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Exclusive: Mom Arrested for Saving Her Dog From Being Murdered by a Cop Found NOT GUILTY

Parkersburg, WV — Last year, the Free Thought Project broke the story and the video of a courageous mother, Tiffanie Hupp who stepped in front of an officer who was about to shoot her dog.

Randall Hupp, Tiffanie’s father-in-law explained to the Free Thought Project what happened that day,

The trooper approached with gun in hand, grabbed her by the arm and slammed her to the ground. After the troopers realized that they had been filmed, they entered the home illegally without warrant or probable cause and confiscated all digital devices including my 4-year-old grandson’s tablet. We only recently received the devices back and released the video.

The incident began after a neighborhood argument escalated to the point of a man calling the police to prevent further turmoil. The homeowner, Cliff, called the police after his neighbor allegedly threatened him.

Cliff’s dog, which was on a chain, merely barked as the officer walked up to the home. His tail was still wagging, and he seemed to calm down immediately. However, the fact that this dog was on a chain, not growling, nor posing any threat whatsoever, was of no consequence to the state trooper who quickly pulled out his service pistol, took aim, and almost killed the dog.

For stopping the trooper from killing her dog and getting slammed to the ground in front of her 4-year-old son, Tiffanie was charged with misdemeanor obstruction.

Of course, Tiffanie Hupp pleaded not guilty, as the video clearly showed that she was the victim. However, the city railroaded Tiffanie by forcing her to use their public appointed defender, with obvious conflicts of interest.

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She was given a public defender who was married to a state trooper. She was told she had no legal grounds for a lawsuit because she lacked serious bodily harm and she was well on her way to being declared guilty for a crime she clearly did not commit.

However, thanks to a selfless attorney who saw Hupp’s story, Tiffanie was able to fight back. Charleston Attorney, David Schles took her case pro bono.

“I was shown the video of the incident last August and I found it unjustifiable for Tiffanie to be charged with any crime for her reasonable, non-forcible,  actions to defend Buddy the dog. When I was told the lawyer appointed to represent Tiffanie was married to a state trooper and did not inform Tiffanie of this  relationship, I decided I would represent Tiffanie pro bono if she wanted my services,” Schles tells The Free Thought Project.

In spite of the video evidence proving she committed no crime, prosecutors still went after Mrs. Hupp. But on Monday, a jury returned the verdict of not guilty.

“For reasons I do not know, the Wood County Prosecuting Attorney refused to dismiss the charge and so  we went to trial on February 29, 2016.  After viewing the video and hearing the testimony and assessing the relative credibility of  of Trooper Cook and Tiffanie, a  Wood County jury unanimously found Tiffanie Not Guilty  after a short period of deliberation,” Said Schles.

Hupp told the Free Thought Project that she had a hard time not bursting out in court when Trooper Cook, who assaulted her, took the stand.

“When the trooper was on the stand, it was hard to keep my mouth shut…lie after lie after lie. He told them I had a crossbow in my hand, that I stepped up to him, not in between (him and the dog), that I raised my hands at him first,” explained Tiffanie.

But the video proved these were all lies, illustrating the importance of filming police encounters. Had Tiffanie’s husband decided not to pull out his camera that fateful day, an innocent woman would have been found guilty of a crime she did not commit.

“My personal belief is that Trooper Cook was wholly in the wrong and Tiffanie was the aggrieved party. While it is disappointing that the trooper acted as he did on the day of the incident, unfortunately, it is not surprising that a law enforcement officer failed to act competently and properly. It is surprising, and to me disturbing, that following the incident no one in the WVSP or the Wood County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office reviewed the evidence in a reasonable manner and took the proper action to have this case dismissed. Instead, taxpayer money was wasted and Tiffanie was forced to wait over nine months with a criminal charge hanging over her head for doing nothing more than standing between a chained and defenseless dog and a man pointing a gun and threatening to shoot for no justifiable reason.

“Thankfully, if slowly, and inefficiently, the system can work and the jury made the correct decision and exonerated Tiffanie,” said Schles.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • john smith

    this cop obviously already had rabies and probably should be put down for public safety reason …bwhahahaha?

  • Guest

    The video depicts a brave citizen and a coward citizen.

  • anon

    charge the cop

  • Gerald Lee Wolters

    Prosecutors have to get a clue….they’ve been backing up sworn peace officers and taking their word over citizens and especially citizens with criminal histories. Prosecutors are getting BURNED by lying murdering cops on video.

    • Stephen Hooper

      Burned? Try complicit.

  • Lawrence Neal

    Lying psychopaths. Why are they never charged for warrantless entries and destruction of evidence?

    • Suzanne Rosenorn

      Wasted tax payer monies

  • Wendy J. Colby

    When are we going to find a way to stop police from lying and making illegal arrests? I really don’t want to believe it will have to come to revolution……what can we do to change the way things are?Is there a way to fire police forces en masse?

    • Gene G. Saadi

      Body cams are required on most all peace officers, that are larger than Mayberry. You just had a Barnie Fife. Lol

  • Richard Philbrick

    As Forrest Gump would say: “The police are like a box of chocolates….they’ll kill your dog.

  • MaclolmX

    POLICE STATE AMERICA;part of obammie/soros plot to demoralize Americans;;;;;;;;;;;MOLON LABE YOU SCUMBAGS.

    • Patrick T. Hendrick

      You better look a lot further than that. Think Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act and several Supreme Court decisions. All done under George Bush.

      • Bill Reich

        And none of them at all reduced by the third and fourth administrations of “W” under his front-man Obama.

      • gus

        Well said.

  • Cire Mako

    What happened to Trooper Cook for perjury and falsifying police records?

  • Morgan Johansson

    Is there any info on whether these officers faced any consequences for their obvious abuse?

  • Emory Griffis

    Had I been a member of that jury, I would have encouraged the judge to charge the officer for perjury and have him taken away in handcuffs; followed by contacting the state bar to initiate malpractice proceedings against the prosecutor, who knew the woman was innocent. While the bar was investigating, I would have led a recall to have him removed from office. It is not only in Washington that corruption flourishes under the guise of “business as usual” but also locally. Both must be addressed equally, and those guilty, held responsible. As for Buddy the dog, he was doing his job of protecting his territory and his yard and family from an unknown intruder:
    Good boy! Most pets are considered members of the family, and the actions of the mother fully understandable and justifiable.

    • Suzanne Rosenorn

      In addition the cop needed to provide the family monetary restitution for missing work and giving them emotional harm

  • Barbara R Luvsherbabies

    some cops are such ass holes makes me wonder why they became peace officers to begin with !!! i hope everything worked out for the family and poor dog!!!

  • Brian

    If a cop were to ever kill or try to kill one of my dogs i’d slit his bro her fucking throat from ear to ear

  • Marco A. Castillo Sr.

    That dog was going to murder that police officer with his tail wagging and his playful demeanor. You guys just didn’t see that the dog reaching for his gun.

    Also, the girl stepping in between the dog and the police officer was a danger to the officer as well. All 95 lbs of her. She was going to pick up the dog and throw it at the officer causing life threatening injuries to one of our finest.

  • gus

    Where was the cross bow? Did the other officer testify too? Why was the cop not charged with perjury? Too much of this is allowed.
    The attorney that took the case from PD was smart in that he now has a client with a good civil lawsuit against the system.
    Some would say it’s the tax payers who lose but it is time to start making these thugs with guns accountable by making their pensions fair game.

  • Robin W. Tong

    Kudos for the family. I hope that Charleston Attorney, David Schles, now files suit on behalf of that woman and her family for excessive force, false arrest, malicious prosecution, etc.

  • Stargate

    I believe that the 1% are manipulating the public. They want a conflict between police and the public. Much like they wanted blacks against whites. Its a distraction technique. So you wont see the real problems happening under your nose and once marshall law comes into action it will make it easier for cops to see Americans as their enemy and not as their protector

  • Corey Mondello

    Why don’t people under oath get in trouble for lying? I could lie all I wanted because I don’t consider the bible anything more than a book. Most people in these twisted situations, are die-hard conservative Christians. It must be the feeling that they are above the law, like how politicians won’t take an oath, if someone wants to investigate them some times. I’m not a cop or politician hater, I’ve never have personal run ins, however, the whole justice system, court system, even in MA where I live, u are guilty until proven innocent. I didn’t use a public defender and ended up paying out $30,000 to lawyers, to make sure some lying bitch didn’t get me thrown in jail.

  • Bbby

    Lying pigs. Thru his fucking teeth. On the stand? Take his badge n charge him for perjury.

  • Claudia Wiggins

    All cops are not bad but some are terrorists. Perhaps this profession draws the people who enjoy hurting terrorizing others and being in power??! Trump should have become a cop?

  • Claudia Wiggins

    And how’s come half the stuff on here wont do a share on Facebook?

  • Stoney Huff

    Verdict should have been the COP found GUILTY of Assault, Perjury and Attempted Theft of the dog (by killing it), along with just being a big asshole.

  • David Duke

    When is she pressing charges against the cop?

    Is the trooper being fired? I fail to see how he could ever be a reliable witness in any court. Note to anyone charged by him, just mention this case where he lied on oath. What a horrible person.

  • candyland7.0

    Sue the hell out of the cop. Go after his insurance bond. And the insurance of the entire police department, who obviously condone murdering chained up family pets. Sue in her name, the child’s, everyone abused in the situation. The more lawsuits, the more NO insurance company will ever insure him to run around being an asshole again.

  • candyland7.0

    Btw, Tiffanie, you ROCK. Now sue the fuck out of those assholes!

  • RealNameClarence

    Seeing as how this DA is one of those “letter of the law types” who doesn’t believe in prosecutorial discretion to drop a meritless case, when can we expect charges brought against the officer for perjury?