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Police Brutality So Common, A News Crew Just Happened to Catch Brutal Arrest On Camera

Memphis, TN – Reporters with the Local 24 news crew inadvertently caught a brutal arrest on camera while working on an unrelated story at the Country Squire Apartments in Cordova. While the crew was filming for their other story, they heard sirens and noticed a man running away from police.

While he was in front of the cameras, the man dropped to the ground where he was repeatedly bludgeoned with the officer’s baton and kicked several times. After assaulting the man, the officer ordered him to put his hands behind his back. The man obeyed and the officer lifted him up from the ground by his handcuffs while having his other hand around the man’s throat. He then kicked the suspect into the back of squad car.

The film has sparked an investigation into the officer’s actions and has even drawn comments from state lawmakers.

“There’s obviously some abuse going on here, excessive force. When I’m looking at a young man that’s on the ground and supporting himself with one arm laying down, that is not a position where he’s a threat to anybody standing,” State Representative G.A. Hardaway said after watching the video.

Steve Mulroy, a former federal prosecutor and civil rights lawyer for the Department of Justice, also expressed his disgust with the incident, saying, “When the suspect was already down on the ground with his arms indicating that he was going to comply, offering no resistance and not failing to obey any commands from the officer, it was not justified for the officer to strike him with the nightstick or to kick him.”

“That’s unacceptable, completely unacceptable. It unravels every bit of goodwill that has been rolled out. Any child that sees that is going to be imprinted with it for lifetime. Any adult is going to be imprinted with it. They’re going to teach their children that this is what the police do,” he added.

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When contacted initially about the incident by reporters, the victim said that he felt that he was treated wrongly. However, now he is afraid to talk about the incident, leading many to believe that he was intimidated.

While the police department is refusing to comment on the incident, the police union has come forward and said that the victim of the attack was the suspect in a domestic violence incident where he was accused of hitting a woman and his child. Abusing children and women is unacceptable behavior, and if these allegations are true, then the suspect does deserve to have charges filed against him. However, in this incident, he clearly did not pose any threat to the arresting officer, and it is obvious that excessive force was used against him.

Memphis Police Association president Mike Williams said that this was not a case of excessive force because no one went to the hospital.

“I don’t think they took it to a point, to me, to where it was excessive because I don’t think anybody had to go to the hospital, anyone was injured. You know, I think they deployed the ASP right because you are allowed to strike people in the fatty parts of the body. But I don’t know if citizens are ready to see that, you know, because they’re like, ‘Oh, wow, they beat him,’” Williams said.

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  • Matt Savoy

    tonight at 5, police beating a man…

    • Jennifer Rivera


  • Jon Bowden

    I’ll step out on a really fat branch and speculate that I swatted an ‘officer’ a couple times with an asp, they’d have a big problem with that… and I’d be dead.

  • Guy Kelley

    He is being punished for making a officer run, which is violation of the law, causing the officer to breath hard, sweat and move beyond a sluggish walk. How dare he raise his arm in a defensive position, he deserves to be beaten, choked and kicked in the fatty parts of his body, (not to cause damage requiring hospitalization) only to remind him who is boss.

  • Edward Drew

    “Memphis Police Association president Mike Williams said I think they deployed the ASP right because you are allowed to strike people in the fatty parts of the body.”
    The fatty parts? Somebody, show me the law that allows this, PLEASE?

  • Andy Cripps

    Become a pig to legally vent your brutal nature. At least the system keeps some violent thugs off the streets…wait no it gives them false belief they can do dish out instant justice where they deem necessary with a badge to prove it. We live in a delusional society. Humans are what they are. A point exemplified perfectly in the video. The chap talking about imprinting nails it. Civilised society yeah right. Blind leading the blind. Since when does two wrongs make a right?

  • LadyMephisto

    …and these bastards wonder why people run from them?

  • Anonymiss

    Totally excessive. And to then pick him up by the handcuffs and kick him into the car.

  • Dennis

    I disagree with the union representative. If the person is not resisting and obeying commands then the police have no more right to strike him than he has to strike the police.

  • Barbara Simon


  • Barbara Simon

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  • Cam Alft

    ALL COPS ARE CRIMINALS…EVERY LAST ONE PEOPLE!wake up and smell the coffee!

  • Paul Law

    Now that they say this shit is acceptable, then it is time to start killing all the pigs in America. How can anyone live in the U.S. It is nothing but a fucking police state. No other Country in the world is as corrupt and abusive as the police state of America.

  • Mic Will

    Hi my name is Erica and I want everybody to please read this comment very carefully I’m so sad I don’t feel pennsylvania I’m a victim of a sexual assault with a detective who became a sex with me throughout months I repeatedly told the police department I even have him on tape he was sexually harassing me and I told the police department the police department apologize for it and told me they were going to remove him off my case and give me someone else they never did they kept him on the case which is illegal because he was under investigation by law anytime you have a police officer whose under investigation they are technically supposed to remove that person and assign you to a new detective because he’s on there vestigation the police department didn’t do anything for 6 months I have the first investigation done by internal affairs it was done properly it was found true for after that I reported him constantly coming to the house with other police departments that don’t even belong in my area have nothing to do with me he admitted in court then after the sexual assault when I came home he actually arrested me he called the Da until the day that I saw her with a gun they still can’t find a gun they have no record of me purchasing a weapon at all the judge all the cases that were seen before my case was called they found those cases not guilty when my case was called I was found guilty this is only a courtroom that deals with only police cases police officers or detectives or anything all the side of my case was found guilty never going to sentence me seven years to prison for something they couldn’t prove I said time survey said in jail for over 30 days the DA’s office ask you to provide the recording of him saying that I was making these crimes in these threats yesterday they can’t prove it now the Appeals unit has my case and its been two years since they have my case I’m asking everybody there watching these videos I have videos on Facebook if you want to share my story I have more details I was falsely arrested not just raped by a detective who the recording captures every piece of it before it even happened no one listen to me and I started recording can you believe that now internal affairs wants to feel some type of way about me recording people and not telling them why would I tell him I was recording him so that he can kill me and come up with some type of excuse I needed to get home on tape are you going to ask him I asked him I’m sorry I am I have him on tape accidently to watch his boxers asking me do I like roses while he’s married when we went to court he made up this whole story we’re looking at him he took the stand twice that was his biggest mistake he took the stand twice and I never took this that the judge refused to even let my witnesses testify or my good characters it was like my rights were completely vowel in it and now I’m reaching out to the state general the Commissioner’s department the Attorney General I 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