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Murder Trial Opens for Cop Who Killed 6-Year-Old Jeremy Mardis on Video

Marksville, LA — Sixteen months ago, one of the worst police killings ever to be recorded on video rocked the country. Jeremy Mardis, a 6-year-old boy, was gunned down in cold blood by two bad Louisiana cops — Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr. Now, one of those officers is finally being tried for this horrific act which was caught on a body camera.

In what the head of Louisiana State police called ‘the most disturbing thing he’s ever seen,’ Mardis was murdered as he rode with his father, Chris Few, as he sat strapped into the front seat of the car.

“He didn’t deserve to die like that,” State Police Col. Mike Edmonson said as he announced the deputies’ arrests, less than a week after the shooting.

For almost a year, body camera footage from that fateful night was kept hidden from the public. However, last September it was released showing these two officers murder a boy and attempt to murder his father.

Jury selection for Derrick Stafford’s trial began Monday and is expected to last several days.

Prosecutors are going to make the case that the bodycam video proves Few did not pose a threat and was, in fact, surrendering with his hands up when police opened fire.

Defense attorneys, however, will attempt to convince a jury that Stafford and Greenhouse Jr. acted in self-defense — in spite of the fact they had no justification for the stop in the first place — and contradictory to the video evidence.

Despite the testimony to the contrary from a State Police detective, defense attorneys are going to try to convince a jury that Few was attempting to ram Greenhouse’s vehicle.

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One of Stafford’s attorneys, Jonathon Goins, said his client “feared for his life” when he opened fired on a 6-year-old boy and his surrendering dad.

“My client wanted to go home and be with his family that night, just like any officer wants to go home and be with their family,” Goins said.

Members of Mardis’ family have since filed a federal lawsuit against several Louisiana law enforcement agencies.

An exact motive for the original traffic stop — given the fictitious claim of a warrant and that Few did not have a weapon — has yet to be publicly released by officials. Attorneys for Greenhouse and Stafford stated during court proceedings Few had been standing in the road, blocking traffic, ignored officers’ commands, and then fled the scene.

But the lawsuit contends there had been no clear reason for police to pursue the vehicle Few was driving, and when he ultimately did pull over, the vehicle, “even if it were moving forward or backwards — did not and could not have presented an imminent threat of death or great bodily harm to any of the officers at the scene or innocent bystanders.”

Police had claimed Few was armed and posed an imminent deadly threat — so Officers Greenhouse and Stafford opened fire — emptying 18 rounds at the vehicle, critically injuring Few and killing the 6-year-old, who had autism.

In actuality, no warrant had been issued for Few, and both father and son were unarmed — indeed, as video evidence shows, Few had his hands in the air when he received “two or three” bullets to the head and chest, while Jeremy suffered “four or five” shots to the head and neck.

Appallingly, Jeremy languished in agony, still holding onto life for over five minutes after being shot multiple times — but officers failed to even check for a pulse or render assistance.

“During this time, Jeremy was bleeding profusely and suffered immensely due to the gunshot wounds,” the lawsuit states.

“It was not until approximately some seven and one-half to eight minutes or so after the hail of gunfire, that an officer at the scene, believed to be Parnell, finally checked Jeremy for a pulse and discovered that he was still alive, despite having been shot multiple times including in the head and neck,” it reads.

“However, none of the officers at the scene, including Stafford, Greenhouse, Brouillette and Parnell initiated or rendered any form of first aid, nor did they undertake any other measures in an attempt to stop Jeremy’s bleeding or otherwise alleviate or mitigate Jeremy’s suffering, or made any attempts to save his life.

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“Sadly, Jeremy was left to suffer — and die — while the officers casually searched for ‘gloves.’”

Both Stafford and Greenhouse, likely due to their connected statuses and blue privilege, were allowed to remain officers in spite of their past atrocities — which allowed them to be in those patrol cars that night.

As WCBI reported, before the shooting, Stafford and Greenhouse both had been sued over claims they had used excessive force or neglected their duties as police officers. The Marksville Police Department suspended Stafford after his indictment on rape charges in 2011, but reinstated him after prosecutors dismissed the charges.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. , Steemit, and now on Facebook.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    You neglected to mention that one of the cops had been stalking Mr. Few’s fiancee and had been warned to leave her alone, so this has the odor of a premeditated murder.

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  • jonbandit

    I can already hear it….
    If these officers weren’t black, they wouldn’t have been charged.

    As long as I’ve been commenting, I’ve had a consistent opinion on this.
    Once a person puts on that uniform, he ceases to be black, white or any race at all.
    He becomes a cop and is a part of the Gang in Blue….

    • RS Louis

      Amen brother.They stand by their own to a certain degree especially where they can use the get out of getting raped in prison card,”I feared for my life”.Sadly even if they get caught lying and the vid shows it and their is no doubt they still get away clean and nobody even mentions the purjury.

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Both need gassing, and induced slowly.

  • Guy

    So much has been left out of this story, that it is barely a close narrative to what originally happened to the Father and son that night, that it has become a poor attempt at a gloss over by the editor to save space ! As to why it is this way, I have no idea and will leave for others to speculate about. Because at least to me, this is a true accounting of the depiction of what depths of depravity that our police forces will sink too, in order to murder innocent people and their attempts at trying to get away with it, by the hiriening of *Sharp Ass Attorneys* on our dime ! These two officers that killed this child and nearly the father, deserve at the least *Life* behind prison bars, and the others who joined them that night, deserve similar ! For once, I agree with a Police Chief, that had the courage and guts to stand up in a crowded room, giving a honest statement to what he believes he has seen and knows, without trying to make some poor ass excuse of his officers being accountable. I tip my hat to him, for at least that. Why the others, that were with “Stanford & Greenhouse” that night, are still collecting a paycheck and acting like innocent, untill proven guilty cops, I have no idea ! Except that maybe the Chief, is trying to save the lesser guilty ones from the two that did the actual shooting !? All of the Cops, that were involved with the murder of this child, has his blood on their hands ! I hope they all rot in hell for it !

    • JayGoldenBeach

      The state police chief said he was “appalled”, not the local chief of either of the officers responsible.

      • Guy

        That’s good to know. I guess. So what’s your point, assuming I am wrong in naming thouse Chiefs and who said what !?

    • Joe

      maybe if the dad didn’t give them reason to go after him the child would be alive…… he needs to take some responsibility. all you pieces of trash want to blame the cops but why didn’t this dad act like a civilized human and not give them reason to go after him. you can all eat my fecal matter!

      • Mike Wellein

        There was no warrant or weapon, you fucking retard. How would you feel if one of them shot your son. I hope you fucking rot, scumbag.

      • TFTPMOD

        The real reason the cops went after him is that he had a fiancee that one of the cops wanted for himself. Fuck you for talking out of your stupid ass.

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        The real reason the cops went after him is that he had a fiancee that one of the cops wanted for himself. Fuck you for talking out of your stupid ass.

        • Maurice Dutton

          Dear TCV. I applaud you for all your comments and follow your comments rather mostly and think you a moderate fair minded person. You have my support . Don’t make a big deal of this as the authorities both sides of the pacific are gunning for me. I have some papers about to publish that will embarrass theshit out of them.

      • Guy

        Do you work at being stupid, or does it come to you naturally ?

        • Jason Werner

          Piss off pig. Sorry this is for Joe not Guy

      • Guy

        Do you work hard at being stupid, or does it just come naturally ?

  • David Gibbs

    This is disgusting!!!

  • Amor Terra

    Disgusting, despicable cowards. Again.

  • Ocalaresident

    No one was in danger when he started his happy trigger finger, no reason in the world to open fire on that auto NONE!

  • Gordon Klock

    This is the sort of thing that can happen, if dumb, evil, bad cops, (or any other ‘gangster types’) fancy your girlfriend/wife,…
    Poor kid, obviously didn’t remotely deserve to die like that, at the hands of evil dingbats, that couldn’t even show any real compassion, as he died..(did they really not know, he was in the car ?)…those attorneys sound like they are overlooking the fact that this little atrocity was the result of a “lover’s triangle”(an overly kind term here,) like this article seems to have also overlooked….(this whole thing seems to me, like an evil, misguided, & generally messed up, human version, of how male grizzly bears will often kill their own progeny, in order to put the female back ‘in heat’)

    • Guy

      In part you have managed to *Hit The Nail Squarely On Target” Although facts were left off the article, it should have been enough for the average, thinking person to understand it. But we are all not *Average, Are We !?*

      The cops never bothered to find out about the Father’s Son being in the vehicle, untill after they had stopped him and shot both, nearly killing the Dad and killing the son. Then they just stood around and watched the boy die, without doing anything about it, like you and I would watch a fish breath it’s last gasp !

      To me this is only part of the story, but the worst of it, seeing that it came out later that one of the cops had a hard on for the wife of the Dad, and probably knew that the son was in the vehicle at the time of the shooting, shooting the father, just to get him out of the way, so he could romance the woman !

      I hope these two bastards are fried for this, and suck there last gasp of life in misery and pain, but know that they will more than likely, serve prison time, and very little at that, because they are Cop’s with special privilege and have good Union Lawyers, working hard to get them off, on our money ! I would be happy to send in a buck or two to the Prosecution Lawyers Fund, just to help, just so I could watch them jerk at the end of a rope !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raimundo Gant

    The police and the federal agencies are all out of control. The government rather focus on controlling the U.S. citizens than reforming the 19000 different police agencies in America.

  • ManlyMiketheCOWARD byLOOKS

    Well i can only hope these cops get raped over and over in prison. Fuck the cops in the USA. Damn scum.

  • db81

    is there death penalty in Louisiana? i hope this mofos die soon.

  • bojimbo26

    Total badge carrying WANKERS .

  • junktex

    Words fail me.

  • JB

    What about a father that would lead police on a chase with his son in the car?? Not saying who was right or wrong but the father should face charges for endangering the boy, right?

    • David Bollinger

      Losing his son, shot in head and neck, denied medical treatment and most likely given enough pig shit to last for a life time……..and you figure he should face charges for “endangering” the boy. I’m glad I don’t think like you do……all scary and stupid at the same time. Right?

  • William Hickey

    Look at all those fat Cops
    there are no standards anymore
    They deserve what ever happens to them.

  • William Hickey

    Shame all those officers get to go back to there family but that little boy is dead. Everyone needs to watch this. You want this stopped here is how to reduce it and hold the little blue Bastards responsible.

  • William Hickey

    This is like a bad episode of the Andy Griffith show with Barney Fifes running the show.

  • truthseeker53

    What was the outcome?

    • Guy

      Do you know if these two are out on bail or in jail, while awaiting there trials !?

      • truthseeker53


  • Joe

    Why were the cops going after the father…..if they didn’t have to would the child still be alive. Sounds like dad was a piece of trash like all you pieces of trash commenting. Where does responsibility come into play here. suck it

    • Guy

      There are no words sufficient enough, that I can use to describe what I think and feel about you, and your idiotic, moronic, stupid as a fucking rock statement ! So will just let it go at that !

      But will ask one question ; Does it hurt, to suck air through your legs to breath like *A COCKROACH* !? Or have you gotten use to it by now ?

  • Collin Nonapplicable

    So fucking horrible. I feel sorrow for everyone involved.

  • Jim Bronaugh

    Another bully queer cop who shot his load by racing up and shooting someone. I’m sure he will get off on the charges but not as forcefully as he got off when he opened fire. Bully queers. Ten percent of the force and no one has balls enough to put them down.

  • Mel Hall

    They have absolutely no idea what they are doing and are so bloody cold they wouldnt even check the poor little boy without gloves and refereed to them as subjects- they are humans with beating hearts you cold hearted waste of air 😓

    • Guy

      Makes you stop and think about calling 911, next time you need it, doesn’t it !? Or, perhaps it will be that momentary flash of fear, that will race through your mind ! As you see a Cop approach you, with a smile on it’s face, making you wonder if you, *Are Safe Or Not* !!!!!!

  • jammie hamner

    this is bullshit… the video clearly shows this man with his hands in the air when the cops opened fire… that poor baby deserves justice. they both due. the father was un armed and the car was in park it did not move one inch… there were plenty of officers there that could have saved that little boys life but did nothing about… i agree with everyone that says they need to go to prison for life… all of those cops will have this in their minds for the rest of their lives and i too hope they all rot in hell for what they have done…