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VIDEO: He “Died Wagging His Tail” — NYPD Cop Kills Family Pet in Cold Blood as Child Watches

New York, NY — Excited by activity outside the apartment, Spike rushed out, wagging his tail eagerly to greet whoever stood on the other side of the door — and was promptly executed by an NYPD officer wielding his gun.

Graphic video of the February 13th slaughter of Yvonne Rosado’s beloved pit bull has now been released — and it is nothing short of outrageous.

“He was a big Snuffleupagus — a gentle giant,” Rosado described Spike to the New York Daily News. “He was a member of the family … He would wag his tail, letting everyone know he was friendly.”

Immediately before the inexplicable shooting, Rosado had been dancing with her dog — a weekly ritual in which Spike stood on his hind legs so she could hold his paws.

“He’s right there when the music’s about to start,” Rosado explained. “I dance around with him and I spin him with one paw.”

NYPD was responding to a call from a neighbor over a person in possible violation of an order of protection — though the person in question had left the apartment building by the time the cops arrived. Their presence in the hall, where they were speaking to 16-year-old neighbor, Serena Santiago, piqued Spike’s interest, and he began to bark. Rosado opened the door to investigate, and the happy pooch rushed out.

But Spike, as seen in the video, clearly wasn’t aggressive, wasn’t acting viciously to protect his owner, and didn’t try to attack the officer in any way. In fact, the cop fires his gun at the dog’s head from around three feet away.

“Spike died wagging his tail,” Irma Sue Santiago, Serena’s mother, told the Daily News. “What if he had missed the dog and shot my daughter?” She added her daughter had been “traumatized” by the shooting and has since had to seek psychiatric help in coping with what she witnessed.

Immediately after the shooting, Rosado — clearly stricken with grief and wearing only undergarments — rushes out, slipping on Spike’s blood, and runs down a small flight of stairs to confront the cowardly cop. After lashing out in anger, Rosado is then forced to the ground by several officers with batons.

Rosado said no explanation has ever been offered nor an apology given by the NYPD for the murder of her pet.

An unnamed source cited by the Daily News identified the officer as Ruben Cuesta, who has been with the NYPD since 2008, though that information has not been verified. He reportedly went to the hospital complaining of tinnitus after the shooting in the enclosed hallway.

A police spokesperson offered only a canned response to questions about the puppycide, stating, “The incident is being reviewed by our Force Investigation Division and the findings will be subject to a firearms discharge review board.”

Rosado filed notice of a potential lawsuit against the city and “was also planning to file a grievance against the officers with the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board.”

NYPD policy states officers are permitted to shoot animals “only to defend themselves or others from threats of physical injury, or death.” Footage shows nothing of the kind from the friendly, tail-wagging Spike.

Incredibly, Rosado told the Daily News she had previously lost a second pet to NYPD violence around six years ago. Officers searching for someone in her old apartment in the Bronx broke the neck of her legless cat, Bebe.


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  • Brian Hogge


  • Mike Walker

    Fucking Coward Pussy! I hope this cop gets slaughtered and gutted. If this was my dog, that cop would have his own gun up his ass and I would empty the clip, for this POS cop does not deserve to breathe anymore!!!! Please kill this cop before he kills again!!!!!

    • Dan Hall

      LOL if this cop killed your dog, you would probably be sitting there crying just like this women did. Look man, I love my dog just as much as anyone on here does, but to talk about taking the life of a person, over the death of an animal is beyond comprehension. And if you seriously feel that way, then it is you sir who is not fit to live in society, and you are the problem with society, and I hope someone takes you out, before you take someone out who doesn’t deserve it.

      • Jason Taylor

        Would you use that same argument if it were a canine cop?? Because I believe if you kill a canine cop the charges are the same if you kill a human cop…

      • Mike Walker

        I would kill 100 people and walk over their dead bodies to save my dogs.

      • Andrew k

        Humans are animals too retard. He deserves to die. It was a friendly dog, and he was a coward ass pussy bitch who definately can’t handle police duties. Go fuck yourself

    • Walter Woods-Woody

      Sry, but i’ts not called a clip.

      • Mike Walker

        These words you speak are true. My bad, I would empty the magazine.

  • John Wright

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    • John Hagen

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  • Freethinker

    Totally avoidable. Another case of poorly trained and screened officers. This guy should not be on the force. He’s a danger to himself and the public.

    • Rick White

      Please stop making excuses for folk who are attempting to splinter society as requisite for looting finite resource.

  • Chaz Coats-Butcher

    WTF??? Like seriously, WTF??? What kind of low life scum bag does something like this??? This guy is a fucking menace to society. Take away this sociopaths badge and gun license IMMEDIATELY!!!

    • Kelli Roberts

      Every 27 minutes in America. The term is ‘Puppycide’ and it was every 97 minutes a few short years ago.

  • Sami Torra

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  • Joe Mozdzen

    hope the same to that Cop

  • Traci Patterson

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  • Kerry Kozitzki

    Shoot first ask questions later. Feel Sad for the Dogs family. 🙂

  • John

    With the video proof, this woman would have been completly withon her rights to defend herself, her property and her companion by using lethal force against these thugs

  • Veronika N

    And you wonder why people hate some cops?! Its a-holes like this that give a bad name to other cops…

  • Have you been there?

    Think… Why was the dog–which was restrained–let loose? The cop was being backed down the stairs by a dog that barked, a fighting breed–which usually takes 3 or more shots just to take them down. Furthermore, how did the dog fly down the stairs–did it jump? Dogs shot in the head, dead, do not fly forward. It is a sad thing, but these dogs are impossible to hurt with anything but a sword or a gun–I have had to fight them off of my own dog–their eyeballs do not pop out and even when you kick them hard enough to knock them 10 feet, or punch them hard enough to flop their head–they are completely uninjured.

    • Jason Taylor

      Thank you for your ignorance, but not all pit bulls are killer dogs. This dog was clearly being friendly and not at all aggressive.

    • Jonathan Bidart

      I’ve been there and they are just dogs. You are a pussy A big one at that. Never did the dog lunged against the cop it died right at the top of the stairs where it was looking at the cop with the Waggy tail. Was the dog that was trying to supposedly kill your dog (which by you kicking and punching a dog I’m sure that’s what you thought) wagging his tail I bet you it wasn’t learn to fucking read dogs you dumb motherfucker. A fucking Bitch like u would need a weapon just like this fat fuck cop.

  • Johns

    Sue them!

  • j

    damn i hope any cop who deals out shit like this comes back reincarnated as a cow or something and just to be abused, mutilated and turned into cheeseburgers

  • Lawrence Neal

    The NYSA Muder Squad. Again.

    • Lawrence Neal

      That’s short for New York Strum Abeitlung

  • Matt Wright

    Sue the piss out of them! Guess what officer. This video is out for review by the American general public you pricks! We don’t give a dam about your biased review.

  • Get-real-people

    What a bunch of Mindless media lemmings you guys are !!! Were you guys there ??? Can you tell if that dog is growing or barking ? No !! Cause there is no sound !!!! Have you ever had a dog come at you in an attacking manner ??? I doubt it cause your all stuck on your computers judging every one !!! You hate this cop , but God would you be begging for him if someone was trying to rob you or kill you !! You want to judge him cause your so weak !!! Cops are people they have doubts and fears just like anyone and have to overcome those to make judgements in spilt seconds that save lifes or cost them theirs , all while trying to help and protect people . Ungrateful People just like you !!! You don’t like cops then I beg to go some where where there are no cops and see how long you last !!!
    I feel horrible for the owner and dog and so saddened that he was killed but as is so this generation you want to pass the buck and take no responsibility !!!! The owner has a responsibility to control the dog at all times But I don’t see you guys laying any blame on her or hateing on her or call her bad names for letting her dog get out !!!!! No let’s just blame and hate the cops !!! Grow up people and take responsibility for yourselfs and think for yourselfs you all think your so informed and so smart yet you just follow the crowd

    • Chris Cochran

      To get real people you must be a cop, and the cop was a weak ass punk, and he is what makes ALL cops look bad!!!!

  • Sue Marston

    I worked in “law enforcement,” and few people are aware of how the majority of departments K9 handlers torture, and sometimes kill, their OWN assigned K9 dogs. The reason for that is the media has a symbiotic relationship with police and sheriffs (who will be first to get their juicy crime stories?) so, despite the best efforts of some of us, the routine hanging (to unconsciousness), kicking, helicoptering, etc. of the K9’s remains largely under wraps. When a rare video surfaces, the media presents the abuse as the work of a single rogue handler, but it is the norm, NOT the exception to the rule. In public, the handlers call their dogs “partners.” In private, they call them “tools.” And at the department of my employment, they have bragged, joked, and laughed about their sadistic cruelty to the dogs. In fact, they nicknamed our K9 unit “The Hang ‘Em High Club.” If you type in “Denials and Justifications” on your browser, you may even be able to navigate to the stoplynching site, as I doubt the sharing of links is allowed here.

  • cidee20

    is anyone wathcing the same video, yes the dog came out friendly, but when he turned to the officer if you watch closely he thrust his body/chest forward and barks, watch his body and mouth. At first glance you will miss it but watch the video again, so the the dog because aggressive, given the facts its hard to blame the cop, because Im not in his shoes, but as we know people dont care about facts its all emotions and prejudices. Can anyone concur

  • Cam Alft

    so many corrupt cops terrorfied by little dogs and puppy’s and kittens[all of which they shoot all the time]…maybe the pussy coward cops need a new line of work to get them away from the very thing they are so afraid of……cops are corrupted….

  • MikeMarkCA

    Well people need to understand that pit bulls illicit fear because there are so many pit bull attacks and the breed is so unpredictable. I’m a dog lover, and have little fear of dogs, however pit bulls are unpredictable and hard to read. If you have a pit bull, keep him from rushing out the door.

    • Of the dogs own house??…. try again.

      • Doxkid

        …yes. Because that means the dog is OUTSIDE of the house.

        If you love your pet you wont put it in a position where it could possibly be misunderstood because a dog is worth less than a human being and the general populace will slaughter your pet if it’s even a slight risk.

        • Wayne Davis

          Doxkid you hit it right on the head. They are hard to read and i would indeed shoot one of these dogs should it come after me displaying the tiniest bit of aggression. To many people have been injured or killed by this beed of dog. Dog fighting, drug dealers and gang banger’s have misused these dogs to the point the general public has little trust in them.. Talk to any ER nurse and they will tell you stories that will make you think twice about standing up for a dead pit bulldog… If you own one keep it inside or enclosed in a backyard or on a short leash.. You may think it’s a great dog but the guy in the hall or passing by you on the sidewalk may think it’s something far more and he may just feel threatened enough to put it down right there. Oh about the story, the women got that dog killed when she opened that door and let it force it’s way out. Looks like she lives in an apartment which is no place for a dog like that.. A bull dog is great dog but a pit bulldog is a lethal weapon in the wrong hands. It’s not a pair of shoes you bring home because you liked them.

  • williamdecade

    disgusting! and the police wonder why they are hated, they know this is one of the reasons why!