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Officer Firing at Fleeing Vehicle Misses Driver, Kills Female Passenger and Her Dog Instead

El Cajon, CA — In yet another tragic case of an officer fearing for his life from a fleeing car, a woman and a dog have been killed.

Early Saturday morning, police spotted a stolen red Toyota and pulled over the vehicle. Inside the car were three men, a woman and a dog. As the officer approached the vehicle, it sped off before he could get to them and led police on a high-speed chase.

Eventually, the car was cornered in a cul-de-sac and came to a halt. As the officer exited his vehicle, according to the El Cahon Police Department, the driver then sped toward the officer. ‘Fearing for his life,’ the officer fired four rounds into the vehicle.

The driver was not hit, which means that if he actually intended to run over the officer, that he could have done so. However, the passenger in the vehicle, a 25-year-old unidentified woman and a dog, were both hit — and killed.

Even after the shots were fired, the driver continued on until he eventually crashed into another police car that was arriving on scene.

According to NBC San Diego, 

Officers swarmed the suspects’ car and arrested three men who were inside. The female passenger who was shot was taken to a local hospital. She died a short time later from injuries suffered in the officer-involved shooting, the police department confirmed. According to the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s office, she was 25 years old. She has not yet been identified.

According to the ECPD, the driver was arrested for attempted murder on a police officer and the other two passengers were arrested for drug-related crimes. The ECPD also said that the unidentified victim had a warrant for her arrest, but have not released any details on said warrants.

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No officers were reported injured in the incident.

Our request for comment on this case to the ECPD were not immediately returned.

Officers killing people for attempting to drive away is becoming an all too common occurrence.

Seneca Police Lt. Mark Tiller made the same assertion when he shot and killed 19-year-old Zachary Hammond over the possession of a small amount of marijuana. Officer Ray Tensing was caught on video killing Sam Dubose in a similar fashion. In September, cellphone footage was released showing police murdering 33-year-old John Barry, a mentally ill man who attempted to flee from police during a breakdown.

One of the most disgusting examples of cops claiming to fear for their lives as cars drive off is the case of Officers Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse, Jr., who, in November, opened fire on a car occupied by 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis, killing him and severely injuring his father.

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  • Passengers, apparently just good target practice in America…

  • Without video evidence I WILL assume the cop shot at a moving target that was no threat, he wasn’t run over, end of story. Fair is FAIR.

    • Without a video, without any evidence period, why assume anything?

    • Jason Edward Conviction numbers say more than any video ever could, please continue trusting. I thought my mockery of the opposition was fitting…

    • Conviction numbers? So every situation is exactly the same? It’s not a bunch of different people in those situations, its actually ONE person in everything?

    • Jason Edward Please explain torturing 200 civilians with ZERO jail time, and maybe just maybe I could begin to give two shits about your butthurt feelings about what I consider FAIR mockery of your system.

    • 200 civilians. 200 out of what, 300 MILLION? I’m not saying those 200 don’t matter, but to lump all cops in with the bad ones is asinine. But hey, keep on believing what you will.

    • Ahh, bootlicker, found you.

    • Seriously? I don’t agree with you and the best you can do is lob insults? And that, boy, is why you’re not taken seriously.

    • I hope you are murdered with zero cop convictions as well. Fair enough?

    • Wow, that’s a powerful statement right there. You really are a valued member of humanity.

    • So are all those who support the murder rate of our departments, which is the point.

    • The murder rate of our departments? What departments might they be? God, I hope they don’t murder all the departments, I really need to go to Housewares and pick up a new toaster! You think Housewares will be safe until tomorrow?

    • Jason Edward I’m confused, you are working in a department store? I’d think they’d just enjoy shooting customers with bb guns, I bet you enjoy those, eh? 😉 https://youtu.be/0XYNOTUWfHE

    • You had said about supporting the murder rate of our departments. C’mon, Trucido, get with the program here. If you can’t remember what you said less than 15 minutes ago, how do you expect to get ahead in this world?

    • Jason Edward Your department is a store, which means you know jack squat about laws, but thanks for trying… XD

    • So you know more about laws, huh? And just where did you get your law degree from?

    • I thought as much. Just another keyboard commando.

    • Jake, I am neither support nor am I condemning the system. My point was that without any info as to what actually happened, it is imprudent to make any assumptions, one way or the other.

      Everyone wants to say cops are corrupt thugs who murder and pillage. While that may be true for some, it isn’t true for all. Take Chicago, for instance. Everyone will agree that the cops, the brass, the mayor, and the city council are all dirty from the McDonald shooting. Leaving out the mayor and city council, let’s say 24 cops are involved. Those 24 are only 0.2% of the force.

    • Jake Conley In other words, no evidence is ever needed for them, but vice versa, is absolute. I know this one.

  • No indictment expected

  • This is an example of poor marksmanship, that is all. If you steal a car, lead police on a chase, and then punch it in the general direction of a cop pointing a gun at you, you’re begging for it. I’m all for seeking accountability and weeding out corruption, but this incident was a clean shoot, although it’s a bummer he couldn’t manage to hit the target.

    • Clean shoot? I smell bacon.

    • All cop cars are paid for with stolen money. Cops chasing car thieves is hypocritical.

    • A clean shot would have been the cop pointing his gun at himself. If the driver is hit, great odds the car is not in control.

    • Exactly… drive a car at an officer… yeah your free game to get blasted… poor aim is the problem here… “IF” they actally drove at officer

    • David, I’m no cop, nor troll. I’m on this site because I too am fed up with unconstitutional abuse, but we need to be reasonable. Self defense is self defense, and I see this one as a waste of time from an activist stand point. Brandon, while I agree taxation is extortion, we do not yet live in a volunteerist society. Wesley, if you actually want to impact positive change, I’d reserve that level of anger for the clean cut cases of corruption (Eric Garner, Kelly Thomas, etc).

    • Someone lost their life for making the mistake of hanging with the wrong people…

    • Possibly, how sure are you that the passenger didn’t instigate the crime spree though? None of us know at this point. If it’s the case that she got caught up with the wrong crowd, then it’s surely a sad thing, but if she was so against what was happening, why didn’t she get out of the car when it was stopped?

    • Jamie Jamison Self defence? It is a dangerous job. We did have honourable police when they were called Peace officers. Enforcement thugs are the problem because the Government did not want to raise the pay they started reducing the intelligence test requirements.Tthen the weight limits, then the psychology tests. Then, in real desperation they hire women. Like I said, remove the guns from cops and see who would do the job like a Bobby in England. Then we could honer them again.

    • Jamie Jamison Sure the girl riding shotgun started it! Ha HA HA.

    • You don’t know, just as I don’t, that was my point. Women can be bad ass criminals too, yes? As far as your other comment is concerned, I agree with much of it, but if I were a cop, and someone decided they wanted to run me down, I’d shoot them. Straight up.

    • Yep dude did all that and she paid the price. Thats what she gets for him doing all that. You haz the dum dum

    • “Cop shooting at a Fleeing car.” Sure, clean shoot! OINK ASS.

    • Bull shit. The woman could have been carjacked by the driver. The police could have stepped away. Since the police have no brains, they should not be armed.

    • Well, frankly, if there is this much logic lacking on the reform side of the debate, then I think I’ll kindly stop association and watch you idiots burn your own cause down. Without reason and diplomacy, the only direction this heads is towards civil unrest /civil war, and at that point, I want nothing to do with people who can’t discern the difference between actual corruption and cop trying to avoid being ran over by criminals.

    • Jamie Jamison pulling the trigger on a gun does absolutely nothing to avoid being hit by a car. The necessary appendages are located on the opposite end of the body, commonly called “feet”. Intelligent people would use these “feet” to move the fuck out of the way. Intelligent people… So, that would be why the cop thought shooting would get him out of the way.

    • Millions of dollars have been blown on awesome cars, communication tech, helicopters, etc for these neanderthal pigs to use. Instead, they just shoot at people. Why follow from a distance and risk a safe, nonviolent resolution, when you can just blow someone away?

    • Yet another person who failed to see the point I was trying to convey… you have to pick your battles, and this particular case is a dead end if you want anything positive to come from your understandable anger. Focus on the clear cut cases, there are plenty of those, unfortunately. Also, for the record, if you take out the driver, magical lead weights don’t suddenly appear in his shoes to keep the accelerator pinned.

  • The copper was “trained” to use his weapon and missed a driver that was so close he thought he was going to hit him??
    Sounds like the copper is inept or lying or both.

  • Instead of waiting for more info to come out, you’ve decided that the cop was in the wrong? You’re just as bad as the dirty cops.

    • Keep sucking, that pig is almost there

    • Why is it that whenever someone disagrees with TFTP, they’re immediately insulted? This isn’t “Free Thought,” this is “We’ll Tell You What To Think Because You’re To Stupid To Think For Yourself.”

    • I agree Jason.

    • Ditto.

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  • Reckless Homicide

  • liberals be like, “he shoulda stopped”

    • Liberals? Really? Vast majority of cop suckers, in my experience, are devout Republicans.

  • I’m not pro police, but I’m sorry “IF” the story is true and he attempted to run over an officer… yeah fire away Johnny Law… bad marksman ship.. yeah..

    • Learn the lingo…”tried to run me over” means “I ran into the path of the vehicle, to give myself justification for deadly force” when it comes out of a pigs maw.

    • And through the lingo you know that’s “exactly” what happened…. STFU dude.. ever think he was running out of vehicle path and thats why it was a bad shot, taking it on the run? No that possibility didn’t enter your mind cause you totally think all police are lieing

    • He has Donald trump for a profile pic , you can’t get through to him ….. Make America Hate again !!

  • Real men…fathers, brothers, cousins, husbands, boyfriends, etc. take care of business!!!


  • Why are our officers being trained to shoot even when in non life threatening situations? And if they’re not, why are they not being charged with murder?

  • Was the car fleeing or attacking? If fleeing the cops life was not in danger and had no call to shoot, if attacking he had to shoot to save his life.

    • The tactic is, you put yourself in the path of the oncoming vehicle, thus giving yourself free reign to kill the occupants. We see this one over and over….

    • The only justification cops need to shoot, is the presentation of a target. That’s it. If there is someone/something they see that can be shot/shot at, they shoot. Their thin blue line, buddies will get their back and protect them from any consequences.

  • Hang him !

    We need REAL punishment, real justice for people to understand the consequences of their actions.

  • Its still tragic. But as long as police submit dash and body cams to make sure no bs went down.

  • If I were a cop I would drive my family car. Because one of these day’s its going to be open season on these guy’s. Even the Good cops are going too get caught in the Firefight. People will reach this point,There is NO DOUBT That it WILL HAPPEN!

  • Take the guns away from cops. Then there will be peace.

    • Powerful statement! It’s a proven fact that cops, not criminals, kill more people. Oh wait, I think I have that backwards. Criminals kill more people than cops do. So yeah, it makes perfect sense to disarm the cops, and not the criminals.

    • It’s a fact that when criminals kill people, they are convicted. When cops kill, they go on vacation while their friends figure out how to make the murder justified.

    • So whats the problem here guys? England has crime too?

    • “It’s a fact that when criminals kill people, they are convicted.” That’s actually laughable. Close to 40% of all murders go unsolved. In Illinois, it’s closer to 55%. But that’s just unsolved murders, that doesn’t even count how many get charged but not convicted.

  • They will blame the victim for having a warrant and being in a stolen car.. Cop will get off and keep his job..

  • The drive should be held accountable for it,
    Answer don’t flee

    • Yeah, because running away justifies murder. Fuck outta here pig.

  • Some people fantasize about killing someone, they are disturbed individuals and the reason, mental institutions exist.

  • As the car sped away the officer tried to put himself in harms way and suddenly felt threatened by the passenger and frantically open fire with his service weapon.

  • Good job officer

  • We should disarm the police. They’re always “fearing for their lives.”

  • How are they gonna say she had a warrant but not release her name?!! #dirty

  • Please talk about immigration
    Tell him no more promise
    Time to fix immigration they started tearing up families

    Yes I will vote for Bernie but address this !!!

    As of January 2 ice police is everywhere and nobody has our representatives has called Obama !!!

    We Hispanic help him win
    Which no one talks about!!!

    No more promise!!

    I pay so much taxes
    For rich people’s war
    I rather spend it on humans

    Mexico don’t ship people this way
    And Mexicans are not the only family they are tearing apart.

    What do you this those new orphans will do in the future with their lives or even to society
    We are probably building the next generation of killer or terrorist
    We are building them!!!

    No more promises
    Find a solution now

    No more promises!!!!

  • They are fabricating some excuse to exonerate the murderer, while he’s on paid leave, courtesy of We the Tax Cattle.

  • He didn’t miss.

  • Wtf is wrong with police in America

    • To properly and fully answer this question, I would need 5x my phone’s battery capacity.

    • One could write a series of books on what is wrong with American bacon.

  • I guess by them fleeing the officer felt his life was in danger. Until the people starts defending themselves this will continue.

  • Real criminals wear badges

  • The problem is most of the time the car isn’t headed for the cop, they are trying to go around him. I personally saw a case where a cop jumped into a open window when the person stared driving slow then put a charge of reckless endangerment on that person. Cops

  • USA A CORPATE FACIST POLICE STATE FROM HELL HITLER WOULD BE PROUD OF INSANE USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Don’t run from the cops you idiots. Period!!! Obey the law

    • Fuck the cops fuck their law and fuck you u pig loving cock suckers

    • Reggie Torres it’s sad that you have kids that are learning from you. God bless you and your family and I pray that you never have to eat your words and call the police to help you or your children

  • Just another day in the States with their wonderful police officers . ❤️

  • there are plenty of countries on this planet where cops are not murderers..this shit is `police wanted must have murdering experience cold blooded and fucked up druggies other wise, class A1 drugs supplied!!!

  • Let me guess expired plates ?

  • another trigger happy cop. Take his badge away and lock the murder up

  • Hang that piece of shit wats he doing fireing well people are around dumb fucking piece of shit suppose yo b upholding the laws but breaking them ass they go