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Monsanto Exposed as Source for White Phosphorus Used in Gaza Massacre


Monsanto has earned the dubious reputation of being one of the most hated companies in the world. Its grand proclamations of working to feed the world and help the environment have been exposed for a sham.

Their genetically modified (GM) crops have not increased yields, despite claims to the contrary. What they have done is: 1) encouraged monoculture, industrialized, chemical-dependent farming, 2) smothered the sustainable, non-GM farmer, 3) waylaid beneficial insect populations and aquatic habitats with Bt toxins, 4) caused the emergence of several superweeds, 5) increased the use of chemical herbicides, notably RoundUp, and 6) undertaken a giant human heath experiment with GM foods.

Amassing wealth is Monsanto’s single goal, and it does this through government force, primarily by securing patents on life. Monsanto has also managed to infiltrate government agencies with its own former employees so the power of centralized government can be used to further dominate the market. The recently signed Trans-Pacific Partnership is exhibit A of this global cronyism.

No other country is more controlled by Monsanto than the U.S. Here they find easy ground to wreck civil rights in order to build a more perfect corporatocracy. But agriculture is fairly recent territory for the GM giant.

The chemical manufacturing side of Monsanto goes back a long way, most notably to Vietnam where Agent Orange was used to decimate vast swaths of tropical rainforest and poison countless Vietnamese civilians and soldiers, including American. The popular 2-4, D herbicide used today was an ingredient in Agent Orange.

But Monsanto’s role as a purveyor of deadly military chemicals goes even deeper. For at least 20 years it has supplied the U.S. government with white phosphorus (WP) for incendiary weapons. What’s more, some of this white phosphorus was used in Israel’s invasion of Gaza at the end of 2008, known as Operation Cast Lead or, more appropriately, the Gaza Massacre.

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Israel denied using WP at first, but admitted to using it in Gaza under media pressure. It said the WP was used as an obscurant and illuminant, but even this type of use is banned in civilian areas under the Geneva Convention. According to Sputnik News, in 2009 the U.S. State Department confirmed that WP weapons from its Arkansas plant were sent to Israel for use in the Gaza invasion.

The Monsanto connection to Israel’s war crimes and other uses of white phosphorus was exposed when Current Events Inquiry scoured documents on the US Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website, finding that the agribusiness company provided 180,000 pounds of WP to the government for making projectiles at its Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas.

“The Government is aware of only one source, Monsanto, who currently manufactures WP in the US. WP requires specialized technology, skills and processes in its production. These technologies and skills must be protected within the NTIB [National Technology and Industrial Base, a term for the “persons and organizations that are engaged in research, development, production, integration, services, or information technology activities conducted within the United States and Canada”] in the event of a national emergency. […] Maintaining these skills within the NTIB is essential if the capability to produce WP is to be preserved. Without this restriction to the NTIB, there is a risk the domestic capacity to manufacture WP could be lost […] With only one known producer of WP in the NTIB (Monsanto), the Government’s support of this domestic capability is critically important as it reduces the risk to the war fighter in times of national emergency as well as avoiding a potentially dangerous dependency upon a foreign source.”

Government procures the WP through a third-party contractor known as ICL Performance Products, which is a subsidiary of Israel Chemicals, Ltd. Before using white phosphorus during the Gaza Massacre, in violation of the Geneva Convention, Israel had used white phosphorus in Lebanon in 2006. The U.S. military had also used white phosphorus munitions during the battle of Fallujah in 2004.

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Sputnik News goes on to describe the effects of WP when people are close enough to feel its effects, as in heavily populated civilian areas such as Gaza.

“White phosphorus does not just maim, but can kill. It ignites upon contact with skin and burns either until it runs out of fuel or is cut off from oxygen. If inhaled or swallowed it can cause severe damage to any mucous membranes with which it comes in contact.

Absorption through the skin means that a 10% burn can cause damage to internal organs such as the heart, liver, or kidneys, and can be fatal. Even after healing from an initial exposure, victims can suffer from long-lasting health problems, including birth defects and neurological damage.”

The making of chemicals has always been a lucrative business for Monsanto, especially when it comes to supplying the military, from Agent Orange in Vietnam to white phosphorus today. Who knows what else it makes in the interest of death and destruction?

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  • Die monsato die!!

  • That willy Pete is some nasty shit

  • So a company sold a product other people used and they are the bad guys? What stupid logic.

    • White Phosphorus is a banned weapon. It’s not a common product you pick up from any retailer. Don’t make it sound like monsanto, the main supplier of zyklon-B used to kill in concentration camps is just another company that sells stuff. They sell death. Do you even logic brah!

  • Their products and politics may be nasty but without the governement it would be just another company. Remember who your enemy is, the state.

  • when you hear news like this, you can understand why some chose to not be informed. It’s very painful when you know the truth

  • From main nazi Zyklon-B gas supplier to white phosphorus and GMO food… what could possibly be wrong with that…

  • US getting it’s reputation slandered for GB…

  • a very nasty corporation from a very nasty country !

  • That boy was not a victim of either Agent Orange or Monsanto chemicals. He was maimed like that by his own countrymen who wrongly dropped a maiming CLUSTER BOMB on him. Yes, American made cluster bomb. Its a well known picture. I think its from Bush’s Iraq war. He’s probably 20 years old now.

    Cluster bombs are a military version of a fragment backpack bomb used by terrorists, filled with metal junk to do maximum damage to human flesh. Those little things packed in there are called ‘bomblets’.

    The white stuff on his body isn’t some nasty chemical. It’s much more likely to be a surgical dressing or cleansing product to prevent infection. It was the clusterbomb that blew his arms off. This is a post op photo.

    • The Palestinians have cluster bombs?

    • I dont’ think they have the means to deliver them… but anybody can build a large fragmentation grenade with some explosives and some nuts and bolts in your garage. Why did you think of the Palistinians? That boy’s Iraqi.

    • Cluster bombs are some of the oldest types of bombshell
      Pirates use to straight up shot glass nails whatever did the most damage to personnel


    • Israel has been using white phosphorus in Palestine for years…. https://www.hrw.org/news/2009/03/25/israel-white-phosphorus-use-evidence-war-crimes

    • Obviously when you are spouting off on the net, you can say anything , true or not, to the world. So pay heed to this little problem.

    • He isn’t saying white phosphorus was never used, or that monsanto isn’t evil he’s just saying that was an inaccurate picture to use. Lol man down, people. Thanks some new knowledge Greg.

    • No problem, I”m just very familiar with that photo and have used it for years to discuss needless wars over oil.

      My problem is that while I hate what Monsanto does and stands for, I use Roundup but it kills everything in sight. So I’m very careful with it, and feel a little guilty for even buying it. But I also dont like edging my fencelines.

      The bigger enemy today is that Monsanto has patented their sturdy seeds now and farmers can’t hold back some of their seeds to replant next season. So they have to buy new from Monsanto. THey’re greedy bastards, those megacorporations.

  • The page is impossible to load for me. Internet defense force at work.

  • Heartbreaking…

  • #FuckMonsanto #FuckTheSystem

  • seen that used a lot in Vietnam. but military said they only marked targets with it. also said they marked the hell out of targets

  • This photo is from Iraq years ago.

  • Total destruction the only solution

  • Add this to the corporate criminals we are collecting trigged by the horror of Flint Michigan.

  • Israel and Monsanto a partnership forged in hell.

  • I don’t think Monsanto paid for it. They just provided the customer (the tax payer) what they wanted. If you don’t want murder, death and destruction, don’t pay for it. Don’t pay taxes.

  • Made by Hillary Clinton and co-conspirators.

  • What Is Monsanto? I’m young sorry ??

  • Kalen A Klei

  • It’s all about the money, right Monsanto?

  • And people still dont believe zionists control these corporations

  • Monsanto are the GMO specialist wanting to wipe out Bees, “Organic Farmers” and natural food as part of the Governments “Slow Kill Method to depopulate our planet.

    • Because they make more money with less humans…

  • pricks

  • monsanto ceo in the hague on trial along with all the other mil/industrial/political criminals

  • but its for freeedom and to make this a better country..right guys?

  • Down with monsanto

  • But remember, Monsanto’s owner wants to become president and take away everybody’s guns and large soft drinks…for the children…

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    • This is why I try to stay away from these

    • Wow, you mean to tell me that there are chemicals in all of these products?! Wow, just wow. I am shock. How spooky scary that things on our planet have chemicals in them. That is insane. -_-

    • Fear monger much? Use facts, not your 1st world fear.

    • The dose is the poison.
      My company produces organic baby food with allowable levels of arsenic.

    • Total Anti-science bullsht!
      Monsanto might not be the most ethical when it comes to business practises but there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THEIR PRODUCTS!

      Stick to the anti government memes, leave science to those of us who understand it.

    • If you dont like reading it, the unfollow button isnt hard to find. We dont like monsanto.

    • You should probably at least use facts if you’re going to fear monger.

    • Ken Thornton Is not liking them, a credible reason for discrediting them ?

    • Something that doesn’t need a deep scientific investigation is that all the food made by those producers sucks anyway.

    • JUSTIN WORTON: Total Anti-science bullsht!
      Monsanto might not be the most ethical when it comes to business practises but there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THEIR PRODUCTS!

      Stick to the anti government memes, leave science to those of us who understand it.


      Watch this important video. And then watch it again with your friends.

      Thierry Vrain, a retired biologist and genetic engineer, explains the links between glyphosate (the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup), GMO food and your health. For everyone who has trouble explaining to friends and family why this issue is so important, and why banning glyphosate and GMO crops and foods is so critical, this video lays it out as you’ve never before heard it explained.



    • If animal feed had a glyphosate of 100ppm, and at 1ppm its an exceptionally effective antibiotic and has devastating effects on the guts of chickens, no livestock would be alive. If cancer thrived that much more on 1ppt to 1ppb, how much more would it thrive at 1ppm, and what would the concentration be in animals and consequently humans? How do you explain that some people are perfecly healthy, like me? I do not eat organic, and I eat a large amount of food. I’m very healthy. All that glyphosate should be killing me, but it isn’t.


    • Wait, There’s 2 graphics here. One simply saying that the company that created Agent Orange and White Phosphorous also makes many ingredients people tend to use for Superbowl snacks, The other is a list of those products. Not a single one mentions safety, science or glyophosates. So are you trying to attack any of the facts we’ve presented or just feel like ranting on FB about nothing Eric?

    • The Free Thought Project.com Your absolutely right, I believe the statement and photos, lead some to assume, that there was an implication, to safety or science?

    • The Free Thought Project.com.

      Monsanto did not create agent orange they brought the company that did, and the army created white phosphorus. Monsanto sold them the phosphorus. The army weaponized it.

      Stop trying to save face because we’re not falling for your fear mongering.




    • agent orange still has a hold on me. 40 some years later

    • Jerry, you have more than health problems, there is no cure for those. But you are great example of Monsanto customers.

    • The only food companies i will use from now on

    • AAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Another ADHOM?!? Really? Get an actual argument. And while I love a good race joke, I don;t hate anyone because of their skin color. Maria Omar
      And if I had gut bacteria deficiencies, Id have health problems according to your video, Eric Smithers.

      In response to The Free Thought Project.com, what does Monsanto also having produced A/O and white phosphorus have to do with anything else they make? The didn’t use those chemicals on anyone. The gov’t did. Unless you’re inferring that manufacturing chemicals is a malicious act and that everything Monsanto produces is tainted because of it, why put the two together? And I’ll demand sources that indicate Monsanto is willfully poisoning its consumers.

    • Eric Smithers
      And this junk science is???

    • Well to me this means that the for mentioned companies on this list have products laden with gmo’s and pesticides such as roundup! All you cyber derps that belong to your skeptics society clubs Lolol, know this! Oh wait a minute! Certain untainted, incorruptible members of the scientific community says that gmo’s aren’t bad for you says Michael Shermer, so it must be true! Lolol. The ORIGINAL Seralini report says it all!

    • Patrick Bell this guy can write what he wants. if we dont like reading it we can unfollow him. I get that you love monsanto because of all the wonderful things theyre doing for nobody you know and the terrible things that they put in your familys food. Its cool. But there are other pages writing about how great they are. They arent hard to find, since their aim is to make loads of cash for huge conglomerates. Maybe they will be more suitable for your reading pleasure. I hear the bubble they live in is quite cozy and full of cash and cancer.

  • Absolutely HORRENDOUS and completely UNACCEPTABLE

  • Fred Gear, away with your facts. The Idiots don’t care for them. I am going to donate to the good folk who keep us up to date with the machinations of the Illuminati and NWO. A couple of billion Zimbabwean dollars should assist their mission no end.

  • No wonder the world hates America!

  • an israeli company producing chemicals for a fascist regime whats new here?

  • monSatan doing all that is wrong!

  • I quit using Monsanto products long ago

  • And they’re deeply involved in all aspects of the agri-businesses that feed you


  • Shameless

  • Since when does ANYONE pay attention to the Geneva Convention? Its not worth the paper its written on because its not enforceable and nations can refuse to abide by it. Chenical companies arent totally responsible. They make the ingredients yes, but its a Govt somewhere that decides to deploy and employ it as a weapon….

  • Evil bastard’s

  • While UN and Palestinian sources claimed that 72 to 84 percent of Palestinians in Gaza killed during the war were civilians, a detailed name-by-name analysis of Palestinian fatalities found that of those who could be identified, about 45 percent were non-combatants, while 55 percent were combatants. – See more at: http://jcpa.org/casualties-gaza-war/#sthash.lGsCu73u.dpuf
    Less than 1 to 1 civilian to combatant ratio. You must be insane to call it “massacre”.

  • Can we stop with the logical fallacy? If Monsanto is to blame for how the GOVERNMENT spent tax payer dollars and used it, then all gun manufacturers are responsible for every crime committed with a gun. Selling an inanimate object does not make you guilty of how its used! For fuck’s sake…

  • The world according to Monsanto, (these demonic assholes.).good doco.

  • Monsatan strikes again!

  • It is an insane company.

  • Are any obsessed with the Stuporbowl smart enough to give a damn?

  • People its time to wake up and he food we are eating is killing us

  • Who cares?

    • That’s the attitude they want you to have….

    • Lots of companies do the same sort of thing but no one cares about them.

    • That’s fine with me…. Keep doing what you’re doing. It seems to be working out just fine… Don’t worry about the anal seepage or anything of that sort.. It’s normal.

    • Maybe for you but I can avoid eating shite so I don’t need to worry about it 😉

    • Yeah cause you guys already banned GMO’s and have labeling that our dumbass politicians get too many kickbacks from corporate sponsors….

  • That moment when you reaize… oops missing an L

  • Not to be that guy but, the same company making missles and fighter jets, is the same company millions of people use everyday to fly around the world..

    • I’m not eating the plane….

    • Tod Mahon …You’re not eating dioxin and white phosphorus either.

    • When you’re on the receiving end you are….. Along with the other conflicts of interest chemicals Monsanto puts in our food… Approved by the FDA. No worries keep doing what you’re doing man.

    • And keep thinking a page posting a meme with a plane dropping fire retardant as “agent orange” is totally credible. Keep doing what you’re doing man.

    • Oh the sarcasm Tod.

    • Ha ha nah man…. I wasn’t alive when it was dropped back in nam and affected my father and two others I know. They took forever to acknowledge it and years of denial, they wouldn’t have paid out over 100k to each of them, if nothing was wrong or to worry about. I’m aware of fire retardant and what it looks like. They’re trying to get a point across by the meme.. I understand some people are too stubborn in their ways. It’s natural.

    • They are trying to get their point across…by being ignorant and using an image that doesn’t depict agent orange. If the mainstream media did this, you’d have a field day shitting on them. But it fits your narrative so it’s acceptable.

    • If I said I was selling a nice new honda with 20k miles on it, and I posted a bunch of pictures of a porsche, would you call me a liar saying the pictures don’t match what is advertised? I would just say, “just trying to get my point across that I’m selling a car”..

    • I’d buy it then sue you for false advertising… Because that’s the lazy murican thing to do.

    • But then I’ll just go to court and say, “well according to tod, and what he believes, what I did wasnt wrong because I’m just trying to get my point across by the meme”…that is, unless you now think that case won’t hold water in court.

    • Hmmm…So why aren’t you buying Monsanto products and suing claiming false advertising?

    • Because I’m too busy trolling your post.

    • Damn that sucks. I guess you’ll just keep complaining the rest of your life.

    • Never eaten a fighter jet.

    • And a missles never killed anyone right?

    • Without research name 1 missile built by Boeing and also name 1 fighter jet built by Boeing in the last 5 years.

    • Well they make they AH-64 and F18 E, F, and G..pretty much our most common used aircraft..

  • The above list is EXACTLY why I’m starting gardens, building greenhouses.
    I hope to grow 100% of my food in a few years.
    And I humbly recommend we all do.

    • You don’t get it. They seeds you grow, they created it. The beef you raised was a clone. Everything is fake.

    • Not everything, not yet.

    • And depending on where you live, its illegal. Just like collecting rain water. The government is pretty stupid here in the US.

    • ^ they can suck my dick if they think they’re fining me for collecting rain water.

    • Fucking for real they’d get a bullet in the ass. They don’t own clouds.

  • disturbing


  • White phosphorous has been used since the 19th century… and yes, Monsanto did acquire the company responsible for Agent Orange, but what is your point? The company didn’t make it when Monsanto acquired it and they haven’t made it since, so how exactly is Monsanto responsible for it?

    If this company is really so bad, why do you need to make up stuff about it to make it seem more evil?

    • It’s because chemicals are scary and can kill you!!!! Just the usual everyday fear mongering from The “Free Though” Project.

    • I gotta tell you, I used to think Monsanto was a horrible company, but these memes made me look into it… their advances in plant breeding are responsible for feeding half the world… If not for the increased yield in wheat, corn, and soybean, hundreds of millions of people would have starved…

      But, you know, toxins, so monsanto’s evil

    • I wanna what you were reading. There’s opinions being thrown around on all sides and neither side is right or wrong, but Monsanto is less right than they are wrong.

    • Aubrey Langlois well put

    • I find it interesting that Monsanto and Whole Foods have about the same amount of annual revenues… why is Monsanto the big worldwide all powerful boogeyman that poisons all your food while Whole Foods is just a chain of supermarkets? If money is what makes a company powerful, why isn’t Whole Foods just as big and powerful as Monsanto is supposed to be?

    • Jr Hannafin because whole foods doesn’t position their former employees in high up government positions in order to affect policy changes to get their products approved.

    • Your using too much logic Jr 😉 the irony is the majority of people who are on this page believe anything “non mainstream media” tells them without looking into it and call out people who believe mainstream media and do the exact same thing when both are so called “sheeple”.

      Ignorance is bliss as they say and most people on this page are ignorant but can’t accept it.

    • It’s called monopoly for a reason. As long as you prop up your world as a game nothing good will ever come of it!

    • Seoras Mackay so logic doesn’t come into play when monsantos former head lab supervisor, (Margaret Miller) is now the deputy director of the FDA?
      As well as at least 10 other former high ranking members of Monsanto holding other positions of power, while still collecting pensions from them.

      To me logic would point to something fishy going on there…

    • Actually whole foods and the organic movement in general do most certainly position and pay their lobbyists to be in “high up positions”

      The organic movement is all about the money. It is a marketing campaign

    • Kevin,

      Monsanto doesn’t have a monopoly. Not even close. They are not the largest, and there are literally thousands of seed companies.

    • Kurt

      I think you and logic are far far apart.

  • So disgusting! Amazing how we make such a big deal about the German Nazis but meanwhile our government and largest corporations can get away with mass murder and hideous crimes to humanity.

    • German Nazis were a big deal…

    • History is bound to repeat itself by those who choose to ignore it.

    • Absolutely – not refuting that. Just saying that so many Americans have no idea that eugenics have a very strong history in the US and it continues in the hands of corporations like Monsanto, the military, and the elite.

    • Disgusting that companies that manufacture chemicals…are manufacture chemicals…?

    • Well said Kathleen. only difference is the germans did it for their country.. America does it for greed.

    • Social programming! America took notes and worked with the Nazi’s. They only went after some wartime criminals to show the public something was being done so they would fall back to sleep and let business as usual continue.

    • German Nazi’s? What about the rest of them? Being a Nazi didn’t or doesn’t make you German. Another general misconception about the war that was funded by the Rothschilds and their cronies ?much the same as the media that most ignorant fools get their ‘facts’ from

  • Im pretty sure thats a plane dropping fire retardant on a forest fire, not agent orange.

  • I really don’t care. Btw I grow my own vegetables and only get meat from local farms and butchers. Or we go hunting and eat what we bag 😉

  • #KeepPounding

  • Monsato doesn’t manufacture white phosphorus munitions, they simply provide the government with the allotrope of the chemical element phosphorus….

    Also, phosphorus wasn’t “created”, but discovered.

  • It’s all one an the same open your eyes FOOL

  • This is stupid. I have been a vegetarian for nearly five years now and have known for a long time about this connection. Its nothing new OR nefarious. All you’re doing is pandering to the misinformed and easily suggestable fools who are too lazy to do their own research. A gmo food is no more dangerous than an organic one. Its simply a different means of production.

  • No wonder why they are so delicious. I knew i tasted a hint of orange

  • Tim Paige

  • While it’s true, no one gets out of life alive,
    It’s also true that our foods have been hijacked by laboratories, and much is now artificial.
    Ignorance is bliss, until you become part of the rising cancer epidemic.

    • Now prove its the cause.

    • Are you really that dumb

    • Alex Nollie prove that it’s not the cause… because it seems awfully ironic that at the same time these companies started producing ingredients coincides with the beginning of the rise of cancer/autism/ other major diseases some of which have seen the rate of infections increase by thousands of percent.

      I’m not going to link you anything because you’ll just bitch about not trusting my source or some other bullshit. Find you own sources and look at the time lines.

    • Reports go both ways, there are studies showing/claiming that under reporting and the advent of medical technology and diagnostic testing shows that previous cases simply were not found. Increase in population, proximity to magnetic fields, etc . . . it is certainly a nuanced discussion, and nutrition has a big part in it.

    • Kurt Hash
      That’s a negative proof fallacy.

      The onus is with the one making a positive claim, not the skeptic.

      Correlation is not causation.

      The polar caps are melting, and cancer and autism rates are going up. So by your logic the ice cap melt is the cause.

      Why are you disregarding the fact that the autism umbrella has been expanded to encompass things that where never autism but now are?

      You’re not going to link because you can’t handle being wrong.

    • Kurt Hash asking him to “prove” it is “not” the cause, is no different than asking you to “prove” that it is, not that I disagree, it very well COULD be.

    • Nutrition IS the key factor, the real food that was produced pre-1980’s without all of the artificial ingredients, “natural” flavorings, or GMO’s was way more nutritious than the processed, modified and artificially created food that we have now that are causing all of these issues

    • Patrick Bell he’s trying ti shift the burden of proof.

    • Alex Nollie Correlation is not causation. THANK YOU for being LOGICAL, instead of EMOTIONAL !

    • Kurt Hash is right. Mother Earth News did a study of GMO plants; they grow faster, having shorter stems. Further examination showed they also have smaller, shorter root systems which makes them dwarf plants, virtually no nutritional value. They don’t have the vitamins and minerals found in normal plants.

    • It seems longer roots is key here.
      A great article from a good magazine

    • Patrick Bell I understand that I’m doing the same thing, hence the reason I said it, I’m not trying to shift the burden of proof, neither of us will be able to prove it because there is evidence from both sides. The burden of proof should have been lain on the FDA to ensure that it is safe, but like any other government agency they are bought and paid for by the large corporations that produce these ingredients. Look into the FDA approval of aspartame. And remember, every drug that has ever been recalled was also approved by the FDA…

    • Giving a point and asking for a counter point is not shifting the burden of proof

      Also Alex Nollie nutrition and diet undeniably affect health, the polar ice caps do not, therefore it is a probable causation and not just a correlation.

    • Kurt Hash
      Well 30 years of peer-reviewed research on the effects of gmo’s shows you to be incorrect.
      Unlike you, I’m willing to back it up.

    • Robert Woodyard
      Cool post the link or the name of the study.

    • If requested.

    • Of course your 30 years of Monsanto funded US studies will show that, meanwhile the rest of the world is banning things like this due to the evidence to the contrary.


      For something so safe it seems odd that half the world would make it illegal

    • Kurt Hash
      The second you ask me to prove the opposite, then yes you attempted to shift the burden of proof. Ask any lawyer, judge, debate team, or peer-reviewed journal editor

    • And I gave proof and multiple points and have asked multiple times for your proof which you have yet to show at all. When I provide a point or evidence it then falls on you for a rebuttle and/or counterpoint. But instead you’ve chosen to attack my choice of wording and demean the conversation into how a debate works, all while still ignoring that you havent made 1 single on topic point.

    • There’s a doctor that was on Bill Mare cured Charle Sheens aids even injected his blood has a vacine they’ve been treatening his life cures cancers!!!

    • Kurt Hash
      Well the peer-review-esk starts
      The 1.2.3. All state further research is needed (i.e. not conclusive so saying one or the other is fallacious) and admit to using sample sizes that are not representative of anything larger.

      4. Here that peer-reviewed journal isn’t. https://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/2013/12/05/jeffery-smiths-claim-of-rampant-gmogluten-allergies-rebuked-by-celiac-disease-foundation/

      5. “May cause” is not will cause.

      need to look again, but 5 of your 10 already been shown to be not anything.

    • The rat study was redacted for using mice prone to getting tumours the longer they live.

      That’s 6. Did you check before you used?

    • Michael Garrison Sr. Why does charlie still have aids then????

    • Kurt Hash
      I made no positive claim thus i have no onus. Logic kid, learn it.

    • And as I stated before, all ur doing is attacking my source so it was pointless for me to post them. I am going to find problems with your sources and you with mine. “May cause” is still good enough for most people and until doubt is removed about safety nothing should be on the market unless there is a disclaimer informing the public of the risks (ie alcohol/tobacco)

      youre thirsty? Here i have a bottle of super refreshing liquid, but it may cause uncontrollable seizures, loss of hearing, and blindness… but my friends and i think it’s OK for you to drink, sure cases of hearing loss and blindness are up since we started making it, but yoi can’t prove it’s from me, so drink it every day!

    • Kurt Hash
      Your sources are flawed.

      Do you prefer to feel smart but be wrong with the tiniest security?
      If so that means you do not care about facts.

      But GMOs have not been shown to carry any greater risk than natural foods.

      Did i say i wasn’t going to attack (verifies) your sources?
      Sorry, this is how knowledge work.

    • Kurt Hash
      But you’re the making positive claims based on the flaws. Difference is my studies have been repeated every year to the same results, yours are all over the place.


      Are you that thick kid?

    • The lab rats fed on GMO’s develop multiple tumors..
      Monsanto has been killing cats for more than 30 years. Enjoy your snacks

    • Kurt Hash it also coincides with the prohibition on the proven cure for cancer and a veritable mountain of other diseases : cannabis.

    • Alex Nollie, it was an article in last year’s magazine. When I dig it out, I will give you the link.
      They also had more research done in Europe showing why so many nations have decided to ban GMOs.
      A real shame more magazines and news sources don’t cover it here, or we would not be having this discussion.

  • Monsanto…

  • The salesman that was proving agent orange was safe actually dipped his arm in it every time he made the sales pitch. Needless to say, he’s dead now

    • Wow so if he didn’t dip his arm in it he’d never die?

    • An adult from the 60s is dead now?


      Yeah, if the batch was straight from the plant and had not been overheated then dipping your arm would be fairly safe. Dioxin production tended to happen with improper storage

      Chemistry – learn some

    • Lol I meant as in he’s dead anyway

  • In their defense…it is delicious food

  • burn down Monsanto.

  • Yeah, except Monsanto only manufactured SOME Agent Orange, and only because the military forced them to. They actually fought against it, warning the government of the probable effects of it.

    • Dow Chemical, too.

    • Good ol’ Internet. They can’t put anything on there that isn’t true, clearly.

    • Monsanto is the same company who refuses to be interviewed, refuses to eat there own products, and refuses to list there ingredient .
      More $ was put into disease research than the yr before, yet every disease is on the rise

    • Robb are you literally trying to go for some record of most incorrect things shoved into an entire sentence? Because rn even Ben Carson is still beating you. You should probably just stop.

    • Brandon

      This is freedom from thought project.

      Facts aren’t allowed.

  • I’m just here to find out where I can get a superbowl platter like that. Yum.

  • Hahahaha

  • Ummmm this is actually terrifying.

  • Denny’s?

  • Retro Rager, your favorite company, Monsanto


  • How about the most famous company that makes cereal for breakfast and parts for armored trucks?

  • mine is on the grill

  • Who cares? It’s not like they make it all in the same plant, on the same line, with the same equipment.

    But OMG CHEMICULZ! I guess.

  • Gary Johanik

  • I used to enjoy the Disneyland ride by Monsanto.
    “Better living through modern chemistry” was the theme.
    And they promised, in the future children’s pajamas and bedding will be made out of asbestos, “Monsanto’s wonder fiber.” So many children die in house fires, and this will save lives.

  • Not say’n they have a track record, but they have a track record.

  • You mean the same snacks and foods we’ve be eating for years and years and the fact its super bowl sunday is irrelevant because we would have had to eat today at somepoint anyway?

  • Is that agent orange? Fire retardant?

  • Yuck!

  • Looks like a plane droping fire retardant lol i live in washington i see those planes all day during fire season. I even touched the retardant they drop im still alive! Hahaha

  • It’s Monsantolicious!!

  • A small weak government doesn’t even allow ‘we the people’ to confront much less defeat the massive power of the predatory corporate establishment and their media empire ~ AWA

  • No food associated with GMOs, pesticides, etc are dangerous.
    And organic food is not more nutritious than conventional.

  • Mmh no American president ever lifted a finger to give back Indian land and asked everybody else to leave and go back where they came from. Start from there before anything else

  • and if the whole Superbowl stadium turns into one big Jim Jones get together the government would think that was funny.

  • Delicious…

  • Maybe once or twice a years we can refrain from being a buzzkill?

  • #FuckMonsanto

  • Isn’t this a false equivalency though? Just because they made one thing, doesn’t mean it has bearing on everything they make.

  • Not mine

  • If you seriously think genetically modified CROPS are actually a health issue, then YOU’VE got issues.

  • A lab can’t make money now for being smart? Someone else would have done it if they didn’t

  • What is missing from this list is the off bands like wal-mart, costco, and other generic brands that are produced by these same companies.

  • yuk

  • Lee Chamberlain lol

  • You all are crazy lol its simple I you support the company by there shit if not don’t buy there shit but quit your bitching either way hahahahaha idiots

  • So unfortunately true

  • I hope they clean out those vats before they make those cheetos

  • No they don’t, I make my own Super Bowl snacks fool!


  • I keep that in mind every single day!

  • Dow chemical company?

  • They made agent orange

  • ANOTHER logical fallacy. I’m about to unlike this page, man… The merit of one thing does not negate the merit of another. This is an adhom. You’re just attacking Monsanto and calling the good shit they do bad, because they made at couple things at the request of gov’t(who was the one to actually use it, and NOT Monsanto).

  • There are two different Monsanto companies. Food Monsanto and chemical Monsanto so it is in fact two different companies making those products. Don’t believe everything you read.

  • <------- That moment when I realized that the same hand I wipe my ass with is holding a blunt to my lips. That's the logic right? How can my hand be clean if it's been dirty before? How can a company make something harmless if they have made something dangerous? Reasoning failure, this info-graphic is.

  • And gm mosquitoes.

  • That’s not agent orange, it’s fire retardant. Just saying

  • 1 in 2 get cancer. You’re all fucked.

  • There will be alot more of those moments coming up…

  • Thiokal Aerospace supplied them, not Monsanto. Id be happy for someone to prove me wrong

  • Actually it is all about mind control …

  • Zac Mackay Richard Yu mosanto

  • Yum

  • 3M produces military grade ceramics. Does that mean I write the notes I then stick to my computer screen on body armour?

  • “reaize”

  • *Realize

  • The retard is strong in this

  • I’m just going to put it out there they I have no problem with them making the food for the Super Bowl. The productiom of a lot of food requires the understanding of chemistry, just because they invented white and orange phosphorus doesnt mean everything they produce is either going to poison you or blow up in your face.

  • That’s what ya call all American.

    Its typical of massive corporations to have their hands in all kinds of industries to capitalize on every little thing to make a buck.

  • Well, of course, they did. How else do you think they could get those Cheetos so orange?

  • If you want to know why the cancer rate is so high, consider this first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLCF7vPanrY

  • lol

  • Y’all better stop fuckin with the damn world fucktard government cuz y’all gonna die too if you don’t give it up stupid

  • This one should break some heads

    • those scientific collectives, I trust them more than some yahoos like Avacado man and fraud babe any day.

  • Has this page been hijacked by the Food Babe and her minions?

  • surely you cant complain about monsanto exercising their right in the free market can you? lol

  • is this true

  • That picture isn’t agent orange, it’s fire retardant…

  • And?

  • dislike

  • Oh my god! Did you know PraxAir packages hydrogen! The big molecule kind! And they also package air! Wake up sheeple!!!11!!!

  • Not just super bowl food, Monsanto also makes supermarket food…

  • You do realise that Monsanto didnt “create” agent orange or white phosphorus right?

    The Monsanto chemical (which is not the seed company) manufactured them for the government yes. They didn’t invent them, and they are only one of many companies who manufactured this for the government.

    Also Monsanto seed group was always separate to Monsanto chemical, which was subsequently bought out by another chemical company.

    • Do you realize that the ruling elite are behind it all? All roads lead to Rome.

    • No I don’t realise that

      Mainly because it isn’t true

  • That moment when you realize all your memes are anything but free thought, or logical in any way. I hope no one drives a Volkswagen.

  • Does nobody proofread your memes?

  • You know what makes this a Christmas meme?

  • Don’t worry, everything you eat is either a chemical or a mineral.

  • You Donkey !!!!!!

  • What rubbish. How do they know what I’m eating

  • Enjoy

  • Chemicals are SCARY

  • And this is why I made my own snacks from what i grew or bought locally. I may not completely avoid Monsatan’s crap but I can avoid most of it.

  • So screwed up…smh

  • What does that tell you


    In Egypt a few years ago 74 sports fanatics DIED in a hysterical riot over a stupid soccer game. The way things are going, it won’t be long until we see such horrors here – probably in connection with the super-hyped Stuporbowl!

    I’ll never be interested in seeing a bunch of steroid-soaked, glorified goons smashing into each other in an incredibly over-commercialized, hysterically hyped game over which obsessed, out-of-shape sports fanatics get drunk and brawl with each other. The Stuporbowl is government-approved and promoted “bread and circuses” hysteria at its worst, and shows just how screwed up the media-enslaved American Sheeples’ values have become.

    If you like a sport, do yourself some good and GO OUT AND PLAY IT, and leave those not interested in peace. I like running, but am not obsessed with watching it, betting on it, etc. – I just DO IT. I don’t even turn on the TV or radio now, as you hear about little else than this Stuporbowl obsession. It starts months in advance. What LOONS such fanatics are, with the commercial-propaganda media fueling their fanaticism.

    So before Stuporbowl Sunday be sure to get your beer, chips, and other junk food, then vegetate in front of the boob tube watching these fools, while I ignore it all and do something truly healthy and really fun! Stay away from bars and “tailgate parties” unless you love drunken violence, and stay off the roads where the drunks will be driving after the game. Perhaps, in time, sanity will be restored to those that survive.

    If you think this hysterical obsession has no harmful effects, here is a notification I received from FedEx. This may affect my shipping of guitar pedals:

    FedEx Service Alerts
    FedEx Operations During Super Bowl XLVIII
    Wednesday January 29, 2014

    FedEx will be operating in the metro New York / New Jersey area during Super Bowl XLVIII festivities through February 5, 2014. Some customers in the metro New York / New Jersey area may experience service delays or disruptions during this time because of government security measures in place for Super Bowl XLVIII.

  • White phosphorus was developed by the Fenian Brotherhood in Ireland back in the 1800s. I didn’t know they were still around and made snacks, though

  • we should stop using chemical fertilizer and pesticides when growing crops for food. of course, billions will die horribly from starvation because yields per acre will plunge and prices will skyrocket, but that’s ok, right?

  • Watchin’ the game and munchin’ on them tasty GMO snacks!

  • Eric Gates

  • 99% positive that’s a picture of a plane dropping fire retardant over a wildfire… free thought apparently doesn’t include critical thinking

  • “Reaise” lol.

  • Technically it was Monsanto in concert with Dow Chemical and Diamond Shamrock that created agent orange. I firmly believe that “Round-Up” and other nasty weed killers are direct descendants of the poison. 🙁

  • Spelling guys, spelling!

  • I don’t buy anything out of the box only real food!

  • That company makes food for people in third world countries affordable. I really don’t think they have much say in what they do. If they don’t do it someone worse will…

  • So, a company must not diversify?

  • Is it really gonna kill you? I mean, take care of your body, sure. But last I checked, no one who is responsible about it is dying. If people want to eat completely healthy, more power to ’em. But don’t shame those of us who are reasonably healthy while still enjoying some bad things. But I suppose so long as you let me have my red meat, I don’t mind. =P

  • And people make the argument they want the government regulating food and force labeling. Lol

  • You’ve become a rolling joke
    and the douche bags of “thought”

  • Everyone’s afraid to revolt

  • Phó Hồng-Phương

  • Omg!

  • Looks like rabbit food

  • 3.1 billion hotwings for a Superbowl is a chicken holocaust

  • That moment when you realize that the same country that invented the atom bomb also invented apple pie. fear apple pie!

  • Scary isn’t it what we put in our bodies!

  • Yummy

  • Josh Brown

  • Megan Goodin

  • Superbowl , super stupid.

  • Steffen Gruber

  • Stupid bowl more likely

  • Cool

  • Eeeewwwww!!!!!!

  • The moment when you realize that The Free Thought Project is about propaganda to manipulate your mind through the use of disinformation and fear.
    Monsanto actually created neither of these. White Phosphorus munitions were first created and manufactured in 1827, about 75 years before Monsanto even existed. Agent Orange was developed as a joint venture between the American and British governments during WWII and was produced by no fewer than 7 different companies. Also, the mime shows a tanker spraying fire-retardant not agent orange Agent orange isn’t even orange, it is a clear liquid that appears as a white cloud when sprayed, only the barrels it was transported in were orange stripped to warn handlers of the poison. Monsanto in fact objected to manufacturing agent orange but was forced at the hand of the government to do so. If your going to slam people at least get the fucking facts straight first otherwise it seriously undermines your credibility at free thought.

  • Guy Forster

  • Don’t you know that the anti-GMO movement is a fradulent type of advertisement initiated by both the alternative medicine & organic food corporations (I have nothing against organic food)?

    Hell, even some celebrities have jumped onboard the anti-GMO bandwagon like Gyneth Paltrow & Mark Ruffalo to name a few.

    Golden rice could have prevented the deaths of 2 million children in undeveloped countries, which the culpurit is lack of vitamin A. But the anti-GMO lobbyists, as well as Greepeace, are preventing GMOs from being distributed.

    So here’s the anti-GMO movement’s in a nutshell…