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Mom Arrested, Shackled, Jailed Because Her Honor Roll Son Had 3 Unexcused Absences at School

Screven County, Georgia – Mother and substitute teacher Julie Giles was arrested this week because her son had too many unexcused absences from public school.

Writing on her Facebook page before turning herself in, Giles said “If anyone feels the need to go public with this feel free to do so….the facts are Sam originally had what they consider 12 unexcused absences, 6 are allowed per year, so he had 6 more than is acceptable, but the doctor reissued 3 excuses that Sam didn’t turn in, so basically I am being arrested for THREE days.”

She also noted that her child has all A’s and B’s in school.

julia giles

WTOC’s Don Logana contacted Screven County Schools Superintendent William Bland, who told him that the school district is working within the law.

“It’s important for these children to be in school and I think the courts recognize that,” he said.

Logana also learned during his investigation that several other parents have been convicted for the same offense at this school this year alone.

Luckily, Giles was quickly released, but now she will still need to appear in court to defend herself.

“I am home. I was actually placed in ankle shackles!! I was told that doing so is procedure. I was respectful and followed directions. Sheriff Mike Kile allowed me to leave after being booked and photographed without having to call a bondsman. I will call tomorrow to get my court date. Thanks for the support!!” Giles wrote to WTOC when she returned home.

This is what public education looks like in a police state.

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  • Paul Klinger

    This is nuts.

  • Mark Davidson

    This is way off the rocker . you have something wrong with you comment site or you would be getting a lot more rebuttable . this seems par for the course . You are afraid to go after gang members and drug dealers but you babies take the time to put shackles on ladies legs . Shame on you great big bullies for showing your strength on the meek ladies of the community . If this is all you can mustard up , then you manly men need to take up a posh job . doing men jobs are way out of your league you big nasty’s .

    • Matthew Goss

      They did their job. If anything be pissed at the schools they did rhis to her.

  • Wendy J. Colby

    Whoever wrote these laws needs to UN write them. They are being misused.It was intended for kids who miss MONTHS of school because their folks are crack heads and such.Obviously, common sense is a thing of the past and the letter of the law outweighs the spirit now. Time to Abolish the law and get the courts and Law enforcement out of our schools

    • old woman

      Actually, I had an honest administrator (and the only one at that school who appeared not to have gone to the Hermann Goering school of education) tell me exactly why these rules were put in place when I had a daughter in school who had a lot of illnesses. He admitted that they are so concerned about attendance because their funding is calculated on student-days, so when kids are absent, they lose money. Of course.

  • l.p.

    I got a letter from the school system’s truancy office once when they claimed my son had three (THREE!) unexcused absences. I had proof that they were all excused but it turned out that the school hadn’t properly documented and filed the notes I had provided them each time he was absent. There was never any inquiry or notifications from the school itself, it just elevated to the truancy office right off the bat! Was SOOO thankful that I keep everything so it never came to anything but holy toledo, to receive a letter presuming you are guilty and threatening legal action etc before you have any opportunity to redeem yourself? These school systems are frightening at best. Part of why I home schooled my son for the last five years. I feel for this woman!

    • James Lewis Olin

      You took the legal option including Home school which we did too. The “mother” in this story has the socialist mind set: the rules don’t apply to her. No they are not acting on “3” unexcused. They are acting on “9” unexcused: they gave her GRACE on the first 6. If she can’t comply with their “system” she needs to find an alternative like Home School.

  • Sean Dooher

    Why are you Americans allowing this? You can bet if this was in Canada there would be 5000 people at that police station shutting it down! Way past the time to lock and load people! Take back your policies forces. It seems they are being trained under a New World Order agenda.

  • brad

    Last year of highschool I moved to a place where the only public bus would get me to school five minutes late. I would run into homeroom every day literally just before or just after they had called my name for attendance. So, either way, it was obvious I was there, at school, attempting to be on time. 6 latenesses (missing saying “here” when my name was called) in a semester meant every grade on the report card goes down one letter…..
    This isn’t of the caliber as a mom going to jail…. but these punishments of mom’s going to jail and students getting their report cards violated, how is this helping anyone? It’s very annoying when you hear people working at a school have intelligence lapses and can severely alter a kid’s life.

  • Tom Martin

    it is a government school, not a public school

  • catmom

    But…why was her kid absent 12 times? That’s a lot actually.

    • Sarah “FabAndBeautifulbySarah” Masters

      Probably illness. She said she had notes, which her son forgot to turn in. Pretty ridiculous.

  • Nick

    what kindof school was her son at? at what age?

  • Carol Bush

    It’s all about the money. each day your child is in school they get paid by the government. Missed days are money out of their pockets. They could care less about whether or not they’re learning.

  • William Russell

    Holy shit. When I was in school and you had X-Number of unexcused absences they made you go to summer school. If you didn’t get a 2.5 there you got held back a year. This is outrageous and stems directly from the rise of private prisons and their lobbying to criminalize EVERYTHING. Conflict of interest balls deep in Liberty’s ass.

  • Jo’lene Morgan

    This happens daily. Chico ca and Merced ca have the same rules only they cannot miss more than 7 days AT ALL a year. Not even if they are excused by a doctor. You have to take them to school to be counted (its all about the money ya know) And then after the first hour or so they can go back home. I have been having issues constantly because i have 3 special needs children. One has a heart condition, one has a skeletal deformity, the oldest has Aspergers and other issues. It really sucks because even when they need to go to the doctor the absence is excused but still illegal.

  • Gail425

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  • schools are government k-12 subjugation pens.

  • Sam Taylor, Jr.

    Not taking your child to school is neglect, a form of child abuse. Should she have been arrested? Clearly not, as her student is still quite successfully meeting the required learning at school. But would you feel differently if her kid were failing?

    • Kirill Burtsev

      of course not, even failing a school should be a choice. The whole idea that not visiting a school is a crime is just scary.

    • Patrick Borush

      each and every child = $$$$ per day for the school. It is a business and the child not filling a seat = lost revenue!!! Also a day the child does not get the proper amount of govt programming and over watch!!! Id suggest homeschooling or even private school if it is possible for her, fuck that so called “education” they receive in public school these days!

      • Sam Taylor, Jr.

        Patrick, if it were a business, we could simply raise prices to the rest of the customer base. But we can’t. When you think of an absence as lost revenue, you are missing the point. What you SHOULD be thinking of it as, is lost staffing, so bathrooms don’t get cleaned regularly. You should be thinking of it as lost funding for field trips, so learning is less engaging and less lasting. Lost funding for new curricular materials, so textbooks printed in 1990 and falling apart have to get used again, for one more year… The money that comes from seat funds isn’t profit that goes to shareholders. It isn’t money used to pay out bonuses to CEOs. It’s the money that we actually use, day in and day out, to pay the rent on the buildings where your children go to school, the staff who watch over those kids, instruct those kids, and keep the buildings safe and clean, and the materials used to instruct them.

        So when you talk about missing school days only being important because of the money, you are wrong twice: first, because missed days, for most students, lead to diminished educational outcomes, and second, because you are implying that schools hate missed days because it takes money out of “their” (whoever that is) pocket, rather than understanding that it takes money out of the already-pared-down funds we have available to pay for all of the things that go into educating kids.


        • Patrick Borush

          your whole speel went out left window from the get go… They have the available funding already! They just need to fire 80% of the administrative staff as most are basically unnecessary and just bloat the budget and put strain on the retirement funds! Pays for trips you say? Then Why was I can recall having to sell candy bars, lollipops, yearbooks and fake shit jewelry to pay for class trips, or you couldnt go?!? This was what 20 years ago now i did this?… They have no money yet can afford BS sports programs and to pay the coaches high 5 to low 6 figure salaries, to coach a bullshit fucking highschool game!!! (yet no money for arts or music,you know real talents!) No it is ran as a business and each child equals a dollar sign to admin staff!!!! I mean who else is going to pay their bloated 6 figure salary as they sit at a fucking desk doing NOTHING basically!!! Oh they also have a secretary, the secretary has a assistant, that assistant has an assistant and so on.. This is what’s up and where the funding for public schools goes. That and more ways to dumb down and program our nation’s children to watch Fox, cheer on asinine sports games and be anti muslim/pro war and so on… If you’re not part of the solution (and cant even see the problem/truths of it all) then that makes you part of the problem! (just read “uses funding to pay for materials”. That’s why teachers pay for half that shit on their own salaries or go without right?)

        • Jamie Hall

          True story:
          A teacher devoted extra time and effort tutoring some black students in her class in preparation for standardized tests.

          The consequence to the students: It was the first time in their lives that they had ever passed anything.

          The consequence to the teacher: She was reprimanded, because helping those black students achieve proficiency meant that the school no longer qualified to receive extra funding for having disadvantaged students.

          Not a business, you say? Keep dreaming.

          • Sam Taylor, Jr.

            Not believing this story. Not only because “True story:” usually presages a lie, but because achieving more in the classroom wouldn’t affect their free/reduced lunch status, or reclassify them from their IEPs, or any other measure which is used to bring in additional financial resources for students. Flat out lie, Jamie. Nice try, though.

    • Scott Williams

      Sorry but you’re incredibly ignorant if you think a parent should be ARRESTED for their children missing school. I don’t care if they are failing or not. ARRESTED??! Really? This option shouldn’t even be on the table. This is the stupidest and craziest thing I’ve ever heard. You don’t put a parent under arrest for something like this. You have meetings, conferences and try to help the student are parent. What is America coming to. We’ve become a police state. WOW.

      • Sam Taylor, Jr.

        Scott, I’m ignorant? Let’s see, the second and third sentences of my post said “Should she have been arrested? Clearly not…”

        But I’m the ignorant one.

        (Perhaps your parents should have been arrested for your missed time at school…)

        • Dylan Peloquin

          I think he was addressing the fact that you seemed to imply that if the child were failing, it would be more acceptable that the parent(s) were arrested. “Should she have been arrested? Clearly not… But would you feel differently if her kid were failing?”

          Assumably you would feel differently, and I personally agree with Scott Williams in that a child’s lack of attendance shouldn’t be an arrestable offense under any circumstances. Which is not to say I agree with you being ignorant, but I disagree with your opinion.

          • Sam Taylor, Jr.

            Dylan and Scott, serious question: if a parent simply refused to send their 8 year old to school — the child had never gone to kinder, or 1st, or 2nd — and refused to home school them, keeping them in a state of perpetual ignorance, then would you think that consequences up to and including taking the child from the parent and/or charging the parent with Criminal Neglect were reasonable?

          • Dylan Peloquin

            It would certainly be more reasonable, yes. I can clarify my previous statement by saying that being enrolled in school but having intermittent attendance and not being enrolled in schooling of any kind are two very different things.

          • Sam Taylor, Jr.

            OK, let’s continue splitting hairs. What about a 12-year old student who had been enrolled since kinder, but had a history of missing 50%+ days each year, and as a result failed virtually all classes, and tested in the lowest quadrile in every annual measure? Would that be neglectful/abusive enough to be actionable in your opinion?

        • Jamie Hall

          Perhaps yours should have been arrested for teaching you to be anti-social, especially since you intimated that arresting the parents of shall we say inferior students would be perfectly acceptible. Or is being an asshole just a hobby of yours?

          • Sam Taylor, Jr.

            Aha! And here’s where I respond with that age-old classic: It takes one to know one!

    • tonythefisher

      So children will miss a day, where they’re sure to learn how beautiful anal sex is and how it equals love and how God does NOT exist,…..! Children will miss learning how “backward” and “Neanderthal” their Parents really are,…..and IF they have,…..yikes,……guns! Do Mommy and Daddy do drugs,…..? Are you sure,…..?

      HUGE Government/State apologists, with ZERO children of their own = Self-loathing, pansies that just,…..KNOW,…..better than everyone else, how to raise a child! Ask them, they’ll tell you! “But, but,….my degree in Child Development,……”

      Home school your children folks!

  • Ken

    Jail is not how you teach. Should have been given a summons. WoW.

  • Jay Lee

    Heaven forbid the child misses too many days of brainwashing……

    • Bob_Robert

      It’s all about money. An absence costs the school a few $$ in state payments.

  • REFUSE to go…You Tell them YOU EXCUSE YOUR CHILD NOT THEM! It is high time people grow a backbone and fight back! Find out where the principle lives, the attendance clerk lives and the school board members live and picket their homes THAT WILL GET THEIR ATTENTION!

    • Danny Williams

      home addresses solve many troubles.. quickly

  • jeffreytrvlr

    evolution or “creationism” being taught in this “school”…just a free thought, discuss…lol

  • Bob_Robert

    Homeschooling is no longer illegal. First and best thing any parent can do is get their children OUT of the government prison camps.

  • Stephen Bracken

    Pull your child out and homeschool them. Enroll in the HLSDA ($10 / month) to get legal representation.

  • Danny Williams

    Why do people still send their kids to public schools is beyond me. HOME SCHOOL.. it is easy and all materials are sent to you.. you say to yourself I AM TO STUPID to teach my kid. NO YOU ARE NOT! As the kicker is if you do not know something, your child can enter the online chat with a teacher while you are there if you want to be and get the help YOU DO NOT KNOW .. every day if necessary. PUBLIC SCHOOLS = VERY BAD

    • matt b


      • Danny Williams

        yeah well I attended public schools.. and a spelling error (that by the way would have been corrected by some online teacher had it been a child in school) does not take away from the fact that..PUBLIC SCHOOLS = VERY BAD.

    • Randy Wiesner

      Your parents were too stupid to home school & look how well (sic) you turned out………ha ha ha ha

      • Danny Williams

        The ampersand (&) is an often over-used abbreviation for the word and. Its use should be limited to a few situations.

        When to use an ampersand:

        in certain company names; e.g. Smith & Jones Consulting;
        if space is very limited; e.g. in a table with a lot of text;
        when artistic considerations dictate; e.g. a logo; and
        in some academic references; e.g. (Grant & Smith, 1998).
        Do not use an ampersand in general writing simply to abbreviate the word and. For example, we write:

        We need to reorder toner cartridges and paper.


        We need to reorder toner cartridges & paper.


      • Danny Williams

        better than you it seems.. chuckle at that

    • Danny Williams

      yeah well I attended public schools.. and a spelling error (that by the way would have been corrected by some online teacher had it been a child in school) does not take away from the fact that..PUBLIC SCHOOLS = VERY BAD.

  • monte man

    land of the free eh? pffffffffft

  • Craig Winans

    Just bring the kid to school sick. Go straight to the office and have him/her cough and sneeze on everyone and everything. I’m sure if you do that a couple times they’ll take your word he’s sick when you call after that.No doctors note needed.

  • Aldous Huxley

    Fuck whether she kept her job (or other parents), fuck being sick and fuck the economy, as long as the ruling class has so much absolute authority that they can force the brainwashing of children, it’s a ok!