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‘It Hurt Real Bad’ — ‘Model Cop’ Arrested for Repeatedly Molesting a 12-yo Girl

Ponca City, OK — Former Perry, Oklahoma, Police Officer Matthew Lance Vassar had been called a model cop — as Perry City Manager Mary Rupp explained, “he’s been a good officer, he’s been productive and efficient … so, from our standpoint, he’s been a good employee for the City of Perry.”

But that description comes as Vassar, who abruptly resigned, has been arrested and charged for ‘lewd acts with a child’ — the ongoing molestation of girl, now 12 years old, who says she “had been touched inappropriately” by the cop multiple times over the last three years.

The unnamed victim “said during each incident she had her clothes on,” according to News 9, but when she spoke with investigators she “described it hurting real bad.”

Court documents also describe how the child victim must have been absolutely terrified, and had told a friend about the abuse but was reluctant to come forward because she “had witnessed Vassar being violent [and] was scared of Vassar.”

As News 9 reports, the Ponca City Police Department — where Vassar resides — requested the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) begin and investigation of the cop on Tuesday for possible criminal activity.

OSBI records cited by FOX 25 say Vassar was arrested Thursday at a relative’s residence for allegations of lewd molestation, but is now walking free after posting his $750,000 bond.

According to News 9, the young victim’s family has filed an order of protection in Kay County against the sick cop, fearing possible reprisal.

Vassar came to the Perry Police Department in January 2015, and although reports say he was a cop throughout the duration he molested the young girl, it is unclear where he was previously employed.

“Other law enforcement agencies assisting OSBI with the arrest were the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Ponca Tribal Police, and the Kay County Sheriff’s Office,” reports News 9.

Court records cited by FOX 25 say Vassar may have been “grooming” his victim, though the station or the documents did not elaborate.

Rupp, the city manager, gushed over Vassar’s record, saying he had not presented “any disciplinary problems or anything like that.”

However the truncated time period from the launch of an investigation until the time Vassar was arrested speaks to the existence of damning evidence that will likely prove the allegations true.

Whether or not Vassar is ultimately found guilty of these indisputably disturbing charges, his arrest — and history of model officer behavior — shows how cops are no less likely to commit criminal acts than anyone else. Police should not be blindly trusted anymore than anyone else — that badge and gun don’t exempt an officer from committing even the lewdest of crimes.

  • Guy

    Rerun’s of old new’s paper accounts ! Don’t You Just Love Em !

  • i work police officer in land of free i have badge i can do anything

  • anarchyst

    this scumbag will get a paid vacation, plea bargain a friendly prosecutor to a misdemeanor, and be working at another department…watch and see…

  • AJ

    It’s disgusting to read this pedophile’s previous employer defending him by stating how he was an exemplary employee…almost as if they expect the public to admire and revere his sick behavior.

    Again I ask, why are there so many law enforcement officials being arrested for sexual crimes? The number of cops being charged and convicted seem disproportionate to the rest of society.

  • The Equalizer

    The sex offender registry is the stupidest idea that has come down the pike.

  • jeffrey

    What the !@#$%^& is wrong with “our justice system. Man, you guys gotta get a grip. Letting this man walk the streets, is a slap in all our faces. Just makes you not want to be human.

  • JW Mack

    Maybe this 12 year old girl also prefers much older men just like the 12 year old girl that was raped decades ago and Hitlery got the rapist off.