Five goliath pharmaceutical companies have been served with a lawsuit from the State of Ohio for their role in the opioid epidemic, because, as state Attorney General Mike DeWine alleges, they “helped unleash a health care crisis that has had far-reaching financial, social, and deadly consequences in the State of Ohio.”

Ohio now joins a number of states in attempting to hold Big Pharma responsible for fueling the crisis of oft-ruinous addiction to legally prescribed opioid medications and their deemed illegal brethren, such as heroin.

Purdue Pharma, Endo Health Solutions, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and its subsidiary, Cephalon, Johnson & Johnson and subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and Allergan have all been named in the lawsuit.

“This lawsuit is about justice, it’s about fairness, it’s about what is right,” DeWine opined in an announcement from southern Ohio’s Ross County — an area crushed by the epidemic in fatalities from overdoses to legal painkillers and illegal heroin — as quoted by Southwestern Ohio NBC affiliate, WLWT. “These drug companies knew that what they were saying was wrong and they did it anyway and they continue to do so.”

Figures for 2016, which have yet to be released, are expected to handily top the distressing 3,050 fatal overdoses Ohio experienced in 2015 — figures wholly unacceptable to DeWine, and cogent of the nation’s struggle to rein in rampant over-prescribing and other facets of the opioid scourge.

NPR reports the lawsuit “accuses the companies of engaging in a sustained marketing campaign to downplay the addiction risks of the prescription opioid drugs they sell and to exaggerate the benefits of their use for health problems such as chronic pain.”


“We believe the evidence will also show that these companies got thousands and thousands of Ohioans — our friends, our family members, our co-workers, our kids — addicted to opioid pain medications, which has all too often led to use of the cheaper alternatives of heroin and synthetic opioids,” the Ohio attorney general asserted in a press release excoriating the five pharmaceutical companies Wednesday. “These drug manufacturers led prescribers to believe that opioids were not addictive, that addiction was an easy thing to overcome, or that addiction could actually be treated by taking even more opioids.

“They knew they were wrong, but they did it anyway — and they continue to do it.  Despite all evidence to the contrary about the addictive nature of these pain medications, they are doing precious little to take responsibility for their actions and to tell the public the truth.”

Explicitly, DeWine notes, the lawsuit contends the medications at the core of the epidemic include OxyContin, MS Contin, Dilaudid, Butrans, Hysingla, and Targiniq from Purdue; Endo’s Percocet, Percodan, Opana, and Zydone; Actiq and Fentora made by Teva and Cephalon; Johnson & Johnson and Janssen’s Duragesic and Nucynta; and Kadian, Norco, and several generic opioids manufactured by Allergan.

DeWine told NPR’s All Things Considered the companies purposely deceived physicians and medical practitioners on the perils of the opioid medications — purely to rake in profits — to the horrific detriment of thousands of families whose loved ones became addicted or lost their lives.

“We believe that the evidence will show that these pharmaceutical companies purposely misled doctors about the dangers connected with pain meds that they produced, and that they did so for the purpose of increasing sales,” he asserted. “And boy, did they increase sales.”

“My daughter’s been gone over a year and it still doesn’t seem real,” Ohio father Roger Winemiller, whose daughter and son died within nine months of each other — both from overdoses on heroin — told WLWT.

Echoing one of the most common paths to illegal heroin, Winemiller described the lost battle with addiction his daughter faced, recalling that, to treat anxiety, she “started using pills and tried stuff that the doctor prescribed but it just didn’t work, then went to pills on the street then graduated to heroin.”

Included in the state’s lawsuit is an injunction demanding the companies cease deceptive practices — inflation of benefit and deflation of risks — surrounding opioid prescriptions.

Rather than pegging doctors equally responsible the opioid plague, DeWine told NPR’s Robert Siegel the weight of blame lies with the mendacious practices consciously undertaken by the five Big Pharma giants and their subsidiaries.

“This was not something that the pharmaceutical companies just woke up some day and just started to do a little bit of it,” the attorney general explained.

“I mean, there was a concerted effort for an extended number of years to really pound this into the heads of doctors. And when you’re told something time and time and time again and there’s a lot of advertising that is being spent, yeah, it takes a while to turn that around.”

Naturally, Big Pharma pushed back against the lawsuit — a spokeswoman for Janssen castigated the premise as “legally and factually unfounded.”

“Janssen has acted appropriately, responsibly and in the best interests of patients regarding our opioid pain medications,” Jessica Castles Smith told the Cleveland Plain Dealer by email, “which are FDA-approved and carry FDA-mandated warnings about the known risks of the medications on every product label.”

Purdue, however, appeared to capitulate somewhat — agreeing the epidemic must be addressed.

“OxyContin accounts for less than 2 percent of the opioid analgesic prescription market nationally,” the company told the Plain Dealer, “but we are an industry leader in the development of abuse-deterrent technology, advocating for the use of prescription drug monitoring programs and supporting access to Naloxone — all important components for combating the opioid crisis.”

NPR noted the state estimates more than 200,000 Ohioans currently battle addiction to opioids.

DeWine elaborated further, telling the Plain Dealer 80 percent of heroin addicts first were prescribed legal opioid medications — and that, although this particular lawsuit aims to hold manufacturers accountable, he refused to rule out future litigation against distributors.

Opioids continue to be doled out with alarming regularity for both acute and chronic pain, while viable alternatives to both treat pain and reduce opioid dependency — such as cannabis and kratom — remain unattainable thanks to the Federal Government’s laughable war on drugs.

In the meantime, a growing number of states and localities — including Everett, Washington, and the states of West Virginia, Mississippi, and Kentucky — as well as the Cherokee Nation, have employed legal means to call Big Pharma to task for recklessly allowing the opioid crisis to fester unhindered.

“It’s not the whole cause, but it’s a big part of the cause,” Winemiller said of the targets of the lawsuit. “I mean, there’s many, many people that’s gone to pain clinics, had surgeries or whatever, and they take this medication and they get hooked on it, and then they get cut off and so they go the cheaper route and end up with the heroin.”

He added, “I’ve lost two [children]. It’s just like a bad dream that won’t quit.”

Claire Bernish began writing as an independent, investigative journalist in 2015, with works published and republished around the world. Not one to hold back, Claire’s particular areas of interest include U.S. foreign policy, analysis of international affairs, and everything pertaining to transparency and thwarting censorship. To keep up with the latest uncensored news, follow her on Facebook or Twitter: @Subversive_Pen.
  • Damiana

    This is kind of an important lawsuit. If they win, it’ll open the door for lawsuits from all the people who have had their lives ruined by an opiate addiction. I think they deserve a financial settlement WAY more than the state of Ohio, who did nothing for them but lock them up and extort them for easy cash.

    • Guy

      As usual Cat. Direct and right to the heart of the problem. But when is it the time, that we take on some of the responsibilities for ourselves ?

      • Damiana

        Seems to me like the people who have been affected by it have already “taken on some of the responsibilities.” If nothing else, most of them have already been punished SEVERELY for their bad choices, if not by the legal system, then by the countless other consequences of drug abuse.

        No one is trying to say that it’s ALL the fault of the corporations, just that they should own up to their part in it and contribute accordingly to help offset all the damage and destruction their products have caused.

        • Amor Terra

          I’d be content if they were just forced to stop lying to doctors and the public about how “safe” their poison is.

          • Damiana

            That would be a barely acceptable compromise, but I still think they should be held financially liable for part (not all) of the damage their greed has wrought. The cat is pretty much out of the bag on how “safe” it is to ply someone with opiates and then take them away.

          • Amor Terra

            That cat seems to elude most people who take opioids for their “pain,” who swear they’re not addicted, always take them according to directions, and have no problems at all with them. My dad was one of them. He had “no problems” (other than being so loaded he had to call his neighbor to help him get off the toilet and kept falling asleep-passing out really–with a cigarette burning and burning his desk down), until it shut down his kidneys and he drowned in his own lungs.

          • Alareenie

            So he was self medicating ! The doctor should not have given him more and TOLD him that he is an addict as well as prevented him from acquiring more at least legally then ! The pain of his choices in life were too heavy for him and he found a place to hide from more than one kind of pain

          • Amor Terra

            Yes, he was. And his idiot doctor kept giving him more for almost ten years.

          • Alareenie

            I am lost here ! I have missed the pro opioid commercials !

          • Amor Terra

            They don’t need commercials. They have doctors, whose answer to a sore knee is opioids.

        • Alareenie

          Oh I can agree there ! My cousin loves heroin . My solution would be to give her the lifeline to help but if she chooses to continue with her addiction supply the drug . It is cheaper than incarceration and harms no one

    • Alareenie

      By and large people are not bullied into being addicts ! They choose to hide from a very hard world ! This is a country that will allow you to owe more than $50000 in education costs and have no jobs but insist on repayment ! This is a world that is replacing people too dumb for college with AI ! This is a country that has no real health coverage for the WORKING people (those that pay all the taxes ) !

  • IceTrey

    So when are they going to sue Budwieser? What about Big Sugar? Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death.

    • Amor Terra

      Hopefully soon. Booze is sugar and sugar is addictive poison.

      • Guy

        Did you know that there are 4 tablespoons of sugar in a average size can of coke ? Now ? Everybody goes even larger or super size me at Mc Donalds !

        • Amor Terra

          Yep, I know. According to home hints publications, it also makes an awesome toilet bowl cleaner. Which makes one just rush to put it in one’s body.

          • Guy

            Where in the hell is my bag of sugar !? Oh Yeah ! I ate it yesterday, need to go buy some more ! You all got a buck ?

          • Amor Terra

            More addictive than cocaine, and not only freely available, but hidden in almost every processed food on the market.

          • Guy

            Check the label on a bottle of catchup. One of the main ingredients right after tomatoes is ? You guessed it ! I once made a cherry pie and stopped after adding two cups of sugar, figured that would be enough, but nope, it was a little tart, but still good, recipe asked for 4 cups total.
            Sugar and Salt are both demon drugs put out by the food makers to keep us hooked on their products.
            Both of our grandmas used only about half of what is used in today’s cooking, supplemented by much more fresh or stored natural products and herbs, without the benefit of refrigeration.
            Now when I cook, which I do a lot. I only use about half of what it calls for and it comes out just as good. I just try to be more inventive with herbs.

            I always get flabbergasted about the amount of frozen ready prepared meals and food in our grocery stores. People don’t cook anymore, they heat up or nuke it, with a Zap it’s done ! Then say no time, and run off to the T.V. I haven’t bought a froze pizza or just about anything else that is, in over 35 years, except Turkey and Chicken. Raised my kids that way and now they do the same.

            Now. I’ve got fresh in season cherries in the dehydrator, next comes, apricots, tomatoes, peppers, corn, string beans, peaches, nectarines, asian pears, apples, grapes and anything else I can get my hands on, including meat and fish. You would be surprised what you can dry and store. But strawberries and watermelon are a waste of time, a whole lot of work for fruit rollup. Sorry about the rant, getting carried away over cooking and recipes.

          • Amor Terra

            In spite of our past prickles on this forum, you and I have a lot in common. My hubby just finished a solar dehydrator for me for preserving both foods from our gardens, orchard and (tiny) vineyard, and herbs for food and medicine. I had a terrible sugar addiction for years. I always knew I had a “sweet tooth” but never understood the magnitude until I quit eating the stuff. About two years in, I was at a market that had out little samples of a pastry I had always adored. I took a sample, tasted it, and almost vomited because it was SOOO sickeningly sweet. There was a day when I would have taken the whole box home and eaten it all. Thank goodness I got past that one before the piper had to be paid. Now give me an occasional black bean brownie lightly sweetened with stevia and a little honey or maple syrup and I’m good for a couple of months.

          • Guy

            Yep indeedy, past pricks can do some damage to the head, ego or fannie, depending on where it get’s *Smacked First* and being very guilty of being thinned skinned, forcing me to having to put up with my own self induced ca ca a lot !

            I have the advantage of living in a farming community, as well of being one (small) myself, so have a huge amount of fresh produce available, that allows us to bag and dry incredible amounts. I have become good friends with the P.O, here as the result of sending box fulls to my son in Alaska, complete with the running joke of *It’s Tuesday, Where’s Guy ?* He sends me fresh flash frozen Fish, Crab & Dips plus Alaska French Bread. Which are absolute sin’s to eat, if watching a waistline, (i don’t) but fun anyway ! Just like Maple Syrup or Blue or Blackberries and Vanilla Ice Cream are too.

            Herbs for all sort of stuff are a whole new world, with I think folks in a lot of ways are starting to againe realize. But getting fresh, not that dried out useless crap they pawn off for high rip off prices in the stores, is the problem, with most of us just resorting to a friggin pill sold at one of the DNC places, and saying that will do it ! B.S.!
            My herb garden is sad now and neglected, as the result of the drying racks and me trying to make sausage from friggin scratch, which may turn out to be a disaster, depending on the old world ingredients it needs and can’t find.

            Have your hubby, when he has spare time from the other honey do’s, try a Brisket on the barby, (smoked 10-12 hours slow and low). If like us, you will be like pigs in slop, fat, happy and with smiles. I’ve got the secret of the *magic dust* rub for it and Louisiana Ribs, along with everything else. That is so good, I’ve heard of people putting it on car bumpers and eating em ! if ya want, i’ll be happy to share in email, never on a open forum. Mine is [email protected]. The rest just goes into spam anyways, so I lose nothing. I just don’t open attachments, so poof gone.

          • Amor Terra

            I used to make an awesome slow-cooked brisket, but we are now vegetarian, so I’ll just have to rely on memory for that. The herbs, though, we’ve got them. The property we bought and started a farm on 2 summers ago is like a wild pharmacy. Ginseng, wild grape, violets, St. John’s wort, cleavers herb, horsetail, and about a hundred more. I’m working on a Materia Medica, just of the stuff on our land. The heck with pharma!

          • Guy

            Lot’s of years ago I struggled with the thoughts of vegetarismus, because many of the people I was associated with, were veggie heads. But never completed the transition, because I just like meat too much to ever give it up. Some veg heads eat fish and eggs, and the *Magic Dust* works wonders on a slab of Salmon on the barby, that will make people from miles around come sniffing and drooling, to see what’s up. I use it in a Egg Casserole with Artega Green Chillies & Cheese that just makes us dance a jig !

            As to herb cookery, with property enough to grow em to appreciate there magical and medicinal qualities, is a good thing, probably making you the envie of the neighborhood. I appreciate and envy thouse who can take the time necessary to work with herbs, because it does take a huge amount of work in research, time and labor, to get it right, while knowing that, so much has been lost over the years due to us have gotten away from the practice of using em, due to our reliance in pharmaceuticals and grocery stores to cure what ales us, while making us fat and lazy. I have never know a *Fat Vegetarian.* But lot’s of anemic and pasty white ones, who got it wrong in there practises of usage, while being devoted fanatics for Animal Rights Issues ! Every once in awhile we get van loads of thouse folks here, complete with signs, who march around some of the farms I know, while protesting for mother earth and animals. It makes for a good show and tell. They make a lot of noise with the yelling, marching and handing out literature, then go back to the City till the next time.

            Do you keep bees ? It’s something I have been looking into and thinking about trying em out to see if I can do as a hobby.

          • Amor Terra

            Our vegetarianism came from practical consideration–when we lived in a city, the only way to get meat that wasn’t nasty medicated factory-farm garbage was to buy organic. After a few dozen $20 chickens, I proposed that we try the veg, just to see how it went. 6 months in, we started needing to lose the medications we’d been told we needed “for the rest of our lives.” Hubby and I lost a combined total of 80 pounds over the first couple of years, and now neither one of us takes any meds, nor do we have and health concerns, and neither of us has been to a doctor other than for work-related physicals, in about 10 years. So with that record, I will just have to remember the brisket.

            We do keep bees. We have four hives right now, and will pull out the first honey in about 2 weeks. We usually get between 10-12 quarts per hive, leaving behind enough that we don’t have to feed them icky sugar through the winter. When hubby said he wanted bees, I was pathologically afraid of them. But since he’s a low maintenance type, I didn’t feel like I could say no. I’m no longer afraid of them–they’re extremely fascinating, very complex, and gentle creatures, if you handle them properly. I highly recommend them. If you’re looking to get some, start doing some reading from a guy named Michael Bush in Nebraska. He raises bees as naturally as possible–they’re much stronger that way, and can overcome a lot of the issues that are killing off hives all over the country. Good luck.

          • Guy

            My chickens fear me, because they know I am the guy with the
            hatchet ! Free range all of em, no crap in their food and lots of veggies and bugs for em to enjoy. I don’t use any bug spray anymore, they do it for me and give me eggs and meat. I consider that a fair deal.

            80 pounds !!!! Plus your off the med’s too ? Damn Girl You Rock !!! Screw the brisket ! You have found your nirvana and peace of mind in what your and yours do, is the most important and best you can ever hope for. Congradulations !

            I once messed with a bee hive in one of our orchards when I was a kid with a BB Gun ! My friend said I dare you ! That was enough, to turn me into a idiot, and took pot shots at the hive, resulting in pissed off bees ! They all came out looking for blood, and I was the one who took off running, while my friend stood still. They weren’t much interested in him, but real interest in me because I made a good moving target for em. Result my friend getting stung twice and me about 50. He thought it was hilarious, but I didn’t much myself, because I had lumps all over and my eyes and ears swelled shut for days. I learned a real lesson, never mess with bees that can get pissed off ! Now I just feed the occasional swarm that comes through with honey, when they rest in the trees and they move on.

            Just curious what is your home state ? Here in the Center San Joaquin Valley of CA. We have pretty mild winters and don’t think the cold will bother em much, plus early spring with flowers in our orchards in Feb. Is when we set out the hives for pollination.

          • Amor Terra

            That BB gun thing–that isn’t “handling them properly.” 🙂 Ours have gotten to where they don’t even freak out when I take the big mower up to do the area around their hives. I’ve been stung once in the five years we’ve had bees. One landed on my nose while I was gardening, and I reacted without thinking to brush her off and she stung me because I was smashing her with my hand. Hubby’s been stung maybe 20 times, but he opens the hive without even a veil unless he’s going to pull all the frames for inspection. Our very old dog loves being near them goes out and lies right in front of the hives and sticks her nose up at the opening and they don’t even sting her. They seem to know if you like them or not, or if you are nervous.

            We’ve been very fortunate, and you’re right–we have found our nirvana, with health and our place, which, BTW is in the very far SW corner of Missouri, on the edge of the Ozarks. Very beautiful and nice people who leave you alone, but are always willing to help if you need it.

            And I wish I could bring myself to visit a few of my chickens with a hatchet. Some of them are the dumbest animals I’ve ever seen. But they do make very nice eggs 🙂

          • Guy

            You’re right about chickens, being dumb ! I think they would just stand around, and drowned in a rainstorm if they could. But….. they are great bug catchers and weed pullers, helping me to keep the snails out, so the occasional mistake of losing a few radishes to em, is no biggie. Plus… I just like looking at em, with the Banties being a hoot of male masochism and the little girls with furry feet are funny, giving me easter eggs. There droppings make great fertilizer too, friers are delicious and love scrambled eggs with cheese and garden peppers. It only takes about two seconds, with a hatchet, a stump and a…..WACK ! Just make sure your fingers are out of the way.

            Missouri & Ozarks !?……. I’ll bet you talk funny !

          • Amor Terra

            The Missourians think so. I’m from Colorado.

          • Guy

            I’ll just bet they do ! Not much snow skiing in them thar Ozark’s is there, to keep a big city slicker like you busy much ? Something tells me. Thats why no doubt the bees. Tell me, do you count em when you get bored, or you got other things to do, like milking the goats ?

            I’ll stop now, befor I really get myself in trouble 😉

          • Amor Terra

            No longer a city slicker–and never again. I never belonged in that life. Give me my thirty-three acres of woods, organic garden, orchard, and vineyard, and a few dozen chickens and ducks in my little corner of heaven over all that city nonsense (and certainly over a bunch of overpriced, crowded, pretentious ski resorts) any day. And I must admit that I have capitulated, after 5 years in Oklahoma (bleh!) and now a couple in southern Missouri, and now use the term “y’all,” instead of “you guys.” But I’m sure I still say it wrong.

          • Guy

            Allways hate’ed “you guys” because that’s my first name *Guy* as in jr. Dad was sr. Love “Y’all.”It’s much more warm and fuzzy sounding as a term. You Guys is just a lazy california way of saying “Folks*, so now we all sound ignorant and stupid, as far as I am concerned. Thirty-three acres, is a lot to keep you and he plenty busy. Is it mostly raw land with lots of wooded areas and slightly rambly over grown, or have y’all tamed it to more manageability ? I visualize it to be like “Bobby’s* wooded property in Vermont, in Stephen King’s novel Tommy Knockers. That was a good read, if you are in to his writing. If you haven’t as of yet, you ought to check the novel out. Just watch out for the flying *Hoover* !!!!!

          • Amor Terra

            We are plenty busy, especially for old folks. But yes, it is rather like the novel in places. We’ve got about 10 acres of former cow pasture which is becoming naturalized with wildflowers after 2 years of no grazing and strategic mowing, and about 20 acres of beautiful hardwood forest with oaks, hickories, pecans, walnuts, maples, and sycamores, underlain with all those wonderful herbs, different varieties of ferns, a whole bunch of edible mushrooms, and about a million wild blackberries and grapes. Quite rugged in places, but we’ve carved out trails for a peaceful walk or contemplation without broken ankles. And the last 3.5 acres is what we have tamed. Homemade cabins for us and our two young adult daughters, a half-acre market garden of organically grown veggies, a 20-tree mixed fruit orchard, a small vineyard of muscadine grapes (you can’t grow domestic European grapes organically here without relying on the cheats of big-organic for fungal issues), and patches of strawberry, elderberry, blackberry, and juneberry. And then about half a million bees, 9 dogs, 2 farm cats, and 42 chickens and ducks. The next frontier is a rabbitry to raise clean organic meat for our dogs and to sell. All this for about the price of an unfurnished broom closet anywhere in California or Colorado. Quite the “retirement” for a couple of old burb-rats…my health plan is daily yoga, lifting 50-lb bales of straw, gardening like a fiend, and eating good food. I’m far luckier than I deserve.

  • Beldin68

    So when are people going to become responsible for and accountable to the actions they take, rather than blame everyone other than themselves? Those pills didn’t take themselves, did they?

    • Amor Terra

      Well, I would agree, except that people believe the drugs are ok to take because a “doctor says so,” which much of the population believes actually means something (it doesn’t–doctors are as dumb as the patients–they believe what pharma tells them). It’s stupid, but after pharma’s multi-billion dollar ad push and paying off docs to write scripts at the drop of a hat, it’s rather expected. And not altogether the junkies’ fault.

  • chrismalllory

    This is a bad thing. Pain is criminally under-treated in the US. This will only hurt those who need pain relief.

    • Amor Terra

      They’ll have to find a way to get pain relief without becoming junkies and dying. And before you give me shit, realize that I lost both my parents in a two year period to pharmaceuticals–my dad to hydrocodone and Fentanyl OD. And before you want to blame him, also realize that he was a career narcotics cop, who would rather have chewed off his right arm than get high. He thought it was perfectly fine because an idiot doctor told him so. So he got to spend the last hours of his life drowning in his own lungs.

      • Alareenie

        I am sorry for your loss . No disrespect but did your dad take the amount prescribed or did he choose to over do due to the pain ?

        • Amor Terra

          He took the prescribed dosage, setting an alarm on his watch every four hours, 24/7, so he wouldn’t miss his fix. Ironically, my dad was a retired narcotics cop, who wouldn’t have “gotten high” to save his soul. And all of this started over run-of-the-mill arthritis pain in his knee. It went on for nearly ten years.

      • Guy

        I understand you ! My sister works as a Dr. in Psychology at a methadone clinic here in CA. They give it out like candy to the addicts, so they can function, without the junk, or trouble of buying it on the streets. Just the government’s way of keeping the masses strung out, while they remain in control is my point.

        • Amor Terra

          And a good point.

    • Alareenie

      Yes yes yes I am so sick of these witch hunts ! People need to take some personal responsibility for their choices ! Educated doctors are unaware that opioids are addictive? I knew this by nine yrs old !

  • Steve

    This is awesome.

  • hang3xc

    Fucking whiney little bitch that can face the fact his kids were willing drug users who, after there was no need of meds, went off on their own and bought them illegally, eventually costing them their lives.

    • Guy

      Next time you get a headache ! No aspirin for you ! When that cut gets infected, and it will, put a bandaid on it and call it good ! What A Maroon !

  • Eileen

    The President is only addressing illegal drugs. I am glad that someone is finally addressing legal (prescribed) drugs. I hope all 50 states join this effort. Big tobacco didn’t stop its deceptive marketing until it was nearly bankrupted by repeated lawsuits by the government and other entities who had to foot the bill for tobacco-related illnesses. Doctors also need to be re-educated on drugs. Perhaps it is time to hold them accountable too?

    The one thing that the President can do, although I doubt he will, is to hold the FDA accountable for deaths due to prescription drugs. Maybe that will stop the revolving door. Hopefully, his efforts with vaccines yields measurable results, so he can expand it to big pharma and put an end to this epidemic.

  • WeAreYourGods

    Now that Heroin addiction has saturated the suburbs and rural areas, the attention is focused. Obviously a lot of doctors are not much more than salesmen for Pharma, and get rewards for writing a lot of proscriptions for a company’s product. That corrupting factor leads to too many people being prescribed opiates, and that corrupter/incentive must be removed. People trust their doctors, so when they are told something won’t hurt them and will help them deal, they take that at face value. Three months later their prescriptions run out and they have a hardcore opiate addiction.

    • Guy

      Amen Brother ! Amen !

    • Alareenie

      WHAT ? Why would the doctor give out so much at any time ? How about the way my husbands ADHD meds are given ? He only gets a month at a time . My pain med that was weak and lousy was also about 4 days worth !!!! By the way the USA dictates to Afghanistan how much (little) opium they can grow ! Supply and demand ! If they could grow more that would certainly reduce the profits ! BTW doctors are educated drug dealers that are trained to prescribe drugs for the treatment of disease

      • WeAreYourGods

        Why do Dr’s write too many pain med prescriptions? Because they are paid to by drug companies through perks, rewards, and kickbacks. Maybe you needed more, maybe you’ve got an honest Doctor. Thank him next time.

        I know all about the world’s largest opium producer, Afghanistan. US intelligence services are the world’s largest drug cartel and always have been.

  • Guy

    This has been going on for years. With the pharmaceutical companies pushing their drugs onto the market, so every Tom, Dick and Harry with a skin rash, cold or headache and stubbed toe, can get there hands on em. Oh so damned easily supplied by Big Pharma and Prescribed by the Doctors that are in bed with em.

    Does anybody remember *Mother’s Little Helper* Tranquilizer craze back in the 60’s !? I sure do ! My Mom was pretty much a vegetable for a long time, using them for whatever got her down at the time, being handed to her like candy by her Doctor for life’s little ills. Between them and Cortisone for her Arthritis, it was pretty hard for a long time, untill we made her see the light and got her off the junk, that her Dr’s had over prescribed. She quit cold turkey and it was nasty and rough, as I am sure for a lot of other folks caught in the same vice.

    Then came along Oxycontin for pain, along with Roids cocktails, falling like rain from the sky. Who the hell do you suppose set that one up !? Your friendly Sports Doctors, that’s who ! Saying, every one wanted to be like the American Pro Athlete at the time, so try this roid out for size, it will make you run really fast, jump high and forget about the rage and pimples you get with em, that will just go away ! Although, it still look’s like our Cops still eat em up, even if we don’t anymore as much !

    America is addicted to pills. “One to make you 10′ feet tall and one to make you small, while one dosen’t do anything at all, according to the White Rabbit, Alice & Caterpillar Smoking A Hookah”.,…. All The While, as our kid’s act just like the adults they emulate ! Who The Hell Do You Suppose Is At Fault For That ! Big Pharma ? Don’t Make Me Laugh ! Because The Joke Is On You !

  • Alareenie

    I must say WHAT A BUNCH OF LIES !!!! I had hammertoe surgery on 8 toes and it hurt like hell ! Thanks to this crap I was in total AGONY !! These drugs can be tracked I hate downers being a depressed person w/o help but I am no fan of pain and have never used or abused any opioid . Here is a news flash opium is a PAIN KILLER used to get rid of PAIN !!!! This is how I had one hell of a horrible time ! My surgeon is AFRAID to prescribe any opioids . My cousin loves heroin and found it all by herself on the street and abuses it . That is her CHOICE Why does anyone care ? Allow people to try to live their pain filled lives with the crutch of their choice as long as they are not harming someone else !

    • Guy

      I understand you. But my question is. Since when does it not hurt or affect others when a junkie can’t get there dose ? This comes as the result of knowing someone who was watering down his dads prescription of cancer pain medication for themselves, so they could get high.

      • Alareenie

        Junkies are very self centered like juveniles ! Apparently my good friend , a beautician has informed me that she has only one other client with feet as sensitive as mine ! It really hurts ! Excruciatingly so ! Even sugar spilled on the floor is painful to my feet!

        • Guy

          Don’t know nothing as is apparent. But it seems to me that you might want to take it (your feet) in for a second or even third or fourth evaluation, to help,so you get relief. A lot of doctors just throw pills at the problem, without a thought of cure. Hope you can !