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Mother Assaulted, Arrested After Stepping in Front of a Cop Who was About to Shoot Her Dog

Parkersburg, WV — A disturbing video was submitted to the Free Thought Project this week which shows the courageous actions of one woman, and the cowardly actions of a West Virginia State Trooper.

The incident began after a neighborhood argument escalated to the point of a man calling the police to prevent further turmoil. The homeowner, Cliff, called the police after his neighbor allegedly threatened him. However, when the police showed up, they were more interested in Cliff’s dog than preventing any disturbance.

Randall Hupp, the man who gave us the video, explains that after the cops had arrived, the situation was calm, but then they quickly got out of control.

Things were going fine and my son decided to film for posterity sake in case anything should happen. There were two dogs present in the area at the time of the video, a black dog which was the neighbors dog that was running loose…and Cliffs dog, which was chained up.

Cliff’s dog, which was on a chain, merely barked as the officer walked up to the home. His tail was still wagging, and he seemed to calm down immediately. However, the fact that this dog was on a chain, not growling, nor posing any threat whatsoever, was of no consequence to the state trooper who quickly pulled out his service pistol, took aim, and almost killed the dog.

Before the state trooper could shoot the dog, however, Hupp’s daughter, Tiffanie courageously stepped in between the dog and the officer to prevent the puppycide.

The state trooper, seemingly offended by the woman’s attempt to thwart his dog killing, then proceeded to attack Tiffanie. Hupp explained to the Free Thought Project what happened next,

The trooper approached with gun in hand, grabbed her by the arm and slammed her to the ground. After the troopers realized that they had been filmed, they entered the home illegally without warrant or probable cause and confiscated all digital devices including my 4-year-old grandson’s tablet. We only recently received the devices back and released the video.

For stopping the trooper from killing her dog and getting slammed to the ground in front of her 4-year-old son, Tiffanie was charged with misdemeanor obstruction.

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To add insult to assault, the city is attempting to railroad Tiffanie by forcing her to use their public appointed defender, with obvious conflicts of interest.

Hupp explains,

The courts appointed her an attorney whom actually is married to a state trooper, and they have denied her request for new legal counsel. We have a hearing set for Thursday 9 am, the 13th of August. We have been informed that we have no legal grounds for a lawsuit, due to lack of physical injury. Although my 4-year-old grandson is now terrified of police, I’m told at every door, there will be no justice.

  • the people need to demand that every single police officer in this nation is put through a psyche evaluation to see if they can still do their jobs defensively rather than offensively. this is a travesty. this officer should never have allowed this light and easy situation to escalate the way it did.

  • Does anyone know why the cops were there

    • How many mailmen shoot dogs each year. Oh ya none.

  • People need to keep control of their dogs. It’s a serious hazard to their health and the owners if they come into contact with diseased parasitic pigs!

    • How many dogs do mailmen shoot each year oh ya NONE.

    • If they’re too weak to stop a dog without guns they’re too weak to stop criminals and shouldn’t be police.

    • When its a big dangerous dog sometimes the offocer has got to shoot if its attacking him or clearly about to, but lets be rational, weve all seem on video tons of cops shooting the dog in the neck 5 times simply because it barked while wothin 15 ft of tthe officer, and second, llook at the size of this dog, its not some big beast , man the fuck up if you wana be a cop and learn how to deal
      With a 40lb dog without guns lol

    • Dan Fenlon they might not use guns but if you look up what a mailman did to a small dog(10 pound Yorkie for F’s sake) for no real reason in Texas you would not be so quick to defend mailmen either-http://www.care2.com/causes/mailman-bludgeons-a-10-pound-yorkie-with-a-rock-animal-cruelty-charges-dropped.html

    • Aldee Ablo while i agree that im sure some mailmen have done that there was probably 5 instances of mail men doing that in the whole united states while cops kill thousands of dogs. Its acceptable to use mailmen as an example

    • Pardeep Dhami is obviously, a mentally retarded cop-sucker with an ant-pet agenda.

    • Oh dear…look up ‘sarcasm’ and ‘irony’ in the dictionary R Michael Mumolo lol

    • Cop sucker? I’ll give you three guesses as to who I was referring to as ‘parasitic pigs’ in this post….

    • michael mumolo is not the sharpest tool in the box,bt he means well,its always dangerous to use irony on line without at least a couple of lols

    • Thanks for the tip Stephen Glover…but honestly thought it was fairly obvious..lol

    • Sorry Pardeep. BUT…facial expressions and vocal tones are unavailable in comments. Try using *sarcasm* at the end of your post, if there is any chance of it being misconstrued.

    • Also Pardeep, after rereading your original comment. While I can see your sarcasm, now that I’m actually looking for it. It is still not clear, that you were being sarcastic. I can’t think of a better way to write it than what you did. So; I still say, “if in doubt, add *sarcasm* to the end of your comment.

    • Fair enough..but Michael I’m curious…what did you think I was referring to with the pigs?

  • so quick to pull his gun

  • What the Phuq is it that happens to people when they put on that uniform???
    It is said that absolute power, corrupts absolutely. Police have been given too much “power” over citizens.

    • Tyrannical behaviour. It’s been proved by zimbardo when he conducted the prison experiment.


  • clearly corruption is at work here. good luck to the victims of police protection

  • He needs the bulletts……..2 groin 2 head.

    • I’ve heard of double tap one in the head one in the torso but man your’s is twice as nice. Still can’t uncross my legs just thinking about it. hehehe

  • someone should have put one of those cinderblocks up side the asshole cop’s head.

  • Sean Michael Kelly

    • Now that’s what happens when you give a sociopath a gun and authority over their fellow man, they abuse it.

    • It’s happening all over the world because they do

    • The main reason I do not trust police officers at all.

  • Typical, pussy fucking pigs.

  • Two-legged mongrels, should not carry guns…

  • Look how he is holding his gun like the gang members in hollywood movies do.

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  • I just can’t imagine why everyone hates cops. Must be because we’re all “thugs” or some shit

  • I stood between my dog and a cops gun one time. I got slammed to the ground but not arrested because the cops got called away to take part in a chase. Thankful for that criminal that saved me and my dog.

    • Don’t get me wrong when I say this, but it’s a fucked up day when we bless the day a criminal turns the police away from the target on your back. That is one of the strongest statements I’ve ever seen.

  • If a dog doesn’t trust you why should people?

  • This was back in August–what was the resolution to this? Was the cop fired? Charges dropped against woman?

  • Police officers need to legally have their ass whooped when they step out of line. Drop the badge and the utility belt and put those hands up since you’re such a big strong man.

  • I’ve never been scared enough of a dog to even think about shooting it. Some people (some are cops) need to grow a pair or get the hitler treatment.

  • They almost shot buddy…..smh

  • Not to be contrary , but this video tells me little or perhaps nothing. There are over zealous cops out there who need to be let go for sure. But this looks like a white trash set up as much as Police misconduct. If there’s more to the story , then that’s different.

  • why is it? it should be self evident. The thin blue line is brittle.

  • Holy shit you post old news.

    • The phones and video were just released. The police confiscated all of their electronics it says..

  • WTF Pigs..

  • No other way to say it… This officer and a great many like him are fucking cowards. The difference between the military and many police units is that there is an institutional cowardice and a pathologic bias to cover for stunted sociopath officers regardless of their behavior. You don’t ever hear a military member going on a mission saying ‘the most important thing is me coming home tonight’. That is always secondary to the mission and the rules of engagement. Our units are set up to seek out our cancerous cells and remove them before they metastasize into full blown institutional tumors. It is my belief that unless the blue line polices itself there is a generation of combat experienced professional military members who will do it ourselves.

  • Woman is a hero

  • America is shit country now to live. Uneducated thugs become policemen no respect for life getting worse than third world

  • The happy dog, not doing anything?

  • I understand the civilian people are afraid to get arreste of us police, you never know when you are shot or died in police custody.
    I’m glad I do not live in USA but living in denmark this will never happen here.

  • I would shoot that pig without hesitation if I witnessed this.

  • What would the cops excuse been for shooting the dog. Did he fear for his saftey,no the dog was on a chain. I know cops have pets too so I don’t understand how they can be so quick to kill someone else’s . I bet a cop would come to the defence of their own pet this is a double standard it’s not right and not fair

  • Dog looked friendly, like it wanted petted, not to attack… Cops LOVE their ” power” … Needs to be civil charges brought pn the cops and wvsp

  • Need to DEMAND COPS wear cameras that they CAN’T turn off..

  • Neither dog looked like they were chained.

  • Cops on drugs?

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  • Hope he gets his asshole!!!

  • sounds like a police state have you considered moving to a communist country you might have more rights

    • Sad when it’s difficult to discern sarcasm from actual opinion.

  • I would love to shoot that cunt. Please.

  • Psychopaths kill animals first, graduate to killing people. They won’t stop, until the judicial system stops them.

  • Police reform needed badly. Stop talking about “Christmas” on cups and take a look at our police system!

  • Shoot my dog, and you will be shot. The end!

  • Shitty recording job

  • Stop I feel threatened when you’re dog wags its tail, have to shoot it

  • I read the title. I can’t watch it.

  • Marty Feroli more good cops

  • So fucked up, this kid is obviously aware of what happens. Camera phones are going to save this fucking society.

  • Shittiest film job ever!!

  • Though it’s hard I try to read a good portion of America’s comment. I notice in the case of this video I do not recall anyone saying those people should just obey the cops and they would have no problems, or white people should get a job and stop breaking the law because the cops were just doing their jobs. This happens in black neighborhoods hundred times a day. Blacks been complaining for decades, No one herd our cry for help. What has been accepted treatment for blacks with officers looking the other way is now a culture expanding to all races. wake up people and stop accepting racist behavior cause like Germany’s Hitler hate will backfire.

  • bbdiva


  • Becky Bilokur-Tobias

    This was filmed by a four year old, who was at first excited to see a police officer… and now is very scared of the cops who showed up. Note: the cops illegally came inside the home and took this childs tablet not realizing that he had filmed…

  • Graeme Berke

    The award for worst cameraman EVER goes to this guy.