NYPD Cop Loses It In Road Rage Incident — Pulls Gun on Cyclists, Causing School to be Locked Down

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Manhattan, NY — An entire New York block was shut down and a school put on lockdown after an NYPD cop pulled his gun out on a group of bikers in a fit of road rage. The interaction was caught on camera as the raging officer threatened the lives of multiple people.

“How are you going to pull a gun out in the middle of the street?” a bike messenger demands in the video.

The driver, an off-duty sergeant with the NYPD, claimed the bike messenger, DeJaune Jones, ‘smacked’ the window of his car. But as the group of bikers explained it, the cop veered into the bike lane, narrowly missing Jones.

Rather than chalking the near miss up to an accidental close call, the arrogant cop exited his vehicle in the middle of traffic on Greenwich Avenue — gun in hand.

A group of bike messengers captured the frightening, needless confrontation on video.

“You going to shoot him? He has no weapon!” one of the cyclists implores the officer.

“He did not even say he was a cop,” one messenger told local station WABC. “Literally got out of the car with his weapon drawn.”

Video shows the group repeatedly demanding to see the officer’s badge, but the hot-headed cop never complied.

“We kept asking him, identify yourself. He just wouldn’t,” said a friend of the messenger at the center of the dispute.

As the incident unfolded in broad daylight, causing a traffic snarl, reports of a crazed gunman began pouring into the NYPD dispatch center — and considering the timing after the attack in Orlando, a local elementary school was put on lockdown in an abundance of caution.

An off-duty sergeant irresponsibly and unjustifiably drawing his firearm on an unarmed group of bike messengers might seem crazy enough, but what happened next defies logic.

When additional police officers and nearby firefighters arrived on scene, they allowed the dangerous off-duty cop to simply leave the scene — and instead, arrested the bike messenger.

Authorities claimed the cyclist had ‘lunged’ at the sergeant with an 8-inch ice pick — though no such weapon appeared in video footage, nor was one recovered at the scene.

Officials suspiciously insist one of the other bikers left the area with the ice pick in question.

Nevertheless, Jones has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal mischief, menacing, and harassment — charges which would be more fitting for the unhinged cop who endangered the entire area by pulling out his gun because he couldn’t control his anger.

The off-duty sergeant has not yet been identified, and it seems all-too likely now — despite vague reports the department will ‘review’ the video — he won’t face any disciplinary action for inexplicably wielding a gun or failing to identify himself as a police officer.

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