With acute deterioration in public support and vociferous backlash against the State’s already-failed war on drugs, police departments nationwide should have grasped by now the perils of boasting about drug raids on social media — particularly when the booty consists solely of cannabis and cash.

Two NYPD cops from Queens, stern-faced before an insignificant seizure of weed in a post to Twitter, thus, are either obstinate braggarts, or hapless gluttons for punishment — and the Internet responded accordingly.

Officers Sardone and Winter of the 106th Precinct in Ozone Park stand in front of a table displaying a few dozen gram bags of pot, two machetes, and (perhaps as a cautionary tale) one can of Monster Energy drink, seem to appear concerned for the citizens they heroically rescued from, well, some weed dealer.

“One less marijuana dealer on our streets thanks to Officers Sardone and Winter,” reads the caption accompanying an equally clinical picture, posted from the official Twitter account of the New York Police Department’s 106th Precinct.

Not interested in letting the iconic dimebag bust image sink to the Internet’s dusty corners, or perhaps in the interest of increasing traffic to the precinct’s site, the pair of hero cops proceeded to tweet new versions shortly after the original first appeared.


Although the posts indeed received a smattering of neutral support, Twitter otherwise annihilated the bust as one farcical example of many throughout the duration of the wholly illogical and anachronistic war on drugs.

Volumes of research and findings from myriad scientific studies tout the healing and curative properties of cannabis and its derivatives, like cannabidiol (CBD) oil — yet, the DEA and Federal Government have remained bullheaded, failing to reschedule cannabis from its classification as a dangerous substance devoid of any potential medical use.

But that cult of a fervent few dedicated to destroying weed’s well-established counterculture acceptability has been backfiring in the current context of reputable medical research and loosening of state marijuana laws.

Fully 88 percent of people in the U.S. agree medical cannabis use should be legal, while 61 percent say, when it comes to recreational use, ‘legalize’ — the highest percentage of legalization supporters ever recorded by CBS News for that poll.

Almost needless to say, that the pair of chest-puffing NYPD cops stood victorious over a few dozen grams of pot, two knives, and an energy drink, became an instant Internet goldmine — the keenest of which noted the drug war’s astonishing hypocrisy, summarized in this highly-polished yet substantively flat reminder it’s altogether illogical to continue the war on drugs.

Following are just a few examples of many in which Twitter users deflated unnecessarily large egos, while educating law enforcement about the pitfalls of enforcing unjust laws.


Claire Bernish began writing as an independent, investigative journalist in 2015, with works published and republished around the world. Not one to hold back, Claire’s particular areas of interest include U.S. foreign policy, analysis of international affairs, and everything pertaining to transparency and thwarting censorship. To keep up with the latest uncensored news, follow her on Facebook or Twitter: @Subversive_Pen.
  • Amor Terra

    Good gawd. If these idiots have time to “bust” someone for what appears to be 3 or four ounces of marijuana, AND take pictures of it, AND brag about it, in addition to their usual duty of shaking down innocent citizens for NOTHING, there are too damn many of them. How about fighting some real crime (you know, the kind that HURTS someone else), nimrods?

    • LOL American police are revenue collectors not crime fighters…………

      • GFinker2~^~

        So true

  • channa

    Plus they caught them with an energy drink! Why is no one talking about that? It’s right there in the photo with the weed and the machetes.

  • Democratus

    … about 70 bags @ $50 / bag = $3,500. Everybody gets a bag.

  • 174thandvyse

    These pigs — oops! I meant, ah, “cops” — no, actually I MEANT PIGS — are “proud” of what they did! As I always thought, cops are simple-minded fools!

    • Lacey Sheridan

      The truth is, we’re the fools. Cops are required to enforce the laws as written. If we the people don’t like the laws, we must vote to change them. The cops can’t unilaterally negate what’s on the books.

      • 174thandvyse

        Are they “required”? Are they REALLY? Most cops — especially the weak ones — are quite hungry to bust people for possessing the TRUE God’s gift to mankind, Herb. That way, they can get credit for “good police work” and they don’t hafta work hard, or risk their lives. I remember in the WONDERFUL 1970s, the cops usually just took the reefer away from you, but nowadays they are promised “incentives” to make as many “drug” arrests as possible. Not only that but these stupid pigs grew up during those Reagan “Just Say No” days, when their minds were TWISTED by all that Anti-Marijuana NONSENSE. They don’t realize how much better things were in the Seventies, when Marijuana was EVERYWHERE, and the Prohibitionists were nice and DOCILE, just the way we like them!

        • Di

          they are given incentives to arrest because it pads the pockets of those who are running the prisons who profit from slave labor

      • Thebob

        Actually it is up to the Cops who take an Oath to Defend the Constitution…Unjust Laws are pretty simple to point out…Cops today do not Protect and Serve, they are immune by stupidity ignorance of the Law, only class that applies to, unless you are Hillary Clinton. Do I think we need Cops yes, just not in the Role and Capacity they have moved to, which is a Militant Arm of the Gov’t…PD’s are also Unconstitutional they are not elected nor governed by the People…Sheriff Depts are legal and Constitutional…The Federal Gov’t isn’t allowed a Law Enforcement Arm either Constitutionally speaking FBI, DEA, ATF all Unconstitutional departments…And when Pot is put to a Vote from the People overwhelmingly it passes, but Pot and hard drugs are Not truly illegal, they are Regulated, by the Drug Control Act, which gives the DEA/FDA Regulatory Power over these substances…I can’t stand a world or country where you are free to murder your unborn kids, yet it isn’t acceptable to ingest a substance that is natural and God given…

        Why don’t we address the root causes of the damage done to our society, like Big Pharma pushing toxic chemicals on the populace…Fluoride in our water which is TOXIC, our TOXIC food that isn’t even real food…

      • Di

        you might want to wrap your head around independent news regarding european countries who now classify the USA as a police state

        • Lacey Sheridan

          Silliness. Anyone who would refer to the US as a police state has clearly never been in one.

  • IceTrey

    Thank God they have caught all the murderers and rapists or they wouldn’t have time for this.

  • Gordon Klock

    Finally! Some badly needed protection, from all those marijuana addled, “monster” drink swilling, machete waving, maniacs, out there, plotting to strip the lanolin, from my spinal chord, as tiny robots try to transform it, into a short wave radio…

  • Lacey Sheridan

    This is something to brag about?!? People are committing actual crimes in this city- you know, the kind where people get hurt.

    • GFinker2~^~

      They could care less. They are not here to help people. Never forget that. Their sole purpose is to generate income. That’s it. Bunch of useless bums. Majority of which were probably picked on in grade school and have something to prove.

      • Lacey Sheridan

        That’s silly. The police have helped me numerous times over the years, snd I’m not alone. I certainly wasn’t blaming the officers, just the nincompoops who this as a photo op.

  • Boogereater

    so they got about 800 bucks of weed off the street!?!! stupid

  • 174thandvyse

    Alright, let’s break down your, ah, “analysis”, line by line…


    “Hi, for you to have such a psychotic hatred of Law Enforcement most psychiatrists would conclude you have an extremely guilty conscience”.


    Congratulations! You’ve just revealed yourself as a “conservative”, because it is so-called “conservatives”, not “psychiatrists”, who come out with that. That was your first error.


    “I am a Law Enforcement Officer but I am Australian (are you aware where it is?)”.


    Apparently, you believe that I am uneducated, and that was error no. 2.


    “We rarely encounter psychological science as it is occurring as we have in you. I am still studying criminology, criminal justice systems, psychology & further branch’s of psychiatry”


    Who is “we”, hmm? You and your other cop buddies? I don’t hafta “consult” with other “doctors” to see right through your, ah, “observation”. You see, you, and other cops become very brainwashed by those “Police Academies” where they fill your mind with THEIR idea of “psychology”.


    “I stumbled on you through a troubled young felon who asked me to analyse his writings. He was addicted to illegal drugs but I felt we could help him. He was coming along nicely & gradually got off the drugs. He salvaged much of his life & for almost 8 months regained some self-esteem. It was amazing to see what the drugs had concealed. He lost his hatred of those he envied due to their lack of what was eating him up. Or so it seemed. Then I received a call to tell me he had self-harmed & was deceased”.


    Sorry to disappoint you, but that is not the case with me at all. This poor boy that you encountered sounds like somebody that has absolutely no self-control, and probably would become one of those robotic “born-again”, ah, you should excuse the expression, “christians”. Very sad that his demons got the better of him. Thankfully, I happen to be an extremely strong-willed individual who doesn’t have addiction problems. That’s the trouble with you so-called “conservatives” — you ACTUALLY believe that anyone who smokes Herb “MUST” have a drug-problem. You probably couldn’t even conceive of a strong-willed Herb-smoker, now could you?!! That too, is your weakness.


    “He had hated P.O’s with a vengeance for no reason other than they saw him vulnerable & pitiful”.


    And you must believe that I hate them for the same reason! As the late, great John McLaughlin, of the “McLaughlin Group” (a political talk show) would say, “Wrong”!!! I hate them because they are bullies. Since I was bullied when I was a kid, I have absolutely NO tolerance for bullying. I don’t like their “macho” attitude, it really stinks. Nobody is impressed with it. I don’t like the idea of this War on the American People — oops! I meant the War on, ahem, “Drugs” — which allows cops…indeed, it incentivizes them…to arrest low-lever drug users, ruining their lives (that way, the cops don’t hafta go after real, violent criminals…they “protect and serve” themselves). Oh, and by the way, you heard me right…the WAR on Drugs is FAR more destructive to people’s lives than the drugs themselves, especially Marijuana, which has been PROVEN to be harmless. Guys like you refuse to accept that, but you will be forced to do so because Legalization is coming to a town near you! And, thirdly, I and many others, view the police as an Occupying Force, and that will never change until the cops change their behavior, and start showing respect to everybody, no matter how much the cops may dislike a certain type of person. Prejudice should have absolutely NO place on the Police Force.


    “Fear of being alone, becoming old alone –then dying alone. No one was ever there for them nor cared if they never saw them”.

    That’s quite true, but, with the fear of getting old, and dying alone, do we need to have a fear of the police as well? Check this out…Prohibition never works…it never has, and it never will. Time to try something else…like LEGALIZATION. If you people won’t, my people will…State by State…it’s happening right before your eyes!

    • Thebob

      Agreeing with you is kinda strange…Nice post BTW…

      • 174thandvyse

        Thank you.

  • GFinker2~^~

    These bottom feeding clowns have nothing better to do. All they’re good for is generating money for the system they blindly serve. Don’t know how these dirt-bags look themselves in the mirror each night. The problem is, we have way too many cops mooching off tax-payers. If we could only cut the numbers by half then maybe we’d scare some of these lowest common denominators into actually doing some good in the world, for a change. NEVER there when you need them, always there when you don’t! Also, NEVER trust a cop!

  • GFinker2~^~

    Boot licking is real!