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Cops Who Stalked and Severely Beat Innocent Postal Worker, On Video, Cleared of Charges

New York, NY — A dangerous precedent has been set in New York this week after two NYPD officers who stalked and beat an innocent postal worker — to the point of hospitalization, leaving him disabled — were let off with zero consequences.

Angelo Pampena, 32, and Robert Carbone, 30, faced up to seven years in prison on charges that they violently assaulted postal worker Karim Baker on Oct. 21, 2015. On Thursday, Queens Supreme Court Justice Michael Aloise cleared both of these cops — in spite of the overwhelming evidence against them — including video. Both of their cases were sealed and dismissed.

Baker had done nothing wrong and was being actively stalked by multiple NYPD cops for simply giving a man, who he did not know, directions.

On Dec. 20, 2014, a deranged lunatic would ask Baker for directions to the Marcy Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Baker did not know this lunatic and had no idea of his intentions. However, he was seen on video giving him those directions. That demented madman was Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who went on to murder two NYPD cops in cold blood — Officers Rafael Ramos, 40, and Wenjian Liu, 32 — before killing himself.

For the next ten months, NYPD officers allegedly set out to make Baker’s life a living hell after they found out he gave Brinsley those directions. Baker was stopped around 20 times by NYPD cops, before the final stop, in which they nearly killed him.

“I was being harassed, like cops outside by door and my family members’ doors, friends’ doors, just everybody. I felt just some type of way,” Baker said last year of the stalking.

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“Mr. Baker began to be systematically harassed. He was pulled over by the police for various minor traffic infractions approximately 20 times in the span of nine months,” said Eric Subin, Baker’s attorney.

This final stop was caught on video.

On that fateful October night in 2015, Baker had just finished his shift when officers Pampena and Carbone moved in. Still in his uniform, the officers rolled up on Baker and began demanding he show them his ID. Baker, knowing he had done nothing wrong, refused to give his ID unless the officers could tell him why they needed it.

According to Subin, the officers claimed Baker was too close to a fire hydrant and then they began their attack. According to Subin, Baker, and surveillance footage of the incident, Pampena and Carbone, who were in plainclothes at the time, began striking Baker in the face and body multiple times before dragging him out of the car where they continued to beat him.

“He was a mess,” Subin said. “He got the hell beaten out of him.”

Baker suffered bruises to his face, tears to ligaments in his knees, and injuries to his spine and has been unable to return to work as a result of these injuries.

Baker was then arrested and charged with resisting arrest and criminal possession of a controlled substance. All charges would later be dismissed as they were baseless.

“We are gratified by the judge’s decision,” Pampena’s attorney, James Moschella, said of Thursday’s ruling. “These officers went out there in good faith and we feel the verdict is not only a vindication of their acts, but the brave actions of all New York City police officers day in and day out.”

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“From the beginning, this appeared to be an overzealous prosecution not supported by the facts, so I appreciate the verdict,” Palladino said.

“I took the stand against the officers. I’m definitely worried. I still don’t feel comfortable,” said Baker of the verdict. “I feel I have to watch over my shoulder, watch my back. I just don’t feel secure. I’m just living life like under a rock, trying to be safe and secure.”

“It is pretty outrageous,” Subin said. “This beating is caught on video. There’s audio. The audio has him begging for his life and screaming for help. To have a complete acquittal, even of perjury, it just seems to me to be outrageous. It’s a bad day for victims, for justice.”

Baker is currently suing the NYPD for $100 million.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. , Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • Hubert Harrison

    “Demented mad man” and “deranged lunatic” really? Did you read the cop killer psychological evaluation to diagnose this man as havung mental problems? You didn’t. Is it that scary to fathom that the cop killer was mentally sane and rational? Stop pushing stupidity.

  • Zackknowitall

    What if ppl started killing the cops, judges and juriors that let cops get away with this things? Do you think this would stop?

    • Glenn McBride

      It would only make things worse. While we are making great strides in awakening the people, we still have much more work to do. Please bear in mind that our Founding Fathers lobbied and colonists for literally *decades* before enough support for freedom was established.

      • Butch Taylor

        That not true Glenn. The founding fathers took action and fought back.

        • stk33

          Problem is, right now there’s no as much difference between “us” and “them” as it was with founding fathers. It would be tough to identify who exactly the enemy is. “We met the enemy, and he is us”.

  • Liz O’neill

    America needs vigilantes, they should hand out the punishments and the justice that the courts refuse to hand out, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. the punishments should be extended to the judges as well. when these cops and corrupt judges get a fitting punishment, then the people of America will be much safer.

    • Hugh Culliton

      Be careful what you wish for: you can’t turn vigilantes ‘on’ and ‘off’ like a tap, nor can you exercise close control over them. They might very well become more of a danger than the original problem.

      • Brett Rapley

        I actually agree with Liz’s point of view. No cop has the right to get away with this sort of bull shit and you know it. It will happen, eventually, and all of America will wonder WHY !

        • Hugh Culliton

          I agree that no officer should get away with such crimes. I don’t believe that vigilantes are the best solution…unless: a local volunteer police force structured similarly to volunteer fire departments.

    • David Rivers

      im all for it. i wish i was anywhere near NY


    If they beat up a postal worker, isn’t that a federal crime, hmmmm. How can they justify anything they did to this guy?

    • Glenn McBride

      Good question. Where is the AFGE union on this?

    • stk33

      How they justify – easily. They approached him because he was parked near hydrant. That was in fact not so, but if they say they truly believed that it was, you can’t disprove them – they are entitled to make mistakes like everyone else. Then they say they smelled a pot. This was also not so, but if they say they smelled it, again you can’t prove they did not, it’s subjective. They asked him for DL for the alleged violation, and he refused to produce it and demanded a reason why he was stopped. By law the cops are not obligated to do that (they must have the reason, but not necessarily to share it with the suspect). The cops insisted, he still refused, they escalated.

      Even more convincing justification probably was the courtroom packed with police officers, which was a clear message to the judge that if the verdict is not what they expect, he and his family may easily share the sad fate of the postal worker.

  • Hugh Culliton

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    • Glenn McBride


    • stk33

      Couple of dozen cops in the courtroom. Custodivit him very efficiently, apparently.

      • Hugh Culliton

        LOL – not quite the supervision we need!

  • James Williams
  • Wendy Colby

    When the prosecution and judges are on the same team as the police of course police will get away with murder and anything else.

    • stk33

      You sure it would be any different with the jury? Cicinelli and Ramos who beat Kelly Thomas to death, were acquitted by the jury. Lisa Mearkle who shot to death demonstrably unarmed David Kassik, was acquitted by the jury.

  • Tony Velez

    judge on this case just proved there is no justice for the wrongly accused, would be nice if the judge & the POS punk cops were lobotomized

  • Hugh Culliton

    I just can’t understand the logic the police use in order to see Baker as anything other than a fortunate witness to a crime: Baker was the last person who Brinsley was in contact with before he killed those cops. How do you get from: it’s fortunate Baker wasn’t killed by Brinsley – to: Baker was somehow Brinsley’s accomplice in the murder of police officers? This is a serious question: how?

    • stk33

      Eye for an eye. Don’t need much logic.

  • Brett Rapley

    Seriously, 9 fucking asshole cops to subdue one man, specially as he had done nothing wrong. You know what, America if fucked up, big time. One day it will all come back on you wanker cops and god help you when it does. This was a set up, no sooner had the guy been dropped off when these toolsacks pounced, and they get way with it. Don’t talk shit that they were vindicated in doing their duty, because it’s a fucking lie.