Mom and Dad Convicted of Assault After Spanking 14-Year-Old Daughter for ‘Sexting’


Salmon Arm, CA — On February 14, 2015, parents caught their daughter sending nude photos of herself to a man over the internet, the mother and father reacted by spanking the 14-year-old girl’s buttocks.Upon confiscating the cell phone used for the young girl’s sexting, the mother and father gave her a choice — you can either be grounded, or we can spank you — the teen chose the spanking.

Using more than their hands, the British Columbia parents took turns doling out two to three spankings to her bottom with a miniature hockey stick and a jump rope on the outside of her clothing.

The parents and the daughter agreed to have reached a mutual decision, and the 14-year-old girl returned to school the next day. The situation was resolved — or so they thought.

When the 14-year-old went to school, her friends told the administrators what happened and in turn, the administrators called the cops.

The mother and father were subsequently charged with assault with a weapon, and their case went to trial.

According to the Vancouver Sun,

The father testified during the trial that he had no clue that the law doesn’t allow corporal punishment or that he might be breaking the law when he spanked his daughter.

Judge Edmond de Walle said he was troubled by the father’s denial of the girl’s bruising as described by her friends and there was no evidence he looked at the girl’s injuries after the spanking.

In spite of the judge agreeing that any reasonable parent would be upset and concerned about their young daughter sending nude photos over the internet, he said that the use of spanking to educate the girl is simply not believable or acceptable.

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“In this day and age, any reasonable parent would be concerned about a teenager sending nude pictures of him or herself via a cellphone or any other electronic device. The pitfalls and dangers of such activities are well-reported. Such behaviors can lead to bullying and even suicide,” de Walle wrote.

“To suggest that responding to such acts by a teenaged daughter (14 going on 15 years), by spanking her with an object, would be educative or corrective, is simply not believable or acceptable by any measure of current social consensus.”

When questioned as to why the parents used objects instead of their hands for the spanking, “He testified that the hand is used for compassion and love, not for discipline,” de Walle wrote.

This week, both parents were convicted of assault.

In the US, corporal punishment is legal in all 50 states.

The very idea that someone thinks they must ask permission from the state to discipline their child is despicable.

Although this author personally believes that the act of spanking teaches children that violence is okay in a loving relationship and is a causal factor in making children more aggressive later in life, the manner in which parents interact with their children, is personal and private, and most assuredly no matter of the state.

Obviously, causing grave physical harm to a child is child abuse, which can be argued as a separate issue.

However, the very idea that a person should have to rely on an institution, who owe their very existence to the monopoly they hold on the initiation of force, to supervise the private familial act of discipline, speaks volumes as to how much today’s society has aligned itself with the dystopian fictions of the past such as Huxley’s Brave New World, or Orwell’s 1984.

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Although the parents have yet to be sentenced, which is scheduled for March, it is possible that they will serve time in jail. And, their 14-year-old daughter faces the possibility of living with foster parents. All the while, the state will refer to this procedure as ‘justice.’

What do you think? Do these parents deserve to be locked up for their actions? Sound off in the comments below.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • Spanking children slows cognitive development and increases risk of criminal behavior:

    • And when they do it again? You are the asshole and the cops are called.

    • free thoughts !!!! what an asshole is this admin .

    • Niels Thiry couldn’t agree anymore

    • This is what society has come to when parents try to be friends with their kids & the rule of law is ignored…..MY HOUSE, MY RULES. For some kids, it’s the only way to get through to them. My son is still alive because of it…..

    • Spanking is teaching your child consequences for their actions, if the only thing that happens is a good talking too they won’t give a damn.

      Is it for every child? No. Some kids understand things differently via punishments that force them to do things they hate.

      But like an above commenter said “my house my rules” and spanking gives kids this little thing called respect for others.

    • okay, sure ..I think the current state of affairs speaks for itself.
      ..increases risk of criminal behavior? ..what a bunch of passive bullshit

    • My parents wooped my ass and I’m glad for it. I would like to think i have morals. These little disrespectful little cunts that are getting old enough to start working now. That generation just after mine when spanking became a bad thing. They are the most disrespectful self entitled rude criminal generation. Think there is any correlation?

    • Spanking is different than beating. That being said, yes there are reasons to spank your child. There are times and crimes that warrant other punishments too. They shouldn’t get spanked for everything, but they should be spanked for some things

    • Niels…how’s it look with 5…hahaha

    • If that was the actual truth, then I’d be in jail right now!

    • This is the dumbest shit I’ve seen in years, and I live in America…

    • If that’s true I’d be serving life… Let me check my records… Yep not so much as a parking ticket… I also have an amazing relationship with my parents.

    • Bullshit The Free Thought, I, as well as MANY other people that were spanked as a kid turned out just fine. Stupid admins like you that promote this crap is the reason why kids are out of control today, because they are not disciplined or can’t be disciplined for fear of the parents going to jail.

    • Is it ethically right to hit a child? If a teacher smacked your child for not following rules would that be ok!? Or is it ok because its you doing the hitting. Does being a parent give you the right to hurt your child? All valid questions. I dont believe in smaking period. I have a 3 year old and i look at it as a whole number of aspects not just controlling my child. There behaviour has everything to do wth there enviroment and what they are exposed to. How they are taught respect and love and kindness. A constant reminder of treating speaking and caring about others, reflecting it back against how they would feel if it was being done to them. Not letting gadgets or tv nanny your child 24hrs a day. Helping them make good choices. The result is a 3 year old that does over step there boundaries at times, but now responds very well to being reasoned with. Personally i think smaking is a lazy parents excuse for a child to shut up.

    • ^^^^^ Just because you can’t spell what I assume is supposed to be “Smacking”, I’m not sure how valid your awesome parenting advice is.

    • I was LASHED as a child, graduated Jr. high with a 3.9, and high school with a 3.8. Got accepted to all the schools I applied to, which I then decided to start my career while going to school. Moral of the story, I was top of my class as a child, very nice and loving, and I was beat pretty often as a child since I was rebellious and missed curfews and stayed up late on my computer. Parents need to stop being the children’s friends and start being their parents again

    • Bull shit. spanking sets discipline. If you whiners can’t handle it keep it to your whiny ass self’s.

    • Its the fucked up shit on TV and the internet that is rotting them out to understand CERTAIN things while refusing to acknowledge the rest KIDS today are nothing but little smartass brats that do fucking deserve a beating twice as hard than the parents for so easily following the fucked up cult trends that rott their brains, then again this is pinned first on the parents which few that are wise to the changes in the air will most likely BLAME The true culprits; POLITICIANS so PARENTS, & GRANDPARENTS go SPANK the fuck out of the bastards responsible for this fucked up change that has been happening for the past 20-30 years lol

    • Well you know… If science says spanking is bad then it must be mad! Science never lies. All hail science!

    • That is a crock of shit. Teenagers don’t respond to logic, asshole. They are rebellious and will continue to push their limits until someone stops them. They are actually looking for limits though they don’t realize it. A good swift spanking is not going to ruin their lives or their self-esteem. It lets them know their parents care. However, spanking and beating are two different things. I don’t agree with beating children, obviously.

    • Aaron Lynn and thats your intelligent answer…..moving on

    • Panos Beretsos agree 🙂

    • Panos Beretsos actually the fact that it is MY child, gives me every right to discipline them as needed. And whether you like it or not, you hold no sway over that fact, so get over it princess.

    • I own my children until their 18th birthdays. They are mine until then. Lol

    • Wow, I am surprisedby all the responses.

      I just want to poing out that there are more options the either spanking or complete neglect. Not spanking isn’t the same as not disciplining.

      I was never punished by my parents. And I have been very successful in life and never in any trouble.

      I believe punishment encourages children to think about consequences to themselves arising from their actions rather that consequences to others. We have was too many self-centered people and way too few empathetic ones.

    • all kids are different and need a different approach.
      in my case : oldest son responds to reason and logic.
      youngest son seeks love and approval so responds well to a simple “i don’t like that behavior”.
      daughter however is a rebellious hardass mf just like her daddy and none of the soft and gentle “no violence” parents here would have been able to handle her.
      so do i beat her on a regular basis ?
      nope, only smacked her once to prove to her i’m capable of it.
      after that, raising her into one of the most well behaved children around was easy.

    • I spank my kids when they need a smack!

    • That’s such BullShit whipping that ass teaches respect. And from respect you learn the rest..

    • *Sends nudes throughout the internet*

      “I dont like that behavior”

      *reacts like the rest of the internet, where she learns her behavior and shrugs, not caring what you like or not does it again, just hides it better, everybody sees your child daughter’s open twat”

    • OK let’s take a poll how many people got they ass whooped as a child “for being bad” and came out normal..enough.. Ok how many didn’t????

    • Michelle Skinner too much rationale there you coulda just said the last sentence and saved us.

    • If you raise your children properly you will never need to hit then . maybe tazer the but not hit them … Lol

    • A child is a human being, not somebody’s private possession. Whenever a child is abused, it’s a matter for the police. If that police force happens to be a gang of murders, no better than child-abusers themselves, it’s a matter for the Army. People need protection from all kinds of criminals, and child abusers are the worst. They think they ‘own’ their children.

    • bunch of bull!

    • Spanking incites violence and “can lead to increased aggression, antisocial behavior, physical injury and mental health problems for children” ( So many people claiming “my parents spanked me and I turned out ok.” Did you? Think about that…did you really? I was too and although I don’t think I’m so bad, I did have to work hard to stop the tradition of spanking with my own child. Spanking teaches children physical violence is the best course of action when someone is misbehaving (by their own definition).

    • Travis Clinton I dunno, I find old people to be the most rude and self entitled, but that’s from working in retail, where they think “I’m more important than the person you were helping before I got here, how dare you not drop your previous customer to be at my beck and call.” The younger my customers got, the more polite and patient they were.

    • Jared Rodgers I absolutely agree wholeheartedly with this!!

    • Liberal pussy…you’re creating more asshats that end up getting shot by out of control cops. GJ!

  • No

  • The only time its not assault to strike a 14 year old girl is if you are a cop. Welcome to the Police State.

  • I think that when you initiate force against a child, it is reasonable that force will be exercised against you. I hate the state, and don’t think we should do anything this way, but for fucks sake, don’t hit kids. You hit kids and tell them to be “good” while you’re being violent and then you don’t understand why they’re all fucked up? You are part of the problem.

    • I am. Do you want to see the studies on optimal development and how any violence against children affects their developing mind, or do you just want to be a brute who advocates violence against children because you were hit and can’t figure out why it’s not okay?

    • There’s nothing to figure out lady, statistics for the increase in crime as the judgement and punishment for disciplining your children increased, are all I need. Check the teen pregnancy stats, teen drug abuse, teen alcohol abuse, teens who smoke. The simple fact is it works, and no matter how much your bleeding vagina cries, that will not change. But it’s not just about disciplining your children, you have to discipline yourself too. That’s where people fuck up. My girls will thank me one day that I didn’t let them get away with dumb shit by a measly time out, or taking their toys away. Because they don’t work, but you go ahead, keep enabling the steady decline of American youth, you’re doing a wonderful job.

    • Btw, my parents never spanked me, that’s probably why I spent most of my youth in and out of juvenile detention centers. But please, continue to assume you know shit about me.

    • Your parents being bad parents (or more likely having their own developmental issues from the way they were raised making it difficult to know what to do) doesn’t mean they should have physically disciplined you. But please, continue assuming you know shit about child development.

    • Being a father of 3, I think I got it covered. But thanks. And looking back, I absolutely resent them not spanking me. Words only work if you give a fuck you dumbass. Go talk to a teenager and see how much of a fuck they give about your petty over sensitive opinion.

    • Mandy Leetch I’m betting his kids will turn out just like him further proving your point, but he’ll never see it out of his own dissonance.

  • I was spanked as a child, though not at 14 years old.
    I turned out fine.

  • Disowned , off to foster care with you !

  • omgawsh what would happen had they caught her in the actual act of coitus????

    • Idk! What would happen if she became another stupid pregnant teen!… Then go down the statistical road of drugs, poverty, child neglect, etc. But hey! You’re a woman so you have this all sorted out right?!

    • Michael Schooley I was being facetious. Yes… look it up. You’ll get it.

  • Really fucking weird as hell spanking a 14 year old. Makes you really wonder about the family…..

    • Dumbass…

    • cuntface, what did you not get about my comment?

    • Oh I get it, you’re just a fucking retard.

    • better than fucking a retard…like your mama! :*

    • Oh so they’re 14, *STOP THE DISCIPLINE!* gtfo

    • Did you stroke her ass gently after spanking? Are you ashamed of your erection? Don’t feel bad, there’s a bullet for that.

    • I never got spanked. Try again cunt.

    • You just do the spanking, big man? Does it make you feel oooh so strong? *bats eyelashes* fucking pig :*

    • I do if it is warranted. I use a 3 stroke role system. 1st, I ask you. 2nd, I tell you. 3rd, I make you wish you had listened the first two times.

    • Three stroke? I’m sure that’s not a Freudian slip AT ALL….lmmfao

    • If spanking makes anyone feel “tougher” they have bigger problems you ignorant waste of a good mattress stain.

    • Go get off on spanking your adult child, fucker, I’m busy screenshotting this convo for all your family and bosses. :* #bye

  • My mother rarely had to hit me , I pushed and pushed her and next thing I know I’m at the dreaded willow tree hoping to high heaven I got me a good branch!

  • You know what kids do when you try to “reason” with them. They laugh at you behind your back and take advantage of you. When studying modern families you can see that the children control the parents now adays. Most people are just too dumb to realize it. Or in denial.

    • You don’t understand psychology, sociology or family dynamics. The problem with current family systems has absolutely 0 to do with the lack of physical punishment, which is conclusively damaging. It has to do with the lack of boundaries and system structure issues, usually tied to parental stress and intergenerational disruption.

    • Unfortunately Mandy lives in this little bubble world where she thinks that all children do no wrong no matter what their surroundings are, including ghetto trash.

    • Walter, two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • Mandy….

  • My dad hit me with his belt, A switch, The rubber seal from the door, and anything else he could swing at my ass. I turned out fine and consistently score in the 130 IQ range. I never hated my Father as a result and have no hard feelings about it either.

    • I even got a black eye once when he slapped me in the face. We both laugh at that one now a days.

  • If ‘ spanking’ still means what it’s supposed to mean , on the buttocks not a backhand or some emotional outrage , then he should not have been punished!

  • Why the hell would you spank a 14 year old? Seems a tad retarded

  • You can’t spank a 14yo but you can most definitely whoop that ass!

  • ATTN EVERYONE: “I turned out fine” is not a reason to hit children.

    • No it’s not, but being a little asshole is.

    • Aggressors teach aggression. Aggression leads to fascism. Don’t be a fascist, be an anarchist. Teach non-aggression.

    • Bitch… Please…

    • It’s called teaching your child consequences. But I guess you would have to actually care how your child turns out as an adult to get that…

    • Hitting is not a consequence it is an act of aggression. It teaches fascism. You can teach consequences that are commensurate to what was done, or better yet, you parent in a way that teaches responsible autonomy, and you use reason, logic and compassion, along with logical consequences when they do violate boundaries.

      This is all supported by multiple studies in multiple fields. Your perspective is just wrong here.

    • Do you have kids?…

    • Uhhh, yeah, hitting is a consequence. You mouth off to the wrong person at school and you’re liable to get laid out.

    • You mean the same type of study that suggests giving children antidepressants and other forms of anti psychotic medication? Riiiiiiiiiight.

    • There is no better reminder of a dumbass idea than pain. Trust me, did enough dumbass shit and paid for it to know.

    • As for your so called “studies,” those studies are only conducive to a small part of the population. You clearly don’t understand that kids can be little shits at times and words do not have as much of an effect as a slap on the ass does.

    • I taught for over a decade and I have a degree in lifespan development focusing on the connections between early life attachment and lifespan development into late life satisfaction. This work won an award for high caliber research scholarship. Whether or not I have any of my own is legitimately not relevant.

    • Ok good for you, you’re “educated”, but I’m sorry to inform you, educated does not mean intelligent. All that implies is that you’re good at copying what you’ve read and you can follow directions.

    • Actually that is completely relevant, if you have no children, you can not logically claim to understand children. My wife worked in day care for 8 years, and our girls are like none of the kids she met in those 8 years. No two kids are the same, the same tactic will not work on every kid. It’s not just about disciplining your children, you have to discipline yourself too. And that’s where alot of parents fall short.

    • I’m not just educated, I construct my own theory/philosophy/research studies. I practice permaculture and agorism/anarchism and I am woke as fuck. I also have a really high IQ, but I don’t put much stock in those measures and wouldn’t have brought it up if you hadn’t questioned my intelligence specifically. I’ve worked with children for decades and have seen how a gentle but masterful hand can help them flourish, and I have worked with family systems in crisis to move them to functioning. I’ve worked in both early education and counseling and my praxis is solid. You have no right to impune what I bring to the table.

    • That’s absurd and dismissive argument. I’ve worked with enough family systems to see that the outside perspective is incredibly healing and valuable. Parents don’t have some sort of special knowledge, they merely have en vivo experience. They don’t see the way they are recapitulating bad patterns because they are not aware of them.

    • Actually as an actual parent, I have every right. Especially when I know you’re wrong. There’s more than enough statistics for teenagers and young adults to support that.

    • K, you’re obviously too naive and suffering severely from a bad case of cognitive dissonance to get through to, good luck with your no children having opinion on children. #feminazilogic

    • No. That is a boldface lie that I challenge you to substantiate. There are no reputable statistics supporting corporal punishment.

    • Again, you’re an idiot, I never said they support physical discipline, but they eloquently display the result of discipline being absent in today’s America.

    • I have kids.

      I also once was a kid. I was never spanked, or punished at all. And I learned consequences just fine. There are plenty of consequences in life without an authoritarian figure dispensing arbitrary ones on top of the real ones.

    • Michael, 80 something percent of parents spank. You can’t blame lack of spanking for “kids these days.”

      Also, kids these days are much better behaved than Gen X or Boomers. They get better grades, avoid criminal behavior, delay sexual relationships, have fewer unwanted pregnancies, etc.

    • I would love for you to join us in the real world. Teen pregnancy is booming, teenage drug and alcohol abuse as well. Kids today are fucked up. Seriously.

    • Down from previous generations

    • Michael, you are a fascist who advocates for the child-rearing systems of cultures that practiced infanticide, who has a completely inaccurate and unfounded perception of human behavior, generational change, and development. Good for you. The issues in the world today are systemic, and they are related to a lack of connection. Please, educate yourself. You sound like you’re suffering from it too.

  • When parenting goes wrong…. What the fuck is a 14 carrying a smart phone?

  • But government officials can sexual molest minors, BEAT & KILL and no one bats a fucking eye.

  • what the fuck am i supposed to do ?? let her fucken sext ??

  • my dad beat the living shit out of me on 2 occasions,over absolutely trivial shit,just snapped.I also called cops on his ass.Man lives nearby but to me he’s been dead for some years.
    Though i secretly wish he’d show up one day so we could have a rematch.Mighty tough against a 14y.o, let’s see how he fares against adult me.get rekt,pops

    • Sry for your experience, but that is a totally different situation.. What your father did was child abuse not discipline..

    • yup.and a valid point : i dont know if i’m translating this term properly,but an ‘pedagogically justified slap’ should indeed be possible,but remember to show restraint.Giving a hysterical teenage girl a firm slap across the cheeck is fine,but isnt the same as bitch-slapping her flying across the room.

  • Good on the parents!! I bet the man she was sexting wouldn’t have been so gentle!!

  • No..

  • So if a cop yanks a girl out of her chair n slams her on the floor ,somehow she deserves it n the cops just doing his job n wldnt have to if the parents disciplined the child..Then these parents disciplined their child n get arrested.. Anyone else see smthn wrong with this ..

    • YA.

    • yup

    • that pretty well sums it up

    • They should have tazed her, if she failed to comply, shoot her 15 times because she was resisting and they were in fear of their life. Then, maybe, they could go on tax payer vacation.

    • Of course arrest and conviction isn’t violent. It’s just a form of loving, caring education. Hah.

    • Scott they hit here with a hockey stick and rope. If you knew this was happening to someone what would you do?

    • I’m not defending them..I’m just making a point

    • Ben Stewart if you were caught on camera yanking your kid out of a chair n slamming her on the ground ,you wld be arrested..But if you are a cop,she is undisciplined and probably deserved it ..

  • Hmm. From personal experience (both as a child and a parent) spanking seemed to result in complete attitude adjustments when needed. There appears to be an entire generation of entitled, undisciplined pratts who have grown up never understanding that there are in fact consequences which go along with actions – because they have never experienced them. Government needs to piss off

    • How about a revolt huh?

    • Of what, feelings?

    • Hmm, so hurting a child is ok if it makes your parenting job easier? Damn. Consequences are natural – my child touches a hot stove, he burns his hand. So I punish him further? If the kid isn’t able to understand the cause and effect of a burnt hand from touching a stove, they sure as hell have no clue why you’re hurting them.

    • “There appears to be an entire generation of entitled, undisciplined pratts who have grown up never understanding that there are in fact consequences which go along with actions ” – I’ll give you that, but just because a generation of parents don’t know how to raise children doesn’t mean that physical violence is necessary.

    • Some kids honestly need a good spanking.. My mom hardly ever spanked me… But my sister needed a good one once a month. If my mom didn’t spank her she turned into a demon child till she got a spanking.. It’s not like my mother punched her in the face that’s too far.. But a good sore butt did my sister good!

    • There are people who like to say that they got “spanked” when they were young and they “turned out okay.” The way I see it is they just think they turned out okay. Since they don’t see anything wrong with using physical violence to discipline children, they apparently did not “turn out okay.”

    • There is a HUGE difference between a sore butt and physical violence.. I’m sorry but I’m watching a generation of spoiled no respect for authority little brats being raised… Everyone’s bought into this lie that kids poor self esteem will be hurt if you spank them.. Granted some kids do not need to be spanked.. others do, kids are all different. I am not for people beating the crap out of a child were they are throwing them around and the parent has lost their temper… Parents need patience when they do discipline their child. And in this article it sounds like the parents had a good head on their shoulders when they gave their child a sore butt… They EVEN gave her a CHOICE!!!

    • No kid ever deserves to be physically harmed. This is heartbreaking. To say physical violence is necessary to raise a child.. I can’t imagine. Do you do the right thing because you fear punishment? Or because it was the right thing to do? If ‘spanking’ is what ‘straightened you out’ you must be a very weak willed individual.

    • Oh for crying out loud Jessica.. I have no idea what world you’re living in but it sure isn’t reality.

    • Cynthia MacDonald I think you misunderstood my post – as perhaps I am misunderstanding yours – if a child touches a hot stove and does NOT understand that the consequence was a burnt hand- then said child is beyond stupid, yes? Who was talking about punishing a child for hurting themselves? A smack on the bottom is akin to your burnt hand analogy. Actions = consequences. Simple. Effective.

    • Kristina Yager If “spanking” (read physical violence) worked you would onlly have to do it once and the child would never commit transgressions again. Most people who beat up on their children do it all the time, which means all that violence does not work. It merely sends the messasge that it is all right for the strong to beat up on the weak. And that you have no self-control. Who is the adult in this equation? Not the hitter.

    • Wendy, I guess you don’t have a strong understanding of human nature… I’m sure you NEVER make the same mistakes or EVER do anything wrong….

    • Wendy Semko almost correct – other than your mistaken assertation that one spanking should then be able to moderate ALL unacceptable behavior. Do you expect one pill to cure ALL illnesses? Of course
      not. (Pity) back to reality – A judicious smack to the bottom of a misbehaving child can indeed moderate/ curb bad behavior. Example: Child kicks the dog, receives smack to the bottom. Action results in consequences. I am not talking beating or hitting in anger, but simple behavior modification. Feel free to raise your children how you see fit as did I, using whatever methods you are comfortable with. As long as your children respect others and their property then it’s all good. No government interference necessary 🙂

  • the reason kids are so belligerent nowadays.

  • WTH?

  • I don’t agree with spanking at all. But i dont think police should have gotten involved. Although I think the parent need to learn how to use alternative methods of punishment. She is sexting, take away her phone for a few months. How is spanking going to help anything? Spanking is just lazy parents saying, “I dont know how to deal with this so im going to resort to violence”, no matter how mild you think the violence is it can still effect the mental health of your child.

    • Castrate yourself.

    • Im not here for you to like my opinion, nor do i care how you feel about me. So have a nice day 🙂

    • Also its pretty clear whatever form of punishment your parents used did not make you a nice and respectable human being.

  • my kid did that o yes thay be a getting a good ass wopping and there phonme be gone till 18

  • I don’t hold with spanking or beating children of any age for any reason, but this is just bullshit.

  • There’s a difference between spanking and beating. Spanking is OK. Beating is not.

  • Assault is threatening to harm someone. Battery is actually hitting them. How could Spanking be Assault? It’s clearly battery . . .

  • it’s completely true that puberty has been happening sooner than ever in youth these days, and the problem is that parents don’t factor that in. I believe it was right to get police involved in this case. Violence in reaction for teens just being teens is not exactly a good deal.

  • Why not take the time to educate her instead? Aggression is never the answer.

  • Govt overstepping as usual

  • To be honest, it depends on the spanking kind of hard to make a judgement call, on one hand it could have been a spanking that meant to adjust ones attitude or on the other hand it could’ve been been on the abusive side, really hard to make a call on that without knowing the full story on that but regardless of the spanking, i would have taken away my 14 yr olds cell ph period

  • Nope

  • While neither my wife nor I believe in spankings, I’m sure the parents probably didn’t have a clue that they were doing anything more than disciplining their daughter. My mom beat our butts with a wooden spoon growing up and sometimes it left a mark but even now I wouldn’t dare say that we were ever abused, that’s ridiculous that the state can intervene so easily and just do this, ridiculous

    • Ahh, the old weapon of ass destruction….. ?

    • Yup^ lol didn’t help that my brothers n I laughed when she’d spank us by hand.

  • If you’re still spanking beyond a butt swat your child after they are seven years old, you’re an abject failure as a parent.

  • Hmmm, if the spanking was assult, than the 14 year old should be charged with child porn so a judge can hand out a legal punishment

    • She technically could be I’m pretty sure even naked pic of yourself underage is considered child porn

    • Agreed!

    • So hitting a child with a hockey stick is not assault in your opinion?

    • Naked photos of a 14 year old arent child pornography in your opinion?

    • The article stated it was a miniature hockey stick and she had a layer of clothes on. Also states that she chose it over being grounded. My guess is so she could keep distributing her child porn :p

  • I should add that we teach our children that hitting is wrong n then are supposed to lead by example. Don’t hit your kids, especially out of anger, spankings don’t help a child grow, it just teaches them that it’s ok to hit

  • Wtf I don’t want government to exist anymore

  • If it was the UK they’d take her into care and pimp her out to our MP’s and public figures

  • The hell it does. Most people who grew up before the 90’s learned this thing called respect after a good spanking when we got out of line.

  • And this is why these kids run amuck in this Country , my old man woulda put you in a coma you tried shit like this

  • Yes….vote for Trump !
    NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders,
    the National Security Agency may have read this
    email without warning, warrant or notice. They may
    do this without any judicial or legislative oversight
    and it can happen to ordinary Americans like you
    and me. You have no recourse nor protection save to
    vote against all incumbents and candidates endorsing
    such unlawful acts.
    If the Clintons , Sanders ,Bush’s regime or cuban’s get in we will have more of this.
    Trey Gowdy just posted this!
    Trey Gowdy
    27 mins ·
    Thursday at 9:00 AM: the House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee will hold a hearing, “Another Surge of Illegal Immigrants Along the Southwest Border: Is this the Obama Administration’s New Normal?”
    The recent influx of illegal immigrants across our southwest border is a predictable consequence of the Obama Administration’s failure to enforce our immigration laws. This not only threatens our national security and public safety, it also endangers those unaccompanied minors risking their lives traveling to the U.S. border. President Obama consistently refuses to take the steps necessary to avoid this crisis, beginning with the faithful execution of our laws and prioritizing public safety and national security. We look forward to further examining the issue during our hearing.

  • A 14-yr old girl is to old to spank. There however is something socially wrong for police to get involved and something morally wrong with the family in feeling corporal punishment is required. Please be morally responsible enough to keep law enforcement out of your business.

  • don’t hit your kids

  • Another responsibility eroded by government. We are in free-fall folks.

  • The world is so fucked up now, I don’t think it can be fixed!.. And you can’t entirely blame the Government ’cause we let ’em do it! We were too caught up in buying shit and texting and facebooking to realize what was happening! We let them do it!.. Just sayin’…

  • Who spanks a 14 y/o though?

  • She’s too old to spank. But she’s old enough to shake the fuck out of. Or we can go with the current system. Use your words so she can laugh them off like all teens do and wind up on the next season of 16 and pregnant.

    • Is she 18 or older? No? Then she’s not too old to spank.

      Your Chris Rock joke was meant for an adult woman, not a child.

    • At 14 if you want to make adult decisions. Prepare to face adult consequences. Chris Rock or not….

  • Spanking is stupid

  • The spanking left bruises and lacerations..seems more like an assault.

  • total BS, she should have been instead charged as a sex offender

    • …and you should be charged with idiocy.

    • Walter Mrowczynski III had this happened inside the US she could have very well been charged. Try hard not to be so uninformed. She sent underage nudes, shes lucky.

  • Sick society.Thats all.

  • Spankings don’t work and neither do beatings I still did whatever I wanted and would do it out of spite

    • Well, you’re obviously the little punk that needed to be sent to juvie.

    • …and let’s see, graduated HS in 04, that would make you 30. Yup, that’s the douchebag millennial in you.

    • Walter Mrowczynski III juvenile hall doesn’t help anybody either it’s just preparation for jail which neither rehabilitate anybody

    • Walter Mrowczynski III you are couple years older than me so what’s your point

    • I’m not sure of his point either.

      I’m 35.

      My parents never hit me. And I never felt the need to misbehave to spite them.

  • well since they are MY children and I pay all their bills, It is my business how I discipline my children, not the governments….

  • She asked for it …. She was wrong … But not with weapons

  • Cops do worse

  • HA! Now that dumb little bitch of a child is going to a foster home where she is really going to know what torture is.

  • I’m much more curious about this “man” she was sexting. Did the police get involved to discipline him?

  • I have a question for the spankers amongst us. How would you discipline your child if smacking was against the law? Have you actually ever thought about that?

  • Ok, hitting a14 year old with an object? Abuse. Assault. Pretty simple.

  • There are other ways to go about this. I’m not against spankings. How about she doesn’t get a damn phone because she is too young! And talk to her.

  • Yet, the daughter could be charged with Felony Child Pornography Charges. Have to register as sex offender and also lose any chance at getting a college scholarship. Spank her butt & take away her privileges.

    • You own yourself. A teen should be able to send pics of herself to whomever she pleases. And nobody has a right to commit violence against another person except in defense.

    • Logically but, NOT according to the LAWS.

    • There are do and don’ts cros the line and your in trouble!

    • Anne Keckler, She was technically distributing child pornography, she and the people that received the pictures can get in deep shit…. kinda like the subway dude (just minors so not as fucked up).

  • Bull shit!! I would have spanked her too!!

  • why not just take the phone !!!

  • Depends on how hard and how long they beat her.

  • Lmfao! This is why kids today have no manner and respect issues.

    • 80 something percent of parents spank these days.

    • Where’d u get that statistic? Lol you don’t know what happens behind closed doors

  • Crazy California at it again.

  • Discipline sexual behavior with some more sexual behavior, and then to prescribe some prison anal raping to complete the cycle!

  • Wholly uncalled for.

  • I think the question could be, how did we survive this long without goverment intervention?

  • If you are parents and think you are going to correct/stop/control the risky behavior of a 14 year old adolescent by hitting her with hockey sticks and jump ropes, you are complete fucking failures.

  • I’m sure Mom is going down on dad right now

  • It’s not your discipline,,ITS HOW YOU DISCIPLINE YOUR CHILD,,,beating for that is wrong,maybe a good ol talk can make her trust and come to you for anything….”DO YOU HAVE THE CHANNELS OPEN FOR FREE CONVERSATION WITH YOUR CHILD???”

  • Feeling frisky at that age is natural,and if your child cannot come and talk to you…THEN YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

  • it’s just demonstrated that authorities want to punish those who discipline their kid with a spank sad that this far we’ve got with the shit of the government

  • If spanking a minor (or anyone) for sexting is wrong, why isn’t it also wrong to imprison or otherwise punish minors for sharing (or having) their own naked pictures?

    • It is illegal for minors to have pornographic content of themselves(be it production, possession, OR distribution), but it usually has to be reported by someone. If no one reports it, then nothing will get done about it. Strangely, if someone besides the person in the photos(permitting they took them themselves) is found to be in possession of photos, the person who is in the photos(being the one to produce and distribute them, and probably still be in possession of them) will often be considered the “victim” and be able to avoid charges, especially if the “victim” is female and the “criminal” is male.

  • Since when is spanking illegal?

    • It’s not. The criminal code allows for corrective corporal punishment with an open hand, between the ages of 2-12

  • It is fucked up laws like that the cause of kids today becoming the WORST just so they can become the criminals of tomorrow once they start to get out of control for the establishment they will be haul off to jail to be lucky to sit in the cell right next to their parents lol then again it is the parents fucking fault in the beginning for giving their girl a fucking smartphone at all just stick to the basic fucking phones meant for call n text to stay in touch with each other PERIOD if she wants to listen to fucking music and take pictures buy her an mp3 player and a disposable fucking camera too.

  • Take me now! Cause I would have dont the same thing. Police state!

  • No one should hit anyone, especially children.

  • I do not agree with your opinion of reason.

  • People confuse spanking with discipline. Violence teaches violence. Kids learn to avoid punishment and don’t learn self control when spanking is used. Parents need to be teachers to kids, not terrorizors.

    • Well said! i couldn’t have said it any better..parents have the responsibility to train and teach their children with love and respect and steer them in the right direction.. allow children to make mistakes and see how their choices will cause unfavourable consequences you can use without resorting to violence..children learn what they live from their only examples their parents.

  • this is State control at it’s worst and has been around for a few years. When will parents understand that children belong to the State, the stock exchange

  • Is the parents job to teach there children and in this days we can’t correct our children and this one is not a baby I would do the same she was wrong to be setting she is to Young to be doing this am a grown woman and I feel that is wrong to do. Those days there is a lot of people who do this ,there is no moral values this days

  • Study after study has shown that spanking increases unwanted behavior.

  • Spanking turned me from a child into someone who showed others respect. Unfortunately, everyone is trying so hard to tell people to “be a victim” (this way the government can step in and “save you”), that the populace is maintaining childish attitudes.

  • I was spanked many times as a child, though never into my young teens. I can say with confidence as someone who was exposed to various types of punishment – spanking, grounding, time outs, etc that spanking was the one I hated most. That seems to signify its effectiveness. Spanking was not only painful but also humiliating and the most uncomfortable form of punishment because of how personal it was. It forced me into an increased state of shame because it involved my parents more than just having something taken away or being sent to my room. I realize that spanking isn’t for everyone, but I think it remains one of the most relevant forms of punishment for a reason. Regardless though of one’s opinion on spanking, I think we can all agree it’s none of the government’s damn business. School districts want to shove crap down kids’ throats at younger and younger ages but then pretend to be concerned when they’re disciplined. My grandmother was a Kindergarten teacher for 20 years… Over the years I spent assisting in her classroom, I saw many children who desperately needed an ass whooping. Their parents spoiled them left and right while employing laughable disciplinary tactics that resulted in their kids running the show. Spanking is not meant to be used as a form of abuse, but it is absolutely necessary with lots of children, even good ones. Not to mention, I’ve never known anyone who turned out dangerous or disrespectful as a direct result of being spanked.

  • No!she was in the wrong period!

  • cops wern’t needed. A good ass whoopin’ is good for a child (not abuse or brutality) its good for correction

  • In Canada corporal punishment is legal but only if the child is between 2 and 12 and only if it is used to correct behavior and only if it is done with the hand . in this case the judge ruled that it wasn’t to correct behavior but to punish and it was out of anger . and useing an object to strike someone is assault under the law . studies have shown that after the age of 12 corporal punishment causes trauma and has the opposite of the intended effect . plus what happened in this case the dad spanked her with the object and that was supposed to be the end of it but when the mom came home and heard what she did so got enraged and grabbed the skipping rope and stormed into the daughters room and started going apeshit with the skipping rope on the daughter leaving deep bruises which could technically cause blood clots and even death . plus these parents are Christian fundies .

    • Ah knowing the ENTIRE story makes a world of difference Thank you for clarifying. This mother got what she deserved. Dad not so much perhaps

  • A 14 year old is a bit old to be “spanked” even though they didn’t spank her, they beat her with objects. There obviously should have been some form of punishment for a young girl sending nude photos of herself but should the cops and a judge be involved? Not so much.

    • Why should a person be punished when they didn’t commit an act of aggression against another person?

    • I meant her parents should have punished her other than “spanking” her. The police and justice system should not.

  • I really don’t like it when parents punish their offspring for being sexual beings. That’s fucking counter productive and useless. Punishing you child for talking about sex or even having sex is WRONG.

    • That’s a mature stance. Kids are horny, let them get down!

    • Well you know, if people were more adamant about promoting safe sex education instead of “abstinence is the only way”, then there wouldn’t be a problem would there?

  • Joe Lee so school cops can slam your children on the ground, but you can’t spank them? Seems logical

    • I promise you that cops want you to discipline your children…

    • Plus, if that girl was taking naked pictures in class and interrupting everyone else who wanted to learn, then refused to leave when told to do so, then yes… The cops should do what’s necessary to remove her

    • She wasnt at school

    • I know..

    • so wqhy would you say she was taking naked pictures in class

    • But that little hood rat that had to be physically removed, was. If her parents beat her ass like that, she wouldn’t act like that at school

    • lol she was just sitting there, comply and be beat, and possiblt be killed for any offense

    • She didn’t comply with anyone!!

    • And she wasn’t beat

    • exactly

    • just like the guy choked to death for selling ciggarettes

    • non violent

    • You’re stupid, liberal, cop hating source has an entire graph on why you can’t spank your kids!! Lol

    • Maybe so , they still believe its up to the parents

    • Uh, no…. For breaking the law over and over again, then decided he’d rather fight than go to jail… He was a piece of shit

    • so is the asshole coward that choked hi

    • so whatever he did, that is punishable by death? i thought only murder was, hmm, interesting. or did he die for not bowing down to the badge?

    • He died because of his actions and because he was obese…

    • He made the choices that led to his death….

    • so you are telling me the other officers just standing around, wasting taxpayer money couldnt have helped subdue him?

    • No… I’m telling you that if,
      1) if he wasn’t a criminal, he wouldn’t have to be arrested in the first place…
      2) if you just be responsible for your shitty decisions and go to jail like your supposed to, there’d be no reason to subdue anyone…
      And 3),
      Force isn’t pretty… Bad things happen, but it’s also not necessary when everyone does what they’re suppose to do…

    • like the police

    • So resisting arrest or obstruction is punishable by death, makes perfect sense

    • No, but fighting can result in death. That’s true no matter who’s involved

    • Explain how can a man that can’t breathe can fight back?

    • And the cops were doing what they were suppose to be doing… Attempting to arrest someone who had broken the law..
      He couldn’t breath as a result of choosing to not be arrested. That was his choice. It’s not a staged MMA fight, it’s an arrest!! You make it sound like they’re suppose to have weigh ins and a press conference!! Lol
      They’re there to do their job, not fight you or chase you

    • that is their job, to bring you in to stand trial, how do you not know this?

    • Exactly!!
      But if you wanna run or resist, then you’re responsible for what the results of your actions are… Not the cops. That wasn’t their decision. That was the choice of the criminal

    • Joe Lee you sound like a Cop Sucker!

  • And I just have to say how refreshing it is to see how many people don’t buy into the liberal doctrine that spanking is abusive and cowardly. Maybe the people behind The Free Thought Project don’t practice what they preach, but plenty of people on here do.

  • No, that’s a family matter. The child could use more vigilance and less aggression though.

  • The police should be involved not only with the parents, but with the teenager as well. The parents assaulted the child with a weapon, while the teenager produced and distributed illegal pornographic content, which she would never get arrested for(even though it IS against the law), but anyone who received the photos and kept them WOULD be arrested for, and have to register as a sex offender..

    • One of those things is an act of violence against another person, and the other is a victimless “crime.”

    • Anne Keckler making and distributing child pornography is a victimless crime? Not sure I agree

  • Look spanking is terrible and I think it needs to end as a practice immediately without exception. That being said, it’s nowhere near as destructive as caging her parents and sending her to a hellhole to be abused even worse by other people.

  • The police make everything worse!

  • The charges would have been a lot more serious if I was the father.

  • And this is why kids are the way they are today……sad!

  • if i had not been afraid of the rope my dearly boloved mom used to whip us..i’d be dead or doing life in prison. . .yes..sometimes she went too far…now she apologizes every time it is mentioned.
    but we try to convince her that by whipping us she actually saved us from worse…

  • how do you learn not to touch something that is too hot?

    • Toddlers tend to fall down a lot, and sometimes it hurts. When that happens, you say “ouch.” Then you can point to things and say “ouch” and they get it.

      Before they are developmentally mature enough to get it, they also can’t get that if they touch it their parents will dispense some “ouch.” So the parents have to physically keep them from touching it.

  • Hell no. This is police state bs

  • My brother and I were both spanked as kids and neither of us are stupid or criminals. Getting the police involved in a teen’s discipline is ridiculous.

  • Let the state do the parenting! – liberals

  • Isn’t she kinda too old for a spanking? they should have did a better job in raising her in her earlier years.

  • No

  • laughable situation……….

  • dispite the out come the parents are right

  • shouldn’t the girl be charged with spreading child porn?

  • was she assaulted?

  • California started this do not spank the kids crap back in the 80s and now California has overcrowded prisons and the biggest and baddest gangs in the nation. Spanking is done with the bare open hand applied to the back sides. Beating is using the fist or an object any where on the body, not good.

  • The decline of moral society thanks to liberals…

  • once your child is a teen. spankings don’t work very good. thry should of destroyed the phone, sold any other electronic items, grounded her for a month with no contact to anyone. made jer watch videos of kids who had been kidnaped and molested by jerks.

  • ‘You can sext if you want to.
    It’s no business of mine
    ‘Cause your friends don’t sext and if they don’t sext
    Well, they’re no friends of mine’

    Sung to this tune:

  • i would have too if this site really be-leaves this flow chart they have posted , then i am out , too stupid and lib tard minded for me too deal with!!!!!!!!!

  • Man… This is a mixed bag…
    Govt and police are in the public’s business too much these days, but the opinion on this could go both ways.
    The 14 yr old is going through puberty and needs a conversation about sex. She is too old to be spanked.
    Take her phone away and educate her on sex and how her reputation is everything and on how to be a lady.
    Ladies do not sext.

  • no

  • So, live under scaremonger to be shoot by your own state police. Get arrested for unbelieveable reason and libertadores nada! Dear US citizen, u change to be kill by your own state police is 99% more than terrorist.

  • Objects sound a little weird, what happened to the belt?

  • Stupid! The state need’s to leave ppl alone. And get out of family’s discipline. However they do it, it’s no-ones business!

  • Whaaa whaaa whaaa! Bunch of fucking babies. Everyone’s a fucking victim in this day and age and if you hurt anyone’s feelings it’s legal action. That girl is 14! She knows what she got in trouble for. She wouldn’t have gotten caught if it was ok for a 14 year old to be sending sexual texts. I would have done the same thing!! And if that was the outcome well I hope to fucking god my 14 year old daughter can cook clean and maintain a job cuz her ass is getting the fuck out of my house!

  • Assault is wrong at any age. Not a fan of any kind of police involvement, but just because you produced a child doesn’t mean you should get to hit them. It’s always wrong.

  • You can not simultaneously believe in freedom for yourself and libertarian principles and authoritarian parenting and hitting children. The two philosophies are completely incompatible! How can you raise children through threat of violence and then expect them to function in a free society? You can not!

  • The government want to tell us how to discipline our children. It’s all part of their slow involvement of what happens in your home. Soon they will tell you what you can do with every aspect of your life. Stay out of my home. If i want to hit my child because they were sexting…I will. How many politicians beat their wives….or cops for that matter. Me disciplining my child is none of anyone’s business unless she is in danger. Cut it out now. We have become such a soft society.

  • Seriously, spanking a 14 year old? For sexting? Doesn’t that seem a little (lot) creepy?

  • I don’t care what any of you guys think… unless they punched or kicked their daughter…it’s their fkn daughter and putting them in jail for that…was BULLSHIT regardless of your standpoint on ‘spanking’ it’s not that bad…and in all reality unless those two people hurt YOUR kids… or the kid actually got truly hurt…not some spanks on the butt…leave these parents who don’t want their 14 year old daughter having sex on the phone…ALONE. the state should have no say. I’m getting sick and tired of people forcing their beliefs on others…especially through laws and courts and cops. who else agrees with me ??????

  • its not ok to hit people or kill them. unless youre a fed. then its encouraged.

  • They over reacted no need for cops!

  • No

  • No, I don’t think the police should have been involved, and spanking does not increase risk of criminal behavior. that 14 year old should have known better. She should have known the dangers of sexting.

  • In a stateless society, the girl has every right to seek punishment and compensation against her aggressors. Kids are not property, they are people. Assault is still assault.

  • America what is wrong with your laws,laws that does not allow a father or mother to spank their children? Then what kind of future does those children have and moral values. Come to Africa and see the kids here how humble they are to their parents,and you will never see an African child not an African Americans, insult their parents or showing any signs of disrespect.

    • This did not take place in the USA

    • where did it happen?

    • even if it didn’t happen in USA no African court will jail parents who spank their children. My part of world elders are respected and even if you do something bad someone who is not your family member can spank you for doing bad

    • even if it didn’t happen in USA no African court will jail parents who spank their children. My part of world elders are respected and even if you do something bad someone who is not your family member can spank you for doing bad

  • I was spanked as a child for doing stupid things like going down storm water drains and such. After the age of 12 my mothers stopped spanking and other forms of punishment were dished out. I don’t think you can smack a 14 year old.

  • Discipline is the responsibility of all parents, short of drawing blood, police should no get involved. If parents were allowed the God given right, maybe we would have fewer kids being killed but police for disobeying their orders.all the hoo had about it being detrimental to a Childs emotional well being is nonsense. Look at history, when decisions became all but removed from home and school we had chaos. Shootings rape drop hot rate sky rocketing. Leave parenting to the parents,

  • Not a good idea for a kid to have a cell phone with the internet these days, but if they don’t have one kids around them will.


  • She was being abused, and seemingly would have been again had her friends not reported it. So because abuse was reported then yes police intervention was necessary.

  • Spanking for sexting = S&M programming? Right?

  • using a stick or rope isnt spanking-its abuse

  • This is why our society is in the state it is in. Kids know they can get away with anything. Unless there is severe assault the gov’ should but out. If this sexting resulted in rape and the parents knew about it,they would be accused of neglect. This liberal crap must end.

  • If cops have the right to snatch ANYBODY- young and old out of cars for less than that… Then……….

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  • What do you think? Do these parents deserve to be locked up for their actions?


    • should be commened

    • If they won’t let her go out, or talk to boys, or do anything remotely sexual, did they think the desire to do so would just melt away?

    • jokes on the social workers that now have to raise her

    • That’s insane.

    • So you expect to teach your child that hitting is wrong, yet you hit them to discipline them?

    • You see when my parents hit me when I was growing up it was for a reason. She sent nude pics of herself to someone else at the age of 14. If I did something like that at 14 I would have had my ass beat so bad I wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week. As I have had my ass beat where I couldn’t sit down for a week the end result was a rare (now-a-days) condition known as “Respect for others.”

    • Given the fact that sending, receiving & viewing naked pictures of minors is a FELONY I’d say that an ass whoopin’ is much preferable to having to register as a sex offender.

      If you ever wonder why kids these days have no respect for others you need look no further than the lack of discipline in the home. Parents’ hands have been tied by the state & kids know it.

    • read it.. they didn’t spank her.. they beat her. if it leaves bruises and anything more than your hand is used… that’s a beating.

    • Parents should gets the right to scold/slap/spank to their children unless it’s not too brutal, after all they are the parents, who is the only True love in anyone life.

      Simultaneously in this case parents are responsible for their daughter behaviour. If they would have nurture the kid with fully consciousness and teach their child about dos and don’ts, right & wrong. in this particular case I strongly believe religions plays a vital role in creating fear of God while doing something wrong and sinful activities.

    • Taylor Hill I was taught this i know hitting or bullying is wrong. you do something wrong you get a spanking. you hit a kid at school and expect the belt when you get home.

    • Here’s a thought… Just take the phone away.

    • Taylor Hill

    • Andrew Ervin ,when you said register as a sex offender, did you mean the girl or the parents? The reason I’m asking is because sometimes governments don’t have common sense and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made the parents register as sex offenders.

    • My mom has beat my ass a couple of times growing up, at the time I hated her for it. Looking back when I got older I respected her for it. I was being very spoiled and disrespectful at the time. i did turn out into a mild mannered individual, who respects her elders. I have not beat my kids but they do get spankings, I feel we evolve from our parents even in just the smallest ways. As my parents taught me, I also teach them to be nice to people you meet and to never start a fight. If someone starts a fight with them or their sibling then they should always defend themselves, however.

    • Sarah Blackheath way too logic dude!!! lets just keep rationalising too ourself that using violence on the weak and defensless is just good parental education 😉

    • Jamee Whitworth how about you pick up a book on child psychologie . How can you have a pic of John Lennon and promote using violence on kids ( or at all for that matter )…. cognitive dissonance much?

    • Taylor Hill They were trying to teach her that sending nudes of herself is wrong.

    • Explaining the dangers of social media would be a lot more effective at teaching a child right from wrong than relying on brute force. I’m not advocating a non punishment for her actions, I’m saying there’s better ways to teach than hitting. The fact that I need to explain this to you boggles my mind.

    • Fuck it. Tell them your opinion. Give them advice, put a roof over their heads and food on the table. If they fall on their face and end up in jail. It was their choice, you did your part by telling them right from wrong. If they think they know better then let them fall on their face. Love them unconditionally. No matter how stupid they are. They will make their own decisions no matter how hard you try to teach them. So I say tell them what you think and if they listen then great. If they don’t then you’ve done your part and can live with a clear conscience. “I told you so” is always a great comeback when they call from jail. YOU WANT TO ADULT GO AHEAD. Move out and get a job while you still know everything…

    • Victor Raze Amen!

    • Omair Alam thing is who says whats brutal or not? what if the kids skins sensitive and a slap can cause serious harm … just a thought … i was disciplined which either meant a threat of a slap , a slap or i had shit taken away from me … it works and i never got a “ass whoopin” so bad i couldnt sit down cos if i did i would have probably ran away or worse ,brutailty breeds brutality not respect … respect is earned … i dont respect people who hit me … do you?

    • Blah blah no bruises. Ok. Pussyfoot around that and while u blah blah her heart with love remember the sex trade will give her a life of spankings she should have gotten from a loving parent first. But if she doesnt feel the sharp pain of bad decision… by any means… she will just do it again tomorrow. But therapy to find out why she is so desperate for attention and where my parenting went wrong follows. But yeah u go ahead and blah blah urs to death as she porns her way thru adolescence and goes missing one day only to find her dead in a basement tied up like cattle…. im gonna put the beat down on mine to get her attention first. She knows i love her. Question is…. how much authority do u have as a parent? Or are u trying to be a bff?

    • Omair Alam issue with that is the government decides what is considered over the line, not the parent, so what is considered undo punishment by one jurisdiction is perfectly fine in another.

  • It’s right to discipline your child. I was spanked as a child and it did me no harm.

    Too many little shits nowadays who get away with murder.

  • If the 14 year old was sexting then i bet she was down for a spanking from daddy

  • They spanked her with a hockey stick? Come on… that’s not corrective action, that’s intended to hurt her. I’d say that’s wrong. Corrective action is grounding her and taking away her electronics…

  • Ever think spanking her is what drove her to such acts in the first place?

  • Didnt read the article… Did it leave marks? If not, no there shouldnt be charges… I have a 8 year old, spanked her maybe 3 times, it doesnt work for mine but maybe it does on urs, idk… punishment isnt always abuse but getting emotional about it doesnt help either…

  • Yeah because spanking a 14 year olds private places isn’t sexual or weird at all…

  • Removing access to social media works wonders in my house, no need to assault my kids!

  • Better than having her arrested for producing child pornography, I guess?

  • No.Time for the government to get the fuck out of the family!

  • Parents: Yes. Kid: Also yes. She needs to know that posting that kind of stuff isn’t cool.

  • Absolutely not

  • NO NO NO.

  • Discipline doesn’t start at 14. These parents lost their way a long time ago. And their current reaction explains how their daughter got to the point she is at. It’s all very sad…and unavoidable.

  • Spanking is useless on anyone over the age of 3 unless they’re into that sort of thing…

  • Convicted? No. Cited and required to attend counseling in lieu of conviction? Yes. And keep it on their record.

  • Nope absolutely not.

  • Would it be OK for the husband to do the same to his wife if she had done it?
    No! Then why do some people think it’s ok to do it to a child.
    If you can’t teach your children without battering them then the teacher is the problem, not the student.

    • Because his wife is not his to raise. Their child is their responsibility, and if she isn’t injured, they can handle it in their own way. At least in a FREE country they could.

    • Marsha Karen Fowler So they “own” the child? Fuck a free country were you can assault a child but not an adult for doing exactly the same thing sounds shit.
      I just like to point out the hypocrisy of women who think it’s ok to beat a child but not an adult.

  • They may have hit her with a hockey stick, but the system she’s going to be placed into aka foster care is going to be a psychological train to the head to this girl.


  • Technically Yes. Violence is never the answer. However. Why do 14 year old need smartphones?

  • Not at all!! The state needs to leave parents alone!!

  • If you haven’t sorted a kid by 14 hitting them won’t change that. The nudes are likely a form of rebellion against her parents… likely cause by earlier hitting. So ‘should a parent be convicted of doing what cause poor behavior in a child after this method has been a proven failure’?… nah… those parents just shouldn’t be fuckwhits.

    • She may be seeking attention and love her family is failing to provide. She may be confused about the meaning and expression of love.

    • She’s CLEARLY seeking attention. With the nudes, and the fact she told on her parents. Both these actions reinforce intelligent people’s veiws on the no hitting thing.

    • Of course… we all know the opposing side. Not very inspired.

    • All this is what you think might have happened… Just speculation… No facts… You don’t know the situation.. These parents seem to be trying desperately to get thru to their daughter that it’s wrong… No matter what pop culture teaches her…

    • Blah blah blah…. they hit her. How did it work out? And she’s showing nudes. That’s all the facts I need. They are desperately trying to enforce dominance, they are also failing. If the kid had ANY respect for them (or herself) she wouldn’t be doing either. The only thing they are desperate for is a fucking clue. Which is clearly not their strength. No matter how much you try, those 2 facts can’t be changed.

    • If they had been teaching her life skills from the beginning she wouldn’t be such a reactionary. Wanna make a kid reactionary?… here’s how, be one. Have lack of actual skills and attempt to cover for being ill equipped to negotiate, by hitting them thinking it causes anything but rebellion. It’s an attempt to force instead of making them a part of the process to choose to be a product they will be proud of. You teach nothing by hitting. Except that you’re to stupid to parent.

    • You are correct, I have no idea why this girl would share naked pictures of herself. What I do know is she is trying to fill a void. A void filled by the attention received from the person she shared the photos with, the person she confided to about the spanking (if that is what you can call hitting a 14 year old) and the emotions invoked from those people. Either way, this is sad and the parents have failed their daughter in many ways.

    • Don’t know if you 2 guys are fathers or not but if you are your children are lucky to have you!!

    • Steve Green yep. Finally someone with an understanding of parenting. So refreshing. This is how I parent my children and wouldn’t ya know?! I never spanked my kids and they are never acting out or having behavioral issues. They are also amazing in school because they love living to their full potential.. If parents understood their kids and took time to know them then they can intuitively know how to handle any situations that arise.. Giving respect ..? respect actually teaches respect. Respecting your kids is key and that doesn’t mean handing over authority as some clueless people assume.. My kids get awards from academics to civic.. Compliments from teachers and strangers. They are incredible people. If I had slapped them instead of communicating from day one I highly doubt they would be as respectful or proactive .. Glad to see other people who understand this.

  • She is too old for spanking. What choice…. She should have been spoken to, grounded, and her cell phone, and electronic gadgets confiscated until she got the messege. And the communication is an ongoing process.

    • Or, you know, ask her why she did it, and respect her choice. It’s her nudity anyway. If it goes viral and she feels horrible then that’s a very productive life lesson. If she’s just punished, it’s only fixing something broken with tape.

    • Ok…lol, you must not have any children..but if you want see if it goes viral, and she commits suicide because of it… That’s one way to be a parent…smmfh

    • Your an idiot respect her choice this guy didn’t know that’s still considered child porn.

    • Im guessing you didn’t read it because it said they have her a choice from spanking or being grounded And she choice spanking

    • Too old for a spanking???

      Then she must be old enough to pay her own phone bill, buy her own food and pay her own rent !!

    • “She is too old for spanking”

      Why, cos they might hit back? Do you only punch babies?

    • If she commits suicide because a nude goes viral then she is far too weak to even exist. Really? Commit suicide for doing something out of her own free will? I don’t care about a life of someone so irresponsible. I doubt she was forced to share nudes of herself (and no, some sort of social pressure does not count). It makes no logic to convict parents because their daughter shared a naked picture of her while she is underage, though that’s not what the picture is saying. Depends on the kind of spanking for the conviction. Spanking is just what stupid old-fashioned parents do, so I don’t really care if the parents get convicted for horrible parenting. I mean, obviously, it’s not that easy to control a teenager (not that parents should even necessarily try that), but spanking is just… no. Just don’t.

    • No whooping stick talk goes in one ear out the other spank her ass she not to old cause if she was then she would have her own better to spank her at home then let her fall to net bullying or these nasty ass freaks out here

    • She 14 she don’t understand the real world half the grown up don’t understand the real world that why they sleep now and need to wake up

    • Just out of curiosity. How many of you have actually raised anything other than a pet ? And I don’t mean 1,2, or 3 years old.

    • A 14 year old is still a child and spanking shouldn’t be off the table for inappropriate behavior.

    • In four years she will be old enough to die in combat. I think there are more affective ways of correct a negative behavior patter. I am pretty sure she just didn’t wake up that day, and decided to show her butt via text, or email. It’s a balancing act.

    • You are never too old for a spanking. She obviously needs more punishment as well but a good swat on the seat always straightened me right up.

    • take the phone away and smash it in front of her and change the the passwords on the wifi and computers.

    • The ultra-liberal crybabies need to get it through their heads: there’s a difference between discipline and abuse. Spanking is an appropriate disciplinary option. Until a certain point in a child’s mental and emotional development, they are simply incapable of understanding complex ideas. (No matter how much of a genius you think your spoiled, obnoxious little waterhead is…) But they can understand “doing that hurts, so I better not”…
      Ultra-conservatives, you need to get it through your heads that these laws (written and unwritten) exist for a reason. Not everyone knows where to draw the line between discipline and abuse. I don’t care how long you’ve had your NRA membership card, its still wrong to beat up your wife and kids.
      Now, back to the central issue… 14 is far too old for spanking. At that age, its neither appropriate nor effective. Grounding, loss of phone and internet access, etc are all viable and (to a teen girl) far more effective. Do I think they should be charged with assault? No. Unfit parents? Possibly. Jail and the kid taken away? I’m a bit iffy on that. Maybe mandatory family counseling and occasional CPS/DFS inspections for a while. If their 14yr old thinks acting like a porn model is a good choice, they’re obviously doing something wrong…

    • She ain’t to old if she acting like a whore I I believe. If that was my daughter I would have smacked her ass as well

    • If shes actine like a whore she might like the spanking.That 14 year old should of been charged with Distributing child porn.

    • Joe Vega it’s not do you agree with spanking, but is it assault and a crime?

    • Yep you don’t have any children you have no idea of what parenting is like

    • Welcome to the columbine generation. Xanax on the right, and Ritalin to the left….and stuck in the middle with you. smh

  • What’s wrong with nudity again?

  • Lol she’ll learn herself.

  • I think that’s one creepy family.

  • how are we supposed to raise our children if we are afraid that one mistake can land us in jail….14 years old is to old for a spanking, but its not up to the government or other parent to decide…the powers that be are themselves so irresponsible that in some states the kid could go to jail on pedophile charges…

    • I think “spanking”may be because it didn’t get to the point of beating her. My father hit me when I was 14 and it was well deserved.

    • my point exactly….who am i to decide and judge…

    • Ridiculous. If your actions are considered assault against a person unknown to you then they are assault. Period. By your reasoning the law (government) has no right to determine that something is a crime. Ridiculous.

    • im anarchist…i believe in community work not big governments who have proven the lack of consideration for human lives….you really believe that moral laws dont exist?…was she beaten or hospitalized?…does jail fit the crime?…

    • Being an anarchist (your self description suggests that you are a Republican, not an anarchist) has ZERO to do with whether or not an assault should be considered a crime. “you really believe that moral laws dont exist?” Are you kidding me? You think that moral law tolerates assault against the weak? Get your shit together my friend.

    • Daria Mielcarz i dont…but i think it should be managed by good people close to the situation…like tribal elders or community involved people….not by the same criminals in office who would jail a teen for weed or send an adult to jail for a mistake…better ways ahead…i know this world is not ready for my type of anarchy so i give my opinions and grow…peace

  • No.

  • No. They clearly care enough to check up on her, I’m sure they spend much more time nurturing her. Parents that neglect their kids are th ones we should worry about.
    And the word “spank” is more of an issue for a lot of people and probably used intentionally by the media. My dad hit me when I was 14 and let me tell you it was well deserved.

  • No but, counseling or something may help. I couldn’t imagine “spanking” any child let alone a 14 year old I’m sure it really taught a lesson SMDH.

  • Those parents should be charged with abuse by way of neglect if they hadn’t spanked her. Unless their idea of spanking involves bamboo canes or a cat-o-nine-tails, and leaves broken bones and open wounds, spanking is not assault, and it’s not even abuse when there is such a good justification for it.

    • So any “discipline” short of breaking bones or effecting permanent injury is acceptable? Nothing is “abuse” if there is “good justification” for it? Wow – Scary. And illegal…

    • Daria Mielcarz I grew up getting spanked, nothing wrong with it. It wasn’t abuse, it was effective. I didn’t get spanked often because getting spanked once was enough to prevent a repeat offense. Restraint must be shown when spanking a child, but done properly there is a huge difference between spanking and beating. Nothing at all wrong with spanking, everything in the world wrong with beating.

  • I wouldn’t have spanked her but she would have NO further access to a phone or the internet, she is a child and the parents are responsible for protecting her.

  • Send the whole family to jail for a wake up call. You can’t hit minors with hockey sticks or jump ropes and you can’t send naked pictures of minors. Furthermore, that young lady probably belongs on the sex offender registry.

  • They were both in the wrong in my eyes it is wrong hit a teenager especially a female teenager

  • They were parenting….it’s becomming a crime

  • hell no

  • 14 is way to old to be spanked. Violence is violence and assault is assault.

  • YES. and so should the police.

  • Convicted of what ? Discipline. ..

  • Hell no !!!

  • The government has no place in the home. There is a very wide line between discipline and abuse. The difference between controlling your child’s unacceptable behavior and taking your bad day out on them are obvious, and even a modicum of common sense can tell the two apart. This pathetic attempt to “own you and your children” is thinly veiled slavery and just like every crime against humanity, it is sold as “for your safety”.

    • Wide line? Bullshit. It is a fine line. A very, very fine line. If you can’t do it to a person unknown to you without criminal charges then you can’t do it to someone you know without criminal charges. I know, I know. Your parents beat the shit out of you are you’re fine, right?

    • I’m not sure what part of this unintelligible drivel is supposed to make a point, but it sounds like you’re crying in a lean cuisine because you got told “no” once before.

    • I know, I know, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about and it threatens you when people who have actually gone through abuse put you in your place and shatter your delusions.

    • As a cheaters fan, as your picture implies, common sense, logic, and empirical evidence is your mortal enemy.

  • When that happens, the only normal, legal and professional way to deal with it, is to take you kid to a psychologist for evaluation

  • I think that whoever suggested charging the parents for spanking their child should also receive a spanking. The old fashioned way.

  • Regardless of what people do, we shouldn’t punish people with violence. Or did you not know that’s how laws are enforced? Because everyone wants to pay a fine and go to jail for ten years, huh..

  • Yes,they deserve to Ho yo time for lying that she asked for a spanking

  • Sure! No. “Your” children aren’t even considered “yours” by your precious government. You may want to look up the legal and banking definitions of words like ward, bailment, certificate, citizen, etc. If that doesn’t start the wheels turning, look up CPS child trafficking scandal and see where the facts take you.

  • Give her a choice ,want to go to jail and be a convicted registered sex offender for the rest of your life ,or loose your cell phone and be grounded for a year? 14 is quite old for spanking. Or over the age of 10 I would think. But that is me and I have children. So I guess the short answer is yes ,but don’t tell the kiddos that.

  • if a 16 year old dude can get arrested on child pornography charges because he made a sex video with his phone with his gf parents should be doing whatever they possibly can to stop this madness

  • No the DA should be charged for trying to prosecute people for raising their children… It’s sad that people can’t discipline their children and then everyone wonders why they grow up to be hoodlums… Well maybe because you teach them there’s no consequences for their actions… My parents beat my ass and you know what the only regret I have is they didn’t beat my ass more cause God knows I needed it

  • It would end up easily if it would be in India. mom would beat shit out of her. call that girl’s boyfriend’s parents and they would to beat shit out of their son. then phones taken. and gurantee that they both improved. yeah due to fear but atleast they would not repeat it.

  • The stupid little girl is lucky to not be a convicted sex offender for not posting child porn.

  • Yes. Undeniably. A simple lecture on the dangers of the Internet and implementation of some filters for a predetermined amount of time would have sufficed.

  • No because it will just make the kid do it more. Take her phone away she ‘ll cry murder

  • So.. what was spanking going to do since she already knows right from wrong? How tf do u spank a 14 year old anyways? Sounds creepy..

  • But I would find the receiver of those photos and hang him by his.ankles off a bridge awhile

  • What do you think, what’s your opinion tell us. What the fuck.

  • Sexting is not a punishable crime,,,it’s when you have a serious pow wow with your daughter,and realise that you should have done that long long ago,,,,parents fault.
    BUT,They have spanked him if it was a son???( boy).

  • The QUESTION is a simple one. Convicted of what? Parenting? Is she of “majority” age or not, meaning is she legally recognized as having the right to move out without her parents permission? No? Well then, the ANSWER is simple too. “No” of course not. She’s a minor, and unless the People vote to change the age of majority to 14, she is still her parents responsibility, including all those nuisance “LIABILITIES” too. In other words government, keep your damn nose out of the Parenting business. You can’t even to do your job even slightly well enough to think you’re qualified to tell parents how to teach their children. Especially in morality!

    • So you think people should be able to smack the shit out of their kids? Wow.

    • No. I think it’s much more appropriate that children spank their parents…that makes more sense right?

    • Sometimes it takes a spanking for them to hear you instead of closing you out because that’s what kids do. I wouldn’t spank my 14 year old, but I would certainly put a stop to her social life for a while! In fact, for quite a while! It would begin and end at the school doors until I was satisfied she had learned to respect herself more.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating “spanking” as the 1st response, but as a parent it should be my call, not the States. And there is a difference in spanking vs beating with fist, etc…a big difference. We weren’t given any details that exceeded the explanation of a “spanking” and that should still be up to the parents, whether others want to say that is “politically incorrect” or not.

    • Mary Moudy Bentsen : Mary, did I say that they did? Please don’t read anything more into my words…than my words. This post doesn’t elaborate on anything other than a spanking. If there was more to it than this, then the poster has a responsibility to say so. I’m just going with what was provided without making any further assumptions…right?

    • Mark Sanborn neither makes sense you moron.

    • Mark Sanborn , you initiate violence on an other human being, you are the lazy bad guy and you ain’t worth much more to me than the bunch of corrupted psychopaths we call governments. Stop beating kids and start educating yourself on how to raise a kid without using 12th century educative methods.

    • Mark Sanborn and no it shouldn’t be your call to be able assault another human being. You think I should be able to just be able to hit anybody I want? Fool.

    • Kurtis: I see that you are a young man with young beautiful kids of your own. My congratulations. My younger brother had the same opinion as yourself with his first child. His routine was to give her “a time out” when she was bad. A couple of years later I was at his house (he now had a 2nd child). The younger of the 2 was acting up. He first warned her (with no luck). He then took her and gave her a quick crack on the butt, and she stopped right away. I asked him: “What happened to your “time outs”? He chuckled, and that was it. Both of his kids turned out great 20 years later, as did both of my kids. They are all brilliant, well spoken and unintimidated by anyone, brave and self-confident. Discipline, is something you do to teach behavior. This along with teaching so many other life skills, like tolerance, patience, and respect are the keys to raising children. You have my full support to raise you kids anyway that you prefer and I sincerely hope you have no less success than I have had. This was my point though, that it’s not actually WHAT you do to teach, so much as it is in the consistency of that teaching. Good luck Kurtis.

    • My parents didn’t hit me. I’m going to university soon and I’m doing just fine. If you have to hit your kids, you’re a shitty parent. Some parents don’t feel the need to resort to violence.

    • Kurtis Greenwood : Like I said consistency. Once your kids know you mean business with a warning, they do as they are told…in fact once they consistently know you, and what you will, and will not approve of, there’s no need to use discipline…they do as they know they should. A further note: My kids never did drugs, smoked, got pregnant, nor were they arrested for anything. I admit, I didn’t deserve such great kids, but hey, I’m not complaining.

    • Smh y’all really think that spanking your kids is that bad?! Lol that’s ridiculous, I was spanked as a kid when I did things I wasn’t supposed to. And guess what?! I learned real quick that those were things I shouldn’t be doing. Yall are acting like spanking is fucking child abuse . This is why the world is turning into a bunch of Pansys smh

    • Jimmy Worster : That’s encouraging to see that a young man actually has his own thoughts rather than simply adopting what he was taught in school as “a terrible injustice”. Yeah, sure it is. Thanks for your intelligent contribution to a conversation that was going no where Jimmy. Maybe there is still hope for the younger generations.

    • I think Kurtis needs a hug.

    • Why is everybody acting like I’m crazy for being against a poor form of parenting?

    • You’re not crazy, and no one’s saying that you are Kurtis. Some of us just have different opinions than yours…on this particular subject. Perhaps on others, we may agree. There’s nothing wrong with multiple opinions…that’s what America was meant to do…allow everyone to have and voice there own opinions without having to adopt any.

  • NO!!!

  • A 14 year old is starting to get in an age range that spanking SHOULD HAVE STARTED SOONER………I love parents that discipline and ground they kids while THEY THEMSELVES LAY DOPE SICK ON A COUCH…………………

    • If they’ve spanked her at 14, I’m willing to bet that they’ve been spanking her all along. Hell of a lot of good it did, too, huh?

  • gets more and more insane…who makes up this shit???

  • no absolutely not… what kind of a world do we live in

  • No. But spanking a 14 year old is absurd. All electronics should have been taken. You don’t get to choose your punishment. That’s even more absurd.

  • The state owns your children

  • One, these useless pos are lying straight thorough their damn teeth and just happen to get caught abusing a child. Typical of losers like this though, assault a child, then make up a bs story. Throw these pos in jail for a good long time.

  • Children are yours to attempt to control until they are 18, if a spanking helps, (which I doubt), it is still your right as a parent to do so. A charge of abuse would be applicable for perhaps a beating or any form of cruel & unusual, scarring, welting, etc. type of discipline, but a spanking? Come on people, wake up!!!

  • Maybe she shared nude photos bc of that type of negative attention she’s getting? Just a thought! I would be extremely disturbed if it were my kid and have her in some intense therapy. Kids don’t do that shit for no reason. Something happened to her for her to do that

  • Who’s business is it? No ones but the family. No wonder kids are so fucked up these days parents aren’t even allowed to raise them without everyone else jumping in with an opinion.

  • She should be tried as an adult for distributing child pornography.

  • yes

  • if you can’t punish your child as use to be done… then how can they be disciplined?…. It’s like that news woman says “parents have to get away from the notion that children belong to the State ond not their parents” WHAT?

  • Bunch of softies in this world today, there should be nothing wrong with a lil physical reprimand, as long as it is followed with educational development and love… Not saying they didn’t go to far

  • Sylvain Diesny

  • Spanking is a battery, not an assault, which the threat of violence, not violence itself.

  • how about monitor your kids internet use and if they go to far take it and never give it back end of story

  • Maybe she ENJOYS spanking?

  • “Spanking,” and it probably means “beating,” anybody is not civilized behaviour. There are ways to punish children and young people without resorting to violence. Physical violence merely passes on the message that it is acceptable for the strong to beat up on the weak. Children are not possessions. The girl might have done something stupid, but that does not mean she should be beaten for it. I hope the parents (and the girl) learn something from this – beating someone is not civilized behaviour.

  • 14 year olds shouldn’t have phones and comps anyway only t do homework thats it

  • children belong to their parents… NOT the STATE nor the Province
    just like weed …. what gives MAN (GOVERNMENT) the right to claim we can’t have an herb plant … and that we can punlish our children without the government THINKING they have any sort of a right….
    they take our rights little by little then all of the sudden it all seems natual as though it’s always been that way….
    take back our rights peoople

  • The judge is such an idiot for saying he doesn’t believe they didn’t see the bruising on her butt.

    Well, they spanked her on the outside of her clothes and it be pretty weird for the Mom or Dad to be like. Ok drop your pants now let’s check out your ass.

    Butts bruise and have marks easy.

    The mini hockey stick seems a bit odd since his hand is for love. Weird. But seriously my mom used to thwap me with a wooden spoon.

    Doesn’t mean she beat me.

    I honestly hope she sues the administrators for sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong and potentially breaking up a loving family.

    Screw her shitty friends too.

    They asked her “spanking or grounding” she chose spanking.


  • No. She should however be charged with circulating child pornography.

  • No they should be given a medal.

  • No! See that’s the problem. You say that the kids today have no respect, discipline, ect yet you don’t allow parents to parent. When my daughter was 14 I tried talking her phone away and she kicked me. I put my hands behind my back and belly to belly backed her against the wall. It was enough to remind her who is in charge

    • You should have raised her better from the start.

    • Marc-Andre Lacombe , because she broke curfew? Do you have kids? Never dealt with rebellion from a teenager?

    • Marc-Andre Lacombe, my kids are grown, worked their way through college with no arrests or babies. Oh yeah, and they did hospice care for their grandma. Guess I you’re right. I did a terrible job. LMAO!

  • Not sure spanking is the right thing to do but she needs a wake up call because those pictures will be there for ever and the internet is a dangerous place. Having said that on my first visit to a lake in Germany I met a family who were happily running around in the nude – including their 14 year old daughter. Perhaps our shock is our problem ad we should be working towards the day when this doesn’t matter and society can show respect and keep people safe

  • Tear that ass up, take away the phone for a year, and ground her !!

  • not sure spanking a 14 year old is a good idea, spanking doesn’t work after puberty – if they wanted to really make an impact they would have taken away her cell phone – devastating to any teen – cause it’s a drug and it’s not illegal to deny her the phone. They could also limit her compute time to schoolwork only – with a keygen running in the background to make sure. However, it’s clear the relationship is already pretty dysfunctional since no kid who respected their parents would have done such a thing to begin with. Putting the parents in jail will make things even worse, they should all be sent to counseling. Sending the rents to jail would be akin to spanking a 14 year old for posting nudies of herself on the net. Finally, If any of those kids who have the photos are over 18 they should be charged with procession of child porn.

    • “…spanking doesn’t work after puberty”

      What do you mean by “work” exactly…?

    • Worked for me one belt at a time

    • Adam Barker that kind of authoritarian punishment, after puberty alienates rather than strikes fear to reform.

    • David Alley So you liked being whipped by a belt as a teenager, eh? That shit gets weird as an adult

    • It doesn’t work before puberty, either.

  • Uh NO ID BEAT HER ASS AND LOCK HER IN A CASTLE FAR AWAY and her parents are being convicted. Fuck the legal system dude.

  • free to correct your kids as u see fit , short of beating them up ,, which spanking is NOT !!!!

  • I’m confused, it’s assault if you hit another adult, but not a child?

  • I think probably so. 14 is a little late in life to start spanking someone to discipline them. Full disclosure: I spanked both my boys from a pretty early age. A swat or two on the behind with something wide and flat to spread out the force and make a loud sound. It got their attention and then we had a little talk about why they got the swat and how to avoid that consequence in the future. It didn’t take long for them to get the idea that I was in charge and that the rules( like stay out of the fucking street on your big-wheel) were intended to keep them safe.

  • No they shouldn’t, this is what’s wrong this days,my last one thought me a lesson cause I stolen and to tell you true I don’t like it when someone still

  • Punishment is a waste of time. And a direct result may be her pictures going waist down. Nothing beats a good conversation with all involved, without masks and without the ‘usual’ and/or seen as ‘normal’ drama. And don’t go too pathetic. You must understand the fact that all our teenagers know that you put fucking bullets in each other’s heads like it’s a national sport, and that the fucking internet thrives on porn. Education is your only way forward. Anything else than that is fooling yourself.

  • I don’t believe in corporal punishment, so by using it to deter it…

  • No – total travesty.

  • I would be convicted of attempted manslaughter

  • They should get this child counselling.

    • ( counsler) why did u send this guy nudes?
      (her) he was hot and asked for them
      (counsler) you psychopath!

  • government needs to get the fuck out of everyone’s personal life. Who people marry, how they raise their children, how the decide to live weather it be on or off the grid, as a matter of fact everything that is not the infrastructure they should get out of.

  • You are never to old to get your ass beat.If she learns a lesson from it, it may save her from some bad mistakes

  • In my opinion the parents and the child could do well by seeing a councilor. The way we express our individual sexuality is our own responsibility. A 14 year old is going through exciting changes and will often feel the desire to share their body with one or more of their peers. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Personal liberty and the right to self expression is something we can practice at any age. As parents it is our responsibility to address the possible consequences of exposing our bodies to the scrutiny of other people. In the purest sense nudity is natural. The stigma put on it by society does not change that simple fact. She was not using physical agression, therefor should not be agressed upon either.

  • The parents should be beaten for being too stupid to raise their kids right and implement parental controls.

  • No I don’t think the state should interfere but spanking doesn’t work.

  • No, this is insane.

  • No way. I hate how society is weakening now by not allowing parents to parent. I’m not terribly old (34) and when I was a kid my mom would spank me in the grocery store when I went out of line. At one point I was grounded 3 months with no electricity, and I was best friends with a belt. Guess what? I am a productive member of society, not a sociopath, psychopath, depressed, and no I have not killed anyone nor am I a smoking alcoholic Let parents parent. .

  • Hell no, the kid deserved it!

  • Kids 14 now have the mentality of my generation at 17 yo son as street a smart as I was at 20

  • Yet officer slam threw a child across a room and zero charges against him.

  • My daughter does something like this, the ass whipping she WILL recieve will be the least of her worries. I don’t give a shit how old she is.
    You fuckin people that are all, no she’s to old, y’all are either retarded, have no kids or are just shitty parents.

    • Agree ?

    • I have a daughter and I will never lay a hand on her, no matter what, for the same reason I would never hit my wife.

    • If you had a son who sent someone a dick pick would you do the same?

    • I would never hit my wife and I would never strike my daughter out of anger.

      And yes if I had a son who did this I would whip his ass just the same.

    • Shane good dad we have to correct bad behavior thats why kids are the way they are today, I never can say I was abused YES i did get my ass whipped a few times but I respect people thanks to my DAD!!!!

    • No, Michelle, you were afraid of your dad! The feelings you have are very similar to those that women who stay with abusive partners have. You make excuses for the abuse by saying things like, “It was for my own good,” or “I deserved it.” Spanking your kids is lazy and ignorant. It teaches them nothing except how to avoid getting caught doing things.

    • Putting your kid in time out doesn’t do a damn bit of good either. Children have to be shown that there are serious consequences for every bad action. I was spanked as a child as well. I am not afraid of my oarents. I respect them. And for you tell someone that they don’t know their own feelings is just plain ignorant. You have no fucking clue what she’s feeling. They are her parents, not her friend. Someone has to teach her right from wrong and that would be her parents!

  • They want her to splash her sexuality all over to feed their depravity.
    We need to take back our power. If it was to save my daughter from danger I would do what I had to do.

  • No the daughter should. For lude sollicitation. And ‘child pornography’.

  • Grounding her and destroying her phone would have been the best thing to do. She’s to old for spankings. I do not think the parents should be charged though.

  • Some of these comments… I despair for our species

  • I would have done the same

  • that fuck up my buddy got jail time for putting soup in his son mouth for call is dad a dumb ass bitch nigger

  • Spanking is a lazy and emotionally fueled way of punishment. A child upsets a parent, the parent gets angry they hit the child. Then rationalize how its just a form of discipline. But its not. Its the lesser end of abuse. Just as bad as verbally shaming your child, theyre children. Open and pure…its us and our wretched society that taints them. ” destroy your kids like your parents destroyed you”…humans are so complex and interesting, because they are imperfect and on a subtle level, still acting like the primates they evolved from.

    • Yes….there is truth in what you say. Many times spanking is done in a fit of anger and all the child learns is that they pissed the parent off. Spanking may eventually lead to abuse, so why do it in the first place. Only fundamental Christians buy into this idea because it is based on the Bible. In Biblical days, people were barbaric and spanking is a barbaric practice.

    • That is true.

    • Nick, how many kids do you have?

    • Fuck that

      Believe it or not every child isn’t going to listen to instructions and they need motivation to stay in line.

      You tear that ass up and tell them exactly why, then they learn .

    • None. I understand the stress and responsibilty. And hitting children may seem like the common thing to do. You do control the kids by physically harming them. But through fear, your conditioning them to obey you from the fear of upsetting you. It teaches them yes…but we can all do better than that. Its an immoral way..

    • And Walter….this race will destroy itself with its flaws. Thanks for proving my theory on how people are vicious animals at heart.

    • Yeah so vicious

      It’s a spanking, not murder. Grow up, pussy.

    • Lmao. Trust me I have no problem with the violence. It excites the animal in me. Whether your punching someone, spanking your kids, or killing someone, its not about the right or wrong. Its about how pathetic it is, and it lacks intelligence. However, most of us do.

    • But i can tell your very aggressive, i have no time to argue with a monkey.

    • RACIST !!! lmao

    • There’s never an appropriate time to spank a 14 year old girl.. Does it make you feel better thinking about it Walter you piece of shit?

    • You took it that way walter. So whos really racist? Lmao…that was soo cliche.

    • Neither of you whiny pricks know shit about raising children.

    • Father of the year.^^^

    • Amazes me those who never was spanked as a child nor do it .. claim to be such experts on it .. hmmmm .

    • I might have been “destroyed” as you put it (not), but I never even thought of murdering, robbing, stealing, OR being disrespectful to an adult. Why? Because there was a asswhipping at the other end of any of them! My generation was NOT afraid to walk into a movie or school because they might die! Now they are!

    • Then there are children that hate their parents their whole life and end up killing them or others because of the fact they were spanked or worse. Try again Karen.

    • Hitting and spanking are very different. Reacting to something with force is different the starting something with force. I use to think the same way as the original poster, until I had kids of my own, some children are too strong willed not to spank, that’s the reality, pretty or not

    • I was spanked and I say it works. I was too afraid to step out of line with my parents. Then I see those who weren’t spanked and they’re disrespectful to parents

    • Ive seen the exact opposite Raymond. I was spanked and i acted out alot when i was younger. Ive seen kids who never got spanked and they are some of the most respectful kids i know. Like my little brother. He was never spanked and he never acted out. It just depends on the kid

    • Defintely depends on the kid and the parents ability to parent.. And siblings, family size socio-economic standing many factors. To the original poster, you appear to have some valuable understanding of things, but to put a blanket statement on this topic is silly. Again, in theory what your saying rings true, but in application most people find differently, I consider myself a great and loving father and I have had to resort to spanking or physical discipline, especially in regards to insubordination .. My 2 cents

    • Then there are kids who are hit and still dont give a shit. So its all a joke. Humans need to escape there petty ways. Fear violence and tricks surround us.

    • By all the school shootings I see not whooping your child’s but is really working… Spare the rod spoil the child… If we want to get biblical

    • David Martin , bullshit. Not unless you were raised past the 80’s. We ALL hated parents! We were just raised with respect!

    • I agree & I have 4 kids, my oldest is 5 and I spanked him from ages 2 until 4 thinking I was doing the right thing but ever since I stopped his behavior has actually improved, he’s happier and we have a much better relationship. I really regret the times I spanked him before and I wish I could take it back but all I can do is move forward

    • I respect my parents and I was spanked every time I did something wrong. It’s like spanking your dog when they do something wrong. You’re training it out of them. This is what’s wrong with the newest generation. Parents are not punishing their kids nearly enough.

    • This guy is def not a parent lol

    • I think the state should take all the kids and just raise our kids for us…..they seem to know best

    • Matt Seibel. Im taking that as a joke lmao

    • Why take it as a joke? That is where this kind of mentality will lead us…lets make everyone special and everyone gets a trophy and when we are invaded everyone of these special little kids can just try talking it out…

    • Walter T. Farnabee ” believe it or not every “wife/girlfriend” isn’t going to listen to instructions and they need motivation to stay in line.”
      ” you tear that ass up and tell them exactly why, then they learn”

    • Nick probably wasn’t spanked and is likely useless.

    • Millennials are morons.

    • Take your moms tit out of your mouth pussy.

    • You do know we did not evolve from primates right? We have a common ancestor with them, but that was a 5 million year separation

    • If it wasnt for primates…their would be no us. Our ancestors evolved from monkeys.

    • Point is…where still in the animal kingdom. And we all act like it on various levels. Some different then others. Its enough to drive one to misanthropy.

  • she needs her butt whipped,

  • Her pictures are online forever thats punishment enough. A spanking at 14? Lil too late. That spanking should have came years earlyer to really do anything…

  • Btw this free thought stuff is brilliant. However the government isnt the only issue. Its churches, hollywood, media, schools, mental health facility and other organizations, its the whole human society. Our society is at the point where we put psychopaths in power and idolize sociopathic leadership skills. Because we are all beasts and on a subconscious level we know they are at the top of the animal chain. Our society is a sophisticated jungle. We are worse than the lower animals because we know better yet act amoral. Morals and codes are a farce that are forgotten at times of practical troubles. The only reason government runs like this is because its just apart of our demonic human race. We are meant to spawn the next species in evolution. We came from apes…something will come from us. And that will be the revolutionary force that will change our crazy world. Humans are slowly waking up because nature is ready,its right in front of us. Those who deny it will perish. Look up at the stars, they will look back down.

  • 14 seems to be a bit old for spanking…

  • At 14 I think it’s a little perverted to be spanking her, wtf is wrong with these parents… No phone, no computer and house arrest would serve for a better lesson. IMO!

    • They should have given her positive reinforcement earlier but trying to stop your daughter from becoming just another whore is worth jail time. #FuckTheNannyState #PositiveReinforcemnt

  • The 14 year old girl should be prosecuted for distribution of child porn. The parents have every right to spank her for this.

  • I know I commented on this before, but my question is why the need to delve and regulate every aspect of someones life, or is it the fear of real and free original thought?

  • No they should whoop her ass spare the rod spoil the child

  • The kid should be charged with distributing pictures of under-aged children… Even if it is of themselves.

    • Now THAT’S an interesting solution…She COULD be charged with distributing child porn, technically, which would carry pretty heavy penalties, even as a juvenile….

  • Maybe a ticket for stupidity. It’s about nothing if not understood. Better ways to express distaste or define “class”.

  • It’s one thing to give your kid a good bare assed spanking with your hand, but these parents used a miniature hockey stick and a skipping rope.!

    • “a good bare assed spanking with your hand”. Oh yes, that is so much better.

  • Spanking at 14???

  • hell no i was spanked and it made me a better person there is a difference between spanking and beating and there is nothing wrong with a spanking

  • No .i would go to jail but when I come back don’t wanna see that child

  • No they shouldn’t because the daughter did something wrong.

  • Joe Vega that does not work anymore

  • Nick Lavalleeyou talking foolishness also

  • It’s not assault to spank your children for anything! Use proper judgement of course. In this case it is justifiable considering the real world consequences.

  • terrible parenting

  • No the Goverment did this

  • This child abuse trumped up laws are way out of hand.

  • I think what they did was abusive and they clearly don’t understand healthy boundaries, neither does their daughter obviously.

  • Just shows that we are not in control of our lifes. If the state does not agree with your methods of handling your family issues than off to court you go. No matter how protected by the law you think you are. Especially in California. On a side note in the articles it stats that she was sending nude photos to a man on the internet. Why isn’t that priority one? Also for you people that will say that he went to far or spanking isn’t the answer. Understand there is a fine line between child abuse and just simply disciplining your child. So lets not twist words and start name calling.

  • no but hell no

  • More important, will the girl be charged with child pornography? Is the person she sent it to charged with child porn?

  • not enough goddess in mother, spanking could`t help.Fathers keep appreciate femininity .

  • Hell no

  • Rediculous!!! Too ruling right she got a clip!!!!!
    This world is laughable. It’s a joke

  • If you live in a city you have my pity.

  • Jail is not the way to go, but these parents still suck. The fact that a fourteen-year-old girl is sharing naked pictures of herself indicates profound dysfunction. She is desperately seeking love and attention. And the fact that spanking as a solution even crossed their minds is disgusting. She’s an individual human being with bodily autonomy. Even if you believe in spanking, by age fourteen, it’s become useless. She’s rapidly becoming her own person; spanking won’t fix anything. She hasn’t learned anything. She’ll just be more careful next time. She’ll hate them even more than she probably already does. And the second she comes of age, she’ll leave and never come back. I could not possibly care less if she lives under your roof and you pay the bills. SHE. IS. A. HUMAN. BEING. WITH. RIGHTS. And if you think financial dependence gives you the right to abuse someone, you’re an insecure, controlling psychopath. All of you people saying you would have beaten the crap out of her are disgusting, pathetic excuses for human beings. I pity your poor kids.

    • Amen!

    • You are silly. 14 y/o girls can be sexually active and can be very attention seeking. That doesn’t mean she’s desperately seeking attention because of dis function. It means she’s 14 and doesn’t know wtf she’s doing!? Spanking is about shame. Not pain. So it actually could be effective. People like you are likely the same pussy foots responsible for all the entitled fools wandering the planet wondering why they can’t do/have whatever they want and living from one pout fest to the next only by whining about how unfair life is to them while wallowing in self pity because the world won’t drop what they think they deserve in their laps. Human beings are animals. We have to protect our young by teaching them lessons. And yes sometimes there is some of that big old scary pain.

    • Dramaturgical nonsense, she’s 14, end of statement.

    • or her sending pics has nothing to do with the parents, more with a teenage girl going through a faze where she’s craving attention from boys and knows how to get it?? a lot of girls go through this faze and never grow out of it. she’s 14. she’s dumb. she didn’t think. she knew what she was doing and she knew her parents would be pissed if they found out. she thought they wouldn’t and did it anyway cuz she’s careless. it’s not that deep.

    • you kinda sound like a 14 y.o. yourself to be honest screaming she has rights…. she does but is she grown enough to make decisions. if she was she wouldn’t be posting naked pics on the Internet where the creeps are free to roam…

    • London Massey , thank god Neanderthal like you are will be going extinct in a smarter, science and fact based society. Peeps like you are the reason we aren’t there yet, too lazy to read a book on child psychologie , but dumb enough to violent weaker smaller human beings too “teach them a lesson” because you just suck ass at critical thinkink.

    • Wow, look at all of these ad hominems. All of these idiots nitpicking tiny things that I said and ignoring my overall point. As a matter of fact, I’m the first to say that people should be held accountable for their stupid decisions. Sexting is an incredibly stupid decision. Once it’s out there, it’s out there, anybody can get to it, and you may well regret it. Look at all of those poor girls who have committed suicide because of leaked sexts. I don’t, however, think that this is the proper way to handle it. She is fourteen years old, more than old enough to have a serious conversation. Physical force shouldn’t even be an option, because there are other ways to get through to her. This is just lazy parenting. And if she’s grown enough to make her own decisions, she’s grown enough to make those decisions without fear of physical retribution from her parents.

  • If she is sexting then she is too rebellious for a spanking to do any more for her than get her angry. No the parents should not be punished for doing their best. The girl however needs some serious help before she destroys her life.

  • Complicated. Under age voluntarily posts nude pics. Which could be considered child pornography. Since the parents are responsible for the irresponsible 14 y/o. Not sure how to handle that. Obviously they didn’t get the parenting down quit a while ago.

  • No she shouldn’t be physically punished. Let her learn that lesson for herself

  • Absolutely ludicrous. The state is now raising our kids. Not us. Beware !

  • Parent or not, cop or not, anyone that hits or spanks a fucking child or adolescent should face the consequences and be put away.

  • I know some teens will not care if you take their phone. They’ll get someone else’s. Grounding don’t work. Discussing and lecturing can be a waste of time. Most parents would never call the FBI on their own kid. I would have as a last resort. No I don’t think spanking an already pampered out of control teen would do any good. I don’t believe you should spank a small child, unless it’s a last resort after explaining a situation and insuring they understand. To the point of the question, did they spank her and leave a bruise? If so, perhaps anger management and probation. If they left a mark, then yes. You let anger guide your hand. The teen girl needs a dose of reality from some FBI anti-child trafficking agents and some type of legal punishment for her actions. She’s 14, knows better, is young and naive.

  • no ones business but the parents

  • Nope . That’s what’s wrong now a days. A spanking never killed anyone

  • Don’t think spanking solves anything–she needs a punishment that would sink in –something she really wants taken away

  • The law she broke was more egregious. I know that several teenagers have been charged with producing child porn for doing this same thing. Unfortunately, by age 14, she is probably beyond the reach of spanking.

  • If you raise your children the way the person thinking the parents should convicted don’t wonder why society is full of these spoiled brats who have no respect or value

  • Yes

  • Stop violence!
    Discussion is the only way of raising a kid .


  • Hell no!

  • Well, now she should be emancipated, and therefore free her parents of any responsibility for her bad choices. Just my opinion.

  • Take her phone away and best with a hammer. Ground her for ten years.

    Charlene and William Tristan Raitt

  • Kids are not property. Kids are humans and the non aggression principle expands to them. If the child wishes to press charges then so be it. You don’t just physically assault people without facing consequences.

  • Spank away!

  • There is never a reason to hit kids other than self defence

  • No, absolutely not. That’s fucking parenting. Stop making it a criminal matter to actually raise your kids

  • hang emhigh

  • Absolutely not

  • show us the photos so we can make a statement based on the real facts

  • 14 is pretty old for that and what do u consider spanking ?

  • I feel the District attorney who filed the charges and the officers who made the arrest should be publicly beaten until they begged for death

  • Yes obviously.

  • That’s crazy. Spank away.

  • Spanking? No. No they shouldn’t.

  • The parents hit the girl with a “mini hockey stick” and “a jump rope” and left bruises. That in my book is child abuse. The young girl will be left feeling her actions were “dirty” .Far better to speak to the girl and ask why? and explain to her the consequences of “sexting” pictures on social media. Young girls often suffer “peer pressure” at this age and need support from parents to become strong and independent young women.

  • The next time you hear someone ask “where were the parents?” Now you know. They have been given all of the responsibility, but none of the authority over their kids.

  • No friggin way! I was spanked as a child and I love my parents dearly to this day. I understood, even then, I deserved it. Kids, even teens, have a difficult time connecting their actions to their future. They NEED short term consequences for what their parents know to be bad decisions.

  • We make it tllegal for parents to be parents, and then wonder why our youth are a lost cause. Then we act stupid like we cant figure out why our kids are little assholes.

  • Bitch is lucky she didn’t have my old man as a father cause he woulda crippled her ass

  • Yes because look how fuckin stupid spanking made the last 2 generations.

  • If it went to physical assault on a higher level than spanking, they should, no parent should strike his child. If it’s a light thing they shouldn’t be convicted, they should simply change this habit, and talk to their daughter. Only this makes sense, talkign to her as your equal. Being aggressive or being a form of power in her eyes just makes her want to rebel, which brings up more shit…

  • Hell No

  • No. They shouldnt. Hopefully she wont do that again. Could have ended far worse than getting a spanking for putting up the photos.

  • Spanking is like way to sexual for me! Lol

  • If hitting is such a great way to promote good behavior, why is it only ok to hit defenseless children?

  • 14 years old (personally) seems a little old to spank! But the keyword here is “THEIR” daughter that belongs to “THEM”!!!

  • hell no they do not !!!!!!!!

  • Really, I don’t think the cops should be involved in this. Yes, the parents went way overboard – it’s illegal to hit with anything other than your hand (in Canada, anyway) … but CAS has programs to help teach parents coping mechanisms, and some even are able to go through a parenting class to help them better discipline the kid… I think they should have been called instead. (Yes, maybe she is too old to be “spanked”/”abused” but fact of the matter is I think many of us would have a hard time responding to our 14 year old sending nudes online…) just my opinion… i ain’t offending anybody, it’s just my opinion.

  • Just came to see how many people side with the daughter and well……

  • Fuck no

  • Hell no. Bust that ass.!!!

  • Ground her!! She chose a spanking because at her age, groundation is agony. No phone no Facebook no nothing…think about it. Not that I disagree with a spanking when it’s called for, just think that would be most appropriate and effective.

  • If one of the choices had been, “Cutting off her fingers” and she had chosen it, would it have been OK for a parent to do it? Taking away her cell phone, removing her internet access, and grounding her were safe and legal methods to deal with the problem. The law may not be right in most people’s opinion, but the law is enforced by a government that can and does remove children from homes.

  • they should spank themselves!!! paying attention before its late, never too late doe! poor childs!

  • No, but she is a little to old for that sort of punishment, take her phone away and send her to YOUR bedroom.

  • Fuck No!!! Plus take her phone away.

  • Government should be spanked.

  • Was her bottom bare?

  • I believe in spanking not beatings . But for a teenager , that it is a hard decision on punishment, it depends on the child if that is the only punishment responds too.

  • What?

  • Nope. The people who made such nonsense laws are wringing their hands with ever 13-17 year old killing someone wondering why…they ask for it for just this stupidity!

  • please spank your kids. look how they all are turning out. mindless sloths that do what ever they please.

  • This wasnt a spanking. They took turns beating that kid with a fucking hockey stick and a rope. So, yeah they need to be in jail.

  • Why does 14 year Olds get a phone and unsupervised access to the Internet in the first place .. someone wasn’t focused on being a parent first ! Js

  • This is horrible, where are these horrible pictures ,

  • If they’re to be convicted, then so, too, should she.

  • I not sure spanking a 14 would be very effective, but they certainly shouldn’t be convicted of a crime. The State shouldn’t be playing mommy or daddy, nor should it be dictating family discipline. Unless of course the punishment is causing death or serious body injury. I personally would have smashed the phone.

  • Probably not, but 14 is way too old for that sort of punishment, and I find myself wondering if the fact that the parents resorted to spanking has anything to do with the girl’s behavior in the first place.

  • No, She needed an ass whoopin.

  • You folks are concerned about spanking a 14 year old kid but think it is fine to send an 18 year old into a war with automatic weapons. I am confused.

  • No they don’t but it was still wrong to do.

  • I spanked, I was spanked, my parents were spanked, my grandparents were spanked, Cavemen and women spanked. The bible says “spare the rod spoil the child.” There is a difference between beating and spanking. The question is, do you know the difference?

  • A lot more than a spanking would happen and no they shouldn’t be convicted.

  • I do not think it is assault but they sure should take that cell phone away from her!

  • Absolutely not

  • I personally am against spanking but I would never suggest that those who do be arrested. The logical punishment for this would be restricted phone and Internet privileges.

  • FUCK NO. It builds character. SP.

  • No they need a pat on the back n told ”good job”

  • She deserved a good ass slapping for sure n to loose the fone


  • Hell no!

  • no that’s the right thing to do as a parent

  • Hope extinction comes soon. Humans suck.

  • Giving your 14 year old daughter a bare butt spanking would be a little creepy!

  • Slut……The parents ought to go to jail for raising their kid to do that

  • No!!!!! She was committing a crime!!!!!!

  • Convicted? No. None of the states business. But they are dumbasses for giving their 14 year old a cell phone

  • I think humans have forgotten they are animals and sex,nudity, sexuality are natural and shouldn’t be controlled in any way when consensual. Parents should teach their values to their children, explain them and give them the choice to follow in their footsteps or to choose their own path… And government needs to calm down

  • No, Discipline is a necessary evil to keep underage children from doing what she did, and opening up herself to a whole world of deviants and pedophiles…..

  • Hell no the deserved to get punished. Its the stategov that should be jailed for interfearing in the parents right to teach there child from right and wrong and if u say the parents went to far then f**k u

  • just jail the little bitch for child porn

  • Fuck a spanking that kid needs throat punched

  • Never !

  • Yes, she needs to be convicted, after all, this IS the US (sarc).

  • No.

  • Absolutely not!!!

  • Too many people without lives that can’t run their own, want to run ours!!!!

  • Fuck no they shouldn’t be charged with assault. What a dumb question. But honestly the kid shouldn’t be spanked over some tittie pictures even if she is underage. Unless the guy was some old man, who the fuck cares?

  • Hell no. The police and child protective services and no one else should be involved in this. Thisnis their family business. Had they mutilated her body yes, had they set her on fire yes, had they locked in a dungeon yes, but if all they did was spa k her for nis heavier hell no they need to but the hell out

  • No! Stop taking the rights of parents away.

  • That would be a NO.

  • Sounds like they should have been locked up years ago. The spanking thing just corroborates they are not fit to be parents.

  • Not in the first instance. And the matter is highly complex. Even children have “adult” convictions.

  • Well you should start off by talking to her and show her why its wrong. some kids don’t know better and some do. but hey you do you

  • Not ever. They were being parents. If more parents did this then we wouldnt have as many disrespectful asses in our schools & roiting in our streets

  • Ha ha ha ha ha

  • No !

  • They probably should have started when she younger

  • No.

  • NO!

  • Chalk one up for the lawyers!

  • No because it’s a parents duty to correct the child when she/he isn’t doing it they supposed to do. My parents used to beats me with belts, broom sticks, and barb wires when I was doing bad thing as I got older the beating eventually stop and now growing up as teenager I can differentiate what is wrong and what is right and I strongly believe that parents should correct their children the way they want to but just not go too overboard and injured them, And what I would advise parents to do if you are reading this plz after scolding, lecturing , spanking or beating them ,don’t send them straight to their room but sit down and explain what they did was wrong and not to do it again and give them warning or risk what might happen if they had continued.

  • sounds like she was sexting the judge

  • Because you even feel you have to ask this question, that’s what’s wrong with America today.

  • Hell no! For just a regular old spanking? Naw. I probably would think 14 – 16 are a little too old for a spanking, but if it’s just a few slaps on the behind with nothing worse than a spoon, or at worst a belt, then no. As long as it’s not crazy. I’m against child abuse but if it’s just a few swats on the behind and if it’s only done in REALLY bad situations (like THIS one) then no.
    Like I said, nothing crazy. To be honest spanking may not be the best choice. She’s older, so it won’t matter as much. You need to train your teenager to get used to adult consequences to adult action. Grounding from electronics and social functions might be in order.

  • Pain is the best teacher of consequent learning

  • No….spanking OK but not beating! Ground her.

  • Do you guys seriously use spanking as a disciplinary tool in the US? I see some posts are saying that she´s too old for spanking, but is it really considered as a reasonable method at all?

    • Only parents who are too ignorant to find a better way to teach discipline.

  • Hitting a child never makes sense.

    Even in this situation. How do the parents know about what was going on in their daughter’s mind at the time she sent those pictures around? What use is a hitting her going to achieve if she was guilt tripped or coerced into showing intimate images of herself? Nothing, because then she just feels even more guilty.

    When shit like that happens talk to your kid, don’t beat them.

    Idgaf if hitting kids is family tradition either.
    It’s wrong and you simply don’t do it unless if you are not fit enough of a parent to do some actual parenting.

  • I think people would mind their own business when discipline of their own child is involved abuse is unacceptable but is most often on a constant basis no child or teen should have a smart phone in my opinion this child is headed down a bad path it’s sad that the parent is being punishe for being a parent and a child is not being punished for indecent exposure

  • No!

  • Will the daughter be charged with creating and distributing child porn?

  • No. But 14 year old needs deep therapy.

  • They should be convicted if they didn’t spank her ass

  • Isn’t arrest and conviction of a crime based on the same logic as spanking a child? Fuck the government authorities.

  • Give them a medal.

  • Dear state, Get out of our fucking business! Our children do not belong to you, you evil, nosey fucks!

  • The Daughter should of got arrested for distributing child porn.

  • I got my ass whipped when I was a kid. I did shit that I shouldn’t have. I got an ass whipping. I didn’t turn out a killer, a thief, a drug addict. Now, those same kids are the rudest most disrespectful punks one can imagine. If it were my daughter, I’d has popped her on the ass too. And if she involved the cops. The brat would be on her own, the rest of her life.


  • Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Horseshit!

  • HELL NO !! the kid is looking to get RAPED ! she is her parents responsibility until 18

  • Hell no. She deserved it.

  • No fucking way. the girl was being stupid and putting herself in a bad situation, convicting the parents just legitimises that stupidity!

  • Fuck no take that girl back down to 5th grade there are a lot of perverts out there n girls need to know how easy it is for them to get taken

  • Uh…No?

  • Bernie supported say yes. Trump supporters say no

  • No.

  • Of course she would choose the spanking, lol

  • Fuck, just let the cops file felony charges on her for distributing child porn. Both her and the recipient would be in shit creek without a paddle.

  • Throw her out like the whole she wants to be.

  • Hell no they are her parents if they feel a suitable punishment is a whoopin they have all the rights in the world to whoop her… this is what is wrong with the world too many people sticking there nose in other peoples buisiness…. my parents whooped me when i was growing up and i needed it it made me turn out the way i did maybe if more parents whooped there kids the world would be better off dont arrest them give them a damn medal

    • Yes, your parent’s method worked great.We can see what a kind, compassionate person you grew up to be.

    • There method did work then the military took away the kindness and compassion

  • If I had kids, I don’t think I’d give them a mobile device …

  • She chose the spanking… THAT seems a little inappropriate.. Kinky

  • i do not think the parents should be charged with that. what about charging the girl with distribution of child porn? any thoughts or comments about that?

    • what i mean is if she killed someone wouldn’t she be charged with murder or manslaughter? even if she is underage

  • What do you mean by spanking? If you beat the crap out of her no-if you swatted her ass a few times, more power to you maybe she’ll think twice next time-The bad news is that you can’t fix terminally stupid with a spanking

  • PC crap is now way overboard.

  • 14? Jesus y’all are just bonkers

  • I don’t think the parents should go to jail. Although taking her cell phone would have been brtter

  • innocent ! She needed the spanking , for guidance

  • The fuck is a 14yr old doing posting nudes. If anything is tap bait, that “tops” it! See what I did there? No, but seriously… that’s not good…

  • Teach the child by reasoning, talking, example. The child needs guidance, especially spiritual. It takes a village to raise a child. This is a challenge and an opportunity to discuss values. What does spanking accomplish? Reinforcing the rule of might makes right. But does this disfunstional behavior require jailing another human? No.

  • It’s just another case of the government’s continued effort to replace the parents as the authority figure in a child’s life.

  • Violence is never the answer. Yes they are classified as children but should be viewed as equals with their own thoughts and feelings.
    Beating someone smaller,weaker and emotionally vulnerable is sadistic.
    Repeating what I said, if it was a 14 year old boy sending a dick pic would also get a good thrashing?
    The one thing that this article doesn’t say, nor have people commented about (which is the most important point) who was she sending them to?
    Someone older then she has no blame

  • No.

  • why would you spank your daughter? you are parents? teach,or learn……..

  • I agree with the Judge. The point of discipline is to teach. Using violence to to teach her what she did creates disconnection between the child and her parents. It would be better to have an open and honest discussion about the danger she put herself in. All they have taught her is don’t get caught out doing it or you’ll be punished. After discussing it and helping her to see the gravity of her mistakes, then perhaps some consequence added to that like grounding but I’m not sure how effective that would be. I guess the question is, do you want your kids to do the right thing because it’s the RIGHT thing & that they respect you and want to follow your lead and take on your values, or do you want them to do the right thing because if they don’t they might be punished? Violence/spanking gets temporary compliance. I want a longer lasting good outcome when it comes to disciplining.

  • No, it’s their kid, it’s not like they’re murdering her

  • No that girl should have been slapped in the face phone broken on the ground, then I would have put her ass in the hokie for prostitution over the internet. Shit like this is fucken sicking to many child predators to worry about.

  • Too much policing…let parents do thier job, rather than counseling parents on good parenting…punishing them is a wrong msg to children

  • Um, noooo. Spanking is a fine punishment. It’s similar to a slap on the back of a hand. Parents punish their kids that way so they remember the pain of getting in trouble, not the pain of regretting doing stupid things again. PUNCHING is different because it is meant to cause more devastating harm to another person.

  • I won’t say they need to be locked up, but a parenting class is certainly in order.

  • No it was there right to what they did.

  • Lol. This is what has become of parenting. The fact that this is a question tells it all. Parents have no control, no rights and will be prosecuted for one thing or another. The legislature has interfered in the family process and it’s out of control. So now they’ll blame the parents. Parents can’t win.

  • Any parents should be punished after using violence aganist child of any age.

  • just one more reason not to have kids.

  • Fuck no

  • No fucking way

  • No.

  • Hell no !!!! They’re doing what responsible parents do!!!! Spare the rod, spoil the child!!!

  • A) she shouldn’t have been given a choice of her punishment
    B) physical punishment is never appropriate

  • They should be applauded

  • They used a hockey stick and a skipping rope…

  • It has become a crime to not be a pervert.

  • Meanwhile this dirtbag cop gets promoted for abuse of a American citizen.

  • no they don’t

  • They should be educated to guide their children, not enforce them

  • I think 14 might be too old for that, do something they will learn from like taking away the phone and never give it back.

  • Fuck no

  • No. Beating is wrong but a spanking doesn’t do permanent damage. I don’t think it was appropriate in this case.

  • She should be charge with creating and distributing kiddie porn!

  • Guess it depends on intensity of the spanking. 14 is a bit too late for spanking I’d say

  • The judges and polititions are peadophiles
    In fact
    A state run by peadophiles
    Sick sick sick…

  • Leave the parents alone!

  • No Way

  • No, the parents should not be convicted. It’s like the saying goes, “if you don’t discipline your child, someone else will.”


  • Why didn’t the girl get charged with underage pornography ?

  • I have noticed that since ancient Greek has lessened kids have become more beligerent, disrespectful, uncaring, foul-mouthed brats. That’s a fact older adults have seen through the years.

  • Yes yes yes

  • “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”
    ― Isaac Asimov. “I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  • Nope!

  • Haha Fuck off I’ll raise my child how I see fit and if she does that she’s lucky she only got an asswhooping

  • People are so scared of hitting children. Don’t get me wrong there is a fine line between discipline and abuse but there needs to be consequences kids fear and sorry but taking away your daughters computer for a few weeks isn’t gonna cut it here

  • Here is my problem, if I did that, and I got busted by my mom … She would beat my ass, then if I told the cops, she would get out of jail, then HUNT ME DOWN and beat my ass more. And the only reason she would have beat my ass in the first place wasn’t for the fact that I did it, it would be for the fact that SHE would get into trouble for having child porn on her computer! A sentence of a couple of years or more now a days.

  • No parents were in their legal right and definitely in their moral right

  • Smacking becomes ineffective after the age of ten so you should really use alternative ways to put children off from being bad.

  • No unless it went to far….. Parents should have the right to spank their kids!!!

  • My kids..
    One is in middle school, daughter, with a 4.0 since kinder and neither have ever had detention or behavior issues.. My son is a 3rd grader. He just tested into GATE. They are responsible and respectful. Their dad and I never spanked them. We just taught respect by showing it and remaining close emotionally and involved.. Spanking isn’t necessary in every family. My kids do well out of personal goals and believing in their own potential. Kids do better acting out of love and getting enough time with their parents. I’m blessed our work schedule is the same as their school schedule. We are always together for the most part. I think too many families are forced to not spend enough time together and many issues arise from that. It breaks down the foundation. Not to mention we have never had cable TV. .I think that has played a major role..

  • Fuck no

  • After I got out of jail I would spank her again.

  • Ha ha = I read all this pacifist etc stuff, one question answers it all. Are children better behaved or do we have more more problem kids now after others tried to enforce there views on how things should be. I think the answer is simple, or will you deny it.

  • There is a difference between a spanking and abuse. If get friends saw bruises the next day at school, that’s abuse. I should know. A spanking may leave some welts for a short time, but certainly NOT bruising.

  • I don’t believe this is anybody’s business about the spanking as long as there were no marks. The teen knew this was outrageous behavior. The psychobabble seems to be coming from people voicing their highest opinions and speculation on subjects they know the least about. Yea, I get it, that it’s very unacceptable to spank one’s child but it’s ok for the police to shoot them! Had it with the social engineering degenerates!

  • Her phone should b taken away and she deserves a lot more then just a spanking!! I grew up getting them and I have a lot more respect because of it!!

  • No.

  • Well they can handle it now or let everyone see them at a titty bar or on porno’s and really they are going to be who or what they are going to be! but not at 14 years old! SO I say NO!

  • ok,so they hit there kid . for putting out child porn, did the kid go to jail for child porn,,, bet not

  • This planet is fucked. We’re all headed to hell in a hand basket.

  • Depends how bad the spanking was. …. but if it was just normal, quick, non bruising spanking then it seems if they would have spanked her as a toddler she wouldn’t have even thought of sexting.

  • Is the judge or anyone else connected with this case going to grieve over this child if some pervert captures this picture and they find her dead from his attack? They will sleep at night they will eat their meals without tears streaming down their face and their bellies tightening up where the food won’t even go down? Will they grieve so greatly that their heart shreds? Will they sit for hours with grief as their constant companion?
    So which choice is the best? A spanking or a ???

  • If as it says she chose that punishment, then no they shouldn’t be any recourse

  • Frack no !

  • A spanking!? Beat her ass down… Lol I wouldn’t make a good parent for a girl

  • Spanking…not good….taking away all of her devices and showing her what happens to many women who do this.

  • who the hell actually “spanks” that word makes it sound like a slight tap on the ass when we all know it really means either a full on jump around the room slap or a near death beating where scars are left behind….
    no kid should get spanked after the age of 7 (and before then it should be tame warning slaps on the ass or leg and only if the child is in imminent danger and a shout wouldn’t work) its unnecessary aft the age of 7 and is only to satisfy the anger of the parent and it does absolutely fuck all but make the child hate the parent thus making the situation worse, now in this case the girl is of sexual exploration age and is also dumb as fuck cos that photo will be seen by everyone at that school and probably other schools in the city which in itself is punishment enough.
    back in my day girls younger and older than that used to get their boobs out and more easily as eating pie and to one or many and thankfully camphones were not out back then otherwise a lot of the “moms” on here would be fucked just saying

  • I think 14 is too old for spanking. But no the parents shouldn’t go to jail for it. As a parent I would’ve had a lot more viable punishments for such activity, and definitely losing her electronics for a Lonnnnng time.

  • Isn’t a 14-year-old girl sexting nude photos of herself distribution of child pornography? Punishing her parents for spanking their kid is as stupid as the parents spanking their daughter. No one is taught anything or given another situation where they can use new knowledge to behave differently. Parents, there are sexuality books for children that are age appropriate. The books for the older kids discuss sexting in an appropriate way. Prevention and healthy communication are the best medicines.

  • No good on them for trying to get some sense into her

  • Perhaps, if they’d instituted actual discipline in their home, instead of just hitting her when she did something they didn’t like, she wouldn’t be acting out as a teen.

  • Hell no

  • Hell NO…. they need a high five for acting like Parents who give a damn. Trying to avoid turning out more worthless adults with a lack of respect for others!

  • I rephrase my question; is it legal to hit children in the US?

  • NO! NOT!! NEVER!!! A little keen hickory switch used on her legs until she peed her pants would have been better! Choosing a punishment is a farce for this sort of misbehavior!! Discipline has to be taught and at times, this is the only way to reach their attention! “Spare the rod, spoil the child”!

  • Apparently they didnt spank the hoodrat hard enough.

  • Yes, spanking is an assault, jjust because they are her parents that does not give them the right to assault her.

  • The parents are as stupid as the girl. But there may be nothing wrong with sharing some nudes. Only stupid people maek it a crime.

  • if you’re 14 year old is sending nudes then it’s probably too late to start spanking her

  • No no no

  • Nope 14 is prime jailbait age that child molesters love to get a hold of. Old enough to be almost fully developed but young enough to be naive and gullible and an all too easy target for molesting assholes with foul intentions.

  • I dont acknowledge the authority of any corrupt government agency that isnt held responsible for the actions they take. Period. And protect my daughter from rape, humiliation, and all kinds of other consequences…. i would have done the same thing….however she wouldnt have had the choice. And she wouldnt have access to internet either. And should i get a knock on my door from cps…not recognized .. therefore they are kidnappers and trespassing so i will protect my family by any means or die trying. 3 things we should all be willing to fight for or die for…. family…. freedom…. and a loving christian God.

  • Mind your own business
    Unless your perfict!

  • Hell no.. My kid would of got a lot worse.. This is why these kids are selfish an running wild, because the government is doing this crap..

  • Should they have spanked her? No. But should they be thrown in jail for it? No. Personally, when my daughter is old enough for this kind of thing to even cross her mind, I hope she’d never do it, and I’ll do everything I can add a parent to prevent it. But if she does she’ll loose everything. 2 months of a bare bedroom with nothing but a mattress and bedding. School, food, and bathroom will be the only reason she will ever come out. Then when she gets her stuff back, another 2 months of no electronics(except family movie night) and no phone for a year. But like these parents, I’ll give her the choice of an alternative; calling the cops. Child pornography is a serious offense, even if she’s charged as a minor.

  • No they should not .putin nude pics askin for trouble .thetes so many people out there would tak.advantage of it .parents only best for their child

  • Depends on the definition of ‘spankin’. Sexting is a problem among teenagers. I would like to think we are intelligent enough to find alternative solutions. I shut of my internet/phone in the home to minimise live xbox use and internet misuse and confiscated mobile phones. 2 weeks without a phone for a teenager nowadays is like cutting off their arms.

  • I’ll need to check out these photos to make such a tough decision.

  • She chose spanking. I think her parents are great.

  • No I would have kicked her butt to abuse is one thing but discipline that’s why alot of the kids are so dang disrespectful today no discipline

  • Assault?? This is ridiculous!! If the parents didn’t make her expose her bare ass or actually abuse her such as beating her to the point she can barely walk or has to be hospitalized etc then this is not anyone’s business including the government!! This is their family & their home & they should not go to jail for trying to discipline their child for making terrible & possibly dangerous choices… What is everyone gonna say if this girl gets raped & or killed? Oh the parents should’ve done something!! Who’s gonna help these parents when their child is missing possibly dead somewhere? Not the government & probably not the people sticking their noses where it don’t belong either!! And yet nosy ass people will be the first to also complain when an unruly child is unbelievable rude to them & can care less about anyone’s feelings!! In my opinion leave parents alone that are trying to parent in their way with their children & whether their teenagers want to believe it or not good parents are not perfect but they try their best & they need each other, sending them to jail is beyond wrong & it turns my stomach

  • Id beat her loool

  • So wriong on so many fronts the first of which is being charges with assault.

  • Yes, Absolutely!

  • Is she putting video of the spanking on the net – probably get a million views – sans panties probably 3 million – spanking a 14 year old girl – when was that ever right?

  • No, not if it was a spanking and not a beating.

  • Hell no. Why does the brat even have a phone

  • New York state it is legal

  • Hell no… take her Damon phone and smash it with a hammer. What is she thinking ????? Don’t blame the parent’s, 14 year olds think they have ALL the answers….

  • Rich Bell

    I agree…take someone like myself, 6’2..225 with a temper…and spanking should be absolutely minimal; I used to hit my first born and it back fired big time as far as trying to mend the relationship. Any type of hitting should be outlawed or have an age limit. If you are still spanking pre teens and teens…you are heading into deep water!

  • B. Campbell

    Spanking may be legal in all 50 states, but assault is likewise illegal in all 50 states. Why that charge? Seems to me they might have had a bad lawyer. On the other hand, once a child reaches the “age of reason” spanking becomes more of a problem than a solution.

    A parent has to learn what types of discipline are most effective with their child. This girl seems to have chosen the spanking as an ‘easy out.” Tougher forms of discipline are an inconvenience to both the child and the parent so perhaps these parents were looking for an “easy out,” too. In fact, sexting may have been a reaction to absentee parents, don’t you think?

  • jr023

    While you should not severely bride and definitely not cause lessons . This judge is wrong. And in the last few yrs stories of more and more hideous and violent crimes are reported in liberal Canada. Rape murder shooting police. And often short sentences
    And then spending court and jail for a few alleged Bruce’s on what can in my opinion not child porn which some overzelot prosicuters would try to put the girls on lifetime sex offender lists. Not saying sexting is good but a butt whipping is better than lifetime sentence. Judges need common sense something missing today in government