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As Media Labels Fukushima a ‘Conspiracy Theory’, Radiation Soars to Record Level

Japan — Radiation levels inside Fukushima Number 2 have reached astronomical levels — experts describe the 530 sieverts per hour as “unimaginable” — yet the political establishment and its corporate media mouthpiece insist on deeming those concerned about the catastrophe ‘conspiracy theorists.’

March 11, 2011, saw a massive undersea earthquake spawn an equally formidable tsunami, and — as the world watched in horror — the wall of water slammed into the Japanese coast, knocking Tokyo Electric Power Company-operated Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant offline.

Anyone who watched the cataclysmic situation unfold on live TV surmised the dire consequences of having situated a nuclear facility in one of the world’s most active fault zones — and on the Pacific coast — but the cost in radioactive impact of the disaster has yet to be fully assessed.

That, for one, concerns Tepco’s notorious penchant for underreporting and misrepresenting the fiasco that has been the cleanup effort; and, for another, the unrelenting campaign to label anyone rightly concerned about the extent of damage a tinfoil hat-wearing lunatic.

Both of those conditions must be resolved — particularly with the discovery of astonishing radiation levels present in the Number 2 reactor — because the world deserves the truth about the catastrophe and to not be denounced when expressing fears information about Fukushima might not be as innocuous as we’ve been told.

Officials at the nuclear plant had been preparing to dismantle the paralyzed facility when they found levels of radioactivity inside the reactor’s containment vessel — where fuel rods originally generated power — to be more than seven times a previous high of 73 sieverts per hour, recorded by Tepco shortly after the fateful day. Gizmodo explains,

“Tepco made the readings by analyzing electronic noise caused by the radiation in video images. The company says this technique has a margin of error of plus or minus 30 percent (so even at the extreme low ball, the levels are no lower than 370 sieverts per minute — but possibly as high as 690!)

“Needless to say, this plant is not fit for human life. Just one dose of a single sievert is enough to cause radiation sickness and nausea. Exposure to four to five sieverts would kill about half of those exposed to it within a month, while a single dose of 10 sieverts is enough to kill a person within weeks.”

Obviously, this complicates matters quite a bit for workers tasked with containing radiation, assessing total damage, and ultimately decommissioning Fukushima Daiichi — medical personnel reportedly cannot handle the kinds of illnesses these levels would cause.

Alarmingly, officials can’t pinpoint a reason for the colossal spike — they don’t know if previous readings were incorrect, inadequate, or if something altogether unforeseen is taking place inside the eviscerated reactor.

In fact, Tepco has yet to find the radioactive fuel which melted through the bottom of the containment vessel not long after the tsunami crippled the plant’s backup cooling system — but it hasn’t been for lack of attempts.

Highly-specialized, camera-equipped, remote control vehicles have explored the interior of reactors to determine what physically happened to the fuel, but — despite the ability to withstand conditions humans can’t — radioactivity has been so intense, it kills the robots.

When one of those remotely-operated vehicles explored the Number 2 reactor recently, it happened upon a 6.5-foot gash in the grating under the containment chamber’s pressure vessel, likely caused by nuclear fuel melting through — but Tepco officials aren’t entirely sure of that, either.


“It may have been caused by nuclear fuel that would have melted and made a hole in the vessel, but it is only a hypothesis at this stage,” Tepco spokesman Tatsuhiro Yamagishi told AFP on Friday. “We believe the captured images offer very useful information, but we still need to investigate given that it is very difficult to assume the actual condition inside.”

A new camera-toting remotely-operated vehicle — designed to endure up to 1,000 sieverts per hour — had been slated to explore the newly-troubled reactor, but doubts about what caused the spike forced Tepco to reschedule its March deployment for the Number 1 reactor.

Melted nuclear fuel is suspected to have wound up on the floor of the containment vessels of the three reactors which suffered core meltdowns at Fukushima — but radiation has been so acute, even that assessment has proven impossible.

A dark mass appeared in footage taken of the hole in Number 2, but Tepco officials could not say with certainty it was the missing, melted uranium fuel rods.

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In order to fully decommission Fukushima Daiichi — a process now projected to cost a whopping $190 billion and take no less than four decades — details surrounding the extent of destruction must be measured and quantified.

“Confirming the conditions inside the reactor is a first step toward decommissioning,” Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hiroshige Seko told the press Friday, as quoted by the Japan Times.

“While difficult tasks and unexpected matters may arise, we will mobilize all of Japan’s technological capabilities to steadily implement decommissioning work and rebuild Fukushima.”

Considering so little is currently understood about the catastrophe — from the location of melted uranium rods to the cause of the abrupt and troubling spike in radiation — perhaps so-called conspiracy theorists who doubt the ‘Fukushima is under control, don’t worry about it’ narrative are the only ones displaying a modicum of common sense.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Jesus, this is kind of terrifying! I hope they get this shit straightened out with a minimum of suffering. Thank God it wasn’t in China.

    • Bob Smith

      A resourceful person measured the radiation from Fukushima in the first ten days after the disaster, in the Pacific Northwest. What he found was folks in Seattle were breathing in 7 hot radioactive particles an hour. Want to see lung cancer in the near future? This is it. And by the way, Obama told America at the same time they had nothing to worry about, while he took a 10 day unannounced trip to South America.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        I think you’ll find the lung cancers are well underway. We’re seeing it in Australia. We’d been seeing a good decline over the years with big anti-smoking campaigns but it has reversed and is going through the roof. Circulatory system cancers too. Epidemic proportions but doctors not allowed to talk in some places and overall doctors do play along with the mainstream and they can sense that making waves around that won’t do them much good too. Doctors are actually the least reliable arbiters when it comes to interests of the state and corporate.

        • A rough estimate of dead from Fukushima is 30% worldwide after 50 years. Go ahead and do the math on that one. I think it is a tad low ball but it is a serious wake up call if even partially accurate.

          • Brad Dueringer

            In 50 years I believe it will be closer to 100%


    They should bury those things deep underground. That way if one goes they simply fill in the hole. The same for utility wires. It would be nice to have our skies back.

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Bet a few are easy to see in the dark on a foggy night.

    • Brad Dueringer

      I have a friend who still eats Sushi several times a week…..i think i can eventually use him as a night light

  • Gordon Klock

    There are people that actually think “global warming” is more serious than this, & will try to use that argument to silence anyone concerned with the extreme effects this has on the Pacific ( & ultimately the world’s) ocean(s)….I’m not necessarily saying “global warming” isn’t real, (though there is some degree of doubt, how immediately serious, compared to something like Fukushima, it all is, especially when they get vague & then want one to pay a “carbon tax” making the whole thing feel like another big guilt based scam)…
    The real reason we no longer hear about this, is that no one has any idea what to do about it, (an impasse the “anti nuke” crowd has warned of since the seventies)…..
    Always loved seafood, but have been paranoid about eating it, ever since this awful ongoing but largely ignored, & corruptly hidden, debacle first occurred…

    • Muhammad Abbass

      I think “Global Warming” [TM] has at least been co-opted for the purpose of helping the coverup of Fukus Shima. It is serving to muddy the waters around the species’ collapse happening around the world, from a center spreading out in the Pacific starting from Japan’s coast of course. However Warmists don’t notice or avoid that fact as they ponder the role of Global Warming and climate change in the observed massive species die offs happening, particularly since 2011. The fact that when articles discuss these various species die offs, whether star fish, whales, sea lions or salmon. herring or birds whatever, they admit “Experts” are confused and unsure as to causes but consider global warming and pollution etc as possible causes….yet they studiously avoid mentioning any possible link to Fukushima. Really? There’s nobody in the “Expert” community asking this question? There’s the thing what should scare ya most brothers. They are NOT talking about it, but not because there’s nothing to talk about.

    • In danger terms Fukushima and global warming cannot even visit the same country. Wasting your time thinking about GW and other thought stoppers will let another nuclear REALITY loose upon the world. Global warming is politics.. Fukushima is a REAL environmental disaster not some contrived ploy to tax the cash out of your pockets. Fukushima is killing EVERY day. The NEXT event will up that death toll even more per day, Do you want that? Well if not i would work the program and drop all this political garbage.

      • Brad Dueringer

        Fukushima is an extinction level event and mankind is about to say bye bye…. We are a destructive species anyway, always at war and preocupied with ego based objectives. We were a failed species to begin with…Fukushima just happened to be the final event to bring about our passing

  • walcon

    Governments; “Nothing to see here folks- move along”.

    • Brad Dueringer

      Radiation is good for you…builds character 😉

  • Dr Anon

    Oh but let’s all freak out over president Trump banning immigrating terrorists!

    • Muhammad Abbass

      What concerns me is the list only is of coutnries antagonistic to “Israel” and Saudi Arabia. The list doesn;t include the most obvious terror supporters and sources, namely Saudi Arabia or Egypt and as such wouldn’t have stopped a single terrorist attack seen so far in the USA.

      Feeling a little gipped yet? You should be. Trump and the MSM apparantly can agree on one thing. Protecting the Saudis. (Otherwise they’d have roasted him over it and scored big time with nonces like you who need it spelled out.)

      • Dr Anon

        I wont argue with your point: the list should include both Saudi Arabia and Israel; both well known purveyors of terrorism. What’s obvious is these countries are “bigger” than our government. They own us. I’m not sure any candidate would be allowed to be president if they weren’t willing to submit to that arrangement. However, please don’t be so ignorant as to suggest terrorists only come from the two aforementioned countries. Banning Muslims from other nations certainly is a positive move.

        • Brad Dueringer

          Yep…to become any leader you have to be supported by the media unless you are a billionaire. The Zionists own and control the media and the CIA so we will never have a president who will do the right thing and take out the REAL terrorists

      • Bob Smith

        Its not Israel. Its the Khazarians that own 90% of the land in Israel and who run Israel. Well, they run and totally control the USA also. Obama, a supposed Muslim, populates his staff of senior advisers for 8 years with Khazarians (and not one single Muslim). I can name them. He reappoints Bernanke and then Yellen to be Fed Chairman, both Khazarians. He appoints Kagan and Sotomayor to SCOTUS, both Khazarians. He appoints Jack Lew as his chief of staff and then to be Secretary of the Treasury, another Khazarian. And Lew’s an attorney and knows nothing about economics, currency, macro economics and monetary operations.

        Saudi Arabia is the real money behind most of the terrorism, along with the drug-trafficking of the CIA and the Bush and Clinton families and Henry Kissinger. My foreign policy for 20 years has been for the USA to nuke 1) the City of London, 2) Brussels, Belgium, 3) the Vatican and 4) the Saudi oilfields.

        I think the USA and Russia should invade and take over Europe and get rid of the EU and all the folks involved in it.

      • Brad Dueringer

        Trump is a zionist….and his real pledge is “Israel first”

    • Brad Dueringer

      Exactly…and the same media did not “freak out” when Obongo was killing them in their country with predator drones….blowing up wedding parties …soccor games….funerals qnd hospitals….but not letting them in the country…that’s evil……when will the brain dead public wake up?

      I can answer my own question…not until it’s too late….as long as joe six pack with his baseball cap, pickup truck and oversized tires gets a steady stream of mindless entertainment on his boob tube, he won’t care

      • Dr Anon

        The Romans had a term for our MacDonald’s and TVs: bread and circus..

  • Rick Miller

    Ignore it. Maybe it will go away.

  • Sam Nelson

    It’s alright, we can get one of these US (NWO) Judges to dismiss the radioactivity, then, everything will be just fine.

  • Lophatt

    They have refused to report about this for years. Think about that!

  • phicrappazappa

    It’s all AOK. My sister lives in San Fran, assures me it’s no problem for California to resolve. We can go back to other stuff now.

    • Brad Dueringer

      My sister lives in Seattle and she believes i am a conspiracy nut

  • I hate to blow your buzz folks but Fukushima is a big part of all life now. Genie is out of the bottle and nothing will put it back in, Damage is done. Lies about that are all about. Fukushima much like Chernobyl is a disaster us humans ALLOWED to befall the planet, A disaster that is killing life daily. We are coming up on the six year anniversary of the Fukushima event and the 31st year of the Chernobyl event… Nothing can be done about either of these mass contamination events. Neither was an accident. Both events were going to happen sooner and later. Chernobyl was a test. Fukushima was inevitable. The NEXT event is just as inevitable, Just as preventable, and just as impossible to fix as all the other events along our nuclear experimentation timeline. Nuclear is DEATH, How much DEATH we will have to endure is up to Us. The men and women using nuclear to sow death will not do anything to slow those deaths. We are just going to have to STOP THEM!

    • Bob Smith

      Fukushima proves that a nuclear strike on the USA is suicide for any country, all of them. There’s more than 700 nuclear reactors in the USA. A few more than 100 are still generating electricity or in the cool down phase. Dozens and dozens of them are of the design used in Fukushima. They require backup pumps and generators for cooling when they are not connected to the grid. They require the grid to properly operate. They are required to only store 7 days of diesel to run their cooling pumps. An EMP that took down the grid would mean catastrophe for planet Earth. Let some folks live underground. They won’t be living above ground after a serious EMP or nuclear strike. That’s why nuclear weapons are ridiculous. It really is MAD! Many of our reactors use MOX fuel, with plutonium. There is no deadlier substance on planet Earth. It requires 250,000 years to deplete itself totally.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Yes and it means a major natural disaster in the USA. will be the end of us all too! You will have to hurry though. We’re already on the way out. Fukushima really was the money shot.

        PS. Did you know the Japanese Fukus Shima reactors were using MOX fuel rods? It would have been bad enough but that little detail was always one of the worst to those keeping up with things.

        • Fukushima is a warning shot… necessary after you all ignored Chernobyl, I don’t know how many more warning we will get before it’s too late to end this nuclear nightmare and stop these men and women that are so willing to kill on a mass scale. When the limit is passed it will be too late, Just like Fukushima and Chernobyl are too late to stop. 31 years and nothing can be done to fix Chernobyl. 50 or 100 years will be the same failure. These dirty devices play for keeps, and they punch real HARD!

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Fukushima is the last shot in my opinion. No more are needed. Unless they do something they are not yet even contemplating, (I detailed above once) within a decade at most, there is nothing left but waiting for the end.

            Important to remember, Chernobyl and all the nuclear tests and clandestinely used nukes even, all of it is just accumalating. This latest is enough on its own to screw us, unless they do something they can’t yet do. Yet add it to what we’re already burdened with and we’re drifting over the horizon without a paddle in our kayak.

          • The Common Spent Fuel Storage Unit is the last shot they will need. The round is in the chamber and the hammer is pulled back and there is no safety on this gun!

          • Muhammad Abbass

            I agree. That just needs an earthquake or tsunami. No chance of that in the next few decades….. 🙂 Not in Japan surely not.

          • A blown fuse, another rat chewing on wires, A plane crash.. More terrorism, a sleepy Yakusa supplied worker, what ever…. It CANNOT BE ALLOWED!

      • Well yeah that is true. Also there is the Common Spent Fuel Storage unit on the Fukushima site that holds 5600 TONS of fuel assemblies, Nasty dirty and many times the amount this event has already put into the atmosphere. That one small building is enough contamination to punch everything’s ticket. Worldwide. How much care is being shown this danger? I have been looking and looking and not one story i have seen save my own has even mentioned this very real danger. This fuel is being stored in a building 70 meters from the worst nuclear accident ever. Just how long do they think they have to deal with this danger in waiting? 10 years, 20 years… or perhaps they WANT THIS FUEL TO BURN!!! I would hope to stop this from becoming a reality but i don’t get too much help. This cold war thinking is allowing a very real and ready to burn disaster unlike anything man has ever seen. Let those 12 or 13 thousand fuel rods burn and it’s curtains for much of the life on this planet. But yes their are a bunch of other spent fuel pools sitting around. Yes they do count as danger. I would just rate that danger a tad lower than the CSFSU of Fukushima.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          They had moved some of that spent fuel at last report. They do however have a major problem in that some of the rods have fallen and broken and gotten tangled. They have no solution at the moment and are counting on thinking of something. A new discovery of some material capable of withstanding hell itself or some new physics maybe…. My money is on them NOT succeeding in time where we have so far failed in 80 years of trying. Because we don’t have 80 years left to find a solution, indeed not even forty. My guess is enough nastiness has been entered into the environment already that if we stopped it all today, the damage is done and within decades life on earth will be unrecognisable. Another ten years as it’s been going for just the last six (OMG is that all it is?) and I do not believe there will be any point in even trying anymore.

          • Yes those reports were all the hype back then, I doubt them. Even so they only moved those assemblies to the Common Spent Fuel Storage Unit… Hardly a wise thing to do with all the rad on this site.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            They only have to buy time Alan. No more than a decade I reckon. Then it will be out of hand. So expect them to pull something before then to give them a reason to go into their underground bases and wait it out.

            Great plan that. Not the best kept secret How hard do they think it will be to be located and they WILL be held responsible by enough sufficiently organised people to ensure that at the very least they never come out again. Not even their secret entrances are that secret. I wonder how many people like me keep a secret and have also passed it around about where one of them is or may be even? They will be located and their shelters will become their tombs.

          • We cannot let them kill our planet. I hope for much help in stopping these vermin. Sit on your hands if you want… I cannot.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Because I am sufficiently informed and educated to recognise a close to insoluble problem from a known science perspective, doesn’t make me a pessimist. Because I recognise the political and social environment which prevails and can accurately predict that it has a snowball in hell’s chance of changing sufficiently to allow for the technical and logistical task necessary to contain the problem does not mean I am doing nothing about it.

            By attempting to bring people’s notice to the seriousness of the problem, I am doing the only thing I can and I do so every opportunity online and in my daily job, which involves much human contact with constantly changing but receptive audiences. I pay whatever price I must socially to do this, which for anyone who does swim hard against the current must go without saying more. I risk my business success in smaller and larger ways also by maintaining a contrary stance, although that is on more things than Fukushima. As for Chernobyl, I don’t see the biog deal that everyone makes about it. It is getting a new cover, or just did and that will do for now. That literally has been contained at least, and the damage as such was once off and minimal compared to Fukushima. How can anyone compare a critical event on a new reactor which went bang then collapsed into a heap on the floor, where it sits and beams its malevolance out from one single spot thereafter, and can be contained, with Fukushima? Where mutiple reactors which had been running longer than their shelf life, accumalating massive more amounts of radiation and running much hotter and with all the rest of the complications like spent fuel pools added to it went boom and then all three hot cores did an Elvis and exited the building. Hello groundwater, hello uncontainable “Thing” hello all this extra cooling water we’re using…and storing….and going to have to keep doing until the Pacific ocean runs dry….

            Nope. I’d rather live in the Chernobyl deadzone, than see Fukushima continue to be not just a nightmare when I awake evey morning. The men who designed those reactors and the ones who used to inspect and pass reactors as safe, but no longer can work for the industry for having tried to do so, agree with me as far as I can project from their own words on this.

          • I have seen the fist of nuclear. Had it smash my life. Lost much, will lose even more. Too bad for me i guess. I do as i think i have to. Being boot fucked by the nuclear cartel is just part of my path. If i fail i will be sad. If You all fail you will be dead. Work the problem QUICK.

          • Bob Smith

            Its out of control now! They don’t know where the cores of three of the reactors are, and the fuel in reactor #4 burned off a couple of years ago. Plutonium in your sushi anyone?

          • Bob Smith

            Move fuel? They’ve lied about everything. Those thousands of containers holding contaminated water can’t withstand a 5.0 earthquake. They’ll never get this under control. Its impossible now. Round up the executives of GE and put them on trial for crimes against humanity. They decided to put the reactors on the shoreline and not 100 feet above that.

      • HerrinSchadenfreude

        None of that is going to stop this country getting hit if it keeps playing the games it’s playing threatening to hit other countries with nukes or those protected by them. Currently the only country running around acting as though there’s a win in a nuclear engagement IS the US. And a strike on any other country with nuclear reactors all over the place is no less of a worldwide death sentence so perhaps your sound advice and info is better served to the people who are proceeding as if they are unaware of it. Right up there in Washington D.C.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Yes sir spot on! I am in Perth Western Australia. I am a keen horticulturalist and have been observing “strangeness” in nature these past few years. A lot more mutations than usual, as I grow my own seed from heirloom varieties I definitely know what I am seeing. I have 2 new “species” of chilli plants this year and maybe a tomato too!! Maybe, if they grow true we shall see. One of them has proven to be non-viable. It’s seed didn’t grow. A classic sign of harmful mutation. Pity the chillies were a beautiful sight to behold. But this is the lighter side. There is a much darker one.

      I know that we are seeing an alarming spike of cancers and of lung cancer especially, despite having seen it reduced dramatically over the years with an aggressive anti-smoking campaign. My ex wife and my daughter in her twenties both have contracted a thyroid condition (with no family history) and the doctors agree with me, the most likely cause of it is “hot particles” as in low level ionising radiation. Doubtless from having ingested radioactive nano-particles which come from Depleted Uranium weapons and of course in abundance from Fukushima since 2011. Much in the atmosphere and the two girls both travelled to Europe by plane a number of times since 2011 increasing their risk. The ex wife also has lung cancer despite never having smoked and being a fitness freak. Besides the thyroid conditions they have, lung Cancer is high on the list of expected epidemic effects in a population exposed to low level ionising radioactive particles.

      It is important to distinguish between radiation and low level ionising radiation. Gamma rays as such are dangerous and normally thought of, but Alpha and Beta are more dangerous if they are ingested than any Gamma rays you may be exposed to. Sticking to the body’s cells they emit their puny radiation, barely enough to break bonds on DNA, let alone kill the cell. Read that again….

      Barely enough to break DNA strands, let alone kill the cell……meaning mutations happen which may be reproduced. That is cancer when it is first born. So yes brother, we are all indeed becoming infected by the same malaise. The planet is one giant model of life. Everything is interconnected and we forgot that to our peril.

  • Bob Smith

    Thank you General Electric and corporate America! Go ahead, destroy all life on planet Earth!

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Incredibly this article is lowballing most things too. Honestly the following is not hard to establish as being the situation. This taken from what has been released (though often quietly with no media coverage) and what can be surmised from the known nuclear science. The problem is with admitting that what happened here is what actually happened. From day one they have gone to great pains to avoid using the term “Meltdown” let alone “Meltthrough” which is actually what did happen.

    This sort of dancing around the truth is seen with the release of the information about this 6.5 foot hole where the fuel “MAY” have gone…..There are already technical documents which detail how they know the fuel melted down and THROUGH all three vessels on the first day. So of course they know there are holes. As for where the fuel is, true they don’t know, but they do know, or should, that it is not up here. It is way down there! As in DOWN under the ground and going down still probably. The colloquial term for this, which has also never once been used in any media I have seen so far is “China Syndrome” and it was actually meant to be a very serious and civilisation threatening thing if it ever were to occur. Until it did. Three times on one day. Then the idea went into the memory hole and we just pretend it is sick and will get better with time.

    The forty year projections for cleanup, happen to be based on PRESUMED new discoveries! They actually don’t have a viable plan today and meanwhile there is no effective containment of the massive leakage into the environment and all the containment of SOME cooling water so far is yet to be solved and I predict it will end up back in the environment before they do. Billions of gallons of highly radioactive water stored in huge above ground tanks. On sone of the most seismically active regions on earth. What could possibly go wrong?

    Yes go on and call me a “Conspiracy Theorist” but at least I studied Science at University and have a clue about the Nuclear Physics involved! Plenty of highly qualified nuclear physicists, indeed the best in the industry, are equally alarmed. This is an extinction level event, and debate on that point is futile. From the look of it the decade won’t have ended before nobody is going to able to argue something is very, very wrong and “Climate Change” just won’t cut it anymore as an excuse. The only chance we have is a global effort, even if Japan needs to be forced to accept the intervention. Then the best minds and an unlmited budget have to be agreed on and given the lead to get us out of this before it is too late. WHICH it may already be, please understand.

    • Fixes for these events are going to require a MAJOR percentage of the world population to stop hiding under the bed and come out an DEMAND a workable plan to remediation of these errors of humankind. If you are a human and you are not by now anti nuclear then WHY NOT? Our home is in very real danger and to fix this danger we need EVERYONE to stop everything and FORCE a solution. We cannot wait.

    • This story claims that reactor #2 has reached astronomical rad levels, but the levels have been astronomical from the first day. Claiming that it took 6 years to get this bad is a lie, it took them 6 years to be browbeat by US little folk into admitting this and they still play like it’s only so bad, don’t worry,be happy! Well Fukushima is far worse than you think it is. Chernobyl was one single and brand new reactor, relatively uncontaminated fuel and in operation for only TWO MONTHS! Fukushima is three 40 year old reactors with the most contaminated fuel loads melted out into a river of water flowing directly into the sea for 6 years without any way to stop it being put into action. The fact that a person from Alberta, Canada has to tell you this is a serious danger. That you don’t have the facts is most telling about the media bubble most Americans swim daily. I shot my TV in 2001 over the disgusting 9/11 coverage, If you are still watching any of the broadcast crap of the last 20 years you might be uninformed about most things of import to your survival.

      Most of the reporting in ANY major media outlet about the topic Fukushima is not to be trusted. If they say it’s not a problem, It’s a major real problem. If they say it’s old news and not to worry about it, It’s hidden news, very real, present AND ongoing disaster. If you eat food from the sea, It’s a major disaster. If you fly the skies, It’s a major disaster. Even if you think it is not, sorry IT IS!

    • Brad Dueringer

      I also studied physics in college. And I agree that this is an extinction level event. The fact the the world has not united in trying to solve this tells me that they must have off world colonies and they plan on useing this to finish their population control agenda. They may have technology that allows them to neutralize radiation and they plan on cleaning up earth after we have died. Thats probably what the seed vaults are for.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Yes I’m trying to fathom their plans. Maybe they have enough faith in their underground bases.

        • Brad Dueringer

          Most of them are psychopaths so maybe they don’t care that they may end up with a barren planet.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Old too and no knowledge of God. Nihilism is probably rife.

          • Brad Dueringer

            “no knowledge of God”

            I think you are correct because God is the source of Love and Psychopaths don’t feel too much love.

  • hommedespoir

    Make ISRAEL pay 100% of the cost of the disaster it caused the day it INTENTIONALLY attacked Japan starting with the underwater nuclear tsunami device set off the exact same time an earthquake was INTENTIONALLY triggered on the Japanese mainland.
    The whole story is told by Jim Stone

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Yes agreed and when that happy day comes, a pink pony for all the girls and a shiny new bike for the boys.

      Sorry to be sarcastic, it’s just the idea of “Israel” being held accuntable for anything let alone wiping out the human race a few years before the deed is over seems somewhat wishful in thinking.

      • Brad Dueringer

        That day will happen when we see the easter bunny riding a unicorn that farts gold dust

  • Defiant

    “Needless to say, this plant is not fit for human life. Just one dose of a single sievert is enough to cause radiation sickness and nausea. Exposure to four to five sieverts would kill about half of those exposed to it within a month, while a single dose of 10 sieverts is enough to kill a person within weeks.”

    So…it’s not like anyone is setting-up an apartment in there

    • Brad Dueringer

      We could set up appartments just outside the door for all the war criminals….Obongo…Hilarity Klingon…Kissinger….Bush….and on and oon

  • Sorry Bob but do you really think the evil persons engaged in poisoning any for profit food are actually eating that garbage? You have choices every day, They make those choices very hard to snare as many as is possible in the allotted time. Work around their GMO,MSG and aspartame toxins. Cost is a very powerful tool for evil men and they use it to it’s fullest.

    Every time i see this line “They would not do that to themselves would they”the person saying that has not really thought out their premise too well. They don’t consume as we are forced to consume. They hold clean and wholesome for their circle alone. God has a fix for that sort of vile thinking. Cover your butt with as much uncontaminated food as you can lay your hands, Avoid the sea food, And stay out of airplanes flying directly through the worst of this event and you might just survive to do some good for your fellow man.

    • Bob Smith

      I agree the rich folks behind this don’t eat GMO, etc. But they live in the same atmosphere on this Earth that’s being destroyed by Fukushima. Environmentally, they have painted themselves into an awfully small Earth. I guess they’ll grow their vegetables underground with heat lamps. I see this getting worse being a Christian. I think this is only the start. I think the USA does get nuked and a bunch of nuclear reactors meltdown making the entire Earth uninhabitable. Imagine most life disappearing from the Pacific Ocean! I personally believe the entire event was planned and implemented by the globalists. They are a death cult and the more blood they shed the more power they get…or so they think.

      • Ok so you think that they Don’t have ways to protect themselves.. Perhaps they do have plenty of ways to protect their health

        .. Have you not thought about this? I think they have a whole book full of secret info to protect lifeforms of all types and are keeping it hidden to use to their benefit in secret.

        • Bob Smith

          I don’t think so at all. Unless they plan on leaving the planet Earth. The consequences of Fukushima will likely turn out to be a whole lot worse than anybody suspects. How do you clean all the glyphosate out of the water just in the USA? They don’t plan on living in the USA. If they allow the USA’s grid to go down, there’s going to be 99 Fukushimas unless they have contingency plans for that, which they may, but its going to need to be massive. I think these folks are as functionally and demonically insane as the Nazis in Germany. Germans allowed their nation to be utterly destroyed by May, 1945. The same folks funded Hitler. Millions upon millions of Germans died after WWII in Europe was over.

          How did the globalists in Europe escape the damage of Chernobyl? Did they all take the steps necessary to avoid that? I think the very top of the pyramid likely did, but the top of the pyramid only represents a small percentage of folks that work for the globalists. How many of the folks that work for the globalists escape, in the USA, taking dozens and dozens of vaccines, which destroy the human immune system and then human health? The hierarchy of the Democratic party works for these folks. Do they all have plans in place to avoid the day-to-day risks we are all exposed to? I don’t think its even possible. No doubt, the top of the pyramid probably takes such steps. But right now it looks like the ecosystem that constitutes the surface of the Earth is under such assault that it will soon enough be uninhabitable by human beings. If they all go underground, can we call them “gophers”?

          Anyone who vets the globalists can only come to one conclusion, they are demonically insane and their plans will result in the annihilation of all human on planet Earth, maybe them notwithstanding.

          • Brad Dueringer

            They will go to their off world colonies with zero point energy, quantum computers and Von Nueman self replicating machines to build huge green houses and living quarters to be controlled and heated by zero point energy and quantum computers. They apparently are going to let us and this planet die.

          • Well Bob you make a lot of assumptions.. Who says they would live in Europe or the USA? Perhaps this small group is set up in a place far easier to protect. And just because fear of this group is so rampant does not mean that fear is justified. The combined effects of all the health assaults is a danger to vast amounts of life to be sure but knowing is a good place to start to reduce those combined effects. Just because they have a sick demented plan does not require you to play along and do as they hope. They are a tiny fraction of the power of humanity and they know it hence the need to mess around with large scale killers like nuclear and poisons.

            I went through a large amount of troubles until i learned about the scum sowing that trouble, Now i don’t have those troubles any longer through knowledge and learning. The nuclear beast is no different. Monsanto can’t kill everyone. You are given a brain and the ability to think to help you. assuming the dangers you face are what they say they are is a danger you will have to contend. Learning the level of the deceit these evil men work is going to have to be one of the first things you learn. thinking that they will do this or that to 99% of us is just negating the power of the 99%… I don’t scare too easily. Large numbers of that 99% have powers they don’t even know they have yet. Their plans are not as easy as they think they are. We are not as weak as they hope we are. Times are full of the end of those sorts of plans and planners. I think we will beat these evil fools and think the collective mass of the remainder will learn just how bad things have to get before the good regains control. Work the problem or be consumed by it. Well problem #1 right now is the hair trigger danger THEIR nuclear program represents to all mankind. Money,politics,land and war are all things thrown into your path to keep your work from the issues requiring the most attention. Fukushima is a wake up call, Are you going keep sleeping?

        • Brad Dueringer

          Plus they have off world colonies with their secret space program. Tptb plan on surviving this. I am a Christian and I look forward to leavin my earth suit behind and going on to my next incarnation.

          “If you love this life, you’ll lose it…if you hate this life, you’ll gain it”

  • BadClown
  • This is why the “Fuel offload Hoax” was so necessary. TEPCO spent vast sums of cash to convince the many that they cleared that storage pool. I doubt the entire story. Go ahead and look at the photos and video of that operation and think about what you see not what your told.

    The fact that solid bits of plutonium were found 2000 meters away from the reactor is about all you need to know, well that and 46% of that plutonium landed in the sea.

    • Bob Smith

      Sushi in San Francisco!

  • desertspeaks

    towards the end of the above article “rebuild fukushima” ?? wtf.. if they aren’t going to utilize thorium reactors.. then SHUT THEM ALL DOWN!
    And what putz thinks they can fix fukushima?? it might as well be a slow motion comet strike,. it is either a game changer or a game ender, in any event.. this will not end well!

    • Brad Dueringer

      I call the aggregate of mans stupidity….the slow motion train wreck.

      I have reserved myself to be like the late George Carlin in his “the freak show” video..I’m the man taking notes and observing the freak show/disaster….

  • Mike

    We’re Screwed, is the only rational comment I can add after reviewing the past 6 years of (Fuk u) shima. The radiation curve is on the upward path for the next 50 or so years. The Pacific ocean and west coast of America are both going to die a long slow death. The ocean mammals and fish are already in a massive die off and the evidence of it is everywhere.

    We have made so many mistakes when it comes to commerce, morality, living appropriately with nature and on and on and on.
    Karma really is a bitch

  • Joe Blow

    Gotta get your story right. No Earthquake caused tsunami hit. Look at CCTV videos prior to the water hit…people walking along, no buildings shaking.

    Check out on the run in Mexico ex NSA Jim Stone’s work on this (upper right hand corner)

    Basically explosion in the water “trench” and stutnex virus and bomb in the building.

  • RoHa

    Yep. We’re screwed.

  • Brad Dueringer

    It’s also well known that most doctors do not vaccinate their own children. Doctors became doctors for the money in most cases. They are driven by money and don’t see you as anything but a resource to agrandise them. So obviously I despise doctors also. I argued with one doctor about vaccines…..his stupid mantra was the same mantra the tobaco companies used in the 50’s ….”comonality is not causation”. Doctors are simillar to car salesmen….con-men selling you a product….

  • Brad Dueringer

    Tptb have a ,seemingly, endless supply of useful idiots to help them with their agenda.

  • tedskam55

    cancer doctors have bills to pay too folks.
    (trying to be positive here)