of the sky.
      The approach taken by NIST is summarized in NIST NCSTAR Report 1A, Section 3.6, and detailed in NIST NCSTAR Report 1-9, Section 12.5.3.
      The analyses of the video (both the estimation of the instant the roofline began to descend and the calculated velocity and acceleration of a point on the roofline) revealed three distinct stages characterizing the 5.4 seconds of collapse:
      Stage 1 (0 to 1.75 seconds): acceleration less than that of gravity (i.e., slower than free fall).
      Stage 2 (1.75 to 4.0 seconds): gravitational acceleration (free fall)
      Stage 3 (4.0 to 5.4 seconds): decreased acceleration, again less than that of gravity
      This analysis showed that the 40 percent longer descent time—compared to the 3.9 second free fall time—was due primarily to Stage 1, which corresponded to the buckling of the exterior columns in the lower stories of the north face. During Stage 2, the north face descended essentially in free fall, indicating negligible support from the structure below. This is consistent with the structural analysis model, which showed the exterior columns buckling and losing their capacity to support the loads from the structure above. In Stage 3, the acceleration decreased as the upper portion of the north face encountered increased resistance from the collapsed structure and the debris pile below.

    • N.I.S.T is a political group of scientists. If you’re truly appreciative about other independent investigators then check out #TheTorontoHearings, they’re a group of independent architects who are offering their knowledge and aren’t getting paid. And they’re not in favour of any political stories.

    • I’m open minded to N.I.S.T’s official story but it just doesn’t add up logically. I suggest you delve deeper and research a bit more. You’re on the right track. Check out #TheTorontoHearings

    • Different construction methods? Contrary to your beliefs… this building didn’t collapse due to structural damage and jet fuel or scattered office fires. And we’re still using the same building materials we used 100 years ago.

    • Something tells me you did not actually read through any reports. Your stupid post of a B25 hitting a building means nothing because the WTC7 building was not hit by a plane.

      You continued reference to a few ‘small office fires’ has no relation to the finding of series, uncontrolled fires that hit about 10 floors simultaneously.

      You ignore the fact that the water mains were damages by the collapse of the WTC, shattered windows, 100% no fire fighting effort, and the fires burned for a long time.

      I posted direct evidence that the building was not in free fall. The sad fact is you have based a large portion of your self worth on being one of the special people who know the secret truth. Sorry, your not special, just easily mislead.

    • Your evidence is lacking something. A proper investigation from other sources other than N.I.S.T. I don’t see why a political group of scientists should have written any official report.


      There was no resistance…

      Let that phrase ring through your head..


    • If I threw a pig through 100 + wooden doors do you think its body can keep falling without resistance? Or would the doors slow its descent? Free fall, no resistance… it’s not your job to educate anyone on the subject when it’s clearly falling without any resistance.. AKA free fall..

    • The scale is nearly correct with that of the WTC. Pigs are heavy!

    • A:

    • B:

  • You mean in these two instances two different types of buildings reacted differently when something happened to them? You don’t say…

  • Dude! Let it go.

  • Dubai is in the UAE not India BRAH

  • “100s of people fled wearing just their pyjamas and holding passports”.. (bbcnews) .. why would they bother with the passports, everyone knows they are indisructable :/

  • Your missing a lot!!!!!! Like geography class

  • WTC had big jets fly into them at hundreds of miles an hour, and these had a fire that started on the outside. You guys are morons.

    • Fire was entire building from top to bottom inside

    • If I set your car on fire it may burn or melt eventually but if I run over it with a truck before I set it on fire you will have a different result.

    • Very good, stay asleep, no independent thought, make sure you say the words “tin foil hat”

    • WTC building 7 had no such thing happen to it. But you probably didn’t know that. Smh

    • No aircraft ever hit WTC7. Try again.

    • Building 7 had no jet fly into it … At all

    • You might want to read more than the news papers they are just for the brain dead !

    • George… those analogies are not relevant.
      No plane hit WTC7.
      WTC7 was rigged for demolition… that’s obvious to almost everyone I know.
      If WTC7 was rigged for demolition, then so we’re the North and South towers.

    • Beams were cut at a 45° on all three buildings. Fire fighters and maintenance reported explosions in the buildings before planes hit.

    • Sandy hook was bullshit too

    • George, the point being made is that the world trade center collapse was attributed to “office fires” throughout the building.

      So this is quite relevant.

  • #fail

  • Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates. No where near India.

  • You realize Dubai isn’t in India right? It’s in the UAE…….

  • Dubai is in Saudi Arabia not india

  • BTW what 47 story tower are these people talking about? Can’t be the WTC as those towers were 108 stories!

    • World Trade Center 7. It was the 3rd building to collapse on 9/11.

  • This page just lost a lot of credibility with me lol

  • America is tripping over thr lies

  • Things that make you go hmm

  • Dubai isn’t in India

  • All the conspiracy theories put to rest for a min….how the hell does the most defended country with the biggest military budget of all time let the planes escape detection and allow them too crash into said buildings. Either they were allowed too crash or your Air Force is incompetent.

    • In the United States the corporate media trains mindless sheep to finger point the finger at liberals and Obama to be the root of all their problems then trains the Obama people blame Bush rather than come together and speak out against all government and think for themselves. It’s basically is Blood vs Crips for suburban white people.

    • Not to mention over 80 traffic camera tapes with clear view of the pentagon were confiscated.

  • Donnie Wilson

  • IGNORANT MF’ers! Put your tinfoil hat back on!

  • The No Brains Project.com

  • This is the simplest way to explain that 9/11 was an inside job. A building collapsed at free fall speed due to OFFICE FIRES, is no where to be found in the commission report, and 95% of Americans don’t even know about the building? Of coarse the official story is right!

    • I dunno it seems to me there’s more Americans that call bullshit on the governments official report (which was a complete joke on humilating levels) than there are people who just blindly believe it was a bunch of Muslims operating from a fucking cave somewhere.

    • You’d be surprised that “truthers” are outnumbered by people who believe the official story, by far.

  • I was wondering when this was going to be mentioned.


  • that would be a yes. years of difference no decades.

  • Uh… Dubai isn’t in India.

  • It’s a government building, what do you expect ???? Built by the lowest bidders !!!

  • I don’t care what any of you say. Buildings don’t fall straight down when you punch a giant hole in the side of them. You’re all just jealous that you don’t have your own tin-foil hats.

  • Longee Guo Harris Bin Rashid William Hung 9/11 was an inside job

  • Sometimes people overscience. WTC built by Americans to withstand planes, earthquakes and fires. Who here is suggesting that in Dubai, they build skyscrapers better than USA?

    • Dubai builds waaaay better. $hew do they have it! I’m not too into this but if I may, how do you test a building for what occurred on 9-11? Like I said, I’m not too into this but not trying to a smart ass but can you provide a legit answer?

    • It’s widely known information. WTC was built to withstand the apocalypse

  • Yea, but the tower in Dubai didn’t have a widebody airplane crash into it.

    • Either did building 7

    • I remember watching the coverage very vividly that day. In the afternoon or evening, a reporter was startled by an explosion. I remember an official coming on and saying there was a building being demoed because it had been made structurally unsound by the collapse of the two towers and I always took that at face value. I dont know if that was building 7, but it seemed logical to me.

    • It is also very hard for me to believe that a pilots hijacked two planes, flew them into the exact locations in the buildings where explosive were planted, and all without damaging them.

    • Or people went up the towers and planted explosives in all of that smoke and fire after the planes had crashed into the towers.

    • There had to be a hell of a lot of people involved in this, and it all had to go right. It’s not like supplying a group with arms or assassinating a president with a few snipers.

    • Was anyone actually in WTC7 that day? I’ve never heard stories about any victims from that collapse.

  • In WTC 7 only small areas of the building were on fire, and the sprinklers put out most of the fires.

  • Simon Ngui :p

    • Roger that. I’m not into conspiracies much though. If the US Govt did it then they are evil lying bastards. If Al Qaeda did it and some freak occurrence of physics happened then that sux too. Either way thousands of people died 🙁

    • yup

    • I promise I will never troll you on anything non-LeBron related again 😛

    • Haha troll away – most of the time I deserve it 🙂

    • Speaking of which – brons outside shooting percent is second lowest in the league behind only Kobe – sigh

    • Nah I love Bron. I’m the only one who love Harden though 🙁

    • He has a strong beard – I don’t mind him – bit lazy on D though 🙂

  • IT WASN’T HIT BY A FUCKING PLANE!! This overly simplistic shit

  • Marc S. Tanner

  • Age of building ( different building regulstions ) furniture and paper burns at lower temperature, dubai had not been hit by multi hundred ton aircraft. You might as well compare a bonfire to a furnace.

    • Except wtc7 never got hit with a plane…

    • Yea dumbass, get your facts straight before you “try” to be a smart ass

    • Wtc7 had most of one face of the building damaged, thus weakening the structure to cause the collapse, no fires necessary

    • Pretty convenient that it only happen to that building…

    • Ross Keim why did the BBC report its falling before the actual event? Are you actually inclined to believe what you are saying?

    • Callum Butcherthose facts *are* correct but don’t let that get in the way of the standard Guardian way of arguments by insulting anyone who disagrees when someone disagrees.

    • Wtc7 designed to survive in earthquake

    • Office fires caused the building 7 to collapse? How stupid can you be?

    • BillySouthern go Google wtc 7 pictures and you will find ones that show structure buckling in heat. As for designed for an earthquake…those regulations are intended to ensure a building stays structurally sound for long enough to evacuate. Nothing to do with 7

    • Dave Simons best read the NIST report and what they stated caused the actual collapse.

    • Dave Simmon’s is chatting copious amount of shit like the head of nist, utter fucking nonsense. Blagging cunt.


    • what planes, what hijackers ?

    • People can be willfully ignorant, but you can’t fix stupid…Which are YOU?

    • Jet fuel cannot melt steel. You should have paid attention in school.

    • The trade centers were aged steel 30+ years. The force of the planes shook the building thus cracking concrete below impact points. These buildings were not only steel it was steel and concrete. The weight cause it to crack under pressure. The steel prevented the buildings from falling sideways only other way was straight down. The first building collapsed with a lot of force hence why it sent dust clouds through the streets which shook the last building causing more damage. The melted steel was found after it collapsed. The jet fuel burned and I’m sure there was gas lines under ground that were broke those two burning um pretty sure would cause enough heat to melt it but who knows really

    • Fire fighters and parametics were called back and told to “WAIT” for building 7 to come down. This means they fucking knew the building would come down. How does anyone KNOW this when it is on fire and nothing more? Realistically if this building would have come down the way the blind believers want you to blindly follow the rest of the sheep, then several firefighters and/or parametics would have been killed in the collapse. But they weren’t because they were instructed to wait until it came down. Read first hand accounts if you doubt this.

    • I wonder why nobody ever talks about the shock from impact that might have occured.

    • @john vonbier YOU are the one that should have paid attention. Burning jet fuel does NOT have to completely melt a steel girder it only has to weaken it enough for the load on said girder to cause the failure. It is called Physics.

    • Its sad how some people have no idea that WTC 7 existed or that it never got hit with a plane.

  • Excellent point!


  • Jim Munro

  • Well one had planes crashed into it.

  • Someone better tag that condescending, arrogant “metallurgical blacksmith” so that he can explain this.

  • Yep smoke and mirrors.

  • DOD?

  • I always just figured it was magic water.

  • People just don’t want to wake up!

  • food for thought……Really makes ya wonder doesn’t it……BUT……They’d never do that to there own country would they !!!!!

  • Dubai is not in India…. may want to edit this post

  • Hmm Nick Schultz we can add this to our conspiracy theories


  • United Arab Emirates. But the point stands.

  • Dude, there no were planes crashing into this building. Get a life you fucking loser.

  • I’m on the verge of unfollowing this page. This shit so retarded.

  • You shot yourself in the foot with equating Dubai to India. Free thinking shouldn’t be an invitation to lazy thinking.

  • You guys all need a stiff drink, chill.

  • Inside jobs, all of it.. And we get labeled conspiracy theorists to make us look crazy

  • America thinks it does everything the best, then an office fire makes the CIAs build colapes, so either youre shirt at building building’s, or the whole thing is a set up….. And who occupied the building ???? Hhuuummmmmm

    • Seriously? An office fire? Have you done ANY research on what happened, or even watched the TV the day it happened?

    • Yer I did I watched it all as breaking news on the Day, so tell me how the CIAs build collapsed destroying all their records the day after its announced they can’t explain where billions of dollars have gone

    • Shit happens!!! LOL!!! AND, it was convenient for starting the Middle East War, you gotta admit!! ???

    • Yer it THE reason, that’s why I think it was a total set up. I was watching a news story a couple of weeks back where some government report said the war in Iraq and Afghanistan bad cost the US tax payer 7 trillion, no wonder there is no money left for anything else.

  • India? No not sharing…………

  • Does it matter…….. The building is destroyed. Stupid meme #idiots

  • April Villarreal

  • fact check : a very short time before 9/11, donald rumsfeld himself stated there was a gaping hole of 2.3 trillion $ of defense budget unacounted for.he was about to blow the whistle on the moneytrail towards usap’s. forget jetfuel,what about the third tower (wtc 7) ,where the defence kept all its financial records,that all of a sudden collapses on itself.not hit by anything,no plane so much as grazed it,nothing.still went down,very smooth and controlled-demolition like.free energy,antigravity,sooner or later,they are going to have to reveal this technology.the arguments beeing used to withhold them (terrorism for one) are bloody well created by them in the first place and thus pretty moot at this point.

    • BBC reported its fall 20 mins earlier before it actually fell. That should be enough for people with functional brains.

    • yup.look at how far its gotten tough,its damn near civil war in some places,especially now with the refugee crisis.it’s ridiculous how well “divide and conquer” still works today to rule the masses effectively.there is only one species ; humans.there’s good people & assholes in all shapes,sizes & colours.

  • Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates and is home to the tallest building and largest shopping mall in the world.

  • David Abosso

  • illuminati Manoah Sam

  • Well office fires and giant fucking planes crashed into them. Did a plane hit this hotel?

  • With some help from C-4 or TNT!

  • Different methods of construction.

    • Not at all.. this building didn’t collapse due to structural damage and jet fuel.

    • Way to many variables, different methods of construction different types of fuel, different fuel loads, different weight of aircraft. Position it hits the building.

    • This guy is so smart

  • FEMA research it guys!!!

  • So much inaccurate information…

  • do to impact.

  • This was a practice run for the New World Order to see how many Amaricans will exsept what will happen

  • What’s India got to do with anything?

  • 9/11 was a inside job. The Americans that were killed were sacrificed for greed. Bush could go to war without Congress approval.

  • It wasn’t slathered in jet fuel #next

  • Yep your missing something all right, it’s called an education you fucking idiot. India ??????????

  • Ya but what can the common man do about the disinformation besides see it?

  • Brian Larmour

  • “do they use better building materials in india”

    • Nope! We’re still using the same building materials we used 100 years ago. That awkward moment when bent steel and jet fuel didn’t make this building collapse.

    • Richard McNeil no what i ment is dubai isnt in india

    • ???

    • The Empire State Building burned for 9 days as well.

    • Richard McNeil ….do you know what the differences in grades of steel are or the manufacturing process of either concrete or steel? Don`t answer cause you don`t. Thinking that because the material is called “steel” or “concrete” makes a 1966 product the same as a 2010 product is naiive.Toilet paper isnt the same as it was 50 years ago,,food products are the same,etc….C`mon,, when you actually know something get back to us.

  • As soon as I saw the Dubai fire I thought exactly the same thing…

  • Wow, another structural engineer. Please tells us more.

  • The twin towers I can believe but those others make no sense to me, nor have I heard any convincing stories of how those fires started.

  • Who gives a flying FUCK where the building is, you idiots…that’s not the topic or POINT!

  • Yeahh. This is a dumb argument on behalf of the FTP but it doesn’t change facts. 9-11 was absolutely an inside job and refusing the evidence that demolition processes are the only way these buildings could have fallen in the manner they did is the sign of someone who lacks critical thinking abilities.

    • So explain to me how a demolition crew does all of the placement of explosives while not a single person out of thousands of employees notices anything going on.

    • Who says they didn’t know about it?

    • Who says the buildings weren’t built with them there in the first place in case they ever needed to do something like 9/11?

    • Even the 9 building in Cleveland Ohio has secret hallways and stairways so LeBron can leave his apartment and get to his transportation without seeing anyone. You don’t think billionaire CEOs had the same things?

    • It doesn’t take much to install fire escape sized private staircases anywhere inside buildings.

  • goofy post.. when you apply fireworks to the outside of a building.. things just might catch on fire? and it did. end of story. they showed great planning in being able to get everyone out and only a few injuries.. lets not blow it out of proportion…..

  • Dubai is not in India, you twit.

    What idiot put this up? I’m done. Unfollowing.

  • Dubai is not in India. Somehow i doubt your knowledge of structural and civil engineering is any better than your geography.

  • Well I don’t know INDIA! Question: When did they move Dubai from United Arab Emirates to India?

    • Why argue an irrelevant point of subject? Trolls

  • well for starters it was around 2-5 seconds slower than freefall so thats a lie, and unlike the dubi fire it had not just had a jet slammed into the side of it

  • Pay close attention to what this guy shares… Not stating their wasn’t a fire, but more like it was staged if this guy is correct.


  • The WTC towers were much taller than 47 floors. I used to eat Sunday brunch at Windows of the World and it was on the 104th floor.

  • where is that redneck fucker at when it comes to “Debunking” this shit? Probably getting ready to kiss his sister tonight.

  • #jetfueldoesntmeltsteelbeams

  • Jet fuel = duh

  • They sure know how to build a building right in Dubai 😉

  • Excellent!

  • Well for starters Dubai is not in India !!!

  • Yyou might be missing the hundreds of gallons of jet fuel that burned a hole through the entire WTC towers top to bottom

  • Mansa Musa was the ruler of Malian Empire which has an estimated net worth of $400 billion. He is referred to as The Richest Man of All Time.

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  • The Address hotel in Dubai was built in 2008 to latest standards of safety. Dubai lives off of tourism, they can’t afford to lose that income due to low standards and quality of their buildings. The fact that nobody died in that building is actually a positive point for future tourism.

  • Other than it’s not India yes they did because that buiding was just built compared the the WTC which was built a long time ago. Newer state of the art materials and LOTS of money were used in the UAE.

  • Some of the stuff they post on FB is such Bull Sh%$…

  • JP-5 could be a huge difference.

  • obviously it’s cause the offices only have computers now. not all the loose papers.. combustibles. …….and bombs

  • Patrick Thomas Healy makes a lot more sense than that clown in his shed

  • Seriously? You fucking MORONS!

  • Only a complete baffoon would believe the ‘official’ story.

  • Ashley Whyles

  • No New Yuck can’t do anything right!!! New Yuckers SUCK ASS!!

  • The jet fuel

  • Different construction methods? Contrary to your beliefs… this building didn’t collapse due to structural damage and jet fuel or scattered office fires. And we’re still using the same building materials we used 100 years ago.

    • Where are all the nay sayers debunking this historical fact?

    • the B-52 is a feather to one of the planes that hit the world trade center. Nothing hit the hotel in Dubai. Comparing apples to oranges and assuming the lemon would be the same… if that makes sense. More sense than trying to produce some theory from equations that simply do not work anyway.

    • They don’t make them like they used to?! ?

    • WTC 7 fell with no resistance.


    • #7 burned for a day and had a big chunk smashed out of one side . Jengo

    • Empire State was built out of concrete and that plane was empty and weighs about 1/ 10th as much

    • WTC 7 had only a few small fires scattered over a few floors, and collapsed straight through the path of greatest resistance and fell at free fall speeds.

    • Richard McNeil, it had massive fires. It was observed to be creaking and leaning; FDNY cleared a safety zone around it for fear it would collapse. They were right.

      Why do you bring embarrassment to the Freedom Movement?

    • It fell without resistance.

    • Got 5 minutes? Watch the youtube video!

    • Your pile driver theory is invalid, after repetitive replays of the descending tower there’s no visible pile driver crushing the remaining floors below..

    • Richard, there are videos debunking the conspiracy theories as well. I’m sure you can find ’em.

    • It’s on YouTube so it must be true

    • Mark Scott Oh so like this one?

    • A B-52 bomber is a quarter the size of a 757, goes half the speed, and didn’t use jet fuel. It used a diesel mix for its props, which burns at maximum 700 degrees.

      The comparison is a false equivalency

    • Cute… This doesn’t explain why WTC 4-6 didn’t collapse. As they were even closer to the twin towers. The Bankers Trust building took more damage than WTC 7 and still remained standing…

      Still doesn’t explain in the history of modern construction. Why three towers all fell the exact same way. Physically impossible… but we all watched it happen.

    • Richard McNeil Actually, no jet fuel goes ka-boom, diesel fuel goes fizzle. Diesel doesn’t have an oxidizer mixed into it like Jet Fuel. It requires compression and heating to ignite. Even then, without the correct fuel to air mixture, it will not ignite at all. The the B-52 bomber was a low altitude bomber (if compared to commercial airlines today). It’s maximum altitude was all of 15,000 feet (which is the case for many small air craft and prop crafts used to this day). Furthermore, the B-52 bomber was designed to take a beating from anti-aircraft weapons from WWII. Note that I said it was a quarter of the size, it wasn’t quarter of the weight. The heavy armor of the craft and extra reinforcement of the shell of the B-52 bomber would have prevented major damage to the it in the case of being attacked.

      What the meme doesn’t tell you is that the B-52 bomber that crashed into the Empire State Building was fully recovered and only the skin on the wings had been damaged. Even the pilot and two passengers survived the incident.

    • Alex Chevalier Simple answer, backfeed explosions along main natural gas line that fed both WTC buildings via underground maintenance tunnels.

    • You still failed to answer my last reply..

      These people are a group of architects who are independent from N.I.S.T.

      N.I.S.T is a group of political scientists…

      “POLITICAL SCIENCE” Should not be taken seriously.

      #TheTorontoHearings look this up.

    • WTC 7 had only a few small fires scattered over a few floors, and collapsed straight through the path of greatest resistance and fell without resistance.

    • Okay, well; 1) all three towers fell completely differently. Tower one toppled over, tower two collapsed unilaterally, and wtc 7 collapsed in series. The collapse of each twin tower is explained by the type of plane and where they hit. The wtc 7 series collapse (collapsing from one side down in on to itself) is explained by the fact that a natural gas line exploded in the tunnels that connected the Twin Towers to the WTC 7 building. The is particular tunnel so happened to connect on the left side of the building (the corn closest to the twin towers) which so happens to be the side that collapses first. This is because the explosion destroyed support pylons in the sublevels of the building.

    • Richard McNeil Regardless of if NIST is a political think tank or not, I doubt the architects they referenced said anything that was abstract or objectively incorrect.

    • The pile driver theory is invalid, after repetitive replays of the descending tower there’s no visible pile driver crushing the remaining floors below.. got 5 minutes? Watch this youtube video of an independent investigator who isn’t on any political sides like N.I.S.T…


    • …I don’t need to watch the video, I’ve watched the original video enough times to know how and why they collapsed the way they did. And it is explained with basic physics. Period.

    • Though judging by your demeanour. I wasn’t expecting a serious answer.

    • Kristoffer Jay Martin a b-52 is not a b-25

    • Kristoffer .. “i already know so i dont need to be told”.. case closed. No further discussion needed.

    • It was not a b25 it was a b 24. The Empire State Building burned for 9 days so when the World Trade Centers were built they were designed to withstand what supposedly made them collapse on 9/11.

    • No way all that steel failed simultaneously to allow towers to fall into their own footprint. They should have tipped over into whatever way the wind was blowing that morning.

    • Lol you are clearly not an engineer

    • Don’t have the degree but i have spent some time in the demo business. What do you need to know?

    • The canard is they were “designed to withstand”… That was the intent…. Based on what they KNEW at the time. But they were wrong,,, weren’t they? That’s all,,, using the knowledge they had at that time they built a structure designed , which by the way was a very clever and never done before, a structure to go higher than any. That was the over arching design interest and second was to house as many workers as possible. Everything else paled. Doesn’t mean they shirked the other responsibilities for safety. If you’re in demo and your know anything about structures and this specific building you know it was two hollow tubes … More air by volume than anything

    • Canard that

    • No true explosion
      A plane could not have took down that building and where are plane parts like engine

    • Jet A doesn’t have an oxidizer mixed in. It gets that from the intake. Sounds like you’re thinking of rocket fuel.

    • You have an engineering degree (as I do), but you don’t know that office fires and even jet fuel fire cannot melt aluminum? I suspect you are just another government coverup shill!

    • The fire was extinguished by sprinkler systems and the fire department unlike the WTC. Pretty simple concept unless you bare a total retard like a truther

    • Mick Davis if you were an “engineer” you would know aluminum melts at 1200F – well within the temperatures of jet A and office fires. STEEL – loses more than half of its load bearing capacity at half its melting point of about 2400F. This is how swords and horseshoes are made

    • Doesn’t matter…………It still burned 9 days without collapsing.

    • Guys don’t try too hard because sheeple will never change….. and MORONS will always find reasons to defend their illusion of ”freedom” and ”security” from getting destroyed….

    • Well said, there are a lot of idiots trying to justify their crap

    • Mick Davis you are an idiot, as I’m an Aviation Fire Fighter I can tell you that Jet fuel or as known as Jet- A1 does melt Aluminium.

    • They can down play the facts all they want but they can’t reinvent how the towers “visually” collapsed without resistance or any “pile driver” as they so claim to have happened judging by N.I.S.T’s official story… we all seen it happen.

    • The pile driver theory is invalid, after repetitive replays of the descending tower there’s no visible pile driver crushing the remaining floors below.. here’s a video of an architect who’s with #TheTorontoHearings and here’s his expert outlook, got 5 minutes? Watch this youtube video of an independent investigator who isn’t on any political sides like N.I.S.T…


    • Richard McNeil A tree burns, it doesn’t melt or fall over from heat in this sense, nor is it bearing the load of hundreds of metric tons.

    • Why have government agencies been hindering an independent investigation from the start? Have you seen the aftermath at ground zero? What explains the spherical balls of metal/steel throughout Manhattan? Jet fuel CAN’T oxidize metal in that manner like thermite can… also, why were chunks of unexploded thermite found throughout Manhattan? Why were steel beams found cut diagonally Throughout the rubble? Why was there molten metal witnessed pouring from the towers prior to the collapse? There’s pictures all over the Internet if you would just take the time and LOOK!!! Jet fuel can’t oxidize metal…

    • I mean we all seen how the towers fell without resistance. What are you trying to prove besides sheer stupidity?

    • Richard McNeil, post that video. It was taken down

    • Serious?

    • The pile driver theory is invalid, after repetitive replays of the descending tower there’s no visible pile driver crushing the remaining floors below.. got 5 minutes? Watch this youtube video of an independent investigator who isn’t on any political sides like N.I.S.T…


    • As my Architectural Engineering professors taught us at Cal Poly the towers were built with the bearing structure up the middle and the exterior just hung from that. Great for lighter weight tall buildings but in the 1960’s designing for terrorist attack was unheard of.

    • The scientists at N.I.S.T did not model their collapse of the towers. Their analysis was gravely flawed in many ways. But the biggest flaw was the scope of their investagation was artificially limited. They took their analysis only to the point of “initiation of collapse,” as though all the fallout was inevitable and needed no explanation. The scope of their investagation was limited to what “might have happened” or “could have happened” to begin the collapse, but they explicitly did not take into account was “what actually happened” by limiting their investagation to the natural precursors of collapse: plane, damage and the fire.. They ruled out from the start any possibility of discovering evidence of a planned demolition.

    • love all these “so called engineers” with their conspiracy theories .. Half of you can’t even form a coherent sentence yet you know complex mathematical/engineering equations to claim the towers falling – was an inside job .. Get outa here

    • I am an “Engineer”. Hahaha Yeaaaaah

    • Why do people think you have to melt something in order to break or destroy it?

    • “Richard McNeil Cute… This doesn’t explain why WTC 4-6 didn’t collapse. As they were even closer to the twin towers. The Bankers Trust building took more damage than WTC 7 and still remained standing…

      Still doesn’t explain in the history of modern construction. Why three towers all fell the exact same way. Physically impossible… but we all watched it happen.”

      Actually, we know why they didn’t collapse. WTC buildings 4-6 were not connected to the Twin Towers via underground tunnels. WTC 1 and 2 were The Twin Towers, while WTC 7 was built near the same time as the Twin Towers. The three buildings were intended to be used in conjunction with each other and the tunnels that carried electrical, gas lines, and sewage lines were shared. The other buildings, being older and purchased and repurposed, didn’t have tunnels planned between them. They didn’t experience the back pressure and explosions of the gaslines caused by the collapse of the Twin Towers that WTC 7 did.

    • Kristoffer Jay Martin such dumb is incredible. fuck sake grow a brain

  • Lol silly conspiracy nuts

  • Ryko Bleunt

  • Jet fuel is not an “office fire”.

  • India??? You fucking whoppers! How are we supposed to take this page seriously smfh

  • Dubai is one of the richest states in the Middle East

  • Ummm Dubai is in the middle east Mumbai is in India

  • Maybe you’ve had too much to drink.. Dubai is not in India and with that thought I am leaving this page… All you seem to do is find opportunity to start a controversial topic of discussion.

  • I gotta remember this whole free fall speeds business. It sounds really legitimate and intelligent.

  • Dubai is not in india

  • Don’t build buildings with demolition charges in the foundations.

  • not India . . . . . but yes . . . I get your point . . . . . . not falling down yet . . . thanks

  • Matt Boyce

  • Right on work finally

  • When did they move Dubai to India?

  • Chad

  • Hey earthquake proof em

  • Jeez take the night off

  • Who cares!!! It happened 15yrs ago it’s done it’s over move on already!!!

  • Jayden Cross

  • it collapsed because demo was placed days before 9-11 on major load bearing columns. And by whom? We probably will learn more about the pyramids than what took place then.

    • Got any proof

    • i do not. Never will have. All i have is just a knowing. And all the rest will remain distorted and covered up. And when the movies are made and put on television about these events, they expect guys like me to take it in stone..? Forget about it.

  • Chinese steel was used

  • I guess free thinkers aren’t above a bit of hyperbolic hyperventilating when it suits them.

  • Flooded

  • No Plane hit Building #7; it went down 20 min.AFTER the BBC reported that it had collapsed, It collapsed in it’s own footprint…!!!

  • Not better building material, but then they didn’t have Air Craft fuel running down the elevator shafts. You know the high octane fuel that burns real hot.

  • Um Dubai is in the middle East!

  • Expect the FedTrolls

  • Office furniture can’t melt steel beams

  • .

  • are you saying different things are different? Wow, amazing!

  • Idiots.

  • Dubai isn’t in India!

  • Debunking in 3…2…1…: No impact from a plane means no fuel in the building that can burn at significantly hot enough temperatures to cause tensile weakening of the structural steel that makes up the building. Nor is there any damage to said structure from plane impact.
    More importantly this building was built post 9/11, which means it fits newer standards that are required to keep the building safe in case of such an emergency.


  • You know someone’s selling 9-11 bunk when they say shit about “free fall speed”.

  • Stupid meme. Compare apples to apples and make sense, please!

  • Wondered how long it’d take for someone to post this

  • Well it didn’t house major offices of various agencies investigating crooked fuckers. That’s what brought down building 7

  • Dubai isn’t in India..lol

  • Dubai is not in India.

  • More bs from this pos republican run sight.

  • Dubai is NOT in India wow.

  • what a “story”

  • Indians (migrant workers from India) probably built it but this is beside the point. Dubai is not in India as this post suggests

  • India? Dubai is not in India dumb ass. Are you thinking of Mumbai?

  • If 9/11 was an inside job, why would they have meticulously placed explosives to bring the building down in such a ‘controlled manner’ (even though it wasn’t controlled at all)? Isn’t the goal to cause as much carnage and destruction as possible to blame on the terrorists?

    • Considering the plume was visible from space, and a shitload of people died. I’d say, mission accomplished. Wouldn’t you?

    • I would, but I wouldn’t see the need to control the explosion so that it falls into itself. I’d want it to tople over and chunks fall any which way to maximize damage.

  • Dubai’s in UAE

  • Asshole . What you’re missing is an airplane traveling at 600 mph filled with jet fuel . And…. The World Trade Center buildings were built entirely of steel and glass . Very little else . But of course you knew that already . This was just a chance for Click Bait .

    • Asshole, expand your mind. This is WTC building #7. Collapsed at free fall speed at 5 pm on 9/11. 8 hours after planes hit WTC1 and WTC2. No planes came near WTC7, it had a few floors of office fires. Only building in USA history to fall due to only office fires, according to the official story. Keep being ignorant, it’s better for your heart.

    • Also I have heard pilots say that those planes couldn’t have traveled 600 mph that low to the ground. They have to reach maximum altitude before they are capable of reaching that kind of speed. That’s why they fly 30,000 feet in the air.

    • They can fly that fast if they are already flying that fast . They came from Boston . That’s more than enough time to reach that speed .
      Building 7 had a big chunk taken out of it by falling debris . . . It was compromised . Burning and it collapsed .

    • Pat sounds like the asshole here.

    • Mark Scott WRONG !

    • Mark Scott it’s impossible for them to reach that speed based on what I have heard pilots say on the subject. They can’t reach that speed because the air isn’t thin enough, and there is much more resistance on the aircraft flying that low. The engines aren’t capable of producing enough thrust to push the plane that fast unless the plane is much higher which is the reason they fly them at 30,000 feet.

      For building 7 to collapse straight down uniformly into its own foot print free fall speed no resistance can not happen unless it’s been rigged for demolition. It matches a demolition perfectly when you look at it. The chunk that got taken out would not have caused the whole building to fail. What’s interesting is that the other smaller buildings closer to the twin towers suffered immensely more damage due to falling debris and yet they did not collapse. They still stood but building 7 which was farther away suffered minuscule damage in comparison and yet collapsed straight down free fall speed. Even the government report says building 7 collapsed due to uncontrolled office fires. Which is clearly the first of its kind.

      This clip below shows a leading demolition experts opinion on why building 7 collapsed. He was not aware of the building collapsing on the same day of 911 but his reaction is very telling. Mysteriously Danny Jowenko is now dead.


  • Was the dubai one also hit by a 200 tonn large jet?

  • Free thought project should be called, morons on the net

  • Not in India

  • It’s Dubai it’s wealthy, has money to buy the best of the best in materials more modern. Nyc built buildings way before Dubai, old materials not as wealthy. Or maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    • Dubai is by far the richest place on earth. per citizen.

    • Hahaha. That something Wall Street cronies / Rothschilds cannot buy?

    • And yes u don’t know what ur talking about!!! It’s called cognitive dissadance but that too big a word for U!!!#

    • Says the smart guy who uses “ur” in a sentence.

    • Mike, you don’t know what you are talking about. And Halliburton built most of Dubai…USA money stolen by Cheney during Iraq War.

    • Thats probably why rothschilds, wallstreet, and bush faked a terrorist attack with a controlled demolition. They needed to upgrade their facilities. Funds and files can be traced probably to the part of the Pentagon that the other “plane” destroyed.

    • Cognitive dissonance* seems like it’s too big of a word for you, Michael.

    • Glad the word was properly spelled this time.

    • No actually the richest country is kuwait and btw dubai is a city in the country called Emirates

    • Luqman Duale you are the best man. I gave up before the wordsmithing ..ha, came about. Without looking at the definition, I want to say it does not even apply. Dissonance needs some fake shit involved right? Like a kid knowing the tooth fairy came because the tooth is gone..? Idk, glad someone corrected the spelling anyway

    • Max Street u are so right let these idiots do what gov’t tells them to do

  • Jacob Ruoss

  • Dubai is in India right

  • uhh….Dubai is in the UAE

  • Glad you posted this. When I saw that burn. I wonder if it will implode? WTC was an inside job. I’m convenient.

  • Houston Rietz

  • Your retarded!

  • If you say it was the jet fuel,how did building 7 fall down when it wasn’t even hit by a plane?

  • i dont think Dubai is in India

  • Financial crimes

  • Yes, they no longer use asbestos covered metal beams. turns out the asbestos and concrete they wrapped support beams in work like an over raising the temps of the metal and in places making them molten. The Dubai structure was just concrete and metal and built decades after WTC I & II to much higher design standards. The internal structure of today’s burning building was also not previously compromised by a multi-ton aircraft snapping beams and supports in the process. A large number of the outside structure, like balconies did collapse and crumble into the streets raining fire down below. But you have your narrative and you need to make that the truth despite the sicnce or lack thereof behind your claims.

    • You don’t wrap concrete in asbestos ……fibers are added to concrete mix…. beams were wrapped or sprayed with asbestos and the protection would start breaking down at 1600 degrees •f to 2000 •f can you please tell me the source of your claim that steel beams wrapped in asbestos would turn to molten metal…….? I have done extensive research on the topic of steel beams,steel structures steel high-rises and have never heard that claim before reading your claim today.

  • Go back to sleep…. Guess you missed your geography lesson in school…. Must have been into to much “research”

  • amazing isn’t it — sooooooooooooooooooooo, what should we be thinking ?

  • Inside job

  • …Dubai is in the U.A.E. not India…

  • What’s the point anymore. The blind believers don’t want to hear it anymore..

  • It’s amazing how our nation doesn’t quite have the same building codes and engineering practices as others…

  • you realize Dubai in in the UAE which is in the Middle East? Not India there’s a whole sea between them. But yes your point got across about the collapse thing.

  • What building in New York collapsed???

  • India ?

  • You’re missing something. Loosen your tinfoil hat and try again.

  • You were so open minded, The Free Thought Project.com your brain fell out.

  • My exact thought when I saw this today..fire didn’t bring those towers down I think it was totally imploded..

  • Trey Bowlin

  • Oh look, more nutty conspiracy theories from quacks.

  • Free thought project you lose respect when you post false info

  • Hahahahha dubai is in my country.Awesome

  • And…. 3,2,1….cue Theme from Twilight Zone

  • The biggest scandal in american history

  • America is a liar. I see through it all

  • I have given this site so many chances and you still can’t get it right. I was right all along. You just can’t fix stupid.

  • Without jet fuel

  • Chavez

  • I just lost a lot of respect for this page

  • 7/11 was a part time job

  • Dubai is not in India. .oh my !!

  • Craig

  • Morons!

  • Dubai is in the UAE, not India, fyi

  • Not India and not jet fuel fire. Some people don’t do any research.

  • Dubai is not India

  • Yes, definitely better building materials in UAE!! LOL, but they didn’t have it pre-prepped for demolition with explosives planted throughout! That always helps!

  • Nice post cuz

  • I can’t believe the morons so ready to believe the official story. WTC7 dropped at free fall speed from office fires. No plane came near this building. There is NO way your government wants you to know the truth.

  • Never hit by a plane either

  • You really have to stop the obviously BS memes. The Dubai hotel was “completely engulfed in flames top to bottom” you say? Damn, even the picture in the meme shows that’s a load of crap. Now correct me if I’m wrong but the trade center buildings had something else happen besides “office fires”. You’re comparing two very different structures with two very different emergency events and conditions. I guess some people don’t mind just throwing piles of shit in the shaker and accept the outcome as truth. You loose creditably with every one of these false deceptive lowbrow posts. Also google a map of Dubai for a correct location.

    • They lost me at India. Dubai is not in India. ??

    • You understand that fires spread, right? ?

    • Trevor Olesen You understand there are photos and videos of the fire’s progression and not one shows a “fully engulfed fire from top to bottom”. That’s because it is a falsehood.

    • First I didn’t mention “engulfed” without reason. As ignorant of the obvious as you seem to be, you must realize I was referring to false statement about the Dubai hotel. Yes, your match stick theory is utterly insane and is a ridiculous line of thinking. Few buildings have exact specs as another building. Specifically, high rise buildings have even greater differences. Just the type of soil and bedrock alone can make huge difference in how a building is designed. Also engineering is not always perfect. I would go on but I think you wouldn’t understand as you have trouble with reading comprehension.

  • horseshit! unliking right now

  • Haha, retards!!! Dubai is NOT in India! It is in the United Arab Emirates!! Where do you get off trying to educate other people, when you don’t know basic fucking geography!!!

  • The difference between construction materials, the design of the structure, proximity to the ocean, and therefore collapsing doward at freefall speed due to the result of these reasons is to be taken into account,

  • Dubai is in India? thats why im not listening to u people, dumb fucks

  • The insulation was not blown off of the steel beams in Dubai.

  • They were built differently

  • I think the big thing that you missed was Geography class at school, Dubai is not in India! But then facts do seem rather irrelevant on this page.

  • There is a major difference between the structures. The trade center was steel. The Address hotel is reinforced concrete.
    Reinforced concrete will last much longer under extreme heat fluctuation, and why it’s the preferred construction method in Dubai….its a desert, that at times reaches up to 120°F before the heat index.

  • Wants us to believe there bullshit can’t even get the country right

  • Dubai isn’t in India

  • Stupid Fucker! Dubai isn’t in India

  • Brad Thomas

  • A lot of shit that made no sense happened that day.

  • India?
    Somebody needs a geography lesson.

  • The twin towers structure was steel rather than concrete. With aviation fuel the fires heat melts the steel. It’s not rocket science just unfortunate engineering.

  • The fucking stupidest shit I’ve scene all day!

  • I like how this is what people are concerned with shit like this and not how Dubi has become such a amazing city in a shit hole country in that few of years

  • I’ll try this again. The WTC was hit by planes,the Dubai was hit by fireworks-not the same.

  • Weird how that works

  • Dubai isn’t in fucking India.

  • Jesus Christ!!! The fire wasn’t started from a speeding goddamn 727 jet, with 19,000 gallons of jet fuel! Shut the fuck up!


  • My first thought when I saw that news. Shame

  • I’m confused why the sprinkler system is ineffective for this fire! That is a big problem.

  • The pile driver theory is invalid, after repetitive replays of the descending tower there’s no visible pile driver crushing the remaining floors below.. got 5 minutes? Watch this youtube video of an independent investigator who isn’t on any political sides like N.I.S.T…


  • Am i free to think, that this is crap?

  • Brandon Conti

  • Dubai is in the middle east

  • Um… think about the jet fuel. I deal with fire and steal everyday. I know exactly how much it takes to melt steal. Jet fuel burns very hoter than regularly gas or just an electrical fire. Before you assume, please look at the fact, not the he said she said crap. Sincerely a ship builder for our great Navy.

    • The jet fuel burned up in the giant fireball on impact…WTC7 wasn’t hit by a plane…


    • Jet fuel = funny car fuel

    • Smh

    • Planes have more than 2 fuel tanks. The main tanks blew, but not the secondary tanks. The second tanks are closer to the passengers, so they are more inforced for impact. You can find the info on any Bowing planes blue print. USA

    • It could not have weakened enough of the supporting structure underneath the subsequent floors to bring down that tower. Not once, but twice.

    • 3000 degrees will melt steal and cement and yes it will we have rebuilt a Navy ship that was more infoerced than any building ever built and it was melted in some spots once again someone who does not know what they are talking about

  • India?

  • Damn skippy

  • One was build with a steel structure, other structure was modern concrete.. but that’s none if my business.

  • … Dubai is in UAE… Far off there buddy.

  • Happy New year…but not cool.

  • Umm… Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates

  • Different

  • Dubai is not in India.

  • The real truth will be exposed sooner than later they will all be red faced the lying greedy misleading Zionist

  • Yup

  • Don’t forget it would have been sprayed with fire proof stuff properly. It’s well known that they cut coroners back then.

    In saying that they did say they knew about the attacks but some how it slipped them.

  • Please be careful with what you say in your posts & comments… because loss of your credibility may very well result in some people’s doubts about the credibility of the Truth you present!! 🙁 :/

  • India? it’s dubai dude

  • No comparison. Different engineering, design and construction methods.

  • George Avgeris

  • Maybe because one wasn’t burning with jet fuel, which burns at extremely high temperature able to melt steel, after having been hit by a passenger yet. 9/11 conspiracy theorists are so idiotic.

    • the jet fuel burned up in that giant fireball on impact…WTC7 wasn’t hit by a plane…


    • Tyler, calling other people idiotic when you say jet fuel melts steel beams. You’re a clown, and don’t even look old enough to have been alive to watch this happen.

      So how does a building fall in on itself at a free fall speed with no resistance from the floors below? It doesn’t without some sort of controlled demolition, but keep drinking the koolaid kid

    • Where is your proof that burning jet fuel can’t melt steel beams? I obviously meant jet fuel that has exploded on impact with the same heat capacity as a bomb, which is exactly why Osama Bin Laden, a trained engineer, chose to use planes. Do you not realize the extremely high temperatures at which fuel burns? An airplane is a flying bomb, and yes can bring a building down if you crash it into one. Not that difficult of a concept. You’re not even making an argument, other than judging my profile picture. At least make a point before you waste your time responding.

  • Apple. Orange. This orange isn’t red! It’s a conspiracy!

  • Zeeshan Kausar Siddiqi

  • Smh… I think you’re thinking of Mumbai not Dubai… Dubai is not in India… Lost all credibility… lmao

  • It was the super hot burning fuel from the planes that caused the steel beams to collapse. The towers were built to withstand the same kind of heat generated by burning building materials installed during the build. That thing will all have to come down and be rebuilt due to the change of integrity of the steal.
    I also heard that Dubi is running out of money because of the price of oil being so low. They’ve spent their savings now they’ll have to start new forms of easy income… Insurance claims !!!

  • What does India have to do with a fire in Dubai?

  • ?

  • Dubai isn’t in India though. It’s in the United Arab Emirates.
    For someone claiming to be knowledgeable about the Middle East, you don’t really know the geography, do you?

  • Evert victim of 9/11 should curse Americans for not bringing the REAL criminals to justice 15YRS AND STILL NO ONE CARES!!!

  • A whole lot of impossible things are said to have happened that day.

  • Federal bunker abandoned.

  • It’s so blatant

  • dubai in india, you fuckers get more and more stupid each post….

  • you know dubai isn’t in india right? 🙁

  • You guys are good on cops doing bad things. But on stuff like this you sound more like Donald Trume just making thing up.Check your map to find DUBAi.

  • it was arab with box cutters inside the building that did it! Yeah thats it muslim arabs!

  • There wasn’t jet fuel. Duh

  • Things most people don’t know about the Twin Towers or have ignored to perpetuate their conspiracy theory.

    1) Gas lines ran up and down each building and were expressly shared with the WTC 7 building via maintenance tunnels that connected the three buildings.
    2) Each of the three buildings collapsed differently.
    3) Basic physics explains why small explosions could be seen as the buildings collapsed.
    4) How the buildings collapses is easily explained by basic physics.
    5) Jet fuel, which burns at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit (and can burn as hot as 1900 degrees given the right conditions), is hot enough to severely compromise structural steel.
    6) Comparing Pre-WWII construction and plane strikes is a false equivalency.
    7) Comparing modern disasters, like the Dubai building, is a false equivalency.

    In the cases of both 6 and 7, basic facts are being ignored. In six, the B-52 bomber was smaller, lighter weight (but not by much) and had diesel fuel not jet fuel. Diesel prop fuel (which is still sold today) burns at a maximum of 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Modern Jet Fuels have a mixture of alcohol and oxidizers which allow it to ignite at the cruising elevation of 35,000 feet. They can burn up to three times as hot as the diesel fuel used in the B-52 bomber.
    In the case of 7) The Dubai skyscraper in question was designed and built post 9/11. It was constructed in a completely different way to the twin towers to take into account load distribution if any of the support columns are compromised. Further still, it was not struck by any planes that could compromise the substructure, and the fire wasn’t caused by jet fuel, but a different domestic accelerant (more than likely gasoline) which burns at a much lower temperature.

    • It’s a shame when you spend a portion of your time and effort and nobody likes your comment at all ha ha

    • Now explain the missing dod money, the subsequent lawsuit from the wtc owner and of course the obvious saudi involvement. This has less to do with how those buildings went down than why. Follow the money and you’ll understand that simple physics wont account for human motive in this case.

    • Unfortunately the why you’re assume is the explanation isn’t the why that is the explanation. You’ve jumped to conclusions (as many conspiracy theorists do) connecting two disconnected aspects that only share the buildings as a factor.

    • World Trade Center one and two had NO gas lines in it…it was a class A electric building it had electric grills in all cafeterias and electric heat . It had its own electric Sub-station .

  • Lol Dubai is not in India :p

  • India, Dubai or UAE hasn’t reached our level of corruption.

  • Dubai is not in India. It’s part of United Arab Emirates.

  • Hope everyone was ok

  • Though there might have been Indians and their goods Dubai is in the UAE. It also wasn’t hit by a plane or any buildings surrounding it.

  • I watched the hotel fire for two hours on the CNN and FOX. I can not understand how the exterior of that building could burn with the intensity that it exhibited with out an accelerant being present. These buildings are concrete not wood. Something strange is afoot.

  • Well, it didn’t get hit by a giant fucking plane. Also was built to much higher standards than the trade centers. Also, the what’s written in the picture itself is incorrect and frustratingly ignorant in atleast two ways…

  • Each successive article you post has more critical thinking errors and sensationalistic claims. And now you think Dubai is in India? Ok. Buh-bye.

  • How can you not believe NIST’s conclusions on how WTC 7 came down? After all they only made just a few omissions by leaving out some building parts like flange stiffeners and shear studs. And in their computer model, they only decided to heat the steel and not the concrete. And they only changed the measurement to one of the main parts that would make column 79 fail by making the bearing seat shorter than it actually was. Details, details!

  • They even said they had to pull the building down on TV…

  • That dip on the centre of building 47 at the start of the free fall collapse is a classic sign of a professional demo job

  • Address hotel fire dubai – nott completely engulfed by fire, rather 1/4 of its entirety engulfed.. and that appears to me that even that is generous since only a part of the side of it was on fire and not burning across entire floors, Flames not fed by any mass amount of accelerant resulting in a “cooler” burning fire. Newer building built with more heat resistant and better materials and designed to be more structurally sound than buildings built almost 100 years ago im sure.

    Wtc new york – structure and supports severely damaged by a 440 tonne vehicle flying at 570mph right into each of them, entire floors burning at att leastt 1000 degrees celsius due to being fed by jet fuel. Old engineering, dated materials. Built with steel supports which does not “completely melt” until 1500 degrees celsius but will be much softer, about 60 percent of its strength at only 600 degrees.. so even just one entire floor with weakened supports collapsing onto the next, adding in the weight of whats above it would put a lot of shock stress on the floor right below it which, also would be hot and weakened by the fire, causing that one to collapse and same with the next, by the time this chain reaction made it to stonger floors, all that weight from above coming down onto it would be impossible to stop.

    Why cant you wrap your heads around it? Sure theres some sketchy details ‘surrounding’ the whole matter but the matter itself, the collapse, is too retarded of an argument for me to listen to any more.

    Fuck you douchebags.

    • I agree with most of your comment but I was told that the aluminum carbonate panels on the exterior walls of the Address Hotel are highly flammable. If you watch the video of it burn for a while, you can see how quickly it lights up. There have been other high risers in Dubai that burned like this. I know of at least two others!

    • Alright well i dont know what exactly its made out of but i figured it would be safer materials than what was used almost 100 years ago. Either way it dosent change the fact that not all that much of the address burned, it certainly wasnt “completely engulfed” like the op exaggerated there.

    • Fire loves to climb as long as theres something in reach above it that will burn. And fires are known to move quick, regardless if the material is “extremely” flammable or not.

    • I just thought I’d add more information to your post. Google Dubai fire and you’ll stumble upon it. It’s something I found immediately after I watched it appear on the news.

    • The same thing happened in China… Their 2011 New Year… Ignited by FIREWORKS! It looks like a repeat.

      It’s pretty stupid to have a firework show near a flammable building. I mean, they should know by now!

    • Jet fuel burns up quick…

    • The fire was 1/4 of the building, then half, then 3/4, then engulfed….a photo is a two dimensional slice of time, understand?

    • This here is a picture of a building that was never fully engulfed. How bout you go on google and check out what buildings look like after being fully engulfed.

    • None of them have ever fallen down never mind at free fall speed in their own blueprint not to mention 3 in one day , one not hit by a plain that only had a few fires over a couple of floors

    • Not fully engulfed what videos are you looking at ????

    • So, do you people just look at my very first sentence, about how it wasnt fully engulfed, and just have some kind of retarded aneurysm, quit reading and try to explain how it was “fully engulfed”? You obviously have no idea what “FULLY engulfed” means. And of course its going to look fully engulfed if youre looking at it straight on.

    • Good example here. This house is engulfed. But not “fully engulfed”. Also if you were to stand next to the car in the driveway, because of the angle you are to the house and the fire itself, it would appear to be fully engulfed. But as we can see from this angle, its not.

    • This house is “fully” engulfed. There will be nothing left standing when it is done burning. Get it or no?

      What the fuck am i doing arguing with you people anyway? You cant put a sentence together, you have a hard time grasping the concept of fully engulfed (and the definition of fully), the hotel would be completely black and charred right now if it at some point were fully engulfed, and also if it were, all you would see is fire, from all angles, extending much higher then the height if the hotel, probably another 200 meters higher. It would be incredibly bright, and incredibly hot. People would not be standing where they were standing filming and taking pictures.

    • Your just playing with words none of the buildings on 9/11 were fully engulfed or engulfed they had fires spread across a few floors that was confirmed by the fireman and the fire department. Oh and these pictures were taken 35 minutes after a plane blew up in this hole it made with 24 thousand gallons of jet fuel looks not fully or just engulfed does it or these women wouldn’t be standing there .Make senseJosh Johnson????? Or I’m a retard too??

    • i never said the wtc buildings were fully engulfed. never said that once. all i said was something along the lines of “entire floors on fire”.. only meaning like 2 or 3, mabey 4.. didnt think i had to dumb it down further than what i said but i guess i did. also, none of those other buildings had their structural integrity compromised by 439 tonnes of vehicle moving at 570mph have they? .. no? yeah, i didnt think so.

    • https://youtu.be/FzF1KySHmUA

      since you people can only concern yourself with one factor in this event, which is how “the fire couldnt have melted steel cause it wasnt hot enough”. watch this, think about all the other factors involved that i have brought up, and get off this thread unless you have an actual valid point that might make ME think.

    • I am entertained by the arrogance of Josh. I am frankly amazed by the mentality of a person involved in a debate who resorts to personal insults from the beginning. That tremendous lack of maturity seems to betray any sense of seriousness or legitimacy in your so-called argument. That kind of thoughtless arrogance gets you nowhere Josh – literally nowhere.

      Which is ironic really since your main criticism of others is sentence structure. As a teacher I’ve observed more grammatical or syntax errors in your comments than most other people on this thread. My recommendation is that you develop and ounce of humility and debate with a bit of respect.

      As for that last YouTube video you posted – I fell on the floor laughing that you seriously selected that one. In fact, I think I pissed myself slightly. Out of all the videos you could have rebutted with – you chose that one. Wow! And we are meant to take you seriously. Is that a joke? That video is a ranting piece of nonsense with a tiny, limited ounce of fact in it.

  • In India? Dubai is in the UAE.

  • Bradley Pelkey

  • Idiots actually believe it , lmfao

  • People are stupid !

  • Last I checked, Dubai wasn’t in India.

  • 2016: diversify time spent on clear USA corruption toward more geography.

  • Hey moron, that’s Dubai, not India. In India a building would collapse if I sneezed in it.

  • Bullshit

  • Did Dubai get hit by a plane? No? Well then it’s not the same.

    • Did WTC 7 get hit with a plane? No? Get educated.

    • And it must have been exploded. No other reasons for what happened to it. Expand your horizons.

  • Your not paying enough for your thoughts again!

  • A far more modern building

  • They should have asked Silverstein how he gets rid of his problematic buildings.

  • Dale Stephan

  • It’s dubai not india

  • “In Science We Trust” 3:-) Science never forgives but we do!

  • it was the jet fuel that splashed on the building, duh…

  • The reason behind the question
    The first one is well planet Building structure
    The second one was pre planet accident
    The first one is structured for save people
    The second was collapsed for killing muslims

  • Geography fail!!!!

  • Ramon Vargas

  • Steve Campbell✌️

  • Christian Robert Christoffersen

  • what the fuck

  • then the officials tell us stories!

  • That’s not India. That’s United Arab Emirates.

  • For sure India is well known for fire proof cement

  • Yet terrorists are still to blame says the sheep

  • Eric

  • I think you mixed up your geography a bit – India and Dubai are not the same.

  • Jet fuel burns way hotter than anything that would have possibly been in that hotel

  • 9/11 being an inside job is much more far fetched than the official story. I have provided a full list of questions, that nobody on this page can answer. I can’t find anyone that seems able to explain how an American high rise, with ten’s of thousands working there, was lined with explosives without anybody noticing. What did they do have guys rigging explosives while people sit at their computers? You can’t just simply put bombs at the base of the tower and then it goes down. That isn’t how it works. Another question, who flew the damn planes? I am not aware of a technology that can remote control operate commercial airlines. So long as this page keeps posting 9/11 truther nonsense, I am going to keep calling you out.

    • Brody, it is fact that airliners can be flown remotely. Rolls Royce developed the technology. You can research that if you’d like. It’s fact and verifiable.
      Also, there were entire weekends prior to 9/11 when all security systems were off and the buildings were cleared of all employees. That is also fact and verifiable. Those are the answers to the questions you pose that no one has taken the time to answer but it’s true. I’m trying to enlighten anyone who has questions like those you posed.
      If you choose not to research remotely controlled planes and the shutting down of twin towers that’s up to you.
      I’d like to have you join the ranks of those who are posing questions rather than buying the official narrative.
      It’s up to you where you go from here.
      Take care.

      Don’t believe it? Then consider:


      Here is a link to a video of the collapse, clearly a demolition by explosives:

      3) HOW DO YOU ACCOUNT FOR THE LARGE POOLS OF MOLTEN IRON beneath the rubble of all three collapsed WTC buildings, if not from the combustion of thermate, an incendiary used together with high explosives for controlled demolition?

      By the way, where was NORAD on 9/11? How did those allegedly hijacked subsonic planes fly towards known terrorist targets for over an hour without being intercepted?

    • That’s right Mick! And there’s so much more as you know…

  • Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates

  • Always hopeing we are completely stupid and believe all we are told.

  • #speaktruth

  • Casper Willemsen, Carmen Kharngitha hier is die hoor XS

  • James Allison shock horror

  • First of all you lying dumbasses and all you sheeple that beleive this garbage.This fire was a 63 story building not 67. Secondly it didn’t get hit with a airplane that had 23,000 gallons of jet fuel in it. This is a weak,ignorant and child minded fake meme from a very simple minded fool.

  • India..?

  • looks like they didnt have larry silverstiens fire men at hand ,to pull it,?

  • you are negating the impact of force by which the jets collided with the twin towers .

  • Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates……….so how to give any form of credibility to the rest of your story!!!!

  • Mark Boulos

  • Seriously what do you think would happen if a huge plan flew into it!!

    • Maybe you should learn how to do some research. WTC 7 didn’t get hit by a plane.

  • Have I missed something? Has a plane crashed in this building?

  • Dubai is not in India.

  • Yup Dubai isn’t India. Unfollowing, anyone posting things of this nature should known that. I’d delete this post and start over if I was you.

  • John

  • Dubai is not in India.

  • Tards…………………….

  • you are missing A LOT..Dubai is in the UAE , not India, but who cares..LMAO..

  • I’ll assume this is on the level. Yes, you are missing something. 7WTC was completed in 1987, while the Address Downtown Hotel was completed in 2008. Isn’t it reasonable to assume that builders might have learned something about how to erect structures that could withstand massive fires — especially after 9/11/2001 — which is when 7WTC fell?
    And Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It’s nowhere near India.

    • Skyscrapers have burned long before 9/11

    • Check the high rise in Madrid that burned for 20 days straight and didn’t collapse.

  • If you think where the building is located is the problem, then you are standing in the trail of smoke.

  • Clynton Antonio Corey Antonio

    • Address hotel fire dubai wasn’t completely engulfed by fire, rather 1/4 of its entirety engulfed.. and that appears to me that even that is generous since only a part of the side of it was on fire and not burning across ENTIRE floors. Also flames not fed by any mass amount of accelerant resulting in a “cooler” burning fire. Newer building built with more heat resistant and better materials and designed to be more structurally sound than buildings built almost 100 years ago im sure.

      Wtc new york – structure and supports severely damaged by large airplanes flying 500mph right into them, entire floors burning at least 1000 degrees celsius due to being fed by jet fuel. Old engineering, dated materials. Built with steel supports which does not “completely melt” until 1500 degrees celsius but will be much softer, about 60 percent of its strength at only 600 degrees.. so even just one entire floor with weakened supports collapsing onto the next, adding in the weight of whats above it would put a lot of shock stress on the floor right below it which, also would be hot and weakened by the fire, causing that one to collapse and same with the next, by the time this chain reaction made it to stonger floors, all that weight from above coming down onto it would be impossible to stop.

    • This is wtc7 not the twin towers buddy.you do know 3 buildings fell that day.wtc7 was office fires not hit by a ✈

    • I didn’t even look at the meme. Just copied from a reference I read somewhere. The other building was apparently collapsed to make it safer for the surrounding buildings. But coming back to the previous reference; it explains that this whole 9/11 bullshit has no full proof evidence

  • Haha look at all the people jumping on one error in the post. Evil begets evil.

  • It wan’t engulfed in flames from top to bottom. Idiots.

  • Fucking morons.

  • WOW! Does the people who put these up even bother to check their own information as in Dubai is NOT in India, nor is the fire the reason for the building collapse, but the infrastructure being damaged from the giant buildings collapsing around it?

  • This post exposes exactly who this page is run by… a bunch of tinfoil hat wearing derps that don’t even know where Dubai is.
    Read all about it here: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Where+is+Dubai

  • Fucking idiot….turn the computer off and concentrate on crayons.

  • That’s last year’s news. Let’s move on.

  • Ryan Comins, Timothy L. Valentine

  • Ok free thought… You are truly stupid. There were no planes that hit that ppl. Rolling my eyes

  • Did you see a fucking plane crash into the side of it because I’m trying to understand the link between the two events

  • Dave Coughlan

  • If it wasn’t so stupid it would be funny

  • David Jasperse

  • Lol. Dubai isn’t in India.

  • Dubai is not in India.

  • apples and oranges

  • Yes you are missing somethign Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates, not India, lol idiot! Dubai
    City in the United Arab Emirates
    Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall tower, dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights choreographed to music. On man-made islands just offshore is Atlantis, the Palm, a resort with water and marine-animal parks.

  • Chad Ditty

  • Renato Sá Barreto

  • Pedro Gonzalez another one

  • an explosion blows things up and an implosion drops things almost straight down=TWIN TOWERS

  • People who are experts in the field of physics, architecture,metallurgy etc have proved the official story is false. It’s widely known in the world that what we are told happened to building 7 is a physical impossibility

  • Luke Hodges

  • Right

  • India, huh? Smdh! And we are supposed to take you seriously???

  • What are any of you trying to prove, shits done and over with. Nobody will ever know the truth behind it.

  • Ja svär sant Omer Jindi

  • Dylan

  • this is building seven, remember the one that didn’t get hit by anything..

  • The dubi fire was an external fire only I suppose you just decided that fact didn’t matter. I agree the towers were a set up but no reason comparing apples to oranges.

  • I don’t have to ‘believe’ an ‘official story’…impacts by jet-liners traveling @ 400 mph, and carrying full, transcontinental fuel loads are EXPECTED to cause far greater damage to steel structures than “mere fire”…

  • I blame those NIGGERS !!!
    Hang them NIGGERS !!

  • I always said shoddy construction something nither side weants to look at

  • Dubai hotel built better because they spent the money to make it so!

  • Oh..conspiracy theorist, who we talking about today? Are we all a hybrid alien colony running on light or is “The Illuminati” controlling our brains to so that we fart less…tell me…tell me…I wanna believe.

  • Ryan Penny Steve Wallace what did i tell you!!

  • More tin foil hat buying time for some.

  • The second towers were part way exploded before they collapsed

  • Good grief, I would hope that the fact that these buildings were built so many years apart meant construction material changed as well as design so you are comparing apples & oranges. Did Dubai get hit by a plane fully loaded with fuel? Conspiracy theorists really need to find real hobbies…

  • Stfu with this bull

  • The entire building was not engulfed as you state. Parts of 21 of the 63 floors were on fire and the fire department was able to bring it under control.

  • Here comes the bull shit

  • The period goes inside the quotation. Unless you guys aren’t American …

  • that was “building 7”

  • Apples are not the same as oranges.

  • jamaar dat ligt aan de bouw van de WTC torens, doe eens onderzoek en post dan eens wat

  • Watch “Acceleration + Serendipity by David Chandler – русские субтитры” on YouTube

  • Watch “Expert vs Expert by Jonathan Cole – deutsche Untertitel” on YouTube

  • Watch “What a Gravity Driven Demolition Looks Like by David Chandler – Polskie napisy” on YouTube

  • Josh Mills chemtrails bro

  • That’s because they made the buildings outta passports

  • it just means Muricans must go back to the East for lessons in constructing mega structures, be these Buildings or Spiritual systems, best to plead to the East instead of using drones to COLON-ice (colonise – duh   ) their GIFTS from them

  • Francis

  • How old was the building in Dubai? Has building technology changed since the buildings collapsed on 9-11?

    • My thoughts exactly!

    • I don’t know how they could change them they didn’t do an investigation until about a year and a half after they cleaned up the crime scene,how could they learn any new Technology from that

  • https://youtu.be/jbReTl3Uin0

    World Trade Building 7 brought down by controlled demolition?

  • What is this trying say?

  • Yes I agree not only that this Dub Tower wasn’t hit by planes

  • Wesley Johnson

  • Who the fuck cares


  • Maybe we LEARNED something in the last 14 years?

  • Ya right

  • Look carefully at the picture here. There is no possible way Bldg. #7 was affected by the other towers; not to mention Buildings 4 & 5 being in the way.

    9/11 was an inside job as well as a bank heist. There were railways under #7 which led to the gold vaults of the Federal Reserve Building. Also, the Enron evidence was in #7.

    • Except the underground maintenance tunnels that ran between the two buildings that every 9/11 conspiracy theorists likes to ignore existed.

    • Let’s ignore the video of building 7 being engulfed in fire huh?

    • The temperature of fire and the design of the buildings is what lead to the collapse.

    • I think it was a fucking plane that made them collapse, remeber the planes? I just love how everyone is a structural engineer..

  • Except the Dubai hotel was 63 stories and not 67. And it wasn’t engulfed in anything. Oh, and the WTC was 110 stories, not 47. Ah, but who needs accuracy? It’s a meme!

    • And the fire was from 90th floor up only…….

    • Building 7, not the WTC

    • God, this is embarrassing. The Dubai Hotel was constructed of reinforced concrete, not steel (much more fire resistant than steel), the fire was fought, and the only parts of that actually burned was the exterior, where the plastic-aluminum cladding caught fire. All completely unlike WTC 7.

      Once again, the Konspiracy Kids Kaucus of the “Freedom Movement” make fools of themselves, while the rest of us try to disassociate ourselves from them…

    • Both the WTC 1 & WTC 2 towers had a rectangular cast concrete core structure formed into rectangular cells from basement to the top. The main support. I build these

    • Mitch Jeidy: False. Hollow steel box columns on the perimeter, outer I-beam core columns. Lightweight trusses connect the two, and floors are laid atop the trusses.

      This is either colossal ignorance on your part or a clumsy lie.I’m not sure which is worse.

  • Building 7 was brought down in order to protect the surrounding buildings. Experts thought it would cause more damage to neighboring buildings, because, as we all learned as children:
    7 8 9.

    • Fastest demo crew in history? They must not get paid hourly.

    • Ya Damn idiot , any idea how long it would take to “wire” a building to drop it ?

      I sure hope you’re being sarcastic .

    • Weyman Cochran, I’m pretty sure he was, i.e. 7,8,9.

    • This is Facebook. Of course I’m being sarcastic.

    • Good , I’m new to this Facebook thingie , I’m too used to taking people literally

    • Oh. You’ll get it from both sides. Enjoy.

  • Oh yes! Moslems are terroristzz.. now they’re destroying their f****** countries by bombing, attacking in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and now in Dubai pretending it’s just an accident but believe me muzlims are involve in that act……Dubmasses

  • The buildings were designed to withstand a 707 jet impact !!!!!!!!

  • I would say, “apples and oranges”, but this is closer to “onions and door knobs”!


  • Shaun Hitchen

  • Chapsta Van Maxx Heisig

  • Craig Blanning who mentioned this yesterday ?

    • Buildings these days are more sophisticated and advanced that make them withstand collapsing is such incidents ?❤️

    • Ok boss ?

  • I’m sure these situations are identical.

  • lol

  • Are there anyone who still believe the lie that 911 2001 was a terrorist attack and that the buildings collapsed because of the fires?

  • The World Trade Center was one of the first skyscrapers to use a center support column rather than a typical outer steel skeleton, as moat sky scrapers use, which are mostly used today on hotels. They did this to maximize office square footage, rather than more outer columns which hotels and apartment skyscrapers which employ more compartments (rooms). This type of structure depends almost entirely on support from ceiling and floor joists ln each floor, one floor supporting the next.

    Just like the thin cables in a suspension bridge, these small metal joists multiples by the thousands and in conjunction with reinforced concrete, are what the World Trade Centers used for support. The main structure in the center only held it vertically and offered little or no support horizontally.

    When those small thin joists became soft in the fires from tens of thousands of pounds of slow burning jet fuel made hotter by all flammables in the building to begin with. Not to mention also the major structure damage from a six hundred mile per hour 767 slamming into these floor joists on several floors supporting hundreds of tons of structure above them.

    When they each have way, each floor lost support. The center structure held out last as it was the strongest part of each building. As a result the center structure acted like a pole in which each collapsing floor “slid” down, before it also gave way, which each why it fell almost completely vertically.

    Dubai is an entirely different structure and did not have tens of thousands of pounds of slow burning jet fuel.

    Popular Mechanics magazine did a great, in detail breakdown in 2002 on the collapse and how it happened.

    But feel free to be guided by sheer emotional presumption.

    • I’ve read the same article and seen scaled demos with fuel weakened jointing. Inclined to believe collapse was an unintended bonus for the terrorists. But the third building is still a bit of an anomaly.

    • Oh boy !

    • The architect and every certified structural engineer are all on the take. They and the several hundred airline travelers from three airliners and a dozen crew members were all spirited away, including the airliners.

      Apparently the architects and engineers were allowed to come back while the rest were killed and their bodies hidden.

      Thanks William Schmitz, now I understand.

      No. Really.

  • The stupid us thick on this one guys!

  • *is

  • Seems like no one likes the truth its always the governments fault even though people are the one who vote them in but it’s still not the voters fault got to love the human race

  • Still amazing the mast majority of the conspiracy theorist have never thought about bombs.

    I mean 99% of all demoed buildings come down from some type of explosive. I mean if it has worked for 100s of years….

    So the highly sophisticated, well trained terrorists… can learn how to fly a jet with pin point precision… but they don’t know how to makes bombs and plant them on structural supports and detonate them remotely?

    I mean this is even taught in school and engineering… people have been using bombs for 100s of years lol. Especially from a country where they specialize in make-shift gorilla warfare style bombs.

    No one ever said conclusively that the towers came down solely because of the fire. You know why? Because no one fucking knows all the details… fucking sheep.

    Here is how science works… I can plant bombs on any building and bring it down…. WOW FUCKING AMAZING!

  • Fucking stupid comparison, it was NOT only the fire, it was 65 Tons of Fully laden 767 with around 300 INNOCENT men, Women and fucking CHILDREN, hitting the structure at a speed of nearly 500 Miles per fucking hour,Then the high temperature fires, around 1400 deg (steel loses integrity at around 900) add to that 217 stories, AT LEAST, of weight pressing down with a force of a few hundred thousand tons that caused the collapse you fucking MORONS, Dubai was built AFTER 9/11, with only around 35 stories in its entirety, and no structural damage caused by an aircraft slamming into it, BUT I bet it gets PULLED down because it’s structural integrity is compromised.

  • Ok every one. It was an inside job! Now what are you gonna do? Hmm what’s next we all believe you now. So what’s next? God let’s just try and believe in our country or better yet go into politics and make a difference. Because this right here………. is useless.

  • Rob Davila remember i told you they would do this

  • Wow no facts here! I was there on 9/11. That building fell because it’s substructure was weakened when 1 and 2 fell. If you knew anything you would know there is a six story under ground support system. As for an air plane crashing into the Empire State Building,that’s like a bus crashing into it at 100mph.

    • And confirmed explosions that occurred prior to the 1st plane hitting the tower

    • Lol yea right

    • Lol…..you’re an idiot.

    • But I was!

    • So you were in the World Trade Center when it happened how did you survive?

    • Don’t be a dick. Many people survived, how dare you question something you you didn’t experience.

    • @mark i find in interesting how fast you commented on this seeing how fake your fb account looks…..i wonder

    • Fake? Lol I was at south street. Real real close. The I ran to it. Where were you?

    • My wife at the time worked at the bank across the street from the towers.

    • Closed. Only friends can see n chat. When was the last time you were there? Never??

    • So you’re claiming that your physical proximity to the event qualifies you as able to ascertain the reasons for the collapses….again, you’re an idiot.

    • mark is a narc. You’ve been caught, accept it. lol How the old saying go, boarder control can be anywhere at anytime . But can’t be everywhere all the time…… Tell your boss you need a new FB account. Fed!!!

    • So how took engineering or architecture here besides me or was there? Who??

  • This still bothers me a GREAT deal.


  • Big difference ones structure was fractured in a collision and one wasn’t just stupid no comparison

  • Very ineresting comparison .

  • Cover up. Destroying knowledge and/or witnesses.

  • Cause it was built differently…

  • Totally misleading!! No comparison to the WTC.

  • Julie Wilde

  • Melting aluminum from the burning aircraft wreckage did not help. The fire sprinkler system was activated and aluminum is oxidized by water at temperatures below 280 °C to produce hydrogen, aluminum hydroxide and heat. When hydrogen comes into contact with a naked flame it explodes. End of story. A similar fire to the Dubai one ( burning external cladding) broke out on a high rise apartment block in Melbourne, Australia last year. The building did not collapse and we did not have such stupid claims comparing it to the WTC incident.

  • Actually it was never fully engulfed, the fire was only on one side of the structure.

  • Dean Costa Evan Manolis

  • No never did – just wonder who gave the order to blow the building up.

  • A bunch of blithering idiots supporting a moronic and silly meme.

    Anyone who spent more than 2 minutes reading would have found it was exterior flammable cladding that burned in Dubai … non structural components that were no threat to the structural components of the building.

  • I’ve never heard a logical reason why the US government murdered 3000 innocent civilians. To start a war with Iraq? Why blame al-qaeda? Why not say all middle eastern countries conspired together? Also, as this president had shown wars can be started without the consent of the American public and Congress. So why then?

  • And the moon is made of green cheese.

  • The hotel in Dubai didn’t have a plane fly into it

  • The official story was always nonsense!

  • For the undying 9/11 MORONIC JET FUEL ARGUMENT: http://youtu.be/FzF1KySHmUA

  • The link below reveals how the explosives to demolish the building were planted both on the outside columns and the inside core columns by the Mossad and CIA agents in collaboration with the head of security apparatus of the WTC Complex “Marvin P Bush” (G W Bush’s brother), in the months prior to the 9/11.

    This particular picture shows how the Israeli so-called “art students” are placing the explosives on the outside of the external columns, to make an Airplane-like impact gash on the building in other words to make the gash look like an Airplane impact.

    Watch “Ace Baker No Plane” videos, the explosives were planted on the outer skin of the building to exact the shape of a plane by the so-called “Israeli art students”, the planes were all video graphics, there is no Live video of the first impact (North Tower), the Live videos of second impact (South Tower) were all from far distances and with a few minutes delay so the animators had enough time to add the Airplane layer on the live reports, the close distance videos, which needed more time, were all played hours after the event.


  • David Muldoon ??

    • Two totally different buildings, address hotel built near enough 30 years after better building materials and techniques and the fact it never had to deal with the impact of 2 planes crashing into it!! As well according to Sky news internal fire fighting systems prevented the internal spread of the fire on the address hotel so probably reducing heat load on the supporting structure? Am now expert but it’s a totally different case!

  • There is a lot of smoke and mirrors going on here… I don’t think we’ll ever know the truth… mankind has both a dark side and light side …
    it is just another example of mankind unable to live in peace together…doubt is a useful decoy.

  • I was waiting for this!

  • Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

  • Dylan Ellingson

  • How stupid you.. america could go…. it clearly an inside job… how the hell that jet could pass from your air surveillance…. and all the surveillance camera not functioning…. please wake up and fight for your own right towards all the wrongdoings did by your own government… every people/citizens have their own struggles to fight their corrupt and sick government/ politicians…. who only have a favour to satisfy their greed and lust toward power… WAKE UP!!!!

  • Big difference between two planes flying into the twin towers and a hotel room starting a fire!

  • Oh give me a break. You believe that crap about the nonsense of 9/11 being conspiracy? Wow, thought you would not believe the lies put out by people who only want to sell DVD’s and books. 19 hijackers, 17 were Saudi and 2 were from Yemen plus Osama took credit for it, and tons of Independent experts verified the facts and showed us how it could happen. But yeah go ahead and believe the extreme small uneducated and ill-informed people who cry loudly it was a conspiracy while the Arab world laughs at you

    • 99% of the DVD’S put out about 9/11 are free …. Books that are published have to be paid for that’s capitalism. About eight of the so-called 17 Saudi hijackers are apparently still alive.Osama bin Laden never took credit for the 9/11 he only praised it. And there aren’t tons of independent experts that verified the facts about 9/11 it’s actually the contrary. There are tons of independent experts scientists architects engineers physicists explosive experts demolition experts ironworkers pilots metallurgists firemen and police that have all come out against the original story. Your not listening .But yeah you go ahead keep believing your small uninformed beliefs about 9/11 ignore all the facts. I know who’s laughing and it’s not the whole Arab world.

    • Picture of a plane trying to salvage its passengers and crew at a very slow speed
      VS.- a Plane flying near 600 mph trying to kill everyone
      Great analogy
      Elvis was on that flight also?
      Fun to play with the whole conspiracy theory- BUT
      JUST STOP!!!! Please

    • Only intellectual midgets believe in a conspiracy theory for 9/11

    • In this day and age
      Unless I see things with my own eyes
      Too easy to fake pictures,videos
      If you do research into the Kennedy assassination
      You’ll get lost in the BS Conspiracy theories about it also
      I’m not saying it’s completely untrue or crazy shit doesn’t happen. But some of the crazy crap I’ve heard really makes some people sound pretty Mentally challenged!!

    • What kid of people only make fun and call names of people who have different opinions than them?

    • Oh sheep ….who just believe what is spoon fed to them! I’m sure you analyzed all the data??? Baaaahhhh

    • Hey Dan Gish I think the analogy is if someone was able to capture the image of a plane flying slow trying to save its crew while driving in there car ,why was it so hard to release any of the over 80 videos that were confiscated by the FBI or any videos from the 20 videocameras that caught the “plane” crash into the Pentagon?

    • Dan did you say that the plane that hit the pentagon was flying at 600mph ????

    • So Dan I have a few more questions for you. Did you know that a 757 weighs around 100,000 pounds and can weigh up to 255,000 pounds fully loaded with fuel and payload. Each jet engine weighs 12,000 pounds and can carry 24,000 gallons of jet fuel with all that being said I have one more question …? the plane that hit the pentagon wasn’t flying a 600 mph because the would exceed its maximum air speed by over 120 mph but for shits and giggles we will say 500 mph because that’s what the news reported .Does this building look like a 757 weighing 100,000 pounds with two 12,000 pound titanium alloy engines carrying 24,000 gallons of jet fuel crashed into it???

    • And look the whole plane fuselage luggage seats seatcushions plane wings all the plane parts got sucked into the building nothing left on the outside, I’m sorry Dan something doesn’t make sense .where did the plane go?

    • The last two pictures don’t look anything like this one. Wings and jet engines cut right through that steel.

    • Ty

  • Truthers≈MORONS

  • It’s time to wake up sheeple!! When are you going to stop being brainwashed slaves?? It just sickens me to my core…

  • Ken Leung

  • i think american construction companies,civil engineers are worst in constructions

  • Does anybody else see a face in the fire

  • Thats what I tell people amd they ARGUE PHYSICS!!!!!!!
    Americans can be SOOOOOOOO DUMB!!!!!!!

  • Built more than 30 years apart, if I’m not mistaken, and there was no jet fuel involved in this hotel.

  • I forgot how everyone has a degree in structural engineering, physics, and chemistry. You aren’t an expert just because you google shit.

  • Matthew Lagueux Jean-philippe Giguere confirmed ILLUMINATIE CONSPI

  • How can you compare the older buildings to the one in Dubai I’m sure there are so many structural differences and I’m not sure but wasn’t one of the reasons the towers collapsed due to the jet fuel that had gotten into the elevator shafts…

  • The difference lies in the fact that it was run into by a plane. It was a human being who willfully caused the destruction for the sole purpose of destruction. This will not cause the same amount of damage as an accident. Admit it, you just want to believe that the government caused this because it’s convenient as opposed to the truth which you find harder to explain.

  • Jimmy Crespi

  • William Charter Arabella Charter here we go

  • Dubai buildings are probably better engineered….

  • Brandon Acosta

  • David Doherty

  • Mick Van Oosterhout

  • How about this you will Believe scientists about climate change that have some theories about weather changes and data about weather patterns. But you won’t believe scientists architects physicists metallurgist pilots Fireman policeman ironworkers and engineers that have scientific proof scientific principles i.e. Laws of nature Newtons laws of physics and solid evidence that the story of 911 didn’t happen the way they say it did. Through history there been thousands of examples of corruption in every organization in this country from the top to bottom. You say get help. False Flag operations? I say hundreds of examples of false flag operations. I’ll name a few. Operation Northwoods Generals plan terrorist attacks in the United States to blowup bombs and shooting down planes with college students in them . Gulf of Tonkin never happen. United States tested LSD on thousands of US and Canadian citizens. US gave syphilis to Tuskegee patients and prison inmates. Project Azorian CIA resurfaced the Soviet submarine to retrievew three ballistic missiles. The Pat Tillman story. The Jessica Lynch story. The Iran-Contra deal. A 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl testifies to congress about Iraqi soldiers killing premature babies by taking them out of their incubators and throwing them on the floor to lie us into the first Iraq war ,turns out she was the Kuwaiti ambassadors daughter and the CIA gave her acting lessons. Project MKultra CIA’s mind control program that experiments on US citizens with hypnosis,sensory deprivation, verbal and sexual abuse, torture! Edgewood arsenal human experiments. I can go on forever. And you tell me to get help who needs the help buddy!!!
    How about this you will Believe scientists about climate change that have some theories about weather changes and data about weather patterns. But you won’t believe scientists architects physicists and engineers that have scientific proof scientific principles i.e. Laws of nature Newtons laws of physics and solid evidence that the story of 911 didn’t happen the way they say it did. Through history theres been thousands of examples of corruption in every organization in this country from the top to bottom. You say get help. False Flag operations? I say ….hundreds of examples of false flag operations. I’ll name a few. Operation Northwoods Generals plan terrorist attacks in the United States to blowup bombs killing US citizens and shooting down planes with college students in them . Gulf of Tonkin never happen asper Robert McNamara . United States tested LSD on thousands of US and Canadian citizens. US gave syphilis to Tuskegee patients and prison inmates. Project Azorian CIA resurfaced the Soviet submarine to retrievew three ballistic missiles. The Pat Tillman story … Was False he was killed by his own Ranger platoon “friendly fire” The Jessica Lynch story ….also false propaganda story . The Iran-Contra CIA buying and selling drugs and weapons. A 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl testifies to congress about Iraqi soldiers killing premature babies by taking them out of their incubators and throwing their bodies on the hospital floor to lie us into the first Iraq war ,turns out she was the Kuwaiti ambassadors daughter and the CIA gave her acting lessons. Project MKultra CIA’s mind control program that did experiments on US citizens using hypnosis,sensory deprivation, verbal and sexual abuse, torture! Edgewood arsenal human experiments. And my favorite the US Government doesn’t spy on its people ease drop on its phone calls or collect data spying on the internet. Thank you Bradley Manning Julian Assange WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden I can go on forever. And you tell me to get help who needs the help buddy!!!

  • Different buildings, different design, different damage. And I’m sure the basic support for the Dubai building wasn’t compromised by the incident because of the lack of impact damage, and the sprinkler systems probably worked. Not difficult.

  • Its clear to me now that 7/11 was a part time job

  • Wayne Altham

  • I’ve read 5 different reasons why WTC 7 came down on this post…. And you 9/11 believers call us conspiracy theorists for not believing your stories? Damn pick 1 and stick with it. Until any of you morons can explain why 28 pages of the 9 /11 report are confidential just stfu. http://Www.28pages.org

  • This isn’t completely true, building 7 was officially ‘pulled’, Larry told us on TV, it’s the other two that remain a mystery

    • Good Question Max, I think Jeb Bush might know the answer to that one.

  • Plus they flew a few aircraft into the side of it fucking idiots grow up

  • _~ well you know, the metal used in those buildings wasn’t as strong as Dubai steel.. Also it probable burned hotter

  • Jake Townsend

  • …and the Dubai tower burnt for more than 20 hours please and didn’t collapse 🙂

  • Lame ass post

  • Please – Do some research before you believe most of the meme/photos floating around – they are made by people with agendas, that often distort the truth – Heard and interview with the architect last week – it’s called improved design principles….

  • How are these dirt bags still not in the fucking electric chair is so far beyond me I could fucking puke… Those that refuse to prosecute most also be just as guilty… We will get to the justice part of this clusterfuck… I promise you that… Do you hear me Dick Chaney… You are fucking busted asshole.

  • I wonder if they ever thought “oh there will be office fires in the future, yeah we didn’t think that through”

  • Ling Noi Karlos Wiremu Pehi

  • vs how much does a plane loaded with fuel weigh?

  • This is one reason why so many of you are so dumb Baaahhhhh!!!!!

  • Haha! pull up a chair and put your feet up. Comfortable? I shall begin…

    “Dubai – 67 story hotel” – it has 63 floors, not 67. 67 sounds better though yeah? “Entire structure completely engulfed in flames from top to bottom. Doesn’t collapse.” It was only the highly flammable aluminium carbonate fascia panels on the outside of the building that were on fire. Not any internal parts of the integrated central structure.

    WTC7 – the CIA, IRS and the SS shared one floor of that building. Solomon brothers (a hedge fund Corp) occupied over 1.1million square feet – over 60%.

    WTC7 did collapse from “office fires” but not exactly normal “office fires” The building was hit with debris from the north tower collapse (not exactly a small collapse) which started multiple “office” fires. The FDNY chief reported hearing creaking and all firefighters were understandably pulled out due to the danger and the fact the building had already been evacuated. The fires burned out of control during the afternoon, causing floor beams near column to expand (firefighters reported seeing a bulge in the structure) and push a key girder of its seat, triggering the floors to fail on floors 8 to 14. With no lateral support across seven floors, the main column buckled and failed bringing the building down. The fires, fueled by office contents, along with the lack of water, were the key reasons for the collapse. Technically office fires were responsible

    So to summarise, don’t believe all the bullshit the media writes. Especially when “facts” aren’t factual like this shite..

    • WTC7 also had multiple fuel tanks in the building with over 5000 gallons each.

  • Makes perfect sense if one forgets the huge jet sitting on top floors of the trade center, which wasn’t designed for that much weight and the complete destination of all the upper floor structure. So yeah makes total sense.

  • Never did

  • It wasn’t hit by a plane .

  • Audrey

  • Oh here we go again…

  • …………..

  • It’s been 14 freaking years since this happened. Get over the damn conspiracy theories and spend a lil more time honoring those that died instead..

  • Why do some people insist on thinking everything is a conspiracy?

    Is it from too many drugs? Or is it just plain stupidity? Or a combination of the two?

  • RAy Solomon

  • One had a 747 crash into it destabalizing the building. The other just large fire.

  • Yes and I don’t see the similarity in these two fires and there causes!

  • NO…DUE to: “PULL IT!!!”

  • Your all a bunch of asshole conspirators we got attacked and you fucking jerks want to blame our government? Get out of our country go live with the “oppressed” Muslims and American haters. Your not welcome here fuck off!!!!!!!!

  • I hope I offended you now leave.

  • I’m just gonna be the one to point out that the tower in Dubai also didn’t have a 350 tonne airplane fly into it at over 400MPH carrying 51,000 gallons of Jet Fuel… minor contributing factor lol

  • Natalye

  • First off, the twin towers were built in the 60s-70s. They used steels that were advanced for their time, but nowhere near as advanced as alloys today. You can’t compare apples to oranges, the building in Dubai was built with modern alloys and far more advanced building techniques. It was designed to handle a fire, the World Trade Center was not.

    • Omg. 70s wasn’t that long ago. Check Madrid Spain where a high rise burned for 20 days straight and never collapsed.

    • It also wasn’t hit by a jumbo jet. And technologically speaking the 60s and 70s were a long time ago. Metallurgy has come a long way in the last 40 to 50 years.

    • The “shpecial” steel thing is a legitimate factor. Given the fact that I am an engineer I believe I have a little more knowledge regarding metallurgy than the average person. Modern steels use molybdenum, chromium and other metals to enhance properties. Some metals add heat resistance, some metals add strength, some add durability. Conspiracy theorists simply can’t accept the fact that sometimes when something big happens, it really is just what people say it is, you guys just want to believe there’s more to the story than there really is. Let’s think of this logically and with fairly conservative numbers. An empty 747 weighs 162,400 kilograms, and at impact with the World Trade Center was traveling about 220 meters per second. At impact the plane would have dumped 3.93×10^9 joules of energy into the building, which is equivalent to about a metric ton of TNT (a pound is enough to level a house). This is of course assuming the plane is empty, which it was not. The fire in Dubai was only a fire, nothing hit the building. The World Trade Center was not only hit by a plane but also caught on fire. Steel softens past about 1000 degrees, and if you hit steel that hard it can crack. Since 9/11, buildings have been built to higher standards to prevent collapse in case of a fire. The people coming up with this whole 9/11 conspiracy crap for the most part know nothing about physics, or metallurgy, or how the world works in general, not to mention none of the “evidence” you have stated has any proof whatsoever. Learn your facts and use common sense before pulling this crap.

    • Conspiracy theories this post is a joke. Lmao

    • Killuminati fuck the shadow government

  • To be fair…the towers were built from 1970-1972 and WTC 7 was completed in the mid-80’s. The Address Hotel was completed on 2009. That’s over 2 decades of advancement for materials, codes, and construction techniques. We’re not exactly comparing apples to apples here, folks.

  • Enough already. You really don’t slip on banana peels

  • Janiece Harrison

  • Lmao. World trade center was imploded. Plane never hit it.

  • So…..I chose to step down because of another reason. It’s in the book. 911 to me was an inside job. I will never apologize for what I said.

  • They’re gonna say “…but there was a plane…”

  • you guys know the second picture isnt a world trade center right lol

  • Retarded conspiracy theories

  • And, you know… Having a plane smash into the side of it and all.

    • They are talking about building 7. Nothing hit that building. No plane, no car, nothing. But it still fell due to office fires according to the official story at the same time as the twin towers which were actually hit by planes.

  • I’m annoyed free thought project comes out in my news feed. Everyone should just unlike these guys already they post lies

  • Most of these conspiracy doubters should go and live on fantasy island!

  • The caption stupid.. 9/11 was hit by a PLANE A 20 ton air craft not a office fire

  • Yeah the building was only hit with fucking jet planes. Lol. And you say office fires.

  • Maybe 9/11 was just an elaborated demolition plan that after they crashed the planes and saw the reaction they were like “Oh shit that was alot worse that I thought!!

    It’s cool just blame terrorists..

    Yeah that’s not a bad idea Bob”

  • Do NOT believe the hype. NIST did not check for residue from explosives….WHY…cause it was everywhere. Proof of nano thermate ( a military grade demolition explosive) found in ALL samples of the dust. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d5iIoCiI8g&list=PLfiXRBAe1hXkUELIr1Qxfw_nKfAtqLMsm&index=1

  • As someone who has studied structural engineering I find these sort of memes incredibly silly. You know nothing about building design; if you did you would not be the least bit surprised that some buildings fall when components are exposed to the sort of heat generated in a fire.


  • A moment of silence for those who still believe The US government didn’t deliberately distroyed The WTC..

  • The fire was started from the inside it’s a bit different to a plane demolishing the middle, this post is stupid.

  • The building in Dubai was constructed based upon what was learned from the WTC, it wasn’t hit by a huge plane going 500 MPH, and the fire was mostly on the outside of the building.

  • Neil Stoner

  • truth hurt ,i know

  • I think flight 93 was supposed to hit building 7 and it never made it.

  • Still amazes me how fucking thick the Yanks actually are

  • Sure

  • Ssh….

  • Mama just killed a man X

  • Whoever made this up with the caption please slap yourself….. jet fuel and an explosion burns I dont know how many times hotter then a regular fire …

    Metal expands when heated.. some metal will disintegrate

    Plus has a plane crash in the middle of it the weight of everything plus the heat ……

  • f u & your conspiracy theories.

  • Dionne Hendrick Seagrave

  • Pages like this make me laugh. Smdh !

  • Did this building have reinforced concrete? Or was it all steel like The World Trade Center?

  • Minus the jet fuel, and the actual jet hitting the building

  • I hate the term “at free fall speeds!”

    How the fuck do you think it’s going to fall?

  • Let’s just say I have strong doubts.

  • So Kevin Pratt if building 7 came down because of fires that weakened the steel why were explosions blowing up stairwells in that building even before the collapses of World Trade Center one and two? Before the so called damage caused by the collapses of the towers ?

  • Barry Jennings was in building 7 for several hours on 9/11 listen to what he had to say

  • Your physics and engineering degrees are from where?
    What happens when you add 2 massive plane crashes to the immediate vicinity??
    These fraud narratives always ignore that part

  • I love how all the conspiracy nut jobs say the media is twisted and hiding the truth then use the same videos to back up their claims unless you have some cold hard evidence to support your claims you may as well be telling me the world is flat ….oh wait

  • Jay McGuinness Eddie Dougherty

  • 911justicehalifax.wordpress.com

  • Office fires caused by explosive interference