New York, NY — Former NYPD sergeant Michael Iscenko is facing charges of third-degree sex abuse, after he was accused of flinging his semen at a female co-worker. Not only has the victim come forward to testify against Iscenko, but there is also video and DNA evidence against him, proving that he is guilty of the crime.

The footage that has surfaced since the event shows the former officer sneaking up behind an office worker in the NYPD building, and launching some type of liquid substance onto her leg before running out of the office.

On the stand, the victim told the jury that, “I turned back because I felt someone behind me and when I turned back, Michael, he was behind me.”

“I saw Mike behind me and told him, ‘Ewww! Why did you do that?’ in disgust, and he just looked at me and walked to his office,” she said.

The victim also reported that Iscenko had sexually harassed her on multiple other occasions.


Assistant District Attorney Emily Ching said in court that the victim reported ongoing sexual advances and comments from Iscenko throughout their work relationship.

Ching told jurors that the officer “demonstrated that he was gratifying his own sexual desire” when he forced his bodily fluids onto her.

The harassment was corroborated by another NYPD employee who told NY Daily News that he “was apparently so enamored by her that he threw semen on her.”

According to the woman’s attorneys, the substance was tested in a lab, which showed that it did, in fact, belong to Iscenko. However, Iscenko’s attorney has contested the results of the tests, and is insisting that the substance was in fact saliva, and not semen. The defense has argued that the tests only prove that some type of substance came from Iscenko, but not what type of bodily fluid it actually was.

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“You will hear the experts disagree about whether the material was semen or saliva,” defense attorney Michael Horn argued.

“Something landed on [the victim’s] leg. To put it in New York terms, was it schmutz or was it semen?” he said.

Defense attorney Ching argued that “there is no other substance this can be other than seminal fluid.”

Horn was also extremely aggressive in his cross-examination of the victim, accusing her of fabricating the charges against the officer so she could gain a financial settlement.

Matthew Weinick, another lawyer for the defense also went on the attack, blaming the victim and making accusations of ulterior motives.

“The allegations are just so outrageous and extreme and the department deviated so much from typical police procedures that it didn’t appear they were operating in good faith and there was an ulterior motive,” Weinick said.

After Iscenko was fired, he sued the police department for discrimination, claiming that he was fired because he was white, not because of his sexual assault charges. However, the lawsuit was quickly dismissed by Manhattan Federal Judge Lorna Schofield, who said that Iscenko’s claims did not “plausibly” suggest discrimination.

The police decided to quiet the story down by paying the victim a $147,250 settlement.

Iscenko is hoping that a new DNA test of the substance will exonerate him, but even if the tests do show that the substance was semen, he is only facing a maximum of three months in jail.

If this is the way that some officers will treat their co-workers, it is scary to imagine the lack of respect that they will have for people that they encounter on the street.

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  • Jenna

    The harassment was corroborated by another NYPD employee who told NY Daily News that he “was apparently so enamored by her that he threw semen on her.”

    Yeah, that’s not how that works. Sexual harassment/abuse is about anger and domination, not affection or admiration! If he was genuinely and legitimately “enamored” with her, he would have respected her right to say no to him and dealt with the rejection like an adult.

  • tom browne

    this perv story is beyond the pale. but typical.

  • Yo Siempre

    So, he gets a settlement and she gets nothing?!? WTF! And he only gets three months?, is that what women can expect of the judicial system? No wonder so me women prefer not to go through this pain, it is really not worth it,
    Somehow this makes me think of that movie with Sally Fields, the one were she tricks her daughter’s killer and shots him..

    • Jenna

      Eye for an Eye?

    • crazytrain2

      I think she got the settlement, at least I hope she is the one that got money. And unless she reported the sexual advances in the past, I am not sure why the city would pay her for what he did. And he was fired because he was white! What a fucking asshole.

  • crazytrain2

    This is unprecedented, yet the article acts as if all cops just walk around flinging semen, and then we all laugh as we wipe the semen from our faces and say “oh damn, you got me. That was a good one. Ha ha lol.”