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Thousands Arrested in Michigan for Pot While the Governor Remains Free for Poisoning Entire City


Michigan residents can rest assured because, despite the massive lead contamination of Flint’s entire public water supply, the State has its priorities on point as the government continues doggedly pursuing criminals of the highest order.

No, not Governor Rick Snyder, of course — nor anyone else potentially responsible for poisoning an entire city’s population with lead — We’re talking about those awful medical cannabis users and pesky recreational pot smokers.

In fact, while well over half of Michigan residents support ending cannabis prohibition, before public education campaigns about potential tax benefits have even kicked off, including 74% of those under 30 years of age and a surprising 51% of those over 60, according to the Detroit News. But arrests for its possession and use are skyrocketing — up 17% between 2008 and 2014, according to state police data, reported MLive.

Even more astonishingly, this increase in pot arrests occurred at the same time total arrests for all crime fell 15%. Two-thirds of all drug arrests were related to weed in 2014 — of which 86%, or 20,483, were for use or simple possession of the plant.

Such targeting of medical and recreational users by police — Michigan law strictly regulates weed for those with “debilitating medical conditions,” only — has led to a number of outrageous cases in recent times.

A state appeals court recently upheld the conviction of 47-year-old medical cannabis caregiver, Alenna Marie Rocafort, in a stunning case about legal technicalities gone horribly awry. Police raided the caregiver’s home in September 2012, seizing 5.6 pounds of the plant she was using to treat seriously ill patients. The courts found this amount far exceeded the 2.5 ounces of “usable” marijuana per patient that caregivers are allotted by law to grow. However, Rocafort’s 5.6 pounds of plant had only been harvested four days prior to its seizure by police, which experts claim is far short of the 10 days it takes harvested pot to properly dry and become viable for use.

Defense attorneys thus justifiably argued the caregiver’s weed wasn’t “usable,” so, not illegal — but the case has been lumbering on, wasting taxpayer money to quibble over a definition about a plant which most people don’t view as an illicit substance in the first place.

According to MLive, 21 cities in Michigan have brought legalization or decriminalization measures to a vote; and 15 of those cities — including Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Lansing — have approved various decriminalization initiatives. In September, state Rep. Jeff Irwin introduced a bill — now backed by six additional representatives — to end cannabis prohibition (HB 4877), which would treat the plant as regulatorily, akin to alcohol. Additional legalization measures may wind up on the November ballot if two groups are able to gather enough signatures in time, which now seems highly likely.

In short, it seems almost the only people in the State of Michigan who want the prosecution, criminalization, and general prohibition of cannabis to continue are the police and the criminal justice system — the same police and system which have yet to bring charges against anyone for poisoning an entire city.

As The Free Thought Project reported in December, Governor Rick Snyder has knowingly allowed children, the elderly and other vulnerable people to face potential lifelong effects of being poisoned by lead in his refusal to investigate contamination claims by Flint residents months ago. They will suffer for the rest of their lives due to his criminal neglect — but, at least, the State is keeping them safe from the numerous benefits of cannabis and the dangerous caregivers who ensure their patients aren’t suffering.

It’s time to end the War on Drugs and start to pursue the criminals who deserve to be behind bars — and Michigan would do well to consider Gov. Snyder as a target.

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    • Now there’s a war of information???you’re losing the war of communication

    • Drunk on their own power!

  • Larry Morris

  • The governor is a small part of a much larger issue. Why are none of the local government people being held responsible? One man did not create this health issue.

  • French pharmaceutical killed some one.. Who goes to jail for that? Its a joke everyone should by now have some clue bout what’s going on
    ..rich get rich, poor just a used up bitch

    • While the French company did kill one and hurt several others, nobody made those testers take the pills. They did it of their own free will. Nobody held a gun to their heads. Plus, they were paid and had their medical costs comped by the company.

    • Pmsl you sound like a barrister … Their barrister.. It was needless.. Cannabis already exists.na rich just wana get richer n used these poor fucker to try stop us growing our own……. Never guna happen lol free God free the weed

    • Simon Ferrett, I was merely pointing out the facts. If it makes me sound like a lawyer, then so be it. I’m sure you can agree that we live in a capitalist society. People will always find a way to make money on things, it’s just how the world works. But the fact remains that those who died or were injured by the medicine freely took it. Google “medical trials.” You’ll find many companies looking for people to test their products.

    • Thanks for correcting me.. “lawyer” 😉

    • It’s not my fault you don’t speak American. ?

  • … I didn’t know he put the lead in the water…. what about the democratic mayor of the city since the water is under his jurisdiction… is he being arrested??? lol… this typical scummy democratic politics isn’t it???

  • It’s called american justice…get used to it

  • Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain….

  • the people are to blame for not doing their jobs

  • Someone do a citizen’s arrest on that governor. Contact the FBI and the DOJ and let them know you are bringing him in for 10 counts of premeditated murder 1st degree.

  • Serial Killer

  • THIS IS THE USA I LIVE HERE! THIS IS WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT DOES TO IT’S OWN PEOPLE, what’s done is done, now pay them 4 killing your family! and making them suffer a terrible death, pay them, and then wait for a thank you!.

  • it’s a club, and you ain’t in it

  • Joakim Körstig Pelle Hejsson

  • Erin is on Dr OZ today…talking about our Infrastructure nation wide…now she is speaking about the Methane Gas leak!!.

  • That’s a Republican for you.

  • Glad to see everyone jumping on the Flint bandwagon, one question though, where the fuck were you these last 20 years that it went fuckin sideways into hell? The water is honestly the least of Flint’s problems. There’s a reason it’s called Murdertown.

  • Someone is going to h-he-hell:)

  • Well I wonder if those same policemen and their family washed and drank in that same filthy water

  • Another example of why legality does NOT EQUAL morality.

  • Thank you for covering this, I am an ill disabled patient. Myself and many others live in fear which is why we are pushing for legalization in 2016.

    It is so wrong to be hurting people the way they are. Ill patients shouldn’t have to face all this fear and anxiety while they are in such rough shape. We just want to live normal lives like before we were sick. We are parents trying to raise good children while homes while instead homes get broken apart. When will this destruction end? As soon as you begin to see the truth and you’re heart changes.

  • Wait, wasn’t this a city issue. Why are we throwing the Govnah under the bus. Like saying Texas went to war with Arizona but it’s Obama’s fault.

  • He didn’t even make the decision to change the water supply it was between the city council and the emergency manager of Flint.
    And nobody poisoned anybody on purpose, the lake water they switched to wasn’t treated with anti corrosive chemicals like Detroit water is, so when it went through the 100 year old lead water pipes that were never replaced like they should have been, it rusted the inside of the pipes.

    • He appointed the manager and there were leaked emails showing he knew 6 months before admitting it while telling em it was safe and to drink it.

    • These are the Facts

  • Snyder has been too busy making Michigan number 1 in computerized government since he’s a Gateway computer fat cat. Press 1 for English!

  • Political media BS. Get some facts.

  • democrats have run that municpal water program, along with the public schools there in flint, for 50 years. It is a failed disaster. A glaring example of failed liberal policy.

  • “Hello, Home Depot, would you like to donate the rail we run him out on ??”

  • 2 words -jury-nullification-

  • Obey!

  • This isn’t “Free Thought”…this is the same biased , leftist crap I can get from MSNBC..

  • business as usual.

  • (Y) + Comment or SHARE if you are tired of the drug war hypocrisy!

    • Love your posts??

    • that is because cannabis doesn’t fund black ops like heroin and cocaine do and cannabis promotes a peaceful society which is bad business for the judicial system..

    • Michael Blackman Most of these convictions come from inner city areas like Flint, Detroit, and Saginaw. Those same cities have major stings on cocaine, heroin, and assorted pills.

    • shared


    • and we are the bad ppl

    • That’s are government,an you wonder why trump is out front?

    • Really frank, do you disagree w the post?!?

  • money

  • Wake up people, this shit is really happening..didn’t it say somewhere in the bible about seas or bodies of water turning blood red?? Close enough!! Sigh..

    • Damn disrespect

    • Revelation 16:3-7

      And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.

      And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.

      And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus.

      For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy.

      And I heard another out of the altar say, Even so, Lord God Almighty, true and righteous are thy judgments.

    • Jim Davis reading problem? 2 pairs of unclean and 7 pairs of clean, it may not be relevant here but if you studied it, you would know what is going on in this crazy world and why voting isn’t going to change anything. saddle on over to my page and check out the video on you tube “secret societies and who is behind them, then you will probably WANT to watch the rest and continue learning TRUTH. I say this not with disrespect but with an honest desire to get the info out sir. MOST of the folks out there that aren’t sheeple know about one, maybe two ‘conspiracy theories’ because the leaders plain old don’t give a hoot anymore, they do these things openly because the general populace are plain old blind. I know that was a run-on sentence like ya never saw before but I do not claim to be a typist, I talk fast ’cause time is short. Good day my friend, stay frosty… do not listen to mainline ‘christianity’ they make truth look bad because they do not search for truth either, they just use Bibles to beat people about the head who don’t follow them blindly(and to finance their mansions and high living, it’s they who Christ calls hypocrites) watch the one about Islam also…

    • I suggest you READ your Bible also ma’am, if you do not understand what and where, you must be listening and not reading. You get to know someone by spending time with them directly, NOT through hearsay. Those who spout hearsay are giving God a bad name, so much so that FEW believe, which is very sad.

    • Blythe, i don’t see the connection in ur comment. Can u explain?

    • John Baxter It is the Bible that gives God a bad name: “…shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not done it?”(Amos 3:6).

    • Close enough? Are you serious. Smh

    • Are you stupid Thomas?? Loser..wake up! Look around ya!! The Devil is alive and well as in the Flint crisis among others and your ignorant comment..SMH!

    • Blythe Bolton This is rich. You sound like a complete idiot, quoting your book of tales of dubious origin and calling others stupid.

    • The bible is a lie

    • Books are just like the internet people, anyone can write them. So if you truly believe in the bible i feel sorry for you.

    • Scum of the earth are athiest.

  • thank you for posting this

  • Just remember their water policy was changed under a democrate governor…lol…where was the EPA on this one…

    • …Democrats and Republicans…both steered by corporations. Two party system failing…..not representing the true interests of the electorate…..

    • Agreed…

  • America. Enough said

  • money…if you people dont under stand that…welll…cant help ya

  • The rich get richer by fucking the poor.. Who deserves jailtime?

  • Legalize

  • Standards of humanity will remain unequal in some , according to the supreme leadership’s.

  • Dakota Blake Williams

  • I can .. so I’m a not an american ( thank God ) and have an ‘outsiders’ perspective on your Country…I see racism everywhere in the US (yes we have it here too). But the way you folks seem to accept mass killings, poisoning your own people, hate the poor, anger towards anyone ‘different’, bigotry and just down right nasty behavior is astonishing to me. Not all of you are like this I know but an awful lot of you are. Your hatred towards each other is destroying your country…and you call yourselves ‘Christian’ and you believe you live in ‘the land of the free’. Not even close…all to protect the very people that are your oppressors..the rich…

    • The elite are the same in every country my friend, I’m Canadian ✌?️

  • I hate Michigan with the deep burning passion

  • You’re beating on the wrong guy…and you should be more concerned with the right one. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/meet-darnell-earley-man-behind-flint-water-crisis-article-1.2505074

  • Explain why it was a government that fucked up, but people are blaming “capitalism”

  • Its really simple its money in this brick Ron Paul was affiliated with this prick Ricky Schneider Ron Paul don’t give a crap s*** about any freaking citizen of the state of Michigan

    • Yeah you would think the libertarians would be all over this. In theory yes but in reality no. Haven’t heard a peep about it from them. It’s a black community so they don’t seem to care.

    • Liberty for their own little group not for everybody

    • Actually I’ve seen a bunch of libertarian pages addressing this.

      Perhaps you’re just not exposed to the relevant demographic enough to make an accurate assessment?

  • White and rich = immunity.

  • that should be bernie sanders.

  • I CAN EXPLAIN IT, BUT YOU’RE NOT GOING TO LIKE IT. America, like many free societies before us, is a failed experiment with the goal of world domination and absolute, unquestionable wealth. No civilization has ever endured under these tricks: Freedom of speech was promised to everyone so that problems can be solved. What FOS REALLY is, is a way for the rule-makers, politicians and industry to change the rules so that there is one law for them and another for us. They are legally LYING to us. Freedom of religion was a way for them (the above-mentioned) to choose a religion (like Gnosticism), that would forsake things like honor, decency and law, and again, LEGALLY treat us like garbage. Free Enterprise is the nastiest trick of all. It’s what leads to shit like child slave labor and a lack of quality control and regulation in business (for the above-mentioned). Hitler was infamous for being connected to his “Captains of Industry” on a regular basis. I think I’m done. Anyone who doesn’t see the obvious, I can’t help you.

    • Do you seriously think the intertwined system of business and government, complete with all sorts of regulations and stipulations drafted by the same entities which they seek to regulate is an actual example of free enterprise.?

    • Not at all. Remember, freedom of speech is legal lying for them. Mine is a bitter, sarcastic point of view. I am one of those idiots who tried to be cooperative and be a good American. Until I was chewed-up and left disabled and dirt poor by this “new Rome”.

  • Honestly…this is why people need to attend city council meetings, to contest the vote. It is open to the public. The only negligence on the politicians part is the amount of time it took to address the situation. This is one area of government we have a right to get involved in so the residents are technically just as guilty for not representing themselves in City Counsel proceedings.

    • That’s bs people shouldnt have to go out of their way to get a basic human commodity like clean water

    • You obviously don’t understand how our nation was set up. The people were intended to rule themselves through active participation in local and state government. The Federal government was only to oversee State governments and make sure they respected the Constitutional rights of the people. In the 1770’s every citizen in town (except a few possible outcasts) went to city hall meetings. Even the uniting of the 13 colonies started in the “state houses” with every day citizens saying yah or nay, openly voicing fears and opinions in a rational orderly manner. The reason we are in the place we are is a lack of representation….which was caused by being content rather than participation in the levels of government we are allowed.

      I’m from Saginaw, Michigan and lived in “The Flint Basin” everyone knew in the 70’s local water was too polluted to freeze and that underground water sources like wells were contaminated from Dow Chemicals dumping in the Saginaw and Flint rivers. If they had heard the suggestion to get water from local sources any logical person would have refused it.

    • And who voted for the officials? We can’t blame the Electoral College for State elections after all. Further more who didn’t watch dog the officials in order to insure an Emergency Manager wouldn’t be needed?
      Our state like most goes back and forth between Republicans and Democrats. Until they start voting outside of special interest groups the result will be the same.

      Anyhow like I said I grew up in the area we (family and friends) knew better than to drink the water.

    • Frank Welsh you have a real good point… But still this shit was criminal…

    • Agreed, I’ve only been stating the voters of Michigan have some responsibility in the matter for being content. Also while Snyder’s a joke he’s an improvement from people like Kwame Killpatrick and our last Governor Granholm. Granholm was responsible for a bill that allowed them to put drug convictions on your driving record regardless of whether or not the crime took place in or near a vehicle. For example you could be arrested on your porch and your car insurance rates would increase, on top of whatever penalty the court determined.

    • Robert Florida Understandable, but do you have a friend who may have time? A friend you could call and go over the details with?

      For those who do not have time, you do have the right and ability to form a group and send your own “representative”, even if only for your block or a few houses. The whole thing could even be done through a facebook group. After all you had time to respond to my post 🙂

      Further more I feel when it involves our children’s bathing and drinking water, we better make time.

  • yes it is the politicians policy to ensure that corporations make a profit that inclueds filling jails and the only way to fill the jails is to convict more people

  • i would account for 3 of those michigan pot arrests lol

  • Homosexuals who are praised for their public sexual appetites… Corrupt government oppressing its people with money… Women having their fetuses ripped out of them because a child is “inconvenient” (mostly),.. Corrupting children with sexual content and acceptance and tolerance of abnormal activity like beastiality… Constant war as a way of budgeting an economy… Open murder of our citizens by unscrupulous and power-mad roman soldiers (police) DAMN! Sounds like Rome under the rule of Caligula (search him)… Dare I say that America has become the greatest enemy of God.

    • Idk where you live that bestiality is being normalized to children, but last I heard we don’t do that in America. Weirdo.

    • I suppose Ma’am, that you haven’t been paying much attention to popular culture media. The first and most prominent example of my point, is this: FAMILY GUY, the highly-rated animated cartoon series for adults only (that parents allow their children to watch), broadcast at all times in all parts of America. Brian the dog has sex with every dim-witted human female he can find. If there is further need for proof of this, I’ve seen with my own eyes, how some kids get a bit carried away with “puppy kisses”. Can’t see anything if you don’t open your eyes and look. – and since we are insulting one another – Dim-witted, ignorant whacko.

  • the epa behind it all just sayn

    • No, they were just complicit. Council made the choice to switch.

  • Oh someone is going to pay for this i hope

  • if these people spent only 1 nite in jail it would cost $1,126.565 i wonder what the average stay is for consuming a plant a plant created by jehovah in the beginning

    • created by who?

    • Yeah, and God also created opium, poison ivy, toadstools, and black mold, all of which are toxic.

    • Uranium is also natural, so how about you smoke that in your bong?

  • Peggy Daugherty

  • No, I got nothin!

  • “The people who allow someone to do a bad thing without correcting it, are just as guilty as the one who actually does the bad thing.

  • To be 100% fair flint had a emergency manager make that decision he should be held accountable. Don’t get me wrong Ricks a idiot I pay for his stupidities first hand in live in the mitten. What they’re not reporting is we have other cities besides flint having the same issues

    • Both Saginaw and Flint and outlying towns have had seriously polluted underground water since the 70’s

    • Yes. I don’t know why now it’s a huge thing we have been hurting for decades with no help. But now all of a sudden we matter ? I don’t get it

    • Their is always some form of agenda anytime main stream media blows up a story.

    • That is crazy, this is nothing new to those who live in Michigan and were aware of this issue. But all of a sudden its main stream media. Their finding elevated lead levels all over Michigan now.

    • That’s cause we allow our politicians and mayors to rob us blind and pass stupid laws that make others out of the state wealthy.

    • Meanwhile, I want to know how many water treatment employees still have their jobs. Either they didn’t do their jobs and let contaminated water flow to all those homes, or they knew, and let it flow anyway because they valued their paychecks more than the citizens.

    • There has been no call for their jobs yet we’re trying to actually trying to get a politician to be held responsible first but I totally agree

    • You don’t understand the way emergency managers work. Basically. the council does its business as usual, but needs final approval from the EM afterwards before being enacted. EMs don’t always look at entire proposals, they just run the books.

      Investigation is ENTIRELY on the city council for new policy. Further, the utility department was also very neglectful. They are supposed to run quality checks constantly through the course of the day. If the utility department did its job, they would have not supported the source switch. Even after the switch, they are supposed to announce if the water is unsafe. The EM has no power over public health disclosures.

    • Further, the EPA knew about the contamination for months, but still didn’t do anything.

    • Everyone wants to blame the governor, and it was not his call.

    • So since you’re not from Michigan and clearly don’t get why he em should be held accountable cause he went around everyone he was suppose to and did what he wanted.

  • America is FULL OF SHIT!!!!! That the best explanation.

  • Sure, it’s called corruption.

  • Oligarchy?

  • cough, cough it wasn’t just the Michigan politicians it was the EPA in Washington D.C as well.

  • the explanation is easy – the politicians are too big to jail

  • we can’t let these politicians keep killing the people

  • Because the guilty ones who created the problem are liberal democrats. The mayor and city council of Flint made the decision to switch the water source

  • Easy to explain, politicians have power, pot dealers don’t

  • Rand Paul for prez

  • Yep.

  • Why should any politician be scared of those who voted them in?

    All people do is go on social media and act all passive aggressive. They think whining online will get others to fix the problem(s) for them since they are too lazy to actually go out and do it themselves and the politicians know it.

    On top of that, they know if they tell you what you want to hear (“free this, free that”), then all of these types of things will disappear and be forgotten about and they’ll get re-elected again. Because you know, it’s the other guys fault and they want to help you by giving you ‘free stuff’.

    It’s not the politicians that are so much the problem as it is the idiot voters out there that keep voting them in. You reap what you sow. Deal with it.

  • Agreed, but stop using foul langage.

  • Sure! The pot smokers aren’t driving out renters to lower land values so banks can buy the property for pennies on the dollar, resell it to new investors and make a killing in Interest. Besides, pot smokers make great prison residents and they keep the lights on for the private prison industry and the police unions.

    Did I miss anything?

  • Someone has to make sure the privatized prison system is a money maker…

  • Get involved!!!!!

  • yeah dolla dolla bill yo

  • I just liked it for Ron Paul’s facial expression

  • Population Control

  • Get the fuck out of there lol Tayler Hall

    • Dude I work with Hella people from Flint (where the water is fucked up) place is so bad man. City is one of the highest for bad crimes in us.

  • cause money talks…the rich don;t get into prisons

  • Yes

  • Battle Creek and Kalamazoo have higher levels of lead in their water than Flint.

  • Darnell Early is reported to be the man responsible for poisoning the water in Flint, Michigan.

  • Joe MoDo Ellis this page

  • simple , Democrats where in charge fo last 40 tears , Now this is dug up 🙂

  • It’s funny because Ron Paul.

  • false logic

  • it took a while to find an elected republican in michigan?

  • $

  • I live in MI and I have asked the AG to arrest him

  • Because they’d have to arrest scores of African American Democrats in Flint and Detroit for the disaster.


  • oligarchic usa.

  • *Cannabis

  • Like the way you chose a coloured guy to be the one arrested instead of some pot on a table …. Nice.

  • The politician was making room for the muzlums

  • Michigan is an eye opener. They just do not worry about backlash. Michigan governor will probably run for president. He has recognition now.

  • Wesley Andrew Dingle

  • As much as I like your meme the governor had no hand in the decision to change water source.

  • Because if you’re rich and Republic can you can do what you want

    • Too bad the people that actually made the decision were all Democrats. City council actually drafts and passes projects like utilities. All the EFM does is give budget approval.

  • Jewish politicians do not get arrested in the USA!

  • Lock his ass up !!!

  • Hang him in a public square

  • The big shots get away everything

  • That’s White Privilege!

    I’ve HEARD of that shit…!

  • I made this as part of my “what are you gonna do about it, slave” series…

    • So at what point was Snyder involved with switching the water supply? All the EFM does is approve that there is money in the budget for laws and projects. City council still has the responsibility to draft the proposal, as well as order full investigations.

    • Also, the utility department was either not testing the water every couple hours like they are supposed to, or they were actively hiding the results of the testing. The utility department has to take public safety concerns to the mayor and/or council.

  • Yes, try to explain that one.

  • The drug war, legislatures, politicians….ARRRGGHH!!

  • These fucking criminal pricks…..

  • Do not get on the soap box for this shit Sanders. You could care less.

  • There’s a big club and you arent in it

  • Why are you picturing Snyder as opposed to the people who directly made the decision to change the water source/supply?

  • Cause as Americans we are cowards an will allow it

  • If you are going to commit crimes go big. Even if you don’t have the connections to save yourself the people you are dealing with will haul your ass out to save theirs.

  • because “justice for all” is simply propaganda for you to keep taking the abuse.

    Abusers say “Honey, I will never hit you again. Here are some roses” so that you stay around long enough to keep hitting you.

    Stop buying the propaganda. America is not and never was the greatest country in the world. Democracy is still a “-cracy”: Ruling. Forcing people to do things. Sending armed men to enforce laws. Taxing aka threatening people if they don’t pay up (aka shakedown / extortion when anyone else does it)

  • The EPA?

  • It’s just the crazy Americans no wonder the world laughs at them

  • this devil looking, black shit should be chained and should be thrown into cage

  • Except if they go to prison, they go to the nice ones that are like little apartments where they have tvs, big comfy beds, and can eat the best foods.

  • I don’t understand those sad parents that have their children poisoned. I would have destroyed him and his family had that happened to my children….
    I do t understand these American Parents

  • Because Michigan. There really is no logical explanation for most of the stupid shit that goes on in this state!

  • Because the people doing pot don’t have power, while the politicians do.

  • No explanation!

  • I figured I’d give you a quick schooling. (BTW for your information, my young teenage daughter lives in flint.) Snyder appointed a manager (as most governors do) to maintain and control the issues, and rectify the issues of the water problem.
    Seems that this “democratic black water manager” made the switch to local water while waiting for the pipeline from Huron to be built, because it was discussed with the black democratic mayor of flint the decision could save a lot of money., also in further budget cutting, to save a ton more of money (which I wonder where that money went) they opted to not use a key mineral that would have allowed the “CLEAN” water to pass though the pipes with out stripping them of the lead.
    The brown water came at the onset of the switch and only for a short while. the citizens started to drink BOTTLED WATER ONLY. (so did my daughter, my expressed command to only drink bottled water)
    the Black democratic City water manager then informed the citizens it was safe for consumption, minus the anti corrosive mineral. which lead to the water being tainted with lead from the piping. the contaminated water has a bad smell and color, as it was stripping the ancient piping.
    Snyder (who notified the president’s EPA asking for funding to correct this problem, which was turned down) was getting updates from this guy, who subsequently quit a week or so before his term limit was up to become the manager of the DETROIT school system.

  • Truly insane what is going on.

  • How true Dr.

  • Pretty fucking much. But did you hear about kanye???

  • Why isn’t he in jail. He’s killing hundreds of people. Why is the media playing games with him .He new’d what he was doing ,I don’t know or understand what’s the problem. I don’t understand why he having been charged yet .

  • Carl

    Too bad that this WHOLE article is an outright lie. It was the DEMOCRAT city council who caused the switch in the Flint City water resources that caused the water problems. To top it all off, the present governor wasn’t in office when the local Flint Democrats ruined their city water resources. Then one of the Democrats got caught ripping off emergency donation funds to spend in an illegal fashion instead of buying bottled water for the Flint City residents. So, this article probably came from a liberal/socialist/Democrat source.