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NY Governor Issues Warning – 65,000% Spike In Radioactivity Found After Water Leak at Nuclear Plant

Indian Point, NY — (RT) In an “unacceptable” groundwater leak at the Indian Point nuclear power plant, three monitoring wells were discovered to contain “alarming levels of radioactivity,” the Governor of New York said, ordering an immediate environmental probe into the issue.

Health and environment commissioners were ordered by Governor Andrew Cuomo to begin an investigation into the leak of “radioactive tritium-contaminated water” at the Indian Point nuclear power plant after the operator, Entergy Nuclear Operations, raised the alarm.

One of the three wells in question, according to Cuomo’s statement, had “radioactivity increasing nearly 65,000 percent,”while in total the company reported “alarming levels of radioactivity” at three monitoring wells.

The cause of the contamination is unknown. The contamination has reportedly not spread off-site and does not pose an immediate threat to public health, according to the operator. Yet Cuomo noted that his first concern is for the “health and safety of the residents close to the facility.”

The Governor also stressed that authorities must ensure that the“groundwater leak does not pose a threat,” calling the “latest failure”at Indian Point “unacceptable.”

He tasked Department of Environmental Conservation’s acting commissioner, Basil Seggos, and the Health Department commissioner, Howard Zucker to “employ all available measures, including working with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, to determine the extent of the release, its likely duration, cause and potential impacts to the environment and public health.”

The Indian Point nuclear power plant, 25 miles north of New York City, is located in Buchanan and sits on the east bank of the Hudson River. It supplies about 30 percent of the energy to New York City. The site includes two operating Westinghouse pressurized water reactors – Indian Point 2 and Indian Point 3. The plant also has the permanently shut-down Indian Point 1 unit reactor.

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Cuomo has been pushing to close the Indian Point facility for several years, arguing it is not possible to safely operate a reactor so close to the nation’s largest metropolitan area. Some 20 million residents live within 50 miles of the plant.

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  • Ain’t that Karma a bitch! ‘Indian’ point. Looks like they are making it now.

  • Since this is so close to Manhattan, thus Wall Street, will this be addressed swiftly? Or is this about to be brushed under the already crowded rug?

  • Sousan Hammad. This is about 25 miles from the big apple.

  • Ohh god, just like Flint water, another white radicals need help

  • FFS, that makes nr 3 : california radon in the gas-leak, fukushima leaking tons of contaminated water into the ocean for 5 years and US scientists scratching they heads where all the dead sealife keeps coming from,and now new york groundwater contaminated…GG guys.and these are the same “mega-cities” you’re herding people into by closing the wallmarts in rural areas,just as they had firmly established a monopoly and driven all competition out of business.putting the D in depopulation.

    • You should see how much worse coal power plants are polluting.

    • There is no detectable radiation increase in the ocean from Fukushima. The caesium is at homeopathic levels

    • ^ bullshit

  • Wow

  • Scare tactic. Lie.

  • Expect some treasonous laws to be passed while this is playing out

  • I used to support nuclear power in light of global climate change , but over the past year I have changed my mind . The risks are way too high and vastly under reported . The cost of renewables has plummeted , while nuclear energy still needs huge subsidies to exist at all . Let this dangerous industry fade into history as the failed experiment it is , and invest in solar , wind and all the other clean safe alternatives .

    • don’t believe the anti-propaganda david.
      getting out of bed is more dangerous then nuclear reactors …

    • Check out thorium Reactors. The future of nuclear energy.

    • Yeah, Thorium is the way to go.

    • The nuclear industry is one of the largest producers of unregulated cfc’s in the world , they don’t even have to report it . Plus , the effects of low level radiation are increasingly showing toxicity at lower and lower levels .

    • Valid considering most individual professionals who say they are concerned about non renewables and genuine climate issues only seem to say “pass more laws, I won’t do anything about it.”

    • Nuclear fusion energy is the future.

  • After that last paragraph, I’m thinking sabotage maybe? I know nothing about the politics in that area, but I think he has found a way to possibly shut them down…

  • Planet is dead and dying, thanks to GREED


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  • not really a problem.
    we can handle a hell of a lot of radiation people.
    just ask the people who worked in the sarcophagus at chernobyl.

  • I dont see a problem,radiation = dinosores = more meat = food problem solved

  • Nothing to see here. Move along….

  • So we add nuclear engineering to the list of things you don’t understand

  • If only us Upstaters could get so lucky to be rid of the city….make Upstate great again separate us from NYC!!!

  • Here we go again. How long will it take for the GOP to start blaming this one on Obama?

  • who’s going to prison over this… you know, like the Hammonds…

  • Bob K.

  • Jammie

  • I hope it’s not true because that sounds terrible!

  • yep. we are out of our minds to let this happen.

  • Robert Horneman

  • The methane smoke likage in for California for over a decade now… Nobody is complaining about that but they will be quick to detect or people’s issues and and impose their useless sanction.

  • Go watch Pandora’s Promise, It was on Netflix last I checked, The Free Thought Project.com.

  • There it is ladies and gentlemen. Could this cause a genocide? Would the CEO of that power company be to blame? Will i get contaminated by this shit? Tune in.

  • Time to shut it down. It should have already happened, but it especially needs to happen, now.

  • when was this??

  • And it’s built on a fault line near the ocean!

  • Trust me… I know…

  • Dont go to new york haha dont take us down no please its dangerous over here. Psshhh even if why not move to a different country.

  • sounds like three mile island all over.

  • So fear mongering is ok when you do it?