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4 Cops Beat Pregnant Woman, Stomping on Her Stomach During False Arrest, Causing Miscarriage


Staten Island, NY – Accused of beating a pregnant woman in the stomach and causing her to miscarry, four NYPD officers have recently been sued for violating her constitutional rights, false arrest, and excessive force. Although the woman initially informed the cops that she was pregnant, the officers allegedly struck her before throwing her to the ground and stomping on her stomach.

According to the recently filed lawsuit, NYPD officers arrived at Emelda Fitzroy’s house at 1:45 p.m. on November 2, 2014. Although the civil complaint does not mention why the police went to her home, Fitzroy asserts that she told the officers that she was pregnant before they “forcibly grabbed” her and arrested her “without any legal justification.”

After striking her in the stomach, officers reportedly threw Fitzroy to the ground before stomping on her. Arrested on felony and misdemeanor charges of assault, misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration, and lesser counts of harassment, Fitzroy was incarcerated for 26 hours and later miscarried her baby “as the result of the injuries she sustained” at the hands of the police.

On January 26, all of the charges against Fitzroy were dropped according to the complaint. Her lawsuit alleges the NYPD committed deprivation of civil rights, use of excessive force, false arrest, unlawful search and seizure, and common-law assault and battery. Due to the fact that the lawsuit is still pending, the NYPD has refused to comment on the case.

This is not the first case in which the NYPD has been accused of assaulting an unarmed pregnant woman. On September 23, 2014, a video was posted on Facebook depicting NYPD cops repeatedly throwing an obviously pregnant woman onto the street before viciously shoving another unarmed woman onto the ground.

Posted by El Grito De Sunset Park on Tuesday, September 23, 2014

While suffering health complications due to the police beating received on September 20, 2014, Sandra Amezquita reportedly lost fluids in her womb. Three months after the incident, Amezquita was forced to give birth prematurely. Accusing officers of striking her in the stomach with a police baton, Amezquita lives with the fear that her son might suffer long-term medical repercussions.

Charged with disorderly conduct, Amezquita also sued the NYPD for using excessive force on an unarmed, pregnant woman.

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  • Sick. Obey. Surrender. Lost for words.

  • murder that is fu**in murder

  • Ok, NOW can we have open season?! The only thing the mob deserves is a shallow grave in a cardboard box.

  • Straight murder.

  • This is the kind of shit that gives all cops a bad name.

  • Hope she gets millions

  • How awful!

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  • I’m surprised they didn’t just shoot her like they do everyone else.

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  • Americans are loooooosers……you all have guns, unite and start removing the criminal police

    • Don’t generalize.

    • You obviously never heard of a tactical nuke.

    • I have a handgun that holds ten rounds. They have fucking tanks.

    • Well hopefuly when it comes to that we will have majority of the armed forces on our side and will curve some of that.

    • But if not i will fight for the people till my last breathe. We tried their way and they destroyed our home and ideals.

  • Wheres all the pro-lifers now? Shouldn’t they all be screaming murder for the unborn child the cops killed?

    • I think even pro-choice people would say that stomping a pregnant woman’s stomach is wrong…. I don’t think this is a pro choice v pro life issue..

    • It isn’t a pro choice issue when the woman doesn’t have the choice. Smh.

    • Probably complaining about people who have themselves sterilized instead of getting pregnant. Or some other non-issue

    • No. We are saying this wasn’t a choice it’s manslaughter

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  • Still think we don’t live in a police state? #nomoreexcusesforbluemurderandabuse

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    Maybe you should also check into who got these girls pregnant!!
    Maybe that’s why the cops r doing this!!
    Cause they rape girls and get them pregnant!!
    When they find out they go hurt the girl and kill the baby!!
    I wouldn’t be surprised!!

    • If one of those men were the father, she would have said so as proof of motive. Don’t throw out unsubstantiated claims. It doesn’t help anything. We’re dealing with the facts, and the facts are that they assaulted a pregnant woman and caused her to miscarry. Throwing out random conspiracy theories is just ignorant.

    • Eli Provenzano

    • Over all the reason doesnt matter they killed some one. And if i was the farther not one of tgem shit bags would be walking hate to say that but time and again we see she probably isnt going to get justice.

    • Eli Provenzano dead on.

    • She might have identified one of the officers as the father. Or she may have a reason to keep silent. Or the father is someone else entirely. There is no way to know with the information we have here.

    • Not the issue. The issue is POLICE BEAT A PREGNANT WOMAN TO THE POINT THAT THE BABY WITHIN HER DIED! What if she was someone you knew and cared for?

    • Did she really just try to justify someone stomping on a pregnant woman?!?!? I’m sorry but your ignorance is baffling.

    • I do have a honest question though. Since we have declared when a fetus is viable or not, if she is not to that point yet is it still murder? In my opinion yes but i also dont put a date on when a baby is a baby.

    • Wow you are sick

    • Does that fucking matter ????????????????

  • That is wrong in so many ways especially to a pregnant,for those police officers they should be locked up for good.

  • Its starting to look like I wouldnt Qualify for a job in police department !

    • Well if you have an IQ higher than a box of rocks you are already disqualified

  • She told cops she was pregnant. Moments later officers struck her, threw her to the ground and stomped on her stomach.
    Police The Police (y)
    The Free

  • US as normal

  • To Serve And To Protect

  • They should be terminated and charged with these offenses.

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  • What the fuck is going on in America? Are you guys giving any thug with a god complex a fucking badge! You must be giving the stupidest, most insecure, inhumane psychotic assholes the job.

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    • they deliberately employ the psychopaths to stir up the masses into revolution by doing disgusting shit like this attack. All in order to bring in martial law. NWO folks.

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  • Why aren’t they being charged with murder of the unborn child, as well?! WTF?!

  • Bullcrap! No proof! Just hate talk!

  • You guys realize not all cops are bad right? Smh

    • Not all are you are correct. But do you see the good cops beating the murderous cops ruining their names like they would beat a cop killer?

    • No at this point they are either guilty or guilty for allowing it.

    • If you love your job and what you stand for you would not allow any one to taint it.

    • Riiiiiight so because we haven’t seen a video of police beating up other police it can’t possibly be happening.

      Are you honestly stupid enough to believe that a police officer would film himself physically disciplining another police officer?

      I used to be in the army.. There’s two types of punishment in the army.. A public punishment.. It goes on your record and you get screamed at for a bit.

      And a private punishment.. You won’t see it.. You won’t know that it happened if you aren’t involved.

      But rest assured whoever fucked up will get fucked up.

      Just cuz you don’t see soneth i g doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

      Everyone these days is too focused on believing everything they see on social media and accepting it as gospel because they don’t have the higher brain function to think deeper into an issue and form an opinion for themselves

  • Should be charged with Murder~

  • Those cops should be put out of their misery!

  • What’re all those “cupsuckers” (pro-cop people, that is, people who think the allegations against those infamous cops involved with the killings in MO and NYC), who are also very republican, christian, and thus “pro-life” (at least as far as unborn fetuses are concerned, not so much those over the age of being cute, say after puberty and beyond) will think of this kind of police brutality? Perhaps they’ll exonerate these officers in their mind as well through some unknown process of self-deception at the helm of their Cognitive Dissonance?

    • To throw Republican, Christian, and pro life in there is retarded. There are plenty of Democrat atheist pro choice leaning people who suck up to the state and their badge wearing goons. And plenty of the opposite

    • oh alright, an ad hominem comment! I’ll bet there are quite a few liberal copsuckers, after all, they are the law makers. they are the ones complicit with the creation of a vast Nanny State. Any laws they make to suppress freedom and the Constitution will just give cops another excuse to pull over, arrest, or otherwise violate an innocent person’s 4th amendment rights and maybe even beat them, rape them, steal their shit, kill their dog, destroy their property, falsely charge them or even kill them. Happy? Sorry I left out the liberal angle on the whole thing. But my angle was the republican anti-abortionists. Not many liberal anti-abortionists

    • Lol jesus christ David Gordon calm your shit.. he was just saying that your adding in about christians and prolifers was pointless and didnt add to your original comment in any way. He didnt call you a dumbass, or say that your argument is invalid, he was just saying that portion didnt do anything for it. Take a fuckin chill pill man.

    • Shae’lyn Danielle edited, better? this comment was merely a repost of my reply to another more trollish comment.

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  • If someone was to murder a pregnant woman would they not be charged with double homicide, if this is the case why have the officers not been charged with either attempted or murder?

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  • the charge to the cops should be upgraded to murder since she lost the baby due to the beating

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  • She had better win this, great she is taking a stand

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  • Isn’t there a school police go thru before they a t E police that educate s them on how to recognize the bad people from the good ?

  • what about murder? by killing her baby?

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  • These cops need to get over their damn power trips and find a better way to vent their stupid aggravation. Citizens should not be their target. They need fucking help or a different job because I’m getting sick of hearing these things. I always thought of police officers as super heroes growing up and I want to be able to teach my kids the same thing, but now I just don’t feel safe anymore.

    • Uniforms don’t make people superheroes… Character does…

    • OK, nit pick. They used to be people you looked up to and you weren’t afraid to ask for help let alone be approached by one.

  • Before you all get on your soapbox, check the news. If this really happened it would be on every news network in the country. I checked several and couldn’t find a single report besides this one. If it really happened, hopefully there will be an investigation.

  • what about murder of the baby?!?

  • USA is under a wave of aggressiveness and idiocy.
    I don’t know where this is coming from, but watching it from outside, this is pretty clear.
    Numbers don’t lie: cops killing 3 people a day, population getting demented by the day… terrible.

  • Called Murder of an unborn child, this should be treated as an infantcide.

  • ….you know what. you religious people wanna say this is gods country, eye for an eye is in there…

  • I’d definitely take a cops life in this scenario

  • When the dollar finally fails and the states cannot pay benefits and pensions, how will the cops act?

    • Watch how many cops take off the monkey suit when the pay check is now an IOU.

  • Shouldn’t she have been taken directly to a hospital to assess her condition? What is rotten in the jail those horrible officers took her to that an ambulance was not called for her as soon as she arrived? Did she not complain to the intake officers? Was there no nurse on duty to assess incoming arrestees? So much is wrong with this at every level for that poor battered woman to have sat in a jail cell for 26 hours. Her baby might have been saved if she had gotten medical treatment after the beating. It’s not just those depraved, power drunk officers at fault here.

  • Not the same name, details, or date as the post. But this actually happened in New York. http://nypost.com/2014/09/24/pregnant-woman-slammed-to-the-ground-by-police-caught-on-video/

  • Here is another instance of NYPD using excessive violence on a pregnant woman in 2014 http://m.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/pregnant-woman-apparently-put-chokehold-article-1.1882755

  • Murders do what murders do,and that is murder.

  • At least this pregnant woman was taken to the hospital after a cop punched her in the back of the head. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/brenda-hardaway-pregant-w_n_3843578.html

  • Three more accounts of excessive force on pregnant women who were NOT caught in the act of a violent crime. http://www.republicmagazine.com/news/san-antonio-police-beat-pregnant-woman-part-of-a-national-trend.html

  • and… how about attempted murder?

  • Not homicide?

  • Without reading the story, but just by looking at this picture and the wording of this post, looks like a set up for people who hate cops. I call B.S.!

  • They should be taken out and have their nuts kicked in.

  • Some people just don’t have any sense no matter how much prove you have that cops are scum period people who don’t have a conscious would justify brutality on a pregnant smh.

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  • if the foetus was past 28 weeks, should be a murder charge too.

  • they should be charged and convicted of first degree murder

  • Then murder is the charge if they knew about the pregnancy. Simple.

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  • lucky I wasn’t 1 of cops as I would have shot them all dead

  • …and again Paul Dawson … dont post POSITIVE cop comments unless they are really good cops… your mind is infected with that *probation officer mentality* … and someone I love deeply is still healing from the passive aggressive abuse two people I wont name here inflicted upon her… peace and love…. unfriend me if you cant take the truth honestly…

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  • Become a police officer takes 3,5 years of compulsory schooling/education/training. How long is the training in USA? Coult someone answer? Please?

  • I certainly hope the pigs paid!!!! You work for the people not the government!!! We the people pay your salary! Who would pay you if we stopped paying taxes bitches!!!! Cops of satan!

  • The settlements for these suits have to start coming out of regular police budgets rather than the taxpayers pockets. The police departments suffer no hardship due to these law suits because the taxpayer foots the bill. Departments won’t start holding their officers accountable unless it hurts their bottom line. When Police departments start having to explain that they can’t offer proper police services because their criminal officers have cost the department too much of their budget in law suits and legal fees, the abuse of power will stop.

  • Sued? How about executed on a firing lane? I think that’s far more appropriate

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  • Dion Wood, more fodder for your #CopsBeingCops file.

  • where are the pro life ppl on this one

  • So this is murder but abortion isn’t? I’m confused someone help me

  • i thought that was called murder

  • I’m thinking that the city of New York has gone to the wrong side !!!

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  • kaynash

    You have to be a special kind of horrible to do that to another person….and four of them together? Sort of puts and end to the usual ‘bad apple’ argument doesn’t it?

    • Donovan Nin

      If you dig deep enough, you can find a good apple. But since it must fester in with all the rot, it will be a bad apple soon enough.

  • Jake Scanlon

    They should be charged with murder for the death of the baby!!!

    • Violetta

      They killed a fetus, not a baby. I’m guessing the charges for such an act will vary from state to state. If it was young enough to be legally aborted, then it can’t be murder because it legally isn’t a being yet, just a mass of tissues. The charges will most likely be for the attack on the mother, causing bodily harm, which the death of the fetus would be a part of, and not a separate charge

      • mew


        • Violetta

          Cells die. Tissues are masses of cells, so they also die. Education… give it a try?

  • Jonathan Wint

    They should be Executed. Not given a Paid Vacation!

  • MBruceQuarles

    Citizens need to take responsibility for what goes on around them. Always carry weapons and plenty of ammo so that if you see a fellow citizen being abused or terrorized you can drop all the perps does not matter what kind of ID a thug is carrying!

    • Butch Taylor

      If the cops use excessive force on you or a loved one or fellow citizens, fear for your life and defend yourself with deadly force.

  • Donovan Nin

    All police are heroes. Like Daniel Holzclaw, for instance. His heroism included raping at least 13 woman. Hero. And Joseph Weekley. His heroism included gunning down a sleeping seven year old. Hero. And Nathaniel Robinson. His heroism includes beating and tazing a 76-year old man. Hero.

    Heroes all.

  • Kelly Mckearney

    Love it when I see our constitution at work. You all are ready to hang the cops based on an accusation. All cops should wear body cams to protect themselves from the likes of you guys.

    • Arachne646

      Yep, Kelly, all cops are innocent even when proven guilty. Citizens, however, are guilty, until proven innocent, which can be done if they’re white and rich enough.