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Officers Who Killed Homeless Man in Firing Squad Fashion Won’t Face Federal Charges

February 26, 2014

Saginaw Police officers cleared of criminal charges in the Milton Hall shooting case by Prosecutor Mike ThomasSaginaw police officers who shot and killed homeless Saginaw resident Milton Hall during a confrontation in a shopping plaza parking lot won’t face federal charges.

The Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan and the FBI announced their joint decision on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

“After a thorough investigation, federal authorities have determined that this tragic event does not present sufficient evidence of willful misconduct to lead to a federal criminal prosecution of the police officers involved,” a news release stated.

In some type of execution style firing squad, six officers simultaneously fired on Hall at total of 47 rounds, of which only 11 struck him. Some of this incident was caught on film. (Video Below)

Looking closely at the video, police can be seen surrounding Hall with their guns drawn. Hall reportedly had a knife in his hand and if one listens closely, you can hear a female police officer order Hall to put down the knife.

The emotionally distraught Hall refuses and appears to move slowly to the left.

It was then that the six police officers opened fired on Hall and killing him.

Hall’s mother has filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the city and nine police officers in U.S. District Court in Bay City seeking “full and fair compensation” as well as punitive damages.

  • Bruce Durgess

    Cowards; afraid of their own shadow. Their families, their church, the community must be filled with shame. It makes no difference what a corrupt federal investigation says; the video speaks for itself.

  • Echo Moon

    6 officers with guns, 1 man with a knife who does not charge them. 47 shots fired, 11 shots actually hit.
    this goes to show you why so many more police are needed now days. it’s not because crime is running rampant, it’s because their lucky to hit the broadside of a barn.
    and this is the police? the armed force that is suppose to “serve and protect”? the first line of defense?
    we all know that they don’t serve and protect the general public. they serve and protect the ‘laws’, the city, county or state.
    47 shots and only 11 hit. how embarrassingly pathetic. i was better than that at 10yrs old with a bb gun.

    they’re not a protective force, they are legally hired killers.

    • 2broke4 her

      I Read where 9 cops shot in another story but counting the cops in the end there are 8, one is a K-9 officer, he didnt shoot.. if those idiots were qualifying on the range, they would not be allowed to carry a sidearm.. averaging 2 hits by each cop out of 47 shoots.. question arises where did the other 36 rounds go?

    • Jonathan Wint

      u miss the point they all fired because they did not want to look like they wear going against their brothers and stopping it. But only 3 wear aiming..The others are as guilty but did not aim..They knew what they wear doing was murder.

  • me9999maw

    When I was a kid, cops usta just enjoy beating the hell out of ya, geez you can survive a skull fracture easier than 46 shots, no?

    • 2broke4 her

      47 read the story!

      • Zeconte

        Actually only 11, the other 36 missed their target, because you know, as much as police seem to love shooting people, they don’t particularly seem to care to learn how to aim.

        • 2broke4 her

          I was pointing out you said survive a skull fracture and related it to 47 shot’s… when the issue was, he didnt survive.. you should write your statements better..

          As I have state in other posts.. the shoot to kill ratio is 23.4% which if that was their qualifying score at the range they would never be able to carry a sidearm for they failed to qualify..
          also i stated by the number of rounds because i have read several articles and they give conflicting info from 6, 8 or 9 cops shot at him..
          if it was 6, that means average they each hit him 1.8 times
          if it was 8, average 1.375 hits
          if it was 9, average 1.22 hits
          as i stated before where did the other 36 rounds go?
          as I also stated, maybe some of the cops felt the use of force wasnt necessary and missed on purpose when shooting, highly likely..

          as for missing, back in the 60’s a cop was shooting at his killer that he pulled over for a traffic stop..back then using revolvers.. the man exited his car with a gun, the cop shot 6 times, at roughly 20 feet and missed every shot, the killer walked up to him and shot him in the head, dead.. the man was captured tried and sentenced to life… during the investigation it was determined that because of adrenaline rush, the heart beats harder and the body reacts to the heart beat which the arms move up and down to each beat.. every time the officer shot, he shot on the beat which moved his point of aim slightly above or to the side of the killers head, by fractions of an inch.
          maybe that is why they missed also 36 times!

  • me9999maw

    Law of unintended consequences: Negros fought so hard for cops to stop carrying Batons/ Nightsticks… So instead of surviving a severe beating, Copwards just fill them full of lead.

    • 2broke4 her

      they carry nightsticks/Batons except they dont call them that any more, the ones now being used are expandable friction lock batons,

      • me9999maw

        They need to USE them more! Like I said you can survive a skull fracture easier than 11 or 47 bullets!

        • 2broke4 her

          it depends, a skull fracture can lead to death.. if the brain swells! or could lead to death or a permanent medical disorder if a bone fractures and enters the brain..

          • me9999maw

            I know a skull fracture can be fatal, but compared tio 11-47 rounds of 40cal/9mm.

          • 2broke4 her

            so its better to suffer a long agonizing death than a quick one, is that what youre saying?

          • Jake Stine

            A baton need not be used on a person’s head either. In fact, a head is a very poor target for a baton. A good strike across the arm near the elbow or collarbone will shock the nerves that control the arm to cause someone to drop whatever weapon they’re holding, and be unable to move their fingers for several seconds. At that point you can tie the person up (arms across the back) and immobilize them on the ground for cuffing.

          • 2broke4 her

            I was taught using a 5 cell Mag light method, depending on which is your dominant hand, for me left. first take out the right knee, then left elbow and then a blow to the right side of the head, this is using the momentum and the weight of the flash light.. hasnt failed yet.
            I agree with what you said and have had great results.. one guy drooling due to intense nerve pain..

    • Jonny Alpha


      • me9999maw

        I was not trying to TROLL I was making a ridiculous statement because its NOT RIGHT to beat someone with a night stick either, but Geez 46 shots??? Thanks I will take the beating.
        Try and read more objectively I was trying to be Ironic.

        • Jonny Alpha

          If you haven’t learned that ‘ironic’ doesn’t do well in comments then you are too innocent to bother with.

          • me9999maw


      • me9999maw

        No I was making the point about Lead verus wood, cops will always find a way to hurt people, Using Stun guns to torture or kill, “Non- lethatl” rubber bullets at point blank, I just that its ironic that the least terribel thing a victim can enounter is still terrible.

  • Calimero

    Meanwhile in the UK a very angry man armed with a machete (not a pen knife) is disarmed, without violence, bloodshed, tasers or bullets and at one point he runs at a police officer brandishing the two foot long blade. Its not guns that kill people its idiots with guns. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX5CPx4RKWw

    • Lawrence

      No it’s guns, the police in the UK don’t have guns, there is little need for them, ban the guns

      • Jonathan Wint

        they have guns they just under lock and key not standard carry.

  • peter jovanovic

    It seems that a disturbing amount of our country’s police officers are simply scared when confronted with certain situations even when they clearly out number these people. I can sadly say that I have actually witnessed case’s like this and it makes me wonder why some of our officers are wearing a badge. I simply can’t believe that they had to kill this man and couldn’t find another way to defuse the situation. Why couldn’t they just rush this guy, put him on the ground and disarm him. It makes me so angry to see these things and there have been far to many incidents similar to this one. I do have tremendous respect for the incredibly hard job that they have and I can see that most our police are properly trained but there are so many others who need to either be retrained or simply find a different profession