Michigan Senate Passes Bill Outlawing Oral and Anal Sex — Violators Will Face 15 Years in Prison



Lansing, MI — During their session last week, the Michigan Senate passed a bill that effectively bans all forms of sodomy, anal, oral, gay and non-gay — making the acts punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Surprisingly, Michigan is not alone in this archaic and oppressive legislation. Michigan, along with Idaho, Utah, VirginiaNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina, FloridaAlabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, all have laws on the books making consensual oral and anal sex, illegal, between all individuals. MontanaKansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, have only outlawed these acts if those engaged in them are gay.

The passage of this Bill is in spite of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2003 ruling in Lawrence v. Texas declaring sodomy bans unconstitutional.

In an attempt to skirt the legal boundaries of the SCOTUS ruling, Michigan encompasses these so-called ‘sex crimes’ into the legislation on bestiality — as if the two are related in any way whatsoever.

“A person who commits the abominable and detestable crime against nature either with mankind or with any animal is guilty of a felony,” reads SB 219.

And, if the state catches you committing this ‘felony,’ you will face ‘not more than 15 years’ in prison.


The draconian law outlawing human sodomy could have been easily altered by merely removing the phrase “either with mankind” from the bill, along with the other words struck in the citation above. But this was too difficult according to Senator Rick Jones.

In an interview with The New Civil Rights MovementSenator Jones explained that including humans in the bestiality bill is the only way to protect the animals.

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The New Civil Rights Movement reports:

“The minute I cross that line and I start talking about the other stuff, I won’t even get another hearing. It’ll be done,” Jones said. “Nobody wants to touch it. I would rather not even bring up the topic, because I know what would happen. You’d get both sides screaming and you end up with a big fight that’s not needed because it’s unconstitutional.”

Jones added that he believes the only way to repeal the sodomy ban would be a bill striking all unconstitutional laws from the state’s books.

“But if you focus on it, people just go ballistic,” he said. “If we could put a bill in that said anything that’s unconstitutional be removed from the legal books of Michigan, that’s probably something I could vote for, but am I going to mess up this dog bill that everybody wants? No.”

SB 219 has been passed by the Michigan Senate, and will now go to the House for approval.

In Jones’ eyes, people having consensual oral and anal sex should face being locked in a cage for a decade and a half so that the state can protect animals. The statist logic is baffling, to say the least.

What the passage of this Senate Bill shows is that government is still so interested in monitoring and regulating the activities of consenting adults that they would lay waste to freedom to enforce their version of morality.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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  • even if it’s self inflicted?

  • the fucktards that pay their way to the top in the USA are well astounding

  • Mike Flanagan

  • People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  • Uhhh its already illegal in most states. Has been for some time…

  • I don’t wanna go to jail for life. Probably get the death penalty by now shit

  • The Michigan Senate should be outlawed…LMAO

  • Soooo, go to prison for having sex the way you like it, but no prison sentence or even charges brought against the officials consciously poisoning and killing thousands with that water?! Ok. I see what’s important there… #makesnodamnsense

    • You won’t

    • You get more prison time for having sex the way you like it while rapists get less time

    • so if the state f… me they go to prison?

    • I’ve been thinking we ought to boycott anything coming out of Wisconsin for their insane backward legislation. We need to add Michigan. So what does Michigan make besides leaded water?

    • so who’s going to pay the taxes after everyone is in jail for doing what is now against the law. hahahaha

    • This might have something to do with it…

      Thanks for commenting La’Cedra Inman! (y)

    • Sometimes people say: “Oh.. all you have is memes..” but sometimes memes HIT THE NAIL on the head, like this one! (y) Like if you agree!!

    • This is why I’m glad to be Canadian…….. Say what you want about my country, make your jokes, mock our health care but at the end of the day we don’t let our government get away with shit like this…….. Just saying

    • Po Tato Do you get a lot of shit for being Canadian?

    • No. I watch American tv where jokes after jokes about Canada are made then I watch your government take your freedom little by little cuz your to busy laughing at us all the while we’re laughing at the Americans who claim to live the greatest country on earth …… No offence. What I like about America is you stood up to the British and that’s about it. Your government has since become the same kind of tyrant that it fought against for your freedom …… Now where are you? Getting secretly laughed at by Canadians

    • It’s nice to see that not all Americans fall for the subterfuge though

    • good comments Po Tato <3 American's are brainwashed savants and I am trying NOT to be one of them.

    • Po Tato Although I don’t necessarily disagree with your assessment of America I take exception to your protrayal of Canada. You obviously are not informed. Canada can match America for stupid laws and violations of individual freedoms… http://www.dumblaws.com/laws/international/canada

    • True. We’re not prefect. But you have to put in the effort to find that shit out about Canada all we have to do is turn on the tv

    • Most of those laws are out dated. Or actually make sense
      The list is as follows
      Contacts are a medical item and there for need a qualified person to fit them
      Crimes in Comic books is a stupid one but your not going to get 15 years in prison for it
      I agree with the 35% for Canadian content on radioes other wise we’ll be left with American propaganda
      I’ve seen lots of license plates covered with clear plastic cop don’t say shit
      Quebec is a French province and that’s their business we’ve given up on arguing with the French
      As for the internet speed that’s just one city
      Pennies no longer exist so that law is moot
      Peeing in public is illegal in most places in North America but the spitting is rather stupid but people do it any way
      The painting a ladder law is stupid
      Not being allowed to remove bandaids in public is stupid but mostly over looked
      The painting law is a bylaw in a certain city ( not sure where)

      Most of these laws are out dated some have been repealed other ignored. How ever this post about a law that has just been approved

    • How ever Tim Paty. You do have a point Canada’s Bill C51 is similar to your patriot act and a lot of Canadians feel it’s a violation of our privacy and freedoms.

    • The Free Thought Project.com Not all laws are arbitrary dictates. Some are ordinances of reason with the aim of promulgating the common good. One such law is the proscription against murder.

    • To compare murder to what’s going on in one’s bedroom is apples and oranges dude….

    • Po, more and more of us are waking up every day and seeing the vile, filthy politicians for what they are… I’m waiting for the next great revolution to happen.

  • Dumb assholes

  • A man on a missionary.

  • Seems like the senate doesnt like sex but on the other hand they f…ed a whole lot of people.

  • So much for small government?

  • Orgy on the senate steps!

  • because we all know there is no anal sex in prison

    • lol

    • This is COMPLETE Bullshit but once again highlights the illegitimacy of an institution that simply claims authority over you but actually does NOT have any. Any legitimate contracts are always based in CONSENT!

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      Tell us why below.

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  • are they gonna imprison all the oral offenders in the same cell block?interesting ..

  • How much more hypicritical can they be?

  • THERE GOING TO BE A WHOLE LOT OF MUSLIUM BEING ARESSTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How are they going to know who is doing what?

    • And isn’t it portrayed in most Prison movies that this behaviour is common. So they’ll get sent to jail for giving a blowy then end up giving one in the nick….

  • Well now that they have taken care of the important issues of the day maybe they will have time to deal with Flint and it’s poisoned citizens, unbelievable!!

  • f****** freaks

  • Ugh, I can’t even. Poisoning the fucking water supply wasn’t enough?!

  • What about the dookins? Can u do the dookins

  • I have had it up to here with religious nut bags

  • How would they even know what you are doing in your bedroom?

  • this is when you know your government which can’t even give its people safe drinking water is too big…Vote these idiots out please….

  • What did April 1st. come early this year?

  • Wtf Francesca

  • they’ll do this but the water in flint still look like ass juice…….foh

  • Of course the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled such laws unconstitutional, so this will just result in taxpayer money being burned in the courts.

  • Ugh! I’m embarrassed to live in Michigan! What a bunch of f&@cktards!

  • Hahaha!!

  • Insanity rules in Michigan.

  • So are they going to station officers in every bedroom or something?

  • I wonder how many of these law maker would turn down a blow job

  • This is not free thought. This is hoaxing the gullible. Unlike. Unfollow.

  • How will they know lol

  • pmslllllllllllllllllllllll think theres more important things going on

  • Who cares what they want you to do.
    Go lick some vag fellas, do as you need!

  • I do not believe this for a minute!! but for one second, if this is true, I feel soooo sorry for those decision makers spouses..

  • Lol

  • The giant sucking sound you just heard is not what you’re thinking, it’s people leaving the state!

  • I suppose some woman on city council got upset cuz maybe her husband was nagging her too much.

  • I guess that means they will be putting a ban on all politicians, since they constantly f#ckin the taxpayers in the @$$!

  • Ladders and flashlights will sell out for law enforcement?

  • I really thought/hoped we were past trying to regulate or control behavior involving freely consenting adults. One wonders how they intend to enforce this or if it’s just some grandstanding to distract everyone from what’s happening in Flint.

  • Interesting. They will kill their choldren with bad water and air but ya can’t have sex in your own personal way. Republicans again

  • The state in the bedroom ???

  • Such a sad nation, they are missing out 😛

  • Tell them to suck a dick!

  • Then they had better lock themselves up fast because they have been analy raping the citizens of Detroit for a while now.

  • What a dysfunctional country the U.S. is.Is Clinton going to serve time for a blowjob?

  • Can’t wait until one of these ass wipes get caught getting/giving a blowjob and goes to prison for 15 years, full of anal sex from his cell mate!

    My body, my business!

    • Won’t happen because apparently they are above the law

    • Why do people still even give any legitimacy to government? Do YOU still vote? Tell us why

    • Because after an election you will have one or the other in office. Voting is trying to make sure it’s the lesser of the two evils.

    • Nita Joy Tucker #truth!!!

    • When do we stop voting for the “lesser of two evils” ?

    • When the voters start voting in their own interests and not who the media tells them to.

    • Why have we collectively decided that “the lesser of two evils” is good enough?
      As for what comes after the election…it doesn’t matter who you voted for, the candidate who “wins” the election is still just a puppet of the powers that be.

    • It’s a two party system. By default it’s a failure. When the majority in America figure this out is when voting for the lesser of two evils will stop. By the time that happens I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s due to another revolution.

    • Theyll NEVER face prison. If a citizen poisooned thousands, theyd get multiple life sentences

  • thats amazing a group of cocksuckers fucking the people of michigan up the ass have outlawed both for the public at large

  • if you want to call this real news, how do you expect us to make mainstream media obsolete

  • Lol only in America

  • Insane & police state !!!

  • LOL how do you get caught? If you out in public well you would be arrested anyway!

  • I get the out rage because the freedom part but I don’t participate in those types of sexual acts sooo it don’t bother me any .

  • WTF has happened to Michigan?

  • Soon no one will be living in Michigan.

  • this must be a lie

  • These people belong in the dark ages.

  • How exactly do they plan on enforcing this?

  • Do they really think that’s gonna stop people?

  • Go to prison for having sex the way you want it and end up having sex the way someone else wants it! Don’t drop that soap!

  • I’m predicting a huge drop in the Michigan population in the near future

  • And your version of morality is leprechauns in your head. A rejection of absolutes is why sex with a donkey can be justified in the craniums of those with the moral backbone of a jellyfish.

  • Can’t have sex the way you and your partner desire.
    ” free ” country.

    And how tf they gonna know?
    It’s not like the couple are gonna tell people.

  • How in the world are they going to regulate that? LOL

  • God knows it doesn’t happen in prison.

  • Who doesn’t enjoy an old fashioned bj?!

  • yeah…good luck with that

  • say ‘fuck NO’ to Michigan

  • Not only unjust but homophobic aswell..

  • “One Perspective with the Intention to Expand on All other Perceptions.”
    {(Now I Capitalize Soul, Heart and Brain/Mind to recognize them as separate energies whom exist as one)}
    “When one energy is focused on for a long enough period, does it not become a new energy, like how a thought can become an idea?”
    We the Human Race, have been supporting this reality we live in with only our Minds, where it has been long forgotten the use of our Hearts and Souls. New science is coming forward stating that our Heart has its very own magnetic field and contributes quite more to the functionality of the body than the Brain,even helping to regulate the Brains activity, one can not exist with out the other, no argument there, okay this is great we are heading in the right direction. Science is even beginning to accept the roles of our Souls in the human body, not as quickly as that knowledge of the Heart but hey it is another step in the right direction. I may have a SIMPLE solution to explain where science will eventually lead to of the understanding of these roles.
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    Food for thought, (This new, energy, Human Beings must learn to co-exist with the oneness of the three, Soul, Heart, Mind; or we possibly look at the theory of existing in 4’s which no theory yet exist because we simply do not have the math yet or maybe we do…)
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  • For goodness sake isnt there more important issues??

  • Why don’t outlaw contaminated, poison water?!

  • Ummm hate to tell all of you this, but anything but missionary is illegal in most states… it’s considered sodomy.

    • Sodomy statutes have already been ruled unconstitutional by the SCOTUS.

    • SCOTUS doesn’t make law, they give OPINIONS on constitutionality. That’s why most of those sodomy laws are still on the books.

  • Hahahahahahahababahahahahahahahahahaha

  • The city of Flint is poisoned with lead water. But at least we took care of what’s most important….morality of private acts. ‘Merica

    • Yea and still have to pay the water bill

    • The water problem is not soved, it won’t be soved for a long time. The damage done is greater than most people think. The water has had contamination for almost 10 years. And the governor knew this. That is why in the us state of the Union president Obama mentioned it.

    • Exactly glad someone else made that parallel! Thank you for commenting Andrew Muniz, Daniel Matterson and Chris Lambdin!

      Do you guys think this meme DEFINES statism and government? Especially in this instance? Why or why not?

    • I’m the current idea of government yes. It dose the reason for this, is modern leaders of the us, do not follow through with what this country needs. For example, I am joining the national guard for I can get the proper training that I want. But yet, the best training facility will not accept my credit from previous experience because they focus on welfare driven students. This is one example of how this government has fallen from what it used to be. Another example is, the current issue with gun control. As far as my self I firmly believe in guns. I was raised in the country. Guns are part of my life. But I have had proper up bringing with them. I won’t go shoot up a movie theater or a school. If you put a gun on a table loaded and hot, it will not go off. But yet these people in Washington say it will kill you. How is this acceptable? It is not. For other examples I strongly recommend that you follow Ted Nugent’s page. He is very out spoken about the current issues involving the us and the government.

    • Chris Lambdin unfortunately he’s also a raving misogynist. But his gun rights rants r on point!!!

  • They can’t. The US Supreme Court has already deemed all such laws unconstitutional- many states already had such laws in place, though not enforced. I’d have to question the source on this one.

  • This is ridiculous… How do they plan To enforce this? Also, how would they even know who Is in violation of it?

  • And how exactly are they going to enforce this???

  • Wut !?

  • God damm! They GOP again wants to get in our bedrooms again but can’t get the lead out of drinking water in Flint Mich.

  • …”uh oh, honey, get up off me & turn around,…I just found out that what we’re doin is illegal…” “oh nooooooooooooooo” !!! IDIOTS !!!

  • What fucking year are they living in ?

  • They spend their time on crisp like this when their citizens don’t have clean water or good school facilities. Time to vote them OUT.

  • Why don’t you clean up the water supply besides lording over people’s sex lives.

  • Just wondering as to what percentage that voted …. CAME to that decision ??????????????????? :/

  • So I guess Michigan will now outlaw homos, good grief, the religious nutters will stop at nothing till there tossing Fag’s off of buildings, kinda like ISSIS does…… I’m a straight guy, but come on people, gay’s are fine by me but I’m not a religious person.

  • How they going to know?
    Self enforcement? Lmfao

  • Kissing Saudi ass too much, gettin’ that same religious fervour. Fundametalist fanatics obsessed with what people do with a penis when nobody’s looking. Crimes against animals dreamed up over a steak dinner lol. And they still call it Sodomy after that middle eastern town – how quaint. Anal sex? … yeah 15 in the pen will be sure to cure that lol. And those muzzies are still stuck in the middle ages eh? Land of the free calling …. I know, I know, lets be like … retarded, it’s free. LMAO.

  • Idiots.

  • DISTRACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In the bum no babies!

  • Sarah Guerrero lmao

  • How is this enforceable? Is MI gonna put a camera in everyone’s bedroom

  • Why not read about these laws before mindlessly forming opinions? It was passed as part of Logan’s Law, which fights animal abuse. Included in its subtext are beastiality and sodomy.

  • What the actual Fuck?

  • Religitards!

  • Well senators, the arcane law applies to you.lol

  • Edward and Victor Tokarski, this sucks lol

  • Most of the old Republicans i know are too fat to have sex anyway. I do really wonder why they care how consenting adults act in their own bedroom! Seems pretty arrogant to think they know whats good or bad for the whole of Michigan! lol Idiots!!

  • The laws against prohibition and drugs worked really well didn’t they? Halfwits!

  • Land of the free pffttt

  • Dirty water is ok, dirty sex is not apparently.

  • What happened to getting “Government” out of our business?

  • Emily Wernet ruling out that state

  • Michigan Senate passes bill to euthanize any pet that licks their own genitals… Owners are warned that failure to comply will be seen as harboring a known felon…

  • Cancel my trip to Michigan

  • Morality?? I thought it goes against the law of God and Nature. I haven’t seen a rooster(cock) mating with another rooster, just hens.

    • Y u bring god intoo dis

    • Its both laws…if you do not believe in God then take nature. You do not believe in that also? Either of the two would suffice to govern our choices.

    • Humans are not the only creatures homosexuality is seen in. Dolphins s are one. Look up the rest. You’re already on the internet.

      Don’t bring god into politics either…. separation of church and state! Dont even try to force religious bs on everyone else!

  • Sarah Alvarez well we’re never going to Michigan. I love blow jobs too much

  • Apologize in advance Michigan; but your Momma is going away for a long time… Your senators, mayors and have been violating yo assess for a while… You make it to easy to be sleazy… Just sayin Michigan laying down the law… Only government can Fuck you in the ass…

  • Lol

  • I legit thought this was an onion article.

  • means alot of muzlims will be going to jail

  • Lol. They’re gonna need an awful lot of sex police and they will have to station them in your house, car, hotel, etc.

  • This is so angering I can’t stand it right now , fuck Snyder

  • WTF ????
    I think they should be worried about they’re water !

  • Good luck enforcing it

  • Unenforceable at best.

  • Yeah, while Murica likes judging the Muslims.

  • Let’s be honest, these folks had something to do with it too.

  • that has been against the law in the south for decades.

  • I wonder who is going to be on the bedroom patrol

  • What’s the point of this

  • Anal Is A Corner Stone Stone Of America! Need My Butt Sex!

  • lol

  • Here’s a suggestion, shut the door and close the curtains.

  • Ya sure this will pass discrimination against a bunch of gay people lol feds ain’t backin shit lol

  • The most recognizable immorality in others are our own unquenched desires.

  • well that should bode well with the same sex marriage ruling then,…..

  • Does this mean more insignificant DO NOT REMOVE tags will be sewn into the seams of pillows and mattresses? What is the world cumming to? And i guess this also means no more close up shots for porn made in Michigan…?
    Pan out! Pan out!!!!!

  • But how will they enforce that? Lol you can’t just walk into someone’s house and watch them.

  • Merica..land of the free..HA! What a joke…guess border hotels here in Canada are gonna get good business..lol

  • Wait this is a joke right?

  • All these sicko’s that go to schools and kill innocent kids should be pointed in the direction of the Senate. Become a hero instead of a villian and take the Senate members out!

  • Yeah, because oral and anal sex never happens in prison.

  • whatever happened to “you cant legislate morality”?

  • and if I want to give my hubby “special lovin”,…..who the hell are they to tell me anything?????? ugh

  • Kennethsugg Sugg is in trouble

  • Wow! Democracy in action – I’m so impressed. Not.

  • Hahahahahahaha

  • how would they know what couples are doing in the privacy in their own homes lol ?/

  • And all this happens in the land of the free… Free my ass.

  • So, “All Gay Sex would be outlawed, in Michigan..” Can 2 men get married there? YES.

  • I completely agree with this!!! Since the water is contaminated. Proper hygiene after oral or anal is almost impossible.

  • Read the article. its an ad on to a law concerning beastiality.

  • Government needs to stay out of the bedroom

  • But, how would they know? Lol

  • WTF! It’s non of their business!

  • WHAT?

  • BawHawhahaha yall are DELUSIONAL!

  • I live in sin city. My girlfriend regularly sucks my cock. I’ll keep allowing this, as well as illegally ingesting a plant, because fuck that

  • You get sent to a prison for doing that? WTF do they think happens in their prisons? And..wtf do they do to you if you get caught doing what you did outside prison, while you in prison ? They haven’t thought this one through………………..

  • Hey Michigan. Take a good look at who you voted for. Take a good long look at the bills they are passing. Hey Michigan, get off your asses and start voting for “candidates” who represent you. These out of date religious views have been addressed years ago. Vote progressive. Look to the future; learn from the past.

  • Michigan, u mad bro?

  • so if the go to prison then they will have oral and anal sex for 15 years, brilliant

  • Taxpayer dollars to introduce a bill as ridiculous as this.

  • What will they come up with next

  • How will anyone in Michigan make any money now?

  • Kevin

  • Andrew Eastom Corey Bartrom

  • Sooo…..basically just banned almost all types of homosexual sex and all the extra good stuff in heterosexual sex. I can’t believe they got away with it. My question is, how are they going to arrest for it? I can’t wait to see the evidence! lol

  • The government has no business in the bedrooms of consenting adults!

  • A back handed swipe at gay men

  • How ill they know? Horrors will they put a camera in every bedroom?

  • Mark Behymer what are you guys going to do now dad Water No fun no no times at least you guys got bud hahahahaha

  • Freaks. weirdos. pure MI!

  • So all gay men will be sent to prison ?

  • Punishment for sodomy = 15 years in an anal sex spa all expenses paid. Sounds fair.

  • I have it on good authority that the Michigan Senate have anal and oral sex all of the time.

  • When did ISIS take over Michigan

  • So happy I moved away from that state while I was still sane and unpolluted .

  • This is what the goverment is worried about. I can’t stop laughing at this stupidity. No french kissing is next. LOL LOL.

  • Poor US Citizens forced to take it up the arse again.

  • Fuck the mich senate..

  • So who is watching

  • I think those lamebrain bitches ought to pass a law outlawing poisoning and killing people with poisoned water!!!!!!

  • [takes breath] …whew! That’s hilarious!

  • where does this leave gays and lesbians

  • Sounds like shira Muslim BS !!!

  • It would never hold up in court

  • most states have laws like this, just look them up.

  • The state is the only one allowed to fuck anyone in the ass in Michigan…..

  • if only they cared as much about water quality…

  • Michigan congress is responsible for killing and harming children in their state and have done nothing to correct the problem, yet they have time for this sh*t!

  • How are going to enforce this????? This is such a waste of time

  • Jordan Starring Myles William John Fearnley uh oh!

  • Great, just what the wife needed, another excuse

  • This is so dumb what a waste of time worry about important matter like 14 and 15 year old kids having kids!!

  • Annette Dominik really? good lawd

  • The problem’s are here…look over here

  • This is funny stuff. 40 years ago the supreme Court ruled contrary to this law. I’m guessing the meme is bogus

  • Well, at least lead poisoning is legal…


  • Could have sworn this was once a free country.

  • New law passed by the people of Michigan, all politicians must go fuck themselves upon election

  • Sean Conley freedum

  • Third party websites

  • In other words Michigan isn’t for homosexuals at all!

  • The fact yall are following a third party website is hilarious.

  • Tayler Hall

  • disgusting for government to band a basic freedom

  • what the fuck?

  • Ridiculous!

  • Wow, they are more concerned about your sex life than healthy drinking water. Our taxes and their priorities.

  • What age are we living in!?! Glad I’m on the West Coast, the best coast.

  • What a bloody joke…………


  • what wrong with these politicians, they are now trying to control our sex lives.

  • Adam Jason

  • Sounds like a law disguising bias against gays. Not specifically but predominately.

  • What is this the 1900’s?

  • #goptpmorons

  • Go to prison where you can get your fill of both…..makes sense.

  • bring back tar and feathering and watch just how fast elected representatives start respecting peoples liberty

  • So… we’re going backwards in time to suit the refugees? What consenting adults do is their business, ya think? Against unwilling adults and all children and creatures NOT ALLOWED and deserves more than 15 yrs in prison! Get your heads on straight will ya!?

    • We’re going backwards in time for all religious nuts trying to superimpose their belief on the country.

      Far too many a) already have a religion or b)don’t have a religion they agree with so these religious nuts need to resort to to laws to try to force it on the state(s).

  • I find their fascination with the sex lives of everyone else a deviant behavior in itself.

  • That should start to take care of their “mooslime” population, seeing as those vermin don’t believe they’re fags for fucking each other in the ass, and just using women for procreation…

  • So… Lemme guess… This creates a whole bunch of new jobs for folks to sit in every house watching for couples breaking the new law…. Lol yeah ok. So how do they plan on “catching” all these supposed criminals??? How do they plan in enforcing this law? What a waste….

  • That has been illegal as long as you people have been alive. It’s one of those laws noone gives a crap about. Kinda like spitting on the sidewalk or tying your horse in front of the courthouse steps.

    • Steve do you think prostitution should be legal?

    • Sure

    • Why?

    • Because in a free country an adult should be able to do with their body as they wish.

    • Yes as its been around since the beginning of time, saves a lot of women from getting raped when ugly dudes can get laid , it’s stupid to worry bout 2 consenting adults when there are murders happening & all the other real problems

    • Why do certain people make rules for other people when both are just people? Who really knows better? If we see a dog bossing another dog around we kick it’s ass because we hate bullies and oppressors …. and then we vote for the bastards. Where’s the logic in that? Google Larkin Rose for some sanity on the subject if current mental state permits.

    • I think so. If it was we could give women like that health services. That’s what they have in Amsterdam.

    • Michelle Elvey, rape is NOT caused by “ugly dudes who can’t get laid”!

    • I beg to differ. Men rape women for a multitude of reasons, including not being able to “get laid”.

  • How r they going to enforce it put cameras in ur bedroom

  • Well this is extremely oppressive BUT personally I’m NOT down with either…

  • everybody should move out of Michigan NOW and claim refugee status from the US government. THEN they will get good housing with clean water and maybe a car & a job too.

  • Hey Michigan…why don’t you fix your fucking water problem in Flint before worrying about what people do in the bedroom…

  • What about the people in prison already? Does this lengthen their sentence if they are caught? What a crazy world we find ourselves in.

  • They must have good spy cameras.(?)

  • Well, suck my cock and fuck me up the ass!

  • Michigan has one anti sodomy bill all ready on the books. Also, the idiot legislature did not realize the Supreme Court a year or two ago made all state anti sodomy bills illegal.

    • Since when do states ALWAYS follow governmental laws?

      Example; many states did not expand medicaid even though the Obama care plan was a federal law……

  • Can’t put wood in your mouth but you can put lead in your mouth.

  • This law was already deemed unconstitutional back in ’03: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_v._Texas

  • SCOTUS already ruled on This over a decade ago. This law is completely unenforceable.
    Aka worthless law.

  • I don’t belive that this is true! It’s to far out.

  • But they have no moral obligation to help those who are suffering from lead poisening from the water!

  • Dickhead government!! Iceland have the right idea. ..

  • How is anal/oral sex a crime? Give it a rest and worry about your dumb ass governor and your water problem

  • Except for TEXAS, all the states with draconian anti-sodomy laws do not have an “e” in their state name. Hmmm. Actually, the article doesn’t mention if this bill passed both houses of the state legislature and the Governor may veto any legislation which does land on the Governor’s desk. As for Florida, it is not state-wide legislation, sexual “deviancy” is out-lawed to varying degrees on the county level. So, I found this article alarmist and inaccurate.

  • I’m glad I’m in Canada! (at least for now!)

  • is this a sadistic joke???

  • I’m pretty sure they didn’t think this through….

  • Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  • What politician wakes up and thinks to themselves… “Let’s make oral sex illegal”. What in the actual fuck.

  • i cri everytime Eric Ryan

  • Perhaps they should rename the town of Climax which is right off I69!!

  • I don’t care I’m still eatin .

  • Why not just ban sex all together ? Lol

  • Sooo even tho the public have to non consensually bend over and take it up the butt from the government , figuratively speaking , its a no-no to do that literally ?

  • What are they going to put camera’s everywhere peopel have sex?

  • Why don’t they do their jobs instead of interfering into people’s lives? Roads are crumbling and they are thinking about sex. I am quite sure Education needs an overhaul. Does this bill also includes them; what if they are caught having oral and anal sex? Will the law do as always; apply to some but not all; going to be interesting?

  • Guess we won’t be vacationing there!lol

  • What I can’t brush after eating?

  • Woohoo all the politicians will be going to jail for always screwing us.

  • I don’t want to live anymore…

  • Never living in Michigan Dennis Degroot

  • joke or real??????

  • How the fuck do they plan to police it? Surveillance cameras in every boudoir?

  • Where does the GOP get these guys? Of course, it is unconstitutional from the get go, but still….

  • Pffft good luck.. I aint givin up eatin pussy and smashin the booty.

  • People it’s Facebook

  • Hahah good joke!! What kind of fucktard would actually vote for this! FAKE!

  • what can u say ONLY in good old USA

  • Power tends to go to one’s head.

  • Haha what a boring stupid place that must be

  • That’s not real. Sodomy laws were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in Lawrence vs. Texas.

  • Does this apply to goats??

  • Trenton Odette

  • What I wanna know is how they get caught. Do they share a video? Blowjob police can’t be everywhere! Lol

  • of course thats because they firmly believe in less government intervention

  • So now the PIGS have a new way to make revenue for the regime? What are the procedures to check for violations? Can this fuking country get any more ignorant and 3rd Century?

  • Hahaha is this the onion i thought it was since its not a sport hating post…jk

  • if Kim K was from Michigan , instead of world fame , she would have been a criminal

  • That makes them the most Anal state in the union !

  • they’ll NEVER be able to enforce that law outside of porn

  • but they wont remove all the rape/forced sex videos from porn sites :<

  • Lmao good luck enforcing a law like that. I dont believe it though

  • Really???? There aren’t more important things to make laws against? This is ridiculous.

  • Once in jail, will they get another 15 years for gay sex there?

  • They can eat a bag of dicks.

  • Come on everybody, let’s party like it’s 1699

  • i live in michigan snf heard nothing about this

  • How are they gonna know?

  • Don’t worry with all the poison they have consumed they won’t be able to anyway.

  • I think Snyder wants protection in case his ass goes to prison.

  • They do realize that mean giving head is no longer on the table. Let’s see how many of them get arrested. My husband said he used to work for the legislature in Michigan and that has to be the laugh of the town.

  • Nothing like setting your priorities, Michigan. Just get around to Flint whenever you’re ready.

  • How the fuck do they know?

  • Why are Republicans so obsessed with our sex lives? There’s a bill in Congress to have girls inspected before they can go to the bathroom. Get out of the bedroom and start working for the people again.

  • Blake Lineberry

  • Sorry Tyra Bowl Commissioner

  • Fucking idiots…

  • this is not fucking true…….no way…….i don’t understand why these retards have and fight so hard to keep their 2nd amendment, when they don’t use it properly, though I fail to understand what a gun could accomplish against a drone strike………ROFL

  • So are the pervs going to install cameras in everyone’s house to enforce this new law ?

  • Too late,Congress past laws,saying this is OK.. But,remember, there still Aids,and Diseases associated whit this ..no cure..

  • Wouldn’t you just love to see a giant sting on those pious politicians to see how many will get caught by their own law.

  • Good luck enforcing it!

  • Hell most of congress and the W/H should be in prison by now. Including the clintons.

  • The nation has no Values

  • R they going to b in your home.

  • Really now ~~ these monsters delegating laws over the intimate personal habits of individuals are no different from Isis. . What gives them that right ? We are living in just as scary a society as any on this earth~~

  • But KILLING your fellow man is just fine…

  • Here comes the Christian Caliphate.

  • Seriously how are they going to enforce this? Go into everyone’s private home and monitor how they have sex? Michigan is starting out the new year being the state that FAILS miserably in everything.

  • So this is small government. I was confused there for a minute.

  • I live in the state of michigan. There is no such law. Michigan accepts alternative lifestyle marriage. Plus there is more “safe” sex projects in this state then 48 other states. The only law that comes close to this post, is where a human can not have intercourse with a non human, or non living human. As result will the administrator of this page check their facts before spreading bull shit.

    • Google it there were laws passed but supreme court striked them down

    • http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2015-2016/billengrossed/Senate/pdf/2015-SEBS-0219.pdf

      Someone doesn’t like to read

      Not sure how many times we need to hyperlink it in our post

    • Once again. We go to internet. Just because the Internet says something dose not make it true. Follow up with old fashioned reading a book or newpaper. I know of the bills you say where passed. They where passed to prevent help prevent the spread of hiv/aids. But they are a direct counter to your constitutional rights. So they where not passes to become laws. Every bill has to be approved by the supreme Court in order to become a law.

    • Thanks for your comment! (y)

    • The Supreme Court only listens to cases that have been accepted by it after being challenged by someone. It does NOT approve every bill before it becomes law.

    • Depend on the bill that comes into being a law. Most bills that are passed are not In need of reveiw. But members of the supreme Court do have the opportunity to see every bill.

    • Chris Lambdin you’re dumb. Their link is a GOVERNMENT website.

    • Some one please tell me who invited the liberal’s to this conversation. I never mentioned in my posts that they are not part of the government. They are part of the check and balance system. The Congress issues the bill, the president says ya or nay, and the supreme Court says if it is constitutional or not.

    • All you said was “Internet” lol if you want people to get what you’re saying then say it in full.

    • And liberal my ass. I agree and disagree with all sides of politics.

    • The way The Free Thought Project.com presented this is trumped up.


    • you can read the specific law that just went into effect. It says nothing new about the subject…and the only 15 year sentences come from the animal abuse parts.

    • Snopes is as unreliable as wikipedia. I’d rather read the government website free thought keeps sharing. I’m pretty sure the GOVERNMENT keeps it’s own websites fairly up to date. A day maybe that it’s behind?

    • Paul Bigham

    • The website that the host uses is not a government founded website. they have little control of what is posted. I get the info from actual government websites, and law books that I purchase from my own pocket, the law of not allowing anal or oral intercourse was a bill that the city of flint wanted to pass, due to the increase of the Std problem they are dealing with, The city of flint believed that making it illegal to preform these actions would help decrease the spread. But of course there is the problem of how would you monitor the law. as well as it infringes on the American rights.

  • Recall it is the same people who drove the statement “privacy in your own bedroom”.

  • They forgot heterosexual couples also enjoy oral and anal. Awkward.

  • Also, how wonderful to be spending tax dollars on putting the government in the bedroom… Again. Republicans are confusing.

  • Maybe its a new plan to solve poverty everyone will get so sexually frustrated they will kill each other with those guns any lunatic is allowed to have lol!

  • Id like to see someone keep me from eating pussy. Ha, stupid christians

  • Been illegal in Texas for years. Doesn’t keep me from doing ass to mouth with your mom.

  • Never going to Michigan……

  • i thought this had to be an article from The Onion, so i did the research and just read SB-0219 and you know what you realise, just quoting section 158 makes it seem bad, read the rest of the document you’ll see it’s about outlawing “animals owned, sold, bought for fighting or baiting, targeting or sexual acts”… so whose spreading misinformation now?

    • Did you see that part where it said animal OR human?

  • Wow, is the Michigan Legislature all a bunch of fucking little kids or what?

  • Who is going to watch for violations?

  • Ya, whos gonna enforce that, right nobody

  • I’d love to know how they plan to enforce this?!
    Have they hired a crack team of perverts to spy through people’s windows when they are having sex?
    And if they have, are those people prepared to go jail because spying on people when they are naked is considered inappropriate and a punishable sex crime?!
    Grow up, bloody government and other prudes who can’t cope with the concept of sex!
    I would personally never do anal or oral myself, because I don’t like it.
    But what other people do, I could not care less!

  • I’ve heard , in the state of Maine , rape of a woman is up to 5 years , but the rape of an animal is 20 years to death ! It was a study of strange laws !!!

    • Maybe it was that the majority of the residents were men back in the day in some of these homestead and mining towns etc and so there were lots of lonely horny dudes humping animals. I could see how that could be a problem. Lol.

  • Go to jail for having anal and aural sex then spend your jail sentence having anal or aural sex? Huh???

  • Does anyone see the irony of this?

  • They really need to get out of peoples bedrooms!

  • I envision a massive peaceful noncompliance demonstration conducted on the Capitol grounds where Michiganders (is that what they call themselves?) engage in the prohibited sex acts with wild abandon. Too much?

    • What day you planning it for? We will help publicize it! 😉 (y)

    • I’m in California. Might be able to give those cheese-dicks a few pointers on it though. 😉

  • It’s called bait. It’s a fucking distraction from the real problem at hand. Motherfuck!

  • So when exactly are they going to pass some laws against the major corporations screwing the people with toxic food?

  • So no gay ness.

  • Seriously? This is real? Where am I? Wth? Wow!

  • Anthony Colon

  • Shouldn’t the legislature be focusing on clean/safe water?

  • Follow the money trail and a sniff of religion is strong in this one

  • what a bunch of idiots running that state.

  • #AsIf Ironic, because Michigan #Rethuglicans are flaming arseholes!

  • Is someone going to call the cops on their girlfriend for giving him head?


  • Nice distraction

  • VERDAD???

  • how can that be enforceable and what facts can prove there has been a wrong committed=what rights are left?

  • What a joke !

  • That’s funny, the government fuck all Australians up the ass

  • Wait a second.. I thought, Michigan was a state in which same sex marriage was allowed. So now if oral and anal sex are a NO..NO…so how… ah…well, ah…can anybody see where I am going with this? How can the marriage be legal, and not the other acts? Or, am I totally missing something here?

    • Kissing on the mouth is considered consummating? Haha

    • The SCOTUS already ruled in 2003 that pretty much all forms of sex in private, not injurious to others, between consenting adults is legal. MI just wasted lots of time and money creating a smoke screen instead of focusing on the water issue.

  • will tjhis be used to prosecute prostitutes and customers??

  • The United States of America the land of the free has become worse then the former USSSR!!!!Man you guys have become a joke!

  • …and I’m guessing that they won’t break into the bedrooms of the 1% to find out what they’re doing.

  • Obviously, the Republican Legislators have not read Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558, 577, [123 S.Ct. 2472, 156 L.Ed.2d 508] (2003).

    “This, as a general rule, should counsel against attempts by the State, or a court, to define the meaning of the relationship or to set its boundaries absent injury to a person or abuse of an institution the law protects. It suffices for us to acknowledge that adults may choose to enter upon this relationship in the confines of their homes and their own private lives and still retain their dignity as free persons. When sexuality finds overt expression in intimate conduct with another person, the conduct can be but one element in a personal bond that is more enduring. The liberty protected by the Constitution allows homosexual persons the right to make this choice.” Id. at 567.

    The right for free people to engage in sexual acts in there own home, regardless of sexual orientation, is a matter of individuals not be intruded up by the State. Republicans do not believe in freedom of the individual.

  • Are humans getting retarded or is just me thinking they are

  • Start with Bill Clinton

  • Andrew Petersen so… Canada?

  • I’d LOVE to sit in on the first trial. On what basis does one bring charges? What “evidence” would be presented? Can you imagine the questions during jury selection? Another genius GOP piece of legislation.

  • Maria Katherine

  • What are the perverts on the left to do.

  • Prove it!

  • Richard W. Schaaf what do you think…..

  • I want to see yhe h I nting parties.

  • Caylen I’m so sorry


  • I think the Michighan iSenate s orally and anally [email protected]

  • The government has no business in anyone

  • William Chase

  • how will they know??!!!!

  • Seems legit.

  • Probably 15 times the sentence for poisoning the water supply! But that’s legal under christo-sharia!

  • Mark Rex, you there? Round up a posse of Michiganders and make a march on those villains.

  • There goes my sex life!

  • I believe this kind of law was declared unconstitutional years ago by the Supreme Court.

  • Well, the voters are electing assholes… What do they expect?

  • So does this mean they are going to start raiding gay people’s honeymoons? Cause I mean you know they can’t do anything besides what was just outlawed lol.

  • It sounds like sharia law has been put into place there, to me.

  • Michigan is going the “Texas way” ! Becoming “Texas Stupid” !

  • I’m still gonna fuck her right in the pussy. Blow jobs are on her I’m not going to jail… Haha

  • to those that call this clickbait, you have no grounds. It’s 100% real. Read it!

  • Stop with the clickbait…article goes on to say that it deals with having sex with animals…

  • Since we the people who have been taking it in the ass on taxes shouldn’t they turn themselves in.

  • Jose G. Leon

  • The Senate sounds quite anal to me

  • FREEDOM is only free when the government stops trying to own and control our BODIES and our lives. The government has no legitimate authority to own and control any act that does not hurt someone else.

  • How would they know ?

  • Pathetic

  • I wonder who and how they are going to catch people? Ridiculous.

  • Just remind me again why this is anyones business?

  • Wow, but lead in the water…….no problem.

  • Kathryn Dean Duncan you’re going to prison!!!!

  • Seems the parasites that be have way to much time on their hands. I suggest they all be fired and forced to earn a living the way their victims now do.

  • Lol, do u go to prison on some trumped up charge right. While there, u get raped up the jacksy.
    The guards catch you and u get another 15 years .
    Hilarious stupid system huh ?
    I would suspect Michigan’s tourism is gonna decline drastically. Mmmh, If they’ve ever had one.

  • Funny how Flint has been getting nailed in the ass for a decade, and NOW it’s illegal. 😀

  • Kyle Snell

  • you are going to hell right now, right here.

  • And with all that money they are going to fix thier water problem.

  • lolololololol

  • Is this the 50s?

  • They’re going to need a new police force… the MI Bureau of Butt Sex and Blow Jobs.

  • It is already illegal in MO

  • So that explains the disposition up there! LMFAO

  • Oh, they can bend us over and give it up the a*s and have to take it but we can’t even if that’s what someone wants or likes. Guess all men should sue doctors for the butt check..this is so outrageous.

  • Trump could just as easily see the evil coming, cash out and move to his mother’s homeland of Scotland or any another place that he feels safe. But, no. Instead, he has chosen to stand up and fight for America, with the bold tone ringing in the ears of every Trump supporter which is simply the modern day version of “if I perish, I perish”. Those who have ears to hear are listening. They hear what Trump is saying, – “I love America, if she dies, I die with her.” He is in it for all the right reasons and convictions that can not be substituted for any bribe or ill brought gain. That is why Trump has my vote, and all of my support………….

  • land of the free, baby!

  • Why would they ban,..such acts,..when Mi. Lawmakers perform,..all these acts themselves,…and on themselves,..l o l,…

  • Think again folks! If Sharia Law takes over, you will have more in prison than out. Good luck enforcing this.

  • How is this any different than the Democrats stating that its our Moral Obligation to provide government subsidized healthcare?

  • This has to be bull shit

  • Looks like Michigan is trying to keep Bill Clinton out. Lol

  • stupid waste of peoples time

  • Guess Bill Clinton dodged that bullet

  • The Land of the Free ?? :/

  • Wtf. … I guess rebel until the day I die breh

  • What are they going to do the prisoners raping inmates? Is this a way to lock up gay people?

  • Well they can go butt fuck themselves then suck the shit off…. I just said what everyone’s thinking… lmao

  • It is however OK to fuck up the water in an entire city.


  • agree

  • Mad Americans…

  • must be something in the water.

  • Bet it will not apply to the law makers….

  • No going home now Roger Vanderver

  • “Land of the free” LMAO

  • Whatever

  • LMAO oh my goodness, gay folk must be upset’ hahaha

  • getting worse with this bullshit laws, that make no sense.

  • Another example of government control over our lives. Had enough of the farce yet, folks?

  • Joseph Balla Banks Noe Marquez James Howell um, Michigan wasn’t enough of a hell hole? Fuck that place.

  • How do you have proper sex without getting a good blowjob!
    Better head over to oz girls we love them over here,and there not banned!✌️

  • Jeremy Cortez Nance
    Another reason it’s so cold in the D

  • and all of a sudden you see a surge in sales for surveillance cams and such and WHOLE heck of a lot of voyeurism! LOL

  • Doesn’t Lawrence v. Texas render this null and void?


  • Christopher Heath

  • guise plz…it’s just a way to tack 15 years on a rape charge. I’m no fan of the police, but it’s not like their kicking in bedroom doors to see where people are sticking their weenies.

  • How can they even do that?

  • Well I can see they’re trying to promote safer sex but isn’t this extreme?

  • Makes perfect sense. The government wants to have the monopoly of who fucks your ass.

  • If this is their way of trying to stop gay marriage they sadly mistaken I’ll go there jus to get married n well there at it they can suck my d*ck ha

  • we are going to need more of those for profit prisons


  • What a bunch of morons.

  • Good luck enforcing that one !

  • Can’t get behind a law pile that! Get it?

  • So now the Goverment is in the bedroom

  • What are those Sentators going do now on their liunch hour.

  • Then the queers are not going to be happy LMFAO

  • Isn’t Flint in Michigan? So they don’t have laws against poisoning people but they want to criminalize consenting folks over what they do in their bedrooms?

  • What kind of perverts are they going to have watch how people have sex and what people are going to let them watch? I really want to know what they have in mind for enforcement! Who are these sicko’s to want to control other peoples sex?

  • That will piss the queers off

  • Another distraction by a legislature….
    Wake up people and vote these criminals out of office !

  • This is one of the dumbest and most pointless laws I have ever seen. What people do in their private homes is their business. And no one else’s.

  • “morality” in terms of the state.. Let me see being a pheodophile is fine but being “gay” is not? I mean most of the kiddie fiddlers are people of power.

  • It sounds like they’re doing everything they can to make people break new laws, so they can fill private prisons. We all know only criminals go to prison, they’re obviously there because the system isn’t corrupt. (I need sarcasm font) for the last bit.

  • The ridiculous religious strike again!

  • Wow… This people are intervening with the freedom of people and nobody is doing anything about it…

  • So how will they know? have they put camera’s in TV’s, Phones and computer monitors? . . . . Hmmm, Ok, maybe they planned this!

  • Meanwhile, in Flint…..


  • so their will be a lot of cranky and bitchy people in that town no not moving there. A laws for the most stupid thing OMG get a life if you don’t like oral or anal then just don’t do it if you hate sex then go get some lotion or plug it in but passing some law like that your all nuts.

  • Is this true Shanon Kallhoff?

  • I am first class offender and I LOVE IT….

  • Besides this being morally wrong, who’s going to police them, and which of you have not had oral sex? C’mon!

  • Gonna be one lonely place.

  • We need to rid our nation of the Republican Party. These repressed hypocrites who think that it is ok to poison our children for profit want to tell us how to express our love!! They are worse than Nazis and have crossed a line that should exclude them from defining the fabric of America.

    • We need to rid America of the entire two party system. “How” is the question remaining…..

    • Candise Roark if Bernie has his way he’ll draw working people from both parties and get the money out of politics and the politicians out of big money’s pocket.

    • Didnt Obama say similar? I call BULLSHYTE. the only “politician” I even romotely believe is trump. Even then I have some serious doubts. Our government on a whole should be wiped clean and began from scratch using no nonsense basic laws on every subject while also banning any political candidate from using and accepting money from anyone or any company. The monies allowed should come immediately from the candidates very own bank account from a salary or hourly wage they ACTUALLY worked for AND can be traced to prove as such.

    • Candise Roark All of them seem to utter, at some point, some line about uniting people. Bernie last night in his victory speech used the pronoun WE over and over. I think that the premise that that we have a rigged economy might resound with working people of all persuasions , that taxing the rich again is good for all of America. Watch Nick Hanauer’s TED talk. He is a billionaire who agrees.Bernie has not, and will not, take money from a corporation. When trump had a chance to employ American garment workers, he had his line of clothing made in China instead.

  • if they go to prison they will end up doing the same thing they went in for….

  • Unenforceable.

  • So lead poisoning in water is perfectly fine and dandy. Anal sex and oral sex is so awful and a prison worthy offense?

    Fuck it I want off this planet. Hell if someone discovers an alternate dimension that is supposed to be Hell please send me there!!! Anywhere but here!!!

    • Alaskas pretty good…..

    • Hmm pros and cons.

      Pros: Lots of snow, no poisonous reptiles, I can hunt, it’s relatively easy to get a nice wolfy looking dog, lots of places to wander around, I can go horseback riding, trails for days, relative peace, tons of wildlife, fishing and overall lots of badass stuff.

      Cons: Lots of snow, extremely cold, no sun for a month or more, wolves will be extinct soon, Danger Floofs, psychotic horny moose, expensive real estate, dumbass politicians, dumbass politicians who start neighborhood brawls, most of the relatives I like live in California, a shortage of Metalheads, being miles away from civilization is likely and did I mention psychotic horny moose?

    • Wolfy looking dog danger floofs.. what about nope rope??!! Lmao

    • There are no Nope Ropes in Alaska

    • The above comment is why you do not believe everything on television folks!!

      Nearly no snow for the last three years.
      Its actually sweat shirt weather right this very moment because of the strange warm weather.

      No shortage of metal heads. I’m one and know plenty!

      Sarah is a disgrace to most alaskans and most Alaskans will tell you to shut up if you start talking about ANY palin.

      Wolves for pets, even if they’re only 1/100th wolf, are illegal. You can get a malamute or husky though. in looks are similar to wolves.

      Most moose near/in town are actually quite tame , many will come right up and “ask” for food. (Feeding ANY wildlife is illegal and for good reason)

      “Miles away from civilization” only applies if you don’t live in/near palmer, wasilla, anchorage, Juneau or fairbanks.

      No more or less expensive than any other state. I have found my 3 story 5 bedroom house on nearly 2 acres with 110 feet of lake shoreline ownership included in Big Lake (just past wasilla) for $89k. Basically a brand new house.

      The ONLY things that will always be more expensive are fruit&veggies, cigarettes and alcohol. Everything else is about the same. Hell, just a week ago I paid 2.29 for regular gas where as in so cal they are still paying $3.

    • Also cadence, if you believe everything you just spouted off, how do you know wether or not nope ropes exist? Or is that because you are one that would be ignorant enough to believe we actually live in igloos?

      “Igloo” by native definition, is Inuit for “house”, so technically yes, I live in an igloo.

    • Oh yeah.
      “No sun for a month or more” only applies when you are around fairbanks and further north. Not anchorage, wasilla, juneau, Ketchikan, etc.

      That’s just California’s lack of a good education showing. Don’t worry. Cali isn’t the only retarded nanny state that doesn’t properly educate it’s citizens.

      Oh yeah. Weed is legal-both medically AND recreationally.

    • Let’s not, forget the infamous PFD. You know, that once yearly check everyone gets just for living there.

    • Also wolves WILL NOT BE extinct any time soon. In fact just a couple years ago the state approved airial hunting of them because they were so overpopulated. Overpopulation of wolves means them eating moose faster than the moose can multiply. Depletion of moose is bad in way more ways than one.

    • Huh weird, everywhere else is getting buried under feet of snow. I would seriously consider a move but my dad is getting older and he doesn’t want to get a passport. So I might stay in California a little longer for now. As for the housing prices well me and my dad can’t really afford to move right now and it’ll take a while before we can.

      Oh I’m not in the market for a hybrid per say(though I’m not opposed to a Mid Content Wolfdog where legal) I’m looking for a dog with wolffish features that has a very good prey drive, preferably a large dog well over 70 pounds. A Malamute or Husky would do fine I suppose so that’s an upside for me as finding one would be rather easy in Alaska. Plus there might be more of those rustic pariah dog types as well.

      I’m not overly fond of either political party and it’s good to see the citizens of Alaska aren’t the type to fall into line for that either. Not to mention my home-state has a lousy political record, I mean I know people who voted for The Terminator twice. They deny it now.

      Ok good not feeding the wildlife is smart and safe for everyone involved.

      Lol no I don’t think everyone in Alaska lives in an igloo or anything, I’ve known that to a stereotype since I was 5-years old. But last I checked Alaska had no species of reptiles, the exception to the rule being people that might buy pet snakes/lizards/turtles ect.

    • Im sorry to hear about your father.

      Passports is another myth. The only reason you would need a passport to get to alaska is if youre driving. Just like shipping-most places charge no more than mail going to another state when mailing to alaska.

      Wolf of ANY kind are illegal. Sad, I know. It’s state law tho.

      And finally, yes, it is weird that the main cities basically have no snow. I was in Temecula when so cal got the snow on new years day 2015. That very same day in wasilla there was green grass. Climate change is very real, but also very natural.

      You are correct about poisonous wild animals.

      Unless I’m mistaken frogs are a reptile and there are plenty

    • Oh yeah. Even our “bird sized” mosquitos are known to not carry anything. Not west Nile virus or anything else they’re known to carry. Ticks, fleas, etc probably do carry… what is it? Yellow fever? Can’t remember…. because they go in and out of warm climates (inside your house) all year and can continue living there where as the same is not true for the mosquitos.

    • He’s getting up there in years but still working yet I can’t deny that he’s not young anymore, he’s recovering from injuries slower and slower but it’s to be expected at this point doesn’t make it any less positive however. I’m not fond of flying and he ain’t driving for a myriad of reasons so there’s that.

      The weather going weird has been noted, I have family in the Temecula/Lake Elsinore area and they confirmed that it snowed. At the time me and my dad were dead heading to Salt Lake City from Wyoming and it was minus 20 degrees.

      Shame about the hybrid law but alas oh well I like Malamutes and Huskies just as much as I like Hybrids so that’s a silver lining.

      No frogs are amphibians actually but I don’t mind frogs or any of the non-arachnid “creepy crawlers”, my dad though hates snakes or any kind.

      You lost me at bird sized mosquitoes, apart from jumping spiders(I’m literally terrified of them)mosquitoes are the bane of my existence.

  • Oh oh. . .

  • It seems the US, at least a part of it with its retarded state-system, is regressing even quicker than some of the currently growing muslim hell holes.

  • …so NO ONE ELSE can get any, because the Repugnis Can’t pay their ‘escorts’ enough to ‘do it’ with them..?

  • The Michigan GOP passed these laws with their eventual prison term in mind, but I don’t think this law will work inside…


  • So… gay people can get married but they can’t consumate their marriage… wtf?!

  • Is this Serious??? :v

  • But ignoring poisoned water is ok? Morons!

  • WHATTT!!! NO MORE BJ’S? What is going on with this people are they serious? .

  • Cody Ihling

  • Brandi Clarke

  • how would they honestly enforce that? That’s like reporting cash tips, you just don’t.

  • Tell those politicians to tell that their moms………. 😛 ooooooooo

  • I believe this is a violation of rights. America is about freedom. Let people do what they want as long as it doesn’t promote stupidity, hurt and or kill someone, or destroy order in the purpose of removing it.

  • That is hilarious! I wonder how they are going to police it? Have the cops go “undercover”? (pun intended)

  • Escape to Minnesota.

  • Thier way of stopping Gay marriage. Pricks. I’m sure Michigan has enough issues with Flint and water etc.

  • When does the violence start? I’m pretty sure the people of years past woulda been all up in the politicians shit a long time ago. Not sure if pun was intended…

  • Really?!?! This is beyond all reason….

  • You are kidding, right?

  • This is SO stupid. How people want to engage in sexual relations is no one’s business, least of all any government.

  • It’s all about FREEDOM – like boys that say they are girls using the girls locker room – unisex bathrooms for all – we are not Japan or Europe and our culture seems to be different .
    Then it seems SHARIA LAW – say death to anyone who is a gender bender or is caught in compromising situation . BUT under that law it’s OK to rape and enslave others who are not Muslim
    So FREEDOM is ?

  • how are they going to enforce this law?

  • Things are not clear thinking competent adults running our country.

  • So they just made being gay illegal basically? Without saying so much? I mean a girl still has other holes but what about the guys here? One of the congressmen must have been caught taking it up the ass in an alley somewhere.

  • Finally no more wrecking rectums, step by step bring back morality .

  • Oh dear. Meanwhile, starvation, slavery, child prostitution, all forms of Human Rights abuse, moral corruption, natural catastrophies, and those little things called wars continue to rage on….Oh, well, at least Michigan has its priorities in order.

  • If everyone stopped voting there would be no need for any of this. Let them govern themselves and each others’ butt holes.

  • I’ll be driving through Michigan like

  • So much for stopping “big government.”

  • Because jesus!!! Jesus everybody!!!

  • Oh the hypocrisy; NONE of them are engaging? Really?

  • where they`ll get all the oral and anal they want.

  • I think this will be one of those laws that gets enforced when it suits them.

  • The elite don’t get prosecuted for committing criminal and treasonous acts, yet you’re going to jail someone for a sex act. Unless they’re doing it in public, it’s none of your business what people do!

  • yes but it isn ok to go and have sex with your goat there is it not??

  • So whst about those in prison? Michigan may as well fence in the state. L

  • Dean Melville

  • Boy, that will put a big burden on their state patrol. How are they going to investigate?

  • How thay going to know!!!

  • They’re soooo going to find one of these senators blowing himself dressed up like the gimp in pulp fiction one day.

  • What state is Flint in? Don’t they have slightly more pressing matters than regulating what people do in their bedrooms?

  • Just like a republican. Makes law to stop people fucking in the ass while fucking us all in the ass.

  • and america is worried about muslims and sharia law…lol… wake the fuck up

  • Crazy

  • Um, followed the link, it’s a bill on abusing animals. So maybe this law is to stop people from having oral or anal sex with animals… And I’m pretty much for that. Seriously, it’s not even a bill passage, it’s an amendment to an existing law where they were seeking to clear up some language. The part about mankind is an artifact from earlier days, not a new bill, and should have been excised as well, but as I said, I’m all for continuing the ban on sex with animals.

    • It says any person who commit the acts on mankind or animal so it’s including human on human sex. The state could have pulled that portion out, they even talked about it, but they left it in the end. Pun intended…

  • A state more worried about what people stick in their asses, than the quality of drinking water.

  • How many of those senators are pedophiles?

  • This is unconstitutional.. I am pretty sure “the pursuit of life, liberty, and HAPPINESS” is a constitutional right, meaning I can fuck whoever I want, however I want as long as I have my partner’s consent. On this note, every public official in Michigan should be fired for wasting Michigan tax money on gibberish like this instead of doing what they should be doing, which is prevent the poisoning the entire population of Flint with lead in their water!

  • Anyone think all government in the US has gotten too big, too powerful, too intrusive? Worrying about oral sex which was once the sport of presidents rather than poisoned drinking water.

    • Consider being part of anonymous. The main target is to bring big business and governmental power down so it is manageable.

  • So now they are gonna tell us how we are allowed to have consensual sex in the privacy of our own homes?
    Damn. Does this mean I’m a criminal?

  • 15 years for a blowjob and screwing. Are you serious. That suks.

  • Hmmm… How would they know tho? Would they be spying hotel rooms, and every bed available on the state?

  • As Billy Connolly once said about”wan***g”…”.how would they know? Does it show up on the Richter Scale?”

  • No more blowjobs for presidents then!!

  • No water and no sex. Why live there?

  • Bernie 2016!

  • *Looks at Flint, Michigan*… pretty sure acts of sodomy should be the last of their worries.

  • Yet abortion is legal???

  • Curious as to how this will be monitored. …. big brother will be watching you. ..

  • Haha… Your Under Arrest… I’m sorry It was an accident office. it slipped out and went into the wrong hole …

  • Sooo this is what’s important in this good o country.Smh rape cases gonna go through the roof now probably 🙂

  • That’s been against the law in Michigan for years. Unenforceable and unless you do it in public no one is going to arrest you for it.

  • These are some of the sam irresponsible statesmen that poisoned the families in Flint, etc. Can’t they use their time to do something positive–and leave the bedroom behavior between adults & their God.

  • How would they know though ?

  • That will piss off Bill Clinton

  • Stay out of the bedrooms of the people… it is not public domain!!!!

  • Tobias Lund Rasmussen what the actual fuck!?

  • What in the actual fuck?

  • But they lie about safe water. So glad they’re right on top of what is important

  • There Goes my Weekend.

  • Thomas Stalter Connor Bos Zach Vanlerberg

  • i did not read the details, but it seems to me that some priorities here are missed by a long, long shot!!!!!

  • Looks like the whole state of Michigan drank the water in Flint !

  • Thomas Costello wtf :L

  • So they wasted time and money making a law that’s already unconstitutional. These MI idiot lawmakers are squandering oxygen. This seems like a great big diversion tactic to make you forget about the water crisis up there.

  • Every time you hit the ‘Like’ button, comment (even 2 words) and share this, you are helping us wake up the world (y)

    • This is becoming mainstream media if you think about it.

    • Anything that can expose mainstream media & corrupt government, I’m totally up for. When the average citizen makes a mistake we get severally punished. I forever looked at differently. It’s time for the big guys to learn how it feels.

    • The law is already invalid and unenforceable pursuant to Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003). There are many laws on the books that are invalid and unenforceable. But in this case, they have the nerve to pass a law after they already know it’s invalid. Truly vile evil politicians.

    • Did anyone read this proposal?

      It never mentions anal or blowjobs

    • There is nothing in the bill that says anal or oral sex.

      So why is everyone sharing this crap?

    • Because sodomy is the legal term for putting a penis in a mouth or anus

    • It was the law before, the proposal doesn’t change the text of the old unenforceable law

    • I don’t even understand the point

    • Sharing and evening liking this is way too mainstream.

    • Cazy talk, no your not. Then it starts! Lulz

    • That simple, poof!

    • Lmao this is pretty much an unenforceable

    • The nice thing about this page is that there are actually people on it that think for themselves. That way when incorrect information is posted people don’t believe it blindly. Though I had hoped that people running a page called the free thought project might do a little research and tell the truth.

    • Pathetic.

  • Where they will end up getting f&^ked in the ass, and made to suck someones dick, behind bars!!?

  • What a waste of time, money and energy. My guess is that there are many other things going on in that state the needs fixing.

  • Is this setting up for more Sharia Shit?

  • How about this. You can have oral sex….Just don’t rinse your mouth out with water.

  • This sucks they can kiss my ass

  • this is why the south wanted to not be a part of the the shit up there never get a BJ one of the best things in life

  • It’s interesting that the government doesn’t even feel the need to pretend that the Constitution exists. The assumption must be that the American people are so stupid and blinded by ugliness that they can do whatever they want with impunity.Personally if I lived in Michigan I would make it my business to see the the Fascist shit responsible for Detroit, Flint, and this invasive travesty left the State in Tar and Feathers. If they get away with this, perhaps they are correct about the people.

  • 15 years for a blow job?? I thought indifference to human life was a crime- why isn’t the governor in jail, OH he didn’t blow anyone or he didn’t get caught in the act!

  • And this is what happens when you can’t make cars anymore.

  • OK, just a couple quick points here… OK, 4 points….

    1. The US Supreme Court overturned ALL sodomy laws back in 2003 in Lawrence v. Texas. This changes nothing.

    2. If you go to the current Mich law, yes, it still reads as if the whole sodomy/oral sex thing is against the law.

    EXCEPT the SCOTUS already quashed that law. So it is completely and 100% unenforceable. So still “on” the books or not doesn’t make any legal difference.

    3. If you look at the ‘language’ of the ‘proposed’ law change to the current on the books unenforceable law, it really doesn’t change anything.
    Notice in the picture below the 2 versions.

    4. It’s nothing more than political grandstanding for attention and it’s working. Everyone and their brother (or sister) are talking about it and the really foolish believe it because the intentionally misleading are trying to take advantage of it because most people won’t bother doing the actual research to figure out what’s going on.

    Nada, zilch, nothing.

  • This sounds like a good case of “if I’m not getting it, nobody will.”

  • I have an idea. They should pass a law against poisoning their residents.

  • The U.S. is so bad, so many things wrong with the way they think.

  • GOP steal your freedom and poison the citizens. Michigan is a toxic wasteland

  • If you make her degrade herself once, we’re going to throw you in jail and you’re going to get degraded for 15 years.
    Problem: If her daddy taught her to be abused and have no self esteem and she offers it, how does he say no? Cycles of illness last thousands of years. Mankind is evil, and spiritually sick. America is just short of crusifictions, and the Muslims coming in are already stoning people to death. They say it’s ok to have sex with goats, but stone women for showing their faces in pubic.
    Think people, think.
    Being good is a personal choice.

    • Being good has nothing to do with liking or offering anal or oral idiot.

    • Candise Roark does a father molesting his daughter, or beastiality, or stoning people classify as “good” in your book?
      Mankind is evil and spiritually sick. If you have a mate that forces you to have un-natural sex and you think he is good…. you’re the idiot. Tell him to get a gay boyfriend.

  • Ah yes, the “small government” people…

  • So Michigan is anti gay marriage now?

  • how silly. do you not have worse things to worry about? unless this has to do with sexd trafficing and child abuse.

  • How is this even enforceable? Cameras in bedrooms? So stupid!

  • What, No blowjobs in Michigan?

  • What do you think happens when you go to prison? You get raped in the ass and your teeth busted out. The sure brilliance of people we call our leaders and law makers.

  • Should peacefully protest by having an orgy at the capital.

    • I like the “orgy” part..hee hee

  • Nick Ledford no butt lovin bro

    • Yea I just read this the other day. Shit is so stupid. Who the fuck would vote against getting head? We get that Detroit water where I am, so far so good.

    • This is a bill against getting head from animals. Sorry if that infringes on your rights ???

    • That’s exactly what I was referring to! Ha

  • #notinthebutt

  • Is this satire? Why is this not being reported anywhere else but here?

    • This is from a bill in 2003 that was intended to be tied to bestiality.

    • It’s not new. Certain sexual acts are illegal in many states. They’re still on the books as illegal but nobody gets arrested for it

    • Gotcha. The same applied to the rules in the UCMJ when I was in the military before the repeal of the don’t ask, don’t tell policy.

  • There goes their politicians social lives

  • For fuck’s sake! FTP, why don’t you delete this shit?!!! There’s no more reporting to FB about spam, apparently.

  • USA – u suck !

  • Zhuge Liang they liked their own post! LOL

  • Again, it’s a law against beastiality, I don’t really know how to spell that, but do you guys even read what you post?

    • The thing is that it is very likely that the same people that voted for this law are actively engaged in in those acts

    • So its only with animals that makes it illegal?

    • Oh yeah, they’ve all gotta suck a little pig dick.

    • You are incorrect. The bill (Senate Bill 219) says this: “A person who commits the abominable and detestable crime against nature either with mankind or with any animal is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 15 years.”

      HOWEVER, U.S. Supreme Court already voided anti-sodomy laws about 13 years ago.

    • Surely that was already illegal no??? Meaning the animal bit of course!

    • Yup, read the bill they’re talking about, it literally starts with the sentance, we define “animal” as any vertebrae not a human.

    • Connor Rhyno I read the bill and it says mankind or with any animal maybe you should reread it, just sayin

    • “Mankind or otherwise” it is, as written targeting human on human.

    • must be a pretty serious problem over there if the government has to step in to tell everyone to quit sucking pig dick

    • What I’m saying is that they are a bunch of hypocrites!

    • They are targeting gays with this… Supreme court won’t allow them to ban gays so they are banning their sex instead. Since it is unconstitutional to ban only gay sex, they have to ban it for everyone.

    • Who even thinks of sex with animals? That’s right… Repressed Christian republicans!

    • I wonder how many legislators are closeted gays

    • Allison Clough Goodwin Isn’t abominable and detestable crime against nature the same as poisoning the water?

    • Well there goes my plans for the weekend.

    • so is Connor wrong? seems like it. imbecile

    • Destiny StClair wow, that actually makes marginal sense why they would try to pass this law, either way it is still archaic and absolutely abhorrent.

    • A person who commits the abominable and detestable crime against nature either with mankind or with any animal is guilty of a felony,” reads SB 219.
      Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/michigan-senate-passes-bill-outlawing-oral-anal-sex-violators-face-15-years-prison/#MtZvjUbq4pwaz5UH.99

    • Somebody voted these lawmakers in!

    • Sasha Ali just because there are a bunch of stupid/ lazy people who don’t fact check doesn’t make Conner wrong. He is right and anyone can find that out by a quick search on snopes or one can actually read the senate bill.

    • Sterling M Harlan it says right there in the bill “with either mankind OR ANIMAL” why would they have “mankind OR animal” if it only applied to the animals? Language is very very important in the wording of legislation.

    • Thank you, i don’t know why this page is trying to act like a cheap media and draw in attention with sensionalism titles. like come on, they know better then this shit!

    • Connor. Either you didn’t actually read the bill, or your comprehension skills are nonexistent.

    • The sodomy laws were never took off yet. Lawmakers have to take it off. Sodomy laws can’t be in forced. The Bill is for animal abuse.

    • Don’t forget pud pounding

    • Kurt Hash research the bill on snopes they will spell it out for you.

    • Connor Rhyno And has the language about humans engaging in abominable acts with humans later in the bill.

    • Do you actually read…oh…I don’t know…anyfuckingthing? The statute CLEARLY outlaws sodomy with humans and animals

    • How the fuck do lawyers become legislators and just decide to propose and vote for legislation that is clearly unconstitutional

    • Anal and oral sex with consenting adults=felonious offense.

      Poisoning people=just dandy.

      Ok smart people realize why fucking animals is illegal that’s just wrong duh.

    • Michigan Senate Passes Law Banning Sodomy? : snopes.com
      Snopes.com › … › Politics › Politicians

    • Mark Asselin it’s already been confirmed several times that this is an animal rights bill and has been pointed out by lawyers that people are taking the mankind bit out of context. The bill serves as a use to stop oral and anal sex on animals and allowing shelters to look up criminal history on a person to see whether they are charged with it or not. Regardless of what that part of the bill seems to say or mean it is being taken out of context and no one is going to be imprisoned for oral and anal sex on a man or woman with consent. This has been confirmed by several government positions that this is for animal laws and is going to be treated so no matter how you interpret any part of the bill.

  • The worlds fucked

    • As long as it was missionary position and nothing else, that’s OK 🙂

  • Blue laws are unenforceable and pointless…NC has had the same law on the Books for almost 200 years…I should have been in jail for life 3 times over.

  • sounds standard, make a rule that distracts from the real problem, like you do to a two year old, distract them from whats hurting, and they shut up.

  • it’s in the water folks

  • Masturbation is probably going to be on the agenda in the next legislative session… But I hope hand sex is banned, because all these politicians do is circle jerking.

  • Lock me up! Lol.

  • This is a bill that was tied into animal abuse in 2003. I don’t understand the sudden outrage and viral fame.

    • They are just getting click bait

    • Because the language of the bill includes “mankind.”

    • “A person who commits the abominable and detestable crime against nature either with mankind or with any animal is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 15 years.”

    • It wasn’t just introduced and its been a non-enforced law since…. Same with a portion of other states.

  • Rethuglicans will do this every time!!!

    • Who even thinks of sex with animals? That’s right… Repressed Christian republicans!

  • That’s just rediculous

  • I think that law is for Synder and his cant come quick enough new jail buddies.

  • How are the politicians supposed to procreate? Someone has to shit them out. Talk about having one’s head up one’s ass.

  • LOL @ Land of freedom.

  • …and who the fuck is going to know what anyone did!? bullshit

    • That’s what I want to know!! Like I’m going to walk up to a cop and say in general conversation “oh BTW, I gave my hubby a blowjob this morning..” Or are they just supposed to ask us???

    • It’s a distraction you guys, wake up

    • They’re going to want to smell people’s breath for dick and smell dicks for shit.

  • I don’t think morality means what you think it means

  • How is that even enforceable?!?!?

  • to animals

  • Wtf?! Hahaha! You kidding!

  • Not real and definitely not within the right context, learn to read

  • Are they going to inform the Muslim population that sodomizing little boys is now a no-no?

  • Michigan state just jailed all of their interns, now there is no one to wear the knee pads and do all of the real dirty work.

  • It’s the worst timing for this stupid of a law that I can even believe it happened , there are SO many more important things , and this is coming from someone from flint

  • Do you people EVER check facts first? This bullshit gets flagged and makes you look stupid. It hurts your cause and is an embarrassment to just freaking HUMANS for christ sake

    • Alright so this is long but I swear, it’s worth it for the insight into journalistic distortion alone:

      Here’s the actual story of this bill, because I read the bill myself and I heard the rationale for the entire process from the sponsoring State Senator.

      The sodomy laws of Michigan have been in place for many decades. Michigan SB 219 was part of the Logan Laws of the state, designed to protect animals after a Husky had acid thrown on it and the perpetrator used a loophole in the animal abuse language of the state to evade justice. Among its statutes were that animal abusers couldn’t run pet shops and it made dogfighting penalties more severe and things like that.

      Already included in the bill was the enumerated language for sodomy dating back to September 1952 in § 158 that sodomy was defined as the abominable or detestable violation of an animal or mankind.

      That was ALREADY ON THE BOOKS. It was invalidated by the 2003 Supreme Court case Lawrence v. Texas.

      In going over the bill, Michigan State Sen. Rick Jones cleaned up and modernized some language in § 158 and said that he did not remove the line about mankind being included in sodomy because the bill was set to pass and everybody wanted it and it would have basically been a political circus to sidetrack a bill protecting animals from cruelty with a discussion about buttfucking and cocksucking (can you tell I’m paraphrasing?)

      So the language was not added by Senate Republicans. It had been there before any of us were born. They cleaned up language like “shall commit” to “commits” and shit like that.

      The bill passed 37-1 in the Senate with all Democrat Senators in favor and only one Republican against because basically everyone wanted this bill passed.

      Sen. Rick Jones said that removing the couple of words pertaining to “mankind” would not affect the laws in Michigan whatsoever because of the Supreme Court ruling, but if a law was proposed to remove all unconstitutional language from the Michigan state code, he would probably support it.

      The sodomy laws of Michigan remains UNCHANGED AFTER THIS.

      So while this seems like an egregious social overreach, it really is not how it is being portrayed. The law was already on the books. I’ve attached a screenshot of SB 219 § 158 lines 23-27 which shows the exact wording that was changed (via strikethrough) in the 2016 rendition of the bill.

      Now none of this is a qualitative assessment of the bill or the process of government, but I’m mostly just trying to express that reactionary journalism got this one d.e.a.d. w.r.o.n.g. It’s manufactured outrage. Maybe if we care about sodomy laws, our attention is distracted from Flint? I really can’t say, but I hope this was informative for everyone and if I got something wrong, I really want to know about it so I can fix it.

  • That’s because they trying too multiply those affected by the poison

  • Their quota for workers must be down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CySzoJFkTA8

  • Organize a blowjob protest. Call it falacio fest for freedom. See you people at the governor’s place. Like a bunch of nympho lawn gnomes.

  • Oh darn they cant fuck animals lol

  • That awkward moment when… you realize your TV recorded and reported you. smmhwshasccikwspntybiu…

  • LANSING, Mich. – There have been several articles floating around the Internet claiming Michigan has banned sodomy.

    Is it true? Here’s the story:

    More Michigan Headlines
    Michigan scientists want public’s help in tracking moose
    Flint mayor: ‘All lead pipes need to be replaced’
    DFT plans day of action at Detroit schools Tuesday
    MorningCam: Hamtramck celebrates ‘Fat Tuesday’
    Tasty Tuesday: goes to Craft Breww City
    Metro Detroit under winter weather advisory until 9 p.m.
    There was a movement to change Michigan’s law to deny pet adoption to anyone who has a history of animal abuse within the past five years. It’s called Logan’s Law. The bill causing the controversy is Senate Bill 219, which reads:

    “A person who commits the abominable and detestable crime against nature either with mankind or with any animal is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 15 years.”

    This is in reference to sodomy, which often includes forms of anal and oral sex — but this bill did not make it illegal, because the U.S. Supreme Court already voided anti-sodomy laws about 13 years ago.

    So, could the legislature have changed the language? Yes. But technically, no laws concerning sodomy have changed in Michigan.

    The state Senate passed the bill in a 37-1 vote last week.

    The bill was introduced by Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) — here’s what he told Towleroad:

    “The minute I cross that line and I start talking about the other stuff, I won’t even get another hearing,” Jones said. “It’s because nobody wants to touch it. They say the courts have ruled, so walk away from the issue. I would rather not even bring up the topic because I know what would happen, and you’d have both sides just screaming, and you’d end up with a big fight that’s not needed because it’s not constitutional. In my opinion, the only way you’d ever get rid of that particular law you’re talking about is if you had a mass law that dealt with 100 different laws that are unconstitutional, and that just happens to be one of them, but if you focus on it, people just go ballistic, and I know what happens. If we could put a bill in that said everything that’s unconstitutional will be removed from the legal books of Michigan, that’s probably something I could vote for, but am I going to mess up this dog bill that everyone wants? No.”

  • Share a law. Elections have consequences

  • Stupid Christians

  • I don’t know who on your page keeps posting crap like this but if there is more than one administrator SOME of you should be pissed.

  • You do realize this has been a Michigan law and on the books for eons????

  • 15 years?!?

  • This is a propaganda distraction.
    The law is prohibiting a human having sex with an animal. Now with that being said look for the real stories they’re trying to distract you from

    • Who even thinks of sex with animals? That’s right… Repressed Christian republicans!

    • I read through the doc they linked – http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2015-2016/billengrossed/Senate/pdf/2015-SEBS-0219.pdf

      I could find no reference to sex acts in this document. Did I miss something?

      Here was the original article where I found out about this.


      Unless you can point to a source in your article that actually supports the crap your putting on the web, dont post it. This is just viral clickbait bs.

    • If you read the actual law it states that the law is in place for the protection of animals. So this site is actually falsifying the information by leaving out the basis of the law.
      Also with your statement “repressed christian Republicans” you are looking through jaded eyes as well.
      There are much larger issues then christian and Republican at stake. We the people of the earth is what should be seen. Whether it’s demo or repu christian, or Muslim ,atheist whatever, we are blinded by or own selfishness when we judge or try and force beliefs on one another. We only have 1 planet and we’re allowing the people who you vote for and possibly trust to destroy our earth because we can’t get past the bs issues in the media.
      I personally don’t give a shit about race, religion, guns ,gender, who has sex with who. That’s not what we should be fighting about.
      The point is that we are all one race and we’re all on this dying dirtball together

  • This is worth armed revolt. I hope at least a few politicians die over this

  • unconstitutional.

  • No gays there

  • Garbage politicians

  • Well, when will they arrest the politicians for fucking the citizens in the ass then?

  • Land of the free

  • Way to go will the state be puting camera’s in everyone’s home to catch the evil doers??

  • Nothing undermines the law more then the implementation of laws you can not inforce.

  • Stop oral and anal sex by passing a law that will put you in a place where you’ll have to perform oral and anal sex against your will.

  • Any statist who tries to enforce this should be shot, or people should learn this,


  • and people outside the USA still think the place is cool haha.

  • Morons

  • It’s a public health issue. They don’t want the lead in your pencil to get in your body.

  • This has apparently BEEN a law in in Florida, but fuck it no one cares anyways

  • Republicans, inherently stoopid, damn proud of it.

  • With ANIMALS not humans

  • Fuck flint and clean the water you fucked up

  • Sounds like the Marine Corps.

  • Waaaaat !

  • how they gonna know!

  • That’s pretty stupid, they aren’t hurting anybody. It’s beyond me how those residents haven’t overthrown those politicians/tyrants yet.

  • LMAO silly Americans, no wonder you are the laughing stock of the world.

  • It would be easy to state the obvious that’s its all for agenda 21 sustainable future and New World order but that’s crazy talk for grown ups

    • The irony here is you posted a meme that speaks on doing research and educating yourself (which is not what they want) yet did no research into the subject matter at hand you simply started regurgitating unrelated information.

    • Alright so this is long but I swear, it’s worth it for the insight into journalistic distortion alone:

      Here’s the actual story of this bill, because I read the bill myself and I heard the rationale for the entire process from the sponsoring State Senator.

      The sodomy laws of Michigan have been in place for many decades. Michigan SB 219 was part of the Logan Laws of the state, designed to protect animals after a Husky had acid thrown on it and the perpetrator used a loophole in the animal abuse language of the state to evade justice. Among its statutes were that animal abusers couldn’t run pet shops and it made dogfighting penalties more severe and things like that.

      Already included in the bill was the enumerated language for sodomy dating back to September 1952 in § 158 that sodomy was defined as the abominable or detestable violation of an animal or mankind.

      That was ALREADY ON THE BOOKS. It was invalidated by the 2003 Supreme Court case Lawrence v. Texas.

      In going over the bill, Michigan State Sen. Rick Jones cleaned up and modernized some language in § 158 and said that he did not remove the line about mankind being included in sodomy because the bill was set to pass and everybody wanted it and it would have basically been a political circus to sidetrack a bill protecting animals from cruelty with a discussion about buttfucking and cocksucking (can you tell I’m paraphrasing?)

      So the language was not added by Senate Republicans. It had been there before any of us were born. They cleaned up language like “shall commit” to “commits” and shit like that.

      The bill passed 37-1 in the Senate with all Democrat Senators in favor and only one Republican against because basically everyone wanted this bill passed.

      Sen. Rick Jones said that removing the couple of words pertaining to “mankind” would not affect the laws in Michigan whatsoever because of the Supreme Court ruling, but if a law was proposed to remove all unconstitutional language from the Michigan state code, he would probably support it.

      The sodomy laws of Michigan remains UNCHANGED AFTER THIS.

      So while this seems like an egregious social overreach, it really is not how it is being portrayed. The law was already on the books. I’ve attached a screenshot of SB 219 § 158 lines 23-27 which shows the exact wording that was changed (via strikethrough) in the 2016 rendition of the bill.

      Now none of this is a qualitative assessment of the bill or the process of government, but I’m mostly just trying to express that reactionary journalism got this one d.e.a.d. w.r.o.n.g. It’s manufactured outrage. Maybe if we care about sodomy laws, our attention is distracted from Flint? I really can’t say, but I hope this was informative for everyone and if I got something wrong, I really want to know about it so I can fix it.

  • This is the last straw. It’s timt to storm the Bastille and drive the rat bastards from the Temple. RUMBLE!!!

  • Man that is kinda bull shit. Technically in most states it is illegal to have sex in any position that isn’t missionary though.

  • There’s no way they can enforce this and it be legal.

  • just a thought… since gay male individual’s of consent only can have sexual intercourse through oral and anal. This could be then viewed as a war against gay males.

    • Keeps the goo backs from getting here

    • Actually, that would be a great way to outrage the public and force the government to fuck off with their draconian police state

    • You just need to motivate people

    • thinking about it more so… it is completely valid, by that statuate it completely outlaws gay males from intercourse. Which can then further be seen as a ban on gay males. While not completely banning it, it also hinders gay females / lesbians.

  • So…. the punishment for anal and oral sex is prison…where youll definitely be having oral and espescially anal sex. Brilliant.

  • We need to stand up against this terror knee. Any girls out there that want to blow me I’m perfectly willing to make that sacrifice to stand up against this government oppression

  • I find it rather humorous that as I type this, it is showing 69 comments.

  • It is an old law. Google it. If you spit on a street in, I think,Oklahoma, you will be hung!!!

  • Wow that’s sucks…

    Looks like I’ll be doing some time.

  • thats what you get when you have a state full of muslims

  • Wow that sucks…

    Looks like I’ll be doing some time…

  • Hahaha americans are ridiculous

  • just another way around the Gay Marriage becoming law. Really the straight people are not going to bust each other. Some will run like the witch burning to get rid of gay men in their neighborhoods.

    • Wrong. Its not even about that. Its about animal abuse.

    • ???^

    • reread it Brittany. Somebody already put a jpg of the actual law. It does include humans. Hoping your not one of the 1st in jail for opening your mouth in a different way.

  • I’m just curious about the logistics of policing blow jobs. Will there be inspectors in every town, glancing in windows and making surprise home visits? Is there a phone number that you can call to report suspected blow jobs? Will there be a blow job investigation unit? A blow job squad?

    • AKA Peeping Tom’s

    • See eyes shoot

    • You can’t suspend privacy laws anymore than you can take a woman’s rights away when she becomes pregnant.

    • lol…here’s where they mess up…. you know to report this would be like reporting a rape /sex assault. republicans are always trying to get rape/sex assault laws diminished. sooooo, i’m guessing it’s just not going to work and cost taxpayers money funding police running around like crazy looking for offenders. i guess one would have to look into how tough the sex assault laws are in michigan to see if they could even prosecute.

    • Nothing but fascism. Boot the bums out of office.

    • This is probably just another PsyOps exercise, to test the reaction on a national level.

    • everyone is to have a webcam attached to their genitals, and if a mouth is seen anywhere near it a swat squad is sent in, they will all be monitored like cctv, of course you will need half the population to watch the other half 🙂

    • figure this out. It is their way around gay marriage being legal. People will not bust other regular couples. Just like the witch burning they will race to bust their gay neighbors they don’t want around. Think about it how else is a gay couple supposed to have sex?

    • Becky, that was my first thought as well. It’s the only mode of sex for gay men. I’m just wondering if they’ll have swat teams and heavily armed crack squads to tackle this menace of sodomy.

    • State laws and city ordances have had crap like this since we were founded; the laws are usually ignored because there’s no way to enforce them

    • Ryan Streiff This would have to swing both ways, but I am pretty sure the SCOTUS will strike this down.

    • Damn Bill, don’t move to Flint.

    • I volunteer as tribute!!!

    • Well this law is for people who have sex with animals

    • But what if the animal consents?

    • Its anti gay but because that will get lots if attention and hopfully we will be so pissed about being drug backwards in our push for civil rights that we will forget all about that little poisoning issue

    • Humans are animals

    • Quentin Two-Rivers Broeffle the bill states “either with mankind or any animal”

      You have to pay attention to the wording…

    • If the hummer is not to your satisfaction, can you turn the inept cocksucker in?

    • civil rights? civil rights are things you beg the govt for. you have inalienable rights codified in the declaration of independence and the bill of rights. govt serves the will of the ppl and has no power except that which we give them. once you learn to stop groveling for your civil rights and start enforcing your inalienable rights this country will be a free country again, and a republic once more.


    • Big brother is watching you….

    • I can hear it now. Someone calling 911 and telling the operator ” I think my neighbors wife is a cock sucker ” lmfao

    • SWAT teams will bust every bedroom. If the male will have an erection the officers will fear for their lifes and will shot him, if the female will have big shining breasts she will be charged for resisting arrest with lethal weapons

    • Drowned by jizz………Lol!

    • Michelle Parra *getting off to you….

    • So why did Flint need a law of this nature to protect animals??? And how many people witnessed these types of acts of cruelty to animals. The government must clearly need to monitor the people of Flint they drink poisonous water and have oral sex with animals. WHAT! I know all government is corrupt but WTF is going on there! You people of Flint need to hit the streets! Make sure everyone is armed with cameras though!

    • Mandatory mouth swabbings.

    • Dear Ryan. Oral sex isn’t just about “Blow Jobs” in case you don’t know that already. Women do not get “Blow Jobs”, they get what is commonly known as “Head”, there are many words for it. And BTW, women don’t stay long with men who don’t give it.

    • The bill is all about animals. I just read it. Did I miss something?

    • ..the republicans will hang out in men’s rooms to catch offenders. they will take one, or more, for the team.

    • Dustin Dowling – Yes, you did miss something. The massive amount of gullible people who don’t do research and believe every headline they read. Thank you for paying attention. 🙂

    • Tammy McIvor re read the posted meme.

    • Blow job squad is the government!

    • WhAt about anal ?

    • Tammy McIvor , btw…Flint is only a small part of the State of Michigan. With 103,000 people it is barely noticeable. Which is the reason they (Senator) thought could get away with the water issue.

    • Mark ReodicaWatch the sale of Listerine go sky high.

    • We already have seat belt police, so why not waste even more of the taxpayer’s money?

    • Then explain to me why bestiality is just now being outlawed?

    • lmao!!!!

    • Dustin Dowling they added wording to say animal or human.
      (1) A person who commits the abominable and detestable crime against nature either with mankind or with any animal is guilty of a felony, punishable by imprisonment for not more than 15 years, or if the defendant was a sexually delinquent person at time of the offense, a felony punishable by imprisonment for an indeterminate term, the minimum of which shall be 1 day and the maximum of which shall be life.

    • My husband votes for a massive synchronized protest involving the activities 😉

    • Lmfao!!! To funny Ryan, yeah they will start a new task force. The BJEA, blow job enforcement agency.

  • America!

  • Amy Beth Martinez-Rojo
    Mike Massey
    Annette Davis
    Renee Amiot


  • The party of small government loves to regulate people’s sex lives!

  • Fucking crazy. And I chose words well.

  • HALT!! Back away from that anus with your hands up! #buttpatrol

  • Sally this is first off unbelievable, and secondly how do they think they’re gonna enforce this? Have people standing by windows at night? Security cameras? Shayna

  • Tell how much freedom do Americans have now?

  • Thank god i don’t live there. The politicians want to suck the life out of you and then want to break it off in your ass. You know the old saying, The government hates competition.


  • Gotta have your priorities. lol

  • Oh my what about the gays? LMAO

  • WTF?

  • Michigan where pleasure is a crime and poisoning people is a “my bad”!!

  • Better start building more prisons then Michigan

  • WTF

  • If theres anyone left in that city is say its time to move.

  • Pretty soon they will regulate the amount of air you are allowed to breath …..

  • is there going to be any appeal to this? this is comically ridiculous, it obviously cant stay in place, right?

  • Yea this seems like a burning priority…are we living in 1816?

  • Go to prison and have all the anal sex you want

  • So the inmates will never make it out of the prison 😉 Who would believe in such shit? Is this page run by some jerks who just did the Holy Communal!? 🙂

  • And what exactly do they think is going to happen in PRISON?!?!?

  • Alright so this is long but I swear, it’s worth it for the insight into journalistic distortion alone:

    Here’s the actual story of this bill, because I read the bill myself and I heard the rationale for the entire process from the sponsoring State Senator.

    The sodomy laws of Michigan have been in place for many decades. Michigan SB 219 was part of the Logan Laws of the state, designed to protect animals after a Husky had acid thrown on it and the perpetrator used a loophole in the animal abuse language of the state to evade justice. Among its statutes were that animal abusers couldn’t run pet shops and it made dogfighting penalties more severe and things like that.

    Already included in the bill was the enumerated language for sodomy dating back to September 1952 in § 158 that sodomy was defined as the abominable or detestable violation of an animal or mankind.

    That was ALREADY ON THE BOOKS. It was invalidated by the 2003 Supreme Court case Lawrence v. Texas.

    In going over the bill, Michigan State Sen. Rick Jones cleaned up and modernized some language in § 158 and said that he did not remove the line about mankind being included in sodomy because the bill was set to pass and everybody wanted it and it would have basically been a political circus to sidetrack a bill protecting animals from cruelty with a discussion about buttfucking and cocksucking (can you tell I’m paraphrasing?)

    So the language was not added by Senate Republicans. It had been there before any of us were born. They cleaned up language like “shall commit” to “commits” and shit like that.

    The bill passed 37-1 in the Senate with all Democrat Senators in favor and only one Republican against because basically everyone wanted this bill passed.

    Sen. Rick Jones said that removing the couple of words pertaining to “mankind” would not affect the laws in Michigan whatsoever because of the Supreme Court ruling, but if a law was proposed to remove all unconstitutional language from the Michigan state code, he would probably support it.

    The sodomy laws of Michigan remains UNCHANGED AFTER THIS.

    So while this seems like an egregious social overreach, it really is not how it is being portrayed. The law was already on the books. I’ve attached a screenshot of SB 219 § 158 lines 23-27 which shows the exact wording that was changed (via strikethrough) in the 2016 rendition of the bill.

    Now none of this is a qualitative assessment of the bill or the process of government, but I’m mostly just trying to express that reactionary journalism got this one d.e.a.d. w.r.o.n.g. It’s manufactured outrage. Maybe if we care about sodomy laws, our attention is distracted from Flint? I really can’t say, but I hope this was informative for everyone and if I got something wrong, I really want to know about it so I can fix it.

  • wtf!? hahahah its a joke right?!

  • I guess every gay man in Michigan is headed to prison..

  • What the hell is there problem????

  • Nice going Michigan

  • Their congressmen and senators must be moving out in droves.

  • Fuxary!

  • If we have to rely on the government to tell us “Hey, dont stick your dick up the dogs ass and dont blow the horse” then we have much larger problems to worry about instead of foreign affairs.

  • Damn… Next I can’t lick it before I stick it.

  • Incomprehensible Who could derelict of duty and over reach of power

  • Where do you go when you have anal sex in prison?

  • Timmy Belcher

  • They are going to have one hell of a job policing that one! Surely what goes on between partners is nobody else’s business!

  • A couple will be in there house. The blow job squad walks in on a guy getting a blow job by his girl. So the squad starts pointing guns at them and says “freeze put your hands up in the air” the guy put his hands up as he says ” don’t shoot I fear for my life” he nutted on her face because she did a dam good blow job. IDK I tried to make it funny. .

  • What happens when they get analized or oralized in prison

  • When are we going to stand up against the goverment???? We keep thinking that ohh once we get this president out of power that things will change, its the same as saying that throwing rocks through a broken window will repair it, when in acuality its only seems to make it worse, its funny how the goverment can create a problem with something when there wasnt a problem to begin with and leave an actual problem alone

  • And what is the penalty for the peeping tom goverment officials who are trying to enforce a law for people doing things in the privacy of their own homes? It’s creepy.

  • Damn there goes my plans for the weekend.

  • How the Americans haven’t just commited to an all out civil war is beyond me. TPTB must be laughing their fat asses off at what they can actually get away with. Absolute slavery or death…. Make your choice, i know what i would choose.

  • But the point is now we will fear for are life because of oral sex etc. With that being the blow squad and governmental people whom approves of this law with fail to win the case because now we have to fear an extra thing. Humanity huh . . . . .so sad !!!!

  • I am with Ryan no way

  • They’re making sure people don’t get any free fluids. Lol

  • Sounds to me Flints against Gay males …lmfao

  • after the poisoning of the people, all should be replaced. this is just distraction from the real problem in Mich.

  • I wounder how they would kno wat people do in ther own house

  • No, you won’t actually be convicted of oral or anal sex with another consenting human being… that’s not why these laws are on the books. Since the Supreme Court already declared these laws unconstitutional, any conviction under those conditions would be quickly overturned. The laws are in place to help make other forms of discrimination against the LGBT community legal; ie same sex adoptions or refusing employment to LGBT individuals.

  • Unbelievable

  • Handcuffs & blindfolds in the bedroom are still legal though, correct? Oh wait. I’m sure that will now be outlawed, too. I shouldn’t have said anything. @ least poisoning innocent children is still OK. Geesh … WTH!


  • Sounds like they’re depopulating the area. Humm ?


    • Lol getting a little bit to worked up about it bud

    • *too

    • I’m just sick of how many of these pages posted all this bullshit that isn’t true. Well is true if youre talking about butt fucking a dog.

    • Lol really?

    • Well just delete them if you don’t want to see it

    • The first page of the law says with animals (animals described as any vertebrate other than human)

    • Well I like everything else but these chicken fuckers don’t even have this one right.

    • Lemme just sit back and watch everyone advocate fucking animals.

    • Are we going to advocate having sex with kids next?

  • Isn’t kissing a form of oral sex!

  • Reasons not to live their. A lot of states have this kind of law but it’s pretty much obsolete since it’s so difficult to have solid evidence.

  • and exactly how do T.H.E.Y. intend to uphold that LAW,, your Internet cam spying on you, xrayed from a van parked outside your home, drones peeping in your childrens windows,, what evidence do they intend to provide in Court,, HANG the CITY HALL of FLINT MICHIGEN by the neck from the water tower

  • so fire the bastards. get those people impeached.

  • How do you even enforce this? Like a peeping tom troop? Or like blowjob police? I mean what could they possibly do? I don’t think they could just kick in the door, and even so it’s like like your going to keep fucking threw a door kick? So as dumb as the law is it seems pretty unenforceable.unless I missed something.

  • This is merely a rather shallow attempt to divert attention from the basic corruption of the administration that allowed the poisoning to take place.

  • The suicide rate for republicans is way too low.

  • WTF See what the water has done to there brains already.

  • Move out of Michigan

  • Can we declare The State Of Michigan a Southern State?

  • Because FREEDOM!

  • More government and cameras in your bedroom, the GOP sure wants to get into everyone’s lives.

  • STFU

  • what the holy hell?!?!?

  • Way To distract The people. Water scandal replaced with sex scandal. Seems to me ALL the water is poisoned.
    Don’t drink the water. Means s lot of things. Congrats sleeple.

  • First things first. Fix who you screwed first before you get into others business.

  • How is on the books in other states and even remotely constitutional?

    Forget about the hundreds of other ridiculous factors like timing and how they would police this.

    And all of the sudden myself and everyone I know are felons. List of felonies we commit every day increases.

  • What, seriously? That’s ridiculous I ain’t gonna be somewhere where some one tells me I can and can’t do in the bedroom.

  • What? I thought that was a joke from the onion or some other nutty website.. Are you saying this is real? I’m just wondering how much more shit the US population will take before they rise up and start taking their country back?

  • The issue with this is language that becomes interpretive and policies via our govt being used in a manner the policy wasn’t intended for….that is spooky….NSA spying and now this….wow…how is this going to be used against the people tat are not doing wrong?

  • Well as guilty as I am I should get a hundred years

  • What the Hell people are you serious come on now I can see that here in Utah but Michigan

  • At least they are getting it right when it comes to dealing with sickos. Why can’t anyone ever give credit where it is due? Always negative. bah

  • Ian Chudly McClung

    • I don’t understand how this is a real thing!!!! This has to be a joke…

  • I say everyone should take to the streets and start buttfucking each other and handing out blowjobs

  • We should take note of this. THIS is what could happen to our country if a republican wins the presidency in November. VOTE DEMOCRAT!

  • So that means if a peeping Tom looks in your window and sees you doing that and gets caught he’s gonna get off Scott free cause he snitched on you

  • Well that blows.

  • “How do we make people forget about us poisoning their drinking water?… I know! Grab my pen, we’re going to pass a meaningless yet offensive law. Those suckers will forget all about the actual problem.”

  • I say good luck with this law and good riddens to our lawmakers in next election.

  • The Stupidest Law this Millennia Ever

  • Natasha Corinne no Bueno!

  • Republicans agenda im sure brought to you by Koch bros.

  • That sucks

  • Just a way to draw their minds from the real problem!

  • whoever legislated the law must have a banana throat, bleeding from the ass! free america….

  • I guess you can only get f***ed in the ass in Michigan by the republican politicians. So typical, policing the bedroom while the state goes to hell. Good job guys!

    • Funny, considering most of the ones in Michigan are Democrats

    • It’s the classic distraction ploy…try to deflect the attention away from the mess in Flint by the Republican Governor with a bs law aimed straight at gays. I hope someone in Michigan will take the law to court, I’m sure they can prove its unconstitional because of the recent same sex rulings. I wonder if they are forming a Blowjob Brigade to go door to door, ” Did your wife/husband/lover give you a hummer today?” lol

  • Classic smoke and mirrors by the way. They want to get everyone in an uproar about this, so it takes heat off Flint

  • I’m from Canada and there is no such thing like implementing a 15 year prison sentence for people who have oral or anal sex…why is that…how can they(politicians) implement such a law with no shame of saying to the people ?? Do people agree with ? Up here there is no stupid law!

  • Couldn’t agree more. Wonder how many of the plumbers who fixed shit for FREE are proudly gay!!!

  • So does Bill Clinton get charged for receiving oral sex from Monica

  • So they poisoned us to distract us from something again

  • So the politicians can be the only ones that screw us in the ass.

  • only 15 years?

  • Zach Shellouff go Michigan!!

  • These are the politicians people vote for. Fucking amazes me.

  • Laws like this are hard to swallow.

  • Fuck you al

  • Just when my girl said she’s down with it.

  • What a bunch of dicks!!!

  • Its time to make a statement… your politicians have commited attempted murder to a whole population… the world is watching you with sympathy, NOW STAND UP demand JUSTICE for your families & loved ones….fire & incarcinate all the dirty low life scums that they are !! They bought water for themselves & their loved ones all the while they let you drink poison water for a year… SOMETHING STINKS HERE…. THE WORLD DOESN’T LIKE THE SMELL !!…… WHERE IS THE JUSTICE SYSTEM ??

  • So wait, gays are gonna be really screwed in Michigan.. Lol

  • Sucks for the lgbt community!

  • I am guessing that the Law Makers will have to lock themselves up then.

  • The Supreme Court ruled against sodomy laws back in 1996. The law was void and unenforceable before it was passed. Any attempt to prosecute under that law violates civil liberties and puts the state at risk for a lawsuit

  • Justin wow.

  • How is it possible to enforce this? Are there cameras in people’s houses now as well? The government already tells us how we are supposed to live our lives, but now they are going to tell us what to do in the privacy of our own homes? I’m a Michigan native, but moved from that God awful place a few years ago……and it was mostly due to the state government. Now, I’m living happily in Colorado, where I can do whatever I want with my husband, in my own home, and when I’m done doing that, I can go sit on my front porch and smoke a joint if I want. Get it together, Michigan! You’re going back in time! It’s a damn shame.

  • How to do intend to enforce this law?

  • I guess a whole lot of congressmen will be headed to jail too.

  • One of the worse states to live in, apparently.

  • Disgusting priorities and nothing but a diversion tactic and an attack on gays.

  • Haha!
    Ironically, “Legislation” is the proverbial phallice government uses to anally rape the, once free, population.

  • The legal encyclopedia American Jurisprudence says the following in regard to constitutionality:
    The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and the name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void and ineffective for any purpose since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it; an unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed … An unconstitutional law is void. (16 Am. Jur. 2d, Sec. 178)

  • Wow, being sent to prison where oral and anal sex is rampannt???? Hmmm

  • They are changing laws for a reason, ive seen lots of american laws changed and its starting to make sense. They are slowing changing america to a Muslim country. No joke ppl you all better wake up and stand up and get ready to fight.

  • Well, does that mean if I do both in the same day I go to prison for 30 years? I think someone needs to throat punch the government because they are obviously out of fucking control

  • I hope this is a joke

  • 1984 anyone?

  • Michigan should have to be abolished and divided amongst the neighboring states…

  • Glad they’re clamping down on the main issues facing America today

  • Sounds like something out of the 1984 book

  • This is laughable . I can’t wait to get to these states and do these sex acts

  • Huh wtf

  • I’m fucking my girlfriend in the ass while getting my vagina licked right now, and I do it every day! Come and get me you invasion of privacy douchetards! I’ll show you that the 2nd amendment is still holding up. Come on in.

  • And those who make these laws while they poison their citizens with contaminated water do not see the irony and disconnect between their behavior and their attitudes. Wake up!!! You are policing in the wrong places!!!

  • That just tells you how crazy those bastards really are, Lol

  • You can all relax. Please go research before flipping out. Federal law has already ruled on sodomy laws 13 years ago. That are null and void. No one can be convicted of any crime.

  • Only in America…

  • Holly crap! Is this actually true

  • in the mean time lets not forget Japan poisoning the ocean non stop 24/7.. how long until everything is dead- uneatable -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mflKKg1hHl0

  • I live about 50 seconds away from Michigan, used to live in Michigan, and have many many friends who live in Michigan… This law was only passed to make it illegal to do these things with any animals… Find the actual bill online or do some research and you’ll find that this is completely untrue.

    • I’m a Canadian and wonder why a country would need to make a law against fucking animals. Just how common is animal fucking down there? That is fucked up!

    • Honestly, I haven’t heard of it ever happening… Haha. Just another law to make them feel good about themselves.

  • There smart its a politically correct way of saying No Fags go flint

  • #FrackOff

  • What a bunch of dumb no good piece of shit corrupt politicians they have run in their state

  • Yerr that country is on level
    100 of fucked up!

  • WHAT????

  • As if oral and anal sex isn’t happening in prison

  • waaaaat?….

  • Good god no wonder the place is getting worse when their trying to make stupid laws instead of getting their heads out their arses and trying to fix the country.
    I think the ones that want to pass that bill would think I was the antichrist if they spent 5mins talking to me!

  • Wtfffffff

  • This is a bill against sex with animals. Quit reading into the hype and read the bill. This is from a blue state, do you really think they would write a law against one of their favorite special interest groups?

  • lets see them regulate thisn becasue that is going to end badly

  • I’d better hide my favourite book then.

  • It’s like they WANT the folks up there to REVOLT? Seriously?

  • I don’t know but it looks to me like the mayor and other elected officials have 15 years to serve the way they bent everyone over.

  • Does anyone want to go to Michigan and do both of those things with me?

  • Come on, this can’t be true, there must be some details you don’t show us!

  • well wat do u expect from americans that allow every1 a gun not shocked atall more stupid americans

  • How can the filthy american blood mongering yokels tell people what they can and can’t do with there own bodys!!!!!

  • land of the free

  • Quick let’s do something so ridiculous it takes away attention form the water!

  • Jonathan Reyes

  • Jesus christ people. This has been law in our state (as well as others) for years. The Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional so it’s essentially null. They just kept the wording in there to get an animal abuse bill passed.

  • Isn’t the law directed at beastiality?

  • america

  • your fucked if this is real!

  • Fuck them if its between to people and there ok with it none of u r controlling business pricks.




  • Scott Maxon and Trini Brisson. who’s running your state over there? Its a shame if a man can get busted for getting a BJ from his wife. Holey shit.

  • When a crisis happens it easy to dilute the masses by pitting one group against another and this time its another homosexual bs as if straight people only do the “missionary” position hoping everyone will forget the original issue of contaminated water and THEIR responsibilities!! Assholes!!

  • This Shit Is Getting Craizer By The Day….

  • It’s a bunch of Bill shit but still better to get caught by the state getting a bj from your wife than getting busted by your wife getting a bj from her sister!!

  • who is gonna know and tell what you are doing in you lair? unless you brag about such happenings.

  • …and how are they gonna enforce this?

  • Hey Chris Hanni i just had a thought if anal sex is now illegall does that mean government has to stop fuckin us in the ads also? I think they might have just shot themselves in the foot.

  • Typical Republican logic, You legally cannot have sex with an animal,but you can legally kill it (in any fashion you desire) on your front lawn .

    • I think having sex with an animal is a little different then killing it. Lmao killing an animal is definitely better than raping it bro

  • Before they passed the law to legalize gay marriage, such law like this never existed. Just until they pass the law for gay marriage. See how it effects everybody now?

  • The sodomy laws can’t be in forced. The Bill is for animal abuse.

  • Land of the free, my ass.

  • “War on Religion!”
    My girlfriend quit putting out, dammit!!!

  • …guys…this isn’t a thing. Yes, the “law” is still on the books, but it’s been there for a long time, AND, it’s already unenforceable due to SCOUS case law. They literally cannot prosecute anyone for consensual sexual conduct between people.

    …the bit against animals is still valid though.

  • Only in America….. Weirdos

  • Lol. They were supposed to fix the plumbing, but not thaaaat plumbing!!

  • Is this for real? People, you know what must be done.

  • I say we protest. Take off your pants and get the lube! Meet me at the capital building!

  • It may become the least populated state ever!

  • Keante Pace

  • I thought that the Supreme Court decided this issue already. https://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/02-102.ZO.html

  • Your country is fucked beyond repair.

  • Stage a fuck in. Anal sex for everyone!

  • obviously the mans never recieved a decent blow job.

  • It’s already law in Oklahoma. Now after visiting the beautiful state of Oklahoma many times, so as not incriminate myself or my female partners, I take the fifth on that one lol. But Flint doesn’t have to worry about me there. I will never visit Flint…

  • Jenny Lopez Diaz Vicky Hinojosa Yesenia Diaz

  • Buhhhh how they gonna kno?

  • Smash the state

  • the State reserves the exclusive right to fuck you in the ass

  • Wow what people do in there private time for s there choice now if its hurting someone killing someone malestimg a child thats one thing but banning oral sex migjt as well ban taking a shit too

  • Marino Martinez wtf

  • Crazy crazy Americans nothing happening in the US surprises anymore

  • Ty Sigley

  • this is by far crossing the line!!!

  • isn’t there a penalty for peeping tom?

  • How will this law affect the Gay Community Maybe that’s why they are Introducing it Just a Thought.

  • A lot of these are very old laws which are not enforced. Weird laws in every state that are outdated and not changed

  • Are they dumb? that’s a clear violation to a very personal and private matter.

  • Such a fuckin joke

  • Land of the free my ass

  • Mumu se pedepseste in SUA ! In SUA in curand nu mai poti nici sa te f..i ca dai de dracu !

  • They can kiss my ass,im so fuckin tired of there stupid ass thinkin they no whays best for everyone,they break every law on the books its time to fire all there stupid asses

  • America… I used to like you but you’ve turned just too fucking weird

  • Really. Just like congress. Can’t do anything meaniful. But they are certainly rallying their conservative base.

  • Wt utett

  • Soooo….. How will these sinful acts be policed?

  • They got to pay for the fkn they already gave the people . Now your going to pay for the water to be fixed. How are they going to know
    Peep Tom , invasion of privacy etc.

  • only in america.

  • Even prisoners?

  • I cant even entertain this its so fucking ridiculous

  • The US supreme court made it legal for gay marriage. So how is this possible????? Gay Guys keep your weapons in their case!!!

  • silly americunts

  • …but my girl loves it.

  • Just sounds like smoke and mirrors to stop us focussing on the water problem.

  • So the gay couples can only kiss now.

  • Wow. Michigan sux

  • Dillon Kimmel what the hell is going on in Michigan?

    • It’s collapsing … Good news though gas is cheap

    • ^ sounds like you got your priorities straight

  • only the politicians r allowed 2 fuck u in the ass in Michigan.

  • This is the indoctrination of sharia law.

  • Wtf??

  • is this for real?

  • Totally stupid

  • How is gay marriage going to be legal but the can’t have sex?!?!?!?!?

    • That’s their point behind the law……….a slight against gays.

  • It will never survive a supreme court test, and speaking about supreme court maybe its time for the people of Michigan to lagally remove their state government, can be done quite easily through the crimminal intent clause

  • Just like to know how they intend to enforce this, put cameras in everyone’s BR?

  • Stop complaining and move to another state. Last I checked, you didn’t need to ask the border patrol for permission to leave the state.

  • That’s just weird

  • Deflection. And its disgusting.

  • Does anyone look into these things? Please stop believing or posting this crap. For your own good look it up. Just more click here and read this.

  • How exactly does the State prove that people have had these particular sexual activities? Are they relying upon a snitch network?

  • Go home michigan. Youre drunk

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  • Why won’t they use a Class Action Suit?

  • Are they going to start pulling people over and checking buttholes for signs of penetration?

  • Good lord… maybe if you people would actually do some research you would know exactly what’s going on… But oh no let’s all look at memes on Facebook and get information from it!! Yeah! That’s the smart thing to do! Bunch of fucking retards I swear…

    • It certainly mentions human kind

      Although, anti sodomy laws are null

    • i do look at memes to get information…by reading through the comments section to find the truth

  • What do they think goes on in Jail!?

  • And this will be enforced by?

  • Because they have priorities, right? This is what is wrong with Republicans. How’s that small government thing going?

  • Shame on the Free From Thought Project for sharing this false information. You should fact check because your gullible readers don’t.

  • How do they intend to find out what people are up to in their own bedrooms? . What genious thought this idea up…

  • You keep showing hetero couples while noting this story but we’re all clear on who this law targets , aren’t we ?

  • stupid.

  • Does this conflict with gay marriage? I’m not gay but two married men which is constitutional now can’t have sex? Lol, I’d like to see this go to trial, two gay men sue for discrimination they can get married but if they consummate the marriage they face up to 15 years in jail. Our government is so screwed up.

  • Its to stop gays from being happily married:-)

  • It’s the Texas of the Great Lakes.

  • USA is a dysfunctional country,period.

  • This happened somewhere before, in the South. The courts found the law unconstitutional and no prison time was handed down to the defendant.

    How bout we focus a little more on the TPP?

  • How would anybody find out if people had anal or oral to charge them anyway?

  • Flint has been unfairly treated, trashed and controlled in every way imaginable. It was once a economicly strong community. The ones who enforced these ridiculous laws obviously have no clue as to what priority is.

  • This is the land of what???

  • Its ok in the flint river

  • It’s obvious why they passed the bill – they’re protecting themselves when they get sent to prison.

  • Boy Michigan sure has turned in to a tea party utopia

  • Insane

  • And what kind of sex will be practiced when in prison???

  • This is absurd! How would you even uphold such a nonsensical law!

  • Republican priorities. 😉

  • Murica

  • WHAT……

  • When the GOP is in charge, nothing surprises me!

  • Wow…what year are they living in and who the heck elected these idiots…

  • This isn’t entirely true. I did some research on it. You should too.

  • Smoke and mirrors they are NOT going to implement some nonsense like that every politician in that state would be in prison that’s just a ploy to get people’s mind off the fact that they are poisoning them they’re trying to change the headlines you know that old bait and switch

  • Seriously….

  • Is this seriously for real?

  • Absurd law!

  • That’s the democrats for ya

  • WTF??? Outrageous!

  • So are they going to cruise around in their helicopters looking for infrared porn?

  • If you read the comments this article is very misleading. It is about cruelty to animals, not what the title header is saying.

    • If you read into the comments you will see where many people have pointed out where this bill includes oral and anal on another human as well.

  • Whaaaat?!

  • Flint, North Korea.

  • How does any state put a prison sentence on people committing a private sexual act in a relationship in their own home? How do you warrant or justify that? How do you even monitor that other than stalking people’s windows? This shit ass country has so many bigger badder problems to focus on than if someone’s wife decides she wants to give her husband a blow job or booty time with their own bodies in their own home… I think I’ll be resigning my citizenship in the near future. This place is an embarrassment.

  • No way

  • Hahahahaha

  • *population

    Man, fuck those assholes.


  • what is the point of Flint really ?

  • And the unconscious, cowardly, peasants of America will play follow the leader.

  • Anyone else see the irony in punishing people for having oral and anal sex by sending them to prison?

  • Michigan is a test run for the whole nation.

  • http://www.advocate.com/crime/2016/2/08/michigan-lawmakers-pin-unconstitutional-sodomy-law-animal-cruelty-bill

    Was signed in decades ago intending to protect animals from sexual cruelty. However the bill doesn’t specify that so it applies to anyone or thing. Yet no one enforces this law, or even obeys them in their human sexual relationships. In which will not be enforced unless it’s documented in a criminal report, ultimately indicating rape. People don’t come to Michigan for ass pounding or knob jobs, they come for water sports, bmx trails, Mackinac Island with its awesome fudge & salt water taffy. The same exact laws in south are actually enforced do to discrimination against the gay community, which makes that Unconstitutional. Lived in Michigan my entire life, Feel free to research anyone other then sexually abused victims or under age consented statutory victims if recent cases were published at all if age consenting human adults are affected by this bill. Guarantee you won’t find any in Michigan.

    I expected better research from you #FreeThoughtProject, however had to say the same thing, yet with some remarks on #MT page.

  • The bill says NOTHING about Anal or Oral sex.

    Not one word.

  • Ryan

  • I seen this when it passed a few days ago and as someone who lives in Michigan I say to you “what the actual fuck is going on in Rick Snyder’s office and state congress ?”

  • What are they going to do go door to door to see who getting head.That’s so inconsiderate to the people of Flint that the state is poisoning Michigan get your priorities in order

  • Is this real?


  • WTF !

  • ‘Murica. Where your rights are steadily receding and most people still believe “the government wouldn’t do that”

  • so is ther going to be an anal police now for fuck sakes the people in charge over ther are crazy

  • I don’t understand. . I mean I hope there is more to the story but iam starting to have my doubts…

  • IT’s a damn shame!

  • Backward state in a backward country no shock there

  • Well there goes housing sales in Flint!

  • Liberal logic

  • This has been a law since 2003. Little late to the game. It’s only news now because Logan’s Law- an animal protection bill- was added onto this existing law.

  • From the Supporters of Small Government.

  • And for poisoning a whole town you get what?

  • Hu? Fuck that!

  • DDamien Fleming BBrown LLyndsey would get life

  • Emma McCosh

    • Yeah I posted something about this earlier. Lol

  • This is BS Story!!!! Snopes.com

  • About the Michigan (ban on anal/oral) that has hit the news. The truth and facts of the matter. You think you can trust media still? Headlines and half the information is all they are concerned with. Here is the explanation about it here:
    David Knezek
    5 hrs · Lansing ·

    I’ve seen a number of posts suggesting the Michigan Senate passed a new law banning oral and anal sex in our state. If you’re willing to bear with me, I’d like to take a moment to set the record straight. I hope you might consider reading this post at length to gain the facts.

    Senate Bills 219 and 220, the bills in question, were sponsored by Senator Rick Jones (R) and Senator Steve Bieda (D). SB 219 and 220 would establish Logan’s Law here in Michigan, which prevents convicted animal abusers from adopting pets. It is a popular issue that has gained significant bipartisan support.

    So why are some news articles reporting that the Senate just voted to ban oral and anal sex when we really voted to prevent animal abusers from adopting animals? A few background notes and a brief explanation of the legislative process should help.

    Michigan has had a ban – an unconstitutional ban, I might add – on oral and anal sex since 2003. This is not a new law. It can be found in Section 158, Subsection 1 of Michigan Compiled Law 750.158.

    When amendments to any law are made, when additional subsections to the law are added, so on and so forth, a bill is introduced that includes all current language in that particular section as a whole, plus the new and amended language you wish to add.

    Section 158, the section of law that needed to be amended in order to prevent convicted animal abusers from adopting animals, is also the same section of law that included the 2003 ban on oral and anal sex. Same section of the law, two different subsections.

    The way the information is currently being presented to the public, it would suggest that a bill stating, “Ban all oral and anal sex!”, was placed before the Senate and then all 38 of us stood up and said, “Hey that sounds like a good idea! Okay!”.

    That, as you now know, is inaccurate.

    A bill stating, “Prevent animal abusers from adopting animals”, was placed before the Senate and all of us voted “yes”. It was indeed a unanimous vote – a vote to prevent animal abusers from adopting animals – on a bill, as you now know, whose section of law also included the subsection which includes the unconstitutional ban on oral and anal sex.

    To be fair, I would welcome criticism stating that we, the Senate, missed an opportunity to take this unconstitutional ban off the books or at least message on the issue and the need for its removal. It would be fair to say the Senate, by way of not removing the ban, reaffirmed its existence in state law and that’s not good either. It would be inaccurate to suggest that we passed a bill to ban those activities that were already, and unconstitutionally, banned in Michigan back in 2003.

    It would have been easy to insert language that prevents animal abusers from adopting animals while simultaneously striking the language that banned oral and anal sex. However – to be forthright with you and this is where the partisanship comes in – that would have killed Logan’s Law, leaving us with an unconstitutional ban on oral and anal sex still on the books plus zero laws preventing animal abusers from adopting animals. We now have one of the two, neither of which being any less important than the other, and, with the attention this issue now has, we can try to remove the unconstitutional ban in the House or through separate legislation that I would support and co-sponsor.

    In conclusion, this issue has, again, highlighted for me two of the greatest frustrations of this job – the ability of an inaccurate headline to mislead the public and the power a one-sentence headline that’s easily shareable has versus a long-winded explanation like this that likely few will read. Sound bytes always beat the long-winded explanations but they are rarely, if at all, accurate.

    Sometimes it’s a stretching of the truth, sometimes it’s a downright lie, but it almost always leads to a distrust of elected officials and frustrations with the political process. The public rightly responded with outrage thinking that we were wasting time and taxpayer dollars on such a silly bill. This is what you were led to believe. I don’t blame you.

    My commitment has been and will always be as such – I am an ally and a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community; I don’t care what two people do in the privacy of their own homes; and when presented with the opportunity to educate and inform, I will always welcome your criticism with the opportunity to share an “inside baseball” perspective of the legislative process and how it works (or doesn’t). That is my commitment to you and I hope you might meet me halfway in spreading the truth.

  • It has NOTHING to do with what you do in the bedroom!!!! Stop spreading this B.S.


  • If they create a controversy other this law it will kinda overshadow the poisoning… In fact a lot of states have laws forbidding this

  • Huh?

  • Insurrection!

  • Nick Saros

    • Brian Clay is this really true??

    • This would be the first I’ve heard of it. I haven’t seen anything like this on the news or the news sites up here but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Heck me neither man sounded true tho lol

  • That is a good way to distract people from issues like, getting the one responsible for the water poisoning to jail.

  • Alex Barnes

  • This is a nonstarter. Cite to Lawrence v. Texas. SCOTUS, byaatch.

  • So gay marriage is legal but oral and anal sex are not?….well played Michigan…well played

  • Chris Wiggins is this for real?!?!?

  • I love it. This effects so many people and it only takes a single snapshot. I been saying anal people are freaks for years. I got proof now lol.

  • Mélanie Frappier

  • That law didnt do what you think it did.

  • well, that’s both unconstitutional, and unenforceable, but it’s likely that they are just trying to prevent homosexual marriage once more

  • Suck my dick Michigan….. Politicians

  • Its referring to beastiality or w.e man on animal. Well thats what I heard. Apparently the water makes t
    You wanna do your dog or something

  • Stupid

  • Omg ppl do your research

  • which is dirtier?

  • How can this be real?

  • If you didn’t hate them already this might help

  • They can’t do this, it’s unconstitutional, how is this happening