Modern Warfare Just Changed Forever — Laser Weapons are Ready for Use — TODAY

Image: Lockheed Martin
Image: Lockheed Martin
Image: Lockheed Martin

Washington D.C. — As if autonomous drones launching Hellfire missiles at targets acquired through the collection of metadata weren’t horrifying enough, the US military now has its own death rays — no kidding.

Since the days of Nikola Tesla, and his plans of a death ray, the up and coming military industrial complex has salivated over the idea of direct energy weapons. For pennies, the US could lay waste to their enemies instead of using highly expensive missile systems. However, this technology and the resources to build it remained elusive — until now.

Directed energy weapons (DEWs) are systems that emit energy without the means of a projectile, and can use visible light, infra-red or microwave radiation, with lethal effects.

The weapons are said to be particularly useful for targeting large numbers of targets with high precision, and some estimates put the cost of each shot of directed energy at just $1.

“The technologies now exist,” said Paul Shattuck, company director for Directed Energy Systems. “They can be packaged into a size, weight, power and thermal which can be fit onto relevant tactical platforms, whether it’s a ship, whether it’s a ground vehicle or whether it’s an airborne platform.

“So everything exists today,” he said, “it’s just a question of the desire and when is that going to occur.”

Lockheed Martin has already shown the deadly accuracy of these weapons in tests. In milliseconds, one of their 30 KW laser weapons will melt a hole through solid steel.

When Defense News asked Lockheed Martin if they came to them tomorrow and asked for a laser weapon in the 30 KW range, the company said yes.

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According to Defense News, that doesn’t mean that giant city-melting lasers are on their way. Right now, the weapons are limited to the 15-30 KW scale; going much further requires figuring out how to deal with atmospheric interference, an issue which becomes more complicated with weapons mounted on airborne systems.

However, Lockheed said that making a larger laser is similar to building out computer servers — Once you figure out how to connect them all, you can add more power by adding another server. The same is true for the laser weapons: you add more power slots into the rack and increase its power.

Just last year, the company held a demonstration at which they took out unmanned systems from over a mile away, melted a car engine, and sank a boat.

While they have only mastered the 30 KW system, Lockheed Martin says they are on track to deliver a 60 KW laser for the Army by the end of the year.

On one side of the issue, there is a bit of relief when taking into account the collateral damage associated with the U.S. military’s “surgical” drone strikes. However, the idea of such a powerful weapon in the hands of any government willing to go to war is terrifying.

Imagine the deadly capabilities running rampant in America’s kill-happy police state. The CIA could target domestic “terrorists” from miles away and burn holes through their heads without the need for any due process. Militaries could silently target a nuclear reactor and cause a Chernobyl-type event in seconds, and no one would know who did it. Enemies of the state could be wiped out silently and simultaneously without any evidence of what happened. Planes could be zapped out of the sky. The dangers are limitless.

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Of course, the Pentagon is touting the “defense” capabilities of such weapons. However, with America’s track record in spreading death and destruction, the blacked-out apocalyptic sky is the limit.

  • Td Walter Segall

    I think that a good sniper armed with an M-107 Barrett .50 cal rifle could crack the engine block with a far less complicated device. He could surely also do this with a 20mm Scandinavian anti-tank rifle. The laser weapon may be a future threat, but it is not so horrifying at present.

  • joe grace

    Election year, freedom, privacy loving Americans ask if we are better off than Putin’s Russia; regarding our right to legally, peacefully stand up for ourselves at work/government without reprisals. A situation arose reminding one of Nazi Germany, needs to be told. Been stalked using intimidation tactics, breaking/entering years after submitting only workers comp case ever filed. After twenty years was let go. Harassed two more years. At 60, on disability for hand injuries, grandmother, never arrested, don’t do drugs/alcohol, own home outright; worked hard whole life, an artist. Don’t have internet, so on library computer weeks ago read what I’ve experienced with hundreds of thousands of Americans! ‘Gang stalking.’
    Surveillance intensified after settling for $25 thousand. 3 months ago, with cell phone in hand said- ‘ if the stalking didn’t stop would go to press for help…’ suddenly was systematic ‘cooked’ by DEW’s (directed energy weapons.) Saw some weapons large black ‘flashlights’ with silver pointed nozzles during daylight with sling bag. Makes me burn and shake. My dog stayed by me, and died weeks ago. Sleep deprivation occurs ALL NIGHT, every night. Had pesticides in yard/other toxic smells… yet have organic landscape. But haven’t told you really odd part.
    According to March 2016 article in The Guardian, ‘invisibility cloaks’ breach all Geneva conventions. These ‘suits’ exist, I’ve seen outline of them when light shines off them, and in daytime black outline against plain surface. Suits bought by wealthy; corporations and governments. Hear these cowards walking on roof- now have leaky roof. From roof they target ‘heat body.’ Like having stun gun on you at varying intensities. In 60’s Johnny Carson had backpack-flying device tested above audience. That was unbelievable. These ‘invisible suits’ have capability to leap large distances through air, from house to house. Same technology as stealth bomber. And in Springfield, MO.
    But you don’t mess with the family of a grandmother, and they are. I’ve gone out using flash camera- the human cowards playing god almost fell off roof! Read about physicists, doctors, engineers on ‘” being targeted. It is torture. Sometimes feel desperate. The goal? Ruin you financially, mentally and physically. Spent $3 thousand in credit running from these people- buying products to stop EMF’s. Targeting is murder ‘by suicide’, because many commit suicide after months or years of torture. Murder ‘by accident;’ is when you run in car without sleep and can’t drive right. The murder ‘by natural causes’ is slowly cooking humans in own homes. It’s surreal even while experiencing it. Talked with one person doing it; his head was down till I said wanted to go to press but didn’t. Then he quickly looked me in the eye and let me know where my family lived! Isn’t that a threat? Stayed silent three months. But after visiting family (without telling them anything happening to keep them safe)… know they are targeted already. Speaking out now. When they target your head, the interface between computer and brain keeps getting easier.
    This makes ‘War of the Worlds’ a nursery story. This makes the horror of the holocaust alive. It’s so surreal computer interface with brain. Nazi’s cooked people in huge ovens, but right here in American we are cooked in our own homes. Ex-FBI wrote on modern surveillance; ‘usually married agents; with 2.5 children are moved into rental homes next to ‘targets’. Or propositioned by government in homes that are owned with ‘established’ neighbors to get the job done.
    Gang stalkers play a reality ‘video’ game, enjoy their jobs, are paid well: in global network that owns them. Some have sprayed things at me, turned and walked away. Immediately got metal taste, light headed. Handed out reports around town and as of yesterday perfectly good running car doesn’t work.
    Notified city utilities first week started shaking- outside checking wiring one says; “This sounds like what they did to that poor girl last year.” The other guy nodded, but neither said more. Is everybody in power in on this? On web site posted poems about three buildings that fell (not just two;) with ‘architects for truth 911’ address. That Friday brochure attached to paychecks on “how to spot a terrorist at work.” The owner is friends with Presidents. I’ve always voted, always volunteered before Bush said ‘thousand points of light.’ Who is the terrorist?
    I’m nobody special or important, but know what is happening. State and local EPA and Hazmat Fire department said did not have Geiger counters or EMF recording devices. Is it x-ray, electromagnetic, or microwave? Blatant use of illegal weapons on unsuspecting public is wrong. Designed by scientists/military in San Diego as ‘nonlethal;’ they kill slowly, tortuously. DEWs cause heart attack, aneurysms, eventually brain trauma resembling senility. Our technology surpassed our humanity- a humanity clothed in ‘invisibility suits’ our military claims don’t exist.
    Please call, write, thank you for reading. Will talk to anyone wanting more info on my experience. Would appreciate help. Sincerely Joe Grace, 1551 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, Mo. 65807