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Special Ops Called into Oregon as ‘Fake Militiamen’ Exposed as Fed Provocateurs by Real Militia

Burns, OR – With tensions running high at the Malheur Wildlife Reserve, the Oath Keepers organization is reporting that they have been informed by sources within the U.S. special forces community that special operations assets have been moved into the area.

It was reported on Tuesday that federal authorities are planning to cut the power to the commandeered facility, with hopes that the sub-zero Oregon winter would drive them out without incident, but the potential exists that cutting the power is a simple precursor to laying siege to the building.

According to a report by the Oath Keepers founder and National President, Stewart Rhodes:

Oath Keepers has received very credible information from an active duty source within the special operations community that at least one SOD-X (Reserve/National Guard Special Operations Detachment, see this, this, and this) unit under the command of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has been tasked for this standoff at the Malheur Wildlife Reserve and moved to the area.   Given this, we should expect that other special operations assets, such as Delta Force, will also be involved if the Obama Administration decides to give the green light on a military raid/strike.  And we should expect the presence of the infamous FBI HRT (which were present at both Ruby Ridge and Waco).

Numerous major national militia groups, including the Three Percenter movement and the Oath Keepers, have come out to publicly condemn the actions of the Bundys. Many in the community have deemed those involved in the standoff as potential federal agent provocateurs, who in no way represent the militia movement and are instead meant to undermine its legitimacy.

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Mike Vanderboegh, founder of the Three Percent movement wrote this on the initial day of the standoff:

I was first apprised of this a few minutes ago by folks on the ground out in Oregon. They report that Payne, Ritzheimer and every other “tiger-talking” fruit, nut and federal provocateur previously identified from the Bundy standoff were now in possession of the building and daring the Feds to do anything about it. My initial reaction was to observe that at least afterward we’ll know who the federal snitches are because they will be the only ones who survive the raid to take back the building. My understanding is that this premeditated action has been condemned by the Oregon Three Percenters and other groups but the fact of the matter is that these people are writing checks that they expect the rest of us to cash in our blood. And the Hammonds themselves are disavowing this action in the strongest terms.

Many of the suspected agent provocateurs were identified as the very same individuals who were reported to have, on numerous occasions, attempted to instigate violence against law enforcement and federal agents during the Bundy Ranch standoff in Nevada.

Make no mistake that this incident will play directly into the ongoing gun control/citizen disarmament movement currently playing out in the United States. The timing of the siege couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for federal authorities to continue to push their narrative about “militia terrorists,” marking a huge propaganda victory.

Below is an official statement from the Oath Keepers organization addressing the Oregon standoff:

Short Oath Keepers Statement on this Standoff

I will post a longer statement later, but for now, here is a brief statement on this situation, in general:

Oath Keepers adamantly opposes the armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.  This is not in keeping with the moral imperative of only using force in defense when people’s lives are at stake, as at Bundy Ranch in 2014.  In this case, neither the Hammonds nor their neighbors were in imminent threat of being murdered, and neither the Hammonds nor their neighbors asked for any form of armed standoff.   In fact, they oppose it.  This is being done by outsiders who misled and deceived locals, deceived the Hammonds, and deceived the patriot movement by luring them in with a peaceful rally and then attempting to rope them into a premeditated, manufactured armed standoff.   Both Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne (who we suspect is an agent provocateur) told the locals in the Committee of Safety, at a public town hall meeting on December 15, that they, the locals on the committee, would be making the decisions on what was to be done, how, and when. That was a lie, as they were already staging their men and supplies in the area to takeover the wildlife refuge, and had already planned out this takeover of the federal facility at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.  By doing this, they have given Obama the best New Years present he could hope for – an example of militia movement/patriot aggression, which gives up the high ground while also having the least credibility and support from the locals possible, after lying to them, and also the least support from the patriot community, who were also blind-sided by Ammon and Ryan Payne.

However, as much as we oppose what Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne have done, we must warn the Obama Administration that it does not have free reign to “Waco” the people in this standoff by using deadly military force, such as an SOD-X, Delta Force, or the FBI HRT to kill them all.  The Federal government must respect their right to due process and do all it can to end this standoff peacefully, without loss of life.   It must treat it like the Freeman standoff, not the Waco standoff.   There will be no more free Wacos, as Mike Vanderbgh, Founder of the Three Percenter movement puts it.  Treat this with kid gloves or risk a civil war.

Stewart Rhodes
Founder and President of Oath Keepers

Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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  • No amount of special forces can out gun the American people. GET THAT SHIT STRAIGHT

    • The majority of American people are not their side. Use some common sense. We are all born ignorant but one must work hard to remain stupid..Benjam Franklin

    • You been watching too much fox.

    • Moshe Rodriguez, I don’t watch FOX. I’m black.

    • Moshe Rodriguez I will break it down to your level so you can follow,,, .So showing up armed to the teeth, and threatening to KILL anyone who tries to make them leave isn’t using fear to get what they want? That isn’t terrorism? They think they can change the government by force how is that not a traitor?
      There’s nothing Patriotic about this occupation. This is a strike against all America. American differences are settled in American courts, not by taking by force and threatening violence. There should be no debate about this.

    • What does race have anything to do with this?

    • Moshe Rodriguez, the more you talk, the more ignorant you sound. So I will follow this one simple advice and quote when it comes to idiots like you, because it keeps me out of useless and worthless conversations when it comes to someone like you. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

      ― Mark Twain

    • Lols to the original comment.

    • Jeff Wyatt a revolt is terrorism? Revolution is terrorism? Freethinking and opposing the government terrorism?

      Glad u uphold the oath to the constitution, that more than any of these fucken politicians are doing. And from the sounds of it you agree with the federal government and we all know they totally respect the constitution….. Wake up

    • Something is going to trigger the 2nd civil war.It might be this or not but sooner or later,probably sooner,the public is going to have enough of this police state and this taking away of our civil liberties and when that day comes watch out.

    • Said the South American to the Mexican.

    • Edward Theilmann, who’s civil liberties are you talking about? Native Americans, blacks and Hispanics have had this problem for years. There won’t be any Civil War, because if that did happen things will be different this time around. The economy would collapse and many people would be without jobs, food and money. Anyone with common sense knows this. How do you think this country runs? Just about everything is based on taxes. Police and fire departments run on tax dollars.

    • Richard Blacknell thanks for the relief. Ahh good times

    • Close your ears little sheep’s the government and political parties say so ^

    • The bundy redneck military is one cobra gunship away Away from being extinct,, stop being stupid enough to believe this is the start of a revolution,,,

    • ^ and it will be an obedient sheep following orders when that gunship shoots its citizens that are dissidents

    • Moshe Rodriguez, BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

    • But you wont do it your self Richard Blacknell Yellow belly pos

    • Damn! Someone has been working out!

    • Moshe Rodriguez, the sad part is that many American troops have died to protect your right to be stupid and ignorant. I did serve in the military and got a Honorable Discharge. I wouldn’t kill innocent Americans. I will fight only the domestic terrorists like these guys who are willing to harm their fellow Americans. I am sorry that you are too stupid to see this. Common sense is still lost you as always. I’m surprised you have made it this far in life.

    • Feds “near” = the constable is trying to work in the time

    • You should join them in the Oregon since you feel so strongly that they are right.

    • Richard if you pulled the trigger on someone who is occupying a building with no hostages and has hurt no one.

      You would become Americas enemy and be a traitor.

      I respect the living hell out of anyone who’s served. But if the Taliban can put up a fight…

      I’d like to see what 100 million patriots, many of whom are veterans themselves, can do against the government if provoked.

    • Most bloggers here and the majority of Americans fail to realize that only 5% of the population of the 13 colonies participated or supported the Revolutionary War vs England. The same can be said of the Boston Tea Party. Now there is an increasing number of Americans who are fed up with the Federal, State and local governments enacting laws that deprive it’s citizens of due process such as in the Hammonds case and Federal agencies in, BLM. They are riding roughshod and trampling the citizens Constitutional and Bill of Rights. This has been going on well before the Tea Party was formed. Still we have a nation of ‘sheeps ruled by wolves.’

    • Dave McKee, do you even know what you are talking about? You seem just as dumb and confused as that other idiot Moshe. If these guys are threatening killing fellow Americans if they try to stop them, then they are enemies and traitors of this country. All of those people who have served in the military won’t go against other innocent fellow Americans. You seem to be getting things confused on your part when you try to speak that ignorance my way. Do you live in the United States Of America? Police have used violence against citizens, especially when it comes to blacks, but they don’t get any charges pressed against them. It sounds like to me that you are the one who is picking and choosing when to call things right and wrong. I will leave you with some articles so you can gain some common sense and knowledge.

    • Make no mistake about it, if special ops is called in, they will pull the trigger and kill them. That is what they are trained to do. They will follow orders. If you think they will suddenly gain a conscience you are sadly mistaken. Millions of vets are armed but I do not think the majority of my veteran brothers are going to join a force that is fighting the American government

    • Dave McKee, I just shared your ignorant comment with some people and they all got a great laugh at your expense. Many of them have served in the military just like I did. You must not have read or taken the military oath, or else you wouldn’t have spouted that ignorant comment. Oath of Enlistment

      I, ____________, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

    • ^ i bet the people who took part of the boston tea party were also terrorist….

    • Moshe Rodriguez, do you know history? Different times and different situations. The more you talk, the more you entertain us with your stupidity. Before you bring that up, make sure you know what you are talking about.

    • Moshe Rodriguez, stick to selfies with your selfie stick, you’re making no sense. Do you even know the situation, or just rambling on for likes?

    • Dave McKee, they’re domestic terrorists, the farmers they claim they’re there to help/represent do not want them there, the town doesn’t want them there, they are armed and have said anyone who tries to remove them will be killed.

      This isn’t some peaceful protest, peaceful protests aren’t conducted with guns strapped to their backs.

      ” No hostages and has hurt no one”

      Except the town has had to shut down, but I guess to you, that means nothing.

      You claim that ” if the Taliban can put up a fight… I’d like to see what 100 million patriots can do against the government” lol, seriously?

      What do you think will happen? Everyone will meet on the battlefield in lines, and march at one another? Lol

      Did you forget that government has planes, helicopters and drones, etc? All of which are designed for war, what will they do against that? Please…

    • They don’t have the guns, the ammo, the gear, or POS Ford pickups that actually run to make a stand against a Mall security squad. Neither do any of the other “militia” whack jobs. Without mobility, you’re no better than a target in a shooting range.

      Want to know how it ends? The Bundy morons will fire the first shots when all their choices have been removed. Then they’ll be killed. That’s not a martyr’s death. That’s just a dumbass getting shot. The only other choice is for them to give up and end up in the Federal pen. There’s a name for that too; it’s called being a dumbass coward. Either way, they’re dumbasses.

    • Salvatore Ligotino, i’m sure if he was thinking that the next revolution will be fought by massive armies lined up in 19th century battlelines he would have also knew that the air force would easily kill them all LMAO The people stupid enough to even bring up such a thing as a smart ass comeback. News flash… 19th century warfare is obsolete and we all know that. What kind of idiot believes the second American revolution will not be a savage guerrilla war? Yeah, you LMAO You even mentioned the Taliban, looks to me like they have held up against drones well enough to survive as a group and continue the fight. And what sort of mental midget does it take to not understand that the rules of engagement would very much limit the use of drones and bombers

    • Salvatore Ligotino, a hundred million guerrilla fighters! Very limited use of drone strikes! Little to no bomber runs because of the rules of engagement! A hundred million well armed guerrilla fighters would be a very dangerous threat to any army on earth! The fact you don’t know that tells me just how naive and stupid you are. A guerrilla war is the most difficult kind of war there is! Do you have any idea how many soldiers it would take to hold down and control the entire land mass of the United States? No you clearly don’t!

    • Salvatore Lingotino, and a guerrilla war here would be a civil war also! If it got big enough to where there were a hundred million Americans taking up arms part of the military would also revolt! Just how naive are you? And those guerrillas would be Americans not Afghans! A lot of us Americans are very good shots. Take me for example, i’v been shooting since the age of five! I can hit a milk jug lid out to one hundred meters with an open site 22.! And if there were to be another revolution there would be tens of thousands of American guerrillas who are just as good a shot as me and some are better! Anyone with common sense or has been in the military should know that accurate rifle fire is very deadly especially if from guerrilla snipers lieing in wait

    • Richard Blacknell, would you fire on armed Americans if they seized a government building in retaliation for the taking away of our first amendment? Would you fire on them if the same was done for the 2nd amendment or any other amendment? My question has nothing to do with the Bundy militia situation, just want to know where you would stand on the situations i mentioned above.

  • I’ve been wondering how many UCs or CIs are embedded out there.

  • Anyone who defends these armed terrorists is a lunatic. You are losing a lot of credibility by supporting these clowns. The local Native American community is terrorized and their children cannot attend school. All this false flag stuff makes your site look like Alex Jones, I am not alone in this thinking.

    • Armed terrorist? So you’re saying our founding fathers were armed terrorist? You know you’re calling the feds armed terrorist when they illegally confiscate citizens land by force, kill private property and illegally sentence citizens to jail. The community is terrorized by the feds confiscating citizens land illegally.

    • What is happening in Oregon is NOT domestic terrorism, but desperate people trying to maintain what is theirs in the face of unlawful government. The facts:

      The federal government has bought out all the ranchers and farmers that will sell.
      The federal government has scared off all the ranchers and farmers that will scare.

      Now they must resort to fascist tactics. The Hammonds refused to sell. They refused to scare. The federal government trumped up false charges of arson to put them in prison for refusing to give in to the feds theft of their land.

      The Hammonds were actually preserving their land through controlled burns. The feds don’t like controlled burns because it takes their control away. The feds charged the Hammonds with arson alleging they were burning to cover up poaching. Remember, we are talking about the Hammond’s land. The feds charged them with arson on their own land to cover up poaching on their own land. Now they are destitute. They have spent everything to legally defend what is rightly theirs and the federal government has used OUR money as deep pockets to destroy these people. That is WICKED.

      Remember! These protestors in Oregon have not done anything that rises to the magnitude of Ferguson or Baltimore. Obama said he understood Ferguson and Baltimore but now the feds are crying domestic terrorism for a real peaceful demonstration? Seriously? Why are the feds upset? Perhaps because its something the feds think they own that is being seized. Its ok for thugs to destory private property in a riot but not ok for law abiding citizens to peacefully protest federal thuggary. That’s the government we have today, America.

      CHALLENGE: SHOW ME, anyone, where the Constitution authorizes the federal government to manage land?!?

      The federal government is illegally occupying State and private property. Now these ranchers and farmers have either lost or in threat of losing everything.

      Arrested for burning invasive weeds in a controlled burn on their ranch that allegedly spread to adjacent federal land, they were convicted of arson – did their time, then one of the most overturned courts in the US, the 9th District, decided that they didn’t serve enough time so they added five years AFTER THE FACT.

      It is unconstitutional for the Feds to own land.

      It’s all about what’s under the land. The private property the BLM is taking has numerous valuble minerals, natural gas, uranium.. This family refuses to sell. So the federal government is trying by force. Total government corruption.

    • III%

    • Silence is……consent/agreement

    • Dillon Cambiaso B.S. dude you don’t have a freaking clue

    • According to this article, “The armed terrorists” ARE federal agent provocateurs posing as militiamen in hopes of inciting a civil war from dumb rednecks who won’t know the difference anyway ? lol

    • Dumb rednecks who have way more money than you.

    • Might have something to do with all these ranching land disputes being on plots near volcanoes where the ground is rich in precious metals and uranium.

    • Also everything governments do can be called terrorism, by it’s definition, and voting is consent to that. Also terrorism.

      OR, you can define it as damaging private property or harming others (to implement ideology). So then you have the issue, governments exist to initiate force, and their property is not their property… so how do you forcibly take over an empty building that belongs more to the people who were forced to pay for it – albeit remotely, but the essence of meaning remains – under threat of force in the first place?

      See the philosophy here is a total rabbit hole… moral subjectivity crisis. Typical governed society.

    • It’s called FREE THOUGHT, not free stuff. This is no place for silly libtards.

    • I agree with original comment……..this page is going downhill fast. Not a fan of our current Oligarchy but these terrorist claims are moronic.

    • Larry Singer I have a bigger clue than you’ll ever be able to obtain.

    • Why are you here?

    • Matt Jackson As if any “dumb” redneck would actually have cash. Go back to watching your Beverly Hillbillies.

    • Fortunately the schools are out for winter break until January 11th.

    • Blindly denouncing corruption doesn’t make it non-existent. The amount of ignorance, belittling, condemnation, and hypocritical prejudice seen here is appalling. Research the BLM corruption with an open mind.

    • You mean the schools that are 30 miles away? Hmmm

    • Did anyone else notice that Mark referred to this community as a native American community???? Lol There is a Rez near by but I highly doubt that their terrified.

    • They only thing getting terrorized here is liberal sensibilities.

    • Wake up mark

  • Don’t poke the bear bama. That’s not a bell you’re going to be able to un-ring.

    • Bama is the Bear idsiot

    • Oh statist bootlick, save that butthurt for the 8 years of TRUMP!

  • fuck your popups, what more do you want?!

  • Not surprised.

  • LMAO why call special ops when they have the FBI HRT or the ATF swat?

    • You support the use of military force against american citizens, who have not hurt a soul?

      I hope the revolution happens. People like you will be SLAUGHTERED, you’ll be defenseless when big government isn’t here to defend you.

    • Dave McKee Just stop talking, I am sure whatever you got to say can wait until you are smarter,
      I will break it down to your level so you can follow,,, 3rd grade level…So showing up armed to the teeth, and threatening to KILL anyone who tries to make them leave isn’t using fear to get what they want? That isn’t terrorism? They think they can change the government by force how is that not a traitor?
      There’s nothing Patriotic about this occupation. This is a strike against all America. American differences are settled in American courts, not by taking by force and threatening violence. There should be no debate about this.by the way I am a vet you dumbass

    • Lol you have no right to insult someone’s intelligence.

      They came out and said first “we don’t want to hurt anyone but will defend ourselves.”

      Only a moron on your level can interpret that as terrorist threats.

      I hope people revolt. I can’t wait to watch pussies like you see what life is like when shit hits the fan. You will be the first to die off.

    • I be the first to fight for my county and the Constitution of the United States whats your excuse dumbass makeing up excuses ??

    • My excuse was I was really good at baseball. So instead of enlisting to fight in a war which I thought was total BS at the time, I took a free ride to go play some baseball and show off the cannon I have for an arm.

      I figured once the country was done playing world police, if they needed me, they’d call.

    • didn’t last long did it, you probably whine about being drafted then lol

    • “Any soldier that would fire upon an American citizen trying to make a stand in defense of his/her rights is the worst kind of traitor. He not only given aid to the enemy he has made himself one” -Shaymus Bogman

    • You are right Jeff, I did not go to the MLB.

      But I don’t have any student debt.

      And I can guarantee you I can ball better than you ever will sir.

    • LMAO they are not standing up for my rights Let me repeat it to you again So showing up armed to the teeth, and threatening to KILL anyone who tries to make them leave isn’t using fear to get what they want? That isn’t terrorism? I agree that the term gets thrown around a lot but it is what it is.
      Our history has recorded a similar incident from our past. John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry. For their actions, John Brown and his fellow assailants were hanged. So should these terrorist.

    • Jeff.. Than what do you call what the BLM is doing to ranchers?

    • Be careful who you label a terrorist Jeff. Your dealing with a flame that could burn down the world. You included.

    • Under the Declaration of Independence we have a right to oppose our government even overthrow it when it becomes destructive to the liberty of the people.

    • then why is this article saying they are calling special ops?

    • You are not a patriot Jeff you are a blind statist

    • Dave McKee and I bet I shoot straighter then throw a ball lmao and I was a corpsman

    • yes it does Shaymus I agree but again I will repeat myself one more time for you slow people So showing up armed to the teeth, and threatening to KILL anyone who tries to make them leave isn’t using fear to get what they want? That isn’t terrorism? They think they can change the government by force how is that not a traitor?
      There’s nothing Patriotic about this occupation. This is a strike against all America. American differences are settled in American courts, not by taking by force and threatening violence. There should be no debate about this.
      big difference between going to a public place unarmed and doing a non violent protest, and armed men going to a government building and taking control by force and threat of violence. I can’t quite understand how you can compare the 2 as the same. Use some common sense here…

    • whats your point moron one man can take down and destroy all you posted most forget those there were or are what you posted at one time

    • They never said they would Kill anyone who tries to make them leave. They said they would defend themselves. It’s the media that said that they would Kill anyone who tries to make them leave.

    • That’s fine if you shoot straight jeff, you’d be on the wrong side of the revolution if you were shooting at people like me.

      And where are you getting this “they threatened to kill people.” They haven’t threatened anyone, that’s why they are still alive.

    • They have not committed treason here. In no way have they aided nor have they given comfort to the enemy of the United States. They are acting within their rights and it is the federal government that is acting outside of the constitution by attempting to control and possess land that belongs to the American people without any constitutional authority given to do so. The federal government is attempting through an illegitimate bureaucracy know as the BLM to acquire the public’s land and sell mineral rights to foreign investors under the guise of conservation. The local ranchers are being maliciously prosecuted and harassed by a group of armed men who are using the force of government under color of law with no regard for the supreme law of the land. That’s called tyranny. It is our duty as patriots to fight tyranny.

    • Well said Shaymus Bogman, can I use it?

    • Shaymus Bogman a little history for you The Hammonds’ property, which has belonged to the ranching family for generations, interlocks with publicly owned Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property, requiring the Hammonds to work together with the BLM to manage the vast area where the Hammonds’ animals graze on a mix of private and federal property.

      The Hammonds set a fire in 2001 that ultimately burned 139 acres of BLM land. The ranchers say they began it on their own land with agency approval, but prosecutors say they were in fact seeking to cover up illegal deer hunting on the BLM acreage near their property. A second, much smaller fire in 2006 burned another acre of BLM land during a “burn ban” imposed to allow agency firefighters to combat a blaze caused by lightning.

      The Hammonds served time for the fires in 2013. A district judge sentenced Dwight to three months and Steve to 366 days of prison time. But the federal anti-terrorism law that prosecutors used to punish the fires includes mandatory minimum sentences of 5 years for fires that damage public property but cause no injury or death. After a series of appeals, the Hammonds were re-sentenced in October of 2015 to the full five years required by that 1990s statute.

    • like I said before and for the last time big difference between going to a public place unarmed and doing a non violent protest, and armed men going to a government building and taking control by force and threat of violence. I can’t quite understand how you can compare the 2 as the same.

    • Oh and who punishes BLM for burning private property?

    • Ok Jeff a little clarification.
      A survey done by the BLM found the total of the damages for the 130 acre fire on uninhabited land was a whopping $100 and at the same time another survey found that it had improved the value of the land. The Hamond’s put the fire out themselves. The second break fire was lit in an emergency situation to stop a lighting fire from burning their property and the BLM admits this act directly led to the containment of the wildfires.
      The father and son are being prosecuted under the anti terrorism and effective death penalty act of 1992.
      They are not terrorists they are ranchers. The men attempting to take a stand for the constitution and the property rights are not terrorists they are ranchers who are tired of being bullied off of their property by an out of control government bureaucracy. Take a seat troll I got all the info here and I will crush all of your arguments.

  • What a waste of time. Couple of AH-64 Apaches can resolve this terrorist occupation real quick!

    • Advocating for the government to kill American citizens aye? Watch your back door Michael.

    • Honestly, I don’t advocate the killing of American citizens but these terrorists seem to be set in their 1854 ways. This can’t go unpunished, everyone of them need to serve time in prison or this will continue to escalate with more and more different groups.

    • It’s an unoccupied building in the middle of no where… sooner or later they will get cold and hungry and go home.

    • Whatch his back? What the f you gonna do? He can say whatever he wants…and,I live in Oregon and these idiots are acting like terrorists.

    • Johnny Bob I’m sorry but in one breath you’re touting the Constitution and in the next you’re denying my freedom of speach? Hypocrisy much?

    • You really think a bunch of rednecks with rifles is going to overthrow the country with the largest military in the history of the world??

    • You really think that’s their goal? You are that influenced by msnbc that you think our big bad police and military should target some rednecks standing up to injustice?

      Well if you get your wish, I hope the worst happens to you when the revolution starts shortly after. People like you who hide behind big government will be slaughtered when the big bad army isn’t there to defend you.

      A lot of people are upset with the government, add soldiers to the list if given orders to fire on non violent citizens. No solider would fire on these guys.

      It’s funny cause all the people who are mad at cops for police brutality are the same people who want cops to kill these guys…

    • A death sentence for occupying a government building seems a bit extreme, but our government blows up Doctors Without Borders hospitals, so at this point, nothing would surprise me. Hell, our government killed a 16 year old American, Abdulrahman Al Awlaki, apparently the only reason was because his father was a suspected terrorist! They killed his father, an American citizen, a couple weeks earlier. When did Americans lose their right to a trial by their peers? Why is everyone getting executed without due process? Why do so many people want other Americans killed?

    • Actually I don’t hide behind anything I’ve been shot four times twice by lapd,it’s funny how you people think because these dickheads play war games out in the woods and strut around Walmart with guns means their going to save America from the big bag government, personally I think a grown man who needs a ak-47 to feel safe going to taco bell has some serious issues,,,,

    • Truthfully if you’re a whiteman in America in 2016 and you really believe you’re being oppressed by the government or any other thing,,you should submit yourself for either drug testing and or a mental evaluation,,

    • Living in Calif I’ve seen martial law in effect three times 1965,1968 & 1992, in 92 they had active duty marines and regular army on the street of l.a with the passing of the patriot act they suspended the law that prevented the u.s military from operations on American soil,so no matter how many armed idiots you have running around with guns screaming patriots,, you’re still out numbered and out gunned,, oh and gtfoh with that one hundred million armed American patriots rising up to overthrow the government,,,,,,,

  • These guys are ridiculous, anyone that thinks they are acting in the interest of “Freedumb” are mistaken. They are Welfare Ranchers that got all worked up by Faux News, and egged on by the Hate speech. They are .part of a trend to Privatize Federal Lands. This isn’t for any other reason than to help the rich get richer. They whine about Federal Regulations while they collect subsidy checks.

  • provocateurs yes. fed no. this is strictly a republican operation

  • If it does become a violent situation, understand that many people throughout the country will act.

    • Only the idiots will do something…and they will deserve what they get too.


    • Johnny, That’s what the government wants, and they have no problem with martial law. They just need herds of over-patriotical people violently responding to the provocateurs. Anyone who thinks they can survive door to door tanks hasn’t realistically thought out the scenario.

  • I love how they will post shit made up by people trying desperately to make these armed men seem less bad, just as you’ve done since it began.

  • Nobody has raised the issue of national guard troops being mobilized, or federalized which would be a violation of posse comatitis

  • I can’t even read the article for the bullshit pop ups

  • Here’s a crazy “socialist” idea.

    Since the U.S. Federal Government “controls about half of all land in the West” — see below referenced article — land that was taken away one way or the other from Native Americans — wouldn’t it be fair to transfer ownership of all that land to a Native American Tribe/Nation chartered trust for management?

    You can call it reparations or your can call it moral and lawful restitution of improperly (wrongfully!) confiscated land!

    Can you imagine what would happen if the current Oregon Ammon Bundy armed stand-off had been executed by armed Native American activists demanding their land back?

    FYI, just look up Leonard Peltier and the American Indian Movement. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_Peltier and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Indian_Movement

    But that’s what our federal government has been afraid of all these years — that if Native Americans lost faith in American society and its court system’s willingness to give them back what was theirs, young Native Americans would take up law into their own armed hands and demand land returns, reparations, royalties or rental fees.

    And that kind of organized and armed protest could make the Bundy and other recent Militia stand-offs look like a child’s sandbox fight.

    So what do you think?

    If it’s fair and just to give control, management and/or ownership of vast federal lands back to the people, shouldn’t that transfer be to Native American Nations & Tribes?


    Leader of armed group wants land transfer, then will go home.
    The Associated Press
    January 5, 2016

    “The federal government controls about half of all land in the West, which would make the wholesale transfer of ownership extremely difficult and expensive.

    For example, it owns 53 percent of Oregon, 85 percent of Nevada and 66 percent of Utah, according to the Congressional Research Service.”


  • What a crock of shit.

  • people get tierd of being bullied by the government. why call them terrorists there americans standing there ground

    • Because the govt needs that narrative to justify their ’cause’. ALL of the MSM will cover it in such a way, just like they did with OKC, Waco & Ruby Ridge & and when they took out William Cooper (RIP).


  • Don’t worry guys, soldiers wouldn’t, we love the constitution.

    – Every complete moron in the country. Sod-x is going kill these guys.

  • Well, what about the earlier article by William Grigg about the interview they had with the militia group. There appears to be two different stories here regardimg their motives and intentions for outcome.

  • Wtf? The oath keepers and 3 percenters are about the constitutuon, not just protecting lives. Which means protecting the right to property. This article and the quotes in it are full of shit… or the ppl quoted are.

    • So they Going to give the land back to the natives then?

    • That would be a good idea and objective but totally unrelated and thus a deflectuon. Stick to the point.

    • Sure Mike DaPunk as soon as you let us know how you intend to kick 350,000,000 people out of this country to do so.

    • Mike DaPunk. Really how many native americans are here? You can’t just kick that any people out of a country without anywhere to go.
      On a side note, I would support treating them better.

    • Mike DaPunk there were no natives in the area when it was settled. It was also not a migratory stop for birds before the settlers built the irrigation system in the area. Declaring the region an Indian and bird refuge was political pandering by Teddy Roosevelt in order to quell tensions between Native Americans and the government, without actually giving them anything and while granting the Feds valuable land.

      Oath keepers and III%ers are all talk. They won’t hesitate to be vocal, and they won’t hesitate to police your average citizen, but they back down to the feds every time.

  • Terrorists *

  • Oathkeepers. Get off the side line get in the negotiations !

    • Lol the Oathkeepers are nothing more than shit talking pussies.

  • While I have to agree these guys actions are provocative, they are shedding some light on the BLM and their illegal practices, burning ranches, homes and livestock, all are which private property. I do think these guys need to shut it down so we can focus on the real issues that they have brought to light.

    • You really think if they just pack up and go home, that we’ll be able to focus on the issues being perpetrated by the BLM or would it in reality just get swept under the rug like everything else?

    • Well, valid question,
      My hope would be, with these guys out of the limelight, the general population would be able to really understand what the Hammons and fellow ranchers up there have to deal with. I believe the general populace think that the BLM is the victim. Not the other way around,

    • I just feel that if these guys were to simply just pack up and go home that would give the media the green light to paint this as a victory and use it as an example as what happens when you stand up to the government

    • Yeah, yeah, I’m watching a live stream town meeting, The sheriff up there is ralling the Townfolk to his side saying that they want the outsiders to go home and the townfolk are clapping. I don’t get it,

  • < Please Like - This page is designed to, through mass awareness and awakening, combat the problems of systemic corruption our beautiful planet is plagued by.

  • The gov will make this violent. Those people are not there to start anything. They brought their families with them and are just protecting people there at the property.

    Regardless of what your opinion is remember the gov doesn’t like Americans standing up.

    • The government is not some evil force. It represents me. I am a good person. The bad guys are the “militia”… And those who grabble to support them.

    • Lol

    • Patti thank you for killing 150,000 civilians in Iraq since 2001, you are a hero!

    • Haven’t seen any families…

    • No government likes to be challenged I support these people 100% BLM is wrong and the Feds are wrong those ranchers should be free

    • Those ranchers already served time to go back and try them again is what’s fucked up about the situation.

    • Patti miller : I wouldn’t go so far as to call them the bad guys, they have not and have no intension of harming anyone, only to protect themselves against violence , the constitution represents you not the government, the government has to adhere to the constitution to represent you . We have the constitutional freedom of peaceful protest .

    • Government is not your friends you statist pigs they are stealing from us and sending our brave and best to fight wars for resources not freedom Iraqi people did nothing to hurt us to deserve what our evil masters did wake up you are Brain washed patti dumb bootlicker bow down you slave

    • Caleb Ewing Thank George Bush.

    • Shane Little Let them come and spend some time on your front lawn.

    • David Beyer : I am of the understanding they are not occupying private property . Do you have a problem with what they are doing ?

    • Was George W. Not the goverment at the time? She did not say the president represents her, she said the government does. And the war was supported by Democrats in Congress at the time

    • Patti has an inflated ego. There are tests that can determine whether she is a “good person”, and I would almost bet she wouldn’t take it to find out.

    • White Christian Terrorists

    • Chris Jones you must be one of those special needs liberals ….. safe space is that way bud —————–> lots of boots to lick when you arrive aswell…..

    • Chris Jones : don’t you have to harm a resident to be a terrorist ?

    • The land in question belongs to us, the people of the United States of America. It is OURS, it is not and has never been… Theirs! The only rights they have to it, and the resources both above and below it, are either given or sold to them by our government on our behalf. The whole issue is selfish, stupid, greed. The government won’t give them what belongs to all of us! I would like the government to give me thousands of acres of open range so I can raise some livestock for free, or nearly free, and sell it for a huge profit… but the government is hardly the bad guy because they won’t give that to me, or my neighbor, or anyone else I know. Made up issues, made up problems, false justifications.

    • Patti miller schimpf : I heard the government controls 70% of the land and I’ve heard a company called uranium one own the mining rights to a 35,000 acre ranch , I don’t really think the government want these people out because their protecting the interests of residents, politicians are usually preoccupied with stealing the wealth of Americans not contributing to their prosperity .

    • I think they only way Gov can come in is to stop two factions fighting each other, and that is what they will try to create so they can come in… Matter of fact.. Gov is trying to do just that…

  • Actually the national guard does not fall under posse comatits act,

  • They are white and Christian they will walk free with no charges
    if the where black or Muslim they would be dead by now

    • Or Native Americans… Our Hispanics…

    • You forget the BLM and the feds have grudges against these guys. At least a few will end up dead. Will that make you happy? Probably not because it won’t prove your point.

    • You say that if it were black people it would be different. What about in the 60s when the black panthers were armed and took over a building the same way fighting to protect their rights to bear arms. Nothing happened to them except a few misdemeanors. Hmmm.

    • Yet they were yelling to kill all pigs. But these white guys are worse right?

    • You yanks all ways got an excuse

  • You can bet Black Water in the mix

  • Theres trouble brewing in the USA

  • Free Thought Project? More like Dumb Thought Project.

  • Why not those trigger happy cops. Oh right, those pussies only puff up for unarmed melaninated people.

    • Oh don’t worry. Most of those men will end up dead.

    • There’s been too much death, lies, trickery, and deceptions. This country refuses to change. Instead they ignore the universal nature or karma. You can’t cheat karma.

    • Karma doesn’t exist. Poor decisions lead to bad outcomes. If you do wrong wisely it’s never punished. Bad shit happens when you do stupid shit.

  • They should just pull up a half dozen large trucks on the highway, and show them what happens when terrorist go up against a drone. When these yall’aban get done pissing themselves, because they couldn’t even see or hear the drone, give a 20 minute head start for town. Cowards the lot, you don’t brig guns to a protest.

    • Spoken like a true statist boot licker

    • Yea our current administration has a lot of experience with drones…

    • “statist boot licker,” now that’s funny coming from a bunch of guys in boots patting each other on the back for heroically storming an empty building because the ranchers and town told them to go away.

    • Robert King your a fucking idiot

    • So that’s your comment? My mom taught me how to deal with name callers when i was a child because it’s what children do.

    • Can’t you guys discuss things without insulting each other? Such little kids.

    • Laureen, the irony of your comment is gold.
      I needn’t justify my disdain for anyone who disagrees with a people, and advocate for violence to be foisted upon them, via government forces.
      It’s disgusting, and the refugee of a tyrant.

    • Who brought the guns again? Who is asking for force. Yeah

    • Oh yeah you didn’t notice how I said Demonstrate Force NOT kill people, that’s the want to be martyrs who are threatening to go down shooting.

    • Who’s carrying in an open carry state. How dare those people protest with guns when they’re legally allowed to do so. Fucking liberal statist. You’re no different than a WW2 nazi in germany, thinking your government is infallable and above breaking the law. If you pulled your head out of your statist ass and read some history, you’d know that ALL POWER emanates from THE PEOPLE. THAT is the founding principal of our great nation. WE THE PEOPLE bestow rights upon our government and when our government tries to take away our liberties, then WE THE PEOPLE will take away their RIGHT to govern us. Now shoo troll. Go back to your blacklibsmatter cause.

    • The government is over stepping our rights because they want this guys land that’s the problem these people are up their to protect you and me you dumb bastard

    • Correct Mark. Statists don’t fact check though, they’re obedient serfs who question nothing and believe that the state is the all powerful universal authority, otherwise they’d know this was about minerals on the Hammond’s land. Just like they’re doing with Native Americans: https://www.rt.com/usa/211531-native-indian-lands-mining/

    • Your getting closer there, Corporations and the representative they own want the land and are the actual competition for timber, cattle, and mining.

    • Robert King, did you read the article? I’m just wondering.

    • Robert, you want the federal government to use a show of force to intimidate the citizens into getting back in line and not challenging their tyranny?
      That’s awful Stalin esq of you.

    • Jake Johnson, no he didn’t.

    • …laser tag thats where its @

    • So you want American civilians killed, because they are standing up for what they believe in? Fuck the corrupt federal government….. Good for them!

    • Because we all know Obama and how he likes to kill with these drones!

    • Robert King most of us aren’t GOP. Teddy was a progressive pandering statist.

    • Hey Rob when its your property and life remember your petty words. How many constitutional rights are you willing to surrender before its a problem?

    • Cowards? says the one that wants to use drones, now that is a coward my friend.

    • Who broke the law again who locked up ranchers so they can steal the land you statist POS STFU the Feds and the BLM are wrong and we the people are tired of the lies and corruption keep supporting evil government and you will be hung along with them you traitor

    • But tax payers pay for said demonstration.

  • 2016: the year that even “militiamen” get butthurt and offended

    • You wouldn’t get offended if the feds came to confiscate everything you own?

    • You’re damn right I would. I’ve done the research and I’ll definitely say that I support the bundys and the hammonds.

    • By “militiamen” I was referring to the 3 percenters and the oath keepers who seem to be more of Facebook militias than anything. Something about a militia being on Facebook just seems funny to me…

  • Looks like what I have foreseen for years is almost here. I was hoping it would wait until I was gone

  • Leslie

  • Federal provocateurs, really?
    What a load of crap. Show me some proof. They’re just a bunch of right wing nutjobs plain and simple.

    • How would you describe ‘left wing’ nut jobs? Idiots who believe that this world is a safe enough place where we need no firearms to protect ourselves all the while screaming about it being so dangerous that we shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms? WTF? LMAO Now that’s a nut job!

    • If you take away the right to legally own firearms how will you cowards defend yourselves from armed outlaws? It is mind boggling how yellow bellies are so afraid of guns that you are willing to give up your only protection against them LMAO. I live in an area where i and those next door shoot guns all the time. I never feel afraid LMAO If you were visiting would you be rolled into a ball crying and screaming for mommy at the first gun shot you heard? LMAO The only difference between pro gun and anti- gun folks if bravery. I’m willing to die by getting shot by some nut job before i give up my only real protection in this world and, your kind are too afraid to face the same. Freedom isn’t free. Some are willing to pay for it and others will freely give it up if they think it’ll keep them safe. There are two kinds of people on this earth, Braves and cowards!

    • Wow are you wrong,
      I’ve had guns pointed at my head. I’ve been pistol whipped. Where I’ve been people don’t buy fireworks they go out in their back yards and fire off their guns in the air. Even the police hide under freeway overpasses so they don’t get shot. I’ve seen people shot and killed by the police right in front of me.
      So don’t tell me about bravery. You sit in your ultra low population density white privilave fly over state and think you know how the rest of the world works. You pussys wouldn’t last a day in south central Los Angeles.

    • White privilege fly over state? WTF is that? LMAO

    • So you are pro-gun then?

    • We fire guns off in the air out in the redneck woods as well LOL You clearly do know how the rest of the world works LMAO

    • The original article was calling the occupiers in Oregon federal provocateurs. Oregon is definitely an ultra low population state though maybe not flyover in the strictest sense.
      Btw you’re the one that brought up fire arms and gun control. I just called them right wing nut jobs. Hell nothing about any of this has anything to do with gun control.

    • I own a couple of guns. But I don’t own an assault rifle or a semi automatic hand gun.
      I’m not and never have been for getting rid of guns only being personally responsible for them. That’s why I don’t mind background checks, registration, licensing and liability insurance.

    • Liberals ‘left wing’ refer to pro-gun as ‘right wing’! Did you not know this? Common sense told me that you are more than likely an anti-gun liberal. By the way you still haven’t answered if you are pro or against firearms

    • You are pro then.

    • Man again you have no idea what your talking about.
      When I say people go out in their back yards and fire off a few rounds, that adds up to hundreds of thousands of rounds goung off for hours. They stop selling ammo a month before the holiday and it doesn’t matter.
      There have been surface to air missles out of south central tracked on LAX radar. They reroute the low air traffic because of it. The dogs and cats all hide under the bed until it’s over. It sounds like Baghdad on a bad night.

      But you go ahead and shoot off some guns in the woods and call yourself all macho. I’m laughimg at you.

    • I own a few semi-auto rifles but no ‘assault rifles’

    • Why would you be laughing? I’m not a cowardly ‘left wing’ anti-gun liberal 🙂

    • And how far do you live from the hood? You don’t look to be poor.

    • I’m laughing because you think you know what brave is.
      Maybe you shouldn’t pop off in a personal way to people you don’t know. You started this.

    • I did start this. I was wrong about you being anti-gun. I don’t run from or bullshit about being wrong. But i was right when stating that anti-gun folks are cowards! And i do know what brave is

    • Have you ever been homeless? Have you ever been completely discarded by society before you could do anything about it?
      The mear fact that I’m alive is a wonder to many people. The fact that I’ve made it out of extreme poverty is a testament to my tenacity as a human being.

      You see at some point when your 15 years old and your sleeping at the bottom of an emergency stairwell and the world has judged you worthless, you either fold like a wet rag, or you say “fuck this shit and fuck these people”. Don’t ever tell me I don’t know what poverty in the hood feels like. You disrespectful punk.

    • But you are also popped off personally by referring to all right wingers as ‘nut jobs’. If you think Bundy and his militia are nut jobs just call them nut jobs. Don’t attach an entire group to them

    • Russell Poley, when did i state that you didn’t know what poverty in the hood feels like? Calm down, Russell LOL

    • I’m sure you had a rough life while homeless. Now when the hell did i state that Russell Poley has no fucking idea what it’s like to be poor in the hood? Now that’s being disrespectful! Putting words in a man’s mouth!

    • “And how far from the hood do you live from the hood? You don’t look to ba poor”.

    • I never claimed to live near a hood, Russell

    • So you admit you don’t know what your talking about?
      BTW I’m quoting you. You don’t remember what you just wrote?

    • But i do know about gun fire, Russell. And one doesn’t have to have been threatened with being shot or pistol whipped to know they have enough guts to take it without breaking down

    • Tell me then, what do you know about gunfire?

    • I never said i wouldn’t be scared if threatened with such things. But i do know who i am and my kind don’t scare easy. I would happily have a fire fight with someone stupid enough to fire on me. And it wouldn’t bother me, i promise

    • I know nothing about combat or being shot at and i never said i did. I do know a lot about gun fire though, i’v been shooting since the age of five. I am an expert rifleman

    • But you’re the one that started all of this crap. If you just came with some respect fine but you started calling all liberals cowards and yellow bellies. If you had stepped to me in person like this, there’s a good chance I’d have bitch slapped you to your knees by now. But then again people like you tend to get real polite when face to face with me. Funny that.

    • I doubt you would ‘bitch slap’ me without me getting very upset, Russell. Reminder Russell, you don’t know me like i didn’t know you 🙂 About you being pro-gun remember?

    • I tend to ‘step up’ on folks when i get angry. I have never been slapped down once and have never backed down once 🙂

    • I’ve had martial arts training I’ve faced big men and small and very few people back me down.
      Bottom line you messed with the wrong person. Take your troll ass back under the bridge. People are tired of your hateful, disrespectful drivel. Liberals are just as good Americans as any other. I love this country and you don’t understand the history of the BLM you don’t understand that it was the very freedoms of ranchers to do as they pleased that led to massive deforestation, loss of habitat, and led to the wild animals being put on the endangered or threatened species list in the first place.
      The ranchers had their chance and they fucked it up.

      Take some time and do a foogle search for tragedy of the Commons. See what you get.

    • And when did i state that all liberals are cowards, Russell? I stated that all anti-gun liberals are cowards

    • Oh man I’m done your a bottemless pit.
      Have a nice life.
      I won’t be responding to your tripe anymore.
      P.S. It must suck to be on the wrong side of history and wrong about most things.

    • You’re wrong, i do know about those things, Russell. All grazing animals can destroy entire areas if there aren’t enough predators to keep them in check. And when you bring the wolves back they bring land back to health. I love nature and love parks but there are legal ways to establish parks and habitats

    • The fact that you think there is only an un-constitutional way to do that is telling.

    • Internet tough guys lol. Arrogance is funny. Everyone thinks theyre the action hero. Russell are you even active? You think your martial arts training is going to help vs someone who has been in many real street fights and has 2-3x your physical strength, or just someone willing to shoot/stab you. Cmon ! You’ll be using your ninja skill while they gouge your eyes, and stab or shoot you. Austin seems more dangerous as he daydreams about things that might be possible, shooting people then dying by cop. Either way, best thing is to avoid confrontation, then if it’s really desired go back and get them off guard later.

    • Yeah I’ve been in many street fights. I don’t start them but I’ve ended all of them. You might want to read the other posts before you start your teststerone filled rant. As your 2×3 times my physical strength you clearly don’t know what your talking about. Most of martial arts focuses on turning another persons strength, balance and timing against them.
      BTW you’re advocating revenge and ambushing someone later is completely cowardly and I have no respect for anyone that does that.
      Call me crazy, I prefer the knife to be in my face than coming to stab me in the back.
      And of course you would rather talk about anything instead of my original post because you don’t have facts on your side.


  • OK so for all the right wing nutters out there. This is the reason for the Malheur National wildlife refuge. It’s not some conspiracy to ruin ranchers but rather a plan to protect a significant piece of our natural world both for future generations and for the birds that call it home.

    Pay special attention to the part where the ranchers (then given the freedom to do what they pleased) turned the area into what the author calls mud and cow shit. Way to be a steward fo the land.


    • So conservation agenda justifies double jeopardy, property and water rights being revoked, and constitutional violations? A cause so righteous that people’s rights, freedoms, and financial and personal lives should be sacrificed? Continued blind faith in government isn’t going to leave this a better place for our youth.

    • Clearly you didn’t read the part where the ranchers in the area had their chance to be stewards on their land and they turned it into fields of cow shit and mud.
      Clearly you don’t understand the concept of the Tragedy of the Commons so I’ll splain it to you.

      Tragedy of the Commons is when a bunch of greedy, nearsighted, egotistical assholes pollute and generally ruin the land for fun and profit (the official term is wasting a property). And that’s why we have laws and regulations, so assholes can’t just turn their land into a toxic waste dump for example.
      Just because someone owns the land doesn’t mean they get to do whatever they want on it.
      You might have missed the part where the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is an important ecological zone that is critical to the health of the native and migratory animals. Maybe you just don’t care. Either way you represent the fuck you, I got mine mentality of the past. It must suck to be you and on the wrong side of history.

    • Russell Poley, LMAO. You do know that supporting the unlawful taking of people’s property for wildlife refuges will lead to the taking of private property for far less honorable causes right? LMAO That’s why the constitution limits federal land. You’re too stupid to see why you should be against it LMAO I’m smart enough to see the good that refuges do, but you are too stupid to see the bad that comes from allowing government to violate the constitution.

    • You should do some more research, there are more birds on the privately owned land around the refuge that in it. The animals have NOTHING to do with this, just like they tried to use a freaking tortoise as an excuse at Bundy Ranch.

      You do realize the BLM is stealing land from ranchers all over the entire country, and not just the Hammonds piece right? Or did CNN fail to mention that to you.

    • Russell Poley, if you stand by and keep attacking all who stand up to violations of our constitution the sad truth is that one day you will come to understand that your kind were on the wrong side of history after all of our freedoms have been taken and we’ve been left with no means of gaining them back because you helped to disarm your own people. The wrong side of history isn’t always the loser most of the time it is the winner!

  • I am not with these guys at all. I think that they are either really stupid gun nuts or pro gun grabbers willing to do jail time
    Either way, I don’t support these assholes.

  • Very interesting.

  • good to keep an eye on the Pres cause Impeachment is in works and this is the time for us to unite against the few.

  • Big Brother is putting these folks in a double jeopardy type of situation to try to gain ownership of their land that has been owned by the family since before BLM was even a thought. Why? Because their land is full of natural resources… why else would the government stipulate that they have the first shot at buying the ranch if it has to be sold?

    There is a long backstory of the BLM harassing ranchers in the area. Do research before commenting that these people are terrorists.

    They are standing for the American people. There has been no violence, no burning of businesses, no looting.

    Remember that the men that signed the Declaration of Independence were considered to be traitors and terrorists.


  • Hope they can resolve this peacefully.

  • Dane Burns

    • I mean, in all fairness this is all totally anecdotal and not verifiable in any way. Not that it would surprise me, intelligence operatives are pretty shady.

  • Since the so called militia are not deemed as Terrorists, the government isn’t going to do jack shit, just like with the Bundy Ranch yahoos.

  • It’s amazing how many so called libertarians are actually just statist liberals in drag.

    • Exactly. I am stunned by it too. It looks like the people will always need their state. You got to know there is no hop when “libertarians” are calling for state military drone strikes and B52 carpet bombing.

  • What is happening in Oregon is NOT domestic terrorism, but desperate people trying to maintain what is theirs in the face of unlawful government. The facts:

    The federal government has bought out all the ranchers and farmers that will sell.
    The federal government has scared off all the ranchers and farmers that will scare.

    Now they must resort to fascist tactics. The Hammonds refused to sell. They refused to scare. The federal government trumped up false charges of arson to put them in prison for refusing to give in to the feds theft of their land.

    The Hammonds were actually preserving their land through controlled burns. The feds don’t like controlled burns because it takes their control away. The feds charged the Hammonds with arson alleging they were burning to cover up poaching. Remember, we are talking about the Hammond’s land. The feds charged them with arson on their own land to cover up poaching on their own land. Now they are destitute. They have spent everything to legally defend what is rightly theirs and the federal government has used OUR money as deep pockets to destroy these people. That is WICKED.

    Remember! These protestors in Oregon have not done anything that rises to the magnitude of Ferguson or Baltimore. Obama said he understood Ferguson and Baltimore but now the feds are crying domestic terrorism for a real peaceful demonstration? Seriously? Why are the feds upset? Perhaps because its something the feds think they own that is being seized. Its ok for thugs to destory private property in a riot but not ok for law abiding citizens to peacefully protest federal thuggary. That’s the government we have today, America.

    CHALLENGE: SHOW ME, anyone, where the Constitution authorizes the federal government to manage land?!?

    The federal government is illegally occupying State and private property. Now these ranchers and farmers have either lost or in threat of losing everything.

    It is unconstitutional for the Feds to own land.

    Arrested for burning invasive weeds in a controlled burn on their ranch that allegedly spread to adjacent federal land, they were convicted of arson – did their time, then one of the most overturned courts in the US, the 9th District, decided that they didn’t serve enough time so they added five years AFTER THE FACT. They completed their sentence. They have been free for years because they were released, as in their sentence was finished. That’s a done deal. A judge wants to violate the law of double jeopardy, which is unconstitutional.

  • Do not let this go down with shots fired. It will only go down in favor of government

  • Okay so just assuming that this information is true they activated a reserve unit in the area because of the standoff in the next logical conclusion you can come to is there going to activate Special Forces next?

    You be crazy

  • Laura lmfao

  • No one needs to die

  • Bill Clinton had no problem killing women and children. Obama won’t have any issue with violence against peaceful protest.

  • wtf, this shit would be over and done with already if these guys were black, olive, brown or yellow. USA get your shit together.

    • Why are you making this a racial thing?? I am sick and tired of hearing all the racial bs. Lets for once set aside our race and stand together as AMERICANS. I am not sure I side with these protesters but lets see who fires the first shot. Your right these people are all white and there has been no violence so far….lets think about that.

  • The prospect that there are paid lambs sent in there to be slaughtered by their sender (because we all know that’s a probable endgame here) should be truly eye opening to even the most devout statist. Everyone who said I was the cuckoo for remembering Waco and Ruby Ridge just a little differently than the public narrative better be paying attention… this time it’s gone corporate sponsor :/

  • leave them alone and go home, they will do the same later if there is nobody to report and aid there cause!!! send in John Kerry he will smoth it all out

  • These heroes standing up for the Native Americans and their land, community and freedom to enterprise is truly heartwarming.

    • If they’re standing up for the Native Americans, as you say, then how come those same Native Americans are telling them to leave?

    • It was meant to be both sarcastic and highlighting the irony..

  • Fuck ’em!

  • I guessed it from the begining that it would not end well…

  • The government best fix the corruption and miscarriage of justice behind this instead of attacking the protesters…get to the root of the problem…a corrupt Democratic appointed district attorney and federal government!

  • Lol seriously? This entire article is the definition of anecdotal evidence.

  • I don’t doubt this

  • If every body would just not cover these people, they will just go away.

  • Guess it’s not a secret now…

  • Christian Yingling, seems you’re not the only one that thinks Ryan Payne is a tool.

  • that is an understatement

  • No one there is a federal agent.

    Stop saying stupid shit.

  • It’s easy to see who are Libertarians and who are Statists.

  • Cracker BarBQ party coming soon.Half the world is going to be laughing. Good luck,your going to need it.

  • the Feds know america is watching. NO MORE RUBY RIDGE OR WAKO

  • What would happen if these were black people protecting their own, they would be dead or arrested and charged with terrorist offences! The US is a corrupt and very unequal country that I would never visit!

  • It’s a good way to prove they need to conte guns more! Bravo!!

  • Seriously? All this support for these dudes? For what? Because another dude’s fire burned some state property and now he’s going to jail, again? Black children have been murdered by the gov. Black men have been choked to death on camera for no reason by the gov, women have been found dead in their cell days after being pulled over for not signaling, and this is who you stand behind??? This is your big stand against the tyranny of big govt? WHAT IN THE ENTIRE F**K?! Talking about you aren’t racist but let’s see bundy and other “patriots” at the next blm protest where people actually are shooting at protestors.. #BlackLivesMatter all this other bullshyyt is for the birds

    • When black people are upset about all crimes, instead of just when a white person or police commit offenses, then your dumb (bowl) “movement” will be noted.
      Until then, try again.

    • Was that English?

  • Had they not been rich and white it would have already come to violence.

  • Robbie Williams

    • Cut their heat, electricity, food supply, water supply. Place them under complete and total siege and let them make the walk of shame.

  • So called ” authority ” of any kind has no Legitimacy .

  • They aren’t terrorists anymore then anyone else, making a point the only way available after the government wouldn’t listen to common sense, and after lawyers who just wanted to make a name for their selves, government reduced to controlling the situation so they don’t look like the bad guy. government over stepping.

  • Just what many of us thought.

  • I got banned from brave new films on Facebook for being a Truther….. Go on there spread the word

  • A representative response – there is no person taken hostage. This were civil asset forfeiture based on deliberate lies told in spitit of ‘fair and impartial trial’ by government court of law. Representatives have all the time in the world to handle and de-fuse this situation. They should be asking at each turn whether a given action were necessary. Militia suggest their action were necessary due to government court violating it’s authority. Otherwise, they could had arrested the party in violation? Yell the militia why you want them to stop protecting you when government over-reaches its authority, each and every time, once and for all, or declare conditional support how you want things to be handled, thank you.

  • OK, firstly, we all know the ‘oath keepers’ organization, & their boss Stewart Rhodes especially, are controlled opposition. Which seems to be the main source for this tale.Furthermore, the article says”Many in the community have deemed those involved in the standoff as potential federal agent provocateurs” …. an ambiguous sweeping focus on the message they want portrayed, without any particular sources named … standard mass media deception tactic, playing on the group-think mentality. Many think the opposite, but they don’t wanna point THAT out. What they’re truly doing is launching a PR/propaganda war against them, to thereby detract from their support and clear the way for attack, while minimizing the public outcry/response/vengeance that results. Setting aside the fact that EVERYONE knows damn well every single large militia out there had it’s leadership heavily infiltrated by the feds in the 90’s, so they have no credibility anyways, especially seeing as they have made it clear they wont bust a grape in Welch’s back yard, no matter what the government’s goon squads do.

  • They did it to the Indians. It’s payback time.

  • HERE WE GO! The sh*t has hit the fan in the #OregonStandoff. Arrests have been made.

    “According to an inside source, federal agents are following members leaving the compound and arresting them offsite to prevent a large scale shoot out.”

    Stay safe, #Patriots!


  • Shame on you guys for spreading this garbage. NO ONE wants these sorry excuses for patriots in Oregon. Quite frankly the more you media fools, and yes I mean yiu, give them a platform the longer these sorry excuses will continue to spit on the rights of the citizen who live in the county.

  • if it ends peacfully nothin will change!we march and like,comment,and share.and peacfully protest and what good is it doing!Im bitching now about the same shit my parents were 40 years ago.so what good does peaceful protest get us.0 if they have no conciquinces for what there doin ,then peaceful whinning aint gonna motivate them to give up any part of there control over us.we all know it.but have we had enough yet? apperently not!!

  • for the govt, if the oathkeepers send out the call you might just be suprised how many will answer…..

  • duh

  • Paiute tribe to Oregon refuge protesters: “We were here first” The area that is now the Malheur refuge was once their wintering grounds. “They just need to get the hell out of here. We’d be already shot up, blown up or in jail. Just being honest. They are used to killing us” Member of the Tribal Council.