Appleton, WI — Police shot and killed a man last Sunday at Jack’s Apple Pub. Jimmie Sanders, of Milwaukee, was fatally wounded when police arrived after someone at the pub called 911.

Sanders and Henry Nellum got into a fight. Nellum pulled out the gun witnesses said he brought with him to the bar. Nellum told police he was attempting to hand his gun to a friend when the fight broke out. But witnesses told police that wasn’t true.

Nellum allegedly put the gun to Sanders’ neck just before Sanders wrestled the firearm away from him. During the scuffle, the gun went off. That’s when police were called to the scene.

When police arrived, Sanders had just gotten the gun away from Nellum and, according to witnesses, this resolved the situation. However, seeing the gun in his hand, police opened fire on Sanders, killing him. Now, police have charged Nellum with attempted homicide but it wasn’t Nellum who killed Sanders. It was the Appleton police.


The whole ordeal has left the Sanders family with more questions than answers, especially after the criminal complaint filed against Nellum made no mention of their loved one’s death by cop.

A person purported to be Sanders’ cousin described the incident in a Facebook message submitted by The Free Thought Project.

This past Sunday my cousin was shot by the police in Appleton Wisconsin. Jimmy was in the bar with a friend. A fight broke out. During the fight the unknown male pulled out a gun. During the scuffle my cousin was trying to get the gun out the man hands. The gun went off in the mist of trying to take it from the guy. The police were called. When the officers entered the bar they seen a black man with a weapon and fired.

This is video of the scuffle between the patrons.

Posted by Tory Lowe on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The family believes the police wasted no time in killing their loved one and said they can prove it. They claim to have witnesses who say absolutely no attempt was made to deescalate the situation. They also claim, as the criminal complaint alleges, it was Nellum’s gun and did not belong to Sanders. The message continues;

Witness said the officer didnt even give my cousin a chance to surrender or drop the weapon. when the police came into the bar they seen a black man holding a gun and shot him. The man he was fighting was the one who pulled the gun out.

The message even claims the family can prove Nellum pulled the gun on Sanders who, understandably, disarmed his attacker. The cousin believes, according to the testimony the family received from witnesses, that no attempt was made to get Sanders to drop the gun.

There was even a video that the man pulled the gun out and Jimmy took it from him. Please share my cousins story I believe that the police saw a black man with a gun a opened fire not giving him a chance to surrender. He was not even given a command to comply.

The District Attorney handling Nellum’s case, Carrie Schneider, described to reporters the charges against Nellum, who’s also a convicted felon. Nellum was charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Recklessly Endangering Safety and several misdemeanor charges. Even though it wasn’t Nellum who killed Sanders, he’s been charged with his death by being ultimately responsible for the presence of a gun inside the pub.

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According to Sanders’ family advocate, Torrey Lowe, the wrong man was killed. “It was an unfortunate incident which took place and it looks like the man who was shot was not the one who brandished the gun,” Lowe told reporters.

Schneider said “additional charges” could be filed in Sanders’ shooting death, but did not indicate whether or not she was referencing the unnamed Appleton police officer who killed Sanders. Currently, Green Bay police are investigating the officer-involved shooting which took Sanders’ life.

As The Free Thought Project has advocated on numerous occasions, police officers need to be trained and in some cases retrained in deescalation methods. The Salt Lake City Utah Police Department has retrained all of its officers to deescalate conflicts such as the one which took Sanders’ life. Since the 2015 implementation, the department has not had one officer-involved shooting which took the life of a citizen.

As of this Sunday, Jimmy Sanders’ was the 482nd person killed by police so far in 2017. What’s more, his death will more likely than not be ‘officially’ counted by police as they are charging another person for it.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • john smith

    typical roid rage cops

    • Deftinwolf

      I have met this cop on numerous occasions, he is a good guy. Definitely not racist. Also liked by many in the community, including all races. He is a veteran of the APD. There is plenty to blame if you’re not there. It was a heated moment, and the wrong decision was made. There is some blame for the police as far as making a hasty life ending decision, but let’s keep the blame on the felon who brought the gun. My thoughts are with the victim and the officer. Both families are going through a lot of pain.

  • palvadore

    600,000 deer hunters in Wisconsin. (NRA $$)

    If the man didn’t POINT the gun at the police, the cop should be charged with murder!

    Just think if every hunter coming out of the woods were assulted by a cop?

    • Damiana

      I think you’re forgetting the demographic of the hunting community. White people who “brandish” guns don’t get shot on sight. Hell, cops will “negotiate” with a white man for HOURS if he’s actively threatening people with a gun!

      • palvadore

        That’s because the demographic you reference is in a position of weakness.

        You are being ambushed by those that thirst for blood. If your blood were more costly, they wouldn’t be so keen to murder you.

        Look what happened to and continues to happen to the Sioux. 20 Medal of Honor recipients for murdering children! THAT is the “Honor” of those that slay thee!

        Regardless of color – we are seeing the men and women hired by cities to be police officers are the type personalities that have little integrity and thrive on hurting the weak.

      • PaintingJax

        Then why do more whites die at the hands of cops than blacks?

        • Noooonks

          Because there are far more whites jackass. It’s still disproportionate.

          • PaintingJax

            I am so tired of hearing the disproportionate excuse. It’s disproportionate because 13% of the population commits over 50 percent of the crimes. And who makes up that 13 percent? Black males, so of course they get shot in disproportionate numbers, they commit more crime than the other 75 percent combined. That statistic gets even worse when you start breaking it down into violent crime versus non-violent. And then they have the audacity to sit there and cry oppression. News flash, a black man held the highest office in the land, that means you are no longer a victim of the white man, you are only a victim of yourselves. Now, that said, I am not an armchair quarterback who is going to persecute the cop or the dead man without knowing the facts, and the rest of you shouldn’t either. If this cop pulled up and shot him without him ever pointing the gun at him or making a fast move, then that cop needs to be prosecuted. However, if he so much as turned quickly in the cops direction with the gun in his hand, it’s justified.

          • Jake Sneed

            You started out badly and you are only making it worse. Stop while you are behind.

          • PaintingJax

            Same could be said of your genetics. Yet here you are.

          • Jake Sneed

            Still lame…lol

          • Da Commish

            It’s also a stat that 90% of charged pedophiles are White Males. Does that mean we should just arrest all White Males? Of coarse not. Learn to interpret stats, not just spit them out. It would have taken 2 seconds to say, “Put the gun down” from a defensible position. It’s not that hard.

          • PaintingJax

            Sharks are mostly peaceful animals, but I bet if I drop you in the water with one or more, your decisions and reactions will be gut reactions far more than actions which just aren’t that hard. Unless you were in the cops place, don’t judge. You want to make a difference, go fill out an application for your local police dept. And that applies to every one of you racist, liberal arm chair quarterbacks.

          • Ernest Conner Jr.

            You use the word “Liberal” like a Racial slur. I think your sheet is showing.

          • PaintingJax

            Oh, kinda like the way you guys use the words cop or white? liberalism is the new hate group of the 21st century. But I suppose all those masked people assaulting other people in the street because they disagreed with their choice of candidate is just exercising free speech.

          • PaintingJax

            Oh, and btw, in the two seconds you are saying put the gun down I could empty 6 rounds into you. Or reload, your choice. So unless youve been on the cops end of things. Quit talking shit

          • Pete Sauberlich

            Do you know for a fact the cop didn’t tell him to drop the gun? Didn’t think so.

          • Wanisil

            U sound like a dropout. Give education a shot.

          • PaintingJax

            I hold a master’s thank you. Just another fact you won’t be able to tolerate.

          • Vr Stev

            a black man[person] is still considered 3/5 of a human in your constitution ,so a black person is legally less than a human as is written into your USA land of the home of the brave LAW of the land .so called BLACK president or not ,neither party have even tried to correct that . Until that shit is addressed in america [leader of the free world] it is and will be the same all over this world .the only people who value black lives are the families and friends of those who loose them on a daily basis .police will keep being judge , jury and executioner of black people all over the planet ,more so in the “so-called democratic societies” the western world is perpetuating this with their so many diverse forms of christianity, mixed messaging and sowing confusion ,madness ,wars , fear mongering , endotrination and all that . FOR ME PERSONALLY the english language is the worst thing that ever happened to this planet

          • PaintingJax

            3/5’s? I’ve read the constitution many times and never have I seen that measurement. Nor did I see where I received ownership making it my constitution as opposed to ours. What I do know is that nobody has ever held a gun to any living black man in the US and said you have to stay here. So if you view it as my constitution and not ours, I suggest you take advantage of that fact. Otherwise, get off your ass, quit whining and go apply at your local pd or run for office and make the difference you want to see.

          • PaintingJax

            The English language isn’t responsible for any of that. Every culture on the planet experiences the exact same problems. They want to assimilate everyone else or destroy them. Christians did it in the crusades, the Muslims gave done it for thousands of years, Genghis Kahn did it, as did Napoleon. These are the results of ignorance and greed, not white people or democratic societies.

          • Rita Dimes

            Sooo why was Tamir Rice shot??

          • Jimmie Thorne

            Black people commit no more crime thab white people. They are just caught more, chsrged more, and convicted more.

          • PaintingJax

            Aside from your obviously delusional mind, Please show me the source for this statistic, which obviously contradicts every study on the matter ever done.

          • Jimmie Thorne
          • PaintingJax

            , so let’s break this article down. It only stated the rate at which black people are incarcerated. The sad part is, it doesn’t occur to you that they are incarcerated at that rate because they commit the crimes at that rate? When is the last time you rode through a white neighborhood and felt a need to lock your doors? You don’t, because it doesn’t happen and there is a reason for that.

          • Jimmie Thorne

            It clearly points out that whites are 5 times more likely to use drugs than blacks, but blacks are 10 times more likely to be incarcerated than whites. If you don’t believe there are racial disparities in the justice system, then you’re delusional. You dont have to lock your doors in white communities because poverty is spreaded out in white communities, Whereas it is concentrated in black communities. That’s not by choice. Its due to policies like red lining among other things.

          • PaintingJax

            5 times more likely to use drugs does not equal 5 times more likely to commit a crime. The issue here is crime, not drug use. Stay on topic my friend and get some real statistics. Also, it has nothing to do with poverty concentration and everything to do with the fact that blacks are far more likely to commit violent acts than whites. When you look at the statistics and remove white collar and petty offenses, the gap widens even more.

          • Jimmie Thorne

            Having drugs to use is a crime genius.

      • David Brown

        whites get shot just as often if not more often than blacks by cops. u need to check you stats

        • Damiana

          STFU – I don’t engage with sock puppets!

        • Beverly F

          If thats the case then it must also mean that white folks do more crime than colored folks, and if thats the case then please explain why it’s reported in such a way that John Q. Public believes that colored folks are responsible for the majority of the criminal activity in the country? I’m genuinely curious.

    • Charles

      Now he wasn’t trying shoot a cop.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    That video proves that the cop never said a thing and shot him in cold blood. I think the Appleton PD got some explaining to do. The cop should be charged with murder. Tax payers get ready to dig deep.

    • Ed

      but it was his 1st assignment and he was scared!

      • Lenworth Pratt

        Absolutely right, it won’t happen again, until the next time it does.

      • mariah asphalt

        Punks don’t belong on The Job.

      • Anushka

        Is that an excuse.

  • Damiana

    According to Sanders’ family advocate, Torrey Lowe, the wrong man was killed. “It was an unfortunate incident which took place and it looks like the man who was shot was not the one who brandished the gun,” Lowe told reporters.

    That’s kind of a shitty way to put it when NOBODY needed to be shot!

    • Guy

      That god Cat ! That there is at least one here who get’s it ! The rest are just as dumb and clueless as sticks !

  • Jim

    Yup, the cops showed up, saw the man was a Negro, and just pumped him full of racist bullets.

  • Dante Ludwig

    The police officer who shot the black man in a bar, should at least be charged with Manslaughter!!!!

  • David

    People always say. The police need more training. He is sword in giving a badge and a gun and they say they need more training. SMDH!!!

    • mariah asphalt

      More training? They seem not to need more traininng not to murder innocent white men.

  • Eric Yocom

    If you commit a felony during the commission of a crime you’re responsible for all of the consequences that occur as a result of it. Therefore while the cops fucked up it was do to the guy who brought the guns actions. If you’re fleeing from the police in a car and cause a fatal wreck by causing another driver to over correct and they hit another driver head-on or plunge off a cliff it’s legally you’re fault as well. Not the police pursuing you or the driver that died fault.
    It’s a tragedy the cops killed the innocent man but they’re not the ones who caused the situation. If you’re the cause you’re ultimately responsible for the effect.

    • mariah asphalt

      As usual, the white guy misses the point entirely.

      • Guy

        Oh Really !? What color are you Bozo ! As if this really has anything due to race. But everything about poorly trained and dumb as grass cops killing a man holding a gun, when they shouldn’t have ! A pity you can’t even see that far, as you stereotype people into racial class of categories as being the cause of it !

    • Charles

      You are right when the act of the police was reasonable. In this case the police actions were criminal.

  • mariah asphalt

    The Savage Blu Klux Klan commits Black Man murder AGAIN!

  • Shoreline1

    Cops should be held to a higher standard. They, or someone, should be held accountable for their actions.

  • whitecat31

    The Video is blurry, but I hear no and see no de-escalation by the officer. It is an officer who clearly lacks training. Being afraid for your life needs to stop being a legitimate defense for cops to murder. Stop with claiming that 21 weeks of training makes somebody a competent police officer, if they are afraid for their life when they see somebody maintaining their second amendment rights. The district attorney is also corrupt, by claiming that a crime was in progress when the officer showed up.

  • Jennifer Wohl

    That’s more than one person a day and it has not even been a full year yet

  • Carlos Louhisdon

    I can sincirly say that I did not hear this officer give the victim the verbal command that they are supposed to give when confronted with this sort of situation. That man he shot could have been me. If I was in that bar and managed to disarm the suspect and was holding him at bay at gun point that would have meant that I would have died without having a chance to I’D myself and holstering my weapon. The police are trained or should be trained to take cover and give verbal cammands before pulling the trigger or ask questions upon arrival prior of rushing into this type of situation and if so have central call back the caller getting further information on the situation which changes min by min. That’s to prevent these types of travesties from ever happening or killing another law enforcement officer. It’s unfortunate this occurred but it should have never happened had the officer reverted back to his or her training take cover and give the verbal command of Police Don’t move or a simple callback to the caller would have landed an update to the situation that could have averted this tragedy. There are legitimate CCW owners out there that just happen to be minorities with different skin pigmentation that everyone should be made aware of. Not everyone with a gun is a skel or out to do harm exemplified by this situation. Patience Is Virtue no one wins in this situation mistakes were made and someone lost their life. May he Rest In Piece, may his family seek guidance and comfort at the hands of Yahweh in their hour of need.

  • Ibcamn

    appleton police…i have dealt with them before,they are a waste of skin,corrupt and fat and sweaty faggots…sue them for every dime you can get,it won’t be the first time………cops are the new american terrorists……

  • Mariah

    Every time I see this I have to let people know. Salt Lake City, Utah police have killed innocent people.
    2016!! 》》》 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=u4qlSfBIDEs#