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Officers Caught Betting a Sandwich that an Inmate Would Kill Herself — She Did — They Cheered

According to a new lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Corrections, multiple corrections officers made jokes about the potential of an inmate killing herself and even made bets that she would. Sadly, 25-year-old Janika Edmond did end up killing herself, and one of the corrections officers ended up winning lunch, a subway sandwich.

Edmond had a history of depression and suicide attempts, and she allegedly announced to the prison guards that she was going to kill herself, but was ignored by the guards as people in her position often are. The lawsuit states that everyone in the prison was well aware of her condition, considering that she had attempted suicide or requested to be put on suicide watch 8 times in 13 months.

Her mental health was such a concern prison doctors ordered she receive certain treatments for her depression, and that she be kept under a close watch in case she ended up attempting suicide, or even talked about it.

However, for some reason, police never called prison doctors or any authorities when Edmond acted out and then threatened to kill herself. The officers took her and isolated her in a shower area, threatening to take her to solitary confinement. When she asked for a suicide-prevention vest, her cries for help were ignored.

At this point, the lawsuit alleges that video footage at the prison, shows the guards walking away and leaving her alone in the shower area, taking bets as to whether she was going to kill herself or not. Just minutes later, Edmon did in fact attempt suicide by hanging herself with a bra, and when Edmon’s unconscious body was found, Officer Dianna Callahan was seen pumping her fists in the air in celebration, shouting “Somebody owes me lunch!”

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Allegedly, Callahan had made a bet with fellow officer Kory Moore about whether or not the woman would go through with it.

According to the lawsuit, “Upon information and belief, Callahan made a bet with Moore that Edmond would become suicidal.”

To make matters even more disturbing, choking noises and commotion can be heard very clearly in the video, and the officers were in earshot, meaning they could have potentially ignored what was going on, even knowing that an inmate was attempting suicide.

Eventually, she was taken to a hospital where she was declared brain dead, and she lost her life four days later.

It also seems that there was potentially an attempted cover-up after the suicide attempt. Edmond’s mother came by the prison to visit less than an hour after the incident, and she was turned away and told that her daughter was not accepting visitors. However, they did not inform the family about the suicide attempt. In fact, the family was not informed until the following day.

Michigan Department of Corrections spokesperson Chris Gautz gave the following lame excuse for not informing the family of the incident.

“In this case, the prisoner had chosen not to list her biological family in her emergency contacts. We respected her wishes,” Gautz told The Daily Beast.

Surprisingly, even before the lawsuit surfaced, the prison fired both of the officers in question, and Callahan is actually facing charges of involuntary manslaughter. Despite being terminated and facing these charges, Callahan was able to get her job back by lobbying through the police union.

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  • Bill Manus

      The vast majority of law enforcement officers and others are wonderful public servants but this case is disgusting and there needs to be a full inquiry. The officers responsible need to receive the full consequences of their horrendous actions. This is totally unacceptable in America or anywhere. Personally I would like see Sheriff Clarke put in charge of this.

      • lawmanjed

        Then clean up your own house! Cops have been covering for cops forever. I’m not buying the “most cops are great” line. Truth is they are just people, and nobody should have more legal rights than another. Power corrupts. 2nd amendment mandates that regular citizens’ militias are what is necessary for security in a free society. Only popular, practical, JUST laws can be enforced. The Police system creates a Police-state and the drug war is a war on free will and the American people that has failed, and divided our nation. Cops need to get off their high-horse power-trips.


          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fab21fa350af4e64d1b4b55212e143b5a06f89bd5d2994675f3717cd10d5fa1c.jpg I feel sorry for you. You must have a terrible and scary life living in total delusion.

          • FiuToYou

            And you must be living in a room without a view. Open your eyes a-hole!!! I’ll start to agree with the good cop BS when I see them bringing down the bad cops. SO FAR NOTHING!! Why? Because the good cops are scared to death!! One big reason that there’s less good cops every year. Who wants to work with monsters and sadists psycho freaks!!!

          • junktex

            I feel sorry for you living in total denial.

          • Dean Franklin

            it must be easy to be a totally unaware idiot

        • joe foley

          Howard you are a smug idiot

        • The local sheriff claims to be constitutional, however, there was no intervention when I was being tortured and exposed to sex offenders while falsely imprisoned in the facility that he boasts of being the supervisor of, and I was not bashful about describing their actions meticulously in correspondence by computer kiosk. He knew what was taking place. It continued for four months, despite nolo plea that was submitted without my knowledge the day after I was kidnapped by them/ no legitimate warrant. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1d682b7591bad76be3412ed760344875b2bee384c46e6b232346d7729f9a1666.jpg

      • bojimbo26

        The only thing Mr Clarke has going for him is a nicely pressed uniform with bits of metal on it .

      • Bill Manus

        The first black KKK member!

        • Errol Mcinnes

          he’s not black, he is a melatinized white man.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    This just makes me feel sick all over. Diana Callahan, may you get just what you deserve from this world!

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  • Karl Stoll

    This is F>U>B>A>R.

  • FiuToYou

    Chris Gautz, Diana Callahan, and Kory Moore should be put in prison for ‘neglect of duty’, and contributing to the death of an individual. I hope the family of the deceased sue the shit out of all involved!!!! Don’t for get the State Prison System!!! What sick fu*ks!!!!

  • Hugh Culliton

    This is utterly depraved conduct. Sickening and infuriating.

  • billdeserthills

    In America even homicidal maniacs can realize their dream, legally!


    I am repeating my post because I clearly stated this was an outrageous, horrendous situation and everyone should be punished to the max.

    The vast majority of law enforcement officers and others are wonderful public servants but this case is disgusting and there needs to be a full inquiry. The officers responsible need to receive the full consequences of their horrendous actions. This is totally unacceptable in America or anywhere. Personally I would like to see Sheriff Clarke put in charge of this.

    God bless America and we must support the vast majority of law enforcement who put their lives on the line so we don’t descend in to chaos and anarchy.

  • SJWarrior

    Have any of you heard the story of the boy who cried wolf? How many times did she threaten in 13 months? How were they supposed to know that THIS time she would perform her one public service that day, and save us some taxpayer dollars.

  • Steen
  • Ibcamn

    cops are criminals…i keep telling people,all cops are nothing but cowards behind a badge,pussy’s.

  • Any Michele

    You need to do a little more research. Kory Moore is not Ann officer first and foremost. She was acting RUM which is a manager of the unit. Mrs. Moore was in the area for approximately 1 minute. The bet had nothing to do with her and that is why she received her job back, with her back pay and seniority. If you are going to tell a story make sure that you piece it together with facts not with a bunch of news articles that you read to get your sources. Don’t tell blatant lies on a woman that has a family that has to deal with the emotional pain that it has inflicted upon them. Get your facts straight next time before you write an article. Also you know that you can be held liable for this story and slander not to mention defamation of character.

  • The monsters that are terrorizing me and my children have gone to extreme measures to traumatize me enough to influence suicidal actions. So many attempts to reduce me to their miserable level. I’ll be keeping my power, thank you for your concern. Why would I allow people who have no control of their own selves have control over me? Fucktards. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/395d6d1ce1748605fe5a2ae1038346f49
    27c64152af44406dc9937c1a3bfc8b8.jpg Dragontitus.WordPress.com