Dulac, LA – According to the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office’s mission statement, “The mission of the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office is to prevent crime and maintain order, while affording dignity and respect to all individuals.” But in light of a recently surfaced cell phone video, the right to be treated with respect may only be afforded to individuals who haven’t been arrested.

According to reports, Christopher Verdin Jr.’s mom called 911 for help after she alleges her son got high on meth and was threatening the entire family with a .45 caliber handgun, even firing two shots at the family dog nearly killing it. She took refuge in the house and called police letting them know she was in fear of her life.

While the allegations against her son may or may not be true, the decision to pronounce judgment against him lies in the hands of a judge and jury, not police. Their job is to respond to the call for help, investigate the matter, and make arrests if they believe any laws were broken.

The TPSO did respond — and took Verdin into custody — who was in possession of a firearm at the time of his arrest. But that’s apparently where the police, after having done their jobs, became the torturers in the minds of many.

One beefy officer told Verdin, “You want me to take this f*** badge off and handcuffs off and see what the f*** you really going to do?” the unidentified officer says at the start of the video. “You ain’t s*** punk!”

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The second part of the TPSO mission statement reads, “To protect lives and property while safeguarding constitutional guarantees, committed to the delivery of police services in the most efficient, fairest, responsive and ethical manner possible.”

The parish police were caught on video seemingly intimidating the frail Verdin, even after he’d been arrested and placed into the patrol car. They can be heard cussing at him, challenging him to respond to their cursings with physical violence, and threatening him.

The third part of the mission statement promises the parish police will, “impartially enforce all laws and ordinances,” but it appears one unnamed TPSO officer wanted to discriminate against Verdin’s rights to due process. He jerked the man who probably weighs less than 100 pounds out of the car, removed his handcuffs, and challenged him to a fight.

In the same paragraph as the promised impartiality, the TPSO’s mission statement promised to treat its citizens with, “sensitivity to the priorities and needs of the people.” Who knows what was going on with Verdin? He was verbally out of control but in the video appears to be scared, and compliant, especially being faced with a beating from police officers.

While we at TFTP don’t have our heads in the sand, ignoring the fact that citizens consume substances, become out of control, break laws, and may need to be arrested, their rights to being treated in a fair and equitable manner don’t end when the cuffs are on.

If this man did do all the things he is accused of, his case is now tainted by this unprofessional cop. Instead of a criminal being taken off the street, this man now has grounds for a lawsuit — which will punish the taxpayers — not the cop.

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The TPSO mission statement promises its officers will, “promote professionalism and pride among the employees of the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office.”

However, professionalism, arguably, was not on display during Verdin’s arrest. The real question now is, “What is Sheriff Jerry Larpenter going to do about his out of control police officer?” The answer to that question may be found in a statement issued by the TPPD.

It reads, “A citizen at the scene used his cell phone to video record this incident that only captures a portion of the incident…The deputy choice of words was not very professional and does not reflect the integrity of the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office.” Apparently, they didn’t see what the rest of us see.

Sure, words hurt. But what about his actions? He removed the cuffs of an already subdued suspect, who’d been detained and placed in the back of a patrol car.

If this man did the things he was accused of, the cop placed the public in harm’s way once more. He then threatened and seemed prepared to carry out those threats against a much weaker individual.

Any police officer who wears the badge for the parish must subscribe to the mission statement the parish is sworn to uphold. The video clearly shows a TPPD cussing at a suspect, manhandling him, removing his cuffs, and challenging him to a fistfight which the young man would certainly lose against several officers.

By choosing to behave in said manner, the police officer lowered himself to the same level as the very criminals he’s sworn to arrest and prosecute.

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As TFTP has reported on many occasions, not only are police officers routinely caught on camera threatening the very public they’re sworn to protect, but some officers, like Springfield, IL officer Samuel Rosario sometimes carry out their threats. Rosario, perturbed by the interjections from an angry young man, then challenged the man to a fight.

After the man didn’t take the bait, Rosario could not hold back any longer. He gave the young man a beat down, in his own front yard.

Rosario was later fired for his actions and charged with assault, in what will likely be an open and shut case against the officer, now turned criminal.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • The Cat’s Vagina

    If this man did do all the things he is accused of, his case is now tainted by this unprofessional cop. Instead of a criminal being taken off the street, this man now has grounds for a lawsuit — which will punish the taxpayers — not the cop.

    Exactly! People tend to forget this little reality when they’re crowing about how the “scumbag had it coming.” Well, assuming said scumbag is guilty of all charges and accusation, what he’ll also have coming at the hands of an abusive cop is a dismissed or acquitted case and quite possibly a HUGE windfall of money larger than anything you’re ever going to see.

    I think people who excuse or even condone the behavior of abusive cops so long as their victims are sufficiently “deserving” of it simply can’t think beyond their simplest instinct. “Heh – Thog hurt Grug. This make Oog happy ’cause Oog not hurt.”

    • Guy

      Equally proving the point, that people depending on the circumstances, or wind direction. Don’t know which way to jump and on to whose band wagon it may be on !

      One second it’s all about saving the *Little Guy* and the next *String Him Up He’ Deserved It* !

      My point ? Thank god video cameras are as common as grass, showing just how cop’s and thouse like them, can be king sized idiots. But will just blow it off as poor training, while letting the Chief do all the lip work to the general public and they (the public) will be satisfied with it, most of the time.

    • Zackknowitall

      If he took off the cuff and told me to hit him I would smash him and break his knee. Then when they charged me with assault on LEO I could get to court fast enough. I would demand a quick and speedy trial for the next day. I’d file a lawsuit the next day.

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        *pats him on the shoulder and kisses his cheek in passing* Of course you would, dear!

        • Zackknowitall

          Im not the baddest dude ever but MMA has been my sport for the past 20 years.

      • tom browne

        you’d never make it to court.

        • Amor Terra

          He’d never make it to jail. They’d just kill him and the sheeple would nod and say BAAA.

    • john robel


  • Ludwig Weber

    If that disrespectful twerp were to shoot off his mouth here in the Philippines… the cops would simply shoot him. Filipinos are very respectful and polite, even to one another because any altercation would ensue into a fight that escalates into families getting into the fight, like a tribal war.

  • tom browne

    police lose all their good judgment by using steroids and booze. they are flying high on power trips. the steroids send them into a boiling rage. I have seen police at the local jail all pumped up threatening violence. even women cops are using steroids and they become grotesque looking and behaving. I said to a woman cop: “what is wrong with you?” they have to prove themselves to the men.
    for kicks – they wait until bars close and grab drunken guys before they can leave and beat them bloody then – bring em to the hospital for repairs – then throw em in jail. just terrible and unnecessary.

  • Paul Mc Corry

    A totally new approach to police recruitment is required as a matter of urgency in the US.Only people with a real interest in community safety and law enforcement should make it through to being sworn in.New cops should be informed that they will not only be fired or jailed for criminal acts against members of the public but they will also be made to pay compensation for damage or injury caused.All those with personality problems or criminal traits should be filtered out during interview stages and a high standard of education must be a requirement.Ex service or vets should not be a serious consideration when so many of these people also claim to be damaged by their experiences,.Only those proved to be not suffering PTSD should make it through to recruitment.Watching so many overweight,thug police personnel killing and beating American citizens seems almost unreal and from here there does not appear to be anyone in authority seeking solutions to what is a National disgrace.The idea of America being “The land of the free and the home of the brave” is heavily tarnished.

  • Ibcamn

    the cops are all terrorists to the country,every cops is…….cops like to beat little kids and women,makes them feel like men i guess…and you can see that the cop only took of his cuffs in a very small confined space controlled by no less than 3 faggots,i mean cops….so this cop was never ever in any danger from a 100lb boy,while he is 300lbs heavier and a foot and half taller than the child is….cops are COWARDS,FAGGOT COWARDS,thats what these cops are…fat sweaty obese cops….how do cops pass their yearly fitness requirements…i don’t see a single one of these criminals[cops]being able to do 3 pull-ups..hmm,lazy assclown probing shit stains these cops be…….

    • haauwnk

      I’d like to see them attempt a PFT.

      • Ibcamn

        …….can anyone say power tripping cop

  • Amor Terra

    It doesn’t matter what happened before the video. If the guy was high on meth and had been threatening anyone, with or without a gun, he was DANGEROUS. Removing his handcuffs endangered his family, the general public, the suspect, and the cops. It was STUPID BEYOND BELIEF. It was reckless. It was unprofessional. And for a much larger, armed man to do it, it was cruel and bullying. And the cop should be instantly fired. But he won’t be, because stupid, reckless, unprofessional, cruel, and bullying are the hallmarks of the majority of cops today.

  • IceTrey

    Low IQ bullies and thugs.

  • OneGoodDeed

    Classic ROID RAGE. Dilac LA, get a leash on your dogs before they cost you millions and a thorough federal investigation into your department.

    • Amor Terra

      Yeah, right. They don’t care about lawsuits. You know why? Cuz, when they act like idiots and thugs, THEY don’t pay the judgments–WE do. Isn’t that a cool gig? Steal money from the public to pay thugs to bully the people who pay their salaries. Then, when the public gets tired of being bullied and sues, steal more from the public to pay for it. I wonder when we’re going to start saying no. The answer would be to pay judgments out of the cops’ pension funds, or to require them to have insurance as a condition of employment. Then the ones financially hurt by their stupidity and brutality would be them instead of us.

      • OneGoodDeed

        Preaching to the choir. I’ve been saying for years that police should be made to self insure. When the insurance company drops them because of high risk liability they will be unemployable to their departments.

  • haauwnk

    He’s already got a job in the next suburb over.