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Millionaire Techie Mysteriously Dies the Day After Dedicating His Life to “Fight Against the Police”


San Francisco, CA – 47-year-old software engineer, Ian Murdock recently died under suspicious circumstances after he went public about a police encounter that left him hospitalized. On Saturday, December 26, Murdock was unlucky enough to be walking down a street where the police were searching for a robbery suspect.

According to Murdock, he was approached by police after knocking on a neighbors door. The police suspected Murdock of being a burglar and questioned him, but apparently during the conversation, he was not compliant enough with the officers which resulted in him being assaulted and arrested by them.

The police say that Murdock was drunk and resisted arrest, but being drunk is not a crime and if he did not commit a crime they had no right to attempt to arrest him.

The police said that Murdock banged his own head accidentally. Police also say that he was taken into custody to prevent him from hurting himself. He was booked for assaulting an officer, but none of the officers on the scene reported any injuries.

After his release, Murdock went on his Twitter page and spoke out against the police brutality that he experienced. He also threatened to kill himself in the strange series of tweets.





Murdock promised to put more information about his arrest and his assault on his website before committing suicide, but oddly enough his blog was never updated.

Murdock’s firm “Docker” released the following statement after his death:

Debian was one of the first Linux distros to be forged, and it is widely regarded as a one of the most successful open-source projects ever launched. Ian helped pioneer the notion of a truly open project and community, embracing open design and open contribution; in fact the formative document of the open source movement itself (the Open Source Definition) was originally a Debian position statement. It is a testament to Ian’s commitment to openness and community that there are now more than 1,000 people currently involved in Debian development.

In the past decade, Ian’s contributions to the tech community continued, as CTO of the Linux Foundation, as a senior leader at Sun Microsystems (including serving as Chief architect of Project Indiana); and most recently as Vice President of Platforms at Indianapolis-based ExactTarget, which became part of Salesforce in 2012. We consider ourselves lucky to have known Ian and worked with him. He amazed everyone whom he worked with for the depth of his thinking, passion and experience. He was truly brilliant and an inspiration to many of us; his death is a loss to all whom he has known and touched.

While it is assumed that Murdock did indeed kill himself as he said he would, an official cause of death has not been announced in his case. It is also not clear what his actual motive was and if it was related to his arrest. Murdock left behind a wife and child.

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  • they killed him i bet

  • He said he was going to kill himself. He probably did.

    • Yeah.. – he probably beat himself to death^^ :/

      In usa, about 219 people died as a result of terror in 2015… – guess how many were killed by cops? ^^

      Aprox. 1400 !!! – Sick sick people.. – playing world police! ^^

    • I know the figures. Did you read ALL of his tweets? Unless the cops got ahold of his twitter account he was having some sort of an episode. How many people do you know that tweeted they were going to kill themselves?

    • Mike, the police confirmed his claims. If you ask how many people did we know that threatened suicide, I can ask how many people do you know that had their lives threatened like Ian Murdock claimed. Not only that I argue that he still felt very much threatened by criminal cops, whatever happened to him plus a head wound can easily cause erratic behavior. maybe suicide in some cases.You seem to be against this guy from the outset. You don’t happen to be trolling here much hmm?

    • The govt including.cops can hack in to anyone’s social network accounts these days and probably class it as some bullshit national security threat. All part of the 5 eyes network crap.!

    • I was against the way this story was set up. It’s all speculation. Maybe the head wound led to his eratic and suicidal tweets. Maybe the cops went back and killed him.

    • So the NSA made those tweets Kevin?

    • Eddy, he was acting erratic prior to his head wound.

    • I didn’t say that Mike but it could’ve been anyone who thought he may be a risk and a person with his wealth could be a threat to all law enforcement.

  • Aint called Secret Service for nuthin’

  • The only reason why people do not have what they want is because they are thinking more about what they don’t want than what they do want. Listen to your thoughts, and listen to the words you are saying. The law is absolute and there are no mistakes. – The Secret

  • Foul play is all I know …but I’m betting it will go “unsolved”

  • This is why you just let your actions speak. Talk is cheap anyway.

  • There’s certainly no upside in talking to them, that’s for sure.

  • Moral of the story? Never warn!

  • It’s rampant. No one is safe!

  • How convenient!!!

  • Omg, omg !

  • Wouldn’t be too hard to leave a suicide note on twitter after you kill someone.

  • That is another message these evil BASTARDS are using to scare us into complying with their take over.

  • The police show up for a report of someone trying to break into a residence and find Ian there yelling and screaming. He gets arrested. Several hours later, after being released, he goes back to the same neighborhood yelling and screaming. He gets arrested again. After being released again, he posts that he’s going to kill himself.

    It’s a shame that he’s dead, but its very apparent that he had some serious mental health issues going on. While the interaction with the police probably exacerbated things, it’s a safe bet that Ian was having serious issues prior to the encounter.

    • If the actual facts are as you stated and were easily obtainable (media stories) by TFTP, what does that say about their integrity and ethics for leaving out this important information in their publication?

      Also, I highly doubt the involved cops gave a second thought about this guy after they dropped him at jail. They wrote reports, went home after the end of their shift and went to bed. The first they probably heard about this guys death was upon returning to work and wondering why management cared about routine arrests of a drunk and disorderly subject.

    • Well, only the people who were there know the actual facts. But, a simple Google search does give a number of sites that all say the same thing. Here’s an excerpt from one, and I’ll link at the bottom.

      San Francisco police spokeswoman Officer Grace Gatpandan confirmed Thursday that Murdock was arrested early Sunday morning after he was found yelling and screaming outside a residence in the 2400 block of Green Street.

      Police were first called to the Green Street address in the Pacific Heights neighborhood at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday on a report someone was trying to break into a residence there, Gatpandan said.

      They found Murdock nearby at Steiner and Union streets and detained him because he matched the description of the person trying to break in. He was belligerent with the officers and appeared to be drunk, she said.

      When he was put in the back of a patrol car as police investigated, he became violent, banging his head on the metal cage separating the back from the front seat, causing an abrasion on his forehead, Gatpandan said.

      They pulled him from the car to keep him from harming himself and he continued fighting with the officers, she said. Eventually medics were called to treat him and they took him to a hospital.

      But a few hours later, at 2:40 a.m., police responded to the same address on reports that Murdock had returned, banging on the door and yelling. When they detained him, he allegedly fought with the officers again, Gatpandan said.

      Since it was clear he would likely continue coming back, the officers decided to take him to jail on suspicion of four misdemeanor counts, including resisting arrest and assaulting emergency personnel. Before he could go, he was examined by medics and cleared, Gatpandan said.

      He didn’t indicate at any point in the jail booking process that he was suicidal and was medically examined again in jail, she said.

      On Monday, police returned to the 2400 block of Green Street on reports of a possible suicide. The city medical examiner’s office confirmed Murdock was found dead there.


    • But you’re right, it does say a lot about the integrity and ethics of TFTP. I wasn’t even trying to troll them when I posted. I saw the post and figured I’d check it out. If I could come up with this when I was occupied doing other things, it really makes me wonder about what kind of “journalists” they really are.

    • Thanks for the info. I also wondered why this guy’s “friends” would be calling the police rather than letting him inside? TFTP makes it sound like he was just trying to visit a friend and was mistaken as the “bad guy” by the cops. I guess his “friends” didn’t really want him banging on their door since they called the cops on him. Twice.

    • I don’t think you were trolling them. I’m all for police accountability, but let’s at least report the truth about an incident.

    • “They” can manipulate your mind. Look it up. Make you, literally, go bat shit crazy. And….anyone, even his murderers, couldve wrote that post.

    • “They” who???

  • He was murdered, just like Aaron Swartz.

  • The cops are a low I/Q FRONT for the powers that be.. No doubt about it.. some are waking up though.

  • and that gets hem nervus

  • god damn. All that money but none spent on security.

  • Did this make national news?

  • Wtf

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  • He spoke the truth. Cops don’t like the truth

  • He is right: don’t ever think police exist to protect citizens.
    Police task it to protect THE SYSTEM.
    The system pays the police, not the citizens.
    The system can PRINT MONEY and pay the police.
    So spread the word: don’t expect police to protect you when the system orders otherwise, they will obey the system.

    • But what happens when the system orders you to go against your own family? No doubt there are plenty of brainwashed coppers that will do it, but most will walk away from the system.

    • This happens very rarely. And historically I know only one situation where the police revolted against the government: in Romania, against Ceausescu. In that case the whole system was so fucked up that police fall back to population position and killed Ceausescu, but I don’t have any other similar examples.

  • What happened? He spent the rest of his life.

  • Ben Wylie

  • true to his word … for a day

  • Sandra Bland was also an activist against police violence…

  • I suppose some people would commit suicide if they knew they were being targeted anyway. They would rather die by their own hand than die in dishonor. It’s just such a shame; the guy was a genius.

    • You’re an idiot.

    • Robert Yeckley… so if I tell you your being targeted… you would commit suicide ?

    • I wouldn’t, Alja, thus “some” being the context. He was obviously mentally ill anyway.

    • No he wasn’t mentally ill and he didn’t commit suicide!

    • I would think unless you have evidence of foul play, a suicide note is pretty clear intent.

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    Hier dan toch nog eens mijn “dierbare herinneringen” aan een gestresste lul met een uniformpje aan die op klaarlichte dag klaarstaat erop los te meppen met een joekel van een zaklantaarn..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwZogKc5L9s

  • weird . He needed to get counseling. Most cops are good. I’ve known some that the power went to their heads because they have authority. But we need them, and when they are afraid of riots all the time they get defensive like anyone would. I know some of the BEST people are cops.. This guy?? I don’t know. A lot of time it’s drugs.

  • Either he was crazy and committed suicide, or they realized too late what a high profile guy they’d messed with and decided to end him… Maybe they really did follow him home, stalk and murder him, and then open his computer’s browser to his cookied twitter account to post the last tweet as ‘plausible deniability’ for his death. Stage the scene right and no one knows for sure, and it’s written off as a suicide, case closed.

  • Clowns……

  • Better wait for the autopsy if the examiner is honest?

  • Cop’s killed him for sure like always

  • I don’t need to read the police explanation
    It explains it self
    Cunts authorities

  • Very suspisious

  • As they said in Steve Avery case it’s easier to kill them then set them up don’t piss off a cop they don’t police the police

  • Alot of suicides by famous people are unexplained they said Kurt Cobain was suicide also at first shot up enough drugs kill a horse in seconds then shot head off with gun then wiped off prints

  • Kirstie Marie Lovelady

  • Come on guys… I also hate the police, but Ian was tottaly disturbed. If you read all his tweets you will find many racist statments and also SUICIDAL notes. He said he was going to commit suicide, a few times…

  • militarized police include SNIPERS and covert agents. WHY NOT HIT SQUADS?

  • You guys are barking up the wrong tree here. If there is nothing to report for the day, it’s okay to nit have any stories. There is no reason to invent one. How about reporting on two guys that have already served time for a crime, being ordered to go back to prison and serve more? Now there’s a story.
    But a guy gets drunk, bangs on a neighbors door, scuffle with police, bangs his noggin and then kills himself after saying he will isn’t really news.
    Of all the people that have legitimately filed complaints of police brutality and have law suits pending, this is the guy that gets killed by some secret police hit squad? Come on. How many times have you seen people drunk and pissed off slamming their heads into windows or dividers? Or punching out windshields and walls? It’s not a story. It’s sad a guy ended his life. And how tragic for someone young and bright and talented to have these kinds of issues. But this isn’t an attack by the police. Let’s keep it real here and go after the legitimate cases of abuse and brutality. Don’t invent one and scatter the dogs in different directions. Keep them on the right trail.

  • I wonder how long I have because as far as I can see the police of today are a corrupt organization . They are not here for us not to serve and protect us , there here to protect each other and the rich powerful blood suckers ❤️

  • “Free thought????? this is s left wing dem. blog

  • The mistake was telling them

  • No great loss for this commie white trash liberal…

  • Brilliant people are often mentally ill.

  • DeYong

  • I think America is now sick,very sick under the administration of Obama,he has been a curse to this great nation,wish John F Kennedy was around.

  • Police are our only line from scumbags .who would love nothing more than to Rob you and rape your mother..And dipshits say they hate cops..wtf

  • don’t bite off more then you can chew

  • More anarchist Bull Shit from The Free Thought Project.com. There’s no mystery when the guy tweets he’s going to commit suicide and then does.

  • Welcome to America, motherfuckers…..where European-Americans slaughter innocent people and become heros. After committing the biggest Genocide in Human history, the silly fucks get their heads carved into Mt. Rushmore. This country was built on the bodies of my people. 118 million Natives raped, tortured and murdered.

  • Do not trust a cop ever.

  • What a fool killed his self to posible blame police

  • Robert

    Ian was building a whistleblower platform when he “died”
    He was set up.