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Bernie Left Stunned After American Indian Movement Founder Asks Him if He Will Honor the Treaties

Minneapolis, MN – During the Black America Forum in Minneapolis, American Indian Movement founder, and iconic civil rights activist Clyde Bellecourt was the last audience member to be given the opportunity to pose a question to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Bellecourt, 79, an elder of the Anishinaabe tribe, took direct aim at Sanders and the other presidential candidates for ignoring the Native community and not speaking “a single word about Native people” in the fight for social justice.

According to a report by Indian Country Today Media Network:

Bellecourt introduced himself both by his name in his language and his “colonial name” and reminded Sanders and those gathered of the long struggle of Native Americans to be heard on the national stage. He described his own role and AIM’s in leading Native American people to Wounded Knee in 1973 in an armed takeover of an Oglala Lakota village on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, site of the infamous 1890 massacre of Lakota men, women and children.

The forum moderator, Anthony Newby, attempted to rebuke Bellecourt by noting that event organizers had opened the meeting with a recognition that the event was being held on Native land. Newby then went on to explain to the tribal elder that American Indian issues weren’t being discussed, as this was a “Black forum” – to which Bellecourt passionately responded,

“It’s not a black forum, it’s people of color! And I’m one of those colors!”

As the moderator pushed Bellecourt to present his question, due to Sanders needing to leave for another meeting he was late for, the AIM founder asked:

After 30 years, I worked within the United Nations. The UN finally signed the declaration for rights for indigenous people. I wanna know if you’re gonna honor those treaties. I wanna know if you become President of the United States are you gonna honor the treaties made with Indian people?

Sanders responded, “The Native American people have gotten a terrible deal from the federal government. I will do everything I can to redress that, absolutely.”

Bellecourt obviously felt as though Sanders was ducking the question as he can be heard saying, “You still haven’t answered the question!” as the forum came to a close.

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Although Bernie looked caught off guard by Bellecourt’s questions, Sanders’ campaign has begun to address Native issues, as last week the campaign announced the creation of a new Native American Policy committee to advise the candidate. Additionally, Nicole Willis, Sanders campaign’s Native American consultant, stressed that Sanders has worked towards addressing American Indian issues, as evidenced by his co-sponsorship of the 2013 Violence Against Women Act.

The passage of the act allowed for the most significant increase in sovereign jurisdiction of tribes over non-Indians since the Oliphant vs. Suquamish Tribe Supreme Court ruling in 1978, which massively diminished tribal sovereignty, as the court reasoned that tribal courts did not have authority to try and punish non-Indians unless specifically authorized to do so by Congress. There ruling decimated the idea of tribal sovereignty in practice, further subjugating Native Americans to a non-responsive system of federal supremacy.

A 2010 Department of Justice report found that Native women had 2 and one-half times the rate of rape and murder of other American women. It has also been reported that the FBI which has jurisdiction in such cases declined to prosecute in over 70 percent of reported cases.

After generations of genocide and the ongoing destruction of the Native family structure, due to forced federal subservience, the time has come for indigenous people to be treated with the dignity they deserve. The United States should be forced to honor all treaties signed with Native tribes as legally binding documents, without exception.

Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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    • Those lyrics are some damn vague. If anything they’re speaking out against money and power for the hateful.

    • Bryan Larson if that was the case where is the meme of trump

    • Trump is not the answer.

    • I would say that that comparison is much more accurate. Just Google the lyrics. “but if you want money for people with minds that hate, all I can tell you is brother you have to wait”. Is that Bernie? The same guy who been fighting for civil rights his whole life, and refuses to take super pac money? Doesn’t sound like him.

    • Not one single politician in DC, not even Bernie, gives a damn about the native American peoples! NOT ONE!

    • Areti Spiropoulos listen to Imagine by John Lennon aka half The Beattles and tell me that man wasn’t an introspective sage beyond most everyone in Idiot America. I’ll lump you in there bc respect is not necessary over the Internet.

    • This page is trash, always with “problem” never with a solution. And in case you missed it, the Beatles did nothing more then sing about it.

    • The Beatles…My favorite band.

    • Bernie’s the best shot you have and the closest thing to human decency we’ll see in our lifetime .. and btw the song is “YOU say YOU want a revolution?” it’s a question … you’re supposed to think about it

    • Go fuck yourself with your corny meme this is about native people not the Beatles or the Jewish guy trying to be president

    • I support revolutionary ideas that lead to positive change for the masses! I don’t support violence or hateful talk to further ANY cause! I’m pretty sure my position more closely aligns with John Lennon’s message…I’ve been wrong before.

    • Someone has to light the fuse.

    • Maybe they did….
      How the hell would you know?

    • the revolution they meant was one of mind; that one is already occurring; an effect of it is wanting politicians who actually do their job with work ethics.

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    • Jim Jones So called ” authority is NOT legitimate . you have been Fooled .

    • This page should be renamed “Controlled Thought Project. com”
      Good thing Bernie is going to give you free college, maybe you can take a political science or economics course and educate yourself.

    • Let’s go with an evolution, instead.

  • And your alternative would be ?

    • A vote of no confidence. If those in power still fight to retain their power, well the Constitution and its preamble were quite clear.

    • Ashton,my favorite response.

    • Great response, but how to implement it? Talk is cheap.

    • If just 13% of the populace of every state marched to their state capitols and drug everyone out of public office, arrested them, did the same thing in DC, then we could begin rebuilding or abolishing government in general. People need to stop being afraid and take action. Join a militia and prepare.

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    • Please tell me more about how you need the govt to hold your hand!

    • “If voting made a difference, They wouldn’t let us do it”

      -Mark Twain

    • Political revolution??? What the fuck?!
      That has to be one of the biggest oxymorons I have ever heard.
      You can’t revolt against a damn government with a bigger government.
      Are you mental?

    • You see, you guys lack vision. Tell that to Abe Lincoln. It’s not about the votes, it’s about sending a message.

    • Yes, please Gregorio Rivera Carrillo, let us have a debate.

    • Ashton Haggitt and I never once mentioned anything about a vote. Cmon dude. Get with it. Don’t make up issues with that brain of yours

    • I said they need to get with the political revolution. Not, they need to vote for Bernie sanders. Your arguments are poor

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      Sorry kids, there will be no revolution. Even if Uncle Bernie actually got elected, nothing would change.

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    • Jason Wigley the person saying it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person getting it done.

    • Free thought project needs to get on board with the revolution? LOL they’ve been at this longer than Bernie has, bub. Bernie is a big government crony. He will revolutionize nothing.

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      Now lets debate 😀

    • Zach Baughman how long has Bernie been at it?

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    • And what vision might we be lacking?
      That where you get the government to fix the government?

    • He’s been fighting for African Americans since the 60s, he called the financial crisis of 2008 in the early 90s. Get your shit together man!

    • Bernie’s a “big government crony” that’s taken ZERO corporate financing for his campaign and has been an independent virtually his entire political career. You people are hopeless, honestly.

    • Maybe I am better off unfollowing this page since its only full of nihilists, wet blankets, and psychopaths..

    • I will keep hope for them. We have to care for these people who are so lost in these times. The writing is on the wall. Bernie will be POTUS. After the Political Revolution, the Spiritual Revolution will be right after.

    • Leave already…. quit with the attention seeking posts

    • Bernies sheep really hate when their messiah is called out.

    • He’s a fucking socialist. He’s not “independent”.
      And socialism is socialism no matter what word you throw in front of it.
      I don’t dislike his social policies. That’s the only thing that could win my vote.
      Economically, he’s retarded. And if you believe in his economics… sorry.
      Answer me this-
      Do you trust the government?

    • You can’t instill his economic policies without increasing the size of the government. Thus big government crony. How is that hard to understand?

    • Holy hell!!!
      You know Adam McDaniel, I chuckled when I saw your post.
      Then I scroll up to see Mr. Gregorio’s comment, and now I’m thinking… holy hell! This nigga really believes Sanders is the fucking Messiah.
      I can hear, in an ominous voice…
      “First the political revolution, then the spiritual revolution, next THE WORLD! MUAHAHAHAHA!”
      What the fuck? I hear people compare Bernie supporters to a cult. I’m starting to see why.

    • Lol at these two.

      Erika, just because we don’t believe in your idle threats or your candidate, we are suddenly nihilistic or psychopathic. Sounds like you need to make good on your threat and leave now, you’ll be better off if you can create a nice safe bubble for yourself to cry in.

      And Gregoria, you forgot your meds.

    • Funny how all you neckbeards complain and have no better solution whatsoever. You’re the hopeless social pariahs that like to complain about everything regardless. Nobody likes you either, and you will never change anything.

    • Adam McDaniel there is only One. Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Shane Lowe do u believe in religion or spirituality?

    • Shane Lowe I think you fear socialism due to government propaganda in the past

    • Yes I do. I am very spiritual.

    • Herp derp, I’m afraid of the word socialism.

    • Shane Lowe and Adam, you guys create so much in your own heads. It’s actually sad.

    • And Eric Hapka, neckbeard? Come up with better insults.
      There are plenty of ideas out there that do not involve expansion of an overgrown government.
      Has nobody noticed the bigger the government gets, the worse everything has gotten?
      Do you really believe Sanders will change that?

    • Ivan Mlinarić tell one group of people who the next president will be, and EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS

    • Yes, I do. I don’t trust government because of corporate interests, which Bernie Sanders has exposed and is immune to.

    • Shane Lowe good, now do you believe in God or The Most High?

    • You trust the government? You believe the corporations are the only bad guys? (They are, just not the only).
      Well, I don’t know what to say then. Debating a statist is like debating a feminist.

    • And Gregorio, I believe in a supreme being. Above and beyond human comprehension. I would say based more so off the Abrahamic God than any other but I don’t believe the bible is the infallible word of God…
      Btw I like where this is going 😀

    • Future President Bernie Sanders is as important to collective consciousness as these two were. The supporters these two men had were hearing the same things you guys say. Just a different day. And, you know what, I’m glad those supporters didn’t listen to the naysayers. Because if they had listened to people like you, NOTHING, like you say, would ever have been done

    • Herp derp I hate capitalism

    • This is revolution. Just in case you missed it.

    • Government is much more corrupt than businesses. When the government failed the citizens of Flint MI, good thing Walmart and Pepsi sent them clean private enterprise bottled water. I don’t know of any corporations that are $19 trillion in debt, like the US government is. Bernie has voted time and time again to fund the wars and raise the debt ceiling. He may talk different than other politicians, but his actions show that he is more in line with the norms. Do you think that, if he doesn’t get the Democratic nomination, that he won’t be backing Clinton? I can guarantee he will. The only solution is 3rd party. Every Democrat and Republican is the race is corrupt.

    • First off, Lincoln wasn’t all that great.
      I’m a fierce opponent of slavery, the confederate flag and anything like that, but the civil war was the turning point into tyranny.
      It was then that the government really began to grow.
      Kennedy is better, but not by much. The only reason I believe he was half ass decent was because the government had him murdered so therefore he had to wanted to do something right.
      BUT! You lost it all when you brought up a collective.
      As a freedom lover, a collective is another term for hell.

    • Adam McDaniel did u really just post that when it has porn on it? Wow!! Sicko bro! Sicko! Check yourself!

    • Ashton Haggitt wow!! Now I know how messed up in the head you are. Bill of rights??? Lol sad

    • I didn’t make the meme. The point is every single innovation that has happened in the last several hundred years is a result of private enterprise, not government. If you don’t like it don’t consume it. I don’t like government programs that Bernie proposed but the monopoly of the government doesn’t allow you to choose to not use them.

    • Shane Lowe Adam if you are as sad to think capitalism gives one eyesight, I feel bad for you guys

    • Gregorio Rivera Carrillo it’s just facts man. Do you have a cell phone, use the Internet, Facebook? Do you shop at grocery stores, own a TV, live in a house or apartment? Those things were all invented by private enterprises. Here’s the thing: there are absolutely corrupt businesses. But I can choose whether or not to go to a business. When the government is corrupt I have no other choice. These guys are over $19 trillion in debt. Is that not an issue to you? Do you think that they are the best people to manage our healthcare, education and every other important aspect of your life?

    • Capitalism may have it’s bad points, but it is the only way the individual is in charge of his own freedom.
      The anarchist belief in capitalism is not corporatism. I despise it just as much.
      But the free market is freedom.
      Sure, we have to obey our bosses and such which sucks sometimes, but… here’s the funny part…socialism forces us into slave like work places.
      Fact is, if I hated my job, I have the freedom to quit that job.
      Of course I may not be able to sustain as well but I can quit.
      Now, in a free market, I could say fuck it, quit, and start me up a lemonade stand.
      Woops! Can’t do that! Why? Not because of capitalism, but because of the ugly affair that has taken place between big business and big government. That is socialism for you.
      Because of the way it is, you can’t make money without having money.
      Therefore, us on the poor side of things can’t enjoy the freedoms of the free market and a supposed free society.
      Its not D vs R.
      It’s D&R vs us all.

    • Not once have we argue democrat v republican. Not once have we argued capitalism vs democratic socialism.

      Stop making things up in your head. PLEASE!

    • Such a well thought out counter-point Gregorio. Truly a scholar.

    • Lol the entire argument is socialism vs capitalism.
      Bernie being a socialist, is on one side, capitalist are on the other.
      And since you clearly missed the point, my D&R reference is that they both suck.
      Pretty words and promises (lies or mistruths) said by a democrat does not make them any better than republicans.
      Soooo, what am I making up in my head?
      O… nevermind, we have clearly gotten to the point in the debate where you have no logical retort, therefore you have to make me out to be the crazy one! Lol typical liberal style.

    • The argument was all in your head bro. Go back to the beginning. Look at the comment made. You created a whole lot of bullshit out of nothing. Shane, you are a little looney bro. Cmon man. You got to admit. You’re fighting for nothing. We fight for something. Get over it!

    • Gregorio Rivera Carrillo

      I have debated Sanders fans with logic many times on Facebook and told myself I was done because they are all so infatuated with their new god King that they will not listen to any reason against him.

      Here are a few facts for you that I’m hoping can help you realize how bad of a pick for President this man really is:

      1) Sanders points to the Scandinavian countries as paradises. Well most of those countries are the size of one US state. They are not as diverse as the US. Some of them are going bankrupt like Greece did. Norway has a ton of money from native oil production. They are now regretting letting the Syrian refugees in because of the drain on their social welfare systems. Those countries have no federal minimum wage, lower business taxes than the Us, and less business regulations.

      2) Sanders claims to be against military spending yet has voted for hundreds of billions of dollars in military spending over the last 20 years. He voted for Kosovo and for Afghanistan and supports the most wasteful military program of all time, the F-35 jet.

      3) Sanders pushes for a $15 hour minimum wage but pays some employees $12 hour today.

      4) He has never had a real job in his life. He lived off of welfare until getting a job as a lifelong politician. In his 25 years in office, he has sponsored and passed a total of 2 bills, both of which were pretty useless. His home state of Vermont has tried single payer healthcare and it failed miserably.

      5) He panders to unions so he claims to be very anti-Uber. Although it’s strange that he uses Uber for most of his personal transportation. Any politician that is against Uber is definitely anti freedom.

      6) I never claimed that I wanted to privatize everything. But if you want to claim that the US government that has been known for such things as a $19 Trillion deficit, Social Security that is not only losing money but keeps seniors in poverty, shitty socialized medical programs like the failed Medicare and the VA, and the recent water crisis in Flint Michigan is better equipped to maximize our quality of life than the private industries that have brought us luxuries such as automobiles, cell phones, easy to obtain food, and the Internet, then go ahead man.

    • #BernieLogic

    • If Bernie was behind healthcare, someone who is not corrupt then yeah I’m on board

    • Adam McDaniel those are all valid points. I, however support bernie because of his efforts to get big business out of politics. Is he a solution to all the problems we have? No. However i believe he’s a step in the right direction. At the very least he’s gotten the younger generation to take an interest in politics. If he doesn’t gain the nomination, I’ll vote third party. There are sycophants on all sides of the political spectrum, and Facebook is not quite conducive for rational discourse.

    • You know what Jason Benninger I wish all Bernie supporters were as rational as you come across. I agree that he brings up valid concerns, I just don’t like his solutions. Hate to throw on my tin foil hat, but I feel like its all but guaranteed that Hillary gets the Dem nomination. If that’s the case, come and check out the Libertarian party. They point out some of the same issues Sanders does, although with a very different set of solutions.

    • Thank you Simone and Jason.

    • Anytime Gregorio. Let’s promote unity

    • Gregorio, I can see why you initially did not want a debate. You could obviously sense my awesomeness and knew you wouldn’t make it too far with your pathetic non debate.
      Maybe if you would take some pointers from Jason Benninger, our debate could have been fun.
      I may not agree with him but at least he is using logic.

    • Lol oh and btw, if I’m a little looney by your standards, then I will take that as a compliment.
      I’d rather be crazy and free than “sane” and enslaved.

    • Money leads to corruption, which is why we can’t trust our government. Remove corporate campaign donations, and you have yourself the perfect anti-corruption, working man’s candidate. Healthcare costs are OUT OF CONTROL and I’d much rather pay 2.2% more in taxes for full coverage for everything instead of 3.8% of my paycheck for shitty, basic coverage insurance. #FeelTheBern

    • And all three are statists. What’s your point?

    • Eric Hapka the working man you quote has never had a real job in his life. He was on welfare before becoming a lifelong politician. That is not a respectable life path at all.

    • Also, please list all of Bernie’s working class jobs.

    • Bernie has been a Head Star teacher, psychiatric aide, carpenter, filmmaker and writer. Are these working class jobs enough for you?

    • Kaylee Lane I Arguing with libertarians will accomplish nothing but frustration. Better to just pass on through and view the wreck while you’re there…

    • Shane Lowe For all of the babble you are putting out, you need to get back to basics and redefine (or really, learn in the first place) what socialism is. Your entire argument is based on a narrow, skewed construal of socialism.

      You say that ‘anarchist capitalism is not corporatism’, then what the hell is it. To backpedal, what does a functioning anarchist-anything society look like? Er, wait , I used ‘functioning’ to try to relate to anarchism…answered my own question, I guess.

    • Donovan Catt kind of like arguing with a Bernie Sanders supporter that sees through all of his hypocrisies right? You didn’t acknowledge any of the points I made above. How about just 1? He is not anti war like he says. He voted for Kosovo and Afghanistan, has literally voted for hundreds of billions in military spending and has repeatedly supported the most wasteful military project ever, the F-35 jet. So let’s debate this point rather than hurling pointless insults and posting stupid memes.

    • It’s funny Donovan Catt, you can sit here and say that I don’t know what I’m talking about yet you have no real argument.
      I know exactly what socialism is, chances are, you don’t.
      I research my shit. I don’t just follow a rainbow shitting unicorn dropping golden boogers.
      You on the other hand clearly know nothing of the schools of anarchy or anything about it.
      And fyi, throughout history there have been many anarchic societies that functioned just fine… until a government entity came and destroyed them or subjugated them.
      And of course you don’t wanna argue or debate a libertarian, we actually use common sense in our arguements, (at least some of us do) because we don’t blindly follow one side or the other.
      Like I always say, I can’t stand liberals or conservatives. But I will take a debate with a conservative anyday because at least they use a little bit of common sense.
      Liberals on the other hand… they all seem to be riding the little yellow bus together.

  • HAHAHA! All the #bernvictims are getting pissed…..

    • I love it lol the blind worship of this guy is disgusting. They all say but Bernie’s been standing up for the people for 30 years. But yet in the last 30 years government has become much worse and their deity failed to stop it in any way.

    • Government is the the most dangerous religion.

  • He is one of Obamas very close friends… Look at what they do rather then what they say…

    • I have looked at what he’s done, and his record is one of the best in politics. Have you looked? No one is perfect, but U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is a great choice for president.

    • THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A CHOICE but hey its not like its going to affect the rest of the world… Right??

    • ALL CAPS does not prove your point. Come up with something constructive. Until then you are just SHOUTING nonsense and negativity. Good luck with that.

    • Out of the USAs 239 years yall have spent 222 years killing people……. Do i really have to say anything else?? Ohh yeah what is the average american IQ??

  • Bernie didn’t do well with this, but I sure liked the other guy!

  • Native people need a MLK

  • Some of the replies here remind me why our nation is disintegrating morally. Civility seems to be lost in the wake of opinion and self righteousness. Sad.

  • He answered the question–“…I will do everything I can to redress that, absolutely.”
    What more do you think Bernie should say ??

  • Spoken like a true politician

  • I think we can all see that the free thought project is fully supporting Clinton and trying sway people away from Bernie. It’s not happening.

    • Buahahahaha. You should really pay more attention if you believe that.
      Hell nobody but feminists want Hillary in there. Not even her husband lol

    • Free thought project, I feel, is mostly anarcho ideals. I feel like they would be against I guy like Bernie who’s trying to expand government programs. That being said, #FeeltheBern #Bernie2016!!

    • The last few post by them have been pro-Hillary and anti-Bernie. It’s pretty obvious that free thought is a liberal haven for liberal ideas, and it’s apparent which democratic candidate they would rather see in that oval. Bernie 2016

    • It is time that all of them answer that question. I stand with our Native People… but , of course, I am voting for Bernie and he will (maybe) help our Native communities… I have hope. AND I did not like that guy that kept saying “what’s your question”…

    • Find one pro-Hillary post we have EVER made. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

    • The Free Thought Project.com(null) I won’t bother. Your posts of late have shown you do little research and apparently don’t even read the articles you want us to get upset over like yesterday’s Bill to make men get permission from wives to get viagra. You are no longer free thought. Just thoughtless.

    • The Free Thought Project.com this one trying to condemn bernie for something no one else has done, tried to have a conversation with indians.
      The chief has many valid points, but its difficult to talk to someone when theyre screaming, I know because its hard to talk to me at times …

    • Judy Combs Bernie must have been on a strict time table, the guy just wanted the question out there. The prologue was a nice intro, however it oculdve been shortened

    • Well who does Free Thought Project endorse? Put aside you’re perceived higher moral and political standards, and make a choice that you feel is best for the country, instead of throwing everyone under your high horse.

    • I dunno…. Freedom? Which is the opposite of the Bern.

    • Anti Bernie does not mean pro Hillary. DUR.
      Both are despised here equally.

    • How about talk about Trump and Hillary more then??? All you people do is bash the only candidate that represent the people. The Free Thought Project.com

    • What the hell is this World Wide Project crap you’ve attached to my posts?

    • He represents the people… teehee. That’s funny. No politicians represent the people. Maybe that’s the problem.
      You actually believe in this fucked up system.
      They bash Trump and Hillary all the damn time. Bernie just happens to be on stage right now. You clearly haven’t been following for long.
      This is a liberty based page.
      All enemies of liberty are attacked.
      It just so happens to sum up all politicians…. including Bernie.

    • Shane. What’s your starting point to a solution. I want an answer. Not “well Bernies not the answer”. What’s your plan, other than apathy?

    • Seriously, what does this even mean? That Bernie is a politician, and Hillary and Trump are not? You don’t come right and say that you’re supporting Clinton you do it in a passive way.

    • The Free Thought Project.com then stop with the stupid attacks to Sanders. Nobody have a good answer to that, but you only attack him. He is by far the best option for president, at least attack a debatable issue.

    • Rodrigo Alonso Palominos Sánchez. Same problem I have. “Bernies a terrible politician” ok. What do you suggest, within realistic parameters? “…..”

    • Bryan Larson, the first step is reducing the size of our government, on top of reducing laws and loopholes for the rich.
      Wow, almost like Bernie except I am serious.
      You can’t expect to have more freedom with a bigger government. And no matter how you look at it, socialism is big government.
      It’s honestly not even Bernie I have a problem with, but his economic beliefs.
      I don’t believe, Sanders or Obama are out to destroy this country… Obama maybe but definitely not Sanders.
      I believe he has good intent. And I do believe he will be the next Potus.
      My problem comes in with the policies they implement, can easily be turned around.
      What the government giveth, the government can taketh away.
      Therefore I do not want shit from them and any freedom loving person should not either.

    • DNC Is so corrupt, Bernie doesn’t have a chance…

    • That is true^
      Sanders is the dems Ron Paul.
      The establishment wil do everything to keep him down.

    • Shane, I don’t think you’ve made the distinction between freedom, and wage slaves, because that’s what people are now. Healthcare and Free education allows us to expand our freedoms much more compared to working to death for corporations who’s only priority of their bottom line. If people had access to what should be basic, first world right, they would have an opportunity to actually be free. They wouldn’t be controlled by the shitty wages they receive. Living paycheck to paycheck(if you even can) isn’t freedom.

    • Mike R Neal Where on EARTH are you getting the idea that they are Pro-Hillary??? Are you sure you have the right page??

    • Mike R Neal And that photo you posted, it means they don’t trust the political system obviously…open your eyes. Voting won’t save us is the message. It may help for small issues, but the big picture won’t change by voting in the “right” people.

    • The Free Thought Project.com how about anti-Bernie,that would be easier to find.like this screwed up post.and i seen nothing wrong with what Bernie told that disrespectable indian man.

    • Connor Morley so you’re an anarchist. Thanks, but no thanks. To your question I’m I sure I have the right page? The more and more I read, I’m not sure that it is.

    • The Free Thought Project.com(null) you guys did run that bullshit hit piece on his economic plan… So there’s that!

    • Mike R Neal No, quit it with the assumptions, that’s all you’ve been doing since you first made a comment. All I’m saying is the system is too corrupt to try to change it from within.

    • The political system does not and has not worked for the people. All it takes is a candidate repeating what you want to hear to give a temporary feeling that it will work for you. Humans are very very easily manipulated and controlled by language and many of the posts on here prove it lock stock and barrel. You cannot elect your way to freedom but if you want to continue doing the same thing over and over expecting different results then go right ahead. But for those of us watching the braindead masses banging their head against any wall that seems softer than the last, it is amusing to say the least

    • Shane Lowe I agree with some of your points, but not even King Hitler Obama can tear down a nation alone, if so it’d been done years ago by other presidents (Reagan, anyone?). Look at Idiot America, influenced by the media, of course and the rest of Idiot America and the politicians dividing us as the the ones destroying this country. Do not hold one half black, half WHITE (never understood why so many white people hate him, he’s not even BLACK) smooth criminal as the one “destroying” the country. You sound as nuts as the people who call him King!

    • Bryan Larson, see we have the same ideas, we just differ on how to get there.
      Does being a wage slave suck? Sure does. Why do I keep doing it? Because I must. If it were not for the collaboration of big government and big business I could have the freedom to quit and open my own business… but the government stops that freedom.
      Free healthcare? You use that loosely.
      First off, it’s not free. Someone is paying for it through government enforced theft.
      And I wouldn’t call anything freedom, when the government forces you to have it… speaking of the grand affair between government and business. I can’t imagine who would want to make it a law that you purchase something.
      No, freedom is the right to either find a good job with insurance or say fuck it and don’t get it. The government forcing you to do something is never freedom.
      Getting free shit is not freedom.
      Freedom is making the decision yourself, wether you want to do something or not.
      Do I want that new car? I can earn that new car through an exchange of my time, in which someone is paying me for.
      Or I can choose to not want that car, say fuck it and not work at all.
      Or I can fall somewhere in the middle and just make enough to live and survive.
      That is freedom.

    • Bryan Larson Make up your own damn mind you fucking sheep. They don’t have to nor do they want to tell you who to vote for. You and people like you are the reason our political system is fucked up. “TELL ME WHO TO VOTE FOR I CAN’T MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS!” I’ll tell you who to vote for though. None of the above.

    • Far from Clinton. The admins want us to support Ron or Rand Paul

    • I though these guys were anarchists.

    • I didn’t say free healthcare, Shane Lowe. Although I feel were pretty much on the same page. Expect I think Bernie is an exceptional start, and you’ve become a cynical asshole, I say that with love by the way. And Charlie Wilson. I have no Idea what you’re talking about. We’re having a discussion. Bernie already has my vote.

    • Oh and Charlie Wilson. If nobody votes, Trump or Cruz will win. Not letting that happen.

    • Sigh… I bet if Ron/Rand Paul were still any relevant the admins would not try to post up any negative scrap they could get their hands on.. The title of course is rather misleading. Bernie simply did not give a detailed response as he should have. Perhaps he did not wish to give one that he has no detailed knowledge of and wanted to review first? Honestly, any response given would not appease the enraged and passionate man.
      Ok, so the politics are corrupt.. Name one realistic solution that can be implemented in time before the next election? Hilarious how “dont vote, its a sham” topic always comes up right before each election, then goes silent for the next 4 or so years… Corrupt or not Bernie is the best chance we have. If all goes well, he will turn out to be the next FDR…

    • You are clearly not paying attention.

    • The “Indian” gentleman went on and on. When I originally watched this I kept thinking is there going to be a question here or just accusation after accusation. What kind of dialogue can be had in a situation like that? I thought Bernie did well considering some of the nonsense I saw and heard.

    • Zach Baughman Opposite of what Bernie wants ?
      How ?
      By putting money back into the hands of the people that work the hardest ?
      By making the filthy rich pay their due ?
      By removing the political link to corporate welfare and corruption ?
      By stopping people from going to jail needlessly ?
      Just how is he removing freedom ?
      OH, maybe be making sure women have a choice in their lives.
      Or maybe actually turning the voting process into something FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE instead of the oligarchy …

      Please dude … and I mean dude in a john wayne kinda way, please dude, tell us how Bernie is going to take away our freedoms …

    • haha little bitch like you can’t back your claim. what a faggot crock of shit

    • Watching these fucking idiots scream stop attacking Bernie, because that means you need to vote for someone.
      If Hitler and Stalin were in an election these fucking idiots would parrot “STOP ATTACKING STALIN, YOU JUST WANT HITLER TO WIN”

    • I think this post is just helping to point out that we’ve yet to elect any perfect officials. I don’t know that we ever will. I definitely don’t felt like TFTP is trying to sway me to Hilary tho haha

    • The Free Thought Project.com This post here. It’s the oldest political and (Clinton ) trick in the world, don’t praise Hillary, but post negative about Bernie.

    • This issue needs to be addressed. Why not pose this same question to Hillary, without time to prep for it, and see what she has to say ?

    • Fuck, maybe he was Prairie Doggin….

    • IMHO: You do seem to bash Bernie a LOT more than you bash Hillary.

    • Shane Lowe Prove that Bernie isnt for the people, where is your evidence, because there is nothing in what he has done to suggest this, and there is nothing that he says to suggest this.
      So please present your evidence

    • Ryan Stein Prove it, prove that Bernie isnt real, prove that he speaks with forked tongue …

      Methinks this page is bought and paid for by the clintons

    • Connor Morley actually it will, the only question is for how long.
      Its a revolution, its a drastic change and mindset of politics from what they are now, get on board, or get lost in the quagmire of failure that will be in its wake

  • To be honest he sounded a bit intoxicated… he had difficult time focusing and that’s the only reason I can come up with. I don’t know what the treaties are that he was talking about. I doubt anybody in that room knew. He had talked More about himself then he did about the question, if it was truly about the treaties he would have describe what the treaties are. I apologize if I was not drunk, but he just went on about too many other things.

  • I don’t see him getting his supporter to beat up and throw out the guy asking the question.

  • How disrespectful of Bernie Sanders to blow this true American off, so typical of all Politicians.

  • Lol, look at all the butthurt Bernie lovers…

  • it took clyde 6 minutes to ask the question and he knew the guy had to leave.. maybe if he would have just asked the damn question instead of talking about himself for 6 minutes there could have been some kind of better answer.. clyde is just as much a politician as anyone, going on and on and on about himself like that. whatever.

  • He’ll continue lickin’ ass& making contradictory promises to the people until he’s in power, then he’ll come out of his true shell, just another toxic untrustworthy hypocrite.

    • Bam…. I think Ron Paul was the last shot for North America… It’s all downhill from here:(

    • Bam!? Lol you can say Bam, and then advocate for religious zealotry.

    • Where the fuck did you get religious zealotry out of that?

    • Fuck them All.Hillary belongs in a Prison with the rest of them.

    • Elizabeth Warren kicks a lot of ass

    • Ron Paul is a bible thumbing asshole. Never never never, again, will I vote for a Christian.

    • Bible thumping? Sure, the man is a Christian, but where do you pull Bible thumping from? He never did anything to infringe on someone’s religious liberties and never let his religion dictate his politics. Lay off the pipe dude.

    • Bryan Larson absolutely moronic LMFAO…

      as an atheist, let me say… your a prick and your also wrong … paul never bible thumped.. you didnt even attempt to draw a link between ron pauls faith and how it affected you personally… “troll” fits you well

    • Don’t care. You can’t trust someone who believes in a fantastical entity. I want someone who’s morality comes from within. Beliveing in God requires such mental gymnastics and lack of intelligence. I simply will not trust them. They have very sad and poor critical thinking skills.

    • Bryan Larson not really.. treat others the way you want to be treated… pretty universal

    • I don’t treat anyone differently. Just don’t trust or respect them. Mental midgets.

  • You can not rant on and on and on …. and expect a good response to your rants.

    Clearly anything Sanders said or ANYONE else to that mans rants .. would not satisfy him. He would just continue to rant on and on.

    The politician did the only thing he could do .. was polite, gave a quick response .. and got out before tensions escalated more.

  • Well… Anyone who cries foul with Israel and the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians should probably be the first to support this and sign the deeds of their land over to the native tribes.

  • well, if it was me, I guess I would tell the “natives” that THE RESERVATION IDEA IS FLAWED. IN TEN YEARS, NO MORE MONEY FOR INDIANS,NO MORE TAX FREE PROPERTY. Either pledge allegiance to the nation that conquered you, or be expelled. The ancestors of these people killed all they conquered, whether it be for women, food, water, or grazing… they killed each other too.. and the Cheyenne and blackfeet had to leave the black hills because they were CONQUERED. The only way to end this mess is to stop it. There are schools on the reservations. I have lived next to 3 reservations in my life, and it is just people complaining because they lost a war. Put it to bed. Period.

    • get in there and finish your conquering .. why you happy to leave your work unfinished ??

    • A war??? That’s what you call it?? You got issues dude.

    • Karl Neuman apparently you think I am a couple of hundred years old… no one alive today was involved with that. I just know from living in Rapid City South Dakota, and working alongside several Indians, and also from living near Shoshone and Arapaho, that Indians can, and do, work. they are totally capable of holding down a job, nice house, nice family, ect…. they are tired of it all too. Come out and visit Crazy Horse mt. and get some education on the subject, ok?

    • Spoken like a true statist.

    • Sandy Worsham When the Sioux nation came to the Black hills, they had Horses.. the Cheyenne and the Blackfoot did not.. so, they were killed and driven out. If you read the history of the Sioux, they themselves tell it like that. Go to Crazy Horse mt. and educate yourself

    • You are a disgusting person, this was their homeland and still is, if you aren’t a native (absolutely no quotations needed) you should be thanking them for the land you live on that was stolen from them, not spewing ignorant hate.

      And yes it was stolen, there was no need to come colonize America except their own greed and egos. They had a home that was already thriving but they wanted more so they came and took it simple as that.
      Not to mention there are plenty of things that people did then or do now that make them much more of a savage than any native.

    • Russ Whetham is this what you plan on doing when We say Fuck You?Why don’t you go home(Europe)and kill one another?Oh wait..The only thing you every invented was the trailer park and Europe no longer considers you to be one of them because of your low Intelligence and Ignorance.

    • I see he married his brother..Can you Really get upset about what this Boy has to say?I took a look and seen this man is close to the end of his life cycle and he is a dying breed.His Racist Bigotry will die with him.

    • Russ you should brush up on your history because The Lakota and Apache signed treaties to end their war because the U.S. Military could not defeat them. America must and should follow the treaties but most Native American tribes cannot deny there is corruption amongst their leaders who are they themselves victims to greed.

    • I guess you all want to put your money where your mouth is, and move back to Europe? otherwise, you are all hypocrites. I at least have the courage and conviction to stand by my beleifs. I AM a native American(no quotations) I was born here, as was my father, and his father, and his father before him. what now? I claim my heritage. you all need to shut up or move back to Europe, hypocrites

    • and by the way? arm chair quarterbacking this don’t cut it. come and live and work with these people and see what THEY say

    • Benjamin Ramirez you are the racist here. I at least see things as they are. you have been reading too many pamphlets at the welfare office

  • he’s different, because he said what he could say. All he can do is his best to address those issues. I’m glad my brother stood up and made some noise to address it, and now Bernie has to see what he can do, now if he continues to dodge the issue, then you may have something, but being caught off guard, for what was obviously supposed to be black meeting, I can see him having to go back and do a lil research before spouting lies. “any other politician” would have just pandered, without knowledge of anything, and lied and said, “of course I will” . . . Bernie knows he can’t do everything by himself, and if nobody VOTES then all we have to represent us are the assholes already in power, who are doing what exactly? mmhmmm. . . you want something done, why not advocate for politicians who will make changes? is it because that would take a lil more effort than just posting memes? or is it because like sanders, this wasn’t a big deal to you until this man stood up and made a scene? I’m guessing it was the latter.

  • Wall Street Clinton thanks you.

  • Unliked your page for your anti bernie commentary good bye

    • Good riddance. This is FREE thought project, not STATE thought project

    • You have a better candidate to offer ? Obviously not! Four decades of fighting the establishment for all people you igit your too stupid to realize that finally there’s a candidate who actually cares about all the people, environment and taking corruption out of the political process – Free thought give your head a shake the two neurons you have are failing to fire!

    • Bernie’s intention is to increase the size of the government. Anti establishment does not mean pro freedom.

    • The Free Thought Project.com A comment and a statement , not a complaint you’re entitled to our opinion regardless of its erroneous nature too bad you can’t discern the difference! Like previously stated good bye

    • that’s pretty stupid to mention , too many cry babies about their daddy Bernie it’s pathetic .

  • Beanie is an og

  • Would Madame Clinton care for another round of offshoring American Jobs? Or would Madame prefer some more Wall Street Thugs in High Office?

    Perhaps another Paid Speech?

  • Hyperbole much?

  • yup he will honor the treaties. Would hillary?

  • Jut wish the free thought movement would grow some balls and march on Washington already and take back the country

  • Sanders didn’t seem “stunned” to me. If he said too little to please the authors here, it was because he was given no time to answer the question (which should have come before the speaker’s long hymn of praise to himself). Sanders was already on the way out the door when the question finally got laid on the table. Having said that, the Native Americans who are troubled about lack of treaty enforcement should be going to every authority they can find to push for treaty enforcement. That issue should be addressed at all levels of government, not just at meeting with potential presidential candidates. I support treaty enforcement but the LACK of enforcement is so entrenched in so many different practices that it will take a long battle to move to treaty enforcement.

    • why is there no reply to this? this is exactly right. I’m sure if elected, or officially polled; Bernie would commit to furthering treaties, but you can’t expect the man to cater to your every demand. Give him no time to answer and make him out to br a bad guy & I see you like i do with major news networks. Stop taking things out of context and being ignorant of real life situations. Thanks for the post Gail.

    • That’s bullshit

    • no president has ever honored the treaties . racist , Bigots , who finance war do not care , and commit Genocide do not care .

  • imagine the viral video of bernie hugging this native american….

  • Excuse me sir. I do say, you’ve gotten a little extreme with your headline, almost main stream media like O.o

    I was honestly a little taken back by Bernie’s response – it did seem overly concise, direct, and with intention of closing the discussion. With his civil rights record, you would think he would have a bit more to say… So yes, his response was a little questionable…. but NOT different than any other politician?! Go home, your drunk.

    The man had a great message, one that deserved to be heard, addressed, and discussed.. so like I said, a little taken back at Bernie’s response… but you even said it yourself in the subtext… “powerful RANT,” those are YOUR WORDS. Maybe he was just trying to wrap it up because it was too much for him at the moment? Maybe he doesn’t fully realize the doors he’s opened?? He did acknowledge they’ve received horribly treatment by the government. The man had a great message but like YOU SAID, it was a “powerful rant.”

    I’m starting to think this page is more for the pitchfork and machine gun revolution… not the revolution of INTELLIGENT free thought. If Bernie isn’t at, the VERY LEAST, a “step in the right direction” for you.. I can’t find much intelligence here.

    • Well stated. I’d really like to see how the folks at free thought project respond to this as you make some solid point about Bernie and about this page.

    • don’t worry we will wait! 🙂 The Free Thought Project.com

    • It doesn’t matter

    • So called ” authority ” is Not legitimate .

  • a politician , honor a treaty , or ANY agreement made with non politicians ??? hahahaha … yeah right …

  • Same bullshit just an old asshole

  • anyone think any other candidate is going to serve Native American interest better ? good luck with that

    • Well if Hillary can speak native American like she does ebonics she may be considered. B|

  • Its an unfair question. potus doesn’t have that kind of authority

  • Here is how he is different, he wants to address the primary issue with our current economic system, not just bandages for individual groups, but a better slice for 99% – https://youtu.be/eqlTUrP5yKM

  • If you can’t figure that 1 out…is he supposed to cure ALL of america’s ills before even taking office? Want him to answer for slavery as well?? He’s not a magician or a saint.

  • How can Sanders say if he will honor something the UN decided?

  • Jack Shrewsbury

  • When will PEOPLE GET THIS?

  • Too much complaining. All these squeaky wheels. Look around. Everybody needs to be treated the same. Nobody is special. We all need livable wages, housing, food, medical care.

  • My ancestors walked the trial of tears and as part cherokee I must admit, I don’t forsee the US government ever honoring most promises they’ve ever made, let alone to those they owe. Look at our debt, this nation and it’s coward people are a joke and are being used. Although I hate the thought of having Bernie as president, this really doesn’t show him being a bad guy at all, he just gave an empty answer, honest but empty and I can respect that over a lie. If you’re going to attack Bernie Sanders, go after his economic ideas, not after him wanting to help people, which I think may be sincere. Conservatives had their chance at an actual candidate(Rand Paul), now it’s just a preschool mess.

    • Why do you hate the idea of Bernie being president and what issues do you have with his economic ideas?

    • Rand played it to safe and stuck with the heard in a election that begs for anything but established party lines and rhetoric. Just eat the popcorn and enjoy the circus our political system has become.

  • have you seen anyone else even give the indian the time of day ? NO, so whats your point ?

  • Yeah I thinks its time I unfollow this page!.. I think any smart person would boycott your page after this… i wonder what Clintons people are doing for you or promised you to start knocking Bernie? Hmm The most progressive, free thinker of them all!!.. This should be changed into the …”Not so free thought support Hillary page”!

    • “Smart person” *insinuates that since FTP doesn’t support Bern, they must support Hillary*

    • Show us one pro Hillary post we’ve made…we’ll wait…

    • Your retard level is over 9000.

    • Once again, this one.
      Anything taking away from Bernie in a deceitful way is pro $hillary

    • OK to the FreeThoughtProject.com The last post about Hillary didn’t say anything to knock her! It was a picture of her and you simply put.. “Any thoughts?” Now when you post about Bernie its all negative! If that’s not pushing the agenda of a particular candidate in a sneaky, political way? I don’t know what is!.. Of course these dead head lackies are not smart enough to see the truth & logic in that.

    • What did Bernie do or say wrong? What would you of liked him to say?

    • So, what you are trying to say is that everytime something bad happens to Sanders’ campaign trail, FreeThoughtProject should wait till Hilary makes a mistake in order to balance it out, because that’s how being bias works, right? I honestly can’t understand how idiots like you find this page.

    • Don’t make fun of our deity Bernie he is going to save us. Lol

    • Umm no..What would be ideal there Ralph Carvil. Is when you have a page titled The Free Thought Project? How about staying away from politics all together?!! ..lol.. Because politics is used to divide and conquer. But unfortunately this is the way things are right now and if your going to promote free thought why not go with the lesser of all evils?!! … Lastly, the post was stupid anyway lol.. Bernie didn’t say anything all that bad lol. If your going to be a propaganda machine for one side or the other? Its not a “Free thought project”.

    • Well free thought would imply you are intelligent enough to not pick the lesser of two evils. When you pick the lesser of two evils you still end up with evil. Kind of common sense. This page is mostly anarchist leaning lol freedom requires you to lead yourself not follow a candidate.

    • So I told you of a post Freethoughtproject.com did you have to wait long at all?…Oh, also I didnt see any negative phrases attached to the Hilary post about “Hookers for Hilary” either! lol. Is that enough? Have I got my point across yet?

    • Bernie says alot of things and does another just like any career politician. Not to mention his stance on Edward Snowden is a totally statist pro government stance. Same with a lot of other things.

    • We dislike Hillary just as much. Same goes for trump,Cruz and any other candidate. That seems to be what you’re failing to pick up on. Lol

    • Umm did you not understand my post?.. Lol like I said unfortunately this is the way of the world and if you think you can live any other way right now you are delusional! .. I live in the real world bro lol. And all countries have so called leaders so why wouldn’t you want 1 that shares MOST of the same views as you?.. There is no such thing as the perfect candidate!…And why doesn’t thefreethoughtproject.com speak for themselves? lol..What are you getting paid for their agenda also?!! lol

    • Bro, clearly you missed the context clues that show i’m an anarchist. I don’t vote or advocate any slavery. Plain and simple. The only reason that system has power is because sheeple want to follow someone instead of lead themselves. You want real change? Gandhi once said “we must be the change we wish to see.” We fix the world by freeing our minds not by advocating for more government dependency.

    • I agree but how realistic is that right now?.. And anarchist is just a word unless your fully living it! Obviously your not my friend lol..What have you done to earn that title? Do you pay rent? Bills? ..Well wait? Your on the internet right now!! So your a hypocrite!! You conform! You live somewhat within societies rules!! … So you reap all the benefits society has to offer But don’t vote prob. don’t pay taxes lol.. I’d bet you also have a phone lol..You don’t live off the grid, grow all your own food etc. etc. Sorry but if you can’t debate intelligently or with honesty? Then I’m waisting my time even TRYING to teach you something lol.

    • Actually I do live off grid. Produce all my own energy (solar) and I do grow my own food. For a living I practice agorism. I don’t let any person rule over me or control how I live. Anarchy exsist in nature it is government that is unnatural. A example is farmers markets. No person rules over another and transactions are done voluntarily. That is all anarchy/voluntaryism is. Human beings acting of their own free will and under voluntary conditions. Anarchy doesn’t mean you can’t use technology lol it has nothing to due with that. That is provided per capitalism those things can exist without government lol. As far as money goes I try to use petro dollars as little as possible and mostly use kyrpto currency if I can. No system magically happens it requires us all making a goal and then making the choices and actions to accomplish that goal. Anarchy doesn’t mean I can’t use the internet lol In fact no one is forcing me to and the service I use I do so voluntarily. Anarchy doesn’t mean can’t rent or pay bills either. All it means is “no rulers” so anything is ok as long as it isn’t done under threat of violence or coercion. Any agreement I voluntarily enter into is ok.

    • Your an idiot! lol If you rent or pay bills? Thats going to a ruler!!.. the net and everything it represents is capitalistic by design lol.. You have to pay for a service provider! .. You don’t pay a property or land tax? lol..Your one big contradiction! And I don’t have time to debate with idiots and lies! …Your a FACEBOOK ANARCHIST!! ..Do you forget people can look at your profile page?!!.Isnt that you sitting on a LEATHER couch?…And you keep dogs in cages?!! lol Your a joke buddy ..I don’t mean to be rude but I’m allergic to non-sense…Im sorry but this is the last msg I’ll be posting in response to you. So you can go off and rant all you like..You been EXPOSED!.Good luck with the ANARCHY thing bud lol..:)

    • Your hearts in the right place just not logical or educated enough.

    • Yes my yard has a fence so my dogs can’t run out onto a highway. I don’t see how that is a bad thing lol. What does a couch I sit on have to do with my beliefs or lifestyle? It seems as though you’re rather upset. Mostly because I pointed out Bernie along with the rest of the system is nothing more than slavery. Which you are human stock if you’re not aware. It really confuses me when anarchist tell people you should be free and the most common response we get is “no I shouldn’t.” As a side note the irony of someone calling me uneducated when they obviously don’t know the difference between your and you’re.

    • Zach Baughman thats the two running,i would say that makes a lot of sense.or do you support the invisible man you can’t see standing in the corner?

    • There’s tow ways to help someone to win the elections, the first is to support him and the second is to attack his opponent (which is much more easy). Apparently you’ve chosen the second one.

  • Now, come on. That’s a lazy post..it really is. So ALL politicians are the same? Exactly the same. Clinton is exactly the same as Sanders, who is exactly the same as Trump, who is exactly the same as Corbyn, who is exactly the same as Hitler. If you’re point is that, in the long run, politicians will always let you down, then it’s a discussion worth having…perhaps…but this video, with a guy who has genuine grievances BUT takes ages to ask a question (and the chair seemed to know this in advance)…which leaves Bernie rushing out the door to another commitment – which he may have already been late for…we don’t know…and expecting US, the readers to suddenly say..’Oh what a fucker, disgusting, he’s the same as Trump…’ is disingenuous and insults my fucking intelligence….I don’t think the guy is GOD, but a smear is a smear and the left (of which I am one) needs to do better than that. If not you start to behave just like those fuckers who run the media. wankers.

  • Let me be frank! Congress has been SECRETLY passing a (state of emergency) Military Rule since 1871 This is TREASON to the AMERICAN people! The STATE OWNS EVERYTHING that you THINK you own! If it has a title or registration, it’s NOT YOURS! It’s a certificate of title! The POTUS is the CEO of US INC. The US is run by the CHIEF OF THE JOINT STAFF! Aka Gen. Dunford! If you think your VOTE for someone WHO HAS BLATANTLY GONE ALONG WITH THE CONTINUED FRAUD AGAINST THE AMERICAN PUBLIC IS GOING TO CHANGE ANYTHING, YOURE A COMPLETE MORON! #WakeUpAmerica

  • Gee I wonder if Trump or Hillary would??? I think I know the answer to that.

  • Am for Sanders and feel he is a great candidate for president and this was a HELL of a great question!! Applause please….. Remember the real indigenous!!

  • I’d say that’s a soft no…

  • The difference with Bernie is that he’s not looking to be a different politician, but a different person.
    And this is coming from someone who lives in germany, was born in Canberra and has hispanic genetics.

  • how is he different? he stayed any other politician would have left trump would have had the man carried out … if clyde would have asked the question instead of ranting for 5 minutes ( witch he said he would) bern might have had time to answer fully

  • Then YOU run for president you dumbass fuck.

  • if the natives declare war on the us govt, would The Free Thought Project.com join.. on whose side, bc i kno the natives would need mercenaries

  • I’m all for the native people. Stretching the truth is not going to help you.

  • I was four feet from Clyde. Bernie left because he was in MN for the Mondale Dinner. Clyde ran out the clock. Bernie is far from perfect but there was more to this than “Bernie leaving stunned…”.

    • but people don’t research for themselves, they just see something out of context and jump on bandwagons.

  • He is way different. He should be the next president for one big reason- He’s not a corporatist. I think the admin of this site has a bias. That’s my “free thought” on this group.

  • Fuck this government nothing but murderes for their own greed

  • Freethoughtproject.com no longer loads into my browsers. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Bernie>Vermin Supreme>Comacho>DeezNutz>Trump>Bag of Crap>Hillary

  • Call yourself free thought and then when someone questions your motives because they are thinking freely, you get all pearl clutchy.

    Lol, that’s rich.

    • And you lack comprehension skills, too.

    • Post your reference to what you consider to be “pearl clutchy”.

    • Read the comments.

  • im sure that a man like Bernie Sanders is verry fucking busy and he had to leave .

  • Not left stunned just what does Clyde expect from the man who is not even the president yet. Why does Clyde not ask Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump the same answer. You know why? He would not even Get an answer but would be hauled out on his ass like others of color. Quit harrassing the only canidate fighting for the people. Yes, we know you want the treaties honored but ask Obama and like Clinton and Trump you get No Answers .

  • This is awesome !! But where’s bernies answer???

  • I don’t think he was stunned, but I will say this; the native rep was spot on when he said that we’re “scholastically retarded” when it comes to Native Nations and the treaties there in.

  • It’s called plausible deniability. ALL politicians do it. If they don’t come out and specifically SAY they are going to do this for this SPECIFIC group of people then they can’t be held accountable for it.

    He can’t say specifically ‘I’m going to do THIS’ because he can be held accountable for it when he doesn’t so he switches to nice politically correct answers like , “I’m going to ‘redress’ it”. White can mean pretty much ANYTHING…

    NO politician will EVER give you specific answer to a question. They are taught to never do that.

  • Bernie Sanders in his full glory: https://youtu.be/Vf2cCdgwgoM

  • Whats the big deal? he said the indians got a bad deal from the government,and he would address it if he is made president.you can’t get a signed contract til hes in office.what more do you want from him?

  • he’s stunned and not responding immediately with a load of lies and bs he will never do when elected.

  • Sanders is just another Zionist sympathizer and a wolf in sheep’s clothing

  • You people are all over the shop, aren’t you?

  • Biggest genocide in history. Native Americans.

  • I don’t trust any of them to do anything

  • No president has or ever will honor any treaty to the people. No matter who is elect to president, they will still see us as nothing. We will still live in prison camps. The United States has done nothing but kill, rape and steal from natives since this country was founded.

    • I believe you have the same rights as all other Americans…if your in “prison camps” why don’t you do something about it. You can leave, you can take yourself or your family and try to make something for yourself. Pity parties never get you very far.


  • Everyone knows Hilary is a shite! Problem is, you Berners think he is the panacea that will save us from all the other shites out there. Free Thought is just leveling the field by providing facts about Bernie that are unbeknownst or are flat out rejected by all of you people feeling The Bern, take that nonsense elsewhere. Just like Hope and Change lol!

  • how many Americans know what a reservation is?

  • Anyone against social democracy is a complete fool.
    You are still monkey minded and haven’t progressed mentally since the dark ages.
    Try reading some! It helps not looking like an asshole when you open your mouth.

    • Many great thinkers throughout history have opposed democracy, do you even Plato bro?

    • I went from liking your page to seeing how contradictory and immature you really are.
      Glad to see you sell out too.
      You will be loosing a lot of followers I promise you that much bud!

    • Good riddance. Nobody wants you here.

    • Right people who need government dependence and to goverment Babysit them are the intelligent ones lol and the ones capable of leading themselves fools. Lmao the fact you couldn’t come up with anything better than “monkey minded” is just too fuckin funny.

    • Why is socialism not within the realms of being critiqued?

  • At least they let him talk! Trump would just have had him thrown out!

  • If anyone deserves reparations, it’s the Native Americans

  • pure subjective reporting – Bern replied he would absolutely due everythiny possible to address the issue…..

  • Considering he’s on a campaign schedule and the 5 minute speech given before the question, the answer was short but adequate. Keep in mind, politicians rarely commit to specific outcomes. It’s not a dictatorship. He can’t possibly answer “Yes, I’ll honor those treaties” and be politically tied to that absolute answer. He acknowledged that Native Americans got a “terrible deal from the government” and committed to redress that. It’s the most hopeful statement I’ve heard on the issue from a candidate so far.

  • Perhaps you should attempt to increase your vocabulary from time to time: then you would know that “redress” means to fix or correct something. So, how was his answer different? He said he would do what he could to correct the problem – he didn’t palm the issue off to congress like the others.


    • We don’t subscribe to the left vs. right paradigm.

    • “We don’t subscribe to the left vs. right paradigm.”

      Yet when a true free thinker and independent, free of political and corporate influence comes along, you knock him every chance that you are given? Sounds like you are playing right in to the 2 party system, don’t ya think?

    • ^^^if you’re referring to Bernie he is as far from a free thinker as you get lol.

    • Free thinkers are not afraid of revolution, but welcome qnd embrace it. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to why Bernie is running as a democrat?

    • Because he is a Democrat.

    • WRONG… Look up his status. He is an INDEPENDENT from New Hampshire. He is running as a Democrat because of a rigged system, that says you must be a member of one of the two major parties to get on state ballots.

    • ^vermont don’t get mad if u only kinda know

    • Not mad at all, I accept MY mistakes

  • you guys are such a joke

  • A lot of hate toward the The Free Thought Project.com in this thread. You guys realize they don’t identify as Gop or Dem right? If you think anything will change with Bernie or anyone running for that matter then you might wanna look back at 2008. The guy was unemployed for the first 40 years of his life. Then found a great job doing nothing in politics.

    • This is the second time I’ve seen someone say Bernie was unemployed for the first 40 years of his life. From what source is that claim? Biography and other sites say he worked several jobs, including filmmaker and freelance writer.

    • So.. You do realize that he’s been an independent for about 30 years right?
      Also, I would like some actual evidence of your claims from a nonbiased source, or your statements are invalid.

  • *doesn’t care about your bullshit, is voting for Sanders anyways*

  • The government has never yet honored any treaty with any Native American tribe. Perhaps Bernie could be the first to try. Actually i like the Canadian term First Nation. Somehow it seems to me to infer greater dignity and it is more historically correct. This Continent didn’t become America until it was named after an Italian Explorer.

  • Men were not created to rule men. It’s not in our Dna. Because we are selfish and greedy we will always rule for our own welbeing rather than the welbeing of those who we rule over. Men cant even walk to direct their own steps rather then control another human. Only someone pure of heart can rule men. A higher power,JEHOVAH or JESUS. that’s why I’ve never voted in my life and never will

  • If you need a point by point description of how Sanders is different, you haven’t been paying attention. This country faces some serious issues at this point in history. Sanders has addressed so many of them and made promises he could not possibly keep. BUT, he is addressing those issues and bringing them to the platform. We are in the process of electing a Chief Executive Officer, NOT a fucking king for Christ’s Sake.

    I do not agree with many of his Socialist plans/promises/solutions but he has recognized and at least addresses many of our problems in a way that could be the beginning of a long road to eliminating corporate control of all aspects of our lives, That could lead to this country actually living up to the hype “Land of the Free.” Anyone expecting a sanders presidency to make it all better is living in a fantasy world. He gets elected it is sending a clear message to our representatives. These representatives and our electorate will not be able to ignore what concerns Sanders and obviously a large portion of our population.

  • I listened to this guys rant…if he would’ve just asked the damn question he wanted Sanders to answer he would’ve gotten a better answer. He went on a huuuuge long rant after initially being told they would take 1 more QUICK question. I respect our Native Americans but it is time that the youths of this population be allowed to more coherently spearhead their fight and struggle and the “Chiefs” should be guiding from behind the scenes as they have more experience but when at the forefront they tend to let their emotions get the better of them. Bernie will address their needs. That is why he continuously repeats “ALL of us have to come together”!

  • No answer forth coming !!!!!!

  • Docian Clouds On Fire, Christopher Simmons

  • bye freethought(aslongasitinvolveselectinghillaryclinton)project.com

  • RE; The Beatles “Revolution:” Have you listened to the words at all? It is precisely what they advocated. Sometimes I think the “Free Though Project” is just putting whatever comes to mind out there purely to instigate discussion. Other times? I’m pretty sure they’re just full of shit.

  • Britni Gorman

  • When people realize what Hegelian Dialectic means, then we’ll see a difference.

    Until then, pick your predetermined choices.

  • <3

  • I am in 100% agreement that native people and for that matter people all over the world were wronged and subjected to terrible attrocities simply because white man guided by INVISIBLE NON EXISTING GOD had metal that they fashioned into arms and killed everyone not afreeing with them. MUSLIMS are doing it today and westerners fear them and allow them one encroachment upon another surroundering their culture,. …. So I would accept all treaties to every first nation person born up to 1910. There must be a time when young must be weaned from the tit and compete on its own. I was born 150 years after my ancestors wronged anyone. I am not going to pay for their sins. We could start on this vein to pay for what Napoleon did. Crazy. Enough is enough. Old wrongs cannot be corrected once the culprits are dead. Gibve me a break!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dawn Murphy

  • If you really wanted me to watch your important video you wouldn’t have tried to make me watch a commercial first. Unlike.

  • I think it was fair and with all that’s happened I think the old guy kept his cool as best as he could.

  • Wow, lots of left vs. right zombies here!

  • He just repeats what the people are yelling in the streets.

  • U

  • Please keep this up. The more progressive marxists that you get to leave this page the better.

  • Neen Von Bean

  • He probably would have gotten a more satisfying response if he hadn’t spent all the remaining time ranting.

  • All the politicians running plus any other in this country is no good for the American public

  • Other than the fact that he was beligerent as all fuck , I mean I understand exactly where hes coming and how he feels but you can’t berate anyone not even talking about politicans and expect them to do something or listen to you really in anyway. I think Bernie handled this quite well considering anywhere else this guy would roundly be placed in hand cuffed and claimed as drunk in public.

  • Title of article is totally misleading. Unfollowing this page now.

  • Look what he did in the day after the question… Formed an investigative committee to figure out how to accomplish the question.

  • Bernie will still your money like everyone else. Grow up, and stop pretending your vote for president matters.

  • Bernie is a more viable candidate when addressing some issues that are important to me. He’s not perfect and he is still finding his way as a candidate. He may not be able to answer the question of indigenous rights for the native people of the USA at the moment. Let’s see what he does in addressing this when it is brought up again.
    I’d say he’s far from business as usual candidates that we have a s choices, and he is far from perfect. Let us be compassionate in his humanity.

  • “Leftists ought to be revolutionaries. Perhaps that word is a tall order that many will shrink from claiming, but the truth shouldn’t be unspoken because useless people will be uncomfortable. A revolutionary isn’t fooled by the quadrennial circus of the Democrats and Republicans. Revolutionaries aren’t browbeaten into lesser evilism. They say without hesitation that capitalism cannot be reformed and must be jettisoned altogether. They aren’t fooled by propaganda that legitimizes intervening in foreign countries. They want an empty prison system and community control of the police. Revolutionaries don’t exult over Bernie Sanders vis a vis Hillary Clinton, because they know that great change comes from mass action and not the ballot box.
    Leftists see through the Democratic Party’s corruption and don’t fear being spoilers. They know that the system needs to be spoiled and aren’t afraid to say so. The word Democrat is not synonymous with leftist. Sanders fans are Democrats with all of the flaws of the party they still support. The people who yearn to find a good person in a corrupt system have some choices to make, but putting the Sanders lipstick on the Democratic pig should not be among them.” http://blackagendareport.com/bernie_sanders_and_the_left

  • I do not see a bias on the part of the page. We can and should question Bernie. I do not think he would want it either way. Indian relations are complicated according to the tribe and individual issues. If I was thinking the evening is about one subject and someone came out of left field?? The guy wanted to be heard and he was.

  • First off…why does this video begin with a support ad for FRACKING? That is not FREE Thought!

  • I want tribes to retain their lands. The Sioux won the 1986 Supreme Court Case, it’s time they get their lands back. Ain’t no way in hell it’s happening if corrupt politicians keep getting into office. Bernie is not one of them, period end of story.

  • Well he had a nice Choctaw casino jacket!!!

  • All the hate, FTP brings up a point and you bash him. There’s no need for the hate.

    While I disagree that Bernie is just another politician.

    It’s called free thought. I disagree sometimes with the posts as well

  • You obviously don’t know much about the 3rd world do you? While yes our government is fucked up the pure fact that we have Facebook and are able to say things against the government and are not hunted down by them, so they don’t rule us they govern us. Understand the difference. All you ever do is bitch about how fucked up the government is but you never have any advise to change it the legal way you just want anarchy not real change.

  • At least one HUGE difference from the other candidates, Bernie ACTUALLY. LISTENED. TO. THIS. MAN’S. QUESTION ….. Send him to a Hillary or Trump rally, and see if he gets the same respect …..

  • A better and truer response than any other candidate could give

  • Free Thought Project, I’ve enjoyed your responses this evening

  • This one doesn’t make sense guys, he said he would do what he could, what else could he say?

  • So who do suggest?

  • So you’re asking me to critique one response to one question and because of that once response he gave I am to assume for every other issue that he’s just like everyone else? I haven’t even watched the video but your comment assumes stupidity. I hope this isn’t your “free thought”. He is very fundamentally different on many issues than any politician at his level or ESP or has been for this long. Just because YOU haven’t heard of him until now doesn’t meant he’s always been like everyone else. He may be like others on this idea or that idea but if you ask the question how is he different after a few similarities and oceans of difference bursting at the seems then you sir can keep your “free” thought..

  • He looked impatient and flew out of the room after answering him, his answer has short and to the point and lacked emotion. Bernie needs to learn how to reach out to people who have real historical miss treatment by governments and to me that looked like that was a missed opportunity.

  • Politicians love to sidestep.

  • Dear FTP,
    Please make dictionary memes, with words like freedom and govern. People need to know what words actually mean in order to think freely.
    With Love,
    A fan <3

  • Uhr yeah, I don’t get this. Who would make a blanket statement of “honor treaties” when there are an absurd number of possible treaty claims. Unless you’re planning on literally giving back half of American territory (which isn’t going to happen any time soon and the American electorate would never EVER accept) you can’t make a blanket statement like “yes, I will honor the treaties.

  • A good question posed to someone who believes in fairness! Let us see what his answer is! It should a “YES” or a “NO” answer no in between answer! –Maria–

  • bernie got put on the spot and bulshitted i mean responded vaguely like a trained bullshitter.

  • Feel the bern. Asshole.

  • You guys have always been a little nuts.. Your inability to see Bernie as the most fit, honest, and consistent presidential candidate that this country has seen in over the last century proves to me that the “Free Thought Project” is written by uneducated ignorant fools. I sincerely hope that, like myself, hundreds if not thousands of people leave your site and unsubscribe from your page – which I am doing as of right now. I truly hope you don’t consider yourselves “journalists” because you are all a joke.. I encourage anyone reading this comment to unsubscribe as well.

  • Meh. This page has grown a little too biased for my taste. Free thought my ass. So many people must be feeling the Bern for so many to try to sandbag him. His response was a little short, considering his record of fighting racism and his involvement in the civil rights movement, however, that does not lump him in with every other tool that can hold public office. It’s somewhat surprising that he didn’t have a complete response, as he’s definitely one of the best debaters in Washington, but he was on his way out of the door, and beyond that he’s an American hero who’s track record has most definitely promoted free thought and equality. Nowhere near “stunned” though. Nice mass media-like exaggeration. Maybe think before you speak?

  • look we all agree left vs right dichotomy is bullshit but bernie is the farthest thing weve got from that and the best chance we have at a revolution without bloodshed. respect that bro.

    besides, that native sure talked a long time for someone who has such piss poor lung capacity. even though they specified they were tight on time he still took his sweet ass time saying a bunch of extraneous shit. i would have cut his mike at 60 seconds.

  • Solid

  • Personally I don’t think that the write up you have was accurate. He said he would do what he can. Also that guy took way too much time to establish his personal pride instead of just asking the question, if he wad straight and asked the question, he would have had time for an answer. I get where you are coming from, but i think this video might be a reach.

  • The difficult questions also have to be faced – Berni was put on a spot but he could have given a more considerate answer on this question.

  • Not gonna unlike the page for this post, it is a legit concern. The Native peoples of America have been getting the Raw deal since ANY treaties were made. They have suffered greatly by many presidents, career politicians or otherwise.

    I do however believe Senator Sanders will address this issue when he can, assuming he’s not rebuked by Congress or the Senate. The man has been an advocate of Civil Rights for years. His proposals would also benefit the Indigenous peoples as far as wages and health care are concerned.

    In the current election, he offers a real step toward some change, yet nothing is ever enough for everyone. I would ask what you propose we do? Take the Capital by storm? Vote for GOP puppets like Carson or flagrant racists like Trump because they aren’t “politicians”?

  • The difference is the Native American, whether black, white, brown, red orange was clearly hostile and wouldn’t shut up and calm down enough to even espouse a question. If he asked him the question fraught off the bat, without rambling on for 4 minutes with no question in sight,
    Perhaps sanders would have given a more detailed response.

  • His answer was a bunch of Bullshht . Bernie Sanders votes to financially Support Israel in their Genocidal war against the Indigenous Palestinian people of Palestine . Why would he give a shht about Indigenous American people when he clearly cares nothing about peoples of color elsewhere ? these presidents mean nothing , it’s a puppetry scheme , both parties work for the same people . the Idea of ” authority ” is Legitimate . Natural law makes more sense than BS politics .

  • So called ” authority ” is Not Legitimate . it’s easy to figure out , just try to prove it , and your entire belief system will fall apart .

  • All i did was watch a guy ramble on for 4 minutes, probably wouldve gotten a better answer if he just asked the question straight away.
    Bernie Sander is different primarily because of one thing…
    Meaning… elections are useless if you dont have a movement to back up legislation at a more local level.

  • Bernie will not save you Americans…

  • I feel the BERN a little less now.
    The native Americans deserve to be treated a lot better. Im sorry to say this, but FUCK the CHURCH. Fuck the current systems all over the freaking world. STOP forcing beliefs upon others NOW

  • If you need an explanation about how Bernie is different than any other politician, then you’re probably a far right tea party republican.

  • If he would have just asked the question, rather than ramble on for several minutes, he might have received a better answer.

  • Free thought
    My ass

  • Gregory Null

    America is Quick to accept the UN treaties, so it can continue the war on Drugs, witch has been devastating to All of its’s people,more to USA people of colors, But the USA ignores Treaties with the native people who own the Country, The United States of America exploits people for their own profit , and ignore the needs of all people, except their rich corporate friends, The time for change is now.

  • i love how all butthurt bernie supporters get so hurt when The Free Thought Project.com exposes that he is just indeed another career politician, also funny how everyone thinks this is a liberal page

  • MIke Nuttall

    I think Bernie le himself down here. Black forum??? Where is the Native American forum??? America is their land!

  • If you can’t figure out how Bernie is different, we can’t help you. How can any politician respond to that question? Is he supposed to just make a false “yes, we can!” promise like Obama? It is a complicated issue, and his response was as much as anyone could say. HIllary would have been all “As an indigenous person myself I promise yada yada” and Trump would have blamed the native.

  • I think he gave a good answer

  • He took too long to ask the question and wasn’t getting his point across.
    Bernie has limited time at this conferences and that’s the reason he walked away.
    His answer was not a bad answer !!

  • why the constant Bernie bashing?

  • you can’t trust any politician duh

  • US honor all broken Indian treaties? (and every single one of them, was) thats a game changer

  • there is no problem for being caught off guard and he may not have had all the information he needed to make a better one. though are we kidding look at his track record on civil rights do you realy think he would do what they are suggesting here.

  • Interesting…the Native Americans have a legitimate beef. The amusing part of the story is to see the liberals get their panties tied in knots with Freethought Project. Free thought to them is when everybody conforms to their free thoughts. (I am a non-conformist, just like everyone in my school, my family and all my friends)

  • Doesn’t seem like he ducked the question at all but was caught off guard. Seems as if he was fearful of misspeaking or making false promises without research and a defined plan.
    I would almost guarantee that if he was asked to speak directly on this topic again he would gladly do so.

  • Takes the guy 5 and a half minutes to ask a simple question. I don’t know whate he the treaties entail but it sounds as though they are outdated and irrelevant. Natives already get way more benefits and rights than most other Americans. And I don’t think they should get a ton of land a resources to go along with it while the rest of us are too struggling. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I used to like this page but lately all its been about is trashing Berney. Even if Berney is evil he is certainly the less of them. Where’s the trash on trump Hillary and other cadidates. Why are you guys just against Bernie? I don’t buy your authenticity anymore. Your post a lot about the problems but where are your solutions? What in the he’ll are you guys doing or suggesting we do to right the wrongs in the world? Nothing. Quit focusing on destroying the old system and instead try and build a new world. Laters free thought project I’m done with your negativity. #feelthebern.

  • oh yes, Mr. Bellacourt has “impeccable” credentials. Let’s start with Annie Mae. And NO, I don’t think Bernie was ‘stumped.’ Sorry.

  • YUP,,, I gonna tell as little as I have to give you HOPE,,

  • Britnee White

  • How is anybody supposed to answer that question? Especially without preparation. One person, even running for president, can’t undo centuries of wrongs that have been done to Native Americans. All Bernie can do is try. Do you think any other candidate running would give a shit about this issue?

  • it’s difficult to act honorably with a straight face after 20 million Indians and 50 million bison habe been slaughtered

  • Answer was not sufficient enough, probably because he was not informed enough to give a sufficient answer.

  • Bernie is the only candidate who has actually worked his whole life for equal rights for all and he’s all for the middle class. Yet you guys have it out for him why? When he’s the only one running that can actually change “certain” things that would favor the middle class. No he’s not perfect but I rather have him than Clinton or anyone on the GOP side but apparently you want this country to not function at all,….seems like you guys are loving Ted cruz

  • Stephan Geras

    what time is it for Bernie? Isn’t he concerned that this country’s governing people don’t have the time, ever, even to listen? To listen and to hear what people say? Why is his time schedule more important than the timeless voices of the people.

  • what time is it for Bernie? Isn’t it time the governing people of the USA listened to the people? Is there a schedule that is as timeless as the people’s voices?

  • well Bernie, to his credit, did hear and formed a research and strategy group to become more aware of Native, Indigenous people’s concerns. I just didn’t like the “I’ll do whatever it takes for you as president” cognitive dissonance.

  • “Free thought” huh?

    Also “Don’t you know it’s gonna be, alright” is what the Beatles wrote, not that we should give in by believing all of our voices can be heard.. with duct tape over our mouths.


  • Good to see Goldman Sachs paying off even more figure heads…

    To think I believed in you, guess I’m just “sheeple”

  • Angel Avalon

    As a man with some native ancestry, I can say I do not know their struggle. My blood has been mixed enough to where I can pass for nearly anything…which is where I think we may need to be one day in order to finally come together and stop the idiocy of separation. Having said as much, this elder speaks the truth. His pride and wisdom is great….but the Thunder before the Storm, also has many long winds. It was good of Bernie to listen as much as he did. And I encourage him to listen more. We all know he has many places to be and many meetings and important counsels… But there must be time made for ALL people he means to govern. Just because the blacks have the loudest voices does not mean the voices of 114+ MILLION native voices slaughtered do not cry out froim the grave….compared to blacks which numbered 30 million deaths. Hispanics, were also slaves and hanged. The Chinese as well. And I do not hear any outcry as loud as the blacks. And there should be. We should all be as loud and as persistent. As brave and outspoken as this man here. He has trouble getting straight to the point as his words are ignited with passion….but in these people’s world it seems you must learn to bypass such passion for much of the time and get to sharp statement that cut to the bone right away.

  • Neither party understands the idea of sovereignty! If they did, we wouldn’t be in perpetual ‘war’. Every candidate in the Reps or Dems is a piece of crap. The only party worthy of consideration is Libertarian!

  • Ummm…. I didn’t see Bernie left stunned? What are u talking about???

  • It’s not about Sanders in particular. It’s about them all. This issue of the natives and the way they are treated highlights the values and morality of the American nation as it stands today. The treaties should be honoured at the very least but the establishment just want the whole issue swept under the carpet. It amazes me that because of all the injustices suffered by these people that we aren’t talking about acts of “terror” committed in their name like we do about Islam. A very sad reflection of american justice in 2016.

  • You bernie folks are a fucking cult. Look at your comments, highly resembling the “conspiracy nuts” out there. Why is socialism unable to be critiqued??

  • wtf why’s this page tooting the Establishment’s horn? listen to what the fuck he says

  • The lesser of two evils is still evil…

  • I find it sad when people use the word “Free Thinker” to describe a politician. If you still think politicians aren’t all working for the same masters, then you’re basically an idiot. None of these candidates are free thinkers, they are told what to think and say. Bernie Sanders is the candidate for the “Free thinkers” LOL, its called a contingency plan. A candidate for all occasions and idiots. Hillary, Trump, Sanders and Cruz all puppets of the same masters…

  • The thought-free project.

  • True Anarchism .

  • Timothy Wilson

    The Establishment and most uninformed and conformed USans don’t want to face the reality of the genocide that European settlers perpetuated against the First Peoples and to honor and abide by treaties and moral Justice. Honoring all treaties, broken or unbroken, will mean ceeding land, territory, authority, and sovereignty to all tribal nations.

  • Brain Sodomy

    Presidents of the USA are in command of the military. The people who make the laws and basically decide the fate of our country is the Senate, Congress etc. Want to change things? Change your vote focus.

  • Arthur Caputo

    As president ,he is not a dictator as Obama found out with his agenda.Bernie will do everything he can to address the issue but he can’t make any promises . WE know the indians got shafted. Since when does this government honor treaties? Remember, bernie had another meeting to go too. What else could he say?