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Mom Violently Attacked by a Cop while Picking Daughter Up from School, for Parking on the Grass

Cutler Bay, FL — Rita Guzman, 25, was arrested last week after being violently pulled from her vehicle by a power-tripping police officer as she attempted to pick her daughter up from school.

Guzman was not wanted for murder, or theft, or even a subject of the state’s immoral war on drugs. She hadn’t caused harm to anyone or anything. Instead, Guzman had fallen victim to the latest revenue collection scheme conducted by Miami-Dade cops at Dr. Edward L. Wingham Elementary School in Cutler Bay.

When school lets out and parents arrive to pick up their children, police prey on their unsuspecting hosts who attempt to park on the grass. That’s right. The video that you will see below of an innocent woman being fiercely yanked from her vehicle by a public servant is for her choice of parking spots.

Local News 10 spoke to a parent, whose child attends the school. They said police have been handing out citations to parents every day, although there is limited parking availability for parents.

“There is not enough parking here,” another parent, Alex Montes, said. “And they put a whole bunch of no parking signs that were not here last year. Now what they do is wait for the parents every morning and every afternoon to give us tickets.”

“I wish they would come up with a solution to the problem. We don’t know where to park,” said parent Daissy Santiago.

According to the report, Guzman was parked in an area that was marked “no parking or standing.” Seeing his opportunity to sweep in and extort money from an unsuspecting Guzman, a Miami-Dade police officer descended upon her car.

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Guzman explains that she was distracted when the officer approached him so she did not immediately prostrate herself before the authority of the badge.

“I was on the phone, distracted, and the officer asked me to move. I was fine with that, but I didn’t know where. Then it escalated, and he was really aggressive with me,” Guzman said.

According to police, Guzman asked the officer, “Why are you being nasty?” and refused to hand him her driver’s license. For failing to instantly and conscientiously obey his commands, the Miami-Dade officer used the only means he apparently knew to rectify the situation — violence.

“I can’t believe it’s me in that video,” Guzman said of the violent encounter with one of Miami’s finest. “It just wasn’t necessary.”

Guzman was then arrested and her daughter stranded at school as the cop hauled her hardened criminal mother off to jail. Guzman was arrested on charges of resisting arrest without violence and was forced to spend the night in jail.

“I just want people around here to feel safe, and I’m at a point where I don’t feel safe in my own community. I don’t feel safe taking my daughter to school,” said Guzman, who now wears a splint on each wrist for sprains inflicted upon her by this public servant. “Now, I’m just scared, and I’m terrified.”

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Below is the unedited video of Guzman’s assault.

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  • how can anyone justify treating another human being like this over a parking spot you ask? oh wait, it’s a cop. so ya, business as usual then, right? police in the US are just working so hard, reshaping public perception to be seen as despicable animals!

    • It wasn’t over a parking spot. It was a lack of.

  • I got noting.

  • The police hold us accountable to every letter of the law, knowing that they never will be.

  • wanna be a thug ,? get a badge ,and get paid too

  • FTP

  • And the guy in the truck just sat and watched never said s word and then fucked off with himself

  • And everyone just watched and didn’t say anything!

  • Practice what you preach

  • Maybe I am wrong- But I wait almost an hour to pick my kid up from school- and these jackasses drive on the grass and park on the grass while the rest of the normal people wait in line. It pisses me off because I do the right thing but other parents don’t. And to be candid if I saw the school or the police do something about it I would be happy. But again maybe I am just speaking from frustrated xps.

    • so what they shall do in your opion when there is no parking space left….leave and not pick up their child? A lot of people work and don’t have time to come earlier.

    • Then other arrangements should be made. “I’m sorry I ran the red light & almost struck a child, but I only have 10 minutes to pick up my kid from school. I have to run that red light every day or I won’t be there on time.” Is that law ok to break too? Should all the law-abiding citizens grant that person the poor victim card too?

    • You wait on line just like everyone else- If there is an emergency you can the school and make arrangements.

      But there is a line and wait- Why is this one person special?

    • So…you are justifying what this cop did? I could be wrong but that parking on the grass doesn’t put any lives on danger(just saying). Maybe one more question, if that was your mom,aunt,sister,cousin or whomever close to you, would you have said such things? Something to ponder..

    • It looked like excessive force- 100% but again for those of us parents that wait for a Parkin spot to open. It’s frustrating to watch people do what ever they want and get away with it. I don’t know the whole story because I wasn’t there.

    • That’s why they came up with parking tickets. Smh

    • Shantel Worbington which she would have got if she handed her license over.

  • “I fought the law, and the law won….

    • the lawers +, it s not bad luck it s a mean bad way of cheating equality and any fairness, karma is still sleeping for loosercreators ,pssssssssssssssssst 😉

  • I bet they were BOTH in the wrong. She probably told him to go fck himself and he reacted like an insecure bully. People need to show more respect to cops and cops need to be held to higher moral and ethical standard than your average citizen. I gathered all that from just reading the headline!

    • And by telling him to go fuck himself is she not a bully? Who’s the bully the one insulted or the one who gets beat when the insulted snaps?

    • Umm, 1) There is no indication that she said anything to him, she just didn’t move fast enough, so he got nasty. She objected to his attitude. If such personality impaired cops go around acting like assholes, people are bound to respond in kind; 2) people responding to headlines without getting facts is half the reason our govt is screwed up to begin with. You need to know the truth before taking a position, can’t get the truth by only reading the headlines. If he was out “protecting and serving ” instead of hiding out, waiting to catch some poor beleagured mom parking in the wrong spot, this wouldn’t have occured. Personally, that’s not what I expect from my tax dollars. Further, he wanted this to happen, I think – notice there is another car parked there, he didn’t approach that one, just the one with a woman alone in the car. To me, that’s very telling.

    • But this article does not provide all the facts either. We don’t know if there was a weapon in the car, we don’t know why it was such a big deal because the other cars weren’t ticketed. We couldn’t hear what was said between the two parties. I’m not saying either side is right or wrong I’m just saying before you blame the cops saying there is no evidence that the woman did this that or the other thing, you should keep in mind that you don’t know what the woman did.

    • Since when has it been illegal to be a prick to someone? Oh that’s right, never!

      Since when has it been illegal to use this kind of force over a parking ticket? Well tbh I’m not sure, but we all know it’s been on the books for a long time

  • “REVENUE COLLECTION SCHEME”…they are frantic to collect as much as possible,but they can’t help the disrespect and violence against citizens,,,AND NO POLITICIAN IS ADDRESSING THIS.

  • PEOPLE…vie for the citizen arrest to be in force,people keep your guns,and let’s see who arrest who,,,,lol..my friend said this.

  • They need to do this at parks where there is parking and people still park on the road.

    • They need to attack, brutalize, and kidnap people for parking illegally? You might wanna get control of your wordhole, cause it’s making you look really, really stupid.

    • Wait, they can do that to people for parking? ?? We must be doing right.

  • What’s the definition of excessive force.

  • must be she s on the phone with him ,telling him what he is

  • Situations like this are the reason that people no longer respect the police.

    • People don’t respect the police because we live in a world where kids are being raised with no respect for anyone and feel entitled to do whatever with no consequences!

    • No Billy……that’s just stupid. Under no circumstances is it ever ok for an employee of the state to physically harm another person because that person is being disrespectful. There are no laws or statue saying we have to be nice to people. Being an asshole is a right we have as Americans.

      The only disrespectful thing in this video is that coward ass pig man handling that mother in front of s school

    • The only stupid thing I see is your response john. Do you really think that “coward ass pig man” was picking on her or being a bully just because he’s a cop?? Gimme a break! She had hands put on her because she refused the citation and wanted to argue. Sign the ticket and argue in front of the judge. Your signature is your promise to appear. If that is refused guess what? You get hands put on you and You go to jail for refusing to use your signature as your promise to appear. Once again don’t be a idiot john. Think before you type. I know that you have enough sense to figure out there’s more to this story than a cop just wanting to be violent on some soccer mom for no reason.

  • What the cop did was absolutely over the top & uncalled for, but calling the woman “innocent” after she did some as stupid as parking on the grass. She drew the cop’s attention for a reason.

    • “Over the top and uncalled for” yet you still victim blame and make excuses?
      Think about how you appear when writing things like this. Oh she wasn’t innocent she asked for it?

    • She was a victim of police brutality, no doubt. However, I am tired of people acting as though they are entitled to be above the same law everyone else follows. She did not ask or deserve to be beaten the way she was, but she was not innocent in regards to what INITIATED the confrontation. Think how you appear when you only skim a post & believe it says what you want it to.

    • Parking in the grass or giving some lip is not a reason to beat someone… And 9 times out of 10, it’s the cops who confront on “justifiable” (yet petty) reasons, and then escalate it to brutality…. “…but there must’ve been a reason for it” is used to excuse it all

    • Not talking about any other instances, just this very specific one. And I repeat AGAIN, her being whooped on was not justifiable. And AGAIN I repeat, there was no reason for what the cop did. And AGAIN I repeat, she decided to park on the grass, initiating contact. Does anybody actually read posts before jumping on the defensive? Your bias is blinding you.

  • Tht’s just sick

  • I hope she sues his butt and he is FIRED!! NO EXCUSE!!!

  • What’s “embarassing… fuckin’ embarassing” is the guy shooting the video and simultaneously voiding his man card for not coming to her aid. The “embarassing… fuckin’ embarassing” part will be the feedback that goes along the lines of “it’s not my job to be a hero” which misses the point completely. Without a sense of community, this happens because people are too busy hiding behind their fucking phones and not looking out for one another.

    • I bet you if that guy walked up and started defending her, he’d most likely get tased and knocked out. Now if there’s a group of people…it’s a good idea to get involved. Sad how it’s come to that, so I can agree on some of your point for sure.

    • Meh, you never know though. She could’ve been wanted on murder charges with the way that cop was abusing her. You’d think if a cop was fucking someone up, they probably have a reason for it.

  • frigging ridiculous!

  • What is wrong with people 🙁 why do we hate everyone? What kind of man does this to a woman?? Over parking wrong?? I’m sick of seeing people treat each other this way.

  • In addition to filming, maybe it’s time for citizen intervention…

  • Wrist splints, “afraid to sleep at home”. Gimme a fuckin break. Way to play the victim lady. She was way more violent than the cop.

    • SHE was more violent?? Were you watching the same video as the rest of us…where the cop reached in and dragged the ‘hardened criminal’ out of her car?

      Playing the victim? She’s covered in deep bruises man. You have no right to tell someone how they should feel in ANY given situation. Go to oz and ask the wiz for a heart

    • This guy is a real sweetheart isn’t he? Hey ladies I think Erik is single!
      HEY FELIx 🙂
      Your Facebook profile looks like a fake school shooter mock up! Lol

    • Point is it all could have been avoided. Sign your ticket and fight in court, not in the grass next to the school!

    • Shaymus Bogman It’s Halloween genius.

    • Micah Zumar Watch it again, she is resisting and trying to flail around, then watch her interview when she tries to fake cry. Come on.

    • Cop$ucker!

    • Erik Felix when a cop attacks me and tries to drag me out of my car for parking on the grass while waiting for my kid at a primary school…damn straight I’m both shocked AND resisting.

    • Billy moon is a cop

    • Erik Felix will likely be the next psychopath we hear about in the news

    • Seems legit.

  • To serve & protect…

  • This is what a ticket book is for. Pull out your ticket book and start writing.
    What he did was criminal assault.
    He needs to be changed.

  • Why didn’t he just give her a parking ticket? I would have given her another for not moving when asked to, and a 3rd for being a bitch. But nooooooo way should he rip her outta the car and bust her ass, but i would totally keep writing tickets until she got off the phone and moved.

    • Ever thought that maybe he did give her tickets and she refused to sign (personal recognizance)? After that it’s jail and she kept refusing. But let’s jump ahead and blame it on the officer for being too aggressive.

  • I keep wondering how long it will be before some folks start saying something like “that wouldn’t happen if the woman had been armed.”

  • If that was my wife. I would find out where this prick lived. And make a visit. SERIOUS !

    • Says the keyboard bad ass!

    • Billy Moon : Whats your fuckin problem ? I FUCK SHIT UP ! I !

    • Billy seems to be one of those support laws at all cost type, even when it comes to persecution. I believe we have an agency devoted to exposing this and I am glad they are doing this job to expose the people like Billy for what they are.

    • Kevin Ariel: checked his profile out. He is one of them. Check out the conversation about cuffing people to a tree & ripping the front of somebody’s house off with a J-HOOK. I DIDN’T GO ANY FURTHER THAN THAT. DIDN’T NEED TO.

  • bs…..everybody knows if you don’t break the law you don’t have to worry….

  • Your simplicity is insulting.

  • Says no parking obey the law

  • Wow that’s bad!!

  • What the FUCK?

  • They gotta be on steroids either that or they’re completely insane !

  • Another case of someone thinking they are exempt from the law then crying foul when they get hands put on them for failing to accept the responsibility for their actions! Sign your ticket! Take it up in court! This site is just full of job security. Thank you all and keep it up!

  • Seems to be getting worse all the time.

  • Good old government serpent, helping out at the government school.

  • Scary stuff. Over something so petty. It did seem like she wasn’t cooperating, but I don’t see how that constitutes an arrest.

  • Bunch of cry baby idiot liberals. What was wrong is the fact that she thinks she is above the law: the school is private property and if they don’t want you on the grass they have every right to get you off. Obey the signs. That simple.

  • If this is serious I lost all hope for law enforcement!

  • Meanwhile, all I’ve seen my ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE is cops parking up on sidewalks of places they’re literally just chilling or eating at. You know, when they’re not using their lights and sirens just to get through a red light.

  • USA, well on their way to hell in a hand basket. What is going on down there? Pigs are crazy and their very own gov`t should be feared.

  • What I see is an officer trying to give a woman a ticket and her refusing. Next step after that is jail. She’s resisting and so he has to get rough. Do we seriously live in a time where you can disobey laws and regulations and not see repercussions and in fact act like a victim and get away with it?

    • The problem I see is your point of view. So people should follow laws that persecute them?

    • There is no persecution. People need to learn they aren’t entitled to anything. We hire people to uphold the law then get pissed when they do. Don’t like it then take ur ticket and fight it in court.

    • What happens when cops break the law? Why don’t you care when they do it?

    • where did i say i didnt? how did you come to that conclusion?

    • If that was me and my wife and he reached in my car I put a bullet between his eyes plain and simple

    • Allen Painter and youd be in prison for life and your child will grow up not knowing their parents… i fail to see how that solves anything? she should have taken her ticket and gone to court.

    • Allen Painter If that were you would you do someing illegal then be a jackass to a cop becuase you feel big, then expect him not to arrest you?

  • I

  • notice that the 2nd cop car parks on the Grass….

  • Are there any GOOD MEN left that will address this situation, and defend ALL WOMEN from CRAZY-OUT OF CONTROL POLICE?

  • Miami PD of course

  • So the cop drives up on the no stopping or standing area to beat up this poor woman lol REALLY

  • shouldnt have parked on the grass then o.o

  • Sue the school district

  • How do you Americans sleep at night , even your police are against you . Your government is against you . OTHER countries want to destroy you . I pray for you all . It’s no wonder why to me Americans have no sense of humour and so uptight . I GET IT . IM SORRY ❤️

  • police state , how long is it going to take before americans start fighting back , I don’t know about you people but if I saw a woman being assaulted like this I would have jumped in and given that pig a 2 iron to the back of the head

  • He’s a fucking asshole!
    He should be fired!

  • It’s the only way to intimidate people from confronting the government.I think they’re saying, This is what will happen to all of you if you attempt to think. Put fear in them.

  • Welcome to UZA

  • US Cops fucked up

  • All this as a mother waits to pick her child up from school.
    What species of animals in are these cops.

  • I really think it is as above so below- the US government is invading destabilising other nations(Iraq Libya and Syria -all had much more liberal societies than Saudi Arabia -so it is not about “freedom”) -everyone is letting them-the message in the cultural psyche is violent bullying by the powerful is acceptable is ok. What you don’t resist persists.

    • We are in a country built on genocide spreading democide to the rest of the world. If that doesn’t tell you how conditioned people are in this country, I don’t know what will. There is a false sense of patriotism that the war machine feeds on. We are the experiment in the hands of out of control banking.


  • Nazi pigs.

  • fire that prick and sue them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuck cops…..

  • You guys are wrong. The grass was the victim. Poor grass.

  • what a jackass….. wtf is wrong with these retards?

  • The cops are treating everyone as if they are terrorist

  • Thugs.

  • Meanwhile, both cops parked in the grass.


  • Why didn’t he just issue a parking citation?

  • The guy filming didn’t know if she had a warrant or something. He was probably figuring it was a valid arrest and how embarrassing for that woman’s kid. It easy to say someone was in the c wrong when you make assumptions, but in the end, comply or be forced to. Resistance is futile. You will assimilate

    • Spoken like a good little nazi sympathizer.

    • Just a jaded us citizen who knows there is no use in fighting the power, people are too apathetic . And if you still believe western version of history, to you I am certainly more than a nazis sympathizer

    • Call me a supporter if you’re talking the nazis party. But if you’re taking the westernized version of antisemitism, you need to educate yourself.

  • One time the school system lost my book fee money in the system and my parents went up to the school to complain and were met by an off duty cop security guard we had at my school and they could be stupid dicks for no reason. Another time I didn’t have my identification number on and the guard tackled me in the cafeteria when I was standing in line to get lunch. What a great role model these cops are.

  • Jeb Bush is the governor of Florida. If this is the way he runs his state, just imagine how badly he’d fuck up the whole country !!!!

  • Just makes you wonder what’s next. I’m sure some of them are good people…

  • There are so many ass-hole cops around that need their own asses kicked they make even the good cops look very very bad.

  • Tell that Nazi Stormtrooper his violence will be his undoing. He took a sacred oath to serve and protect people, instead he is a violent, nasty bully. Yet another reason Americans hate the police. This dickless bitch belongs to a violent street gang, that hurts women. He probably beats his wife, and kids as well. If we cut off his balls, maybe he will stop hating women.

  • Erik you must like the way it feels to hit women, does your dick get bigger when your fist impacts a woman’s face?

  • Another hero doing heroic shit.

  • When a cop tells you to hang up the phone and get out of the car, do it. WTF. Were it not for HER actions, the situation would not have escalated. It became more than a parking issue, when this stupid person decided she needed more drama in her life. Let her reap it.

  • PRICK!!!!!

  • Without the audio you can not make an opinion, your just guessing as to what the situation was.

  • This is the most ridiculous form of using your power, when are they goingto Serve and Protect like they were origianally supposed to do, not to beat up random people or arrest them in violent manners when they arent doing anything to instigate such harrassment and inhumane cruelty..

  • Looks like resisting arrest to me…

  • This shouldn’t have happened, she didn’t deserve this. However, I will say that this is yet another reason why your kids need to ride the bus. There are too many kids being picked up from school instead of riding the bus, thus causing problems for traffic and parking. The only people who should be picking their kids up from school on a regular basis are those who live too close to the school for their kids to ride the bus. It’s ridiculous that so many people think their kids are too good to ride the bus.

  • Cops don’t go out looking for trouble they go out to CAUSE trouble

  • This is just crazy!! Most cops get on my nerves.! first of all cuz the think they are above us” or “better” cuz of some badge!? Or they are “the law”.? Like what law?? i didn’t agree on anything!! There were more cars on the grass.? Wish we could feel more comfortable letting our kids walk or take the bus tho ..and it saddens me to know there are violent ppl out there especially cops acting aggressively to one person cuz of something so small..smh like really u couldn’t wait two min for her to move.. get her child n leave.?

  • What’s more, people think they are brave to film events such as these. Bravery is stopping that cop & helping that citizen.

  • it is more embarassing that you just sat there and videotaped thi!

  • Keep off the grass!!!

  • and again, ppl just film and do nothing. grew some balls muricans or stop whining as u deserve this if u wont stand against ur 3. reich 3.0

  • cops are unleashed and the government LOVES IT !!!!

  • Whats the matter with policemen???

  • Garth Häävelschlockë

    Dumbass bitch…