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Cop Never Fired After 2 Fits of Road Rage – On the 3rd Fit, He Shot a Lady in the Head for Honking

Houston, TX — It was recently revealed in court documents that a former police officer who shot a woman in the head during a road rage incident has a history marred with violence and anger issues.

Kenneth Caplan, a reserve deputy constable with Harris County Precinct 6, was charged last year with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after shooting a woman in the head during a fit of road rage.

The officer was reportedly driving on the 610 Loop at Stella Link when he cut off a 20-year-old woman who was also driving on the highway. The woman responded by pulling in front of him, and cutting him off. Next, the off-duty officer pulled up next to her car, pointed his gun directly to her window, and fired.

Now, the lawyer for the victim is saying that Caplan should have never been a cop to begin with and that the police department had many opportunities to see that he had anger problems.

“What sticks out is this was not an accident, this was an incident waiting to happen. First, when I read it, it was chilling,” attorney Steve Couch said.

“It’s a huge question mark, in my opinion,” he added.

Couch was referring to the former officers employment file, which shows that he had 21 different jobs in the past five years, 12 of which he was fired from for undisclosed reasons. He was fired from more than half of the jobs that he had in the past five years.

His time as an officer was also filled with disciplinary problems. In just two years working at Precinct 6, Caplan had five different anger-related complaints filed against him, including two road rage incidents. In one of the road rage situations, the Caplan threatened a mother and her three children. On another occasion, he got into a road rage squabble with another police officer.

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Couch also suggests that Caplan was allowed to pass through police academy despite the fact that he was initially kicked out. Couch also said that the doctor responsible for giving the former officer a psychological evaluation may have not even done her job.

I engaged a psychologist that said she (Busick) fell short of the standard in testing and evaluating Caplan if she tested him at all,” Couch said.

Caplan claims both that he shot the woman in self-defense and that he shot her by accident.

“She was trying to run us into a wall. She got shot. The gun went off but it was an accident. It was self-defense,” Caplan said.

Caplan also downplayed his sketchy work history, saying that he did not care about the jobs that he was fired from.

“When you have a job you don’t care about, you really don’t care if you get fired or not,” he said.

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  • A person who is not strong enough to become an athlete, not clever enough to go through college and too lazy to do a productive job has the responsibility to carry a gun and enforce the law

    • One of the best descriptions I’ve heard. They aren’t all bad, but the worst always fit this criteria.

    • Of course not all cops are bad but the bigger picture appears as a flawed entity of malpracticed law enforcement that is biased

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  • Happens all the time from what I read .

  • Jail this asshole, please.

  • Warmongering,Presidents who commit War Crimes,Cops who Murder People,Judges who somtimes penalise the Victim Majority of Americans are A very Naive Immoral lot so they get what they Deserve.

    • That’s an unfair judgment. The People of America have very little to do with the decisions made by our elected officials or our authority figures. We don’t like the immoral things they do, but we do not have enough power to have any control over them.

      We have the ability to vote, but lack the ability to force those elected to make proper decisions.

    • And we can’t rebel because our Military has more funding than the next 5 biggest countries combined. So there’s that.

  • Aggravated Assault! sounds like murder to me…..fry this bitch!

  • Wow. He will get his, if not in THIS life in the next for sure.

  • The county that hired this guy has put the public in danger, There should be criminal charges for county officials who caused and then ignored the problem.

  • The war on the American people is well underway


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  • Give some “power” and stupid go do stupid.

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  • The system recruits the most mentally deranged…

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  • He needs to have a bullet put in his head.

  • What bothers me the most are the so called “””good cops””” who stand around and do nothing.

  • hes a asshole

  • Forrest Carlton Lackey

    It was an accident…It was self defense…it was an accident…it was self defense.
    Ok, I could see how he MAY not have mean’t to and it was a knee jerk reaction. Still sketchy.
    But even then, he should still be in prison because his past of history of discipline problems and anger misconduct should have told the world he was dangerous, and not to be trusted with a government issued gun and badge. So he should still go to prison or committed to psychward or something.