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Innocent Mom Jailed, Children Kidnapped by Police, for Homeschooling

Buffalo, NY – In a case that highlights the drastic overreach of the state into the private lives of citizens, single mother Kiarre Harris was arrested and her children thrown into foster care after she was charged with “educational neglect” for officially removing them from public school and enrolling them in a homeschooling program.

It’s now been three weeks since Harris has seen her children after their legalized kidnapping by the state.

“I felt that the district was failing my children and that’s when I made the decision to homeschool,” Harris told WKBW 7.

According to Harris, she began researching homeschooling last November, after deciding the failing Buffalo Public School system wasn’t providing her children with the necessary tools for a successful academic future.

Harris says she was methodical in filing documents at Buffalo City Hall, following all the necessary procedures, and informing the school district of her intention to homeschool her children.

Harris provided the officially stamped documents to WKBW, which verified the school district had received them on December 7.

“I spoke directly to the homeschool coordinator and she told me from this point on my children were officially un-enrolled from school,” said Harris.

Only a week after un-enrolling the children from public school, Child Protective Services (CPS) called Harris to inquire as to why her kids weren’t in school.

“I told them that my kids were homeschooled now and that I could furnish the documents if they need to see them,” Harris told WKBW.

Harris then went on with her regular homeschooling routine thinking everything was settled, but she was blissfully unaware of what was transpiring. Less than a month later Harris was confronted by police and CPS workers, who claimed they had a court order to take her children. When Harris told them they could not take her children she was arrested for obstruction of justice.

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Buffalo Councilman Ulysees O. Wingo Sr. weighed in on the dubious actions of the state during a council meeting on Tuesday, noting that it is “utterly unacceptable” for a Buffalo mother to be arrested for “educational neglect” simply because she chose to homeschool her children.

“Someone, somewhere messed up, and that someone needs to face the music,” Wingo said at a Buffalo Common Council meeting on Tuesday. “This does not pass the smell test. This looks bad.”

“Did anyone from the school reach out to the mother? We don’t know. It’s very important for us to look at the details and get all of the details,” Wingo said.

Councilman Wingo has called on Family Court to return the children to their mother’s custody immediately, noting the absurd nature of taking children away from their mother’s care over a clerical error.

The Buffalo Public School District told WKBW that it cannot comment on this case due to Federal Laws, but went on to note that in order for a parent to file for homeschooling they must have full custody of the children. This, of course, should be a non-issue as Harris says she’s a single parent and has always had full custody until her kids were kidnapped by the state.

The reality is that persecution of homeschooling parents is common practice, and New York is infamous for attempting to criminalize homeschooling.

As we previously reported, NY resident Tanya Acevedo faced similar circumstances when she attempted to withdraw her children from public school and begin homeschooling. Acevedo withdrew her child from school this winter, filing all necessary paperwork required by the government. But that wasn’t enough to stave off a visit from CPS, who showed up at her residence unannounced to investigate allegations of “educational neglect.”

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Strikingly similar to Harris’ case, Acevedo had filed all the necessary paperwork — even sending two required forms by certified mail, among other meticulous measures.

Acevedo promptly contacting the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) for assistance with her case, and parsing out the New York Public School District’s mountain of red tape to see if, or where, she might have erred.

HSLDA vice president of litigation, Jim Mason, dove into records after being stunned by what he saw in Acevedo’s case, and, as he puts it, “What I found appalled me.”

“Family after family have found themselves in legal limbo because the central office simply cannot or will not follow the timelines in the regulation. More than one homeschooling family told me they had been turned over to CPS because of the office’s delayed handling of the homeschooling paperwork,” said Mason.

“The injustice against homeschooling families in New York City can no longer be tolerated. On December 5, HSLDA filed a civil rights lawsuit against New York City public schools over their systematic mistreatment of homeschooling families. We are asking for money damages and for a court to order the New York City bureaucracy to simply follow New York’s homeschooling regulation.”

Homeschooling families across America find themselves in similar situations to Harris and Acevedo — where a punitive and bloated government deems itself more fit to educate and even raise your children than you.

The ability for individuals to choose how they want their children educated is one of the primary functions of a free society. The fact that parents are being criminalized, and children are being kidnapped by the state for simply choosing to homeschool their kids, reveals a system that strives for omnipotent control over all aspects of an individual’s life.

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The fact that Harris’ children have not seen their mother in three weeks, since being kidnapped from her and forced into foster care, exposes the extreme disconnect between the state’s rhetoric about keeping kids safe – and the frightening reality of their actions in practice.

While we were researching this story, the Free Thought Project reviewed Kiarre Harris’ Facebook profile. What we found was both amazing and ominous. Harris is an activist. As illustrated by her profile, she has been fighting the good fight for some time.

Unafraid of calling out the state for their hypocrisy and brutality, Harris was public about her views. Below are just a few of her posts that pose an alternate and ominous theory about why her children could’ve been taken. For her pro-freedom, anti-corruption views, she could’ve very well been targeted by the state.

  • Winston Smith

    Institutionalized learning is obsolete. Online learning is the future. The state and the teachers unions are fighting dirty to keep their jobs. Imagine the early nineteen-hundreds the buggy-whip manufacturers unions trying to stop Progress via the automobile.
    Another term for mandatory education is mind control.
    Everyone has the inalienable right to believe and practice whatever does no harm to others, everywhere. NO one has the right to cause or allow this inalienable right of others to be violated by anyone, not even anybody’s government. You’ve got to reach out and lend a hand if you can.
    This Mother’s rights were violated and her family traumatized by the state. It is my prayer that whomever is responsible for this debacle of Justice is called to account and made to pay. Also this family is due compensation for the trauma they have suffered at the hands of the state.

    • Anthony

      She is more racist than most of us, watch the entire video and think about it after she calls all whites the devil

      • Winston Smith

        In her position I would probably think worse things about white people. I have being in her position actually with CPS taking our children unjustly. Only I am white so I can’t call white people the devil. I will say Child Protection Services and police violated this woman and her family enough to give her that opinion. Even if she is racist, it doesn’t change the facts in the situation, you’re merely trying to divert blame.
        I will say it again; institutionalized learning is obsolete. If you don’t believe me just ask Google. “Those with a vested interest in the status quo are always violently opposed to change”. I didn’t come up with that realization myself, it was the good professor Albert Einstein I am quoting.
        The job of government is to slow or stop change to favor those in possession of the status quo. As we see here they are not shy about violently ripping apart a family. What has to change is the assumption of authority over the family. Mandatory education is thought control or mind control. I am leery of anything mandatory. Whatever happened to land of the free and Home of the Brave?

        • David French

          You know Something………Most of us NON-Caucasians in AMERICA are plain old SICK & DAMN TIRED of YOU WHITE Folks ALWAYS trying to DICTATE Your Beliefs, Ideology & Mentality about EVERYTHNIG in this MORTAL Realm. Like WHITE People are SO much SMARTER & BETTER than Everyone else.

          (HELL…..it’s pretty easy to WIN the Card Game when one has Most of the Cards in One’s hands……)

          Now YOU, WINSTON SMITH & most other Whites, can try to hide behind ‘simantics’ and Nice, Politically-Correct Wording when you try to make comments on things, concerning what impact the lives of People of COLOR in this Country. But, the fact of the matter is THIS:

          ” AMERICA has ALWAYS been ‘cloaked’ in its Ideology that it is a Nation for ALL Races, Creeds & Ethnicities. Bottom Line is that it has ALWAYS been fabricated for the Overall Success & Prosperity of WHITE Folks. And the DEMISE of others. IF this Nation was about TOTAL Equality, Liberty, FREE of Religion, Thought, Pursue of Happiness and all that other B.S., then answer THIS:……”

          ” WHY Did It Take some 223 yrs before a Man of COLOR got to be this NATION’S Leader ? ”

          ” WHY is it that across this Country, overall, over 60% of the State Prison Populations are AFRIKAN American ? ” (eventhough BLACKS are under 13% of The Overall Population…)

          ” WHY is it that the Unemployment Rate amongst BLACKS & LATINOS in a region is usually 2X to 3X that of WHITES living in the same region ? ”

          ” WHY is it that AMERICAN PUBLIC Education, for decades, has always been intent on keeping Children of COLOR ‘in the dark’ about their TRUE Ancient AFRIKAN Heritage ? And instead, indoctrinated them about the Greatness of EUROPEAN Ideology, Civilizations & Accomplishments (such as The Greeks) ? ”

          (eventhough ETHIOPIA, The SUDAN, KENYA, EGYPT, etc. had Great Empires and civilizations 1,000s of yrs before even the Macedonians, the Forefathers of The Greeks, came to Noteriety)

          NO, WINSTON SMITH……

          The Problems People of COLOR have BEEN having for generations & decades are INDUCED & PLANNED in Nature.

          They have been Planned, Mapped Out, Funded and Executed by WHITE Conservative Think-Tanks consisting of WHITE Folks who are HELL-Bent on Keeping other Races they HATE, on the Lower Rung of this Culture & Society.

          KAIRRE HARRIS is a BLACK Mother who was thinking of how to give her Children a BETTER Education. WHAT Mother doesn’t want that for her Children ? WHAT’S WRONG with that ?

          CPS, The Family Courts, Judges, etc. are ALL in the ‘Let’s-Keep- These-BLACK-Folks-Down’ Clique in AMERICA run by The RULING Elites. And THEY want to CONTINUE what’s been going on in North America, for over 400 centuries………..

          ” WHITE Americans getting SOMETHING for ‘nothing’ Off the Backs of NON-Whites……..”

          • Winston Smith

            pardon me Dave but obviously you’ve mistaken me for an American. I’m a citizen of three countries but none of them are the USA. I have a lot of family living in your country though. I may be a white Canadian immigrant but my kids are Aboriginal. So have I have a child of Gujarat descent from India born in Canada. I’m the furthest thing from racist. In fact being a racist is the most UnCanadian thing a person can be. Canada is different than the United States. We don’t expect everybody to assimilate into a Melting Pot until everybody becomes a homogeneous sort of society. In Canada we believe in multiculturalism. In fact, our strengths are our differences.
            I will forgive you for mistaking me for an American. It’s not so bad online. I’ve been thrown out of establishments in other countries for being mistaken for an American. They usually do an apologetic about face once they discover I’m Canadian.
            Trust me, I understand. In 1812, when Francis Scott Key wrote the words to The Star-Spangled Banner and was singing about the land of the Free, he meant exactly that, not Those whom they owned.

          • National Sovereignty

            So move to Africa then. Go live in mud huts. Nobody cares about your whining.

          • Jordan T

            I agree with what you said about the white elites but that has NOTHING to do with most white Americans and people like me and my girls who are a different generation and bashed or hated almost daily by minirities when we personally did nothing to them. I understand privilege but most of us want nothing to do with those people yet are continuously classified the same way. It’s a real shame.

        • Jordan T

          We had our daughter taken without reason based on “accusations” by her biological father and no supporting evidence. We ended up paying almost $10k just to get her back. We have had zero resolution to this day.. I am also white. It’s insane…

      • FiuToYou

        Hey Anthony! See how you would feel if the exact thing happened to you. You probably don’t even have any children but it’s obvious that you went through the public school system because you sure are pathetic and 100% dumb!!!

      • lawmanjed

        This woman may not be the perfect shining example of a homeschooling mother, but if parents have the right to homeschool their children then so does she, even if you disagree with her personal beliefs. Not everyone in America is a great person, but they still have their rights and it’s our job to uphold everybody’s rights or we all lose ours. Bad parenting and teaching your kids prejudice is an evil, but a potentially much greater evil is the state taking over the role of the parent and infringing upon the relationship between parent and child. If some actual tangible abuse was taking place, and there is solid objective evidence to prove it, then I can understand removing a child from a truly abusive situation. But not liking the attitude of another person is absolutely no excuse to rob them of their child!

  • Anthony

    This woman’s vid makes her look like she’s guilty of something. She neither admits guilt or whatever. She may or may not move from house to house. All she says is that it doesnt matter because she keeps a roof over their head. Sounds like a car roof is over their head every few months. I love the Free Thought Project, but she is screwed up.

    • Anthony

      And she talks about shooting the police and killing herself in jail? Wow, PLEASE, SEND THIS BITCH $$$$!!!

      • David Daisy May Boldock

        She said the opposite to what you infer.

        • Anthony

          She did say the white man is the devil and black men and women are God. White people have done a lot of negative, but guess what… NONE of us are worth shit. Go fuck yourself because we’re all fucked up. Worst thing for her to do is keep her children from a normal schooling system where they can be brought up that black and white red yellow and brown is EQUAL!

          • David Daisy May Boldock

            She did say the first part of your diatribe, but nothing about killing police or herself.

          • Marie Rose

            I heard her say she was NOT going to kill police or herself.

          • katgal1232

            School systems are not = in any way, Black students are punished more severely at all times, while white students are not. Black students are singled out by law enforcement on campus on a daily basis. When we read about a special needs student being handcuffed they are always black. White people will never understand what black people deal with on a daily basis. I was shopping with a friend and we were followed by security the entire time, yes my friend is black. The things that white people do to black people are atrocious. Every single black person I know has several horror stories. Black people have every reason in the world to dislike and even hate white people. Actually the strongest women I have met are black. Take Care

          • FiuToYou

            And then there’s a-holes like you. Why don’t you go take a dump and leave this page, because you’re so full of it there’s a smell!!!

          • FiuToYou

            Do you ‘spank the monkey’ while you read 1984? I bet you do!!! When I read it I threw up. And then after Kent State, I sailed away to the South Pacific and never looked back. The only reason I give a shit about America is I’ve still got family there. For the first time in 45 years I see a chance for America and the world. Donald Trump. I’d bet my bottom dollar you think Hillary was the ONE! That just goes to show what an idiot you really are!

    • Edward Davis

      she said she’s moved 3 times within the last nine to ten years. she said it twice in two distinct, different and not unclear ways.

      For myself, i greatly appreciate a video where information and facts are given, rather than just a blanket statement of “innocent” that we’re supposed to believe because it’s emotional, or because the person looks like a good person.

      you’re really obviously making stuff up based on some pre-bias you have against this women for reasons i prefer not to speculate about.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      What guilt do you want her to admit?

    • FiuToYou

      You have no kids so why don’t you STFU!!!!

  • Anthony

    Nice finish, the white man is the devil and the black man is god? Fuck this racist bitch!

    • Edward Davis

      I’m not a fan of racists, but it is not illegal to have opinions about groups of people (fictitious or otherwise), and nobody has shown any shred of evidence that this woman deserves to have her children taken away. Not to mention the fact that nobody on here has mentioned the fact that these kids have been taken from their mother. Where are the kids right now? a home? foster care? is that what’s best for them? i was raised by a single mother. we moved every year like clockwork. sometimes i had to pay the electric bill from my paper route money. I can tell you, that if the state had taken me from my mom at any point in time, for as little reason as hers, i probably would have become a terrorist as an adult, instead of the Marine i did become. The behavior of this woman is noteworthy, even if her beliefs are not. the behavior of our schools, police officers, child protective services, and courts are absolutely deplorable, disgusting, and dishonorable. Absolutely nothing she read aloud in that court document was illegal. There wasn’t even anything bordering on suspicious. Newsflash: Some people are poor AND care about their kids. I am concerned to raise my own child in a culture that is so eager to turn against it’s own neighbors, while supporting terror from above, no matter how blatant and disgraceful it is.

    • katgal1232

      I think you are the racist bitch.

    • Edward Davis

      It was a nice finish wasn’t it? tells us so much about the roots of belief in our country. It reminds me of the scene in the movie ‘X’ where the soon to be Malcolm X is in prison, and is corrected by a (fictitious) member of the nation of Islam that not ‘some’ white people are devils, but rather “all” white people are devils. when the character of soon to be Malcolm X, naturally denies this, the other fellow asks him to remember his life, and whether or not he has ever met a single good white person. Unfortunately, for the character of Malcolm X (in the movie) he can’t, and he swallows the pill. Racism often comes from a set of biased personal experiences, just as likely as it can come from learning from cultural norms of the world around us. For this lady, i would guess both with a heavy accent on bad personal experiences. What i also notice, is that the “charges” she reads against her are not illegal, but are valued norms designed to make her look like a bad parent to members of a certain social class and privilege. Ie, the moving often, questioning the authority of the schools, etc. I’m guessing by her shown facebook info, her manner of speech, and such, that in the culture she was raised in, questioning authority, being self-educated, and being peaceful are very highly valued. the norms she violated, are of a more deontological nature; ie conformity, submission, are not the values of her sub-culture, but rather a more privileged classes subculture. These are the codes she’s broken, but hey’re not law, and they’re not universally accepted as norms here in America. Very far from it in fact. in and of themselves, they are not inherently destructive either. I mean, it could be a good thing she’s super-involved in her children’s education, it could be a bad thing. I wouldn’t know. Don’t have enough info. But at a glance, I’m guessing she’s better off educating her children, than people that would take children for so little reason. It scares me that people like that might be educating my own child. Anyway, hope you’re having a good day! (certainly better than hers).

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      You’d feel EXACTLY the same way about a certain demographic if they treated you like garbage every day of your life. She has every right to be angry. You do not.

      • jaxon64

        You see what you want to see and believe what you choose. I’m sure she has kindness and assistance from whites almost everyday–if you focus on the negative, that’s all that you see.

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          The human brain is hardwired to “focus on the negative,” because it’s the negative that threatens a species’ survival. I assure you, this woman isn’t being consciously evil.

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    In the U.S. American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.

    • Anthony

      Oh, I see, you’re racist too. I’ll go castrate myself to make you feel better, even though Native Americans were raped pillaged and fucked off just like whatever race you are. But considering I’m only 1/2 white, can I please keep 1 nut? Is that ok with you? I have high aspirations of having a racist child 1 day that I can homeschool

      • David Daisy May Boldock

        Racist is not in my vocabulary..Only words that are meaningful.

      • Living in the past is not doing us any good. As Obama has said, we have advanced farther than that if people will stop looking back.

        • jaxon64

          All Obama did was look back, bringing up everything from the Crusades, to Jim Crow to slavery–over and over to cause racial division. He set race relations back 50 years with all of the hate he displayed and generated.

        • David Daisy May Boldock

          Did Obamination really say that..He read his dummy board correctly for once.

    • They chose to do hyphenate European-Americans can do it to, but it’s stupid when we are all human beings.

  • katgal1232

    She is of color and a single mother, nothing more needs to be said. Disgusting.

    • Guy

      So if she was a white piece of “Traylor Trash” or what ever else other than a person of “color” that would be okay ?

      • Marie Rose

        Of course not.

        • Guy

          Good enough ! Was just checking is all.

    • Nadisa

      I’m white and a black DCF worker showed up at my door and tried to charge me with educational neglect for homeschooling. I promptly called HSLDA and I am still getting DCF calls and have not closed case.This isn’t a race thing.

      • Guy

        You are so right !!!!! It is about being Steam Rolled Over By The DCF ! Which in by it self, is one scary thought ! Simply because, they have more apparent power than god does, and seeming to know no limits to what sort of lives they ruin or destroy, in there mindless pursuit of Child Protection !

        Sand firm Nadisan never backing down or giving a inch. You are your child’s Mom, and do know better than they, what your child needs for it’s education. This is not about neglect, had it been that, my attitude would be way different that what it is ! Fortunately for me, I had a single Mom too, that worked her tail off, to assure that I got a good education too, and then it was in the 1950’s, when it was unheard of. She fought with the teachers and schools, to get me the books and tools that she needed, to teach me how to read at home, because the teachers were just passing me along from one to the next, with no accountability, common then as I guess it is still now ! Later on putting me in private schools, and that is were the lights got turned on in my head ! I was doing Math, two grades ahead and English Literature and reading skills in the 7th grade, that wasn’t taught at H.S. She saved my soul as the result of her own sacrifice, and would not be the person I am today, if she had not. So when it came time for our own kid’s in school, we were prepared, knowing how to handle the system as it is, resulting in our boy’s both graduating from College with high honors, while still going through the public school system !

        It won’t be easy or cheap for you Nadisa, but I can promise that, it will all be someday worth it ! God Bless, and if you ever need a friend to mainly do the listening, while you do the talking, I am around !

    • Doran Zeigler

      Read my comment above — I agree with you that there is racism involved and especially that she is also an “activist.” I had to file a teaching plan with the state. One year they told me that I had to include “patriotism” in the curriculum. I told them that I took the students to all the demonstrations at Albany, protesting against fracking and that we also went to the air force base to protest the drone operations. I told them these excursions more than qualified for “patriotism.” I never heard from them again.

  • Guy

    I think that about 90% of the people here who are debating the topic have some form of a public education that was provide by a State System located some where here in The U.S.A. not including thouse of you who are not in the U.S. I did too, in both public and private schools.

    It has only been within the last few years that Homeschooling and Charter Schools have come about with a mixed bag of results from the effort. IMHOP it is too early too tell what this will result in, but can say I have seen the bad side of homeschooling of kids who are totally not prepared for the reality of life, as the result of these kids interaction to others of their own age and peer group, on my soccer teams. Coming from parents who totally shelter them from the outside world at a very young age !

    I don’t see this as a huge problem, as most kids seem to grow out of it with time, provided they have enough exposure to kids of there own age, but it dose create a problem with kid’s being very shy and not assertive at all, who do get pushed around quite a lot.

    Education wise they seem to be a grade or two above average, with there culture awareness way above average, example kid’s being able to quote Shakespeare at 8 yrs old and play Cello at 10 !

    • Nadisa

      Why is it necessary to be only socialized with children of the same age? Homeschool children learn to socialize with a variety of people of all ages in real life situations as opposed to being forced to socialize with only a large group of their peers in a cometley artificial setting that is nothing like real life. Public schools are failing, government has overstepped by dictating what your children learn and know accedemically and morally. The have taken rights of parents to raise their childrenand instill their values and morals and free thinking in them. The government produces kids that can take tests, and have pushed their politically correctness on them creating young adults that can’t handle rejections or failures in the real world. But on the end it really comes down to government overstepping on a parents right to educate their children as they see fit and this woman’s rights were violated. It’s not racist , I recently had DCF at my house trying to charge me with educational neglect, I am a lower middle class white woman in the suburbs and the investigator was a middle aged black woman. It’s not a race thing it’s the government wanting to control and track the children and raise them to see their world views as correct. I’m still not finished with DCF even though they finally admitted the charges should not be substantiated. Ridiculous….

      • Guy

        It is not necessary to socialize children of all the same age Nasisa, using the example that most schools are broken down to basically four grade levels, or at least that was true when I was in school a long time ago. Plus given the opportunity to interact with people of all age groups and adults at a early age, through my travels with the YMCA helped in my growth and social awareness later on in life, as well.

        My statement about seeing the opposite side of kid’s behaviors in there reactions and interplay with there own peer groups, only comes from my own observations of these homeschooled children at the time of being there Coach, and sure that it is probably quite different now, years later ! Or maybe not, because I am not a Psych or Dr. or anything else, rather than just a Dad who coached soccer and other youth sports for a lot of years is all.

        I don’t agree with you at all about kid’s being forced to be in a “Large Cometley Artificial Settings” as opposite of what would you suggest ? That we just through them all into a class of mixed age’s like the old county one room schools of the 1800’s mixed with kid’s of all ages from 8 to 18 ? Maybe that worked well then, but seriously doubt it would now, and agreeing with the way it is now for at least that much of the system, as it is.

        I don’t have any suggestions on how to make the system better than the way it is now, but do agree with your views about how our Government what’s to homogenize all kid’s into basic white bread, who can spit out answers to questions and react to each other like robots, while patting each other on there back’s saying what a fine job they are doing in education of our children ! Which is total Bull Shit !!!!

        I have many teachers in my family, and heard first hand accounts of some of the horrors that go on within the schools and how the education system is totaly screwed up, by the Government Control of it.

        For the most part you have found a system that work’s for you and your children and that is what is the most important, just as wel for the other parents who have decided to home or charter school there own kids too. God bless you and they for it and hope it all works out for you !

    • jaxon64

      You are in total disconnect and alternate reality. MOST of American history and pretty much all of human history were community based private schools, church-based schools or boarding schools.
      Public school is a relatively new phenomenon with dismal results at best.
      The current high school ( and even college grads) could not pass the 8th grade graduation exam from 100 years ago.
      Children are taught by rote, to memorize and regurgitate facts. There is VERY little cognitive thought involved. No true problem-solving, creative solutions or teaching kids HOW to think–just what they should think.
      If you love your kids, find some way to keep them out of the public indoctrination centers.
      ( our current structure was invented by 1930’s Germany and modeled by the USA to create factory drones, in rows, subservient to authority, single-file lines and raising hands and begging permission to go to the bathroom…wake up folks.)

      • Guy

        And you are being a total jerk in your assumption of me ! One. You don’t know me at all. Two. I am well aware of how our public schools have grown from the original concepts of how they use to be much earlier in our human history, evolving into the present system of today. Three. I am also well aware of how most kid’s today can’t even spell the word “CAT” or know what it means, but are great test takers ! And please don’t use the one about how much smarter the Asian kid’s are than ours ! I heard it befor, it dosen’t work on me, and seen the proof that they are not !

        And finally. Blow it out of your ass Bozo ! Unless your are prepared to do the hard work of making the system better, rather than stand on the sidelines and take potshots at it as a armchair quarterback. Shut the fuck up !

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    This has nothing to do with her political views or the color of her skin, it has to do with money. What people have to understand is that schools get a certain amount of money for each student that attends school in that district, it’s mostly what is used to pay teachers, school boards, etc. They don’t give a crap if these kids get an education or even show up, all the care about is that they are enrolled and the district receives money for them, that’s why homeschooling is being fought so hard by public schools all across this country, because every kid that’s removed from public school is that much less money they get. When you consider those students removed for things like private school and other non traditional schooling methods because good parents are seeking higher educational standards, it is a huge blow to the school districts pocketbook. Money, that’s all this is about and they use agencies like CPS and the SS as their boots on the ground to make sure that money keeps rolling in. The only way to have a free child in this country is to give birth at home and keep them completely out of the system, otherwise the second they get a birth certificate they become a slave, collateral against our debt.

    • Doran Zeigler

      Of course this has to do with race. I am white and homeschooled six children and never had one problem with CPS or the schools. To my knowledge, the kids are STILL ENROLLED in the school district but do not attend school. So, the school system still receives federal money for the homeschooled students, but does not have the burden of educating them. We live in a depressed county where the schools need as much money as they can get — but we were still never bothered by them.

      Teachers do not like homeschoolers because it is an affront to them. You are basically telling them that their “expertise” is a sham and is unneeded. They take this as an insult.

    • Mace


  • Undecider

    So, basically, you have to spend hours and days in the school administration office, talking to all present, that you’re 100% clear to homeschool your kids. And then go back and do it again. Get it on video. Get signatures and affirmations.

    Also, you know CPS is partnered with the school systems in the scam to kidnap kiddies for the foster care business.

  • Ibcamn

    problem is,a smart black woman with kids is a no no in NYC,they can’t control the outcome of what she does and the gov’t doesn’t like that….she is a smart women,her posts are 100% spot on,and remember people,CPS gets a bounty for every child they kidnap,$10,000 for baby’s and toddlers,and about $5,000 for young adults,so what the gov’t has created is basically a bounty hunter going after that bounty and they don’t care who the hurt or what families they ruin or lives they ruin,they just have that desire,that drive to go after that bounty,and with the ability to drag criminal cops in on the haul,they are muscle[badge] for them,even though they have zero authority to carry out any such deeds,they intimidate and threaten till they get what they came for,the kids,and the parent that is in their way,a bonus arrest for the cops,what they too wanted in the first place,they know parents will raise a stink to high heaven protecting their children[as parents should]so they work with CPS knowing they may too get that arrest in the day,and the more charges they make up,the better,for both of them,the CPS and the corrupt cops this has been a symbiant relationship for decades,they can control the children and the parents,by using the children in both cases,so they too along with the cops,can make lucrative amounts of cash,either from the tax payer or the parents bank account,to them,it doesn’t matter,what does is the kidnapping of the child and the arrest of the parent[s].
    this story and all the other ones,should be a wake up call for parents and what they need to do to home school their children,every state is different and the counties too,be careful,i have been through some of this and have had to deal with the local school boards,which are nasty as f”ck to deal with…

    [side note;the schools work with the state departments and county nurses also,trying to get your children vaccinated and if you refuse to play ball,you may get what i got..my daughter was not able to engage with any other students,as in quarintined from them and put into this closet in the office with a chair and shelf,and then they threatened me with a $25 a day fine till i got her caught up on all her shots for her age group and district.what was funny is,there was no law[s] making it mandetory for all this…the school and county health board[nurse],just decided to create this false narrative for parents,to get them to get their children shots.and when i pointed this all out,the school just said,”we get these forms from the county and just mail them out with all the other monthly alerts for concerned parents”,they mailed out a letter stating all the childrens names who’s parents didn’t get their child their vaccinations for the year and that stage of their lives…WTF is wrong with these schools eh.this is all totalitarinism and communistic traits in these teachers and district councilmen and women,they should all be fired on the spot for all this,can you just imagine all the other nasty crap these people are doing,this was bad enough,just imagine…….]

  • lawmanjed

    She may not be the perfect shining example of a homeschooling mother, but if parents have the right to homeschool their children then so does she, even if you disagree with her personal beliefs, or even if you don’t like her attitude. Not everyone in America is a great person, but they still have their rights and it’s our job to uphold everybody’s rights or we all lose ours. Bad parenting and teaching your kids prejudice is an evil, but a potentially much greater evil is the state taking over the role of the parent and infringing upon the relationship between parent and child. If some actual tangible abuse was taking place, and there is solid objective evidence to prove it, then I can understand removing a child from a truly abusive situation. But not liking the attitude of another person is absolutely no excuse to rob them of their child!

  • Phil Freeman

    I wonder how many ” immunization injections” the children received during the last three weeks while in the safe custody of the state. Chemical lobotomies for all!

    • Guy

      I am sure that the kid who’s name was Spike, that I went to school with in the mid 50’s will agree with you Phil. The only problem he had was Polo it seemed ! He had to wear metal braces on his leg’s and drag himself around on crutches ! First we got the shots in the arm, (I hated thouse) and then came the sugar cubes, 3 of thouse at different times during the year. I guess they though a double dose won’t hurt. Ever get mumps or chicken pox, diphtheria, rubella, scarlet fever, or the black death (plague) ?

  • Phil Freeman

    Parents would do well to stop granting parens patriea interest in their biological property to the state. Problem is, parents are willfully ignorant of the legal mechanism by which they grant consent. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Christian Gains

    Kiarre, my wife and I HOME SCHOOLED all 3 of our girls, (and 3 we adopted for that purpose–their Mom was a close friend, and asked us to), and they ALL got a High School Diploma, certified by the State. Of course, this was in the LATE 80’s, EARLY 90’s, and in Florida, so the conditions are different, but We’re going to keep you in our prayers!

    IF you’ve not done so yet, ck out the HOME SCHOOL LEGAL DEFENSE ASSOCIATION…They are representing another Mother, there in NY State, and your cases are VERY SIMILAR…we used HSLDA, and they were WONDERFUL…but BEWARE of CITY GOVT., it’s DANGEROUS!

    May God bless you, and re-unite you and your children QUICKLY!

  • ’46 one time hippy

    Well she sure got a good education somewhere. The state taking children is a most evil crime. The state must go.

  • Can’t believe how many ignorant people there are that would believe a nonsense story like this “Innocent Mom Jailed, Children Kidnapped by Police, for Homeschooling”

    Do you really think all it takes is a handwritten note telling the school you plan to ‘unenroll’ your children and homeschool them exempts them from the law?

    You think CPS just shows-up unannounced and takes kids away without ever consulting, investigating and warning the individual?

    There are laws in place to protect children from stupid parents, parents that fail to comply with their childs education requirements, parents that remove children from school for ‘homeschooling’ without providing the State their Individualized Home Instruction Plan, list of text books and their instruction plans are not complying with the law.

    People have every right to homeschool ..if they provide the State their educational program ..which Harris either failed to or refused to do.

  • Amie Trego Rinier

    I went through a similar situation although my children weren’t removed from my care. My sons principal actually yelled at him and came to my home and told me that he didn’t know how to deal with him. I removed him from school, got my homeschooling plan approved and homeschooled him the remainder of that year. He thrived but was diagnosed as dyslexic by his educational reviewer. She told me to request formal testing by the school district, I did and got the run around. Being homeschooled though I was able to work with him on his dyslexia and tailor his studies for his needs. The following year I sent him back to school wanting him to build his social skills. He was in a different school that year. It was the biggest mistake I ever made. I continued to get the run around about testing for dyslexia, the teachers were ridiculous and actually called me at work to tell me when he got to school his hands were dirty. I almost got fired because work did not consider dirty hands an emergency. His bus was late and he decided to play in the dirt with his cars while he waited. He didn’t have time to run in the house to wash his hands when the bus got there. We used to play football at the bus stop and had more than dirty hands and the school never would have dreamed of calling my parents with such ridiculousness. I removed him, began homeschooling him again and the school refused to approve my educational plan, I refused to send him back and continued homeschooling. They wanted weekly tests at the school which my educational reviewer had already submitted a report about the anxiety in normal testing due to his dyslexia and that it wouldn’t accurately show what he was learning. They kept fining me for truancy while we battled it out and finally I was summoned to court.

    The magistrate had a reputation of siding with the school no matter what the issue or facts were. I went in with only a squeak for a voice due to illness and when I tried to speak I was told to shut up that my voice irritated him. A rep from CYS was there because of the assertion of educational neglect by the school and was appalled by the judges behavior. I was sentenced to 6 months in jail and almost $20,000 in fines. I appealed it and the CYS worker testified on my behalf as to the judges behavior. I appealed and the judge that heard the appeal was outraged at the school, the magistrate and what we had been put through. He apologized to me and told me that if it was up to him the Magistrate would be removed from the bench due to his conduct. He asked if I wanted to homeschool my son and I told him being in that district and all the problems that I didn’t have any other option but I would prefer him to be in school learning to socialize and being exposed to kids from many walks of life. He told me to pick a school and my home district would not only have to pay tuition but for his transportation to and from school. He dismissed the fines and jail sentence and again apologized to me and commended me for sticking to my guns and doing what was best for my son. The 3 officials there from the school were pissed.

    My son and I actually stopped to use the restroom and talk to a friend, so we were there about another 30 minutes. When we went to leave the 3 school officials (counselor, teacher and VP) blocked the exit and wouldn’t let us by. I asked them to move and they refused. The bailiff came over and told them that they would be arrested for unlawful detaining (or something like that) if they didn’t move. Man, I would have loved to see them in handcuffs and being arrested after what they put us through but they moved.

    Just because the school and CPS/CYS (whatever it is called in your area) go against you, it doesn’t mean that’s it. There are people that care about what’s best for the kids NOT what looks good/bad for the school district. Just an FYI: that district has been the highest in the state for homeschooling for many years because of all the problems parents/children have with the school following requirements and etc.

    I am so sorry that you had your kids taken and are going through this but the truth will be seen and you will be vindicated one day. Your children will know that you were doing what you KNEW was best for them and that you refused to let them suffer because the school, the police, the court and CPS/CYS tried to bully you! Hang in there! Our kids are our future and we as parents have to look out for them!

  • Debra Knowles-Palumbo

    Kiarre Harris- contact the Home School Legal Defense Association!
    Link to their web site:
    Contact info:
    Home School Legal Defense Association
    P.O. Box 3000
    Purcellville, VA 20134
    Phone: (540) 338-5600
    Fax: 1-540-338-2733