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Deadly U.S. Hypocrisy Exposed as World’s Biggest Arms Dealer Moves to Limit America’s Access to Guns


Washington, D.C. – On Tuesday, President Obama announced that he’ll bypass Congress, by executive action, in an effort force more gun sellers to get licensed federally and to increase the amount of buyers required to undergo background checks.

While the federal government attempts to limit Americans’ access to guns, the American arms industry has had no such impediments placed in its way as it sells deadly arms to tyrannical regimes and terrorist groups across the globe.

Just 5 years ago, the Obama administration secured the largest arms sale in the history of the world when he sold $60 billion in weapons to a country who beheads more people than ISIS, Saudi Arabia.

The American defense industry is the undisputed champion of the global arms market, as the U.S. exported over $36.2 billion in weaponry in 2014, accounting for over 60 percent of the total arms sold worldwide, according to a report by the Congressional Research Service.

chart weapons

Trailing the U.S. in weapons receipts is Russia, with $10.2 billion in sales in 2014, followed by Sweden with $5.5 billion, France with $4.4 billion and China with $2.2 billion, reports The New York Times.

It seems logically inconsistent to condone being the merchant of death to whole of the globe, while at the same time pushing to curtail or limit American citizens’ right to own a gun in the name of stopping killing.

Even though the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment gives Americans the right to have arms, a right that is defended fiercely by many of its citizens, the U.S. government has continually attempted to limit and usurp gun ownership under the guise of making Americans safer.

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Republican presidential candidates have already weighed in, promising to reverse Obama’s unilateral executive order if they win the White House in 2016, and legal challenges to the new guidelines are a virtual certainty.

According to a report by Reuters:

Under the changes, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) will issue guidelines intended to narrow exceptions to a system that requires sellers to check with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to determine whether buyers have criminal records, are charged with crimes or have mental health conditions that would bar them from owning a gun.

On the surface, the guidelines seem benign, but the creeping intention is a slow and steady movement towards the eventual disarming of the general American public, with special exemptions and costly permits for those deemed worthy to qualify for what was intended to be a right of all Americans.

Where are the background checks for the “moderate Syrian rebels”?

The American government apparently thinks it’s acceptable to allow U.S. companies to sell weapons to despotic regimes, such as the Saudis, who in turn supply those same weapons to Islamic fundamentalist terror groups, but wants to make it harder for American citizens to buy a gun.

Have Americans also forgotten that under the Obama administration, countless innocent civilians have been blown to shreds by US drones firing hellfire missiles.

In October, an aerial bombing in the Afghan city of Kunduz was conducted by the United States. During the bombing raid, a hospital was hit multiple times by US bombs.

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The bombardment left more than 20 members of staff and patients dead and dozens more injured. Information released after the attack revealed that the US knew the target was, in fact, a hospital occupied by unarmed patients and staff. If anyone needs to be checked before obtaining dangerous weapons, it the U.S. government.

What most of the gun grabbers fail to understand is, as John Locke stated — “self-defense is the first law of nature,” as each person owns their own life and no other person having a right to take that life.

Those who would attempt to stop you from defending yourself are attacking the very right from which all other rights are derived; protection of one’s own life.

It seems that many politicians have a vested anti-gun agenda, as they act willfully ignorant of the fact that gun deaths and violent crime in America are at near historic lows, with the homicide rate being cut nearly in half. In fact, although most Americans think the number of gun crimes has risen, the nation’s overall gun death rate, which includes suicides and homicides, has declined 31% since 1993, according to Pew Research.

Gun Violence Has Declined Since '90s

Instead of demonizing the one hundred and fifty million people in America who legally own guns and who don’t go around shooting up churches, schools or children, or vilifying a simple tool, perhaps we should work to identify the root causes of violence in our society and then attempt to address them.

Until Americans educate themselves on the cause of this violence, uninformed and corrupt lawmakers will continue to focus on controlling the symptoms.

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Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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  • How about some self-control?

  • “When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” – John Lennon

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  • I remember a video of him saying that 2016 will be the “year of action”. This is it, this is the year all our lives will change

  • what is wrong to limit gun acces ,what is you human project !

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  • Not an either – or situation. Good progress today with guns and hopefully better drone policy soon.

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  • I live in Sweden and I have never seen a gun in my whole life. What idiots want to have it and WHY???

  • we don’t want your guns.. we want the guns of the mentally ill,and the racist fox news nut jobs that just want to kill people.

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    • Oh, I think the NRA is racist.

    • Riiiiiight because these laws will definitely stop “mentally ill” people from obtaining firearms… Making drugs illegal has really lowered the amounts of drug users

    • with your logic we can sell guns to kids so they can shoot anyone they want.and let them drive cars because we still have car accidents.. if someone is mentally ill sell them a gun that is perfect!!!

    • Where there is a will there is a way John Kolenberg . If that’s not obvious to you, you are part of the problem. Making more laws will not prevent anyone from obtaining one it will only increases the black market for them. Don’t be stupid.

    • the guns can still be bought only not by terrorists domestic or foreign or if you are mentally ill.. why do you favor selling a gun to mentally ill person or criminal, terrorist etc. why does that scare you? if you are not a nut case you have nothing to worry about.. i think the people that are worried that obama is coming for their guns are nut cases, because they clearly do not understand the idea

    • Sorry Heath Ogle but can’t support anybody who embraces that traitor flag, and I from the south.

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    • Justin Watson Post a picture of Obama and make up your own saying.Don’t worry,the idiots will believe it without ever checking.

    • Heath Ogle, refugees go through 18 to 24 months of background checks and vetting before being allowed into the US. Gun buyers have a 3 day waiting period. Do you really not understand the difference?

    • John Kolenberg I do not support the mentally ill, foreign or domestic terrorists. If you believe that than toy missed the point. There are already laws in place to “prevent” such things and obviously that don’t work so yeah let’s make it harder foe law abiding citizens to purchase and own guns and further infringe upon our second amendment rights. Are you fucking mental? Probably.

    • then how are the mentally ill and fox news nuts/bots allowed to buy the guns that have been killing our fellow citizens?

  • War! What is it good for? Oh yes the good old US of A. We are being manipulated by the rich. Our children and children’s children will pay for this madness.

  • I’m not for the drone war at all… but drawing the correlation between that and having to get a background check is pretty fucking retarded. The difference? Drone strikes (hopefully) take out bad guys with the innocents… in mass shootings it’s ONLY the innocents who die.

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  • we had a mentally ill president for 8 years with the name of george w. bush.and look what happened to us….he took us off a cliff….allowing mentally ill or unstable people to buy guns is insane.

    • What do you consider mentally ill because there are many levels of it?

    • for starters anyone that feels the need to kill his fellow human beings is mentally ill

  • Obama has killed thousands of innocent Afghan Civilians… Presiden of Chaos, Spectre,

    • Of all the people killed in wars in the last 30 years,Obama is the only one you can place blame on.Interesting.

  • The Free Thought Project = fox news republican rag.. where were your complaints when george w. bush was the worlds biggest arms dealer and what he did to the iraqi people? we want the mentally ill not to have guns.. the rest of you can keep them if you are not mentally ill

    • thats all fine, but anybody can be diagnosed as mentally ill in our pill popping culture that has a medical term for every emotion and seems to think that normal means numb.

    • James Millen there is a reason for that,,,

    • Statistics don’t lie.

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    • yeah we saw how that worked when g.w. bush who was/is really mentally ill had his way

    • John, The Free Thought Project wasn’t a FB page when Bush was President. The below pic was posted by TFTP today. They bash where it’s deserved and is the most bipartisan when it comes to bashing I’ve seen yet. Frankly, they’re my favorite page and I hate BOTH parties equally.

    • Why are they called the Left Wing & Right Wing? Because they’re attached to the same bird! This is not a joke!

    • people dont have wings and they are not a bird.. fox news is news for idiots. it is comedy.. and bad comedy at that

    • Did you not comprehend what I said? Democrats are commonly called the Left Wing, and Republicans the right wing. Seriously? You can’t be that ignorant..
      Who said anything about fox news? Wtf are you talking about?
      If you’d like to talk about news channels.. They are ALL controlled by the same entities. 90% of all media are owned by 6 corporations.

    • i can see a big difference from the right wing and left wing.. you can’t because you are ignorant

    • John, you keep mentioning Fox news as a source of news for idiots. Do you realize that they’ve only donated to one candidate, and are one of the top 10 donors to that candidate? That candidate is Hillary Clinton. Do some non-partisan research on opensecrets.org rather than the highly partisan and misleading occupydemocrats page.

    • John, you’re clueless. Faces change in the Oval Office but the agenda stays the same.

    • no kidding because the republicans gerry mander, votes and obstruct everything they can working for the rich kock brothers

    • John, I know it’s a typical knee jerk reaction for statists to try to draw any invalid comparisons they can think of when their supreme leader is called out, however… you might want to do just a smidge more research and investigating before calling us Fox news or Bush supporters. By doing so, you will only continue to make yourself look silly to everyone who actually knows the truth.

    • The belief systems and agendas may be different, but rest assured friend. They are the same in many ways.

      For starters, neither gives two shits about you

    • The Free Thought Project.com why arent you calling for the arrest of bush/cheney and their entire staff they put us/obama in this mess we are in

    • John, under your logic, every president from Kennedy on should be arrested for either military actions, or economic policy. Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, most of the middle east, various economic policies such as NAFTA, zero down home loans, bailouts, etc. As someone said earlier in the thread “faces change, but the agenda stays the same”. As for gerrymandering, really? Which President rushed to make 5 million illegals citizens so that they could vote in the last presidential election? You throw Koch brothers out there, but fail to bring up George Soros, who tried to buy an election by donating more than any individual has ever donated to a single campaign. Please quit basing opinions on political memes. Maybe go to a library, or try finding your information at non-partisan sites like opensecrets.org or at least verify truth with snopes.com.

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  • We are up a serious creek right now.

  • Training police in Israel!!!!!! Funding Israel, supporting Israel!!! How can USA government take moral high ground on killing – they promote it – globally!

    • More importantly how can the democrats?

      The democrats have marched us into every war the last 100 years outside of the two Bush presidents.

      Obama has gotten our military in two fights. The dems love guns, just as long as it’s big oppressive militaries that have them.

  • You have to be totally off your rocker to give up your guns to this mass murderer .There was a good reason the Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment into the Constitution and the Obama regime is a prime example of it.

    • Did somebody ask you to give up your guns asshole? NO?So why are you saying that then?

    • Gregory C Smith that is their ultimate goal with thisASSHOLE !

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  • Is it just me or does anybody else believe that George Carlin did not say that. Considering ISIS wasn’t around when he was alive.

  • why do you Americans moan about having your guns taken away….its not as if use have the balls to stand up to the government with ur guns…. because if use did then alot more cops would be dead and more government cunts would be dead.

    • why do you non-americans care so much about taking our guns while condemning our government? lol

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    • im on the side of humanity and common sense.

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    • I did use my gun to stop an attempted home invasion at 5 in the morning last year. That counts for something right?

    • but was it necessary? probably not. its only because guns are legal, people want a gun to defend themselves. because they know everyone else has a gun. where was ur gun when a 12 year old kid was shot dead by a cop, for having a BB gun…

    • oh yeah I forgot, use only want to defend yourselves from each other, but not defend yourself or anyone else when it comes to a cop pulling a gun out on you. you having a gun gives the cops the right to kill you… because all they have to say is ” I was in fear of my life” or “I felt threatened” lmao morons

    • The first thing I would ever say to a cop during a traffic stop is I have my firearm on me.

      And yes, it was necessary. You should have heard my dogs barking, 2 labs that couldn’t hurt the smallest of things. Growling like I’ve never heard, even they knew they were in grave danger.

    • Chris Warr, the point is that if one freedom is taken away then another can be as well. Imagine if your leader told you that you couldn’t suck dick anymore because some people catch STDs from it. Ahhh, now you get it!

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    • Chris Warr where you from? So what do you do depend on your government for your safety and well being?

    • sammy lively. i live in Scotland. so we dont have murdering cops and guns. sorry thats a lie we do have murdering cops because mark duggan was murdered by police and the police placed a gun at the crime scene and said it was his…. and I defend myself with my fist and feet. no need for a gun. pussy.

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  • The Free Thought Project.com John Kolenberg You are right John, between 2000 and 2008 Bush had the largest sale of arms to developing countries. Yes, the State Department sold arms, but it doesn’t compare to the amount sold by Bush, and who then turned around and bought more military weapons from Cheney. Lets get real here, gun control is being hypocritical, drones and sale of arms is not the same as a fool with a gun shooting kids or himself.

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  • It’s a valid point. We have no problem with supplying countries with arms, but say we have a problem with access here. I don’t buy it for a minute that we’re really up in arms over the deaths here, or we seem to have no problems with non combatants in other countries being killed. So what’s the concern then? Could it be that they’re concerned that at some point the American people will come for them?

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  • The Crocodile President shedding Crocodile tears as he devours citizen victims..False tears as laws,economics,gun confiscation,wars,poverty,and more devours us in a bloody feeding frenzy of predatory leaders,elite,wealthy,rich,political systems,economics,cages,and myriads more..

    • Tell me just one place that is confiscating guns.Just ONE.And I don’t even know what to make of that first sentence.

    • Gregory C Smith The Police Confiscate Guns all the time from criminals the laws and economy has made..Crocodile and Crocodile Tears are a Idiom meaning a predator devouring the prey crying fake tears while doing it and about it..

  • How about some drone control AS WELL!

  • Next free thought will be waving confederate flags and misspelling words.

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  • Why do democrats hate the second amendment? They love guns. Their military industrial complex buddies are all about them.

    Democrats have marched us into every war of the last 100 years except the Bush family.

    WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the wars we stepped in during the Clinton administration.

    They just don’t want civilians to be able to defend themselves when they take our rights.

    • Tell me how THEY are trying to stop you from defending your rights.Can you post that information for us to see.Your OPINION doesn’t count by the way.BTW.You have a special kind of memory when it comes to history

    • Hmm. The War Powers act. The Patriot act just to name a few. The NSA spying program.

      My opinion counts just as little as yours buddy.

    • Republicans are just as batty. Frankly I’m tired of both parties.

  • I misse something again. Hasn’t he had almost 8 years to address this??

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  • What the USA has done with guns (gun access control) outside the borders of the nation has to be criminal. Another good thing about the 3 branches of government is no personal responsibility. Ugh!

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  • No no dummy ronald reagan was the biggest arms dealer in this country or shall I say the folks that were running this country while he sit in a corner not knowing his name and shyting on himself. Get your facts straight

  • Wow, way off base.

  • If Obama stopped the sales of guns to Foreign Governments, et al, their would be a HUGE outcry about jobs lost, treaties broken, and an economy in ruins.

  • Who cares?

  • Can’t we have drone control AND gun control?

  • What if we have mentally ill presidents that collaborate with Saudi Arabia to have controlled demolitions at ETC. What about mentally ill that arm Islamic rebels is Syria and escalate a devastating war. And then claim they brought peace to Syria. What to do with the mentally ill Bill.Clinton and the controlled demolition on zPklahoma City. ..

  • Ammosexuals and NRA flunkies be like “Lets change the subject to drones!”

  • George Carlin frequently commented on the stupidity of people and how reckless and foolish they are. Do you think he’d want every idiot on the planet armed with guns to boost the profits of the gun manufacturers?

  • Dear Mr Obama, just to let you know, the rest of the educated world is all for arms control. Please can you extend it beyond your borders. PS. we don;t care how many of you citizens have guns at home in USA. give em out free for all we care.

  • Quick: Name all the countries we’re bombing right now!

  • Crocodile and Crocodile Tears are a Idiom meaning a predator devouring the prey crying fake tears while doing it and about it..

  • Slavery is illegal unless it is for a crime..Not suspected of a crime but for a crime.In order to enslave for a crime the person has to be found guilty of a crime in a court of law..In order to make the legal law system,courts,and more legal under the 13th amendment 3 or more Summons to appear in court postmarked two weeks before the court date should be sent out,If accused does not appear then bounty hunters go out and bring said suspect directly to court for trial by judge or jury..But this cannot be allowed until other illegal slavery issues are addressed and changed such as no real ownership,taxation,tax seizure,crime and no crime confiscation,set ups( illegal),asset allocation after market and legal plus other illegal sabotages,forfeiture,imminent domain,search and seizure with open border illegal drugs and even set ups,and more are illegal no crime conviction slavery theft to murder,to kidnapping,to extortion,to torture etc..With the needed to be addressed and changed not equal controlled laws,economics,education,trade,and myriads more forcing crimes for survival for illegal slavery.Illegal slavery by no crime conviction arrest,holding,stopping,cuffing,caging,beating,tasering,shooting,and much more based on laws of everything illegal making the laws illegal slavery,by cages for cash with inmate slavery labor by laws of everything illegal after outsourcing,downsizing,closing,pouring in mass immigration,not hiring citizens,automating,making robotics,spy state,police state,forcing wars and factory farms forcing inflation and debt,forcing illiteracy by sabotaged ruined education,All of it very very illegal no crime slavery by no conviction,and by causing,coercing,and even forcing crimes,by felonies for crimes the time has been served for,Under the 13th amendment,1st amendment,and many others of the Constitution all of the above is highly illegal including policing,stopping,ticketing,arresting,investigating,spying,caging,holding,isolating,gang stalking,causing,coercing,and forcing crimes by the above institutions ways of laws,economics,real estate,trade,and more..It is not only immoral,unethical,dishonorable,it is illegal.Felonies are illegal slavery,background checks are illegal slavery,causing,coercing,and forcing crimes by laws of everything illegal,not counting the unemployed after unemployment runs out,by no real ownership,no equality,outsourcing,and myriads more prove myriads of crimes and war crimes by political systems,politicians,corporate business persons and groups,by government persons and groups,by international influence and trade,by cages for cash and inmate slavery labor instead of rehabilitation,good psychologist,work with livable wages,by equal real learning,by real ownership,and myriads more proves it 100% that policing,arrest,caging,ticketing,fining,investigating,felonies,background checks,jails,prisons,and more are all illegal slavery because crimes are being forced by laws,economics,no equality,no real ownership,and myriads more,In fact it is at such a rate it is a national security danger,a economic danger,mental health danger,It is treason,it is terrorism,abuse,torture,stealing,all the way to War crimes of mas murder,disabling of mass millions,and much more..Demand the 13th amendment be fully implemented and enforced by giving those who have and are planning,plotting,causing,coercing,forcing,and allowing all of the above the same as the citizens get by laws,economics,punishments,felonies,and myriads more for real laws of justice,for real justice.If not I highly suggest assassinations,civil war,revolution,or to totally collapse the whole dame thing..

  • This is very interesting and Obama is not to blame as this has been happening for decades. It is very hypercritical to cry out against gun sales in America while we are arming regimes all over the world. It’s a not in my backyard mentality.

  • We all know he has a hand up his ass…

    • All of our presidents do as well as our congressmen and senators.
      They’re for hire to the highest bidder and we allow it to happen.

  • As an American hispanic, I’m tired of how all of these coward racist liberals like Obama, Clinton, and their supporters are trying to turn this great country into a 3rd world one. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems we have right now is the media and entertainment that are always trying to tell us how to think. They have created enough imbeciles that would re-elect a failure like Obama. Even more, I’m supposed to bow down to anti-American Obama, love liberal policies no matter how destructive they are, love bigger enslaving government, and be in favor of illegal immigration because of the color of my skin… disgusting. That’s why I and others created the only true pro-America comic strip. Please support our cause by Liking our facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/chepoteam . Thank you

    • Just a bit of info, since you’re clearly only seeing half of the issue here. Republicans do the same thing. They tax the same, they spend the same, they want to restrict liberties the same… there is no difference. Don’t let the media lie to you, fox news is a mouthpiece for the Republicans and will paint them as the saints sent to save the country from the evil opposition… and msnbc and CNN do the same thing for the other side. Truth is, both major parties are working for the same people, and achieving the same goals, with the same outcome.

      Don’t eat their bullshit.

  • There has to be a higher thought process at work here where if we sell the entire world weapons, then we can track everything they have, I just dont know if its that innocent of a reason or if its purely economical. I suppose in order to develop new weapons we need to generate income to also turnaround and destroy the ones we’ve sold.

  • we have successfully been infiltrated my friends…

  • Watching my friends be happy about yesterday like…

    We are doomed.

  • Nothing more then taking the cleats from the opposing team. AS he cries about a death and rightfully so he goes and kills too many to count.
    Only words separate it all.

  • Then he loans them money we don’t have to buy the things we can’t afford for our own military . WTF facts !!!

  • DON’T associate the US Military with private gun sales that are responsible suicides, homicides, and mass killings in The United States…

    • So the Guns, bombs and tanks the US sells to foreign countries aren’t responsible for any mass killings? Seems legit…

    • I said “private gun sales” in The United States…” Don’t bother trying to change what I said…

    • private gun sales by criminals who don’t obey gun laws?

    • Our constitutional right to bare arms was written at a time when weaponry was still in it’s infancy however over time the weapons have gotten bigger and more high tech. The right to bare arms was our right to be able to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government and our forefathers wanted us to have that protection as citizens. Our ability to legally own weapons is our way to protect ourselves. Anyone follow history…… What happened after Hitler and Hirohito instituted weapon confiscations and restricted who could have them? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

    • Dickless jizz chugging liberals who run to their safe space when guns are discussed are the biggest threat to freedom this country has ever faced.

    • Here’s some reason.

      Keep in mind that if a gun WAS legally purchased and used by the owner of it. It is included in the .0008% of crimes that are committed by a person with a legal firearm. This is the portion of the population that would actually go through all of the steps of purchasing a gun and then make a stupid decision to use it in a crime.

      If it was stolen, then it belongs in the 94-97% of guns used in committing crimes with guns. Surprise! Criminals don’t get permits, background checks or give a flying sh*t what the “laws” are.

      99.9992% of law-abiding gun owners DO NOT commit crimes with their guns.

      Therefore, more gun laws will have virtually no effect on something like this whatsoever. Unless you are trying to go after that “evil” .0008% of the population.

      The only way for things like this to stop is for the perpetrator to fear their intended victims.


    • As much as i agree with bobby the only way to get this to stop is to get people to raise their damn kids right again. Everyone seems to forget the vast majority of shootings take place by mentally ill individuals who have been ostracized by society and never had real parents who gave a fuck about their lives or they were kids who were bullied in school. Honestly with how over populated the world is and how many shitty people there are out there i dont blame the people who snap at all its society who needs to take responsibility for the monsters it creates. If you fucks paid attention to your kids and got them the help they need shootings would be a non issue just like in the 40s 50s and 60s when kids carried guns to school so they could hunt on the way home.

    • time to open up your eyes murica’s citizens, no matter who is selling … point is that whole goverment in your country is corupted and politicians are just puppets of bankers and private corporations which rules them …. these bankers have to live somewhere … haven’t they ? …. .. go to infowars.com and listen to what they are saying

    • “That are Responsible for suicides” yea because if guns didn’t exist suicide wouldn’t either! Do you ever read back the shit that you type before you press post?

    • America is currently 48th in the world for suicides. Who’s number one??? Gun free Japan.


    • Thank you Bobby McGee, I’ve been explaining that as well but people don’t seem to get it! The only one these laws will affect are law abiding citizens who have committed no crime. It failed with the drug war and it will fail with guns as well. Your right to defend your home is as much of a right as smoking a joint. Personal choices effect nobody else, yet we’ll be locking people up in our for-profit prison system for disobeying when they come to take them away from people who have committed no crime. We need to stop with the BS laws that throw innocent people in jail unless they actually commit a crime against someone else.

    • “If guns are banned, criminals would still get guns.” That is an ignorant argument. You do understand that if there were no guns, the criminals can’t steal them, right?

      “The 2nd Amendment was intended for citizens to protect themselves from a tyrannical government.” Again, pure ignorance. The 2nd Amendment was designed to allow the citizens to defend a government of, and by the people. You do NOT have a right to bear arms against the government. The Constitution expressly gives the President the authority to put down armed insurrections. You brain-dead sheep need to read the REST of the Constitution, there’s more of it AFTER the 2nd Amendment.

    • Jakub Vích EGGS-ZACH-LEE!

    • Scott Knox you truly are an idiot….there is never gonna be a situation where there is “no guns” . you can’t just get rid of all the ILLEGAL guns. Haha.

    • They aren’t banning “all guns”, just prohibiting certain individuals who they see as high risk, from being able to have them. Guarantee they will be sending out police to collect from those who they want to disarm. In 2008 Columbia v. Heller the Supreme court ruled that the 2nd amendment applied to all citizens….they didn’t say, only those the government sees fit!

    • You do understand that you can take $10 to a hardware store and buy parts to make your own gun right? YouTube it…

      If guns were banned tomorrow, what would you defend yourself with, against someone that made their own gun, to rob or kill you?

      The founders knew a person defending their life was the most important thing besides them being able to speak freely.

    • Mosh Morris, no shit. That isn’t the point. The point is, you can’t steal something that isn’t there. IF there were NO guns, criminals couldn’t steal them. That is indisputable. Less guns = less crime involving guns. Again, indisputable. That same flawed logic also applies to any law. “If there are speeding laws, only speeders will speed.” Might as well do away with speeding laws. “If driving drunk is illegal, drunk drivers will still drive drunk.” Might as well make drinking and driving legal, right? “If we ban kids from smoking, criminal kids will still get cigarettes.” Why bother then, right? “If murder is illegal, people will still murder others.” Obviously there is no sense in making murder illegal then right? See how fucking stupid that sounds?

    • Yeah, the military NEVER kills any innocent civilians. Not once. Only the bad guys. The bullets just zoom around innocent people. And home in on the bad guys.

  • Reagan did it. Why should he be any different?

  • Stefan Zandecki Stefan Zandecki

  • is your mother a nazi too?

  • Requiring stricter background checks isn’t taking your guns. It’s a reasonable solution to a disgusting epidemic in this country. If you have an issue with it, then you’re probably one of the people that shouldn’t have a gun.

    • That’s great, except the graphic doesn’t say they’re trying to take guns, it says limit access 😉

    • It’s the gun control equivalent of the NYC Soda law. It’s not “reasonable” as it won’t have any affect on crime.

    • How do you know that it won’t effect crime ?

    • Limiting access is a bad thing? Any random person should be allowed to own an object specifically designed to kill? Responsible gun owners have nothing to fear from this.

    • Kathryn Washburn Cockman even the Whitehouse spoke person has admitted none of these laws will reduce crime.

    • Maybe it will prevent another group of first graders from being gunned down by a lunatic.

    • No. The government will ensure that will happen again when they need to impose further on the self evident rights of individuals.

    • A gun will probably prevent the next mass shooting. As it has been the only notable thing to stop a mass shooting. There’s a list you can Google. I won’t do your research for you.

    • How? How ,will it stop another crime? Guess what??? CRIMINALS DON’T FOLLOW THE LAWS!!!! THAT’S WHY THEY ARE CALLED CRIMINALS!!!!!

    • That’s a typical “ammosexual” response. Clearly the only answer to gun deaths is more guns! Give me a break.

    • If gun controls work then explain Chicagos near 500 gun murders last year. Chicago has the strictest gun control measures. The murderers didn’t apply for a backround check.

    • Some guns are specifically designed for target shooting.

    • I would just like to say I am not “anti gun”. However, I do agree with stricter background checks. I just find it funny how upset people get about something so simple. Maybe it won’t change crime. But at least they’re doing SOMETHING. Something needs to change and it isn’t more guns.

    • Kathryn Washburn Cockman It won’t work on crime because it has a proven track record of not working on crime just Like Joe Sweat said. California also has very strict gun control laws. Problem with laws are that they are only as good as the people that obey them and last time I checked, CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY THE LAW!

    • Heather Ell great now get the criminals to obey the law

    • Heather, statistically the majority of gun crime happens with guns bought via straw purchase, or stolen. Straw purchase = someone passed a background check. A realist understands that if a person wants to get a gun, they will. History has proven this. If they can’t legally, they’ll buy one through a straw-purchaser, or through a channel where they don’t need a background check, or they will steal one.

      If you do some research into mass shootings, you’ll realize that universal background checks would have prevented basically none of these tragedies. Lanza (Newtown) tried to buy a gun, took a background check but didn’t want to wait for the waiting period in CT. Gun control worked! Then he stole his mother’s gun and shot her…

    • The kid that killed the kids in Sandy Hook, did he have a criminal record? What about the San Bernadino killers? The kids from Columbine?

    • Ok, then you need a background check before you can use freedom of speech.

    • Even if it prevented one I would say it’s worth it.

    • Banning guns on a doctor’s word is ridiculous, asinine and the obvious stupid ass liberal logic that gun grabbers like to use.

      Address the mental health problem at its source – a society and culture declining due to greed and corporate takeover – not to mention poisons in our air, water and food… But of course, there’s a pill for that so that’s not the problem – the guns are the problem /s

    • Ryan Stein…what Whitehouse spokemen is that?

    • Matt I do agree with you on that. This country does have a big mental health issue but it also has a gun problem.

    • Not worried about what he said he was restricting for the most part, worried about all the bs that will get hidden in the law. It’s when they start telling people with opinions against the government that they are too crazy to possess guns that the real shit will start.. We don’t need more gun laws, we need to enforce the ones we already have..

    • Please don’t bring partisan bullshit into this though. That’s not what it’s about.

    • I can agree with that too Greg. It’s a tough situation but as I said, SOMETHING needs to be done.

    • You already have to have a background check. Most shootings are with illegal guns. Making it harder for law abiding citizens isn’t going to help anything.

    • Man, you’re all sure terrified a “criminal” will get you. Even though mass shootings have been carried out by law abiding citizens, who’ve somehow or another snapped, or their children. But yes, continue to bring up Chicago, as if it’s your last saving grace or something.

    • Sandy Hoax can be argued with those candy ass actors.

      Proper pysch evaluations are needed as well as background checks. Possibly even daily routines.

      If all you do is act like a antisocial hermit that plays shooters, then I want to make sure that you’re not about to crack and do something stupid.

      This gun law isn’t aimed at just gang bangers. Hell, the VTech kid walked right into a pawn shop to buy his.

      If idiots like that can buy a gun as easy as buying a candy bar, then something should be fixed.

    • The strict background tests already exist. The ability to buy guns over the internet statement was patently deceptive, the only way to do so is distributor or FFL to FFL, which still has the NICS background check.

    • Parents not locking up their firearms is a whole different issue. Be more responsible.

    • How about we just make tougher penalties to those who abuse their gun rights and cause harm to someone or their property instead of limiting people’s rights to buy, sell, or own them. Aka…have a gun, but if you’re a menace to society then you will feel the wrath of our moral society come down on you.

    • Heather Ell no the kid that shot the little kids at Sandy hook had a mental record ..San Bernardino was isil just plain ole terrorist…. Have to start somewhere if that steps on your 2 ND amendment rights so be it …I like seeing my grandkids come home safe .

    • Salvatore, I was robbed at gunpoint, shot at and beat to an inch within death. If I had my gun then, I wouldn’t have the myriad of health problems I now do, nor would I have been beat and shot at in the first place, AND justice would’ve been served.

    • Heather, Va Tech passed a background check. Columbine got their guns legally. San Bernadino passed a background check. Where you fall short is you assume a person crazed enough to commit an act like this would be so easily deterred, should a background check stop them…


    • Quite clearly Heather is a dick, don’t waste the electrons trying to reason with her.

    • Freedom of Speech isn’t the same as owning a firearm you idiot.

    • Yes, I’m a dick because I disagree with you. Stacey you clearly have a way with words. Leave the discussions to the adults thanks.

    • You need to research more. We are at record gun ownership & record low gun violence. Facts supported by our govt.

    • Yes, idiot it’s the same. Both are a guaranteed birthright.

    • Kathryn Washburn Cockman unfortunately, there’s a pile of evidence suggesting that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Also, a CIA/NSA contractor/Whistleblower came out saying that San Bernardino was carried out by one of the CIA contractors Craft International…along with witnesses describing men in military gear as the perpetrators. So, if you want to believe it was just “terrorists” perhaps you should look at who the real terrorists are…your rulers in DC.

    • Don’t show pictures like that Lucas. Can’t have people with a brain thinking now.

      Kinda like the reporter “shooting” and her actor bf. That had all of five pictures of them two together.

      As well as that sloppy ass fake video.

    • Gun control wont have effect on crime? Okay then lets stop fighting terrorism?

    • No Greg we need new updated gun laws. Also there are no background checks on gun shows its cash and carry .

    • OK Heather, you believe Sandy Hook was a real event yet you’ve done no research about the reality of elaborate government-staged shootings involving crisis actors, and you spout off your opinions that we should consider as “adult” ?
      I’m sorry for calling you a dick, that’s an insult to the male genitalia…
      You’re a willfully ignorant moron.

    • Nabil Nathie great idea. Once we stop funding, training, and supplying the terrorists in the middle east perhaps there won’t be an issue.

    • If you get your information from Faux News then you shouldn’t own anything more than a Nerf Gun, and that’s pushing it.

    • What’s reasonable about restricting an inalienable right?

    • Actually Stacey, being from CT I am full aware of the situation at Sandy Hook thanks. I also believe it was carried out by the government. That still doesn’t mean I disagree with background checks. It’s crazy that you are calling me all these names when all I said was that I agree with background checks. I used that boy as an example for those who believe he was the one who did it. I saw the videos of the men running from the school in uniform. I saw the memorials for the kids that were accidentally released before the thing even took place. Clearly you can’t talk with someone without throwing around insults which shows me that you are in fact, the ignorant one. Use your big girl words.

    • All free thinkers are going to fall under the mentally unstable I really hope people understand this 🙁

    • Heather Ell you said more than the fact that you agree with background checks. As you said,

      “The kid that killed the kids in Sandy Hook, did he have a criminal record? What about the San Bernadino killers? The kids from Columbine?”

      So, for you to say you believe it’s the government but argue the opposite…you just appear to be illogical.

    • I just said I used that as an example. Most people believe that he committed that crime. For the sake of the “criminals will find a way” argument, I used that as an example.

    • If you’re arguing that criminals will find a way then how do you see a point in limiting the second amendment even further?

    • Why should you get a say in my rights, Heather? If you don’t like it, lump it! Your rights end where mine begin.

    • Kathryn Washburn Cockman detroit new york chicago new jersy california .. all have the strictest gun laws in north america and the highest gun crime rates .. thats how we know

    • Wait, heather ell…. You believe the government perpetrated sandyhook (and other this ngs I presume) but you trust the government to decide who gets a gun? That’s a special kind of stupid….

    • background check for voters not gun owners lol

    • Reasonable gun owners do not have much to fear, but how many background checks does it take to buy meth? All this does is further inconvenience law abiding citizens. If you can’t understand that you lack any logical reasoning

    • The only epidemic in gun violence is cops shooting people and “gun free zones” where people are sitting ducks for criminals! The US has the largest black market firearms trade of any other nation in the world and guess who supplies most of the weapons? The military and law enforcement!

    • I want reasonable restrictions on Heather’s free speech.

    • Sandy Hoax, Charlestown, Oregon school, San Bernadino, Boston Bombing, the Paris attack and all the other FAlse Flags will continue along with the staged Ferguson and Oregon Cowboy stand offs. There is an agenda of fear mongering and getting people stirred up so that Martial Law can be implemented in order to control the public before Disclosure, which is going to make the whole world go bat shit crazy. Gun ownership is a mute point, and paranoia will destroy ya!

    • Matt Jackson, banning guns on a doctors word after a mental evaluation isn’t “stupid liberal logic”, it’s a necessary step. If you want to live in a country where the mentally unstable can obtain firearms, knowing they WILL snap at anytime, move to a third world country.

      As for you being robbed, sorry to hear that. But you’re literally the only person I have seen (or read) who has in my lifetime. Where did this happen, I’m guessing you were alone?


    • The problem is that it will be exploited. Take anxiety meds? No guns. Take depression meds? No guns. No fly list? No guns. It WILL be exploited and will rarely be used to stop truly mentally unstable people from getting a gun.

      Second this happened in Pittsburgh, it was an armed robbery by someone I knew years ago, three people set me up.

    • Sorry but when pediatricians are asking children if their parents own a gun or have any issues with the government it is NOT the basis for a negative mental evaluation, and yes, it has happened!

    • Heather Ell I lost it at “ammosexual”.

    • this epidemic is not based on access to weapons but rather on a social structure that uses relativism and “progressive” thought processes to raise children… people these days have no clue which way is up… moral rationalism is destroying the ability to think critically about right from wrong.

    • Just wondering how good drug enforcement law works and has been in practice since forever. aren’t drugs being smuggled?

    • Love the govt much?

    • Diverting away from the meme…..it doest say limiting is bad….its pointing out a painfully obvious truth…

    • Okay, so I think we may be tap-dancing around the real issue which is the Second Amendment and how that effects us as a country. A short history lesson; the 2nd Amd. was written in because England’s tyranny was a reality in the 1700’s. They wanted to control the US through taxation and force. We went to war with them and won because we had guns and better war tactics. We then wrote the Bill of Rights as a defense of our inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. We as a country ratified the Const. as the law of the land. So that means we have the right to own a gun to defend our rights, period. The problem we are facing is the Gov’t is attempting to deny us our rights. The first sign of Gov’t oppression is taking away our ability to defend our rights. Fact: the police have killed more innocent people than all of the mass shootings combined. That means the Gov’t is killing us and getting away with it, and that is made easier by making it harder for us to defend ourselves. All oppression includes the Gov’t, and their enforcement arm. They are trying to control us through taxation and force, sound familiar? The only difference is now they don’t have British accents.

    • It’s called infringement, and it’s a violation of the 2nd amendment.

    • To see if gun control actually works in America it needs to be federal. . .they got gun control five minutes away and it hasn’t helped them.STFU

    • So in other words, your all ok with mentally unstable people purchasing fire arms?

      Any of you who’ve purchased a firearm through a store has been through background checks. Great job. Those who’ve purchased at a gun show, or swap meet, or online mainly have not.

      That’s who this executive order is adhering to, also the sellers. The executive order also requires all gun sellers to be licensed and requires them to conduct full background checks, where as before that was not the case.

      By no means is this an infringement, it’s literally making gun purchases more accountable, and covered by paper trails. If you have a mental problem, that’s your problem. The safety of the populace is the government’s, wether you like it or not is irrelevant.

    • The Free Thought Project.com , Heather didn’t have her reading glasses on. Besides she’s likin’ California for doing that.

    • Ryan Stein: Guns have stopped a couple of mass shootings. Also, they have started all of them. I don’t even need to Google that.

    • That’s pretty poor argumentation. Appeal to emotion, projection to wrap up a comment that led with a misrepresentation premise. You’re probably one of those people who thinks you can delegate moral rights you don’t even have. Disgusting.

    • Meanwhile the data says violent crime rates are lowest we’ve ever had, rifle death rates are par for the Western world, accessibility is through the roof and we still don’t have many mass shootings. A ton of those are unsubstantiated stories with tons of essential discrepancies, meanwhile we have the CIA-era US regime has declassified (admitted) dozens and dozens of false flags and repealed it’s anti-propaganda laws (not that they ever mattered).

      Also we’ve closed basically the vast majority of mental health institutes and reduced bed-time in non-dedicated facilities (for emergencies and evaluations), since WWII – despite a growing populace obviously, and widespread military interventionism. We don’t care about the mentally ill, nor the troops, nor anyone. The government can stop pretending and so can all the citizens. It’s a fucking joke.

      Furthermore, the CIA has been exhaustively proven to have been involved with the cocaine producing region of the world while the US had a cocaine epidemic, and was proven to be affiliated with and empowering cartels, which caused massive inner city violence and substance abuse, poverty and broken homes, for-profit prisons, cartel-indoctrination feeder system, disenfranchisement, career criminals. Now we’ve moved on to the heroin producing region of the world (Middle East) and you have more political insurgencies affiliated with the CIA and official UN forces even still, but I think I’ve made my point. Oh yeah, we have a heroine epidemic now, instead of coke.

      You can thank your government, because they totally fucking care about you. What a joke.

    • Heather i think you’re in the wrong place, why are you following free thought project if you can’t think freely enough

    • Chelsi Pryor we have laws for that they are called murder / attempted murder and a pleothera of other laws

    • Many people who shouldn’t have guns are still able to pass a background check. More checks only means a larger database of ‘legal’ gun owners. Criminals will still be criminals.

    • and u REALLY think they will only “restrict access”?? hah

    • Hey Salvatore, news flash, there are already many unstable people who legally possess guns, and they work for the state, and are legally allowed to murder. So you’re saying that as long as you work for the state, unstable or not, that you should be allowed to have guns, while if you don’t work for the state, you shouldn’t.

    • Heather Ell its not the people with the gun license that kill its the people who posses them illegally, over 80% of gun violence is by people who do not have licensing

    • People are so stupid now they walk out in traffic thinking a law is gonna protect them from a 2000lb+ car XD just saying.

    • Bullshit people. This is the libtard goal. Eat shit lefties.

    • Does making cars more expensive to own or register , stop drunk driving?


    • Remember laws always start out one way only to be misused in many other ways! case in point they will take guns away from thousands of Americans in many ways!

    • This is the .32 pistol from Fallout 3. Built a functioning one without anyone’s knowledge or any approvals. It was easily concealable and as a criminal, I could have hurt anybody I wanted. I sold this gun to a legit gun store, but it just proves that if I could do it, anyone can. Background checks and CA legal bullshit does not help anybody, it simply is an inconvenience to gun enthusiasts and families who might otherwise be turned off to purchasing due to the insanity. How long till we have to wait 3 months before we can purchase a gun? I’d rather just walk out of the store with it that day, after all it’s what I paid for. I don’t care what criminals do or what crazy people do, and I sure as hell refuse to restrict my or anyone else’s rights because of very few who screw them up. It’s just not right, and it’s not what America is all about.

    • So let me get this straight…have you read any of the proposed changes to be implemented? Or are you as stupid as you seem? Have you ever taken prescription pain killers/muscle relaxers? They could potentially be a disqualifying factor for you ever owning a firearm because they dual serve as an anti depressant and you will be added to the instant background list monitored by the FBI

  • You sound seemingly republican. Take care and good luck.

  • hmm

  • he wants to strip US citizens of their guns so there is no oposition when he declares marshall law across the US to ensure their NWO agenda plain and simple ..keep your guns your goin to need them

  • Only in gringo land.

  • It’s not just the man, he’s another pawn. People put it all on Obama but not many other presidents had any better practices

  • It’s three fold logic. If the leader limits the public access to guns, then only certain people have them. If he sells weapons worldwide, he creates jobs for his country. If a country turns on him, he knows what that country’s weapon’s limits are. Sun Tzu said that if you know your enemy and yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
    One of the problems is that people didn’t need background checks to buy guns at gun shows. Obama wants you to have a background check before you buy a gun, even at the gun show. This could be done by selling buy permits for the show based on a background check done before the show opens.
    It works at campus parties for alcohol. They check your ID when you go in the door and you get a bracelet. That bracelet lets you buy alcohol. No bracelet, no alcohol.

  • The tendency of this page to defend gun possession for every moron who wants to play rambo can only be matched by the number of times you get called a for stating this fact.

    • They also defend every moron’s right to free speech… Protect the 1st with the 2nd.

    • Free speech cant kill.Morons with guns can.

    • Thanks for proving my point. Dig deeper grasshopper.

    • Really doubt you even know what your point is.A guy who relates free speech with gun possesion is nothing but a moron.

    • Free speech can be nice or hateful. Hate speech (still protected) leads to wars & genocide.
      “I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it” Voltaire
      More blood has been spilled for the 1st Amendment.

    • Anyone that doesn’t understand how their birthrights are related to the other is the true moron & undeserving of the blood shed for We The People.

  • very

  • He doesn’t want to limit your access if you’re not mental or a felon.

  • “Limit our access to guns” I call straw man, fail on you The Free Thought Project.com. But yes we need to sop sending those fuckers guns lol

  • Why media is trying to keep average brave man soooo scared.

  • Against an enemy folks methinks.

  • how does a background check that found something that would restrict you from buying a gun, make them less accessible? If you commit a violent crime or are extremely dilusional, or psychotic, you should not have guns. let alone large rifles. If you guys had burns all over your body, and the cream you were given only takes the pain away, would you not use it because it doesn’t get rid of the problem entirely? Or do you take action because sitting back would be more painful? I can still walk into any gunstore, get a shotgun,rifle, some slugs, and in seven days have it. that is barely different, and in fact, no different than the law before. you just now can’t be on a terror watch-list, or have violent criminal history, if you want a gun. Oh No! Now the only way for them to get it is the market we have no control over, but since we have no control over it, there is not much we can do about the illegal market. We shouldn’t do anything at all about the problem, because it isn’t a complete end to it? That is no logic.

  • Yep

  • I don’t see the problem with trying to make it more difficult for criminals and psychopaths to purchase guns. I don’t understand the outrage over this.

    • How is a law that won’t be followed making it more difficult? News flash- criminals do not follow laws.
      This is the equivalent to making drugs illegal. Yeah, works that well…

    • So why bother having laws at all right?

    • So why bother being a “free” man?

    • What’s that supposed to mean?

  • And on Facebook and YouTube youll find where congress or obama passed it where 26,ooo pasters were hired to take you to FEMA camps if shit gets outta hand.

  • No. Military actions and private gun sales are totally different. I’m really getting over this page. Free thought my ass

  • nope-just surprises me that every American Citizen isn’t wise to his deception!

  • Fucking grow up folks. I have been hearing this bs from the NRA for years. I still have my guns I still have my bullets as do millions of people in the US. We would not be talking about this if the gun nuts were not killing little kids, women, children, dogs, cats.

    • Fucking grow up folks. I have been hearing this bs from the military for years. I still have my freedoms I still have my security as do millions of people in the US. We would not be talking about this if the military was not killing little kids, women, children, dogs, cats.

  • Smart people talk about ideas and issues and dumbasses talk about people. Free speech is a right but it is conditional – you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire. If gun ownership is a right then it will also be conditional. You can’t own a gun if you are a felon in most states. There has to be conditions for gun ownership. The only rights that are not conditional are human rights.


  • Holy shit that’s a powerful man. I wish it was 2007 again, you know, BEFORE Obama, before guns, before wars, before poverty, before racism started, and before police brutality. You know, when blacks and whites worked together in peaceful harmony before Obama created racism, and everyone was independently wealthy before Obama took everything people had and gave it all to the illegal immigrants and Muslims, when Russia happily acquiesced to our every whim until they saw how weak Obama was. Back when MuriKKKa was MuriKKKa, and everything was perfect. Fucking Obama.

  • Our government has been sending weapons to other countries for decades now….not just obama.

  • DId you notice Obahma crying about the Sandy Hook incident but not tears for the people he has displaced from there homes and the people he has killed in Syria

  • Yes. If we cannot solve every issue all at once, we should definitely refuse to help any of them. Brilliant take on things, http://FTP…..

  • Scarcity has long been a psychological manipulation of businessmen as an effect on the market and society in order to increase the value of a product… that’s what this is really about and being able to continue to rape and pillage with asset forfeiture laws while not getting shot in the face by people who are standing up for their rights.

  • Uncle Sam can have my gun when they pry it from my curious toddler’s cold, dead hands! #Murica

    • So your dumb ass just leaves your gun lying around with the safety off and clip in? Curious; do these new background checks make it so morons like you cant have guns?

    • a) don’t own a gun, dumbass
      b) you are clearly too stupid to understand jokes/sarcasm
      c) keep scrolling or grow some balls, idiot

  • Well this has to be the dumbest thing I’ve seen today. Whoever posted this seems very confused on what the president is trying to do.

  • Ironic? I find it horrifying.

  • it was bush/cheney and the gop that put him in this positionk.. why not call out the arrest for them?

  • Everyone who thinks one person (no matter if it’s the president) got that much power to fuck things up like this…got to believe that he is making his home a save place with a gun…oh wait…sry, my bad. XD

  • no

  • He doesn’t authorize it. Lockheed Martin and corporations that make weapons do shit like that. Being president doesn’t mean you are a dictator. It’s out of his control.

  • Corporate America pushes the sale of weapons overseas.

  • Ironic, sure, but what else do we make in the US? everything else is made in China. . . stop our weapons sales and you might as well shut it all down. . . not that it’s right or good, just that’s the way of the world.

  • Guns are for pussies. There’s a free thought for ya.

    • People scared of guns are cowards and jizz chugging bitch boys.

    • Guns are inanimate objects and nothing to be scared of. Pussies with guns, they’re pretty scary, but they’re more scared of everything else, it’s a vicious circle for sure.

    • You’re talking to someone who was held at gunpoint, shot at and robbed. Never will I ever take into consideration a point of view that I shouldn’t be allowed to defend myself.

    • Guns are great. It’s the mental defects and weak minded people who ruin their image.

  • I guess this is the ‘free thought project’ in the sense your thoughts are free to be fallacious?

    • Oh? Prove it with evidence, logic and proof. Not just some vague assertion. 😉 (y)

    • Did you just call your self a liar? Now you’re just confusing.

    • Limit the access of ‘YOUR’ guns? I didn’t hear of anything reported about any gun restrictions affecting the population at large; it’s seems quite limited in it’s restriction.

    • Your post will end up i nthe hand of some tea party retard, who just as you is spreading false information. These common sense restrictions are very helpful and affect a small undeserving percentage of the population. That’s the problem with freedom, you’re free to be a fuck up, just as you free to be socially responsible.

    • You’re image is too vague and the message will be misunderstood and you don’t care.

    • The sale of weapons have been going on for years and years and years; yet you paint this as an Obama gun grab. No thought

    • Here’s a nice ironic image

    • Jay Johnson. please hurry, these reports must be filed URGENTLY for people in your situation!

    • The derp is strong with this one. 😛

    • Classic cornered cat remarks Matt Jackson & Bob Costello

    • Thought is hard for you guys, I’m sorry you were restricted in that sense.

    • Hey Jay, here’s a thought, move to North Korea if you love tyranny so much. You should feel right at home. By the way, Obama is just a puppet to the real powers that be. He is a killer of children and women, something to be proud of.

    • I know he is Vicki Tuttle; however this message is misguided/misdirected. Your ZERO tolerance for any slight central control is a side affect of your lack of critical thinking skills. Asking that we don’t give mentally incapable citizen access to weapons is hardly tyranny. Again another fallacy which you and this post have decided to freely distribute.

    • You’re on an entirely different conversation Vicki Tuttle

    • Obama wants to now require my parents to get a gun dealer’s license just in order to transfer guns in my family for generations down to me, that is WRONG! Also anybody that cannot tolerate diverse points of view or different ways of thinking is a fascist. Jay Johnson, you need to calm down, your back to back to back to back postings indicate that you are a spaz.

    • Indicates I’m a spaz: fallacy. It’s a style of posting without paragraphing; thoughtful.

    • James Whitlock ^^^

    • James Whitlock is this what you’re falsely referring to? I’ll have to take your idea of requiring a gun dealer license as a misunderstanding on your part until I’m able to verify your claim; I think you’ve been fooled by right wing media.

    • Jay Darllng, slow down on the coffee, gather your spews and make sense.

    • I highly doubt he’s gone on record saying he would require dead gpa a gun dealer’s license to leave his family a gun.

    • The Free Thought Project.com Your post is making a vague assertion by comparing domestic arms trade with the military industrial complex and calling “it ironic” without providing any rational argument what so ever and then call out the person criticizing this kind of hollow rhetoric by saying that he has to provide rational arguments instead of making vague assertions.

      That’s what I find ironic.

  • I think it’s time to unfollow, your thoughts aren’t very well formulated and your a ‘thought’ hub?

  • Nicole Mulder

  • It’s amazing how he authorizes these arms sales all by himself huh?

  • I just wish that people would learn the difference between irony and hypocrisy. For example, this isn’t “ironic”. This would be hypocritical

  • But he’s not limiting my access to guns. I just bought one and everything was smooth just like my last transaction. Maybe a little faster this time. Not sure what your saying. I’ve used a gun my entire career. Have bought many over those years. I’ve never had any problems. Prices are way higher now than in 1985. Maybe that’s what this is really about, fear= Price + Profit.

    • amen, brother…Jus bought a pistol with no hassle…I also jus obtained my gun rights by completing probation for aggregated battery…Do I think I should be allowed to carry? Damn Skippy!….but it took many years of therapy, anger management, and maturation to finally fell responsible/safe enough to possess death in the palm of my hands.

  • Stop twisting the fucking story.

  • FTP just went full conservative retard.

  • no

  • …. or that he imposes tight controls to ensure weapons don’t fall into the wrong hands, while weapons and tanks are left behind for anyone to grab?? 😉

  • He is not restricting my rights. I am a law abiding citizen with no mental health issues. Those that think otherwise, well………

  • lol the only people who have anything to worry about are mentally unstable and violent felons awww shucks pa can’t buy uncle cleatus an ar15 when he gets out of prison

    • What does menatally unstable mean? How do we determine who is mentally unstable or not? Once on this list can we work our way off? You and people like you seriously trust the government to designate these things?

  • you new this when you voted him in ?

  • So much mis-information here….

  • Republicans voted to allow people on the terror watch list to obtain weapons! Obama had nothing to do with it. If you’re going to point fingers; make sure their pointing in the right direction. This is just another republican stunt to make him look bad for what he’s finally doing right.

  • LIARS!

  • Yes, but oh so predictable.

  • It’s call lobbying by the republican owned weapons manufacturer. Obama doesn’t manufacture weapons. Only republicans manufacture weapons and only republicans pushes the sale of it. The rest of us hate weapons and war and would rather be starving and dying than to be pushing weapons on the world.

  • just trying to keep little kids from being slaughtered at school. if you cant buy a gun legally you shouldn’t have one

  • Half of are military spending gos to Israel for ethnic cleansing .. What we could do here with that money

  • I think he should limit access globally, including at home.

  • This page must have changed hands. It is now pure crap!

  • Have you ever thought theres more to it than what this simple minded meme says?? This page is going to shit. Lol

  • It’s not some conspiracy, he’s just trying to gain favour so he’s not remembered as yet another warmongering president 😛

  • If you don’t want a gun that is your right . The fact is gun deaths have Declined in the past 20 years .. Only thing now you see it more on T.V. Merica just likes to play the victim card .. Safety is an illusion .

  • There is a military industrial complex that functions quite well and independently from Obama

  • Bunch of inbreds

  • *The Head Up Ass Project

  • i dont think ANYONE should have guns in exvept to hunt

  • those world wide sales don’t go to just anyone , they all have background checks to make sure they won’t be used against the US and it’s allies , at least that’s how it started , then they sold them to anyone with dollars and put the CIA in charge of sales

  • You know, just dumping all of that excess equipment left from the Bush administration.

    We should probably actually sell some to our allies that don’t harbor terrorists.

  • Dont forget he sends troops all over the place to demonstrate thier effectiveness!

  • Its not ironic, its a carefully planned strategy to bring the american people to their knees.

  • Vegas-Ink Tatts Cleveleys heres one for you x

  • I wonder how much of this has to do with the growing discontent of the American freeman, as they learn more and more about how the government is actually acting outside of the privilege granted to them by “We the people” through the Constitution. Why are they going this route when they have simply ignored the peoples rights in the past? Such as the following:
    5th Amendment: NO PERSON can be charged with a felony unless indicted and trial by grand jury. Yet, there are 100,000’s of Constituents Unconstitutionally convicted and/or held in violation of this RIGHT.
    7th Amendment: In civil matters in value over $20, a (petite/grand) jury may be had. Yet, small claims courts fraudulently contract against the American freeman’s contractible entity “the person” with like name, every single day to drive the public further into debt.

    Why is the U.S. Dollar (federal reserve debt note) valued on how much in debt the people of America are in debt to the federal reserve?

    Long and short of it, maybe the government is actually scared that the American people are tired of the fraud that they are subject to the laws of consent and legal fraud. We aren’t your debt slaves, the 13th Amendment secures us the RIGHT to no consent to servitude.

  • He isn’t the first and def wont be the last.
    America the home of terrorism

  • Liek if u think murica will win the world war

  • the right to bare arms is such a vague term that it can mean anything from a club to biological weapons. the constitution is like religious text. it’s just words on a piece of paper and open to interpretation.

  • #NoWeaponsAcrossBorders.

  • Its only a limit if you have something to hide. Responsible gun owners get background checks so why should anyone else be the exception?

  • I love when FTP posts shit that pisses libs and cons off

  • You can buy all the guns you want if you can pass a background check. If you can’t pass a background check maybe you shouldn’t have a gun. The 2nd Amendment says you have the right to ” bear arms” :Look it up in the dictionary and it also says the definition of ARMS is “distinctive emblems or devices, originally borne on shields in battle and now forming the heraldic insignia of families, corporations, or countries” OK No problem now. You can run around with emblems all day and don’t even need to get a background check. Problem solved.

  • nope

  • STOP! Everybody wants to complain about him trying to make the laws better I’m all for it and I bet you the families of the people who died in Aurora Colorado Columbine and Connecticut those poor people who lost their children to some crazy maniac with a gun I’m sure their not complaining and I bet you wouldn’t be either if it happened to you and you lost someone in your family due to some crazy maniac with a gun so just STOP!

  • Obviously, he(?) wants to steal them, and make a big profit…..

  • Forget it gang, you’ve got a handful of trolls, here.

  • military industrial complex : it is first and foremost an industry, and so, it needs to churn out a bit of revenue.Same deal in Belgium with the FN factories.politicians talk a good whine and behind our backs ship off millions of euros in hardware to the saoudis.
    Obama is just one tiny cog in a larger machine,more of a public figurehead that is replaced every so often.something distracting for the people to throw shit at,so they wont pay any attention to whats happening behind their backs

  • yes, he wants the Muslims to take over just like Lynch said was her dream. why a woman would want that I don’t know. It’s America that got her able to go to school and all. Now, the Muslims are using her.

  • No. Not at all. Especially considering that it’s Congress not the president of the United States that authorizes weapons to be sold overseas. The president doesn’t have that authority.

    Judging on your posts lately I think the free thought project needs to just do some thinking, because you seemed more interested in this passing of catchy cool hipster MEMS regardless of whether or not they have actual factual back in or not

  • What I want to know here is what’s the story that this divisive “news blast” is trying to hide this time!??!! The government obviously is using this to hide something they don’t want us to see on the news. People quit bickering over this and look for the big story they don’t want us to know.

  • western violence is not based on access to weapons but rather on a social structure that uses relativism and “progressive” thought processes to raise children… people these days have no clue which way is up… moral rationalism is destroying people’s ability to think critically about the difference between right from wrong.

  • People who are justifying gun laws and sales of gun all over the world are justifying ISIS and AL Queda

  • It’s cute that you think that man is in control of anything. Even though our government has been selling weapons “around the world” for decades. So is responsible for Reagan’s mess? How about George Bush Sr? Or Billy? Or Jr. Bush? Yep it’s all Obama. From day one.

  • That way he can keep our military deployed and keep pushing our corrupt governments agenda

  • Fucking traitor

  • Oliver North

  • Obama yo mamma!!

  • My access hasn’t been limited, I already passed a background check in NY, waited and received my weapons, I’m not a felon, a wife beater or a nut job, but all the nut jobs are out in full force because they probably know they can’t pass the check for mental illness

  • Just stricter background checks. The propaganda about “your limit to guns” is just so people will run out and buy more guns. Makes the gun industry happy.

  • We need to see the bigger picture here though.
    Obama is being used by those who have an agenda.
    As a Christ follower I see all these things going on around us lining up with Bible prophesy. A One World Government (OWG) is being formed even though the Bible does not use the phrase OWG. A New World Order (NWO) is what the elite call it. The youtube below is not from a Christian perspective, but there is much truth in it.
    Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined
    Does the Bible prophesy a one-world government and a one-world currency in the end times?

  • Not unlike Reagan did.

  • WE ARE ARMING THE ENTIRE PLANET!!! Here’s a list of the ‘reported’ arms we sold to foreign countries in 2014. It is staggering! http://www.pmddtc.state.gov/reports/documents/rpt655_FY14.pdf

  • congress has a lot to do with this, not always his blame

  • Nope! Not at all. THOSE guns are trained on real vs imaginary threats. They are not trained on American first grade students, University students or high school students or senators. And I still have all the access I need for firearms. Thank you very much shit for brains propaganda peddlers.

  • Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi wheeling and dealing up until the state department arranged his retirement.

  • Yes morons.. To better control you…

  • From what is said..he was not bringing in anything new..most of these laws are already in place…already..he was just making a photo event.

  • Limit access is do better screening.

  • You think it better then that he does nothing to at least try to protect American children or students or Church goers from crazed gunmen. You’re one of these people who complains that Governments don’t do enough and then criticise them when they do

  • Ironic? No. I find it sad that defense contractors enjoy selling to both sides of the equation.

  • Khalid Yousufi

  • Mohammad Karam

  • That’s not irony thats hypocrisy!!

  • FTP what the fuck do you propose??

  • It might be ironic if he was trying to limit your access to guns… problem is he is not… well, unless you can’t pass a background check in which case you are a mental case or a felon.

  • We simply do not need “more government” in our lives! In any way, shape or form!


  • No.

  • And that makes him different than which previous president?

  • I don’t need the things he’s limiting.Do you?

  • access should be limited you should earn the right to carry a deadly weapon, not believe your born with it

  • Its Not That Plain and Simple. Life is Not a meme.

  • Never trust a muslum

  • I don’t really care if it’s ironic. I am sick and tired of the slaughter that happens in our malls, theaters and churches and I applaud his effort.

  • The Free Thought Project is operated by a secret right wing “think tank” who’s prime directive is to create as many smug people as possible that will not vote!

  • He can try to take my guns but he won’t get very far with them

  • >The president is anymore than a puppet.

  • In his defense that’s the job of any president, it just happens to be his job currently…

  • Normal law abiding citizens have nothing to fear. If your a gang banger at the gun show then be afraid. Be very afraid.

    KrisAnne Hall, a constitutional attorney, discusses what’s going on in Oregon and she is ON POINT!! https://www.facebook.com/tiffany.house.96/videos/1070795146273987/

  • His tears are nothing compared to the tears of the parents of the innocent children that died on drone strikes authorized by him

  • I thought he was just trying to limit felons and the mentally ill’s access to guns.

  • his main customers are terrorists as well,

  • “Limited access” is merely a waiting period. People stand in line overnight at department stores in freezing conditions to get a damn TV on Black Friday , surely we can wait in the comforts of our homes for permits to purchase or carry a weapon.

  • no

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • saudis chop off heads, ya lets sell them the good stuff

  • Moron posted this

  • speaks from both sides of the mouth…

  • Obama isn’t making all the deals. The people that are actually doing this shit love this meme because you point at the wrong man almost every time.

  • Dumb thought, ask the military industrial complex that manufacture all the hardware about the weapons they sell all over the world.

  • so limiting access for known felons and the “mentally ill” is a bad thing? keep in mind,i understand the hypocrisy of our government,and it goes way beyond weapons.

  • He wants to limit access to guns to the public so he can make it easier for his military assassins to walk into anyones home and murder them.

  • “this man”? Just so everyone knows, these supposed “leaders” that we call presidents, P.m.’s, etc, are only puppets. They are just a pawn, played by a group of power/money hungry bastards standing in the shadows. Feel free to add to this reply. I’m just sick of ppl being so numb and uninformed.

  • There is no limit to have guns just having internet & gun shows abide by the same rules as the owner of s gun store

  • So..It’s fine to kill abroad, but not the locals. Even if it’s a small world and what goes around comes around..?

  • No. I am against the wars USA is exporting into the world, but one thing does not have anything to do with the other. A state is not an individual, why would you compare that?

  • Personally I think the whole world needs their guns taken off them and then they need a two hundred year time out. Bad humans… Bad!

  • No. What Heather said. He is only trying to limit access in a very small way. He would like to do a bit more to keep guns out of the hands of known criminals. Anyone who has a problem with that is an idiot, IMO.

  • Who keeps voting for shipping the arms and ammo across the globe? GOP Congressmen and Senators who need to keep feeding that military industrial complex to keep those jobs exporting death and war from their districts across the globe. So who is the real perpetrator of arms dealing? The President, or the Congress who keeps insisting we send arms and ammo to every despot, dictator, and oil producer on the planet?

  • No, not really

  • This is perfect. Thank you

  • No.

  • Ammosexuals.

  • Ya that’s because he’s a muslim terrorist who has infiltrated the office of president.

  • Again an argument of convenience, conservatives are capitalists, free market fanboyz. But here you are saying that Obama should limit arms manufactures to sell their wares in the free market. Can’t have it both ways.

  • If you can’t pass a background check, your access to guns should be limited.

  • That’e not free thinking

  • He is not limiting access to guns. And to be technical yes, it is limiting some access but only to those that shouldnt own guns in the first place. You have your 2nd amendment right. He is only expanding whats essentially already established. Stricter background checking, This country has a disgraceful record of gun deaths and violence. Geez, people get a grip! Its common sense!

  • Gimme a fucking break, as if Obama is the only President that has ever done that, perfect example is looking back at Reagan, fucker was selling weapons to Iran, Republican outrage = 0.

  • Nope. Both have to be limited, stop bitching

  • Andrew Maestro

  • Lol I can pass a background check. Won’t make it any harder for me to get guns.

  • Even if it’s hypocritical, it’s not wrong… small steps?

  • He is not the first president and damn sure won’t be the last!!

  • Start small, then nor away at your liberties like a rat, made that a hypocritical rat

  • the govern is cntrol;s your mind mente

  • What a prick !

  • to our ALLIES. you The Free Thought Project.com numbnuts

  • Come on now Obama✌✌

  • and let Iran have nukes!

  • L David Coates

  • Damn ftp, a lot of lib socialist warriors on your page

  • 1 step at time Sisyphus! Perhaps your cynicism is clouding your optimism?

  • Law abiding people aren’t doing the killing. Criminals get their guns off the street. He don’t have a clue, and yes, he is a Socialist who wants all our guns.

  • Good republican; Supports the one percent while screwing the average man.

  • Hypocritical insanity of the corporate decree.

  • We need GOVERNMENT disarmament, not CIVILIAN disarmament.

  • They already do extensive background checks when you buy a gun you fucking morons.

  • Obfuscate one subject with another. What brand of snake oil do you have in that carpet bag?

  • Actually no .. I don’t find it ironic..

  • so why can’t I buy a tank & bombs too if its ALL OVER the world?

  • Please stop with blaming who ever is president when our freedom are being removed. The office of the presidency is a person who’s strings are being pulled by the people that are truly in power. The illusion of a choice in a party system is that an illusion and the sooner everyone In this country realizes that truth the sooner we can dissolve their power over us.

  • One small step at a time!

  • IRONIC NO!! Disgusting YES

  • You guys are the FTP and you are morons! You’re idiots. Lucky you exist in the U.S. where we enjoy a 1st Amendment!

  • You guys are morons!

  • War the #1 money maker!

  • Stop hating cause hes black. He’s targeted due to the MESS white men left behind.

  • Limit access to mentality, dangerous, unstable people*

  • He isn’t limiting your access to guns unless you’re a felon and then you shouldn’t be allowed to have one in the first place.

  • The author of this information deemed this specific meme false. Sorry guys. http://www.snopes.com/obama-crying-like-a-psychopath-meme/

  • Why are you people so damn selfish! Oh yeah sure as long as the people here in america, we dont care about the problems our government is causing to the rest of the world. Yeah keep living in your bubble and see where that takes you! Remember, first they came after the animals that flew….

  • nope.

  • Amendment II
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    Anti-gun people want to make claims about the right to bear arms being for the sole purpose of a militia, in which they claim we no longer need. (Because yes, the days of corrupt, tyrannical governments are behind the human race)
    However, looking at the statement, it does not state “For the purpose of a well regulated militia, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    Therefore, it looks to state that a well regulated militia AND the right to bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    I wonder why people who fought to break away from a tyrannical, invasive government would put that as an amendment. Maybe they knew something about corrupt governments that we don’t. Maybe they added all these protections because they were tired of the government forcing stuff down their throat, invading their privacy. So many people nowadays think they are so smart and know what the hell they are talking about, but have no clue of the real circumstances behind their actions. Then we have the slaves over in the England chiming in about how we should do things. They know nothing of freedom. Their government controls everything they do, invade every part of their lives.
    The sheep can go make believe their flock is safe within their confinement and being watched by big brother, but I’d rather run free with the pack and deal with the dangers.

  • “The FBI now reports that the terrorists are coming to America to get [guns] because it’s easier to procure them here. Now I ask you; how can we supply terrorists with AK47s without givin’ ’em to our own people?” ~Denny Crane (Boston Legal)

    This post is hilarious! ‘We need to make it easy to get guns because people are getting guns easily!’ Yeah, or we make it harder to acquire weapons, then it won’t be so easy anymore, and they won’t get into the wrong hands…

  • We have been doing it long befor Obama. And will continue to do it long after Obama.

  • You people are so off track! The point is the HYPOCRISY of all of this! He wants to make gun restrictions to “save lives” yet he approves drone strikes daily which result in the deaths of INNOCENT WOMEN and children, that had NOTHING TO DO with war?? The fucking irony! This guy doesn’t care! You have to be an idiot to think he didn’t fake cry and hype everything up to gain your sympathy and support. If he TRULY CARED about human beings and not his own corrupt agenda, he would do no such things. He’s a mere puppet taking orders to fulfill an agenda that is NOT IN YOUR BEST INTEREST, but in the elites best interest. You are a little walking dollar sign to them. That’s it. Nothing more. So if you want to continue believing in a government that is corrupt and keep taking orders from a fucking MURDERER AND HYPOCRITE, go ahead. I can’t force you to believe anything. But once you see the world for what it really is, all I can say is I told you so.

  • Killing foreigners is different than killing one’s Citizens.

  • The real problem within America is that the people there have zero capability of managing the guns they have. They seem not to have a general value on human life and trigger happiness seems to be their easy way out for everything. And in a country of 160 M plus people a % of non sensible people are the new standard that you all have to adhere to. Can’t be one law for sensible section of society and another for the deranged and illogical intolerant and unhappy with a death wish for others unfortunately. Regardless of what the right or the NRA or your amended constitution says it’s proven world wide that guns provoke violence and death and your country is very bad at management of small arms and the use of them. Either way it’s up to America to sort yourselves out. Your government won’t nor will the arms manufacturers. #toomuchmoney

  • Will Porter

    Wow! Wrote an op-ed for Antiwar.com a few days ago that makes almost exactly the same argument. The headline is even similar, I actually thought y’all re-ran mine! Weeeeeird.