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Navajo Water Supply is More Horrific than Flint, But No One Cares Because they’re Native American


The news out of Flint, Michigan brought the issue of contaminated drinking water into sharp focus, as it was revealed that officials at every level—local, state and federal—knew about lead-poisoned water for months but did nothing to address the problem.

Under state-run systems like utilities and roads, poorer communities are the last to receive attention from government plagued by inefficiencies and corrupt politicians. Perhaps no group knows this better than Native Americans, who have been victimized by government for centuries.

In the western U.S., water contamination has been a way of life for many tribes. The advocacy group Clean Up The Mines! describes the situation in Navajo country, which is far worse than in Flint, Michigan.

Since the 1950s, their water has been poisoned by uranium mining to fuel the nuclear industry and the making of atomic bombs for the U.S. military. Coal mining and coal-fired power plants have added to the mix. The latest assault on Navajo water was carried out by the massive toxic spills into the Animas and San Juan rivers when the EPA recklessly attempted to address the abandoned Gold King mine.

In 2015 the Gold King Mine spill was a wake-up call to address dangers of abandoned mines, but there are currently more than 15,000 toxic uranium mines that remain abandoned throughout the US,” said Charmaine White Face from the South Dakota based organization Defenders of the Black Hills. “For more than 50 years, many of these hazardous sites have been contaminating the land, air, water, and national monuments such as Mt. Rushmore and the Grand Canyon. Each one of these thousands of abandoned uranium mines is a potential Gold King mine disaster with the greater added threat of radioactive pollution. For the sake of our health, air, land, and water, we can’t let that happen.

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There is no comprehensive law requiring cleanup of abandoned uranium mines, meaning corporations and government can walk away from them after exploiting their resources. 75 percent of abandoned uranium mines are on federal and Tribal lands.

Leona Morgan of Diné No Nukes points out one example: “The United Nuclear Corporation mill tailings spill of 1979, north of Churchrock, New Mexico left an immense amount of radioactive contamination that down-streamers, today, are currently receiving in their drinking water. A mostly-Navajo community in Sanders, Arizona has been exposed to twice the legal limit allowable for uranium through their tap.

Last week, Diné No Nukes participated in protests in Washington, D.C. to raise awareness of past and ongoing contamination of water supplies in the west, which disproportionately affects Indian country.

“The delegation is warning of the toxic legacy caused by more than 15,000 AUMs nationwide, extreme water contamination, surface strip coal mining and power plants burning coal-laced with radioactive particles, radioactive waste from oil well drilling in the Bakken Oil Range, mill tailings, waste storage, and renewed mining threats to sacred places such as Mt. Taylor in New Mexico and Red Butte in Arizona.”

These uranium mines cause radioactive contamination, and as a result all the residents in their vicinity are becoming nuclear radiation victims,” said Petuuche Gilbert of the Laguna Acoma Coalition for a Safe Environment, the Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment and Indigenous World Association. “New Mexico and the federal government have provided little funding for widespread clean up and only occasionally are old mines remediated.  The governments of New Mexico and the United States have a duty to clean up these radioactive mines and mills and, furthermore, to perform health studies to determine the effects of radioactive poisoning. The MASE and LACSE organizations oppose new uranium mining and demand legacy uranium mines to be cleaned up,” said Mr. Gilbert.

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Politicians continue to take advantage of Native Americans, making deals with mining companies that would continue polluting their water supplies. Senator John McCain sneaked a resolution into the last defense bill which gave land to Resolution Copper. Their planned copper mining would poison waters that Apaches rely on and would desecrate the ceremonial grounds at Oak Flat.

While EPA and local officials have been forced to address the poisoned water in Flint, the contamination of Indian country water supplies continues. A bill called the Uranium Exploration and Mining Accountability Act, introduced by Arizona Congressman Raúl Grijalva, has languished in Congress for two years.

  • Or is it because no one knows about the Navajo water?

  • If the feds are involved – it will be a disaster for sure!

  • Brain eating amoeba in New Orleans tap water

    My husband and I have a morbid joke about the United States becoming a Third World country. Alas, the joke is getting less and less funny, as it becomes more and more real.

    First it was an Oklahoma town’s drinking water being infested with worms – icky blood worms, the larvae of small flies, up to half an inch long. (See photo above). Town officials have no idea how the worms got through the water filtering system.

    Now we are told the tap water in New Orleans is infected with brain-eating bacteria.



    • Well, most local folks only by distilled water. They just know better….

    • It’s our nations swills…

  • Confirmed: California Aquifers Contaminated With Billions Of Gallons of Fracking Wastewater

    The problems with California’s underground injection control program are far worse than originally reported. It has now been revealed that California regulators with DOGGR permitted hundreds of wastewater injection wellsand thousands more wells injecting fluids for “enhanced oil recovery” into aquifers protected under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.


  • New Mexico admits nuclear plant leaking radiation


  • The 14,000 oil spills in America that nobody is talking about


  • You fucking idiots think anyone’s drinking water is safe? This has nothing to do with just the Indians or just blacks it has to do with every American citizen.

  • Hum … ? share isn’t working.

  • It isn’t that no one cares. It’s that the people who care don’t have any power.

  • WE have a lot of water quality problems on reserves in Canada too

    “Two-thirds of all First Nation communities in Canada have been under at least one drinking water advisory at some time in the last decade, a CBC News investigation has revealed. The numbers show that 400 out of 618 First Nations in the country had some kind of water problem between 2004 and 2014. ”

    • This crazy , but this country waste so much money on stupid stuff. It was just reported that the candidates running for president have or will spend over 10 Billion dollars. On our w2’s the good ole USA ask us to donate 3 dollars for the presidency, dont understand why this money can’t be spent on the things we really need in this country.

  • Yeah, this doesn’t shock me.

  • Have you heard about the two problems in St. Louis? Leftovers from the Manhattan project, and an underground landfill fire! Yay!

  • I have a well over an underground stream and we cannot drink the water any more.

  • I shared this ! I spammed my own wall! Shit, I’ll give it another go!

  • Stephen Malone

  • The officials are criminals – how sad that they cannot do their job.

  • Their water should be tested and treated as necessary by THEIR GOVERNMENT. They’re a sovereign people, and the US Govmt holds no accountability FOR THEIR TESTING. Also, they can, as a separate nation, sue other governments to fund fixing the problem.

    • If I am your neighbor, and I dump toxic waste into your water supply, I am not accountable.

    • If they sue they’ll be squashed.
      Don’t act like you know everything when you clearly don’t know shit you insensitive fuck

    • As a neighbor, you and I live in the same nation state andare bound by the same laws. I wwouldnt have to only take you to court, I could also call police.

    • Who wouldn’t do shit because it isn’t their job to protect people

    • Not that they would, but it’s the beginning of a paper trail to be used in court.

    • NA Nations have successfully sued and WON.

    • This kodi dude is dumb as fuck..why should it be our problem cause there shit is the way it is…..if our water was like that OUR nation eould stand up and make sure it’s decent….. An as far as “it’s not the COPS job to protect people”” ?.. your as dumb as a person if they have never been to school. Cops serve and protect us yes maybe there’s a few that are bad but have you ever heard the saying “good cop bad cop”….? An as far as the bad cops go, if you listen to yhere first command an talk with respeacr even if there “rude” or whay ever then you will be okay and alive..PERIOD you fucking imbecile

    • your either miss informed of retarded

    • He simply doesn’t grasp the fact that they are their own sovereign nation. It would be no different than canada having to sue a US corporation.

    • Eric Geer how many times you fail English class? Spent more time trying to comprehend your incoherent ramblings, than trying to pronounce kodis name.

    • All from abandoned uranium mines.

    • You simply tried to ignore my point by pretending that two sovereign nations can’t be geographical neighbors. They may even share the same water supply. Don’t be so childish. Have some humanity and realize that whoever is the cause of the toxic waste is absolutely accountable to whomever it affects downstream. No law states this. It’s just a fact that if you do something, you are actually the source of the outcome. Any other ‘sovereign’ can decide to retaliate on you justifiably, because you are the cause.

    • The governments the one that didn’t it, asshole.

    • They CAN be geographical neighbors, OBVIOUSLY. And I agreed with such in my bCanada..US co” comment.

    • Also, why the negative labeling? Don’t get worked up over an inability to convey a message when you’re in the wrong.

    • 100% right!

    • Christopher Robles? ” The governments the one that didn’t it asshole.” What specifically did you mean by this?

    • Bottom Line is that the U.S. Government is still trying to Exterminate us , Native Americans !

    • The Indian Affairs commisioner from your government regulates everything on Indian reserves. The water supply, funds, land, resources. Nothing can be done to change anything on any reserve without a governement permit. On reserve Natves also need permission to build a house on their own land. Any development at all takes years and years of government red tape to get anything done on reserves. You are just taught a whole bunch of myths.

    • Im not sure it’s intent is specifically extermination, Tremayne Evanston. But they certainly havn’t treated native american’s as equals.

    • this toxic dump site is their own fault. they have more money to spend than most local govt. their elders are rich crooks

    • That doesn’t sound very sovereign, Coco. It sounds submissive. You can’t be a sovereign and ask for permission from a master.

    • BINGO, David Lahey!

    • Reserves would like to be souviern nations but they aren’t. There are some reserves that are in court suing the givernment for tanted water. Some cases are harder to proove than others. If a city does dump waste in reseve water supply they need help from health professionals, lawyers, scientists, etc to collect proof of evidence that this is what’s happening and all the health risks accociated with this crisis

    • Unfortunately many of thosepprofessionals also work for the government.

    • Sorry that’s the truth, all reserves are controls through the Indian affairs commisioner, AKA the Indian Agent where they have to ask permission for everything as part if the first treaties signed in history. Native Nations would like to break apart from the treaties and become sovereign. Read some real First Nations history. In the first treaties it also said that the government would not touch Native reserves or take or destroy any reserves natural lands, total bs. It was also illegal for Natives to hunt, wear tradional clothing, speak their language, practice ceremonies, otherwise they would be fined, jailed or have their food rations decreased

    • Lazarus Tyc you need to do a search on it as there is sovereign and then there is the US version of sovereign. The reservations are listed as prisoner of war camps and nothing is done without the expressed permission of the FED period. When you have a lowly Senator like McCain who can take away their land and give it to another country’s mining company at no cost or sale for them to make a profit. With nothing more than a add on in a bill you tell me how sovereign they are when the FED can do that.

    • Actually the funds a native community recieves to take care of their own people are often less than a city with the same population gets to take care of their people. So much ignorance, guilt, and denial

    • Mining falls under BLM, not the federal reserve. Im a little lost on that comment.

    • Im sorry but sovereignty don’t mean shit ,when we still have to abide by the white man’s law. Look up the definition of sovereign defined by the government… but i do agree our tribe is retarted as fuck… i hate it ,but love it cause shit no law enforcement. Ur a lil ignorant Lazarus Tyc do some research. At least ask a God dam Navajo first… we all don’t get checks in mail every month… yes i agree every other native does, but we Navajos live in a fucked land with nothing but border towns. The government has kept us ignorant. So please sit down before u talk about something you haven’t lived thru.

    • Dont worry this guy Bruce Bell just talks out his ass. He is not even in this country trying to tell us what happens in our own backyard. Lol. He needs to go do some googling or as he likes to call it ” research” lol

    • It WAS tested and the scumbag EPA went back to DC and said all the elders had mental health problems. So how do you combat that?!

    • They’re only on Reservations because of this Governments interference WITH their sovereignty. Have you forgotten this Government stole their land, killed their animals AND PEOPLE and relegated them to “areas” to live on land that was once 100% there’s with no restriction and handled better than we do? Only an ignorant BIGOT..would say this knowing the history of these people. “Their Water”, Hell THEIR water was all the water in N America, their Land was all the Land. Your people truly are an ignorant breed. And it shows in your history and everything you do/say/think/advocate.

    • I guess you answered the question. Obviously you DON’T care. Since it was the US gov that caused the problem they should be the ones to fix it.

    • Guadulesa Rivera

    • Why doesnt the government allow everyone to open casinos? U want clean water AND Casinos? i dont get both

    • You have no idea how the system really works.

    • Eric Geer In 2009 the supreme court rules that it is NO COPS responsibility to “protect and serve” civilians. Might wanna look that up.

    • That isn’t true. I used to be a water treatment plant technician and I can speak personally that the EPA regulates over waters in/on reservations.

    • I wonder what their treaty with the govt says and how much of it is uphelp

    • It’s not a SOVEREIGN nation no matter HOW MANY capital LETTERS you RANDOMLY use.
      The point is that the ultimate responsibility, as the law currently stands, is down to the broader government. Therefore, they must be responsible for such basic human rights as clean drinking water.

    • It is not a Sovereign nation if you have the BIA telling you what you can and cant do. Bureau Of Indian Affairs, which is ran not by Native Americans but the US Government.


    • Tremayne Evanston the government wants us all dead get over it.

    • Jay Ballzz white man’s law, yup we fought a war we lied we cheated oh well. That is the way of the world, get over it adapt and trot into this century.

    • Nathaniel Ryan Book we fought them and won period, that is how wars or takeovers work. You lose you deal with it period.

  • Stupid indians. Dont they know all they have to do is “identify” themselves as black and then theyll get attention?

  • It is up to all of us to keep each other informed. (Y) + Comment + Share this story. Thank you friends.

  • This shouldn’t a 1up situation. We should be concerned about a lot of different problems. There’s no need to argue about who has it worse.

  • That is not true, I care

  • Navajo were just awarded 500 million dollars, and are federally recognized tribe. They have the money to address the problem.

  • The first people Native Americans are still getting screwed

  • is there anyone the us gov hasnt fucked over ,

  • People care but the government ain’t s*** there’s a lot of other people who suffering from water as well like Louisiana and plenty other names it’s just getting out of control and it’s really sad but that’s how the white man of power works really is a damn shame!

  • Where’s the all lives matter crew?

  • Apples to Oranges!

    Is it no one CARE or no one KNOW???

  • And to take civil actions against corporate criminals who are backed by politicians Who are backed by nothing but big money

  • Yep. Pretty much

  • jon Jon Darapper

  • We care

  • their agenda is depopulate the people in other words kill as many people as possible….less people are easy to control then millions?

    • My thoughts exactly. Kill off the poor and lower middle classes in ways they won’t be held responsible for. Lead in the water, methane spewing from fracking sites, GMO Franken foods being put into everything.

    • Glad to see you say that my so called friends think I am paranoid making up stuff THEY are just BRAINWASHED

  • Hoosick Falls, NY also

  • yeah its really sick i posted a whole lot of video s and other news about this but some how it is vannished of of facebook

  • I never Knew this horrific

  • They’re trying to cut “lose ends”, they’ve been doing it for over 500 years.

  • No, its not that. The reason is because they have their own tribal government to take care of it. Let me guess its the white man’s fault?

    • yes, they didn’t poison their own water

    • Right blame the white guy fu-ck owning up to what is called responsibility for their own actions. If they didn’t do it to themselves who did it then? Also I need you to remember there ARE black and other minority peoples in this country not everyone that fu-cks folks over are white!

    • yup-it’s gov’t fault. Finnally someone got it right

    • White corp companies poisoned water for over 100 or more years or so for profit and greed and systemic racism and want to hold that power and control over those they deem un human as their past ancestors did.These are the facts and this is still happening today.

    • Leslie why are you so worried about the water?Sounds like to me you have plenty of coolaid!

    • That’s true that not everyone who commits acts of terror in this country are white. But in this case they were white, not stereotyping but they were.

  • Wtf

  • That’s not true. People care but the Natives must unite first. Too much jealousy and rivalry within the nation’s themselves.

    • Divide and conquer

    • Yes

    • Are you retarded? You seriously believe that should have any effect on their access to clean drinking water? So I guess we should cut access to areas populated with gangs? Or to all of North America for being at war with other parts of the world?

    • Accountability

    • Entitlement mentality and leftist propaganda has poisoned the tribes.

    • So are we just saying words now? Accountability for what? For having their lands taken and then being forced to live without clean drinking water for decades? Or maybe the so called civilised world perpetrating this notion that they are somehow less than we are?

    • United We Stand Divided We Fall. I’m not here to argue. This a free thought page g.I. troll I voiced my thoughts. Savvy

    • So true. I was adopted, I can’t even hang out with my people without being called an apple.

    • We have been lied to by the elite long enough. Wake up. It’s the people against the Fed’s. Every single time not just the Natives but every nation of people. Flint Michigan is a prime example. Those people are in poverty and they took some kids from parents because of they had bad water. As a matter of fact the Natives are in a better disposition to get something accomplished if they could stop the blame game. Abolish the Damn EPA your president just gave more power to just last week signed another bill for their clean water act. Are you serious!?!?

    • Terry Dawn Wensman -You are retarded. To think there could be any excuse for the poisoning of people in America. Why would they “have to unite” for the government to stop poisoning their water? Do the people of Flint have to unite, or can they disagree with their neighbor, and still expect poison free water?

    • Lmao funny how people like to call it arguing when their theories are challenged since it’s easier than trying to explain or prove them. I would still love to know how that should have any effect on their access to clean drinking water and how you’ve come to rationalise that theory. Like I said if you can rationalise them not having clean water for such reasons what’s stopping you from doing the same with other areas, like Flint, people seem to just care more about? They have violence as well? They have hate in their communities too. So maybe it’s people like you who come up with excuses for why it’s not fixed that need to stop playing the blame game.

    • Heads up. See who wants to accomplish something or not ^^^or cause division over words

    • Char GS -Exactly, there is no excuse.

    • Terry wtf are you trying to say? Cause Its not coming out right.

    • Char GS Navajo nation is on their own land…nothing was taken from them…know your facts

  • Is it on their land ,
    Who is dumping in their water ,
    Looks like household trash

  • I care.

  • I Care ….we are all one … Peace

  • Because the assholes who commited genocide on Native Americans always taught the next generation to always deny the genocide and ignore all of their problems so they can rot and eventually all die out. I wouldn’t be surprised if our own government poisoned their water on purpose.

  • Nallali Vargas

    • Nothing new! They been fucking up the water since the day they came on their ships!!!

  • gov. is for the rich, needs a change not sure how

  • and caused by the EPA, not a local city. The EPA is shoving up the ass of everyone in this part of the country because it’s just “flyover” country.

    • The state was supposed to do testing and send it to the EPA and the city flushed the lines first to skew the results.

  • or didnt know!!

  • Also flint has been like this for years and were just now talking about it. Its all talk. Talk Talk talk. No action.

  • Ir Maybe Because They Governed Thr Self

  • Take the money, fix the problem, and sue whoever is responsible. Put your people in decent housing, and put some money aside for a rainy day. Its just that simple. The problem these tribes have is the 5 dollar Indians running their tribes. During the Dawes registry anybody could pay 5 dollars and get on the Dawes roll as an Indian. if the leaders of these tribes have no connection to the land or its people they will build Casinos and plush houses for them and their friend and family immediate circle.

  • who ever yells loudest

  • Makes one wonder what one is drinking.

  • Those authority should be locked up for placing people at risk..Disgrace

  • This is not the first time they have complained it’s just that no one listens. Its just a shame that the American Indian tribes have to live so poorly. The Government took their land and water sources away from them and their way of life. They should be treated better than the way they are.

    • The government did not take any land from the Navajo indians…no what your talking about first. Same pollution in the Navajo nation also effects towns not on the reservation so it’s not some big conspiracy. And all Indian tribes are their own sovereign nation, how about they step up a bit.

    • Jerod Friday….I think you missed the point entirely. The Native Americans were stomped on, manipulated, oppressed and shoved out of the way.

    • of course they took their land; case in point who got escorted lol off their land in oregon and now because of vanilla isis’ complete desecration will be brining suit to get their lands back. this needs to start happening more as natives will heal this land the savage christians so wrongly claimed. #guestsshouldntkilloffhosts

  • Natives need to eliminate the department of Indian Affairs, take private ownership of their lands, and say that oppressive US business laws don’t apply there.

    They will be the richest parts of the US in 5 years.

    • Need that to happen Canada too.

  • The natives split from america . Wanted to be a sovereign state. Lol. Now that you have to pay for your own shit you want america to pay for it. Lol. Use some of the money from the casinos. Or maybe join america. If we help the natives im sorry but that is foriegn aid. We cant be aiding everyone. Especially as bad as the natives talk shit. Use your own money. You wanted to live by yourselves then do it. But dont expect america to fund you when your lives get hard. Deal with it yourselves

    • are you really that ignorant or are you trolling?

    • Are you? These natives have more money than we have. We are at a defecit. We are funding a 14 billion dollar war. Are you a fucken moron? Or are you so blinded by what happened 200 years ago? Just to let you know reparations have been made. And do you forget. This tribe chose to be sovereign. So therefore they broke away from america. So now that times are tough they want america to fund them. That is the epitome of ignorance. So for you to even try to debate this matter you obviously have your head shoved so far up your ass that you would deny blatant facts. Go home and educate yourself

    • Reece Curtis . Lol

    • “fucken moron”

    • I know as a window cleaner your limited on your view of things. But please stop posting how ignorant you are, expand your knowledge, Do a single search on google, bing, 420 if they had that as a search engine, and pull your head out of your backside before posting. The world will thank you. There is no need to reply as every thing you post is bs adding more crap to the web will not change the fact your clueless on this topic. search man search

    • Bruce Bell. Lol. All you have done is demean. Lol. Thats it. And by doing that you have shown your total lack of knowledge. Your a grown man. And yet you act as blind as a teenager. Yes i am a window cleaner. I probably make more money than you do too. I dont clean car windows. I clean high rise buildings. Mansions. Lol. And i make $15 an hour on an off day. $20 an hour on a good one. So try to knock my job. Lol. I still make more money than you. Lol. Lets hear a single fact. And sorry google is not research. Read a book. Go to school. Fuck the internet.

    • Or just go back to wasting your life on phone games. No one cares. Lol. Grown ass old man wasting his life on video games trying to talk shit because i have a job. Lol

    • someone did a good job brainwashing you

    • Micheal you have no idea how tribal sovereignty or government works.

    • You are a fucking moran this is stolen land you live on!!!!

    • What a pompous asshole

    • Micheal Butler I spent 13 years in the SeaBee, worked as a computer tech, ward clerk in the VA, payroll tech, shipping and receiving manager shipping 93 million pounds of DuPont products world wide each month just to list a few of the things I have done. All you have done is wash windows and that is all you will ever do. You act like its rocket science, dude, its one step up from cleaning an out house. .While I have nothing against weed or those that do use I do have to ask. What did you do for 12 years while in public school smoke your ass stupid? Because every thing you have posted proves beyond a shadow of a doubt your one stupid mother fer who does not even know just how clueless you really are, not on just this topic but life in general. I know its hard for you not having a grasp on US history but try to gain an education. I know it will be hard for you to string two brain cells together and with your limited abilities to work through the big words, you might need help from a 5th grader. I wouldn’t be at all surprise that those that have hired you to wash windows do not have to send you back to class each Monday just to retrain you dumb ass. And you do know that putting “lol” at random points, is stupid as hell, and is just another point proving how stupid you are……. dumb ass! Smoke another join and think about it before you spew your shit

  • Okey. What about the 554 million dollars they just received from the US government in 2014 to fix these conditions?

  • i dont think thats true

  • Open letter to the Federal Lords who run this puppetry of Donalds (trump=racism,rumsfeld=abughraib)
    Your established system of divide and rule has definitely bought you success.
    Remember the chaos your dictatorship creates in the world brings you to more stability and undoubtedly firms your hold to what you always desired but now you are going too far by bringing revolution in USA remember people here are spoilt brats and do not know struggles and pain of third world countries
    By letting loose a mad ass like trump you are bringing rebellion hiding in deepest darkest unknown corners of Americans
    Your paper money the world has no objection and are happily dying and lying to come to America for the freedom of this country is beyond imaginable
    Let the people be in the protective bubble if you want to sustain your never ending success
    However bored or restless or fearful you are in your status you are set but if you bring the fire home you will definitely burn
    Cause however low IQ animals hidden within the racist mind trump your clown has surfaced you will also unite those that can be the reason for the ultimate fall
    Now you can hear whispers getting loud and echoes coming about how Kennedy or Lincoln were assassinated to keep the federalism of private owned industry of your dollars to stay in power
    Sometimes out of insecurity or overthinking the most confident and powerful dictators fall
    Let America remain safe and spoilt
    Your mercilessly killing and instigating those on their faith and religion keep it outside USA
    Don’t let Americans know their inner power through critical thinking
    It’s for your own survival
    BTW we the people (slaves as you consider us ) are contended and happy in our little joyous America
    What you do outside of America doesn’t reach us or matter to us
    The ball is in your court
    On behalf of half awakened and mostly asleep world

  • I care!

  • 1st 1. Now 2. Soon many. Same here in Australia. Soon we will realize, you cant eat or drink money. #ShipOfFools.

  • Heart breaking…

  • on my kids rez their water is full of mercury so is the fish all the government is doing is giving everyone money to be quite and its so sad because its working

  • Laures


  • Surprised?

  • The reservoir supplying the water in Altamont, Illinois was built on a dump, according to the very old timers. It’s no wander it’s cancer capital of Illinois. It has been flunking EPA tests for over 2 decades for cancer causing substances and nothing is happening and nobody is doing anything about it. What is happening to the Navajo is outrageous!

  • A tragen

  • Yes,but no one cared to deal with it…killing children as well.

  • For a while, none of the Navajo had running water, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe there are a great amount that still don’t, as well as the Hopi who live within their reservation. Again, I could be wrong about that, however this government has done enough in forcing over 500 native tribes across the country to assimilate and robbing them of their sovereignty. The least we could do is help mend what this country broke for them, when we have politicians who STILL try to further assimilation them and denounce their culture, do nothing about the impoverished reservations, and continue to generalize, as well as not educate people on their history and even current status. It’s a shame how much they’ve had taken from them, and how little has been done to accommodate for them.

  • This country is so fucked. War over water 2016. We need to eliminate all nuclear and oil dependencies and install reverse osmosis / remineralization plants in every state. But of course this won’t happen.

    • Then move to another country

    • Lol, adorable response Matt. Very cliche and sheep-like.

      I have my own filter, however, if our government cared about the well-being of it’s citizens, they would reduce their trillion dollar war budget and use some of it to actually help people. Of course, that would take some humanity and integrity.

      Time to wake up.

    • Matt Balesteri You move. We don’t need people like you here.

  • I see no difference in the Navajo governments website, compared to the Flint Michigans website. Same rhetoric same result. The chief is even in a suit and tie..http://www.navajo-nsn.gov/#

    • They took you from the land, put you in the boarding school, stripped you of your language and culture, and you dress and act the way you are programmed? how can you expect another outcome other then flint? Recapture your culture and become one with the land and people again..

  • That is horrific!

  • It’s because no one knows! Public that is.

  • if they want to live in a radioactive dessert, iity

  • Flouride in the water to help your teeth build strong enamel… SODIUM FLOURIDE is PROZAC – to help you ignore the terrible shit our gov’t is doing to you.

    • I only recently learned what you say is TRUE

    • Filter your water at home. Bring the filtered water with you to drink. It will wear off in time.

    • Not everyone uses that.

    • This is true. Fluoride also attacks the pineal gland as well which is responsible for creating melatonin. We need melatonin to get better sleep at night. It also produces melanin for the skin. I always wondered, if melatonin is created from a gland behind the eyes, then how did they put it in pill form in a bottle???

  • Yep….

  • No one cares because NO ONE KNOWS! Blame the media and government for that… Not us.

  • Why people always trying to say one problem is bigger than the next? Nobody should ever feel safe drinking water in alot of places period. A City of 100,00 people 66% is Melanated is frigging biological genocide they don’t care about the poor White’s either these governments are run by psychopathic elites.. there’s no problem more important than the other.

  • Use casino money and fix it! WTF!
    Indains and N-words going to cry about history forever!

    • 50 years(you’re older than equality for Blacks) isnt exactly history and you’re still living on their land, so, getting “over it” isn’t that easy.

    • my land now. thats how shit gose. get over it dumbass can’t live in the past (that you weren’t even part of) forever! Quit playing victim! History is history!

  • Not for a lack of caring, but uncertainty over a solution,

  • Word

  • Paloma Lyons

  • true.

  • If they were black action would be taken!

  • Correct me if I’m wrong here but aren’t they considered their own sovereign nation?

  • Look everything we are given or bought to ingest is poisoned, has chemicals, can cause disease. Unless you’re an organic farmer, guess what? You’re fucked. You’re still living longer as a whole than decades ago.

  • why are you gonna pretend Flint is blowing up cuz people care about black folks?? it’s fucking black folks that put that attention out there so stop pitting us against the Indigenous with that divisive languageb

  • sick sick sick,we should all have clean drinkable water

  • That’s because they want the Native land. The land they received was shit in the beginning then town expanded. No Natives they take land back and sell for a profit.

  • Ashley Thomas this is nuts

  • Hmm, Navajo just received 500 Million dollars from the government. Time to buy some irrigation parts it seems. Or, a large Casino investment will keep the revenue coming in indifinitely.

  • Business as usual…

  • Victoria Sweet

  • Its not that nobody cares..it that the shitty media doesnt cover it

  • Melissa Opsahl

  • We need a stimulus program to work on improving water supplies for marginalized communities. That would be the best legacy project we can do.

    • Yes, because government throwing money at private companies always works.

  • Sad but true!

  • Private property + pollution = trouble

  • We care.

  • dont blame the lack of virility on racism. -_-

  • The government out west do not give a crap about the native Americans.

  • Yeah, I’ll bet ya if they were white… maybe I shouldn’t go there.

  • Hey bro I like this but I know that money that they have gotten and we have not they have water filters out there that last forever, is purchased all over Amazon and it purifies the water they can buy don’t feel sorry for does that has a check into it wears off 40 acres in a fucking mull.

  • as a person who lives a few miles from teh Navajo reservation (and I actually live on the Southern Ute reservation) I can say without a doubt that: THIS IS SOME PROPAGANDA LIKE 90% OF THE POSTS ON THIS PAGE.

  • What’s the difference between any other race, they’re still people. Fugging lying, thieving, murderous Rethuglicans. Anything for money. They don’t give a shit!!

  • I CARE…

  • Umm. Our whole water supply is contaminated with shit and because no one gives a damn. We are all getting poisoned so let’s make it less about race and more about action.

  • Sad

  • at least two decade ago there was a show called thunder heart ware they were poisoning the water system of Indian land and its still going on that just goes to show that our Government just doesn’t give a shit about the people

  • Obamas EPA said it was no big deal.
    Surely Obamas people would never lie……..

  • Would like to know more about this and why didn’t the media bring it up

  • ‘Merica!!!

  • I care! But, unfortunately, this is spot on! We cannot simply ignore one and give attention to another. We are should all be in this together. Harm one of us and you harm us all. That has been, is, and always will be my thinking.


  • omgoodness maybe its also because we dont know about it.

  • Keep sending Israel 11 million dollars a day for an illegal occupation and imposing terror on innocent Arabs. Keep paying your taxes to the criminal government who pours it into the military industrial complex. America will be 3rd world apartheid soon. Only a matter of time.

  • If it was fluoride in the water to poison all it’s Con trails in the skies its all corporation government Control. keep the sheep sleeping

  • well rise and revolt like the oregon ranchers the sherif will treat them just as nice.

  • I realize that most people don’t know what’s happening on Tribal lands, I will get the word out by sharing this information. Native people continue to suffer and this should not be, indeed no one should have to suffer from something that was preventable.

  • No, we care – we (black people), have learned to SCREAM a little louder than other groups. You guys need to start screaming…..

  • They are First Americans.

  • Agenda 21 is moving along nicely

  • i care

  • No, because no one knows

  • Perhaps it’s time to start a conversation about finally putting the ugliness of the past behind us. Blend our cultures. In the name of peace, start paying taxes.

    • churches first

    • Also

    • The US givernment can start paying them rent and they can clean up the water supply themselves.

    • haha…good one….. but if they want to continue to receive medicare, food stamps, roads, protection, etc, At the very least, their businesses can pay tax… not the people, i suppose, but this has to end eventually,,,not one person is still alive from that era and we need to move on….

    • After all,,,,,go back a few hundred more years and they migrated here also….from siberia mostly

    • We are all earthlings and we need to be “of the earth” more than anything else and stop with the divisions based upon skin color and origin…after all…we are all, according to accepted history,,,from the land between the Tigris and Euphrates…Sumeria…now Iraq

  • Aveda H Adara

  • Easiest way to decimate the Native population, without firing a shot…sad, very sad.

  • There is only empathy for two minorities in America Muslims and blacks

    • I see you drank all the kool-aid….

    • I been watching…..who publically defends Mexicans, maybe natives (,though they got some love on anti-columbus day)…..I make my own observations…..but let it be a miscarriage of justice against blacks and white folks come running to join the march

    • And now its classrooms are banning the bible while forcing kids to read the koran

    • I’m liberal but also realistic ….a rarity now adays

    • Eric Malach’i Anderson Your world has grown very small, or maybe it was never as vast as I presumed…Anywhooo I’m finding you to be frightening. Our perspective is not a difference of degree but that of kind,so there is no need for us to discuss said topics, beside this in an inadequate medium to do so….ubuntu Val

    • Sadly…ur world was always smaller than u give itself credit for…..as seen ‘through the eyes of VAL’ , not necc as things really are….I’m 45 now u will love u forever but u are no longer mythological to me….and not always right

  • It’s not that we don’t care, this is the first time hearing of it.

  • flint is majority black,,the government is majority black ????

  • Actually both are equally bad and should be exposed. Flint has been a problem for years and is just now getting the exposure.

  • If you dont like america get the fuck out

  • Could this be true?

  • Again a destructive government playing with people. Cut the water the food and eventually the first nation aboriginal people will be no more.

  • [ care.

  • nobody cares because their dirty savages.

  • wow

  • I am sorry. I care. I Hope,more Union to Support & Figbt for What is Necessary.

  • that is shameful man this country has building one huge case for KARMA kicking asses

  • Damn sad

  • This is how easy a multitude of middle to lower income people can be poisoned and with no regard from Government who survive off our taxes and loyalty from patriotism.

  • So what

  • Oh. We care very very much……

  • People don’t care cuz we don’t know

  • its because its the first time we are hearing about it

  • It’s time everyone is concerned about their drinking water. The water in this country has been contaminated for years by corporations,mines, utility companies dumping sewage,poisons into rivers and ground water. You see everyone with a plastic water bottle and now we are told the plastic is cancerous and the water is stale. Clean drinking water is something that is pretty important for all of us to give some serious thought.

  • The people have to ban together to take on the coruption get a fund going to take these dirt bags to court

  • Ourageous

  • Flint is for 2 years…. northern canada it is for near 100 years…

  • Oh, my GOD! What the fuck?!

  • No one cares move out of flint , taxes are low what do ya expect !!!! Clean ever lol

  • We care..just most of us don’t know about it. That was then, flint is happening right now.

  • The water from Red Shirt, South Dakota glows in the dark and bleaches clothes

  • It’s because it isn’t technically in America.

    Flint isn’t an African reservation.

  • Kristina Smith

  • This is the Sixth Major Extinction!……..!……..!…….!

  • What’s this got to do with dirty cops? Post this dumb shit on the foul water page.

  • @ Shannon DeAnn

  • It’s because we are not informed.

  • The media and the input to the school system and a person in America trains them to not give a f*** about anything except cable TV and automobile and a typical to clean house on a sterilized piece of property with gravel on it

  • This has been widely known in the Southwest for many years….

  • fock them, im goverment. i do what i want,get away with it too. my cops,shoot anyone that dont like me. thank you so much for my pay check, without your texes,i wouldent be able to bye the bullets,i shoot you with. only in a focken u.s. of focken ,a.

  • The masses are blinded by corporate media

  • the government is the problem they dont do anything they say they will

  • Jesus y’all bitch a lot we all got problems I got tremendous back pain and it’s not getting press coverage must be racism gimme a break

  • I care.

  • It’s time to stand up for all the oppressed people in this country.

  • Is there a petition started on change.org? if not I can make one to try & prevent this from continuing on.

  • —- R
    W —






  • you care… That’s a begining

  • If you really care make sure nothing is alive in this water… Then do a chemical treatment with your pals, believing that you are the spirit of a kind of atom [your pals, the others] and everyone do his part.

    • then, when you are tired, search someone to delegate or you will be in the clash of titans faster than the ratkid

  • The same bird that sells land rights to corporations to exploit and pollute the environment. Seriously WTF?!

    Please MAKE THIS VIRAL. ‘Like’ + Share + Comment (even 2 words)

    • And the right wing flapped and flapped all it’s feathers off , causing the bird to be grounded.

    • Beautifully said – stolen!

    • George Kinley dont forget the left wing committed treason on the way down

    • Trevor Casserly

    • time to roast that bird!!!!

    • No lie!!

    • I spend a lot of time talkin to guys with big beards and big minds who sit and watch the bird flounder and flop around in the sky under the weight of all the nonsense and bullshit …

    • Both wings can and should co-exist in their individual necessary areas for the bird to fly to its full potential

    • It takes both wings for us to be shit on.

    • When the wings have conflict there is no flight

    • Brilliant observation!!

    • I believe

    • hello, i would like to share this but cant

    • ain’t voted for a winner in twenty years

    • maybe thirty years

    • The politicians on both sides are generally cancer.

    • I would say you are right to bad others are unable to see or do not want to.

    • And we are the body that brings them both together. As one, we will become the head.

      Until then let’s keep running around like a chicken with out head cut off.

    • Balance, grasshopper!

    • The wings of a bird are required to carry it to the sky. They are not ment to be the head of anything!

    • Never thought of that.

    • I’ll have to agree; Brilliant “

    • They are two wings on the same Vulture!!!

  • How Columbus’ “Discovery” Set Off the Brutal Native American Oppression that Continues Today

    Learn More: http://bit.ly/1LgouKw
    The Free Thought Project.com (y)

    • What’s the solution?

    • discovery as in the legal meaning of the word not common use and anyone who has looked into this knows he only took several vacation cruises to the bahamas not once was ever upon the land known as america

    • Art Wood, But one could argue the fact that the Bahamas are apart of North America but if we are counting anything that is apart of NA we would need to take into account Erik the Red discovering Greenland.

    • I think the solution is to give fame to the current Native American issues, all of them and place them in the following editions of our children’s basic history! First thing they learn is Columbus so teach them the right story and educate them on how it all affects them today!
      This will start the cause of all the problems of the native Americans not recieving help and ensure them it will be taken care of not only as a long term issue short term issue too! Then reach out to high school students who are participating in politics and teach them how to educate others and then we will find all the solutions from there

    • There were plenty of incidents that have happened in history. Good and bad to focus on neg,except to learn. I don’t believe that most Americans want to hurt others! For those that do there are laws
      People use situations like this to divide.I love all Americans ,maybe politicians, not so much .they work for us not just people in flint. From what little I know. There’s more to this story! Nice emotional tug .show evidence, present solutions don’t point fingers white guilt doesn’t work with me! I’m not a liberal

    • Take a look at “The Rediscovery of North America” by Barry Lopez. 1992. AND the genocide, however subtle, continues. Kamofo

  • Infrastructure is paid for by taxpayers. Water pipes are paid for and maintained by paying customers.

    And t has been predicted that all war will become about water. It’s been that way, as the root, for decades in Africa.

  • I care.

  • Craig CJ Johnson

  • Erin Brockovich

  • Joseph Silva

  • I wouldn’t say no one cares, what I would say is that no ine has been informed about it, no ine in this country should be subject to poisoned public water supply… instead of stirring up shit asking if no one cares how about informing people, how are we supposed to know otherwise, I don’t get monthly newsletters of who’s water supply is poisoned, I won’t know if those individuals don’t speak up… could it be that Native Americans are much more resourceful at living of the land that they figured out their own problem and this is why we haven’t heard about it? Idk, I didn’t read the article because I’m tired of your race baiting headlines

  • no, its probably because pitting tragedies against each other is kinda pretty pointless. Both of them suck and both of them are due to capitalism.

  • I guess it beats small pox in the blankets.

  • Really begging for those likes now. “Nobody cares because they’re native”. For fucks sake.

  • No one cares because they aren’t white. Sad but true. Natives don’t matter to anyone anymore. We love in a very hateful world.

    • I care! Im 100% white and grew up on a rez in a foster home so i couldnt agree with this topic more….not fair to throw all white ppl into one basket as im sure indians shouldnt all be judged for the faults of only some…just food.for thought

    • I’m not saying I don’t care lol. I’m saying that’s how other people see it. No hate here.

    • But thanks for your opinion (not that it differs from mine) lol

    • I care about all too man. Im white, i love everyone. The only people i got problem with is if they tryin to harm me or my family ya know

    • I know what you are saying totally. I think everyone in the world needs to get along. I know that’s a pipe dream, but still. We are way better than all of this crap. No one person is worth more than anyone else.

    • Just like race ….color has nothing to do with the problem….it’s education and lack there of…..people can’t see passed the illusion cause generations have been produced during this time….sleep is the new normal….

    • We ALL-HUEman BEings!

      We ALL “go” ?




      The 1% ~*PLAY-YAS!*~

      & HOW “THEY” LARF @ WE, THE *peeps*

      aPATHETIC’ “knee-JERK” “sick-puppy society”

      PLAYS-ALONG…To “GET-ALONG”…’lil dogie…

  • Why has this country continue to crap on this great people?

  • Sick world!

  • Will we ever see a time when all water matters?

  • No one knows. Where are the news outlets on this?

  • Did you know run of from agricultural waste pollutes more water supplies than what fossil fuel production does…….

  • Correction. The media don’t care. No one else knew

  • “While the media focused on the water quality in…” The media is an utter joke. News and reporting my ass. Storytelling and active advertising/client marketing is more accurate.


    • Ruth Kavanagh SPEAK UP. .. we can’t hear you. (not to mention your point is unclear )

  • show any physical data. I live in the area and am calling bullshit. Burden of proof is on the person making the claim….go

    • Drink the water then

    • I have…? Shiprock is about an hours drive, but it’s
      A: not colored brown like in Flint
      B: not leaded, as tested by hundreds of river watch groups in the area

  • 🙁

  • Theyve been putting rat poisen in the water since the 1950s and now the people are mad?

    • No it has been addressed for decades

    • Ooooo they must be terrified of our “addressing”

    • They are. they forced relocated, poisoning the land trying to make it non liviable, abused elders, took away livestock, harassment from local police and feds

    • Just name the few things that’s I’ve witnessed

  • they gonna make this whole water thing go away with a new viral scare.

  • A

  • You want the true face and voice of Flint?!
    Then stfu and fucking listen.


  • This is nothing new, I’ve heard enough stories from my relatives that were passed down to know. My ancestors are not important in America.

  • Hopefully they don’t build a bomb with what is left. The government probably has these abused people on some kind of a terrorist watch list.

  • The media (all of it) exists to sell advertising revenue. This revenue in turn pays for stock diviends, new offices, salaries, set pieces, etc. All in order to better attract advertisers in order to generate more income which perpetuates the cycle. Thus a news anchor is really just a tampon salesman and I don’t get my facts from a tampon salesman.


      “MainSCREAM “media”…Store-BOUGHT & SOLD-OUT!

      “INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH” “PROP-AGENDAS” & “hidden-tendencies”



  • :

  • I agree that it is a tragedy and also recognize that the issue sounds like its caused off reservation, aren’t the lands that the Natives occupy not US soil? Do they have their own water purification and/or pumping stations on their land? This is not equivalent to what occurred in Flint

    • Ehhm, you got it all worng “, aren’t the lands that the Natives occupy not US soil”, no, it’s the other way around. The US occupies the soil of the natives.

    • Exactly Julius
      How do you “steal” fair and square?!? ?

    • Nothing was said about “stealing” my point is that it isn’t federal land, and my question is, do the reservations provide their own utilities? The comparison that the “Free Thought Project” is drawing is not the same as what is going on in Flint

    • The Navajo reservation is the largest in the country. It stretches across four states. As sovereign nations they have their own government that answers directly to the federal government. So yes they should supply their people with water. It’s difficult however because of the size of the reservation, how spread out the residents are. Not to mention the corruption of the tribal government.

    • And you’re correct. It shouldn’t be compared to Flint. Flint has not replaced their pipes. All pipes get a slimy build up that has to be flushed out with the right combination of chemicals. The wrong combination simply creates more sludge. Most cities in America have problems with this especially if their pipes are from the 1950’s era. So the pipes in Flint need replaced. But the bigger problem is they stepped away from the Detroit water district. To save 5 million. However they started using water from the river. The same river GM dumped millions of gallons of leaded gasoline. That the DuPont chemical company dumped it’s toxins into it for over half a century.

    • The US doesn’t occupy the territory of one people. It was formed on multiple territories. Many parts of America were purchased from natives. As the commonly known purchase of New York Island for a few beads. They were and still are fueding tribes that lacked a common language. The natives that got the beads didn’t care about the island. It wasn’t their territory. What happened to the Americas happened to the Gaelics. Feuding tribes with no common languages fall to a well organized army or five.

  • Stop with this no one cares bullshit. How about no one is hearing about it because so few people are talking about it. The people will care if you scream loud enough for exposure. When you throw out the childish no one cares headline though you sound like a whiny little kid. This is literally the first time ive ever heard that. Give people a chance to care. Seriously who writes this stuff?

  • Its almost like the government is still trying to kill all these people off. I guess if you kill people and steal there land you cant quit till there all gone because who wants the truth of that reality to come back and bite you on the ass.

    • Conquered, not stolen. Since when does the world care for conquered people? Oh that’s right, only when America does it.

    • Very true conquered. Not only when America does it but with ancestors on both sides its the most relevant to me and other Americans. Not only conquered but one step short of genocide.


    • The entire planet has been comprised of the conquerors. It isn’t just the US. Quit bitching read a book then back to the drawing board.

    • If you had any idea what we’re talking about it. Then you would realize that we’re still fucking these people over very badly, hence this conversation.

  • Dam this damn world is corrupt wish I could relocate to a island away from the bs

  • Jonathan Brown

  • I care,….wheres the federal class action suit?

  • Lord Jesus

  • Vid Kovač

  • What a shame

  • Our government and media suck.

  • Peabody coal is the scum of the SW. They have been slowly encroaching on native lands for as long as they have been in operation. I am related by marriage to some of the last Dineh people at Big Mountain. They have been trying to get that land for generations, and are now waiting for the last elders to die so they can take the rest. Fuckers.

  • Anybody born in America is a Native American.

    • Ummm bs

    • Ellison Roy really? I was born in America, what’s my native country?

    • Maybe you should look up the definition of “native” before making asinine statements.

    • ^ native goes back to the begging of man kind, you are in no way a native of America as seeing how your ancestors have only been here for 200 years, your roots still go back to Europe, I’m African so I’m African Canadian, not an actual Canadian.

    • You are just euro American not native. Don’t take that what’s left to them.

    • Chris Fraczek I haven’t been on earth since the beginning of mankind. My existence started in America. America is my native land. Therefore, I am a Native American and proud of it.

  • how about “while the country is focused on Flint” (and while rightly so), the rest of the country is having the same damn problem… it’s not just here or there, it’s freaking everywhere.. and there are abandoned mines everywhere..

  • It was the EPA that polluted that river.

  • Actually the government has given the tribe/reservation tons of money to fix it. But they are corrupt and won’t do it. They are holding onto hate instead of helping themselves

  • So are all the casinos. Fair trade I think.

  • Oh please, any Indian race can move mountains to get casinos built, and they can’t bring attention to bad water? Maybe they should use their money for water instead. They already get money and free land that no one owes them for. What happened in the past history is gone. No one alive today had anything to do with it. So why do minorities insist on keeping the past stirred? There isn’t a person in the USA that isn’t allowed to better themselves if they want to work for it.

    • Natives got land no one wanted. Deserts, places they had no intrest in living before whitey came along. Money? Yeah, I think you might want to check out a reservation online. It’s all over. Casinos, that are taxed to death. Shit casinos. We are not talking Vegas casinos, we are talking off highway 67 kind of casinos. Not exactly rolling in the doe.

      Lastly, girl, unlike African repression, or women’s rights, nothing has been payed back to a race that was here LONG before your compassionate ass. I think we owe them a history month every year to grind into skulls like yours, how fucked up the system is you’re supporting. Drilled in like a fucking screw. It’s not getting better, miss, moreso if we cannot fix shit we broke to get here.

      As for your past ideal, they are still natives, it’s still their homeland, and we are still treating them like animals. There is no past here, little girl.

    • wow. both of your are right.. There is no way to undo the past.. and we need to make the future better..

    • We need to stop expecting people to give and earn it ourselves. There isn’t a person in this country that can’t go to school absolutely free. We don’t owe any race anything. Everyone wants to spout history and talk about what “white” men took from them. Even “white” people had homes, land and livestock taken from them after the civil war. Get over it!

    • But there has been retribution, and sure, natives should start protesting like mad. Civil war left whites and blacks with homes, land, and such, the native wars, and trails of tears only left bodies of a group of people raped and almost completely wiped out.

      Lastly, how can you even begin to advocate for natives to just strap up and get back to work, when they are so scared to live in a land once their home, taken over by a bunch of Raceists that just recently started treating slaves like humans, or so we claim. Society has made slavery colorblind.

      Point is, don’t come here starting move on shit about a people who watched us kill their great, great great grandparents off, gave them shit land, shit casinos, and nothing more. African Americans get all kinds of retribution, and slaves were treated much better than the natives of this land we call ours.

      You know, I think a native should be president a few times. Get things right.

    • Typical ignorant comment.

    • Alex Mulder Fox “WE” didn’t start any of taking the land. Spain owned a lot of it as did France,Gr. Britain, Mexico and such. They fought to keep it as did our ancestors. It is all mute today. My grandparents. gr. grandparents and on back had quite a lot of Indian in them, all the way back to full blooded. They worked for what they had and paid taxes on. You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. As far as racism goes, I haven’t met a racist “white” person in my life, and I am 65. Any land in this USA was not the property of today’s Indian’s or their parents. So stop with the “scared” b.s.

    • Where can i send you the bucket of vomit christine? You made it it’s. Yours

    • Oh paleeese. I am so done with this whole thing and bigots.

    • Christine’s showing us what White Privilege is.

    • Christine Presley-Shaw Spain and France were allies, but they did not round up natives and run them up on the trail of tears across the newly created 13 states. Which IS the US today. Hence those were not Spanish and french, those were rebels who just defected from their nations and created a union. It’s called history, look it up sometime. The new americans bought out french and Spanish owned land, a few little wars against spain, and we have the United states. After that, we grew a bit of a conscious and gave natives small little shit plots of land, called them nations, left them alone for a few generations, then got more goodwilled, giving them education rights. Other than that, for a bunch of people we turned on, killed off, ran off, I think we owe them a lot more. How about paying them full housing and food, transportation for their kids to GO to real university’s and use that right? Even a free ride education isn’t at all free. You need rent, utilities, transit, food, and mist of this paid upfront. Many families on the reservations cannot afford to even conjure up those funds for a good college. Reservations have their own schools. Most are nowhere near our elementary to highschool ratings. Most doesn’t even register as transferable credits. Meaning many don’t qualify grade wise to start a college.

      And again, how about a heritage month for those poor souls, in point to teach actual compassion to people. Make sure some war or cause never let’s something like that horror to happen again to anyone. That is all the past is here for, lessons. If you just sweep it under a rug and say, not my problem, you open it to happen again. You never know, one day they could be you.

    • So what tribal reservation has federal funding? What reservations have shity casinos? Before “whitey” came along… who were killing other tribes, taking land, raping women, enslaving, and taking what was not theirs? Talking about looking up history. .. how far you looking back?

    • “They already get money and free land” LOL

    • Never met a racist white person? What you don’t own any mirrors? All that misinformed bullshit you’re spouting must be the product of your “free” education. Oh and I think you meant moot, not mute.

    • I’ve never read anything more ignorant and racist like this in a while, that my jaw dropped.

    • Hmm.. Sounds like you live on the reservation! Here on the REZ we pay state taxes, tribal taxes and even have RED TAPE anywhere and everywhere we see to build progress. Very few tribes were fortunate to return to lands we already lived on, while many other tribes where forced on land the government saw unfit and unhabitable. Than the government found out there were resources they could profit from and booted us off the land, while we never see a penny for progress… Its us you should be thanking because its people like YOU who swallow and consume the resources you now acquire. Your welcome…

    • I’m gonna go ahead & say she’s trolling…don’t waste your time on this one

    • Your a stupid cunt, that whole contrey’s their land, your the ones getting ‘free’ land, dumb bitch and you don’t even have the decency to look after it.. So please.. Go die.

    • Cuauhtlimalli Quiles Thank you for your insight…………

    • Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans are the Israelites of the Bible! We suffer the curses found in Deuteronomy 28:15-68 kjv Israelunite.org

    • Christine Presley-Shaw you are so ignorant. Not just what you say but how you say it. The term is “moot” not “mute.” And you are entitled to an opinion but not your own facts. You’re also not entitled to acceptance of your ignorance. So once you decide to take your opinion out of your head and post it you don’t get to righteously claim you have a right to it. Lastly, if you’d like to meet a racist “white” person go find a mirror.

    • When people are used to getting preferential treatment, equality is unfair.

    • Christine it amazes me at 65 years old you can be so uneducated.

    • Cuauhtlimalli Quiles thank you brother. Well stated.

    • I hope I’m not alone on this but I believe we as natives consider ourselves United as one race and we only refer to our tribe as a badge of honor and the pride of our ancestors. That whole race thing doesn’t apply to us as we love and cherish our heritage as a whole. Also some tribes have it easier than others as state laws can regulate resources. This results in poor infrastructure, lack of resources and corporate land intake for profit. Also water should never be taken for granted. Sounds like your more concerned with the whole race issue rather than the issues at hand. In short I say please educate yourself. You would be doing a great service to our country because we all know you can’t fix stupid???

    • Randy Romero what does shoshone-ute mean

    • Ute Indians. Southwestern Utah region. My great grandmother was born on the Rez. She said we’re Shoshone but from what I understand today is that we were part of the Ute’s

    • James Madson what history are you reading, mate? Slavery came when whites did. There were a few “civilized” tribes, meaning indoctrinated, that took up slaves, but before that, the only thing that happened before white men came, was life. Old world life. There were two kinds of major tribes, peaceful ones that traveled, hunted great beasts like bear and buffalo, armed with bow, arrow, spears, axes, all made with wood and stone. Hence why natives are renoud for the great hunt. Then you had parasite tribes, or war tribes. These tribes would use raids to survive. Hunting beasts is easy with a rifle. Try hunting bear one day with hand made bow and arrow of wood and stone, then tell me if it seemed easier to raid a small tribe for the goods they gathered.

      In this, natives were only doing what we all have done, lived on, survived on, world wide, every culture. East call them barbarians. A tribe of people who use conquest or raids to survive, in an parasitic concept. So by no means did whitey come and make Civilizing advancements to the natives. In fact, we back stabbed them.

      I get the feeling you don’t know how much the natives did for those rebels that founded our nation. They gave us camouflage, gorilla warfare, agricultural advancements, new foods, new resources and new ways to use old resources. If it wasn’t for the native tribes, we would have never stood a chance against England before France and Spain started getting curious about us. Natives laughed at us, lining up in a feild, dressed in bright colors, shooting at a army doing exactly the same thing. Thought we whites were retarded. So they taught us camo, fighting from cover, using forests and ambush our targets. Natives gave our colonies food, protection. And sure, some colonies were killed by other natives, but look around you. Can you blame them? You think those colonies were actually the first time they met another race? They were here for thousands of years, with incas, aztects, eskimos north and south of them, in connected land mass. How about explorers before Columbus? Oh yeah, forgot ol Christopher was not the first one here.

      Then years later we use natives again to help in nam as wind talkers, coded messages. But wind talkers were still treated like shit.

      Fact is mate, if you are not the person to blame, your ancestors may be. Make it up to these beautiful people for giving us all that they had, and even fighting for us, after we began killing them. Keep in mind, the US used natives to kill natives, and those natives that acted to survive, still got shit on in the end.

      I have native decent, as well as german. I know both sides of the coin of horror. I have no intent to allow this world to continue on without paying tribute to those my ancestors wronged. Moreso, this is their homeland, as it is mine. It’s time we help our brothers up, and help them live.

    • Uuuhhhh, sweetie-the land isn’t “free”.It’s “theirs”.Then Somebody took it,ruined it, and gave them back a minuscule fraction of a fraction of it; then you came in to point out how ungrateful they are being.How’s the water lookin’ comin’ out of Your faucet?

    • Why dont you shut the fuck up that is my ancestry your talking about i support all different tribe’s not just the one my family come’s from. You need to put a sock in it..What you dont know if most of that money earned in the casinos get’s put back into the trib to help with important thing’s such as providing education for there children. Dont rag on them and why dont you get up off your ass and help them.

    • Shiloh Te Ua i agree with you on that one i come from an Indian heritage and i embrace it. I might not look like an Indian but American’s piss me off how they treat Indian’s.

    • Christine Presley-Shaw , youre the only bigot here… Biatch

    • You are ill misinformed and completely incorrect, or evil. You figure it out. Good luck.

    • Christine Presley-Shaw fuck you. Your people killed other people’s – people. Not just natives, but all over the world on the white mans quest to try and own/control everything.
      Part of the reason the rest of the world hates the US. You fucking pricks.

    • To Christine Presley-Shaw , it would be a good idea to do a lot of research before saying ignorant things like you did. .

    • Not all tribes have casinos, are you fucking stupid?! You have absolutely no idea about the living conditions of the average native american in reservations.

    • @cps -You are going through the door of ignorance!

    • Drive through Southern Arizona, you can see the Rez off the highway and it’s a Third World country. Not a lot of money being passed around, so why don’t you shut your face and put it in a book to learn something.

    • Bunch of libtard morons. The tribe government is just as corrupt as the federal government. The tribes have billions of tax free dollars and leave their people in squalor.

    • Matthew Stone, do some more research bro. Not all yribs have casinos. Fucking conservative moron!

    • *tribes

    • Alex Mulder Fox MAJOR RELEVANT TRUTH!

      Peeps REALL THINK…the “average” Native benefits from ~*The Bought& SOLD-OUT*~


      FACE THE “MUSIC!” *peeps!*


      Dance to THEIR OWN “tune”


      …GREED-NEED-FEED Loop…as ANY “white-man’s”


    • eat a bowl of dick

    • Alex Mulder Fox WELL SAID

    • Minorities…. You’re rude

    • Fuck you asshole you got your head so far up your ass you can’t see straight

    • Alex Mulder Fox well said, thanks

    • They can move. There’s lots of reservation land in NE Oklahoma I for one would love to have. Besides, Navajos, Apaches, etc traditionally occupied the same land they’re on now…by CHOICE. They’re trying to hold on to an ideal that is antiquated by centuries. All this land is not any more their land than it is ours. Indians fought over territory with eachother thousands of years before yall came from Europe.

    • Sitting here bickering back and forth isn’t going to do much. Shit happens and its gonna continue to happen but the question is where do you draw the line before it’s too late.

    • I have relatives on reservations in Oklahoma. This is AMERICA. You can choose to live in squallor or you can get the fuck out and join the 21st century.
      While I respect and honor their ways before white people came here (Cortez and Columbus weren’t white, by the way), those days are long gone.
      For all you dumbfucking self-righteous pretencious idiots, “native americans” (a misnomer since noone is native to America) have ALWAYS lived in squalor since they crossed the Bering Strait 10,000 years ago. They just didnt have the civilization advancements around them to KNOW it before white people came. They NEVER had nice homes or cool cars. They lived in huts made of animal skin, had almost no commerce til white people came, were ALWAYS at war with another tribe. When Merriwether Clark was trying to negotiate peace between Sioux and Blackfoot they told him there cant be peace. War was the only way they had for choosing chiefs. It was also often the only way they had for acquiring women they knew weren’t related. And war was how they acquired slaves, believe it or not.
      They weren’t sitting arnd singing kumbaya all the time, eating rainbow soup and farting lucky charms.

    • Matthew Stone where on earth did you get that senseless bit of fiction? Native nations or reservations get less money than veterans, and if you knew how little we give our vets, that’s saying a hell of alot. Also, some reservations were taken away from tribes once, say, oil or gold was discovered. Those tribes relocated to even less inhabited. No full compensation, just crap land and a sorry note. In this natives have NOTHING of real value die to lack of resources in order to manufacture goods to gain profits to even upkeep homes.

      Your claiming that tribal leaders, or organizations are robbing their own people is complete and udder bullshit, as well as a projection of how good ol white america treats everyone. Meaning, I think you are referring to religions or US government, taking in billions and not spending it as it was intended. Tribes don’t even get a billion dollars, so that too is incorrect.

      Here’s what the US government is trying to do to the natives, since you seem to need a reality check; kill or breed out the “native issue”. They do it all the time, to vets, rescue personel, ect. Take 9/11 first responders. All dieing, most dead already. Government gave them nothing for medical coverage for some very deadly diseases aquired from asbestos dust and other toxins. Government wants them dead. It took a fucking pair of comedians, Stewart and Colbert, to force congress to supply coverage.

      Government doesn’t give a shit about real issues, it’s all about personal gain. In that alone, do you really think they see a gain in helping a people we are trying to erase from history?

      How much did you learn in school about slave trades and civil war? Tons, but native history is so appologetic and washed out it doesn’t even touch how fucked up americans were and are to our natives, and FIRST allies.

      Lastly, I cannot expect a person who posts a nuclear explosion as his profile picture to have an IQ over 12 to even begin to think logically.

      Cheers mate.

    • Steve Freeman Mate, if you wanna get really technical, we are all from Africa, but you’re point is completely ignorant. Civilization itself is not a basis of rights, intelligence, or stature. Natives had technologies, like any tool using human does. Just because the technology does not seem as advanced as another, does not at all demote a CIVILIZATION the right to its PRESENT HOMELAND. Meaning, their ancestors were the first humans to voyage and remain there. Also, natives have their own genetics, meaning differences in skin color, hair, eyes, ect. Also, pay close attention here, the native americans have their own features unlike any other race in the world. Hence they have been here for hundreds of thousands of years in order to have adapted and aquired genetics that fit this land. Whites are all from Northern European and Russian locations, each white differs from other white races, HENCE those fuckers been there long enough to claim irish, Scottish, german, ect.

      So mate, they were here first, they lived here the longest, and we imperialisticly took it from them. Period. We took away their home JUST like England is trying to do to the Irish. Today imperialism is wrong, so that applies to the past as well. More so, THEY ARE STILL HERE, STILL NATIVES TO THIS LAND, AND STILL TREATED LIKE SHIT.

      Also, fuck your “puck up your bootstraps and get to work” bullshit. That’s just slang for “I don’t give a fuck”. Well I do, as do many many many more of my fellow humans. So save your careless shit for your drinking buddies.

      Natives did not live in squalor, they lived in their own world, own ideals, and they are proud of their past.

      I’ll skip your cool cars and houses bullshit, cause……well……that’s retarded anyways. Natives had commerce, fucktard, it’s called trade. They had a system of idealism to live among the earth, not above it. They killed only what was needed to be killed, and used everything from resources. Natives taught Muricans agricultural traits that saved stupid whitey a lot of pain and deaths. Whites kept planting the same crops in the same soil, it would sour. Natives grew food, but not in feilds, they spread them out, never souring the soil. They gave us new foods, and as I said, taught us new war tactics to fend off England. Natives gave their lives for us in many wars. If it wasn’t for natives Murica wouldn’t be here today. Natives were the first allies of the colonies. France and Spain were too tied up fighting England at the start. Once they got word that the colonies were rebelling against England, only then did they come to our defence. France was our closest ally, Spain was questionable. Spain was still pushing the inquisition, even on natives later on.

      Always wars? Really? You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. In comparison to the wars we brought down on them, they had no idea what war was. They had skirmishes with other tribes. So what else is new? We all are of tribes at one time, we all had tribal fights, but tribal war compared to national war is like a riot verses a boxing match.

      Sioux and Blackfoot, wow two out of how many tribes, and you wanna make that your shining beacon? It’s their culture, mate. A tradition is not up for judgement to another ideal. You cannot honestly state your way is right or wrong.

      This entire event can be compared to Australia and it’s natives, the aborigines. Aussies, “cough” white dudes, went off and slaughtered the natives there, not even attempting to aquire a truce or agreement. Those whites thought the same thing they thought here, and Hawaii, that we are entitled to anything, cause we got guns. Such a stupid concept.

      Sorry, I fail completely to see your facts or logic as reasonable, sane, or logical. As I said, still natives, still their homeland no matter how many fucking flags you sick in the dirt, and still here today just looking for some compassion.

    • Well Alex I don’t want to start a fight but you talk of history. Check the history of the land bridge of Russia Alaska. The Natives are not that Native as I. People of al race have migrated ever since the beginning and will continue.

    • Monty Pearson I said that, mate. No humans are natives of anything, if you’re being that technical. First homeland of all humans is Africa. I know the migration trails of humans well. In fact, natives, eskimos, Aztec and Inca are Asian decent.

      Point of Native is who lived and made roots there first, long enough to adapt physically to its new environment. Native americans have adapted to this land, whites did not. Whites are all polar or neighboring. First here, first human culture, period, NATIVES.

      Based on your ideals, anyone has the right to kill off americans and take claim to this place at anytime, cause we sure as fuck aren’t from here. So yeah, that tactic is a very lame technicality. Doesn’t apply to natives and their trek here over 10000 years ago. They have far more roots here than Muricans do. We are 238 years old, mate, barely a drop in the bucket to claim physical adaptation.

    • Can someone just tell me where this ‘free education’ comes from… Cause I have some debt that needs to be handled if so..

    • You’re an idiot. All you is “free & money.” Catchy right? I knew it.

    • Bitch

    • Are you serious? Money & free land that no one owes them for? You’re an idiot! No words for ignorant people such as yourself. You have your nerve speaking on “minorities” not all of us have the same white privileges as you.

    • Wait, what?!? [email protected]!!!

    • Oh, ok, “NRA sheeple tool prof pic”. Makes sense now. Sorry your education in every way expired in Intermediate School.

    • Are you retarded?

    • Christine Presley whatever. In England we call women like you Supercunts.

    • Hey Christine! CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!

    • If the past is the past than why are we still govern by laws of the past …you modern whites claim to be so progressive and chant how its history but yet you fail to realize our laws are not progressive and at any given time can send the minorities back into the past….so we should forget our ancestors who were slaves when the Constitution that we live under till this day because it makes you uncomfortable… Wow

    • Indian race didn’t build the casinos. American built casinos ON native land which is why the get some money from it. If someone took your house down and kicked you out and built a big ass money machine on your land, wouldn’t you expect a little bit of money from it? You obviously know no natives.

    • Alex Mulder Fox ummm what land did the blacks get after the civil war??? Not one has received anything! There was no reparations . No 40 acres and mule…. Nothing. And it was/is a known historical fact that Native American tribes (not all) owned and sold African Slaves!!! Do a history check before you spew lies and nonsense

    • James Drew I said that mate, how about READING for once, before puking on the page. One of my closest ancestors is Black Cherokee, meaning once a slave to cherokee nation. Now, these natives did not OWN slaves till whitey came and brought them here. The Cherokee did this in order to try to win over the whites. For survival. Hoping that if they did what whitey did, they would be accepted and live on. But this prevented nothing.

      Also, many southern land owners lost land at first, but were later returned after the north knew it was safe from another war. Others lost NO land. I know MANY southern folk that have lands predating the civil war. Still theirs.

      Blacks were not all slaves, mate, that’s a lie started by morons who want to keep seperation of races. There were many free blacks in the north, home and land owners. South, well, some slaves were free, being they had a work contract that they VOLUNTEERED for. The contracts stated you work on a plantation for X years, and are then free. As a civilian of the US. They also recived a payment to start a new life. However, if another southerner caught that black man or woman, they often times reenslaved them. Being it was easy to claim that slave was yours, many blacks, freeman, were kidnapped and returned to plantations. Most free slaves tried to run north, to avoid kidnapping.

      There were very few CIVILIZED tribes that took on slave trade, few. Look it up, fucktard. And again, they didn’t START the slave trade, whitey did. Here that is. Slaves came from Africa, sold and captured by blacks themselves. Another bit of fact american history likes to avoid saying.

      People do anything when it comes to survival. In that, I do not blame the one FORCED into a corner, I blame the BULLY who put them there to start with.

      So what’s your point, mate? What are you trying to preach here? That what we did was civilized or just? Or are you just trolling for shits and giggles?

    • Thank you Alex! Well stated.

    • Free land? This land was all theirs

    • Christine, I don’t know you, but I want to tell you softly that you should read what you’ve written out loud. Read out loud you can hear the hatred and ugliness that I don’t think you mean to have.

    • Christine Presley-Shaw making the statement about not owing anything for the past is ludicrous. I can think of something that may touch your cold bitch heart… Think of the native children ripped from their families and put into institutions called “schools.” These schools forced them to give up their heritage, their way of life and their sanity in many cases. Beaten severely for trying to hold on to cherished traditions. The unspeakable things done to them because they were “savages” and needed to be “trained.” The times that they were paraded around like prize animals for viewing. These schools didn’t leave generations ago. They were still around in the 20th Century. Stick your nose in the air and keep your blinders on. I pity you the day you fall and everyone walks right on by or steps on you, because Karma is a bigger bitch than you. Just.

    • Juli Oates ….I apologize but I don’t agree with you…they are both correct on what they are saying.

      This is the reason why schools should put history class back as a curriculum so that our young generation can understand and these incident from the past cannot repeat again…just saying

    • I’m just lol at free slave your either one or the other…I also like how the blacks sold blacks always come up for convince or distraction of the true history well let me add this.. In France there is an exzibit on display of the heads of over 200 African tribe kings who fought against the sale of other African tribes….so lets not give the impressesion that blacks sold black…no whitey put a gun to your head and all you had was a spear to fight with..so you did what you was told but as usual history rather HIS-STORY Will never be truthful

    • Charisse Navidad In Ghana, politician and educator Samuel Sulemana Fuseini has acknowledged that his Asante ancestors accumulated their great wealth by abducting, capturing, and kidnapping Africans and selling them as slaves. Likewise, Ghanaian diplomat Kofi Awoonor has written: “I believe there is a great psychic shadow over Africa, and it has much to do with our guilt and denial of our role in the slave trade. We too are blameworthy in what was essentially one of the most heinous crimes in human history.”5

      In 2000, at an observance attended by delegates from several European countries and the United States, officials from Benin publicized President Mathieu Kerekou’s apology for his country’s role in “selling fellow Africans by the millions to white slave traders.” “We cry for forgiveness and reconciliation,” said Luc Gnacadja, Benin’s minister of environment and housing. Cyrille Oguin, Benin’s ambassador to the United States, acknowledged, “We share in the responsibility for this terrible human tragedy.” 6

      A year later, Senegal’s president Abdoulaye Wade, “himself the descendant of generations of slave-owning [and slave-trading] African kings,” urged Europeans, Americans, and Africans to acknowledge publicly and teach openly about their shared responsibility for the Atlantic slave trade. 7 Wade’s remarks came months after the release of Adanggaman, by Ivory Coast director Roger Gnoan M’bala, “the first African film to look at African involvement in the slave trade with the West.” “It’s up to us,” M’Bala insisted, “to talk about slavery, open the wounds of what we’ve always hidden and stop being puerile when we put responsibility on others . . . . In our own oral tradition, slavery is left out purposefully because Africans are ashamed when we confront slavery. Let’s wake up and look at ourselves through our own image.”8 “It is simply true,” declared Da Bourdia Leon of Burkina Faso’s Ministry of Culture and Art, “We need this kind of film to show our children this part of our history, that it happened among us. Although I feel sad, I think it is good that this kind of thing is being told today.”9

      Several television productions of the last decade have acknowledged these facts: Africans in America (PBS, 1998), Wonders of the African World (PBS, 1999), and The African Trade (History Channel International, 2000). The latter begins with the visit by a group of African-Americans to the infamous slave castle and Door of No Return on Goree Island off the coast of Senegal. “Appalled by the cruelties of the Europeans,” the narrator relates, “the visitors become curious as to how Africans fell into their hands.” Their African guide admits that “this history is difficult to tell and hard to believe” but pulls no punches about African complicity in kidnapping and selling millions of African people: “All the tribes were involved in the slave trade—no exemptions.” The African-Americans were staggered: “So we really can’t blame the Europeans,” one declares, “We sold our own. It takes two.” Another visitor declares, “That’s right—money and greed.” The program concludes that “white guilt can never be erased”—but cautions that it is also important to remember that “black participation lets no one off the hook.”

      – See more at: http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/41431#sthash.6ERvQ7se.dpuf

    • 200 anti slave tribe leaders is not even a drop in the bucket to over 20 million Africans in their homeland.

  • Still trying to wipe them out smh

  • Julio Paul López

    • Yep. I’ve known this since the 90s.

    • I didn’t that’s fucking terrible but with everything else I’ve read as of recently don’t fucking suprise me

    • Oak Flats, XL pipeline… shit has to stop. Now!

  • It’s Well PAST time to stand up and do something. NO lip service, ACTION !!!

  • So sad!

  • Everybody has fucking problems.

  • stealing from America, just like Oregon

  • Kathleen Edelman thought you’d might want to share this post

  • if we are one then there is nobody left behind.

  • why isnt this news

  • Soo sad

  • It’s not that no one cares, it’s that the corporate owned mass media doesn’t care about any of us, blacks, whites, asians, native american, etc. They cater to the big money whims and ratings. that’s all. if you want something done in today’s America, you have to fight the big corporate bitches for it.

  • Yeah but black lives matter not red or especially not white

  • People keep saying government. It’s not the government as a whole. Put the blame where blame is due. The Republian governor, the state officials and all the people that ignored the issue until it became a crisis. If I live in flint I would be asking to remote some people for their jobs.

  • I am Black and Native…they don’t care about us…wake up…don’t just be aware…wake up. Money is all they care about…just sayin

    • I’m curious…. Who are ‘they’?

    • Stay curious…if you don’t know…I can’t help you





    • I hear you preaching Ruth Kavanagh…I dug so deep I found revelation and it crushed reason…dig a little deeper!

    • Yeah I figured you’d dodge the question.

    • It wasn’t dodged…just left behind because it is a worthless question…it is old and has no meaning. It was devised only to create confusion from the confused.

    • …’k…so, how u know how far I have “dug” ?
      “Worthless question”

      “judge-mental”, or what? lol!

    • U must be one of those “Xtian-Rabids”…?

    • You must be one of the lost and confused…smh…don’t worry your not alone…I’m done commenting. I already know that you and the other confused on this thread will chime in with some crazy rebuttal…peace✌?️

    • Money is all “they” care about? Stop giving it to those who don’t earn it and see who ” they ” suddenly become.
      We as a society have created this way of life. If it wasn’t Columbus it would have been another. Global history is the fall of the weaker kind. It yields often to more advanced, organized, or even evil entities.
      We can’t reinvent the wheel, but make it run smoother

  • Geronimo Roni Last

  • the greed of the WASP kills

  • Not only Navajo but also the other tribes that are in the same area like the Hualapai, Ute and Hopi….

  • And the EPA

  • This is true. Several years ago I visited someone who was living on the Navajo reservation. She said most of the land was ruined by uranium also. That was in 1994.

  • That’s so sad:(

  • The Indians r getting screwed again

  • Cold-Blooded!

  • Why not have a clause to clean up and replant like other countries? Oh that’s right we are talking about the most corrupt nation on earth. Merica!

  • love that capitalism

  • Well its there land, why don’t they clean it and fix the problem. I don’t expect Canada to fix my problems so they should fix theres.

  • The Government emptied out one mine …… into the river smdh

  • And this is one of the countries that applied sanctions against SA. A case of “Do as I say, not as I do”. Hypocrites!

  • Sharing

  • guys, you’ve been focusing on Flint up until now too, quit acting all high and mighty like you’ve been talking about this for weeks

  • It’s all of our water supply. It’s really just one water supply.

  • They are also trying to sulfide mine copper near the BWCA in Minnesota. GTFO!

  • Awful!

  • Can I care about both?

  • so sad 🙁

  • Something needs to be done about this abandoned mine issue.

  • Maybe there should be a tax on all mining corporations to cover the cost of clean up operations, alternatively the govt should foot the bill for allowing mining in the first place

  • It’s not that people don’t care. It’s just that the corporate media doesn’t care.

  • No one is native to America!

  • They can’t use the billion dollar casino market handed to them to clean it up? Reparations are insane.

  • Stop talking about it a fucking do something get a sniper and take the cunts out responsible for duck sake they want you dead kill them first that’s fear is it not !

  • Dulce Mendoza

  • So shameful the way our so called government treats the people that it stole this land from. Shame!!!

  • This is a Goddamn outrage wtf

  • Chlorine magnesium iron

  • Well I care and I have cared for a long time on a lot more issues than this . I’m passionate about Indian culture more than any other . If I could have been born to any group it would be native Indian . Their personal knowledge and beliefs are fascinating and very spiritual . I have often thought that I was a native Indian in my past life . ❤️

  • and…about 75% of the lands that are “protected wildlife refuges” will end up the same way. That’s why they are protected – for the stuff that lies under the ground. Stop being so gullible America. Your government gets it’s orders from the wealthy 1% who will never protect you or any animal species but will take every ounce of clean water to poison us all to death.

    • I thought they were “protected” so Native people could not return to their homelands ????

    • Shari Stratton I never looked at it that way but you are right on the money.

    • Barb Troublefield, did you ever notice throughout the entire Keystone XL Pipeline dog and pony show, that it would go through Native land in violation of the treaty they wrote??????

    • Shari Stratton Yep and I feel there were tribes that would have stood their ground over it too. There will be a time when the tribes and militia will stand together. It’s going to take an army to make things livable and there are lots of people from many tribes around the planet.

    • Barb Troublefield, that is exactly what is happening. If things don’t change, only that elite 1% will be left. But by that time, the ground and the air will be so polluted, they won’t have much to rule over. Hope the Lord comes back before then.

  • Sharing now!!

  • White people suck.

  • Or no one cares because reservations are sovereign land that dictate law themselves?

    The federal government has very little authority on Indian reservations

  • Well. They have their “own” courts for everything that overrides regular standard courts so I’m sure they can override something simple as a water problem. So sick of hearing help them but yet we are treated differently then them, like they are better then us.

  • So somebody tell me why this meme uses an image of the EPA fuck up with thr Colorado River. I call bullshit on this based on the images you are using.

    • Just because the right picture isn’t used doesn’t make untrue

    • Ellison Roy so why not use the right picture?

    • I’ve lived on the Navajo reservation so don’t tell me it’s not and ask the Poindexter who originally put it up

    • Ellison Roy I didn’t say it wasn’t the Colorado river you dickweed. I’m saying that the picture used is from the EPA’s screw up of dumping shit. This isn’t the general state of the river that is “under attack by evil corporations”. It’s disingenuous. That’s not to say that those on the reservation haven’t had trouble getting their water clean, yeah that very well may be an issue. But using that picture is just false accusation.

    • Water is life my friend or should I say dickweed since u can’t have a civilized conversation. Dickweed.

    • Colorado river isn’t the only problem on the Navajo rez either water supply has been an issue for a very long time because McCain don’t give a shit

  • Something about this doesn’t surprise me.

  • k

  • i care my water is at stake also

  • massive law suit in the offing>????

  • Federal government “helping” the natives gave them this. Tribal lands need to be privatized and given to the actual Native Americans left then they can use it as they see fit.

  • I hate what the government has done to these grand people!!!!

  • Very Sad Indeed

  • You cant say no one cares because they’re Native American… maybe not a lot of people knew about it. Why wait til Flint, MI to suddenly say something? I felt that the caption was a form of attempting to guilt trip and no one appreciates guilt trippers…

    • They have been complaining about it, but the media controls what gets known! Educate yourself before spewing ignorance.

    • Lady, your comment was ignorant. Obviously you missed my whole point but whatever, piss off

    • It has been ignored for years

    • I live in Las Vegas and very little coverage was done about the contaminated water crisis of the Navajo. Also being of Native American descent I made it a point to stay updated. So yea, it’s not a guilt trip thing, it’s more of a keep watch on current events kind of thing ?

    • Cuervo Diosa, I addressed your statement about how they waited until the Flint issue to say something about their water. Did you not state that? I said they’ve been complaining, but their complaints fell on deaf ears. Call me names if you wish, but you just proved your own ignorance!

    • She had a point… YES main stream media is garbage.. 1) that’s not our fault. And 2) this is Facebook… Not mainstream media… I believe her question is valid.. Why wait til after Flint is a huge deal to make your little memes ?

    • Facebook is mainstream.

    • Cuervo Diosa, you hit the nail on the head!

    • The water has been contaminated since ww2. You still think it’s a guilt trip? Ignorance, yes.

    • There’s nothing inconsistent about attempting to piggyback on the Flint publicity.

    • How are the people going to know about it if no one tells them? Smh.

    • Randy Romero I live in Vegas too I never hear about anything on tv either about anything Native much less just the water

    • I agree with completely.

    • I work with natives who live in the Res and have never even mentioned it

    • Lol these comments tho

    • ???

    • Not all tribal governments do their part in pushing the issue. In a sovereign nation things aren’t run exactly like the US government. Each res is different though. Public media does have a say in what is published. Just like the Administrative press publishes what the White House wants the public to know. Not always the truth. We don’t know the whole story. Maybe using Flint was the only way to get the story out without getting censored… Think about or are you all wearing blinders?

    • Flint mi caused it’s own problems. The epa/DEQ water treatment division was warned by two people a scienceist and a Dr I do believe on that using the water in flint was dangerous. Gov snyder knew about it. Flint has a direct pipe line leading to Detroit. The people general attorney and fbi are both involved in this. The people involved have either plead the fifth or quickly resigned. Gm left flint because the water they used damaged the engines before they even got off the line. Flint did not want to pay a extra 12.00 a yr to use Detroit’s water. So because of the city manager and some people at the DEQ children elderly and pregnant women are paying for their neglect. Some have died or are suffering.

  • Disgusting

  • Click ‘Like’ + Share + Comment (even 2 words) and help us wake up the country

  • My Indian brothers are in dyer need of a good PR firm.

  • Nick Maye

  • it figures

  • Did not know, they count also

  • Aren’t we all on tribal land?

  • i hate this

  • The way to overcome the predator class is to free ourselves of all obligation to them. Freedom from debt, including taxes, and mortgages, and rent will free us from the need for their jobs and their government. Without the need for jobs for our survival we can focus on creating local food supplies, on instigating local, justice, on free medical care, and on housing everyone. No one will be refused work because it isn’t profitable for some corporate predator’s wealth accumulation, we will work to care for each other. But no one will be forced to work in order to merely survive because the land and resources we need to be self sustaining are the human right of everyone.

    • Best words I’ve ever heard I’ve been trying to get more people to see that as a better future but rich ppl love war so it’ll take time

  • ive never seen someone talk shit about native americans til the person saying people talk shit about them same for vegetarians blacks whites and gays

    • No one really talks bad about them but society doesn’t seem to care about them

  • Wtf! That sucks

  • The Navajo around Albequerque drive to town with five gallom jugs to pay for water out of the vending stations as if they live in Central America. Now, research is showing that their ancestors expereienced health issues and early death as a result. Native American doesn’t seem to mean much. Sad.

  • Too bad you didn’t link to some credible information or discuss where this has happened so those of us who want to care can get started learning. But caring for flint and for this.. That’s not mutually exclusive. You can do both. Don’t guilt trip people for caring about something that is shocking and harming other humans. Instead of shaming… Educate.

  • Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans are the Israelites of the Bible! We suffer the curses found in Deuteronomy 28:15-68 kjv Israelunite.org

  • I care about Native Americans. I hope they don’t think all Caucasians are assholes.

  • Make them clean up the mines, pronto!

  • So what. Tell them to clean that shit up. Their a sovereign nation within a free one. Let them take care of it themselves.

  • I care .and i am sorry how you are treated.. it should be navajo lives matter .first..

    • Human lives matter first. Why do people make everything about race.

  • DigDeep?

  • The most marginalized race of humans

  • This is an honest question here, so please no one attack me for it. But isn’t it their responsibility to clean it up because it’s their land? It’s just separated and stuff from us so I figured they’d be the ones taking care of the problem. And if that is the case, then why aren’t they, or why can’t they take care of it? I don’t know that much about this type of stuff and I’m just trying to learn more about it. If someone could explain it without being rude that’d be pretty awesome because I already feel dumb for asking :/

    • Because we screwed it up to begin with, we built the mines, we polluted the water with uranium and them forced the native population into these inhospitable lands.

    • Ask John McCain lol

  • Irene Sloane Edelmann

  • It is the super rich that gets there free pass into the lands to distroy them and then leaves it like a garbage dump.

  • I cannot ‘like’ this

  • Did the media really focus on the water quality in Flint? Slow news day, perhaps?

  • What BS! Our gov’t sucks! They’re still Americans!

  • The media is focusing on Flint because the population is predominantly low income black families so it fits the current agenda of dividing the races. Fortunately the Indians cannot be used that way so unfortunately their plight doesn’t matter to the media or government


    • You nailed it. All the president and his media buddies want is a modern day race war. All it should do is inspire us to work harder to relate to each other and assist each other in times of need.

    • Nice try Stephanie Schumann, the media wants a race war

    • Lol the PRESIDENT and government want a race war so they “have no choice” but to declare Marshall Law to bring order to a well constructed chaos keeping Obummer and his man wife in office. All part of a bigger plan you’re obviously oblivious to


  • Maybe they should take to Facebook? Lol…

    I didn’t know about either of them until I saw it on Facebook…

    I doubt that it’s “no one cares about native Americans”.. Lol

  • Don’t say no one cares, please. The guilt trip is ridiculous in this case. No one knew. Instead of pointing fingers, INFORM US.

  • Wake up all drink water matters dumb asses

  • It is not that people don’t care…people don’t know!

  • Disgusting and disrepectful!

  • 100%

  • The above article is so horrific…with the hate in the world… too paralyzing…how do I comment on it?

  • How about the communities in Appalachia too. While they haven’t suffered the plight of our Native American populations, they’re humans also and should be kept in mind. http://appvoices.org/end-mountaintop-removal/community/

  • What does this say about our governments ability to manage our resources. For that matter manage anything.

  • U need to make some real big noise just like the African American are doing that is the only way ..time to stand up

  • What an injustice to these people.

  • I say we should give the country back to them and hope they can fix everything

  • Wtf!!!

  • Y’all wanted your land so bad take care of it

  • Despicable!

  • I hate this so much why are the nit required to clean up the mess i dont care if it’s abandoned.

  • I care! Every single person on this planet should have clean safe water, I don’t care what race, religion, any of that.

  • The Flint water issue seems to me to be the same as passing out smallpox infected blankets. The water problem for all of us is domestic terrorism. I don’t fear the “other”. I fear the ones who have been horrible since their arrival.

  • Having lived in the heart of the Navajo nation this fails to address that the Navajo nation government is just as bad as state and federal in regards to water. Those that bring the issue to light are those natives that have chosen to leave the borders of the Navajo nation and educate a greater public.


  • We care, they’re both in bad situations that’s for sure. Don’t pit both situations against one another. Rise up and help both

  • Stfu

  • As a white man who respects and loves the dine and hopi people i can’t do anything about the past but as an Arizona citizen i choose to help with the future and have been spreading to knowledge of the destruction of the most beautiful people and land in the world. Until you see shiprock and n.e. Arizona you wont understand true beauty

  • Any one happen to see the movie – Thunderheart ?

  • Thank you Crystal you’re absolutely right

  • Contact Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway) and inquire about his Slingshot water purifier. It can clean pretty much any water there is, at a reasonable cost. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slingshot_(water_vapor_distillation_system)

  • Wonder what Erin Brockovich would have to say about this

  • daaaaaamn

  • I heard that’s what the Oregon deal was all about, uranium

  • In parts of Navajo it is very true.

  • Thx

  • Isn’t that body of water the Animas River last year, the one that got full of stuff from a mistake while cleaning up an abandoned mine but that was only orange for a week before harmlessly returning back to regular fresh water?

  • What happened to tribal sovereignty?

  • America’s continued mistreatment of the American Indian Naturals population is a national disgrace. It has never stopped. America took their land, their homes, destroyed their culture and way of life. Shame on us!!

  • The Indians need to open their mouth!!!! You can’t guilt trip people for helping Michigan because Native Americans haven’t been proactive in seeking justice. GETYOURLIFE!!!

    • It’s has been but gov choose to ignore it

    • They’ve also chose to ignore the fact that they’ve been wrongfully killing black youth but we aren’t just going to shut up about it.

    • Has anything been done about that? ?

    • There’s been more done about cops killing our youth than water that Indians are just NOW JUST complaining about. Don’t just cry; do something. Little progress is better than none. And don’t get offended because I’m right.

    • They have been “complaining” FOREVER!

      They have been “ignored” by MASSIVE “GovMENTAL ILLNE$$


      & MainSCREAM “media”

      FOREVER. Period.

    • Oh god. If you would research you would find out that they have been “complaining” forever.

    • Well this in now the time to really be heard. You can’t belittle another struggle. Strike while the IRON is hot. To mitigate another circumstance because your outcome wasn’t what you wanted is wrong. They should be looking at the Flint situation to EMPOWER THEIR PERSONAL QUALMS WITH THE GOVERNMENT!

    • Gwen we American are just getting the hard end of the stick…race plays no factor on color of green. This is called race depopulation it’s all about money and humans have no value.

    • ….ok, let me put this so you all can understand. Indian Americans can USE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD, instead of diminishing what’s happening in Flint. It’s noting racial.

      Just because your situation did not hit prime time like Flint; in no way shape or form gives the Indian Americans the right to diminish the horror in Michigan. We are ALL in the same boat with government misconduct. But don’t throw shade at the black community because we are making the government hear us. Don’t get your panties in a bunch JUST FOLLOW SUIT AND GET THE JUSTICE THAT IS DESERVED!!!! STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT!!!

      Do you understand now?

    • “The Indians”. I think you mean the NATIVE Americans.

    • I think it’s important here to recognize that, yes, absolutely, unquestionably, all people of color are touched by oppression, however, that oppression doesn’t always come in the same form, and no matter what identities you hold, we all have certain privileges that are important to recognize.

      I don’t think this is meant to throw shade, it’s more just a statement of fact, albeit one that might hold some aggression. Try and think about it like this: the only reason I knew about the water problem on the Navajo reservation before seeing it on the Internet is because my city isn’t far from the reservation, and we have a substantially large population of Navajo people that have been talking about this ever since the Flint crisis came to light. The Navajo nation has been facing this for DECADES, and there has been little to no media coverage and no government provided relief effort. Some of what happened to the Navajo water supply wasn’t just negligent, but 100% intentional. The Flint situation is fucking deplorable. So is the Navajo crisis. I honestly believe this is one of those situations where you kind of have to go “Wow both of these situations are equally terrible. When put side by side, though, Flint is currently receiving privileges that the Navajo nation is not- and has not at any point in the past 60 years.” That doesn’t mean relief effort shouldn’t be provided to Flint. It also means that ignoring the Navajo crisis isn’t acceptable. Native Americans DO speak about these injustices, but I encourage you to read some accounts of what reservation life can be like, particularly those which discuss more than physical life. It might help you to understand why we don’t hear much from Native American communities. It’s not because they’re silent.

  • This isn’t right, they should have to clean up after their done not leave it like this….. Gosh it’s us the humans that r destroy in this planet!!! So sad

  • Yup!

  • This needs fixed!!!

  • Gee Derek Martin Ken Martin Jean Felix

  • I support this message. But “cleanup” should instead be two words when used like this. I mean, do you wakeup in the mornings ? Do you sitdown on your chair ? It’s only joined if used as an adjective.

  • What a world that allows Inhumane treatment to others!

  • Don’t like

  • Thanks EPA.

  • I seen something about them trying to purify the water but No then yet and they been saying that for 20years

  • Tell that to Leonardo Dicaprio!

  • Didn’t know about it. We can’t do anything if we don’t know. People would help if they did. You can’t fault people for stuff that’s been intentionally hidden

  • I haz cheese it

  • Isn’t all of America built on tribal grounds though?

  • Karma . We Americans have a lot to answer for.

  • They can move like we did.

  • This is shameful!

  • We need to start being cry sissies like the MAN! After they took everything, nothing is enough. More more more they say ! I want it all.

  • This is sad. Really don’t think they would care anyway. Need to
    Let more people know. I’m sure there are groups that would help. I have heard bad things about that coal
    Company for years in the south.

  • Also not good. This country is too wealthy and too advanced for this crap. At the very least, no American should have to worry about clean water to drink or bathe in.

  • Tanya Hazzard Liverman

  • I have been posting about the Animas since this happened. EPA failed in many ways..
    Here is a politician with dirty hands in Uranium. It isn’t just Natives. Bundy and Hammond too with the death of Finicum. There are people who do give a damn.

  • Really – true story…

  • WoW!

  • Something needs to be done ! This is terrible. Everyone and everything needs clean water!

  • Is this any real surprise? The SQUEAKY wheel gets the grease. The others just get worn down to nothing.

  • Thanks Mark… Sharing..

  • Makes me ashamed of our government.

  • #valkilmer thunder heart

  • Not just the water…

  • The problem is that the Navajos don’t care they come onto my property cut trees poach deer and elk shoot cows and steal what ever you have in your cabin

  • If they’re not white or black.. nobody cares.. go back to whatever country you came from.


  • This is not a new issue because I read an article in Native American times several years ago about the uranium mining.

  • THIS is not OK U.S.A.!!!

  • For real. It don’t effect them till it happens to them.. Thats just sad….

  • But…. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Navajo sold the rights to mine on their lands without the express written guarantee that the land would be restored after mining was complete? I mean…. They kind of sold their own land up shit creek, so to speak

  • Thats just Disgusting: Why Would No One Take Care Of This

  • Is that last fact/point even true??

  • It’s your land why is The pipes bad. What are u guy doing with all the money u get from government

  • Scum bags

  • Or maybe non-black people of color can just bring light to their own issues?

  • Terrible !

  • This fucked up..got all 15 of the Indians left drinking shitty water smh

  • Contact rachel Maddow at msnbc. She broke the story of Flint. If people knew more they would care.

  • I’m Tim Bailey – Joliet, Illinois Ceramicist
    Please check out my Facebook page Bailey86Ceramics!


  • George Castillo

  • The noisy wheel gets the oil. There is no way on this earth that native people should be treated like this after all that was taken from them. Black people have just learned to voice our disdain for abhorrent treatment

  • Nothing is ever gonna be done about this

  • Action! Progress; wheels turning in the right direction. We are capable of becoming a civilized species. Read the news, that the World should hear about in the Posts on the Attached Page. For Transformation, *Like* & [Share] the following Page. https://www.facebook.com/SorryPlanet Awake and Marching!

  • Why is it that whenever a crisis happens someone somewhere has to say “well this is happening too” the media won’t cover every single tragedy in the us. And the flint situation isn’t getting much media coverage

  • Sick

  • The government isn’t doing anything it’s plumbers & everyday people the have plenty of casinos they can pay to fix it

  • When they start paying taxes like everyone else is when they’ll have something done about it.


  • They should just go back to America where they came fr- oh wait

  • That’s a false statement! The same ppl who care about flint cares about this! Truth be told this is the first I’ve heard of or many ppl has heard of this. Don’t fall for the old divide and conquer scam … Ppl fighting over who’s plight is worse while the same fuckers caused all this shit! Flip it up and ” Unite and Fight”!

  • I’m sure there are many people in this world that Have been focusing on many of these problems .. just that the people their self can’t do anything about it when it comes to rich powerful companies not giving a shit and where the only thing that is Ever heard is money (in greed we (but really They) trust) … God forbid if those companies should ever take responsibility in their actions.. they would lose profit <_< (humans and their money can go to hell.. but leave the earth out of it)

  • That’s why the government put them there… Duh…

  • Then we must address this issue as well

  • Well why is it not until know anybody’s hearing about it??

  • I have no words….

  • Right on, Alex Mulder Fox.

  • Indeed! My sweet heart and her children and grandchildren of Native American ancestry. I take it personal!

  • Corporations create toxic waste! If your business model doesn’t include cleaning up you should not be allowed to exist

  • Yup, and the environmental folks in New Mexico dumped mucho contaminated water out of a mine recently into the river flowing through the Native Land here” by accident ” they claim

  • I agree, something needs to be done about this.

  • Matt Dettloff I care I’d never want to drink bong water

  • Bullshit Yes .. UNITE AND FIGHT !! ❤️One L❤️ve

  • Diane Lewis Clark I saw a program about this on the history channel. The water situation is terrible out there.

  • Both are a sad reality. But why try to down play the crisis in Flint? This post would have been viewed differently had you placed the focus solely on Navajo water supply rather than trying to compare it to flint.

  • Christine P Shaw . First the land you call free is their land , only some reservations have gambling .and they don’t make much money from them . And what you call the pass is still happening . They are still having their land stolen by the government and giving to the big corporations . Most live in the worst poverty in America Same on you .You know nothing except your stupid made up un-facts inside your bubble.

  • Shocking

  • It’s because Michael Moore hasn’t done a documentary on the Navajos…

  • can not read with pop up adds

  • dont get me started on this subject – it drives me truly insane x

  • The Lakota and Navajo have suffered the most from abandoned and operating mines. Uranium, coal mostly with them. Other tribes have seen strip mining from dredges for precious metals contaminate the land.
    Radon gas leaking out to poison the people, EPA shipping contaminated water to reservations and so many atrocities that have continued to this very day.

  • So true

  • Absolutely True !!!

  • Is that why they call it “fire water” because it glows in the dark?

  • That’s messed up on so many levels !!!! Sharing on the turtle mountain Chippewa reservation straight from the heart ….god bless y’all I wish and pray tonight for the best for all you down there

  • Amrita K Bhogal

  • ☹️

  • As always the true Americans are forgotten. Come government wake up and see what is happening.

  • How do I post a “dislike”? More of the same crap coming from the days of the Anglo-settlers till today.

  • This needs to be brought to the attention of the right media!

  • Yes, that had been swept under the rug!!! Maybe it will come to light now that Michigan’s water problems have been brought out!! This is a travesty!!!

  • And so it continues…☹️

  • likes this.

  • Shameful. Why why????

  • This is SOOOO wrong!!!

  • Breaks my heart to think of how badly Native Americans have been treated when every other “minority” has done little but squawk & protest & whine.

  • People also forget that the EPA is responsible for polluting the rivers in Colorado late last year.

  • This is shameful

  • bicyclesophie

    I live in the Phoenix area, and I’m willing to do something to be useful and helpful. Please just tell me what I can do, contribute, whatever. I’m willing and able.

  • Celeste Meginheide Weninger

    Not helpful or useful, and also really, really hateful. The world is so sorry that all the suffering and need is creating stress for you and making you just so sick of hearing about it. Perhaps you have something more useful to do with your time, so perhaps now is the time to bugger off and take your snarky, selfish BS somewhere else.

  • As an American hispanic, I’m tired of how all of these coward racist liberals that hate America like Obama, Clinton, and their supporters are trying to turn this great country into a 3rd world one. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems we have right now is the media and entertainment that are always trying to tell us how to think. They have created enough imbeciles that would re-elect a failure like Obama. Even more, I’m supposed to bow down to anti-American Obama, love liberal policies no matter how destructive they are, love bigger enslaving government, and be in favor of illegal immigration because of the color of my skin… disgusting. That’s why I and others created “Chepo Team”, the first true pro-America, comic strip. Please support our cause by liking our facebook page at:www.facebook.com/chepoteam . Thank you

  • Not surprised at all.

  • just like the water in WV, where I lived for many years is poisonous from Big Coal, nothing new, just new to some people’s consciousness

    • So true. I think that’s what causes most WV cancers.

  • wow I didn’t realize the navajo had lands in colorado.

    • you should do research before you post

    • Are you talking to the idiot who chopped that pic together? I know right, why do they post so much embarrassing shit on this page? Its like they go out of their way to appeal to idiots.

    • Where did you get Colorado? The tribal lands are in New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. But this picture didn’t say anything about Colorado

    • “*sigh*” The photo, it depicts the Animas river after the EPA intentionally dumped mine tailings into it. This was done by the federal government, but the photo shamelessly places blame on “evil corporations”.

      The Animas flows from Colorado, the source of the spill into new mexico, where i’m assuming it enters Navajo lands at some point.

      The photo insinuates that “big bad evil corporations” are operating in native lands and making a big mess when in fact the federal government did this intentionally in an entirely different state. The same is true for flint michigan, in fact, the blame rests solely on the shoulders of government bureaucrats.

      I simply find it so ironic that this page intentionally spreads so much misinformation.

    • But looking at the comments I can’t say I’m surprised, so many ignorant people who cannot be bothered to do even a little research.

  • Yet they’re treated like second class citizens on there own land within there own country while their waters being poisoned. Land of the free my ass!!!

  • We have to count on our own people.

  • Abandon uranium. We need THORIUM power. The mafia in control of the uranium in distress wants to keep this from us but thorium is the future!

    • I struggle to live in Flint. While the issue is valid here I want to share this so more people can see what is being done to others.

  • “Has been under attack”
    “Aren’t required to cleanup mines”

    Sensationalist nonsense.

  • Jaime Steele

  • This makes me so angry . I haven’t seen one story about this on any new channel or any newspaper.

    • This picture is just one day apart. It’s still heart breaking

  • same assholes that own oil and gas!

  • Sounds like typical American politics to me.

  • We all need water, and all lives matter, a lot.

  • This is a travesty

  • Shame on the American government!

  • We need a total overhaul and clean up of our infrastructure. It’s just a fact for us all at this point.
    Thank goodness the internet exists, so we know all of this is happening, and we can join together to fight it!

  • Hmmmm? Why are you using pictures of my people for your ueber-leftist propaganda? We don’t want the damn murderous Muslims here either, we already had to put up with violent foreigners once before.

  • Then these companies should be forced to pay restitution to the Indian tribes affected. Any mining company should be forced to clean up their crap, including the oil companies for their fracking. garbage that they are dumping in the Great Lakes.

  • the river has been being poluted for a very long time in many towns because of this. it’s sad do everyone involved

  • Same exact thing happening for years in south Dakota

  • How long do these great nations have to wait for what is rightfully theirs ❤️

  • It’s not just them either poverty has risen and the government poisons us by wasting our money instead of protecting us

  • ssshhhh….no one needs to know.

  • I would say that it seems to me that while having Native American blood myself, I would say that all Native American lands have been granted their sovereignty, especially as it pertains to their casinos, so thus are responsible for their own water supply…. Now, if native Americans wish to be part of the greater humanity as they like to say they are in their highest moments, then I suggest they come to the bargaining table….can’t have it both ways my brothers…

    • YES. This is the truth.

    • Uh… In the past, they came to the “bargaining table” as you call it…they signed treaties. They did this after being executed, reconditioned, stripped of their ways, taken from their homes, sexually abused and forcefully indoctrinated. This abuse still goes on. We haven’t honored any of those treaties. All of us are responsible for our “own” water supply and yet we let corporations destroy our earth, air and water. If “we” can’t stop corporations how in the hell are “they” going to? We need to stand together and demand clean air and water for all of us.

    • You are so lost its incredible Michael

    • Just curious about your native side… do you actually know your own tribal history, and what happened the last time they went to the “bargaining table” or is your verbal ignorance the result of your westernization?

  • To the Gov. Lives are a commodity. 🙁

  • What about using some of their casino money to help clean up the water supply?

    • What about it? The nation’s that have the casino money are just as greed and waste filled as casinos not on reservations and not all reservations have casinos.

  • How many hundreds of years ago was that?

  • Get this info out there and jail those responsible and clean it up now!!

  • Every reservation doesn’t have a casino.

  • .

  • My great grandmother was a victim of the Trail of Tears bitch!

  • Sickening

  • The oil industry is at fault, along with Snyder, in Michigan.

  • So you are comparing the refugees to the american-indian genocide? It says a lot about the situation.

  • how sad we are at times

  • The Native Americans havs given us so much, their Art, Customs, and their Wisdom…… In Return, The Government, has given them POVERTY !

  • Fucking Money we us whit and blacks that run the country are disgusting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve never heard about the Red Lives Matter movement, either. And it’s even more odd that I’ve never heard about any riots lately involving the treatment of Native Americans, either.

    • but by God if you have a football team named after them…….

    • Betty Coan
      Its not Native Americans raising a stink..Its actually white people screaming for the name change.

  • yeah screw people in Michigan the natives american need saving form companies yet people in Michigan need saving from the Government

    • And THAT is what is really destroying our country the screw them attitude it’s only US that matter. No one matters more than the other we all matter and the only way it will be fixed is when WE all want everything fixed together.

  • Shared

  • Shameful

  • This is only the first time I’ve seen you guys talk about it…

  • Americas government don’t count Indains.Don’t be so silly.

  • Yep, yep.

  • White Media doesn’t give a Fuck

  • And they don’t even release the name of the MORONS working for the Federal Government that released that VALVE and polluted a huge river. If the employee were a minority, they’d be in jail and we would know their name. Sad.

  • Dumbest country ever… People really believe that poisoned water should get media attention or someone should do something to change it based on the skin color of the people who have been affected. NOONE should have to drink poisoned water. This country deserves a Trump presidency.

  • Nice try….that was a 100 year old mine and the spill was triggered by the EPA…

  • Kathleen Hofer Laws pretty weird isn’t it.

  • I’m sure Erin Brockovich has her finger on the pulse of that mess…but, she is only one person….support her efforts !

    • She has been pretty supportive of the tribe’s efforts and was one of the first people to jump in and try to help organize our tribal government’s response. It’s sad- but also lucky that she has the experience she does

    • She has become very powerful in her efforts….people need to rally themselves in a peaceful presentation to the government to protect the land, air and waters. They seem to be in “control” of every aspect of our lives, but, bring no effective solutions to these problems, money pours in and pours out….only we can determine our own fates from this point on…there is POWER IN THE PEOPLE if there are enough voices to make changes.

  • Clean it up America!

  • Chris Gallman exactly what i thought, peace to you my brother

  • The genocide continues, so immoral

  • but people still sau we don’t need the epa.

    • … The EPA were the ones responsible in the current case. During a “routine” check they released a valve and dumped 3 million gallons of mine waste into the Animas River

  • Leanne Deetz You need to learn some history!

  • and the tax payer is to pay the bill… BS.. let them spend the casino money on this.

  • So angry no words to describe it

  • Both are important to know about.

  • It is very true

  • So why did it take you so long to comment on this issue.

  • Disappointing..

  • Respect to the only true Americans. The Native Americans??

  • i am Muslim , Arab , and , i am a Navajo and i need only , natural , natural , clean, clean water .

  • I’m pretty sure that picture is from the river in Silverton Colorado last year. I think it was the San Juan or Animas river. Some EPA fucks were sealing up a mine or something poisoning the water. I’m not sure if it’s even usable now I don’t live in the area anymore. The Navajo rez is at least 100 miles away. Their are unsealed abandoned uranium mines all over the rez so most of their water is unusable and a lot of children are born with diformities. Some Navajos still carry their water by hand home from the trucks that bring clean water to the rez. They have requested the Federal gov seal the mines they dug for years but their cries are ignored.

  • I’m pretty sure that picture is from the river in Silverton Colorado last year. I think it was the San Juan or Animas river. Some EPA fucks were sealing up a mine or something poisoning the water. I’m not sure if it’s even usable now I don’t live in the area anymore. The Navajo rez is at least 100 miles away. Their are unsealed abandoned uranium mines all over the rez so most of their water is unusable and a lot of children are born with diformities. Some Navajos still carry their water by hand home from the trucks that bring clean water to the rez. They have requested the Federal gov seal the mines they dug for years but their cries are ignored.

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