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Narcotics Cop Who Ruined Countless Lives for Weed Possession, Busted with $2 Million in Marijuana


York County, PA — A California police officer was recently busted after driving 247 pounds of marijuana all the way across the country. Yuba County Deputy Christopher M. Heath was caught in York, Pennsylvania with a shipment of marijuana that was worth over $2 million. Heath was reportedly on vacation from his job at the Yuba County Police Department at the time of his arrest.

The York County Police Department has been cautiously silent about the investigation, and they have refused to comment on the details of the arrest, and how they became aware of the shipment.

York County District Attorney Tom Kearney admitted at a recent press conference that this arrest was a part of a large investigation that included various different police departments. Penn Township Police, West Manheim Township Police, Hanover Police, Northern York County Regional Police, York Area Regional Police, Springettsbury Township Police and the York barracks of Pennsylvania State Police were all involved in the arrest and present at the press conference.

“One has to be both saddened and angry that a law-enforcement officer was allegedly involved,” Kearney said, adding that “This was a very sophisticated operation, and obviously a large one.”

Investigators also had no idea that Heath was a cop until after the bust.

“I will tell you prior to the stop we were unaware that this individual was law enforcement,” Kearney said. “We did not become aware of that until we made the stop.”

Heath, along with two other men, Tyler N. Long, and Ryan J. Falsone traveled across the country in two pickup trucks where the marijuana was stashed in vacuum sealed bags.

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Chief deputy prosecutor David Sunday that while marijuana is not the department’s main focus, they are still targeting marijuana dealers in their investigations.

“We spend a majority of our time focusing on heroin and cocaine (dealers),” Sunday said. However, he defended the arrest by saying that the men were caught with “a startling amount of marijuana.”

Undersheriff Jerry Read.of Yuba County said that Heath was an “adequate” officer.

“He was assigned to a narcotics task force … (for) almost three years. Conditions are very good in Yuba County for the growing of marijuana. We take down high-poundage dealers with some frequency, and take down growing operations sometimes with as many as a thousand plants,” Read said

This case is especially interesting because Heath was an officer on a narcotics task force, meaning that he was responsible for putting nonviolent people in prison for using and selling drugs. Meanwhile, he himself was selling drugs and taking part in the same actions that he was locking people up for.

Of course, it is the view of the Free Thought Project that anyone should be able to possess marijuana, as it is an incredibly beneficial plant. While those who would lock up morally innocent people for possessing a plant are bad enough, it takes a uniquely vile individual to ruin the lives of countless individuals while at the same time committing equivalent acts.

This hypocrite is currently on paid vacation from the department in Yuba despite admitting to transporting the marijuana from California to Pennsylvania. Heath is free on a 1$ million bond.

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  • Bet you his life won’t be ruined

  • hes got NO neck… just a head that extends from the torso…

  • He STOLE it from the people whose lives he ruined.

    • he didn’t ruin anyone’s life but his own, by breaking the law.. same as the other lawbreakers too stoned to vote for legalisation

    • He sure did

    • Cops used to make you dump your stash…that was before they kept it…evidence gets lost…imagine that!

    • Stuart Ogier So you have to vote for life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness now? I must have missed that part in the declaration of independence

  • Can they sue the cop and get a retrial?…. something damn….

  • Another shit bag to make everyone look bad…great job

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  • Our reality is fashioned after an Archie Bunker episode .For fks sakes .?

  • Requirements are a drug class to waste more money , so he can return to work .

  • Will they put one of there own in jail

  • “While those who would like***(lock)***up morally innocent people for possessing a plant are bad enough, it takes a uniquely vile individual to ruin the lives of countless individuals while at the same time committing equivalent acts.”

    • I know that flag must mean something to you in a positive way… yet, I must say that it does kind of paint a sad epitaph to those of us who see it as a degrading and prejudicial icon… and, it doesn’t seem to fit your dialog above… just saying Heath. B|

    • Freedom means making life decisions without government interference, what I smoke or which flag I consider attractive is a personal choice…as long as no one is hurt.

    • Mike Johnson I have to agree. As long as no one is hurt.

    • Dennis Petrak I suspect you are okay with NAACP or The Congressional Black Caucus and don’t see them as prejudicial

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  • Protect and Serve, Not Any More !

  • time rto reopen all his cases set some people free and clear their names

  • I think it’s funny that the guy speaking still mentions “fighting the war on drugs”.

  • DEA confidential informants are allowed to conduct their drug business while reporting on their suppliers and customers. Once they stop informing then they are subject to prosecution.

  • Freeking pigs,man…Karen

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  • No weed is worth eight thousand dollars a pound.

    • Agreed

    • They break it down into $5 bags to get that figure

    • Big numbers impress small minds…lol.

    • Eight grand a pound is $17 a gram. That’s a mighty small $5 bag. 😀

    • Come to Mendocino – street price is about a hundred bucks an ounce.

    • 20/ a gram is standard in a lot of places.. but if u are selling by the pound, 4k is the high end already.. thats for grade A+ sticky, sweet smelling FIRE bud
      its funny how the cops always say shit like that.. and then prosecute accordingly. as if a grower is gonna sell it in 20 bags.. come on now.. i hope this pig gets raped on a daily basis in jail.. what a lowlife

    • Idk where you guys grew up but street it’s $10 for 1 gram, $20 for 2, $40 for 3.5(everyone gives you 4), $50 for a quarter, $75 a half, $150 an oz. Anything different is either a hook up(lower prices) or some seriously good shit(higher prices.) If that’s not the case then you’re getting ripped off. And I live in a recreational weed state. We get some recreational dispensary grams for $7 a gram up to $15 a gram for really high % stuff.

  • Confiscated to resell.. Cops do it all the Time.

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  • fair play to him… just doing his job whilst he completely disagreed with it… a true professional

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  • He may have been one of the Drug war lords cop, meaning taken for himself to sell and arresting for small amounts because he was a cops. You see never kidd yourself about these cops all been honest one as a lot of you people in this world think, These cop grow up cheating everyone and anyone they could well growing up in the street to where there was always trouble kids and they learn to do bad things and get away with it,They learn the best way to get away with it is to be someone that the cops can’t even touch, Now can you guess who they thought of? That is right to be a cop These cops won’t touch another cop because they look at each other as brothers on the force and they well protect you anyway they can and please remember they are never working alone in these kind of business as well, Where there is one there well be more and that is one reason they want thee war on drugs to stop as well so anyone who is selling or buy won’t be charge anymore with these crimes on drugs, Now that great do the job of getting your ass out there and find the really criminals, your RAPES, MURDERS AND SEX PREDATORS,

  • Well it says he was on vacation, well I am local to Yuba county and a few days before this happened , Yuba co task force/ sheriffs, and marysville pd, were asked to aid Nevada county law enforcement in serving a warrant on a paraplegic man. He was shot multiple times Resulting in death, only cops from mvpd and yc fired the shots and were all put on leave… I wouldn’t surprise me if he is one of them..and 3 agencies not 1 body/dash camera.!!!!

  • Some of the cops are criminals too. A large number of them know these guys and let them get away with it. They are criminals too. And they all have guns and a license to kill

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  • Funny shit! No matter how many atrocities, no matter how many bust’s, raid’s, contemptuous enforcement agents, or any other action taken during its prohibition, it (cannabis) is always there for you to buy. Always. Makes sense, right?

    • Cannabis is medicine that eliminates pain…ever been in pain?

    • I am in a little pain right now attempting to figure out what you discerned from my comment. Why are you asking about pain? I was highlighting the hypocrisy surrounding its prohibition.

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  • Karma

  • This been happening to weed smokers for years had a sheriff in oklahoma where I use to live get caught with 55 cases of drug charges from messing with people over weed …

  • you can bet he had some money just saying!

  • More importantly how did a police officer pay $1million for bail !?

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  • life no chance of parole , not for the weed but for the double standard and for the lives he destroyed

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  • Poetic justice.

  • Hang him in Public

  • “I will tell you prior to the stop we were unaware that this individual was law enforcement,” Kearney said. “We did not become aware of that until we made the stop.”
    What is this supposed to mean? Is it an apology to the cop for arresting him, a warning to other cops to speak up if they’re trafficking in his jurisdiction?

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  • He should serve a very long jail sentence, ideally with those he helped get convicted. Not holding my breath for this, however.

  • cj1404

    Legalize Marijuana NOW!!!

  • David Lewis

    so every time he busted someone for marijuana possession he increased his stash??

    • Glenn McBride

      Now you’re learning!

  • Alberto Minoleta

    not surprised by anything the hypocritical pigs do

  • Michael_

    This is a clear breach of the public trust which should net the perp the taking of his life. He is vile and deserves to breath no more. People who abuse power should be removed from society permanently and we should not expend more than the cost of a length of rope to do so.

  • carpclone

    and of course the officer involved was able to make a 1 million dollar bail payment because he was a big time drug trafficker.

  • Michael Stier

    This is how you get rid of the competition.

  • GetitinEnt Vigilanee

    This been going on for years!!!! Look up Larry Davis R.I.P. who was a real street dude way back. The cops use to deal with him making deals with drugs and all that!!!! Here it iz…..