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Eye-Witness Refutes ‘Official’ Story of Oregon FBI Killing, ‘His Hands Were Up…They Fired 120 Shots’

Burns, OR – The nearly month-long armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge building in Oregon took a deadly turn Tuesday night as federal and state law enforcement ambushed vehicles en route to a meeting with area residents.

A group of the protesters, including Ammon Bundy, were on U.S. Highway 395 bound for John Day, scheduled to speak at an evening community meeting about the future of the area, when the ambush occurred.

Several hundred people gathered at the John Day Senior Center, waiting in vain for “guest speakers” that would never arrive. The occupiers were invited to the meeting as a set-up by law enforcement, meant to isolate the men in a cell phone dead zone on a road that had been blocked off for 60 miles by law enforcement.

Law enforcement sources have attempted to frame the official narrative as a traffic stop in which Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum and Ryan Bundy attempted to resist arrest, which resulted in Finicum’s death. Eyewitness accounts provide a very different accounting of the events that unfolded on the isolated highway.

According to a report in the Oregonian:

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore said Ammon Bundy called his wife, Lisa Bundy, from the back of a police car on Tuesday night and said Finicum was cooperating with police when he was shot.

According to eyewitness Victoria Sharps, a woman who was in Finicum’s truck when it was stopped by law enforcement, there is no question about whether the rancher had his hands in the air or if he was shot unprovoked.

“He was just walking, with his hands in the air, and they shot him dead,” Sharps said, adding, “His hands were still up after he was dead.”

Finicum was shot at least six times, three times after he fell, she said, in an account posted on Youtube and shared by the Bundy Ranch Facebook page.

Sharps claims that Finicum exited the vehicle after his truck hit a snow bank and became stuck as he attempted to evade law enforcement. Finicum, yelled at law enforcement once out of the vehicle, telling them “just shoot me,” which they quickly did, according to Sharp.

Sharp claims that the vehicle was riddled with bullets and estimated Finicum’s vehicle was hit with over 120 rounds. She makes the point clearly and concisely that he was unarmed and had his hands in the air when he was killed in the ambush-style attack.

Raw Story ran with the headline that that an “eyewitness” saw Finicum charge law enforcement in an attempt to excuse the senseless killing of Finicum, but in the featured video within that story, the witness, Mark McConnell, actually says that he did not see the shooting at all.

McConnell states that Finicum exited the vehicle “charging” in the direction of law enforcement and that he wasn’t killed in cold blood, but also makes a point of stating that he didn’t see the killing of Finicum.

The fact that McConnell admits to not seeing Finicum be gunned down refutes his earlier statement about Finicum not being killed in cold blood, as he didn’t actually see Finicum’s death at the hands of law enforcement and has no idea whether Finicum’s hands were up or not.

“He went after them. He charged them,” McConnell said, citing the second-hand accounts of the events, alleged to have been given by Shawna Cox and Ryan Payne, both passengers in Finicum’s truck. It remains unclear how exactly McConnell would have heard the accounts from those witnesses, since both Payne and Cox were detained by the authorities, while McConnell was allowed to go free.

Mainstream media sources have gone into overdrive, attempting to provide a smokescreen for the pre-planned ambush by acting as an echo chamber for law enforcement, claiming that law enforcement sources “pulled over” the occupier’s vehicle and that they were “unclear” on “who fired first.”

It would seem odd that their source would be unsure of “who fired first,” unless referring to which law enforcement officer took the first shot, as the non-law enforcement eyewitnesses claim that none of the protesters fired even a single shot.

Although the name of the person killed was not released by authorities, Finicum’s daughter confirmed it was Finicum, 55, of Cane Beds, Arizona; the friendly cowboy-hat wearing face of the takeover.

“My dad was such a good good man, through and through,” Arianna Finicum Brown, 26, one of Finicum’s 11 children, told the Oregonian. “He would never ever want to hurt somebody, but he does believe in defending freedom and he knew the risks involved.”

In an intuitive manner, Finicum noted on Monday that “the tenor has changed” in the federal authorities on scene. He noted that they were now less apt to engage in discussion or small talk and seemed to have been preparing for something.

“They’re doing all the things that shows that they want to take some kinetic action against us,” Finicum said one day prior to his killing.

Lavoy Finicum was a simple rancher who looked forward to getting back to his family and cows, but ended up giving his life fighting against the overreach of the federal government. Ammon Bundy’s father, infamous Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, said Finicum died supporting his beliefs.

“He was a wonderful man,” he told CNN affiliate KTNV. “He was a student of the Constitution. He was interested in freedom, and I think he gave his life where he felt it was best.”

When discussing the prospects of prison time with CNN at the start of the occupation, Finicum made clear his love of freedom.

“I’m just not going to prison,” Finicum said. “Look at the stars. There’s no way I’m going to sit in a concrete cell where I can’t see the stars and roll out my bedroll on the ground. That’s just not going to happen. I want to be able to get up in the morning and throw my saddle on my horse and go check on my cows. It’s OK. I’ve lived a good life. God’s been gracious to me.”

He noted that his children were “very concerned” about him, and that he was looking forward to going home to be with them.

“I’m expecting two grandchildren on the way,” he said. “I’d sure like to see those two new babies. So I’ve got a lot to live for.”

Sadly, LaVoy Finicum will never get to meet those grandchildren, as he and his group were ambushed while driving to a peaceful meeting on the invitation of law enforcement. Hopefully, those babies will grow up knowing that their grandfather took a stand for what he believed in; something far too few people do in their lifetimes.

Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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    • It´s as simple as we are all the same, the enemy is dividing us….

    • Divided we stand… united we fall. We are a nation under peril

    • If you deny systematic racism and white privilege, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. it’s not a 1:1 ratio, it’s more like 100:1 p.o.c. being incarcerated and killed by the state. The whole point of this action was to provoke an armed conflict. I live in the state that bundy is from, his people are xenophobic racists, I’ve been face to face with them at protest actions before. They have threatened peaceful protesters with guns.

    • israel lobby control the usa

    • Timmy Smith You really want to stay asleep don’t you. Do you really not get it. No one is denying anything. The point is don’t separate the problem cause then you end up fighting each other rather then the true enemy. Kind of like you’re doing here. So basically, police brutality against black people alienated other groups of people from fighting the fight because it doesn’t affect them…fighting against police militarization is a fight every one can stand behind and will help everyone…hence united we stand, divided we fall. Be the herder not the herded. The first two sentences you wrote can be found on site after site. YOU ARE ACTUALLY THE PROBLEM because your okay with fighting the wrong battle because that’s what the media and the government tell you is right.

    • Melissa Spopheap Meach gets it.

    • There are for examples of cops killing minorities than there are of cops killing Caucasians. Just because you line a handful up you think you’re proving something?

    • I’m guessing the kid playing with a “toy” was shot because a airsoft gun which isn’t a toy. It is a bb gun that shoots plastic bbs. You need to be 18+ to buy them, minors are supposed to use them under adult supervision. They look like real guns and if the orange flash hider is removed you will not be able to tell the difference till you read a warning lable saying it is not a toy on normally the right side of the lower or upper receiver.

    • Brian Worden the black kid playing with toy gun was a air gun that he was waving around at people in a park. When cops arrived and told him to raise his hands he reached for the gun. This is post is so misleading it’s not even close to facts.

    • Mmm jmm

    • The right is being hypocritical ,and the left needs to stfu about fairness and courage, just saying you dissregard fox as unfair until your enemy is attacked then they are a font of fairness ,go screw ,truth hurts dems,

    • Victor Serrano you wont wake up and own anything ,its all the man the man the man

    • It’s the media. The corporate media which is controlled by the Cabal and work to keep us divided. The masses are so idiotic and lack free thinking and fail to realize we are being divided on every front to make us easier to control.

    • Racism is definitely a massive problem. While the meme denies that at first glance, it’s making the point that there is actually a much larger problem of which racism is only one element, albeit a glaring one.

    • The 12 year old with the bb gun had a person call the police, several people apparently and they all mentioned it was a toy gun not real.
      The cops showed up, yelled for the kid to drop the weapon that was in the kids waistband. Kid reached for the bb gun, cops fired.
      You saw him, he had a gun.

    • Yep. As long as fingers are pointed toward race, the true oppressors can do as they please.

  • War is coming.

  • One was selling loose cigarettes, the other was trying to pretend that all federal lands belong to him and his buddies. It doesn’t work that way — those lands belong to ALL of us. They aren’t just for ranchers who can’t make a going concern with the land they own so they want to mooch off the public. The lands are for birders and hikers, not just meat farmers.

    • Well it definitely shouldn’t belong to the feds… ok

    • this page has gone Way out there,,, to the right

    • Guess what, “the feds” are you and me. That land belongs to US, held in trust so it won’t be over-logged or whatever.

    • They were actually taken from local tribes against treaty law.

    • The land is not federal land in the first place

    • Yes, that is the historical fact. Legally by U.S. law right now, the land belongs to the people of the U.S. If we want to re-litigate the past, perhaps the Natives will take back the land.

    • sentenced to death for selling a loose cigarette though, maybe next time you get a fine it would be fair if they choked you to death while you scream for help and no one helps, you say he was wrong but if it was you, the tune would change i bet.

    • Either way, it DOESN’T belong to any yahoo in a 4-wheel drive carrying a long-gun and begging for snacks who decides to show up and trespass.

    • No land is federal land

    • They wanted to frack and strip mine that land, they are fake as fuck. They don’t want control of the land because it’s theirs, they want profit. They got what they deserved.

    • Lisa Harris, you seem to believe the government still represents the will of thr people instead of seeing it as a separate organization that has grown to control more than intended.

    • Chris Haas Okay. Was Santa good to you this year?

    • Sorry Lisa, but you are totally clueless.

    • Those lands belong to all of us, until the BLM sells them to oil companies for pennies on the dollar.

    • Andy St Anger Coming from you Andy, I think I’m okay with that.

    • Get your facts straight. Bundy’s never once said they wanted complete rights to the land, despite purchasing it legally decades ago. Their list of grievances stated they wanted the feds to relinquish the lands they took illegally back to the people. The feds ambushed and murdered that man. Anyone who supports that type of terroristic activity by the government is a terrorist themselves and are the enemy of free humanity.

    • Nathen Ayna Bisha Zahhak Are you okay with just a couple of dudes taking over public lands for their personal use?

    • It wasn’t about some “yahoo” in a 4 wheel drive carrying a long gun. It was a protest about the violation of the constitutional rights of a father and son who served their jail sentences and were later sent back to jail for the same crime (double jeopardy) if you only get your information from one source you will belive one of those men was a “violent thug” who deserved to be killed and the other was a “yahoo” domestic terrorist who deserved to be killed. Either way you don’t have the whole story and it is by design.

    • Actually David Congress would be the entity that sells land to mining and oil companies out from under American citizens.

    • The Federal Government are THIEVES and Have Stolen our Country with the Stroke of a Pen and the Ignorance of the Public at Large……!! The Constitution Defines Possessions as LIMITED to 10 Square Miles know as Washington D.C……Art. I, §8, To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings; And To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof…………………..!! Based on title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed., Sec. 54 (Mar. 4, 1909, ch.321, Sec. 21, 35 Stat. 1092).
      Scope of section was enlarged to cover all possessions of the
      United States. When the section was first enacted in 1861 there
      were no possessions, and hence the use of the words “State or
      Territory” was sufficient to describe the area then subject to the
      jurisdiction of the United States. The word “District” was inserted
      by the codifiers of the 1909 Criminal Code.

    • Alan Gliniak Sorry, Alan, but that father and son have clearly condemned the Malheur occupation and vehemently stated the trespassers do NOT represent them and their cause. It was unfortunate in their case that a state judge did not follow federal sentencing guidelines, and a federal judge chose to remedy that so they were forced to serve their actual sentence instead of an abbreviated one.

    • yesss

    • It doesn’t matter what the Hammonds have said, Lisa. It’s not just the Hammonds that have had their rights violated. Mr. Bundy was standing up for everyone that has been abused by government.

    • Daniel M. Johnson Mr. Bundy is a deadbeat who grazed his cattle on public lands and then whined when he was called on it. I would love to be able to utilize other people’s stuff for free when I’m trying to make a living but it doesn’t work like that. Bundys and everyone else need to pay their own way, not mooch off the rest of us.

    • Lisa Harris the FED is a foreign entity, a corporation. Def not you and me..

    • The federal grazing fees are far less than private landowners charge, anyway. Not only does he want freebies, he’s a welfare queen.

    • Welfare queen? lol you dumbass, they purchased the land legally decades ago. Sam and Lisa should have a baby and name it Hitler

    • Johnny Del Congress and the BLM administer public lands in the U.S.

    • Your clueless is showing.

    • Lisa Harris what?

    • Matt Jackson, you’re making your dog look like an idiot. Poor dog.

    • Michael Banta, that specifically states “seat of government”. That’s talking about the Capital. “And to exercise like authority over all places purchased”…. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but no U.S.C. changes the Constitution, only an Amendment does that. “And to make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing Powers,”…. It’s pretty clear, you are wrong.

    • Matt Jackson, the Bundys have no right to be there. The Constitution specifically gives the courts jurisdiction over land disputes, and the Bundys don’t even live in that state, none of them do. You’re conflating two different incidents.

    • Johnny Del Big old fucking facepalm.jpg. Shut up with that bullshit.

    • Ryan McLaughlin prove it wrong

    • Facts and logic don’t make sense to Lisa. She doesn’t understand that the government can’t own land and, therefore, there’s no such thing as “public” land.

    • Daniel M. Johnson LOLOLOL I guess I can just walk onto any military base and set up a circus tent, then, right?

    • Bruce, can you make a real sentence? Thanks

    • Lisa Harris

    • I can! Maybe I will, maybe I won’t!

    • I didn’t say the government would make it that easy. You’re so stupid.

    • if you have land that belongs to “everyone” then it doesn’t get taken care of, the land the BLM controls is falling apart, they don’t care about it because it belongs to the “public”. It’s called the tragedy of the commons, look it up. At least with private ownership the land gets taken care of.

    • sounds like you all agree lol

    • that is the most uneducated response

    • Lisa Harris You’re in La La Land…The Feds have been confiscating Private property through ABUSE of Emminent Domain laws, and then SELL it to China…
      Give it back to the Natives, ha ha ha, do you wait for Santa to come down the Chimney too ?
      The disgusting traitorous federal government has been cutting deals with China selling off America’s National Parks land to Chinese investors…
      The Feds are us, she says…Unbelievable ignorance ….

    • Lisa Harris….
      You equate the Bureau of Land Management confiscating land with somehow ALL of us owning land. The BLM wants the land undoubtedly for some personal interests of those who run BLM

    • Also Lisa Harris
      By your logic Eric Gardner deserved to die too. After all why is selling loose cigarettes profitable? Because of the taxes.

      Eric Gardner was a functional tax evader.
      I’m assuming your liberal. So I assume you hate tax evaders.

      You can’t support one and not the other Lisa and call yourself a consistent and rational person.

    • Lisa Harris Do you know the whole story of the Hammonds? Because the government is trying to steal their land. They want what’s under the land! I live in OR, & I know all about the BLM. The feds instigated this. More people should stand up for the rights of the people. I may not agree w/all the militia did, but they were not hurting anyone. The whole government is horrible, & corrupt.

    • These fuking assholes are trying to appropriate someone else’s movement like they culturally appropriate everything else. Sorry TFTP… The rest of us arent trailer trash racist asshole with guns and unemployment benefits…

    • The problem is government has confiscated lands that belong to the people not them. All the statist slaves need to wake up and demand from their masters what is truly the peoples!

    • Bettina facts don’t matter to radical leftwing extremists they worship the corrupt government, and they hate the Constitution, the 2nd amendment & self-defense rights, individual liberties, Christ, God, the lives of the unborn, the nuclear family and anything just and righteous. You can’t reason with these godless, state worshipping, baby killers!

    • Wow~we have a mutual friend. 🙂

    • Stacey Gardner ~Right on..

    • Gov’t employee brags about stealing land.


      Your food comes from that land

    • You are nuts.

    • What I can’t figure out is why so many of you seem to be parked behind your keyboards instead of taking up arms in OR. I mean, the govt is breaking all kinds of laws, right? Are you gonna sit there and take it?

    • You’re an idiot. The point was it wasn’t federal land. They cheated him out of it. Not only that, but hundreds of other farmers too. And to top it off it wasn’t the “federal” government as if the whole government knew about this. It was the BLM who broke the law to do it. They crossed the line. But hey you don’t care or you would already have known that.

    • 10 square miles being Washington DC, and ports and forts… That is all that the U.S. Constitution allows the Federal Government to “OWN”. PERIOD!

    • Chris Haas the state does not create or produce. They can’t own anything by definition.

    • Jason Keating humans act out of self interest and incentives. Profit is the main driver of humans. Implying that it is a negative quality is detached from reality.

    • Federal land? The government can not own land outside of what is stated in article 5 of the constitution.

    • Nope, the land is owned and not by the people.
      You funny people that think you are allowed to OWN land. Hahaha
      You aren’t in THAT club.

    • Randy Overcash you sound delusional. Remember keep that foil hat tilted at 45° degrees, obamas mind controlling rays will get ya 😂

    • Lisa Harris I hope you aren’t going to vote for Bernie with those fingers.

    • Kimber Winfrey illegally

    • Ron Mitchell well said, but it’s hard explaining the Constitution to those who have never even read it in their life.

    • The federal government owns 650 million acres in the U.S. Don’t know where you’re getting your info, but it’s wrong. And the ranchers never owned the land — ever. In OR, the previous owners were the Paiute Indians. You need to get your info from a more factual source in the future.

  • Lmao, Finicum died disobeying cops and playing soldier at an empty bird watching refuge. #goodriddance #BrokebackBundys #YallQaeda

    • Troll

    • Truth*

    • I can’t wait til one of you therapy patients tells me I’m a statist cop loving sheep or sone dumb shit lol. I know it’s inevitable. News Flash: stop idolizing high school dropouts that go on ridiculous “I know the Constitution better than people who have spent there entire lives studying it” rants on youtube.

    • playing soldier is a bit of a stretch there homie….. he was armed yet when did he play soldier, playing soldier and protesting armed are different, his hands were in the air and he was shot on his knees while not a threat

    • Lmao according to hearsay. According to what the dead man himself said, he won’t be taken alive and continued advancing on police with weapons on him refusing to stand down to their “saber rattling”. Finicum was a loser.

    • You’re ignorant. He died surrendering on his knees with his hands up. Executed. Murdered by our government.

    • Even if he did, he was a known insurrectionist, armed and in the middle of a terrorist act.

    • Jason Keating what he said is not the same as what he did you do not shoot a surrendering man unless you are a piece of shit.

    • I believe law enforcement over armed terrorist thugs, yes. And that’s saying alot, because I have very little respect for cops.

    • Maybe Jason should revisit the origins of this country, considering it was founded by armed insurrectionists committing TREASON against the crown. And , I’m pretty sure you could consider many of the things they did then terrorism by today’s standards. And before you jump down my throat Jason, I’m not defending Bundy and his little gang. There were other ways this could have been handled, and they knew loss of life was a possible outcome.

    • It’s all hearsay until one side or the other produces video. Until then, acab and these guys were morons.

      Two groups of morons with weapons once again end the same way it has for time in memorable.

    • There’s differences between idiot thugs and our founding fathers. Education for one. Actual military experience for another. Our founding fathers rose up against actual tyranny, not to dispute issues a vast minority demographic sees as urgent, but to change things for the majority. Get over your plebeian idolization of these idiots. They are dog shit on a boot compared to the Patriots of the American Revolution.

    • Paul Berry You don’t have your facts. He was not on his knees and he did not have his hands in the air. He tried to evade a roadblock and then charged law enforcement. Check your facts dude

    • Lisa Harris, that is not true. Every eyewitness account has said he was executed.

    • And you did exactly what I asked you not to. Lump me in the same boat with them. Shows how open your mind truly is. But please, continue to distribute your fuckery. Because as much as people such as this are part of the problem, people such as yourself are as well.

    • Oh, and btw, a VAST majority of revolutionary troops didn’t have any military training… maybe you’re thinking of the British.. or maybe you should check your history lessons again.

    • Lmao, your debate strategy is so strong, too bad “fuck you and your fuckery” is a meaningless statement.

    • Did I say the troops or did I say FOUNDING FATHERS specifically? Oh yeah lol.

    • Reading is fundamental.

    • Hands up don’t shoot, huh? LMFAO!!!

    • I just had a whole thing written out, but actually, I have a question instead… Jason, are you feeling the Bern?

    • We have another ignorant moron who likes to deflect conversation instead of talk about the facts he knows nothing about

    • Hey Jason is all of this bullshit then?

    • You probably don’t know a single detail surrounding. You don’t know what they’re standing up for. You don’t know the details or that the BLM has been bullying the hammonds and other ranchers since the 1960s

    • You’re a fool. Do some research. Everything you of your mouth has been started by the MSM so we all know who’s kool aid you’ve been drinking you clown

    • That’s the whole thing, he likes to act like his so intellectual, yet not one of his comments contains anything of substance, revealing the true intelligence level of the poster…

    • No facts, no sources, no attempt to substantiate any of his claims. Just deny deny deny RAH STATISM POWER TO THE GOVERNMENT dude could you be anymore of a mindless brainwashed sheeple?

    • Jordan do you really think he’s feeling anything other than the bern right now? Aside from crack that is…

    • Oh hell no, he’s feeling the Bern deep inside of him, also as if he’s letting Bernie sodomize him..

    • how’s that… exactly?

    • I don’t have much of an opinion one way or another about these guys but celebrating the death of a man at the hands of federal agents is state worshiping idiocy at its finest. A man’s death should never fill you with joy.

    • Says the retard…

    • Well maybe the government will confiscate your land next and sell it to China..since you seem like an easy target for them..obviously you don’t get why what these people are protesting is important. The government loves you.

    • Keating knows the words sho nuff

    • Jason Keating how old are you?

    • Could have sworn I replied to this earlier.. but he’s hitting that Crack pipe hard son

    • god forbid anyone disobey the slave-catchers. better go tell the captain

    • Jason Keating You are no different than a racist, but then again, maybe, you are a racist To insult an entire class of people as ignorant? Gosh, I hope one of these ignorant people some how could take the fucking food that you eat off your plate, as they are the ones that put it there. Oh, just a bunch of dumb rednecks, eh? Some of these people have master degrees in biology. Some of these people know how to pick up a handful of dirt and know that they have to leave their fields lay fallow for another season and just let it be used for hay. Do you know how to do that?

      You are a bigot? Probably a racist, too. I’m sure you think all black lives matter protesters are just useless thugs.

    • And you wonder why we remain divided, when you propagate loyalist bullshit; and dishonor a fallen patriot. You are the reason why we remain divided! #YallquedaAndProud #StandWithLaVoy #LibertyRising

  • left…right…BULLSHIT

  • Because both are the problem.

  • This page is deteriorating

  • Truth!

  • Because that is not how divide and conquer works…

  • So much truth in this meme. Left wing, right wing, both wings on a dead rotting bird.

  • I never heard any real conservative vilify Garner, the man was murdered in cold blood for a victimless “crime”.

  • It settled it’s government property , enjoy the casinos while you still have them.

  • Wow…you’re finally getting it!

  • The two sides will never come together to fight tyranny when one side, “the right side” looks at the other side as inferior.

  • I am not totally against your comments . Had the militia not gone in all GUNS and acted like Has Beens and never will be military people , I think they would have gotten a lot further in people hearing what they had to say . I do not agree that they could use land freely but at least negotiate the bill or whatever .

  • Strange, as a right wing leaning anarchist, I am pro Garner, but don’t agree at all with the problem in Oregon.

  • Tarpman carried a gun

  • Why dont we accept that both are extremes and the middle is the right path?

    • So — no one should have protested that a man was choked to death for selling loose cigarettes? False equivalency, it’s what’s for breakfast.

    • Lisa who said that?

  • The Oregon guys are criminals

    • So was Eric Garner. Legality is an appeal to authority and coincidently a logical fallacy.

    • Everyone is a criminal today. You just haven’t got caught yet.welcome to the police state.

    • These guys wanted a fight

      Well they got it

  • 2 headed snake!!

  • What I want to know is how can one own something that they didn’t create?

  • The Militia Thugs were fighting to enrich themselves.
    They want federal lands turned over to themselves so they can graze cattle for free.
    Log and mine the land so they can profit.
    They don’t give a shit about people.
    This was all about greed.

    • u sir are an insult to humanity, pls kill yourself.

    • You couldn’t be further from the truth rob. But that’s okay. Just keep spouting off without knowing any details or facts

    • You must be one of their supporters.
      Just think, the one that died will get 72 cousins to breed with in heaven.
      Not much different than back home is it.

    • Ryan Zielinski show me proof I’m wrong and I will change my opinion.

    • Apparently, the only acceptable greed is that which is done by the state.

    • Carson hit the nail on the head here.

    • Are you that stupid rob. They want to prevent the government from claiming land that’s not theirs and selling the minerals and resources to foreign countries. Wake up you dumbass

    • We are being taken for our land and resources. The people are being robbed by the federal government

    • Do some research

    • “Land that’s not theirs”

      You’re exactly right. It belongs to the Paiute Tribe.

    • The government stole it from them too!

    • your idiots . Do I dare to tell you Cherokee owned it before them….and sue before them…the land has never been owned!

    • Rob Trammell, Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17 of the Constitution outlines what the government is allowed to own. There is nothing in there that says they can buy the state land and own it, so it is the government that is wrong.

    • watch LaVoys videos, he wanted the land returned to the county; and to natives, if you can’t stand behind that! Then you are nothing but a statist scumbag!

    • Then let them start in their own states.
      The Bundy clan wants free range to feed their cattle.
      Let them buy the land like everybody else.
      Ammon Bundy asked for and received a low interest small business loan from the federal government.
      The Constitution says nothing about giving out loans.
      The Constitution doesn’t doesn’t give the government the power to regulate auto or airplane safety.
      It says nothing about controlling infectious diseases so let’s get rid of the CDC.
      Nothing about regulating air and water pollution.
      It says nothing about giving out disability checks like prick from Arizona gets.
      The one that bailed out went home and turned himself in.
      You pick and choose the parts you like and disregard the one you don’t like.

    • Rob Trammell:

      Alright, the proof that you’re wrong.

      “The Economics of Ranching”


      ” I am a US cattle rancher. What do you want to know?
      Amelia Kent”


      “Presnall Cage was driving the outskirts of his ranch when he saw the black tennis shoes. The sight of them up ahead, neatly arranged in a rut of the sandy road, filled him with dread. Several vultures perched in a sprawling live oak tree near the road, and two more flew in lazy circles. He already knew what he would find underneath the tree.”


      These ranchers and farmers are just trying to feed this country and send their kids to college, same as all others Americans.

      You sir, are a bigot, and I hope there is nothing on your dinner plate tonight, but a note saying, “sorry, you felt that I wasn’t good enough to produce your food.” signed rancher/farmer USA

    • Rob Trammell : and as to your comment, “The Constitution says nothing about giving out loans.
      The Constitution doesn’t doesn’t give the government the power to regulate auto or airplane safety.
      It says nothing about controlling infectious diseases so let’s get rid of the CDC.
      Nothing about regulating air and water pollution.
      It says nothing about giving out disability checks like prick from Arizona gets.”

      because according to your facebook page, you think our government is doing a shitty job, but when these same ladies and gentlemen say the same damn thing, “oh, oh, those aren’t “my” people. Those people should just let the federal government destroy their lands with the excuse that they are preserving them”.” “No, those people are not Americans, they don’t feed my family everyday, work outside, in rain and snow to make sure my family eats, healthy and fairly priced.” The government is all knowing and would never hurt my family.

      Wht just look at the great job they did in Flint?

      “Flint’s toxic water crisis was 50 years in the making”


    • It also doesn’t say anything about fire and police departments, FBI, CIA, NSA etc.
      Both state and the federal government’s are doing a crappy job.
      Because they work for the biggest donors.
      The Constitution says We the People.
      I doesn’t say We the Corporations.
      Freedom of Speech does mean money and speech are one and the same.
      We might not agree on much, what do you think of these points.

  • One is a human rights issue and the other is a form of greed and fear.

    • Do you have any idea what these people make for a living will putting food on the dinner tables of Americans every day?

      Then shut the fuck up.

  • I do. 🙁

  • I can’t understand why this page continues to support these idiots. These two things are completely unrelated and not comparable. You guys are embarrassing yourselves.

    • You can’t understand because you refuse to do any research. It’s called cognitive dissonance. When your views are challenged you refuse to accept or look into any information that supports challenging your views…

    • No, when the native Americans were concerned about their land and artifacts being used or stolen, Bundy issued them a statement that said he’s sorry for their loss of land but the settlers now own it and not theirs anymore.. Sound a bit confusing? It is. Sound a bit hypocritical? Very much so.

    • Actually Eddie that’s not true bundy invited them to join meetings resolving this issue with the fbi so they could get some land back

    • But no Eddie you should keep talking out of your ass, making up bullshit and keep repeating everything you hear in the MSM lol you serious?

    • The people were fighting for you land rights. How stupid can you be? I sure hope the BLM doesn’t ever start eyeing up the land you reside on…

    • Ryan Zielinski Oh is that a fact? lol I’ve heard from both sides. Read all of the biased articles from all of the biased sources. lol I still think this whole “protest” was stupid, ill-advised and accomplished nothing aside from death and likely prison terms.

    • Ryan Zielinski they were fighting for rancher’s land rights. Don’t get it twisted. They just see all of this money they can’t have and their small, greedy minds can’t take it. That’s what it all comes down to.

    • Thanks for confirmation Shawn that you don’t really know what this is about and that I shouldn’t waste any more time discussing this with you lol

    • Ryan Zielinski Yeah don’t bother. Theconservativetreehouse.com… lol

    • Oh the white men invited the native Americas over to help with their land…. Hmmmm. Sounds pretty solid to me. What could go wrong.

    • The government has burned land illegally and killed valuable livestock, and refuse to repay for the damages.. Then now they want to take american land and sell it to China…not sure what research you did Shawn, but you sound like a sheep.

    • Heather Reid, What is shacking up in a house with a bunch of guys with guns, disrupting an entire community that doesn’t want you there, and threatening violence to law enforcement supposed to accomplish? One of them is dead now and the rest will, most likely, end up dead or in prison. They’re idiots who can’t think past the end of their rifles. This is not the way to draw attention to an issue and get people on your side. Even the people they were supposed to be standing up for, initially, don’t want anything to do with them.

    • Shawn Charles Murray “They’re idiots who can’t think past the end of their rifles.” That is exactly what a lawless government who is trying to grab up guns want you to believe. So it’s ok for the government to be armed, but when citizens of Oregon stand up for their constitutional rights it’s not ok? It is also our second amendment right to form a militia. Not to mention, the Feds illegally sold land that did not belong to them to China because they want to exploit it for uranium and natural gas that they want to start fracking. This will put the surrounding farmers out of business. Research article 1 section 8 paragraph 17 of the constitution. Land ownership by the federal government are illegal and unconstitutional. All federal land is public land owned by the public. These men and women are not breaking any laws.

      Watch this and learn something about your constitution and then THANK them for putting their lives on the line and having the GUTS to stand up for YOU and YOUR RIGHTS!!!!


    • I think it’s fine for people to have guns, form militias, whatever. I know the US government is corrupt all over the board. I still don’t see what these morons hoped to accomplish by doing what they did aside from having people end up dead or in prison. This whole thing was stupid and whatever cause they were trying to make people aware of and garner support for has been overshadowed by their stupidity and lack of foresight. I’ve seen that video before. Who is this woman? She could just be some loon for all anyone knows.

    • It is also not right for the police to shoot someone with their hands up in cold blood in the way that they did. https://youtu.be/viv5E-kmZcY

    • The media demonizes the word militia and paints them as terrorists for having guns and exercising and defending the constitution. They are standing at a wildlife refuge that nobody is going to. If you don’t go to the refuge, you wouldn’t even know the people are there! Why’d they shut the schools down??? If you don’t go to the refuge, you won’t see the people! You say you support armed militias, so then I don’t know what you think they did wrong!

    • Marcy Maltese What did they do right? is the real question.

    • Listen, I don’t expect a Canadian to know much about having ANY American values or to even know what that means, much less have any respect for our laws and constitution. ✌🏻️

    • Marcy Maltese Totally irrelevant. There is still no logic in the actions of this group of cowboys, whether I am Canadian or not. What did they hope to get out of this aside from death or jail time? Explain to me how this was a good idea.

    • Anyhow. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of this plays out and whether they were able to sway people to care more about land rights and make some sort of a difference. Perhaps it will incite more building takeovers with tragic, fatal outcomes. Maybe nothing. I don’t think this is a wise strategy is all I’m saying. A man lost his life. Surely there are better ways to try and make a change aside from picking up a gun and challenging the authorities to a duel.

    • What did they expect to get out of this aside from death/jail time? These were peaceful patriots doing something in a remote area to bring about focus on this land grab that the Feds are illegally doing and want to bring about emphasis and support for our deteriorating constitution. It’s hard to bring anything to the attention to the American people without making a stand like they did because 6 corporations owns and censors all of our media. This was their wake up call to the American people.

    • Another thing since you obviously missed the eye witness account I posted, he didn’t challenge them with w gun!! FBI set up ambush and started firing on the cars. When one of the ranches got out of the car with his hands up in surrender (who has wife and kids btw) and they unloaded on him. Police said it was 3 shots but the eyewitnesses said it was over 100.

    • If true, it’s not that surprising. It’s a shame someone had to die and I mean that truly. Bet they wish they had handled things differently. Perhaps illegally taking over a building, holding a whole community hostage and then traipsing all over town and going on field trips, as if nothing had happened was a bad idea. Who would’ve guessed?

    • FUCK OFF!!!!!!

      I like to think I changed the tune of the white guys with guns bashing that was coming from this site, previously.

      It is EXACTLY the same fucking thing.

      Oh, how is it different, because their white; because they wear cowboy hats. Well, guys with cowboy hats can’t have any reason to be pissed at the VILE, CORRUPT government currently in power.

      Gov’t employee brags about stealing land.


  • Because evading taxes and hating the government because there’s a black president isn’t “fighting tyranny”. Simple

  • finicum threatened suicide by cop witnessed by nation, big flipping difference

  • AMEN – BOTH are fighting against tyranny!!!

  • The difference is that the GOP supports religious nuts that want to impose christian nonsense on everyone. They are war mongers yet do not want to fund anything to help our vets. I could go on for pages but this is good enough.

    • and you’re a bigot.

    • You can’t be a bigot condemning an idea. Religious nuts are ruining this country. The only bigots around are religious assholes trying to forbid same sex marriage. Idiots.

    • Nice intolerance

  • I tell people all the time, we can settle our differences without the federal government or any goverment, we need to clan up together and no goverment will fuck with us

    • Good luck with that. Have you read any of the other comments? Immature, racist, sexist, ignorant and it’s never gonna change. We are all fucked and it’s everyone’s fault.

    • We are not and we can change, I changed as will continue to change for the better, the more I can enlighten some one positively the world will be a better place, you could do the same, just as Jesus did on the cross, I’m not even religious and understand the moral behind that story.

    • The lack of government regulation is real apparent in flint ,how’s that working out for them? Zero government give me a break.

    • The lack of goverment as in they have no mayor, no governor? Police? shit those people are still getting past due notices and there is still plenty of goverment threatening them with cps because the so small goverment made up a law that if you don’t have running water your not a fit parent…. Like as in you poison water you get away with it…. If yo think “your” world can’t do without goverment, you are creating a hell for others around you. If you need a law to tell you not to kill someone, the law is not the problem, you are… If you believe a society can’t exist without goverment, I can believe in one without, mine hasn’t been tested but yours is already falling apart….

    • And you already have a break 2 15mins and an hour lunch….. Sheep!

  • Apples and oranges. Enough said.

  • Really? Eric Garner Died Standing up against Tyranny? That is a bit of a Stretch there.

  • But one didn’t die because of tyranny. It’s not logical.

  • The status quo will be maintained by using any methodology available regardless of which end of the political spectrum they’re to be found…..

  • One openly said on camera he would point guns at police…. The other asked to just be left alone and was unarmed.

  • Stupid meme

  • Have you guys been on any conservative right wing forums lately. They are becoming dangerously close and braver spouting off beliefs they are ready to use their guns against liberals, minorities, refugees…basically anyone who doesn’t conform to their belief system or religious views. It’s not as far as you might think. One is doing it, the other is building up the balls to do it. Neither is right.

  • Divide and conquer, via the media propaganda machine.
    Just read these comments if you doubt me.

  • i thought you people were smarter than this…

  • One guy was just selling looseys to try to support his children and the other was part of an armed occupation of federal land because he didn’t want to pay fees to run his business. NOT EVEN CLOSE! Sometimes I wonder about this website. Not sure what you’re thinking sometimes.

    • “He didn’t want to pay fees to run his business”……

    • i have started many businesses and payed my fees and taxes proudly as a law abiding citizen because we are all in this together. You see none of us does anything in a vacuum. We have regulation and infrastructure that protect and facilitate our endeavors. Sure some of it is a pain in the butt but taking up arms and threatening communities is bullshit. We also have a little thing called the vote. If you can’t build a large enough concences to vote in your agenda then maybe you need to check yourself!

    • Lee, lmao, thank-you for pointing that out.

    • Chris, gtfo you socialist pinko.

    • Jonathon Hobbs. Nice discourse. If that is all you can think of to say then there is no way you can affect me. What you don’t see is that people like you are a pariah to this nation. Intelligent people no longer use the word socialist as a pejorative. And pinko! PINKO! Hahahahahah you need to step into the 21st century.

    • Yeah, it’s illegal to sell “losseys”, pretty much anywhere. Why, becuase the fucking TAX STAMP ISN’T ON IT YOU FUCKING FUCKING RETARD FUCKING FUCKER!@!!!!!!!!!

      I am so tired of fucking idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow Michele Glover you have some serious anger issues. You go ahead and support armed rebellion because you don’t like paying taxes. You will find you don’t have much support outside your narrow mind. It’s pretty obvious to any rational person which of us is the idiot.

  • The Free Thought Project.com , does not mean Free of thought . does it ?

  • To be dead and standing sucks

  • Ok, wait don’t confuse fox news for the Patriot movement, because oath keepers & libertarians supported Eric garner, the left genuinely just hates liberty living ppl & just want more government.

  • I can’t stand silly hats what a stupid fucking question

  • White privilege reigns supreme

  • The Bundies are idiots.

  • So true the whole bi-party system creates that division umung the people. That’s why I say a get rid of the republicans and democrats and just have the American party. It’s kool if someone disagrees. Doesn’t mean we as a people should be divided.

  • The one on the right is an opportunist piece of shit. To whom freedom meant white domination. Nope. No thanks.

    • Same fucking thing as P.m Beers you bigot piece of shit:

      Black Oregon militiaman:

      “Brandon Dowd wants Black Lives Matter activists to travel to rural Harney County in Oregon, to learn about the US constitution.”



  • Right, I mean, both were “breaking the ‘law'”, so why not support both? I think it’s because people only support who they’re told to support in their “clique”, instead of being more objective. But then, it takes a True “outsider” to see things with True objectivity.

    • One of the best damn comments thus far. Yours and Rex’s. Thank you, David


  • Eric Garner was unarmed. Lavoy Finnicum was an armed terrorist and was in a shootout with police. Right wing extremists support such terrorists while hating Eric Garner and people like him for their blackness. Many people on the left who support justice for Eric Garner understand a little about systemic racism and the injustices that come about from it, many also understand that armed men taking over federal property and making demands = terrorism and so Finnicum got what was coming to him.

    To act as if both situations are equal is extremely sloppy and simple-minded.

    • Levon was unarmed…js

    • How was he a terrorist? Explain your uneducated logic please…..

    • They both died not complying. Period.

    • One didn’t lie down on the ground fast enough, one shot at police. Noncompliance my arse.

    • Terrorism is defined as using fear and intimidation to further your political aims. A terrorist is defined as someone who practices terrorism.

      While he may not have been the conventional terrorist we see in the news he was a terrorist.

      Instead of telling people to explain their “uneducated logic” maybe educate yourself on simple dictionary terms Mr. Baca.

    • WRONG. He had his hands up and was complying with law enforcement who had stopped the vehicle he was in…
      he was UNARMED and shot in cold blood because the feds WANT to instigate an uprising…

    • Stacey Gardner what proof do you have of this?

    • Maybe you should hear eye witness accounts http://youtu.be/viv5E-kmZcY

    • Stacy go to oregonlive.com there are videos on there from other militiamen who said he charged the police.

    • Shane Miles what proof do you have to the contrary?

    • so what do you call the Baltimore rioters? Should the cops have gunned them all down…continue with your one sided view…

    • Shane Miles your a child. How about you shut up this is grown folks business. Your still learning how your wee wee works.

    • If you want to support fascism just do it….. dont pretend it’s for someone else’s benefit

    • Oh, so people have to be unarmed to fight for their rights?

      Glad these guys didn’t think the way you do.

    • Hey asswipe. Eric Garner wad a lowlife,criminal POS who was a nuisance in the neighborhood and was being arrested because local shop owners complained to the police. He had been arrested many times before for similar bullshit. LaVoy Finicum was representing a group of honest and hard working American men, engaged in a noble and ancient profession, who were fed up with constant harassment, theft of property and unconstitutional acts by agents of the federal government. To call them terrorists is an insult to everything this country is SUPPOSED to stand for and shows your pathetic ignorance on the subject. It’s douchebags like YOU that are dragging our society down and need a firm BOOT IN THE ASS.

    • And no one shot at the police. He was murdered while standing with his hands up (there’s your real “hands up don’t shoot” moment).


    • Look up the definition of Terrorist before you throw it around!

    • An armed terrorist? Go kill yourself Matthew.

    • He was not in an armed shoot out his gun was not even out.

    • Mark Shetterly: Actually, you are wrong. The police came because Mr Garner had broken up a fight, between two other gentlemen. He was well known and well liked in his community.

      When the police arrived, and saw Mr. Garner had an arrest record, at that time the Jack Boot Thugs just decided someone needed to go to jail that day.

      Which has everything to with revenue generation.

      These examples are very similar indeed, as we discuss the “overhanded” revenue generation of the American populace. Whether it be city people trying to hang out on a public sidewalk, or ranchers trying to convey a message on public property.

      Taxation without representation is the real root of this phenomenon, exactly what early Americans started the Revolution over.

    • Tamsyn Michael no, he didn’t shoot at police

    • One mans terrorist. Is another mans freedom fighter.

      Everyones a fucking terrorist these days. White, black, muslim, asian, doesnt matter. If you own a firearm and dont agree with government actions, youre a terrorist.

      Yet the government owns the biggest weapons, and goes against civilians with economic and military policies….yet theyre considered good?

  • don’t act like you’re innocent you mother fuckers have been on the leftist bandwagon the whole fucking time

  • I am beginning to wonder about this website too

  • Truly disappointed that I allowed you guys to share a lot of my content over the years. Fox News making something like this is one thing; but wow. Never expect too much from people as you’ll always end up being disappointed.

    • Copy and pasted this:

      If Garner wasn’t looking for a fight. Why didn’t he just comply? I’ve been arrested before, I put my hands behind my back, and complied. I went to jail, was released on a PR bond the next morning, and the charges were dropped within the week. What was the big deal, about just going with the officers?

      There is doubt, he is clearly seen in the video not putting his hands behind his back, and was not complying with the arrest.

      When a police officer says, “You are under arrest.” Then you say, “Fine then, officer, shall I place my hands behind my back now?” Simple.

      I’ve done it six times, and been in cuffs, a couple more times, but didn’t get to the jail; was let go, after sitting in handcuffs for a few moments.

      Now, there a crap ton of arguments as to Mr. Garner did not feel that he should be taken to jail, but theoretically that is an argument for the judge. Now would have Mr. Garner been given a “fair” trail?

      Ahhhh, now we get to the real juice of the matter. When do we feel so disheartened in our own system, as when we would rather argue with an officer, as opposed to arguing with the judge? When do we know that justice is a fucking joke in our country, and it does not matter what I am accused of, I will be found guilty? When did we realize the system is rigged.

      You see, Mr. Garner knew this from his previous experience with the legal the legal system.

      Therefore, his fear got the better of him.

      Kinda like, when you watch those movies, and the people trying to get through the checkpoints illegally, get all scared and make a run for it, and wound up shot (?)

      Again, it not about, ” …asking for a fight, Gardner wasn’t.”

      It’s about the basic reality of, You know how I know the cop is lying? Because, their mouth is moving. You know how I know the government is lying to me? Because their mouth is moving.

      and, THEREFORE, the same argument in both circumstances.

      What do you have against men that wear cowboy hats, instead of Broncos?

  • What? Garner was not armed and threatened no one unless you factor in long term cancer risk. The idiot Oregon militia conducted an armed takeover, threatened local and federal law enforcement and deliberately vandalized public property. A completely bull sh#t comparison.

    • Please, don’t call them the “Oregon militia” because they were NOT Oregonians! They were from Arizona, Nevada, Montana, etc. The were invaders.

    • Here’s What Happened When These Unarmed Native American Sisters Defended Their Land from the Feds


      and by comparison, what about the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

    • Can you provide any evidence proving that they threatened anyone? I’ve watched the whole thing, not a single threat came from the occupation; it was about land rights, they wanted it returned to the people of Oregon and natives! Stand with us, or stay divided and fall! #StandWithLaVoy

    • The key word is Armed in this situation. That is a threat in itself. Yes, the repeated statements that they would rather die is a threat.

    • No it’s not .

    • Yes standing up to government is very bad. Never stand up to your government. Let the government do what it pleases. We are not important. Very American values you hold….

    • Matthew Hansen: I was actually agreeing with the occupation. BLM and the feds having been grabbing land from it’s owners since the 1800’s. However, all these “city folk” don’t hear about it, because they never make it out to the “country” where farmers and ranchers, etc.. have been complaining for many, many years now about this behavior.

      Sorry, i did not make myself clear enough about that.

    • Gold and Uranium are located under that Federal land, which they leased.

  • Because these people were going to steel land and give it to ranchers, loggers, miners and farmers. They were willing to kill for the land. This land is public for everyone to enjoy. Not just to be ruined and exploited by people just trying to make money . Wildlife also need somewhere to live. The other people just want cops to stop killing them disproportionately . Mlk was not violent so stop it

  • Oh my holy fuck! You know the people at Burns are racist Islamaphobes, dont you?

    • Your still a fucking LIAR!

    • Awesome! My YouTube channel is called PMbeers. All the videos are there.

  • I know people at Burns personally. They are racist Islamaphobes. They are hateful and violent. I was there at Bundy Ranch. I was there at Muritta.

    • and I’m calling you a liar. When did you have coffee with them, or play a fucking game of cards with them?

      You a re a fucking LIAR! I worked with ranchers and farmers for years, and almost none of them were racist.

      Black Oregon militiaman:

      “Brandon Dowd wants Black Lives Matter activists to travel to rural Harney County in Oregon, to learn about the US constitution.”


      Fucking liar!

    • lolololololololololololololo

    • Do you feel like you are a superior person?

    • I spent a good deal of time there.

    • And a good chunk of it is on video.

    • I have the violent threats from Murietta on Video. I have me and Brandon Rapolla hanging out for hours talking on video.

    • and that means you knew “all” of them. Did you know Brandon Dowd (the black man present). No, because, you don’t give a shit about the black guy there, same as all the other white privilege bitches out there.

  • proves it’s the same snake, just a different head

  • Partisan brainwashing ?

  • I like all 3.

  • i would like to say that i am leaving you page. though your information and questions are well put. i clicked on a link to read a article about the rainbow gathering being terriost activity. shortly after reading a few lines a pop up blocked the page, and demanded that i do what i already have. click “like” & subscribe. Demanding that people do something for information is not “free thought” good by.

  • Finicum was armed.

  • America tear down their walls

  • Garner was not demonized

  • This post is beyond absurd. It is, at the very least, disingenuous and at worst, capricious, misleading, and sadly self-aggrandizing. I’ve had fun with this page helping to debunk the b.s. stories you like to post but this is beyond ridiculous. And to use Dr. King’s image during the month we celebrate the anniversary of his birth? I’m done, out. Like my grandpa used to say…”let a fool be a fool.”

  • Why couldn’t the picture be of a brown red or Asian? Hell an Arab or dot Indian?

  • They died because they broke the law,we are governed by laws not do as you please if you do you can see what will happen.

    • I submit that an individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law.

      Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • They have their role to play to uphold the illusion being dished out globally every second.

  • Support neither. They’ll take you out, but others will follow. Afterall:

  • The difference is Eric Garner never went looking to die. Finicum stated he was willing to die for this. That is the difference. And I don’t condone the killing of either men. But there is a difference. Come on now….

    • Stated he was willing to die because what the fuck is your life worth if you are stolen from at every fucking turn? You are a slave at that point

  • Or why not demonize both, get back under the quilt, and go back to sleep?

  • And some of us are actually able to put our pre-conceived notions aside and wait for the facts to come in before making such comparisons.

  • I didn’t care for either side. What pissed me off was that they were basically “WellFare Queens” mooching off the taxpayer just like the government.

    Look it up if you choose not to believe me.

  • People go with their first fear. The word terrorism seems to be a weapon in the American minds. These guys were not terrorist they were patriot fighting for our rights in the Constitution, but of course anyone who believes in the Constitution is a terrorist.

    • Marcy, you are no where close to the truth. They were self-righteous thugs who took their interpretation of the laws of the land into the own hands. That made them anarchists. Bundy justified this farce by claiming God (his Mormon god) told him to do this. What a crock!!!

    • you are a robot drone who is programmed by and watches too much mainstream news 😆. You need to read the constitution sometime. Our govt is not for the people. They are slowly taking away our freedoms one by one and labeling people who stand up for their rights and Constitution as terrorists. Something is very wrong in this nation and people need to wake up.

  • The Oregon sanctuary squatters were fuckin criminals. The bundies illegally grazed cattle on land they did not own. They refuse to pay grazing fees that everyone else pays. They resist any consequence for their crimes with threats of deadly resistance while carrying assault rifles. They illegal took over a public building chasing employees out from their jobs and held a publically funded facility hostage. They are fucking criminals plain and simple. The majority of this country wants a government and are opposed to these lunatics would be revolution. They are nothing but terrorist who put us all in danger.

  • Gotta keep us seperated.

  • Because….one of these things is not like the other

  • Hello, my name is Ewala. I come from the planet Alawe, in the galaxy Ewala, in the universe Alawe.
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    I FOUND IT!!!
    Guess what it was??? it was a piece of crispy bacon, which I dropped last Christmas. I thought the dog ate it, but I guess it didnt. There were many things over there where I always looked for things, but I didn’t like them, so I don’t know why I was always looking for them. But this thing I did like. And this thing, it liked me right back in the face.
    But I don’t like things that like me. They smell funny. So I made it friends with it, seduced it, then strangled it in the night and ate it’s flesh. The bacon wasn’t happy with this, and laughed itself to sleep. But then in the plane, he needed to go pee, so I laughed myself to sleep as he pissed himself to wake. He was definitely awake when the plane started to fall. He was definitely going to fall with the plane, and he was definitely going to get lost again. And lost he did get. Lost in the eternal sea of human sadness, lyrically beautiful without the physical countenance to outweigh it’s inherent irony. And that was where he found himself, lost in an abysmal abyss… That was where he found himself.
    He was taken to new levels of excitement, when he found himself. Oh what a day…. Oh …what a day. But this was to be expected, because he was not just random. He was ranDom with a capital D. But anyway, who cares about the bacon, this story is about me.
    Me and my eternal instructions of destruction from underneath. Me and my inherent understanding of the ways of the universe.
    Me and my happiness.
    Me and my sadness.
    Me, and my bacon.


    • Wow, thats so good man. I read it all. Where do you get your ideas?

  • Maybe one was an automatic tyranny and one was a manual tyranny. Ever think about that?

  • I think it’s funny that the comments are displaying exactly what the meme is trying to point out.

  • I’m unfollowing this page because the obvious difference between these two people are astounding.

  • The militia did not stand for freedom.

  • ‘Murica

  • Help this heart wrenching story reach more people who care by clicking ‘Like’ + Share + Comment (even 2 words) Thank you! (y)

  • I was unhappy with the Eric Garner verdict as well. those cops should have been charged with manslaughter at the least.

  • If you aren’t desensitized to police violence please help us reach more people by clicking ‘like’ + commenting (even 1 word) + sharing. Thank you! (y)

    • I don’t think supporting insane evangelicals that are trying to evade taxes and prosecution for arson is “free thinking”

    • Christopher Costanza if we need the opinion of a Mexican we’ll let ya know.

    • Bruce Sigmon There’s that “free thinking” we’ve come to love… “It’s hate, not heritage.”

    • Bruce Sigmon If you don’t want opinions then get off FB especially with racist remarks.

    • Post this up on its own so it can be shared!

    • My dismay is that this happened and people are trying to justify and/or rationalize murder of a citizen with his “hands up” solely to terrorize and intimidate Americans that were attempting a ‘peaceful resolution’ at a law enforcement induced meeting. JT Thompson

    • Christopher Costanza . They are actually Mormon, like Harry Reid, whose family owns a bunch of southern Nevada. Please educate yourself.

  • The militia guy didn’t die standing up against tyranny, he just like to play pretend that he did! And his hands were NOT up! He got what he fucking deserved!

  • Seriously, we have let them divide and conquer us for way too long. We are ALL in the same damn boat. It’s a life boat as we watch THEM, we all know who them is, right?,sail off in the yacht called America.

    • OMG, Rex, I love the analogy. Like when are the two life boats going to start attacking each other, because certain “people” are whispering they have food when both boats have none?

  • White guys were asking for a fight, Gardner wasn’t. They manifested their destiny hoping for a fire fight. “Martyrs” for white privilege.

    • If Garner wasn’t looking for a fight. Why didn’t he just comply? I’ve been arrested before, I out my hands behind my back, and complied. I went to jail, was released on a PR bond the next morning, and the charges were dropped within the week. What was the big deal, about just going with the officers?

      There is doubt, he is clearly seen in the video not putting his hands behind his back, and was not complying with the arrest.

      When a police officer says, “You are under arrest.” Then you say, “Fine then, officer, shall I place my hands behind my back now?” Simple.

      I’ve done it six times, and been in cuffs, a couple more times, but didn’t get to the jail; was let go, after sitting in handcuffs for a few moments.

      Now, there a crap ton of arguments as to Mr. Garner did not feel that he should be taken to jail, but theoretically that is an argument for the judge. Now would have Mr. Garner been given a “fair” trail?

      Ahhhh, now we get to the real juice of the matter. When do we feel so disheartened in our own system, as when we would rather argue with an officer, as opposed to arguing with the judge? When do we know that justice is a fucking joke in our country, and it does not matter what I am accused of, I will be found guilty? When did we realize the system is rigged.

      You see, Mr. Garner knew this from his previous experience with the legal the legal system.

      Therefore, his fear got the better of him.

      Kinda like, when you watch those movies, and the people trying to get through the checkpoints illegally, get all scared and make a run for it, and wound up shot (?)

      Again, it not about, ” …asking for a fight, Gardner wasn’t.”

      It’s about the basic reality of, You know how I know the cop is lying? Because, their mouth is moving. You know how I know the government is lying to me? Because their mouth is moving.

      and, THEREFORE, the same argument in both circumstances.

    • Eric Gardner was attached by a psychopathic policeman who has had multiple obsessive force complaints & regularly imposed his brut strength on the people he’s supposed to serve & protect. LaVoy was openly taunting the authorities & with loaded guns. They are not the same at all. Gardner was trying to make a buck & LaVoy was “defending” white privilege hoping to become some sort of Martyr by getting involved with a situation that he had no right jumping into. He said multiple times he was willing to die for this “cause”. I’m almost positive Gardner didn’t want to die for selling loose cigarettes.

      These guys in Oregon are angry white men who don’t like to follow the rules. First of all they hijacked a government building, then openly said they would fight the authorities & other members have said they are hoping this starts a civil war.

      Honestly, your rambling reply was hard to follow & makes no sense

  • Actually I dont “DEMONize” the guys on the right, dont care. I DO however believe that they are wrong. why should those other guys not be held responsible for burning public land?

  • they burn the land because their “entitlement” has come to an end and they got billed for use and they think they have a right to bitch?…ok. what does it have to do with the guy on the left? not a GD thing. I dont see the comparison.

  • THEY SAY the land should be the state’s property…I DONT see the state gov stepping up to tell them whats what….cause they wrong federal prop.

  • The Bundys think blacks were better picking cotton during slavery. That’s a big fucking difference. Those inbred, sister fucking pieces of shit are NOT patriots…

    • Black Oregon militiaman:

      “Brandon Dowd wants Black Lives Matter activists to travel to rural Harney County in Oregon, to learn about the US constitution.”


      However, because One white guy misspoke, all white guys are racists.

      Do you really hear yourself? Do you think all the people that work their bodies to an early grave to put your fucking food on your fucking table are racists?

      You are a retard! Oh, i guess I mean that like South Park retardnot PC retard

    • ZDoesnt change what all those Bundys say and think. Nice try.

    • Michele Glover I pay for my own food you inbred hillbilly cunt. Keep sucking your father’s cock, and leave the work to the adults. You racist klan whore…

  • article 4 of the constitution, section 3, Clause 2: Property Clause
    The Congress shall have power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.

    This clause, commonly known as the Property or Territorial Clause, grants Congress the constitutional authority for the management and control of all territories or other property owned by United States. Additionally, the clause also proclaims that nothing contained within the Constitution may be interpreted to harm (prejudice) any claim of the United States, or of any particular State. The exact scope of this clause has long been a matter of debate.

    The federal government owns or controls about thirty percent of the land in the United States. These holdings include national parks, national forests, recreation areas, wildlife refuges, vast tracts of range and wasteland managed by the Bureau of Land Management, reservations held in trust for Native American tribes, military bases, and ordinary federal buildings and installations. Although federal property can be found in every state, the largest concentrations are in the west, where, for example, the federal government owns over eighty percent of the land within Nevada.

    Pursuant to a parallel clause in Article One, Section Eight, the Supreme Court has held that states may not tax such federal property. In another case, Kleppe v. New Mexico, the Court ruled that the Federal Wild Horse and Burro Act was a constitutional exercise of congressional power under the Property Clause – at least insofar as it was applied to a finding of trespass. The case prohibited the entering upon the public lands of the United States and removing wild burros under the New Mexico Estray Law.

    A major issue early in the 20th century was whether the whole Constitution applied to the territories called insular areas by Congress. In a series of opinions by the Supreme Court of the United States, referred to as the Insular Cases, the Court ruled that territories belonged to, but were not part of the United States. Therefore, under the Territorial clause Congress had the power to determine which parts of the Constitution applied to the territories. These rulings have helped shape public opinion among Puerto Ricans during the ongoing debate over the commonwealth’s political status.

  • Justin Munson help spread the word!!!

  • Publish the name of killer rouge FBI agent ,,,

  • Welp, that’s all I needed to hear.

  • i new it was a set up

  • This is the US Government we are talking about, they killed 100 Million Natives, and they are willing to do the same to anyone who stands in their way.

    The US Government is a Terror Group.

    • I can’t wait for the day when we see them festooned from the street lights by their necks like grapes!!i

    • If i were you i would move to mexico or canada

  • so now he was walking. earlier they said he was on his knees with his hands on his head as he was told to do.

  • What a disgrace

  • This is the only real true American Bundy Patriot.

  • Taking out the trash!

  • And they will answer to God for murder.

    • Which God?

    • Thomas Pharo The ONE true God

    • Your god is the one true God. Not the other 3,000 plus, right?

    • I said God not gods.

    • Zeus will smite you all.

    • Satan is LORD!!!!

    • Mmm unicorns, dragons and all that too I suppose

    • And all this is why we’re where we’re at. Funny how so many ignore and mock Him until they’re on their deathbeds. You folks are more than likely on these type pages because you think your rights are being trampled on. It is my right to believe what I may but you belittle me for that. Hypocrites are we?

  • Quite conveniently the PPN who claimed to be in the area as a buffer were not able to find out that the Bundys were going to a public meeting, that was publicized before hand and there was only one road that lead from the refuge to the location, which is the same one road to get to Burns.

    • right

    • it was a total setup and they wanted LaVoy dead, they gunned him down in cold blood

    • I knew there were feds in the Refuge and obvious feds all around. What happened yesterday makes me wonder how many feds are in the PPN/III leadership as well. Would not be the first or dozenth time that there have been feds who have started, or co-opted movements to restore our republic to crash them for their propaganda and to stop people from being able to organize a real movement.

  • Quit sticking up for these dangerous morons. Our government is corrupt but what they’re doing has nothing to do with any of it. If anything they’re supporting corruption and not to mention they’re religious nutjobs as well.

    • so what do you suggest people to do …. nothing….doing nothing is what got you into this in the 1st place by people like you who do nothing and complain the govt is corrupt but do nothing to stop it

  • Where is all the fuckn retards say there terrorist at

    • Wow. Are you the pot or the kettle?

      Your comment hurt to read.

    • Learn to write proper English or shut the fuck up. I just looked at your profile picture and had to poor bleach in my eyes. You are the result of way too much inbreeding. Poor Andrew! 😖

  • Here we go with the bullshit , these terrorists, liars and thieves broke the law . Why are they still alive ?

    • #OnlyBlackLivesMatter

    • You’re talking about the cops right?

    • Exactly Dennis! Gregg, get the cop dick out of your mouth..seriously

    • Blythe Bolton you first cuntress

    • Edwin Sanford Boyett DeMars and here you go with the typical go too

    • Dennis Langford these assholes broke the law why the hell you would believe anything these people would say is beyond me .

    • How many times has your government broken the law Gregg ? How many times have the cops ? Payed vacation tell you anything ?

    • Gregg Jabarisidiki how about the FBI has a long history of lying and they lied about this event already. My question is how do you believe anything these guys say?

    • Lynn Sabourin they broke the law listen to take a 💩you’ll feel better about you life

    • Dennis Langford they are domestic terrorist. Period if they were any other color they would be dead so save me the patriot bull shit it matter to you because they’re white and so called Christians . You don’t give a damn about anyone else ..I would say God bless you but I’m not a believer.

    • Gregg Jabarisidiki is a troll. Likely gov sponsored. GTFO of and just for fun when Ferguson was occupied and they tore up the city how many of them were shot?

    • Rosa parks broke the law too, shouldn’t she have been killed?

    • Jason Ross don’t try it you don’t give two shits about Rosa Park Or what she stood for . That game only works with the uneducated. We both know the only reason you care so much about this man is he’s white and Christian so spare me . With the civil rights argument.

  • Happens everyday to black people and those claims are dismissed so excuse me but if he wasn’t doing anything wrong…

    • Happens every day to all people. Wth is this reference to color again?

  • Isn’t that standard operating procedure for LEO’s?

  • What a surprise…

  • “He was a thug”

  • “Don’t break the law”

    • What law did they break? How about the law the .gov breaks?

    • Don’t break the law like rosa parks

  • Too many conflicting reports. First he was shot in the face while on his knees. Now he was walking.

    120 shots? Who the fuck counted them?

  • sorry, not buying this story at all. This is not an unarmed kid, it is a terrorist who took over a federal facility and made it quite public he would not be taken alive.

    • How is he a terrorist?

    • Trying to take over and control public property because he and his klan don’t like something and making it very clear he was going to die there. I hate it because it makes me think maybe cops do occasionally need military grade equipment.

    • Sherilynne Biondi Stick to cooking biscuits and gravy and leave the corrupt murderous U.S. Gov. to us men. You don`t know what your talking about.

    • Yeah men have done a fine job. Not! Oh that is a pretty crappy fake profile. Hiding from somebody?

  • “Hands Up” “Don’t Shoot” now it’s starting to hit close to home…

  • Oh you just knew this was coming, didn’t you?
    Let’s make a martyr of the fool.

  • This is gonna kick off , if it doesn’t what will it take ?

  • I’m fucking sure the guys that made taliban and isis like videos saying they’d kill government officials had their hands up.

  • Why are you glorifying these terrorists? They’ve called for law enforcement blood and are advocating violence. Why in the world would you try to portray these fools as hero’s?

    • I think this maybe a false flag and making fools of us …watch this . https://youtu.be/rXJgk6wr9D4

    • complete authority by the government will require that some citizens must die to maintain that complete authority. is that what you are saying??

    • Liberal troll

    • Supporting freedom, liberty, and an end to the police state doesn’t mean you have to support everyone who claims to fight for the same. These guys were not freedom fighters or heroes.

    • Seriously dude? Do you even get it? Law enforcement is out of control…jeeze sheeple much?

    • These people are domestic terrorists

    • Blythe Bolton It’s you that doesn’t get it. There are people we should certainly applaud for fighting back. These whackos are not people any of us should get behind. Secondly, if this guy was murdered by the cops, why did they stop with him? They could have wiped them all out. You’re on the wrong side on this one.

    • Alex Latini then your obviously a moron

    • Colin Wham you’re a moron

    • How ironic.

    • I thought the point of this page was call attention to the problems with the system? When did calling for death of police and other law enforcement agencies become the message? And what are these guys actually accomplishing? You know, in life people will have differing opinions.

    • Explain how the militia are terrorists. And do it without taking “government property” into the question.

    • Cart argue with stupid

    • Get the cop dick out of your mouth you tool

    • We will never know the truth of this story. Reading all the comments,its clear everyone is divided. My opinion is this, we know our govt is corrupt,out for power,and control. Its led by whoever can purchase it. The agency called blm is 100% totaly illegal and should be labeled as such. It violates laws set forth previous. Social media is created and manipulated just for us 😊. What do we actualy know about this,except what (they) have told us. Nothing. Only vague details at best. What (if) these men are true americans done wrong? Fighting legaly for their rights and freedom. Now being gunned dwn illegaly and labeled terrorists. That would be very upsetting to americans. I would think the govt would want to obscure that,to hide or manipulate what (we) see.

    • The only facts i can dig out of the shooting, is that the (protesters) were baited to an obscure location. They were UNARMED. They were gunned dwn, killing one. Common sense says they trusted law enforcement. They met for peaceful negotiations. They were fired upon and killed for it.

    • Having your land confiscated by the BLM, having your livestock and your very homes intentionally burned is not cause for taking a stand? If that is what you are saying then I hope and pray that you reap the full benefit of your malfeasance. When it is your turn to be gunned down in cold blood I hope there is no one there to save you.

    • Owebama ass suckers will never understand what it means to be a patriot

    • Please lonk to any proof of them callinf for the blood of law enforcement. Oh wait you cant because they didnt…. just like everything else you claimed.

    • Adam B Alma *can’t

    • To libtard socialist bastards, white men, protesting the land grabbing of the federal government, peacefully in an empty building out int he middle of nowhere is terrorism and “they get what they deserve” when cops shoot them unarmed on the side of the highway in the middle of the night. But when a black thug, who just robbed a gas station, charges a cop, and the cop kills him, well then that thug is a saint, whole cities burn, the locals thugs destroy local businesses, looting, rioting, and the mayor gives them room to vent and destroy, innocent children are killed and a nation continues to be torn apart. When will you ignorant morons get a clue? I guess it will be when the jackboots kick down your door after they are done using you as the ignorant, dumb ass brute squad you are.

    • Hahahahahaha look at all the white trash! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Go put your pussies on the line if you feel so strongly.

    • Aaron Schulz nigger lover.

    • Thats the american way, did the exact same thing to the indians many many times…lured them into peaceful talks then murdered them…

    • Charles Brooks ignorant asshole racist fuckhead

    • They called for blood? And advocated violence? Terrorist? Coming from someone that thinks everything should be provided by the govt i am surprised he would even go to the length of acting like a white-apologist race baiter. Aaron your a dumbass please dont breed anything other then good strains of weed.

    • What makes you think I want everything provided by the government? You guys are all a bunch of crybaby bitches.

    • Yeah because law officers are always non violent

    • Aaron i can see your likes and other things on your profile; i dont think you want people to have “free” stuff from the fed; i know you do…now can you please respond to the there comments that ended with a question mark in my post thanx

    • Rj John — I have been following this from the beginning. Just because you are basically an ignorant person does not mean that I have to be one, too.

    • Aaron Schulz — Death before slavery. Preferably yours.

    • Douglas Falls where did you read that? Need a source

    • Why are you taking up for the tyrant treasonous murdering terrorist pigs that murder people everyday and get away with it? The man that the pig murdered was fighting for all of our rights, for the constitution. People like you will go down with your traitor friends when the shit hits the fan! The fed/blm/ law enforcement are the real terrorist! get that clear!

    • I feel sad that you feel like this. How wrong you are boy

    • Claude Taylor Amen

    • I never side with police or military but these guys made direct threats of violence. Wtf did they expect to happen?

    • Matthew D. C. Finally someone with a working brain

    • There’s this place called the real world, not sure if most of you have been there. But here in the real world people have differing viewpoints. I’m not sure you all know what that means. See I have a functioning brain, it allows me to think critically and objectively( I know those are big words but I’m sure you’ll figure out what they mean).
      Anyway the point I’m trying to make for the slow people is this, you can think that these men are domestic terrorists and still think law enforcement is out of control, crazy right??!! Think about it (don’t hurt yourselves though), wouldn’t it be the slightest bit possible that there are more areas other than just white and black?
      This concept will be lost in most of you but hey its worth a shot.

    • If only 2 possible viewpoints exist in your head your life must be infuriating and and boring.

    • Fuck you bitch! Your getting yours soon!

    • You toss that T word around worse then Fox News

    • But I back my claims up with actual facts not like fox.

    • http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/terrorism
      They are by definition terrorists.

    • Why are you identifying them as terrorists? By the FBI’s definition half of America is made of Terrorists. This just shows you, feds are more deadly than ‘terrorists’.

    • Matthew D. C. Yeah, only government employees can make direct threats of violence.

    • But it wasn’t the government making threats of violence, it was the occupants that were calling for blood.
      And as for the identification as terrorists, I didn’t write the dictionary but if the shoe fits…

    • Bit if its a cop doing the killing its OK right.

    • If the video shows that this alleged victim is charging the officer with a weapon…

    • Better than being a bitch coward like you.

    • Witnesses say he had his hands up and was unarmed, called to a meeting set up by the cops but that’s none of my business .

    • Valkyrie Kay how did you come to the assumption that I’m a “bitch coward”?
      I mean if we’re making accusations, I could just as easily call you a inbread white trash cum dumpster, but that’s only if we’re making assumptions.

    • Dear PhilHenderson::::

      American ISIS


      Let’s start at the beginning shall we? The two ranchers that these terrorists are “standing up for,” have already pled guilty and returned to prison for their mandatory sentences.

      And we are all on the same page. Dwight and Steven Hammond are guilty of arson on federal land and child abuse. Long story short with important people involved, in 2001 these guys killed some deer on federal land and to cover the crime set fire to the forest and burned over 163 acres. The nephew they had help had to hide in a creek so he didn’t burn alive and they never warned nearby campers who were also caught and almost killed in the fire.

      Then again in 2006 they started a backfire to protect their land from a wild fire. There was a federal no burning order and the two knuckleheads trapped and almost killed some fire fighters.

      The child abuse was taking sand paper to the nephews chest and back after he carved letters in himself with a paper clip.

      There are thousands of instances of mandatory sentences being to extreme for the crime. This was maybe the worst ones the Bundy boys could have picked.

      So now that we know they’re supporting admitted and convicted arsonists who are in jail, it begs the question, why are these terrorists still there?

      You may have noticed I used the word terrorists instead of the medians designation of militiamen. The reason for that is simple.

      Militiaman: noun, civilian trained as soldiers used only in emergencies.

      Terrorist: noun, a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political gain.

      So which one sounds like the 150 armed men in Oregon who have taken over a federal building and wildlife sanctuary?
      What emergency were the Bundy boys responding to? The rightful imprisonment of two arsonists? Just se were clear. The judge in this case is not a puppet for president Obama but, in fact appointed be George H.W. Bush.

      If these men aren’t terrorists why are they making demands? That’s right, they’re demanding to keep the land. They want all the federal land, the protected animals, and all the mines in the area that went bust.

      So we’re clear. Armed men drove in trucks from Arizona to Oregon to commit the crime of trespassing, threatening federal and local officials with firearms, destruction of federal property, and have made demands of the United States government for their own independent state.
      Transporting guns across state lines to commit a crime is a felony.
      If they want their own state then aren’t they denouncing this country? If that’s the case, then they’re at this point foreign invaders.
      Just because they look like us and speak our language doesn’t make them us.

      I want to go into it more but, these idiot terrorists make my blood boil.

    • Bradley J. Hasty I love when people with brains join in the conversation. It gets a little monotonous arguing with brick headed “patriots”.

    • And to the people who say they were fighting for our constitution…
      They weren’t. I too carry an unaltered copy of the constitution in my pocket.

      Their copy is heavily altered with many changes mad to include God and Jesus. If your claiming to fight for our constitution and rights, then stop writing your own and saying their mine.

    • But unfortunately for us, thinking this way apparently makes us police brutality sympathizers and supporters of tyrannical government…

    • You PC bruh? Lol,
      I support this page a lot but for whatever reason they’re for these terrorists. By every definition of the word.

      And this is the only media source I’ve come across saying the police trapped them.
      Really if they were stupid enough to leave them they deserve to get caught. And how come they didn’t just arrest them at the airport in their other meetings?

      Everything else I read said these terrorists were on their way to expand into another city and terrorize them next.

    • They had right to free travel the fbi murdered someone in cold blood and it’s the only casualty besides the idiot who had a loaded gun when drunk fucking around.

    • http://usuncut.com/news/5-government-handouts-bundys-receive/

      Looks to me they weren’t so anti-government until they didnt get their way

      As for the guy who was killed- wasn’t he quoted as saying he wouldn’t be taken alive? It was a shame he had to die but does anybody actually believe they were unarmed?

    • Galo Balbuena “cold blood” read the PINAC article. Video proves the rancher went for his gun.

    • It wasn’t the FBI it was the local police they had also been harassing at gun point.

    • Watched the video enough times to see that his hands weren’t up when the police opened fire. His hands ironically enough were reaching for his waistband.

    • Right!

    • Like these guys were as dangerous as black lives matters.

    • So you’re afraid of unarmed black protesters opposing police brutality over a militia that’s fully armed and calling for violence? I think you may be misinformed.and quite possibly a bigot.

    • Charles Brooks wow you are so intelligent! I’m blown away by your intellect and wit! My god, I hope you have lots of kids to pass on your great attributes and contribution to this nation! NOT. LOL, dumb ass sister fucking backward ass redneck white trash pice of shit. Yea, think that’s better.

  • If they had taken up gardening instead of terrorism they’d be ok.

    • Who the fuck were they “terrorizing”? The bugs in the empty building they occupied? Anyone shaking in their boots over those guys sitting in an unoccupied building is a pussy.

  • Gross Meth addicted hookers

  • I think this maybe a false flag and making fools of us …watch this . https://youtu.be/rXJgk6wr9D4

  • I’m having trouble finding sympathy for these guys

  • The man was on camera saying he wouldnt be taken alive now im supposed to believe he surrendered. LOL

  • COINTELPRO and loyalists are out in full force to defend their god, the government.

  • No difference. Just perspective.

  • They’re only there because they’re mad our country is finally breaking away from their evangelical racist garbage and they don’t want to pay taxes on their land like everyone else.

    Oh and they were supposed to be in court for arson charges too.

    Not to mention they’re linked to kkk type groups and are publicly angry because we have a black president.

    And whoever runs this page is one of them. A domestic religious-based terrorist.

  • In this case I would no trust the bundys. If the cops wanted to roast them out it would have happened by now. And anyway “leroy” got his wish.

  • intentional murder to keep other citizens in line can be surmised here.

  • Baloney!

  • I just read this eye-opening book “Police State” by Gerry Spence. Some of his cases he covers in this book show how corrupt and murderous the FBI and police are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NADI3_SE860

  • ᵀʰᶦˢ ᶦˢ ˢᵒ ˢᵐᵃᶫᶫ ᵗᵒ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵉᵛᵉᶰ ᶠᵒʳ ʸᵒᵘ ᵇʳᵒ⋅ ᴰᵒᶰᵗ ᵗʳʸ ᵗᵒ ᶜᵒᶰᵗᶦᶰᵘᵉ ʳᵉᵃᵈᶦᶰᵍ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵉʸᵉˢ ʷᶦᶫᶫ ˢᵗᵃʳᵗ ᵗᵒ ʰᵘʳᵗ ˢᵒᵒᶰ ᶦᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ˢᵗᵒᵖ⋅ ᵂʰʸ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵗᵒᵖ﹖⋅⋅⋅⋅ᵍᵒ ᵃʷᵃʸ ᵇʳᵒ ᵃᶰᵈ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵗʰᵉ ᶰᵉˣᵗ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉᶰᵗ⋅ ˢᵗᵒᵖ ʳᵉᵃᵈᶦᶰᵍ ᵃᶫʳᵉᵃᵈʸ﹗ ᴵ ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ʷᵃᶰᶰᵃ ᵍᶦᵛᵉ ᵘᵖ ʳᵉᵃᵈᶦᶰᵍ﹖⋅⋅⋅ʷᵉᶫᶫ ᵒᵏ, ʸᵒᵘ ʷᵒᶰ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵗᶦᵐᵉ, ᵇᵘᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ˢʰᵒᵘᶫᵈ ᵍᶦᵛᵉ ᵐᵉ ᵃ ᶫᶦᵏᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ʷᵃˢᵗᶦᶰᵍ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵗᶦᵐᵉ ᵃᶰᵈ ˢᵗʳᵉˢˢᶦᶰᵍ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵉʸᵉˢ ᵗʰᵒ

    • Kitty, I am wondering why you have such a small and unreadable font in your posts?

  • Well what do ya expect, you play the game with them, you better have your shit in order. You don’t trust a government agent. You don’t leave the safety net they supposedly had. They were duped. They need to give up being revolutionaries, and go back to ranching before they get the rest of the crazy mormons killed. Sad, these guys dragged their families out there. Sorry but your 8yr old doesn’t know what a government is.

    • You my friend are a dumbshit you hop on board with the government separatist move ment but the you all shoot the farmers… The difference is you live in a city we live out here in cow land… We have to work we see what you are fighting we agree with what your doing but we can’t come protest with you because we are broke too

    • Fuck you Monte Mason, you fuckin redneck nazis, you and the government deserve each other. You don’t know a god damn thing. I don’t support either. You and all the other nazis and mormons need to admit your just a bunch of cowards.

    • Monte Mason, you live in a shit hole. Is that what your saying? Please bitch, I’m a Madrid. My families owned land near the head of the Gila for 250yrs. I can survive anywhere, that’s what we do. I’d like to see you get out of a bad neighborhood alive. Wouldn’t happen.

    • If your 8 yo doesn’t know what the government is maybe you shouldn’t be homeschooling cause they teach that in third grade… Also how are you gonna call people who put themselves in harms way for what they believe cowards? That shows bravery in and of itself….

    • Dude I don’t have an 8 yr old and if I did I wouldn’t send them to public school like your dip shit kids. Pamela Parker, you don’t know what the fuck bravery is. I don’t care what you want me to think it is either. Fuck face.

    • Wow. You’re education and debating skills definitely wasn’t up to par with even public schools… You are so mentally warped you would rather insult children than try to put up a logical debate. FYI though bravery is the act of facing your fears… However you don’t care about facts, you’re uneducated to the issue so you resort to insults… To children even… Think what you want. Doesn’t make it right.

    • Blahblahbla, your like a fuckin troglodyte coming outta the cave for the first time Pamela Parker.

  • The only constant fact we all know so well that s “All cop’s lie!” FBI & DOJ are just government cop’s. All went to the same law classes all tell the same lies!!!

  • He was repeating his favorite quote from the leader of his church.

  • Sorry bro, these guys knew exactly what they were getting themselves into from the very beginning.

  • The witness claims that he was holding a bible and the baby Jesus with a copy of the constitution stuffed in his pocket over his heart. Give us a break. He was a moron.

    • The eyewitness statement by one of the militia group who was in the car behind LaVoy’s said he charged the officers while the rest of them threw their hands in the air.

    • Bruh, you misspelled Mormon.

    • Apparently a bible is considered an assault weapon

    • “HE HAD HIS HANDS IN THE AIR PRAYING TO JESUS” said the gun toting and Jesus loving friends of the man shot.

    • Fucker got what he wanted. Except for that part where he goes to heaven to meet Jesus. He took government handouts and abused adopted children for work. If there’s a hell, let him rot there.

    • If you agree with this needless murder then I will repeat the words of Sam Adams and apply them directly to you, personally —

      “If ye love the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

    • You people are the problem oh man what has America come to

    • James Maduro — these are insane times. All hell and fury is about to be unleashed in this country. It’s simply a matter of time before those who are wrongly accused of being terrorists become it.

    • James is just a bootlicker.

    • Dan Millican I relaize you liberals dont know what chores are but kids in this country used to help on the family farm for fucking hundreds of years. And you think kids are cheap? Try raising some foster kids and see how easy it is and how much money you spend.

    • Chuck Tilbury these guys went onto a wildlife sanctuary and archeological dig site and occupied it like it was the local National Guard Armory or something. then they went and trespassed on the neighbor’s land to destroy a fence (that has sense been put back up by the neighbor who disavowed any knowledge of the plot). they are vandals and trespassers, who swore they wouldn’t be taken alive. your martyr said so on MSNBC during his Night of the Blue Tarp.

    • Randy Rogillio the only difference is 1 M

    • Dan Millican, I bet you are also the first on the band wagon crying “hands up don’t shoot” when a thug is taken out by a cop. Funny how liberal commie trolls take whatever side brings most harm to the future of this country.

    • Paul Garrett Covey The Muslims would have been shouting Alluah Akbar.

    • Myles B. Astor, does it matter if he had his hands up or not? Hope you didn’t buy into all that bullshit when the thug supposedly had his hands up and charged the cop a year or so ago. He also didn’t have his hands up. I guess it was ok for the cop to shoot him as well? I guess if someone doesn’t have their hands up, its ok for the police, (who obviously had the situation under control and out numbed, out gunned, this group of 6, some of which were girls and women) to riddle this guy with bullets? You sir, are a fucking jackass who wants it both ways. Don’t shoot a thug who just robbed a gas station, but shoot a father of 11 out on the side of the road. Gotcha.

    • Just in case folks forgot, these are Americans. Our friends, family, and neighbors. (even the ones in uniform) I do hope you all realize that one day, because it just might be one of these “morons” that comes to your aid one day. Continue to spread your hate and bullshit, it only shows how ignorant and hate filled you are.

    • Rj John, LaVoy referred to his foster kids as his”only source of income” when he was told they’d been taken away. No sorrow for the loss of the children, just the money.

    • Being a moron doesn’t have to make you dead.


    • yes all the peeps standing up 4 ur rights r

    • And you are completely without understanding

    • Charles Robinson is pussy go smoke sum more cop dick fag

    • mike visty,, a man was killed,, I hope when your useless life is over,, hopefully soon,, everyone will make stupid jokes and lame comments too,, What country are you from??? what a slimebag

    • They need to be threatening to kill those murdering tyrant traitor pigs!

    • Watch this and then tell me how much YOU’RE the moron, do you even understand it’s all about the Mineral Rights and the Russians??? Wake up from that fluoride Poison you and all your likers are being feed in your Water and food. hitler did the same to his people before the slaughter and Georgia Guidestones say only 500,000,000 get to live.

    • I lick no boot nor suckle from the tit of a sheep sorry Charlie

    • Cindi Salas Asuncion you just admitted the eye witness was ANOTHER MILITIA MEMBER. Which means his credibility is LOW and he has an OBVIOUS BIAS.

    • Chuck Tilbury dude. I am copying and paste this as my status. 👍

    • This guy is a moron according to you, yet the hoodrats the demolished a city over a black kid robbed a store and assaulted the cop that responded to the call is perfectly justified….

    • Tevin Stan That’s because instead of protesting the government that actually killed the thief, they protested the capitalists who had the products that the kid stole. The government is sacred to leftists… unless the wrong people are in charge.

    • Rj John his foster kids were his “main source of income” which is a quote from the man himself. He used foster kids for an income and furthermore as free farmhands and when they were taken from him because he was an idiot hillbilly the only thing he was worried about was how he was going to make more money and who was going work his ranch. He was a horrible person who tried to fire on federal/state officers. He got slightly less than what he deserved. This was one time the fuzz got it right.

    • Shane Miles, as another militia member with bias, if he were lying wouldn’t he be saying just the opposite? That LaVoy didn’t deserve to be shot? That his hands were in the air surrendering? Like Daddy Bundy is claiming (only he wasn’t there!)

    • Chuck Tilbury get down their and help in the fight!!

    • Cindi Salas Asuncion just because one statement doesn’t add up to another doesn’t mean it’s less or more truthful. He still has a bias and questionable accountability.

    • Shane Miles, he’s saying the opposite of what the others are saying but he was actually THERE. How is he biased unless you mean he’s in favor of the Feds, in which case why was he there in the first place?

    • Actually I heard the constitution was rolled up and being stored in his dumb ass.

    • You’re the fucking moron. Put the pig peter back in your mouth and stfu. Worthless POS

    • Looks like his hands were up….


    • Yeah his hands were up, until he reached for his left side a few times and then police lit him up.

    • I can’t decide if the guy displaying the rebel flag while calling other people traitors is funny sad or just sad.

    • #domesticterroristlivesmatter

    • I don’t know what you all saw, but I saw a guy stumbling around and surrounded, that could have been taken down alive.. The cop that pretty much shot him in the back should fry for murder, just like everyone else who is not a LEO would…

    • Lee Gross yeah bro there’s a bunch of times that has happened before. Its mostly been young black kids and such. That’s why I felt awkward when I saw this happening to someone else, just like you did.

  • Thank you!!!!

  • Obama’s gestapo. Sad. It sounds like the FBI is populated by psychopath killers.

  • Let’s see how many holes are in him before deciding… And not just the ones used for dildos… Lower your tarps to half mast for this twunt.

    • Eat a dick. Oh wait ….

    • Good state goons, when they kill people you dislike, bad when they kill those you like?

  • So because the police are involved and we are not friends of the police we are supposed to feel sorry for these terrorists? I’m sorry, right is right and wrong is wrong and I’m not going to sit here and agree with this bullshit ass post just because I dislike the police, REALLY POLICE THE POLICE??? REALLY??? The line has to be drawn somewhere! I feel bad about the loss of life but he made his bed.

    • I guess Ross parks was a terrorist too, because she stood up for something

    • He made his bed, your fkg sick in your head!

    • Jason Ross your not smart at all are you? First of all Rosa parks didn’t get on a damn Bus with a rifle and handguns making threats to take people lives because she would have been dead on that bus. Second Rosa parks was arrested the same day she decided to take a stand, these idiots have been given a chance to surrender for over 2 months. The town wanted them gone, the father and son they sent to jail didn’t want anything to do with them so all of a sudden they are fighting for the land to give back to ranchers and farmers? How about they fight to give it back to who it really belongs to!! This is domestic terrorism and I swore an oath to protect my country against terrorist both foreign and domestic so I’m damn sure not going to condone this bullshit. I hate that I have to go on nine and ten month deployments away from my family to protect people like this and people like you because your don’t deserve it!!

    • Shawn Zenisek yes he made his bed, if he would have stayed the hell home with his family he would not have been in this situation, just like Mike Brown made his bed right? Thugs and criminals is what you call blacks for breaking the law right? Well these clowns are breaking the damn law so yes he made his bed and your sick in your fucking head if you condone what these people are doing!

  • They’re only there because they’re mad our country is finally breaking away from their evangelical racist garbage and they don’t want to pay taxes on their land like everyone else.

    Oh and they were supposed to be in court for arson charges too.

    Not to mention they’re linked to kkk type groups and are publicly angry because we have a black president. Even though it’s a fact that he’s doing and decent job. Especially after their last selection.

    And whoever runs this page is supporting domestic religious-based terrorism.

    • Yeah, I used to have respect for this page until they started supporting these racist fucking pieces of shit.

    • what a bunch of bs lol but as long is it fits your agendas i guess

    • “kkk type groups”? wtf is that?

    • It’s too bad these assholes never actually help anything. Like maybe address some real corruption and take out the mayor of flint Michigan.

  • Typical…an old white guy gets shot dead by cops and suddenly “AMERICA’S COPS ARE OUT OF CONTROL!”

    • Yeah. Police the police has been sucking cop dick until just now.

    • Oh not suddenly they have been but you have to open your eyes to see it.

    • Take your race-baiting elsewhere, Cigol. That is not at all what they’ve been doing.

  • Don’t believe that for a second. I’m an Oregonian. These assholes were squatting on land that belongs to all of us, destroying Native American artifacts, and trying, hoping, praying for a standoff. Well they got it.

    • They had legitimate beef, charging those ranchers as terrorist and giving them 5 years for burning a little unused land is bullshit.

    • Lol @ squatting

      It’s super easy to see who gets their information from the government and who doesn’t.

    • They want the land to actually be in the hands of the public. Privately owned so they can pay taxes on their property And other property owners can pay tax on their property Rather then saying the public owns it and then limiting the use. You kinda missed the mark.

    • SMH.

    • Bobby McCourt This kind of ass-hats are already beating the hell out of public land. I’m surrounded by rich ranchers who can lock gates on PUBLIC land, because they write the lease rules here. If these guys are so concerned about the owners of the land, then they should promote that it be turned back over to the Tribes.

    • Eric Cox not to mention their 2nd trip to jail for the same charges

    • Wasn’t a stand off it was an ambush.

    • Kinda like when they moved in and occupied my wildlife reserve. That’s right! Mine!

    • You are full of shit. The feds stole that land and they stole those artifacts. Why don’t you give them 53% of your property??

    • Doug it was mine as much as yours.

    • Got domestic terrorism? Our military has bigger guns and actual patriots.


  • I doubt his hands were up. He was on tv saying he would rather die than rot in a cell..

  • They got what they deserved.. Should have killed them all.. This is not a cops are bad people situation.

  • FUck that fake ass patriot. He got what he wanted and what he deserved.. Finally, the police are actually shooting the REAL enemy… My hat’s off to the police for doing what we pay them to do, at last.
    Fuck those fake ass patriots. Bunch of disenfranchised bigots. They hate blacks, Mexicans, Muslims… I wish I was there to see that guy’s head open up like a warm vagina…

    • Well if that’s the case I hope they shoot every BLM protester anytime they step out in the street

    • Well damn! Tell us how you REALLY feel! lol

    • Kevin Murphy. THEY DO! Just not all at once

    • People like you need wiped off the face of the earth. Anti-freedom pieces of shit, I hope you die in a fire screaming for mommy

    • Kevin Murphy Who cares about BLM…lol.

    • Matt Jackson Anti freedom? Because I dont recognize fake ass patriots who cave in after shit gets hot? You wouldnt know what a freedom fighter is, please…

    • Matt Jackson Tough talk there.. Do you use that to pick up chicks at the family reunion?

    • That is really sad. You would call upon the state to take out a fellow american who did not provoke violence and you have obviously not looked at the entire story. Your comment scares the hell out of me for reasons that should be obvious to any liberty loving American.

    • Thomas B Talioferro Somebody needs to remind these unemployed lazy faggot wannabe patriots that the rest of us hard working Americans are laughing at the Bundy’s and their bullshit mlitia….

    • “Fake ass” WHO THE ARE FUCK ARE YOU?

    • Maybe your opinion will count a few years after you get out of high school and get a little life experience under your belt, child

    • Tell these assholes they cant have their country back until they learn Arabic and Spanish…lmao

    • Aw, lil bitch boy is butt hurt. Just because everyone found out you were the star in “Danny gets Dicked #11” doesn’t mean your life is ruined… There are plenty of gays out there for you

    • Lane Umsted My own opinion.. Which would still be more vlaid than yours will ever be. Keep cucking for those fake patriots who wave white flags…lol

    • Matt Jackson Butthurt is out for 2016… So is incest. I guess you didnt get either memo…

    • Matt Jackson Good, maybe I’ll find a real man who doesnt need a gun to think he is one…lol

    • Yeah cause his gun will be his penis, and you’ll cock that motherfucker a million times

    • Matt Jackson Damn, you’re giving me a hardon.. You should add me! You sound like the expert on man-fucking…lol

    • They did provoke violence. Heavily armed. And the dead one claimed he wouldn’t be taken alive. Wish granted. Violent armed hillbillys that didn’t even really have a plan or a full thought, just a ploy to start a fight they couldn’t win. It sure aint gonna be another Waco. They just aren’t real bright. Maybe you should go to Oregon to help them out.

    • JS Fardello Liberty? You mean denying other resident the liberty of accessing their public buildings? lol…

    • If Liberty means giving up soon as the shit gets real, then you fucking cucks don’t know a goddamn thing about Liberty.

    • How is driving “provoking violence”? Blacks at the black lives matter protests were provoking violence, where were the FBI executions then? They executed this man by all accounts, and regardless of what you believe instant death isn’t the answer and police are not judge jury and executioner.

    • Matt Jackson How many BLM protesters armed themselves to the teeth and forcibly took control of a Government building, accessing people’s SS numbers and private info? These fucking inbred goobers are domestic terrorists, and our constitution stipulates that THEY should be dealt with as the ENEMY. Nice try talking about BLM, you racist fucking faggot. But, just like your failed logic, it did not go anywhere.

    • Pussy ass hillbilly fuckface… Suck BLM dick since you love talking about dicks so much. I guess your little sister got tired of sucking yours…

    • Matt Jackson It’s all of our duty to kill domestic threats like the Bundy militia…

    • Wow this post is crazi, so sad to see/read about all this stupid name calling BS.
      LOVE is the answer !

    • I posted something mean before and I edited and deleted. I am a good person by choice. I don’t agree with you at all and I have nothing nice to say to you. But here is one mean thing. You know what…you are not worth it.

    • Those weren’t protestors that destroyed buildings and started fires. Those were criminals. The actual protesters were marching peacefully. Also pleaded with rioters to use their heads. The difference is BLM actually has a cause. One family that doesn’t pay taxes and takes gov’t subsidies(welfare) does not have a cause. They aren’t fighting for our freedoms. When tou making the trip to Oregon? Have you organized a candlelit vigil yet for Finicum?

    • JS Fardello As long as the gestapo does what I pay them to do, like deal with criminals who are armed, then I say I’m good.

    • Jeffrey Bartram Exactly, but these idiots confuse them for criminal thugs just like they confuse their younger siblings for fuck dolls…

    • The BLM was burning down these people’s homes and burning their cattle alive trying to bully them into selling their land.

    • Jared Lee Proof? Documented evidence? Because we have the Bundy milita member making threats on camera in their own words. Were is this proof of arson on behalf of the BLM?

    • Sorry wrong one, just a sec,

    • Let’s not forget those militia guys there are the same ones who think Blacks lived better picking cotton during slavery. Let’s not forget that, folks… Dont let these evil snakes trick you into thinking we share a cause, because they only want whitey iin America.

    • Once again. These weren’t protesters. These were opportunists and criminals. A group that is armed heavily and calls themselves a militia and publicly threating violence are not peaceful protesters. The people of Oregon are quite vocal that their presence is not welcome.

    • That’s not true, this is just what government wants, us fighting each other so much we don’t pay attention to all the injustice being imposed by them.

    • Jeffrey I think the word your looking for is “Patriots”

    • Hmmm.. one article from a bullshit source and a couple memes. lol…

    • Weren’t members of the militia arrested for arson?

    • We live in a fucking democracy…!!!! Wer’re supposed to agree on a plan of action, not fall in line with the first jackfuck band of retards who challenges government. What the fuck next? Attacking your postman?

    • oooooooo! Good 1 Danny! Matt? I KNOW you’re not gonna let him get away with that whole “pick up line at family reunion” jab! Are you? C’mon SON!

    • Thomas B Talioferro Matt’s favorite holiday is Halloween. You know why? Because he gets to Pump Kin…

    • Danny Danika , we live in a constitutional republic! Go back to school!

  • this is alll rigged… staged… i dont buy into any of it.. and hoenstly as cruel as it sounds those a$$holes that “occupied” that land took it TOO FAR, with GREEDY INTENTIONS NOT JUSTFUL by any means.!!!! They deserved a come uppance.. The bundys have a LONG LINE OF TERRORISM on native American peoples and lands that get in their ranching ways!!! What theyve done to brutalize those people and murder their horses and cattle and livestock is unreal!! Look into CLIVE BUNDY AND THE DANN FAMILY and SISTERS and their lands and whats been done to them and the shoshone peoples because of clive bundy the bundys their cohorts and the workings of the dirtsy A$$ “government”… and how about the fact they DID IT AGAIN TO THE NATIVE AMERICAN PEOPLE — Did you SEEE how those so called “occupiers’ DELIBERATELY brought in backhoes and desicrated those sacred lands they were on?? And made videos LAUGHING!! Would you like that if they went into your families graveyard and did that?? I WOULD KILL Someone!!.. THEN to top it off the buildings they “OCCUPIED” that belonged to the Piaute tribe there were full of priceless documents, artifacts and tribal informations and they desicrated and took over all that too.. locked the people out from that… now im ALLL for PROTESTING something thats WRONG!! These MO FOS and so called “militants” dont deserve or own ANY of this land they stole it like many millions others have!!.. THESE idiots were in the wrong from day one!! Even being someone whose HUGE into the IDEAL of freedom and rights.. I would lay my life on the lines to fight for whats right in this country – even a revolution.. HOWEVER Id fight against these sooo called protestors.. what they stood for, stand for and what theyve done and are doing is WRONG!!!!! Frankly, they deserve everything they get and then some.. just saying.. if the shoe fits they deserve to wear it!

    • “…We remain concerned not only for the safety of our community, but for the proper handling of irreplaceable cultural artifacts that are still held hostage. The protesters have posted videos on the internet showing the militants excavating dirt, apparently making roads and fortifications at the refuge headquarters. This is a flagrant violation of federal and state laws protecting cultural resources. Lawbreakers should be punished when this is over.” In previous statements, Burns Paiute tribal officials have called the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge sacred ground for the Paiute people. They fear tribal artifacts have been stolen or damaged by the domestic terrorists. http://nativenewsonline.net/currents/burns-paiute-tribal-chairwoman-releases-statement-on-tuesdays-death-and-arrests-of-domestic-terrorists/

    • Thats ok girl, keep turning the blind eye and being a flag waver for a facist system, you’ll get your chance to feel the boot on your neck eventually…get your ass beat during a routine traffic most likely…

    • Daryl Brogdon Your obviously a dumb ass that didnt get it… you make no sense fool… Ive never turned a blind eye!! and fuck a facist system.. as well as you .. you obviously didnt get ANYTHING that was written!!

  • The Statist idiots and the donut rats are in heavan

  • GOD BLESS those patriots

  • Too bad there are conflicting eyewitness reports that say otherwise!

  • Remember Waco? One thing our government is good at is murdering citizens,dogs,children.Do you know of one politician standing up for the people?

    • Deez Nuts for President 2016

    • Ruby Ridge.

    • I do

    • Remember the pedophile cult leader who was molesting children and set his own damn place on fire?

    • Kai you so did not just try to say waco was done by the people inside…. Let me guess; the cop that was shot there wasnt shot by friendly fire; the tank was needed; and even though the fire started with flash bang grenades it was actually started by someone inside….and let me guess Jack Rubys wife was shooting at the ATF when she was killed too right? You are literally the first person i have ever heard say the fire was set by someone inside….David may have been wacked out aong with aot of followers but he didnt strt the fire and (except you) everyone knows it. Its not conspiracy. But i guess the govt wouldnt do anything bad to its people ever

    • Donald Trump?

    • Billy Nightingale I did in fact suggest that just as fire inspectors did at the time. I recall very clearly. Here are some facts from the investigation. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/waco/topten2.html

    • Kai Mana Yes PBS is a reliable source. They just loved defending the Clinton Administration. The genius of the Clinton Administration, use a dumb cult on a ranch in Mount Carmel, TX as pawns in the gun control debate. Claim that the dude is a pedo and then storm the place in order to save the childrun. Yeah, but once they got there the ATF was scared because the other side has guns. And so they tear gasses the place instead of waiting it out. Sort of like they did to Chris Dorner.

    • Remember the Oklahoma City bombing?

      Seditious traitors killing innocent Americans out of retaliation.

      Seditious traitors went way too far. Sorry. I’ll oppose corrupt cops but not support terrorist scum.

    • Waco? Ruby Ridge? Oh please, give it a rest. The government has bent over backward to accommodate these tealaban extremists! It was obvious from the beginning that ‘tarpman’ wasn’t going to leave there alive by his own choosing. Tell me though, how do RWNJ like you accomplish such feats of denying reality?

    • Kai you drank too much koolaid

    • Bernie

  • Ruby Ridge and Waco come to mind.

  • I am a fan of the Bundys since Nevada. This video concerns me we are all being setup by actors.


  • It’s like PETA, I’m your side more times than not then you go and support terrorists. LaVoy Finicum is dead and rotting next idiot up

  • Domestic terrorists deserve to be shot. They’re just ‘lucky’ they were white; otherwise they’d never have made it this long.

    • So what does that say about black lives matter??? How long have they been raising hell all over the country. Ur point is invalid and your white guilt is disgusting.

    • Noelle, actual “terrorists” don’t discriminate which lives they take. These people never took any hostages, hurt any locals ,or destroyed any property. They only have a beef with a shady-ass ,land-grabbing, corrupt government (the REAL DOMESTIC TERRORISTS),which brain-washed imbeciles like you are supporting, and contributing to the demise of true democracy and freedom. SMH

    • Um, we’ll talk when BLM protesters illegally overtake federal property for an extended period of time.

    • Or how about when blm protesters slice a fucking firehose endangering the lives of firefighters trying to protect the city they were burning down

    • You have no clue how many ranchers up there have lost their land to the BLM already do you? Or even what or who their grabbing the land for do you?

    • Lane Umsted describe raising hell… Because aside from the riots in Ferguson… Black lives matter has been very peaceful, ur point is invalid and your white power is disgusting

    • Randy Snow yes I’m part of the kkk and promoting white power bc I simply pointed out a self hating white person and their dumb white guilt is what got us in this fucking mess we are in. As far as BLM shutting the fucking the bridge in San Francisco by chaining themselves to their cars and holding up traffic for hours, all for what???? Just the other day. Keep watching ur tv dumbass bc it knows and tells what to think. I bet you use buzz words from there that they tell you to use such as: rasict, bigot, homophobe, islomaphobe, white privilege or any other brain washing jargon.

    • Noelle Bettini. So the protesters deserve to be shot for peacefully protesting at an unoccupied facility? But it’s OK if the FEDs sets it’s own fires that kill and injure cattle, and destroy property without any legal repercussions? http://thewashingtonstandard.com/blm-burns-ranches-and-destroy-cattle-but-ranchers-get-charged-with-terrorism/

    • And Noelle, something else to note about who you are defending— The BLM(Bureau of Land Management) likes to brag about how they swindle valuable land from little old’ WWII veterans. You must be so proud. http://www.headlinepolitics.com/flashback-federal-bureaucrat-brags-about-stealing-private-land/

    • I guess Native Americans would consider this a form of karma.
      Piss on your beef-land rights.
      And piss on your ignorant comparison of this situation to the BLM movement.
      I’ll make this simple for the small minds:
      A group of disgruntled ‘patriots’ unlawfully take over federal property, in a state they don’t even live in, armed to the nines, promoting others to join their cause to “fight to the death.”
      Now, replace ‘patriots’ with ‘Muslims’ or ‘Jews’ or ‘Blacks’ or ‘ISIS.’
      Does your support still stand?
      And here’s a tip:
      If you want to protest for rights you feel are being infringed upon, do so peacefully instead of whipping out your dick-extender. Otherwise, you risk getting your head blown off. ✌🏻️

    • You are a prime example of ignorance at it’s dumbest . You must be a very happy person, because as they say– IGNORANCE IS BLISS (y)

  • So? They were trashing a wildlife preserve and a cultural heritage site. Good riddance.

  • All you people who call them terrorist or criminal need to fucking kill yourself or get the fuck out od this country

    • Give it to the Racist pig cops to finish off the Rest of the terrorist gun toting thugs!

    • I hate Charles Brooks

    • I do think those ising terrorist and criminal really need to evaluate what they are saying. The men broke no laws and made no terroristic threats or acts; they were/are armed as a way to ensure they werent getting their right to assemble violated…. I really wish we would learn the truth about the whole incident that just took place; though we will never know the trugh

  • These people weren’t threatening violence and took over federal tax payer funded land that wasn’t even being used. To the people in this post who are celebrating the death of a man who did no harm to anyone, you make me sick to my stomach and I can’t believe you would side with the government on this one. Good job.

    • They took over federal property, without permission from the federal government.
      I’d say that’s a pretty clear and open threat.

    • Oh, funded by the tax payer? Meaning them and everyone else? How was that threatening violence?

    • They all had guns and said they’d fight to the death. How were they not threatening violence you tit?

    • Jordan Givens you are so right.

    • Did they kill anyone? Where did you hear that from?

    • Noelle Bettini congratulations, you are an officially brainwashed fuk-tard and have turned against those who are actually brave enough to take a stand against an every-encroaching, tyrannical government .

    • The only people that have been killed so far are the protesters.

    • The man who was shot said he wouldn’t be taken alive . Now before you answer this statement Charlie do a little research.

    • From what I gather in these comments. If you have a gun you are dangerous and should be killed.

    • Noelle Bettini Yeah… And why the fuck does your govermand then send tax money to Israel that OCCUPIES Palestinian lands!!!! Owwwww… And they use guns as well,and much more agresive.. Trust me on that one.

    • No no no. You need to do your research. Feds and law enforcement seem to have itchy trigger fingers these days. If you think that’s not the case I think you might be on the wrong FB page. Maybe try MSNBC or Fox.

    • Charlie Wilson The domestic terrorists…

    • Charlie Wilson Only if you threaten other humans and break the law in the process. We pay the police to do exactly what they did. Fine example of prudent police work and expert marksmanship. Too bad the rest of them are pussies and gave up. Would have been glorious watching those treasonous cunts get splattered all over the place…

    • Yeah, sitting out in an abandoned federal building not hurting anyone. TERRORISTS!

    • USA=1
      Domestic Threats=0

    • Maybe they should have gone occupy wallstreet style, brought some bongos, get pepper sprayed in the face, and not change anything.

    • Noelle Bettini They did not threaten anyone, and took over a currently un-used building. Peaceful Tresspassing doesn’t normally come with a death sentence.

    • If it’s tyrannical government , why only him , why was no one else killed ? Kind of like , ‘don’t shoot hands up’ , is that what you want us to believe ? Someone walking toward a cop with hands in the air (witness’ said) gets shot down like a dog ? Same as Michael Brown , but I guess that’s different , huh ? Right wingers cheered and said he deserved it .

    • Leo’s dont have a itchy trigger finger at all,they have all other leo and law along with prosecutors judges that allow leo to legally kill unarmed non violent citizens,they get away with it cause the people havent been able to change legislative language or introduce bills to become law.

    • Who is this Danny Dick? Sounds like a real winner.

    • ok then y’all would be cool if it were Muslims then? Instead of white, ammosexual Christian farmers? Please.

    • Charlie Wilson… it was not abandoned.. IT was CLOSED for the weekend… BIG DIFFERENCE.. they have ongoing programs there… I imagine it is much like the Deerflat Lake Lowell refuge.. a nice building set up to educate the public on wild life and birds of the area, a

      The Occupiers were from a different state and had their own agenda…1. privatize public lands… and 2. start a bloodbath civil war..

    • Start a blood bath? Lol, really? My god come back to reality. They had actual gripes with the government and didn’t harm anyone. It’s tax payer land that we all pay for with our taxes. It was public land and if they choose that place to protest than so be it. Oh no! A ten year old missed out on being told by a park ranger what poison oak is send in the death squads to quell this insurrection.

    • But let me guess when black people get killed by cops… They shouldn’t have been doing what they were doing…

    • Wow! You know what FB this is right?

    • Immediately assume racism? Good job Randy.

    • Why would I be an active member of this site if I was ok with black people being killed? Of course it’s a white guy named Randy telling me this.

    • Charlie Wilson Public land doesn’t mean you get to do anything you want to on it. While I am all for protesting, if you make statements to the effect of, “They won’t take me alive”, you’d better be prepared to die.
      I haven’t yet done enough research to take a side, but their actions brought the result, and no one should be surprised about that.

    • Actions equal words then? Who said that? Was it one guy or the entire group that agreed to that statement? No, public land means you can protest on it. Go look in a dictionary and learn what public means and get back to me.

    • If you’re so supportive Charlie why don’t you stop being such e-thug and go join them? I’ll buy your ticket. Make sure you pack snacks though.

    • I guess the 1st and 2nd amendment don’t matter anymore? Got it!

    • The Constitution does not mean you can arbitrarily disobey other laws as you see fit.

    • Noelle Bettini what is an ammosexual

    • Noelle Bettini There is an open invitation at the approach to the public to enter the compound. duh.

    • Jordan Givens What laws did they break other than to over stay their invitation. Does that mean if you’re late to check out of your hotel room the clerk can legally shoot you in the face?

    • Jordan Givens >>> How often have you had someone kick sand in your face?

    • Jordan Givens maybe the government should read the constitution since they are the ones constantly breaking the laws

    • Danny Danika >>>OOOOH look out bad ass Danny Dick is in town.

    • Jordan Givens ^ tell that to congress… Wall Street & the Pic.Mic. Hell, tell it to about half of all lawyers & judges as well.

    • Yeah the arbitrary law breakers

    • Are you serious? they were only staying the night, fully armed with guns and full of threats. What laws give them that ‘right’?

    • Thom H. Pean Sr Trespassing. Disobeying police orders. Destruction of federal property. Resisting arrest.

    • Jordan Givens JUDGE, JURY, EXECUTIONER , pray none of your family breaks a law like trespassing its now a fucking death penalty according to you brain pans !!!!! You make us humans look pathetic if we think the way you do !!

    • Jordan Givens But what i’ff those other laws have overite the first ones by dum govermand decistions ( Or even on purpose to gain money for a select group… ) and spendings? Does a human than not have the RIGHT to fall back on the constitution…

    • Your govermand is looking for 1.1 TRILLION and 1.3 TRILLION of spendings,they can not even FIND!!! Meanwhile mr Bundy has to sit in jail because he supported a hardworking farmer that has to pay for GRASS that was for manny years for free in that state to use and also sits in jail.. Now tell me.. Who is the terrorist here? God dammid and i do not even come from the USA.. Call it.. Educate the people..

    • Hello EARTH to the AMERIKANS!!!!

    • yes they were. they were armed and have stated that they were willing to kill and be killed.

    • Can you tell me… No… NO??????? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8p0nBa866E

    • Danny Danika

    • We were CSA…..

    • The sheeple will blindly follow thier shepherd right into the slaughter house…It must be understood none of us are anti-government, we realize a government is needed to keep the peace and build and maintain the infrastructure among other things. What we are is anti-overreaching government. We are against penalizing producers to pay for people who are practicing a philosophy of perpetual victimhood. We are against a government that allows a group of people in, unchecked, from an area where many people are declared enemies of the United States. We are against allowing illegal immigration, especially at a time that people are un or under employed. We are against declaring that we are uncaring and bigoted when we complain about 28 hrs. a week being considered full time work.
      We want a government that does not spend like a drunk sailor, or worse. At least the sailor quits spending when he runs out of money. We want freedom, and prosperity for future generations. We want leaders, not rulers. We want our elected representatives to answer to us not to special interest. We are very tired of a professional political class. The leaders of our country were meant to be people who worked as farmers, business owners, ministers, military personnel, tradesmen, whatever and could also part time be the leaders, or be them when they retired so they knew what we the American people thought, not a group that was insulated in Washington D.C. and had no idea what we face every day. No more Clintons, no more Bush’s, no more Christies, or Kennedy’s, Kerry’s, Gores, whomever. No more professional politicians. STAND UP AMERICA!!! FIGHT FOR THE FREEDOM FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN! IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE IF WE DONT STAND TOGETHER AND DEMAND THE OVER REACHING CORRUPTION STOPS!!

    • Thom H. Pean Sr what laws did they break….well lets start with breaking and entering,,, going through government files… tearing up the land… disturbing and destroying ancient artifacts…. cutting a fence that wasnt theirs… allowing cattle in to trample native grasses and plants and to shit whatever invasive seeds unto the ground… threatening federal employees.. threatening county employees… Is that enough laws for you?????

      but back to what I said.. a blood bath.. a civil war.. they are trying to provoke everyone… Have you not heard the latest videos coming from those who remain… they are begging to be killed so they can start a civil war…

    • Marcine Quenzer well lets start with breaking and entering… You can only break once.. Who did it? Proof it… Entering all did (A minor offence.. ) Going through goverment files.. Proof it and who did it? Tearing up the land? What the hell does that mean???? Hunters do it with jeeps on thousands of spots in nature… Cutting a fence.. Who did it? It can only be done once… (A minor offence) threatening federal employees… Who did it? Proof it… Threatening county employees… Who did it? Proof it… disturbing and destroying ancient artifacts…. Bull shit… The man KILLED showed that it was save and badly laying arround at a wall untouched… It seems no one CARED about it.. I’ff moved.. Who did it? Proof it…

    • Marcine Quenzer Now what did the FBI do… Shooting at 4 to 5 people inside a car… (They admit there was an innocent lady inside NOT a hostage,she needed to leave the car.. (Govermand still needs to proof who where the ones that done the crimes mentioned above.. )) That is NOT a minor… Possible risk of man slaughter… Shooting and killing a man.. They did it.. Murder.. Who did it? All that do NOT tell the truth who did it.. Assisting in murder… To all that where involved… Inviting to talk but setting a trap… (There was a none criminal involved lady inside the car.. They admit it.. (A lady needed to leave the car..)) Conspiracy and planning of a criminal organisation to manslaughter and murder to all that where involved and can be seen as an act of terror i’ff proofed. That is NOT a minor..

    • Dam.. Than this man most be a trator.. 4 stars.. Every problem has to be seen as a nail i’ff your only tool is a hammer… Hmmmm… Where do we see the same kind of acts.. Just use force hammer the lie and the truth.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08CnT4TtZ_U

    • Money CREATION not backed by GOLD.. Up 500%… As of 2016.. Sorry sir could you leave that land? Or do we need to use force? We need that Uranium it needs to get sold… ((( DEFINITION of ‘Monetary Base’ The total amount of a currency that is either circulated in the hands of the public or in the commercial bank deposits held in the central bank’s reserves. This measure of the money supply typically only includes the most liquid currencies.))) http://www.usdebtclock.org/

    • Meanwhile.. Filling there corrupt pockets and raging wars slaugthering people forren and domestic to get cheaper oil when puppits are installed… So far.. Your true and honnest GOVERMAND…

    • And its now almost 19 Trillion not 17.. as of 2016…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTBODoBaCns

    • Now… Your govermand also wants to push Russia out of the middle east,to get all puppits installed in that area as well.. Taking the risk of a nuclear war…

    • What are protestors sir with NO guns??? Low live scum??? Disgracefull??? Arrested??? Do not forget to shoot… And cover it up… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_Ylepec4_c

    • And here is NATO an other WARMONGER… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUApurLvLnw

    • Noelle Bettini “federal property” is public property, which is owned by the public. So really who did they take land over from???

    • Jordan Givens they did not threatened violence, what they did was state that if violence was threatened against them they would defend themselves by any means. Perfectly legal

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8P1fihT5B7o There is a way out of it.. Even on global scale.It needs trust and commen sense.

    • “These people weren’t threatening violence and took over federal tax payer funded land that wasn’t even being used.” Ah, so I suppose all those guns were made of plastic and shot gummy bears…

    • “they did not threatened violence” They brought guns. They used bulldozers. They took down fences. They got drunk and had fights. They intimidated people.

    • “These people weren’t threatening violence and took over federal tax payer funded land that wasn’t even being used.” Ah, you mean, NOT USED BY CATTLE RANCHERS?

    • Carry a gun, claiming you will die before jail, that’s threatening violence. Fuck him he got what he wanted. Stay the fuck out of oregon with that bullshit

    • You take over public property at gunpoint, threaten violence if anyone tries to remove you, invite people from all over the country to join you in an insurrection, you’re a fucking terrorist. Black Lives Matter protesters get arrested for carrying cardboard signs but an armed gang of white supremacists takes over public land and that’s okay? Fuck that! Someone tries that shit in my county I’ll shoot them myself.

    • Scientific research is a use, dummy

    • Armed Insurrectionists trying to overthrow their own government get shot. Sorry but… That’s how it works people. They’re Criminals. Get over it.

  • When whitey start to suffer the same aggression and casualties as everyone else, I bet they’ll see the world differently. They’ll understand what it means for others’ rights to be violated and to be constantly targeted and brutalized. Maybe they’ll have a change of heart. The day that everyone stands up together in America. That will be the end of Tyranny.

    • Thank you for playing the race card when race had nothing to do with it. Someone had to step up to the plate and do it

    • Charles Brooks, you’re missing my point.

  • Cant understand why they’d fall for that

  • amazing how people are so willing to accept the govt narrative in this case just because they dont agree with the cause

  • The same people saying they’re glad he’s dead are the same people that were free loading during the Occupy Wall Street terrorism event

    • Yeah, no on that Skippy. As opposed to this Mormon cult freeloader who was living off payments for foster children I’ve always had a job. And unlike these phony ass hatriots, I took my enlistment oath seriously. If armed seditionists showed up in my county they’d be dead before before the feds even knew they were there.


  • But he was breaking the law.

    • Freethought project are confused libertarians

    • Citing a far left source?
      Lol that’s funny

    • Yeah, I said “confused”

    • He did not need 2 i’ff not done… Govermand already showed they putt a lady in risk that was not a hostage.. No proof so far off minor offences done by people involved in the whole group. (Breaking and tresspassing empty govermand bildings that are for public use not with the attend to steal or planning a terrorist act.),but to put the attention to law enforcemand to possible govermand corruption.. They choose an empty public govermand bilding or bildings for it to make a stand,that is normal in use of a naturepark by the people where the dispute is all about… To draw attention to the sittuation off 2 men possibly in jail on wrongdoing by state corruption in the past… That now used acts of terror to silence there voice of concerns and protest and used planings for it to silence the free speach of the people up to murder that used the constitution to defend them selfs… Free speech and bare guns… The fact that people IN YOUR GOVERMAND already asking lots of questions about possible corruption about the spending of tax say’s more then enough… All that are now against these people are.. Or stupid.. Or they support an corrupt govermand or even work for them.

  • rip

  • But if they didn’t take the building hostage and live in it illegally this would not have happened.

    Don’t take over government buildings.

  • What a hick thin the herd live by sword die by the sword

  • Why in the hell are people labeling them (terrorists) ?? Todays society is made up of a bunch of uneducated dead head sheep. Keep on being the obedient sheep, they want you to be. Any americans that stand against this group dictatorship we call a govt, are immediately labeled as radicals,terrorists. Nothing but sheep in this country. Youll get exactly what you deserve.

    • Because thats what they are!

    • Naim Muhammad So therefore it’s acceptable to call you a liberal minded Muslim racist troll. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up

    • These asshats were just trying to keep their own asses out of prison. They set fire to land that didn’t belong to them so that they could cover up their illegal poaching activities. They are pussies using terroristic force because they don’t want to be ass raped in prison. It’s not about being an “obedient sheep” (I’ve never in my life been referred to as obedient), it’s about seeing these little bitch “men” for what they were – domestic terrorists!

    • Liz Robinson Sloan is it painful being that delusional? Do you just make this up as you go?

    • Were you there to witness this poaching,fire,arson,etc. Do you know them for the people they are?. Or do you like all others, take what you here from your govt run broadcasts as the whole truth.

    • They never terrorised anyone. Lol. They havent hurt anyone. Nothing. Yet , as ive heard, our manly men law enforcement opened fire on them while they were unarmed. Hmmm

    • Douglas Falls, do you know them personally? Were you there? Even their own “eyewitness” admits they all had weapons at their side. LaVoy said he wouldn’t go to prison – hope he enjoys the grave

    • Doesn’t sound like a man that was going to be reasonable about the situation to me

    • I dont. Never said i did. My statements are based as such.

    • Weapons at their side by the way is legal in all 50 states, and has no ground for retaliation. See 2nd amendment.

    • I might be delusional, but I am not facing federal charges or laying dead on the ground in Oregon so I’m still better off than those fools 🙂

    • Refering to your pic post, his words sound like all law abiding americans fighting to defend their rights.

    • Douglas Falls I am a firm supporter of the 2nd amendment & carrying a weapon is no reason to be shot. However, they were repeatedly told to turn off their engine & exit the vehicle. They tried to drive away. According to their own witness they tried to avoid a roadblock & wound up stuck in the snow. Maybe they were set up? But maybe they should have just done what they were told

    • Driving away is not grounds for the death penalty. Vehicle stuck in tge snow, does not create fear of life situation. How can you justify killing 100% innocent americans. They did nothing illegal whatsoever. By the way, you do know that you do NOT have to do everything you are told by peace officers.

    • Douglas Falls, I respect your opinion but you & I aren’t going to agree here. The main difference being you see them as “100% innocent Americans” & I see them as a group of men that were heavily armed & attempting to evade the police. I do understand that I don’t HAVE to do everything the police tell me to do, but I am not naive enough to believe that the cops wouldn’t shoot me in the face

    • Glad he got killed

    • Wow! An innocent father,grandfather, trying to make a stand for himself,his family,and fellow americans, against the govt for stealing his land /water rights and way of life, is visciously gunned dwn ,hands in the air,unarmed. They actually had to create a charge up, to find anything he had done illegal. Yet, you say your glad he was killed? Crazy!

    • Liz Robinson Sloan Those men were standing up for what they BELIEVED was right. What law says it is right to kill an unarmed man while his hands are in the air showing he is giving up? That’s called murder in every book.

    • These people took up arms against the government and invaded a federal building with military grade weapons. These people should have read the patriot act. Firing on unarmed people is evil, though I am not surprised, these guys wanted a civil war, and were trying to start it…

    • Because they were terrorists. Use a dictionary bucko.

    • What did they do illegal? Owning and csrrying firearms is not illegal. Occupying a structure is not illegal. Did you notice the made up, bs they had to use to word a law together that was broken. Never directly threatened life. Participated in all negotiations. If you see these men as terroists, you yourself are a prime example of what the system has created. Dumbed down by a govt designed education, mandatory mercury filled injections, mandatory flouridated water. Toxicated food,allowed no where else in the world, fed to americans since birth. Then through propoganda, finished off, into a perfect obedient taxpaying worker. These men, were done extremely wroung by the BLM. An illegal govt agency,that steals land from innocent americans who rightfully own it. They use manipulation,tactics of hardship,threats, trickery, etc, to obtain property .


  • If he was black or Hispanic he would have been shot on day one as would all of them

  • To be honest I dont give a wombat shit about these guys. As a war veteran I would tell somebody like that if you want play soldier join the military but these assholes are too stupid to serve.

  • From what I have seen of all of these moron militants, I wouldn’t take anything they say as truth. Their report may be true, more likely not.

  • Nothing makes me happier than a worthless, inbred, redneck getting shot. I was cheering when I heard tarp man got killed and so was every dog, cow and kid within a hundred mile radius. One less redneck trying to fuck them!

    • Ur missing the bigger picture here skin color don’t matter here the government will kill anyone shit me and u might be next our family’s whoa to say unless we all take a stand

    • What type of pain medication are you on? Because surely it must be painful being this freaking stupid. Liberalism is a disease

    • Nigger loving whore.

    • Well that escalated quickly, at least everyone now knows what a racist piece of shit you are.

  • So… “hands up, don’t shoot”?

  • This is different. They made armed threats

  • state sponsored murderers

  • And this site just lost me.

  • You shoot terrorists

  • Fuck that THUG he should of had a JOB instead he was out STEALING government land. He was probly resisting and wouldn’t show his hands.

    Damn now #blacklivesmatter protesters will come and block me from getting to the bar on inbreds night!

    You really think we give a fuck about this clown and his terrorist posse?!

    Our kids are killed in the streets for less and none of you flinch and post comments like I posted above.

    “He had his hands up” when has that ever stopped the police from killing before?

    You think because he is a white boy it would be different. Welcome to our world bitches. To the goverment were all niggers. So now that reality showed her ugly face stand with us and fight it stop cowering behind your white hoods and masks because that’s how you confederate fag patriots lost the first time. They’re the opressors not us.


    Where’s the #whitelivesmatter people at for him? Oh yea they only pop up when black lives matter is around. Damn shame

    • Fuck that thug?…smh

    • You need your punk ass drop kicked you fucking loser!

    • Some people just want to be a victim huh Elijah

    • You know this is an anarchist page, right?

    • Lol

    • He was a rancher with 11 children and 19 grandchildren. No THUG! No terrorist! Get your facts straight!

    • Nice stereotypical attempt to appear to be deep, @elijah, but it’s obvious you’re just mad that #yourdadiswhite

    • Pull those race cards buddy…haha THUG? Maybe you should look in the mirror…A PEACEFUL HARD WORKING MAN WAS FUCKING AMBUSHED…oh I’m sorry should they have rioted through the town robbing stores to gain better attention?!?! Go back to sleep sheep….

    • Pardon me while I scroll past these post you all write and pretend to give a fuck..

    • Jon Moss

    • 93% of all African American homicides are committed by African americans. GTFO

    • Your whole personality is a meme, Elijah Durham

    • What about my comment that drew you to this post troll?

    • I like how white males act so fucking persecuted all the time.

      Yeah. As if.

      Do your kids get shot in the yard?


    • Yeah.

      Pity the white man.

      Those poor souls.

      They struggle so much.

    • JD DeLemont Its both your asses getting burned.. They do not care.. Devide and conquer.And we/u both have far rightwing or fascist/racist.

    • Just you are a nigger

    • I beg to differ… I am white and was heavily protesting everytime someone (no matter what color) was murdered by our government.

    • Jared Lee exactly! We need to all stand as one!

    • JD DeLemont umm ya white kid’s get shot in yards too. Dumbass!!!

    • For sure bad people can’t solve it.. National as international not… As not the stupid ones i think… Now ask a psychologist and a psychiatrist what the definition is of a bad man/woman and a stupid one.. And in both cases.. Should they lead a nation? Should they be in govermand seats?

    • Im just still trying to figurw why he is talking shit about white people but uses an albert einstein meme???

    • Fuck you, delusional piece of shit. Hypocrite.

    • Glad you have to make this about you, and become a fucking victim. You are a dumb sack of shit. Maybe if you stopped being a racist cunt for two seconds, you could have stood beside other Americans fighting for justice. I’ve stood beside the Black Lives Matter people, and guess what? A good majority of them are race baiting ‘victims’. — Stand the fuck up and stop being a pussy, bitch.

    • Fuck you.

    • Race card.. A term racists use to deny racism exist.

      I’m black living in America and racism is real as fuck i don’t need a card to illustrate it.

      Race card= block button on my posts

  • Justice my ass! He got what he bargained for.

  • I Agree Police The Police This Was Murder by Cops and Dirty Officials at its Best and was an Ambush BY Murdering Scum Hiding Behind Their Badges!!!!!!!!!!! This Man was Martyred By The Police as over 100+ Rounds were shot and into his and Amon’s Vehicles by Militarized Machine Gun Mounted Vehicles and now his 11 Children have No Father or Grand Father!!!!!!!!!!! Both Amon and others have testified that this man was Un Armed and was Cooperating With Law Enforcement when he was Killed!!!!!!!!!

  • Da derp derp! Shit guys we done did messed up! Famous last words of well trained militia’s! What a bunch of dopes. LMAO

  • I don’t have time to be in this shit hole liberal troll group!!

  • You can’t trust the government

  • fbi or cops got to have video of the shooting! We all know there’s no excuse not to have it in this day and age! It needs to be shown to the public and not edited! Let the citizen public see for themselves!

  • The gauntlet

  • shit police just murdere and corupt ,so u see this America is shit ,there is no freedom there for anyone ,just dead to them there critizes ,no idol for the world fuck them

  • hands up doint shoot

    • Nope, if the Feds kill and old white person how do you think that fares for black people. Think about that.

  • police the police doesn’t believe in ANY law enforcement…………….

  • He was a thug and a criminal

  • When can you ever rely on law enforcement to tell the truth. NEVER.

  • Any way so fucking much for due process and a jury of let the people decide .

  • Finally equality between white protesters and black protesters


  • murika

  • This is not true

  • A bunch-o harsh gov-mint sheep who don’t know shit about shit spewing the shit like typical dumbass’s

  • That’s how the law works…

  • Typical coward pig!

  • Read my mind….

  • Why don’t they release the police dashcam video? Seems the eyewitness accounts aren’t being disproved with any video evidence.

  • A lot of hateful slur slinging going on. I wonder who’s gonna fight for you fools now. Believe in your gov’t cops! They don’t kill citizens for fun and profit, do they?

    • Of course they do and Waco, Ruby Ridge and this Ambush is Evidence of it!!!!!!!

    • Lets not forget the countless HOAX shootings blamed on “terrorists”. BS!!!!! The U.S./Israel Corp. Gov. is the ENEMY of every American Citizen.

  • Glyn Ellen Smith Halsey

  • Now you know why there is a Black Lives Matter movement.

  • They had a deathwish. They got what they asked for. Terrorists deserve death. I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

  • Not buying this one. Thete are idiots who need to be held accountable out there. This is one of those times.
    C’mon ….

  • And this is suprising in what way at all.. ? Just a miracle they didn’t slaughter them like sheep

  • Clearly, Mark McConnell is a government cunt.

  • These guys are nothing but domestic terrorists. This should have happened weeks ago. Why would you try and glorify these guys?

  • or he rammed their barrier with his truck like it was said… and shown.. im sorry but your going to follow and believe bundy’s supporters continued lies? policing the police is something both a lot on the left and right can agree on… but please stop with this pro anti goverment terrorists support … eye witness? yeah one of the other “militants” or their family members.. call us back when its someone vouching for him- that’s against what hes doing then it will be believable.. Oh but we do have people ON HIS SIDE.. saying he was in the wrong The eyewitness statement by one of the militia group who was in the car behind LaVoy’s said he charged the officers while the rest of them threw their hands in the air. – its sad this happened YES maybe if extremists in radio and tv in the media that cater to people like him for years and years didnt fill his brain with such nonsense he wouldnt have done what he did it is tragic… the bundys caused this mans death – well plus his own actions.. but this is what happens when you are brainwashed into crazy stuff…

    • Alright yougster i aint reading everyhing thing you said; but i am really curious exacty how are these people terrorists and ferguson rioters arent?

    • Billy Nightingale anyone causing damage to someone elses property is obviously commiting a crime haha, Im not one of those ” all Ferguson protesters are innocent” people, but I’d assume there were peaceful ones there since it wasn’t a uniform group just tuns of people all over the city, but yes if any one committed violence/vandalism/theft sadly a lot did, then they fit the definition as well. I am not arguing with you there…

    • My question should have been a bit more direct; exactly how are these people terrorist?

    • Billy their Not here are the Real Terrorists In Our Country Straight From The Person They Also Tried to Shoot And Kill!!!!!!!!! Chandie Morse Bartell Victoria Sharp’s Account: Victoria was a passenger in the back of the second vehicle driven by LaVoy. She witnessed events from the initial stop of vehicle 1 all the way through to the shooting. She has given a lengthy interview describing events – consistently and calmly. In her report Victoria states that when LaVoy was first pulled over, he and Ryan Payne (who was the front seat passenger) repeatedly requested to talk to the county Sheriff rather than the FBI. Her report is that this angered the FBI agents. In response to FBI demands LaVoy put his hands – both hands – out the window to show he was not a threat. She also reports that from the moment they were pulled over there were approximately 20 laser spots she could see on her and the other passengers, including from pre-positioned snipers in the trees, positioned on the side of the road up in the forest. Significantly, she also reports that the first shots were fired by the FBI when Ryan Payne looked out the passenger side window and was shot at, but was not hit. She reports that no one in the vehicle ever returned fire or pulled any guns or weapons. According to Victoria, after the FBI refused LaVoy and Ryan’s request to remove the two woman from the vehicle (who had come along to sing at the anticipated meeting), LaVoy explained that he was going to drive down to talk to the Sheriff and started to drive away. At or about this point, according to her account, Ryan Payne exited the vehicle and was arrested. The two women in the back seat (Shawna Cox and Victoria) along with Ryan Bundy (also in the back seat) tried to take cover laying on the floor boards because as LaVoy drove away the FBI showered the vehicle with bullets – “at least 120.” Victoria recounts that she and Shawna were screaming and pleading that the FBI stop shooting. Victoria then explains that LaVoy drove the truck into some kind of snow embankment and it was stuck, so he got out of the truck with his hands up. She says he was “just walking with his hands in the air.” According to her account, she then personally witnessed that the FBI, and multiple shooters shot him multiple times, including after he hit the ground and that as he lay dead on the ground his hands were still up above his head. She then says, after this, the government continued to riddle the vehicle with dozens, possibly hundreds of bullets, and that the only reason the two women and Ryan Bundy survived was that the shooters had a bad angle. Ryan Bundy was hit by a bullet or shrapnel caused by this firestorm.
      Thus, the most credible accounts, and the only complete first hand account, is that the government pre-planned this encounter, it was no “traffic stop” as the US Attorney is now reporting (“a traffic stop on protesters [that] turned deadly.”) It was deadly from before it started, because it was a pre-planned extraordinary show of force by the government, and shooting began without any shots being fired by LaVoy or the passengers in his vehicle. The government agents continued to fire on a fleeing vehicle despite having set up a road block and despite no threat of force by LaVoy or the passengers, and after one of the passengers exited the vehicle and was arrested. They shot LaVoy with his hands in the air, and continued to shoot him after he fell to the ground. The government then continued to fire upon the vehicle with three passengers huddling down in the back seat on the floor. This was, by all accounts, a military style ambush, and there is no indication that the government agents were in danger at any time, or that the excessive use of force was provoked or justified

    • Paul Scott sorry, but you’re wrong this article states that the source video shows the terrorist charging the officer and reaching for a weapon. Even if we have another planned Parenthood video fiasco on our hands, it’s pretty cut and dry

  • They(the feds) should of handled these domestic terrorists a month ago.. nothing to see here..

  • Say free the thought project, the most unreliable site besides salon.com

  • Look at all the ignorant haters who sound no better than black lives matter movement haters. Everyone was too busy making memes for #Yallqaeda to care. But now that the FBI killed an unarmed citizen/protestor, here come the bleeding hearts. SMDH

  • Why are there so many statist, boot lickers on this page?
    Help me understand.

    • I also just don’t get it. The most important thing I have learnt about this whole story was how many satist, jackboot lickers there are, even some who call themselves “Libertarians” and “Anarchists”. It seems that most people want an authoritarian fascist type of oppressive police state. The American idea of a Republic died a long time ago, and judging from the public’s reaction to this, will never be again.

  • 🙁

  • The domestic terrorists have been apprehended/killed! What a great day to be a REAL American. Proud of my country. Proud of all my fellow citizens… Proud of our ability to do what Martin Luther King did and change the laws through the process. If only these pussies were half the man MLK was. Too bad they decided to become a criminal threat. ….MAINTAIN A WELL REGULATED MILITIA TO DEFEND AGAINST ALL THREATS FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Well, we sure fucking got that domestic threat!!!!

    • You realize an old man died? You realize this is justification to kill more black people?

    • Sterling Rector You mean kill armed felons threatening the police?

  • He got his issue. Land jacking bastard.

  • Good riddance to this terrorist. Maybe next time he’ll follow orders, oh wait, there’s no next time. No sympathy from me.

  • This is too big a story to take the word of a woman quoted in the Oregonian that the cops gunned him down. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Pretty much like takin Dick Cheney’s word that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s. JUST NOT ENOUGH PROOF!

    She needs to be on TV and she needs to be vetted by the networks on a lie detector before putting her on the air. And not waste too much time getting it done. Did the Oregonian, or FREE THOUGHT talk to the cops? Get other witnesses?

    Here’s another case where THE FREE THOUGHT PROJECT hasn’t done its homework. Are there any trained journalists down there at your shop? That story needed to be corroborated and not published until it is.

    Did you read who wrote “THE OREGONIANS” story? Here’s what they said about the author: Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.
    Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/oregon-occupiers…/…

    This guy’s a grad student with no apparent journalistic training and an ‘anti-authoritarian’ point of view! He quotes a woman, first and last name…. and a 2 sentence quote, but with no corroboration from anyone. She needs to be PRODUCED and truth checked, but not by some anti-government ‘reporter’. There’s no picture of this eyewitness, no hometown. And a story written by a guy with no mainstream journalistic experience.

    The earthshaking point of the story, of that activist, allegedly gunned down is BURIED deep down in the story, and surrounded with rehash and words having nothing to do with the allegation this admitted suicidal was gunned down by the cops.

    I think even FOX vettes its stories better than this one.


  • A modern Crispus Attucks for the patriot movement?

  • Man’s a good count

  • These Same Murders will Becoming Next for Every One on Here as it why Obama and the Democrats want Americans Guns so they can Kill At Will!!!!!!!!!!!!! These were Not Cops they were Murders and Terrorists Doing Obamas Bidding!!!!!!!!! Anybody that Condones this Mans Murder or the Dirty Cop’s Action’s Then YOU NEED Help Fasts as this Is Wrong Period And Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Happen in America!!!!!!!!!!!! No person or Person should ever be Judge Jury and Executioner!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bullshit allegation besides the fact that the “militants” threatened to kill officers and die for their “cause” . Just what I’m starting to expect from The Free Thought Project

  • Apparently “taking a stand for what you believe in” is a noble thing regardless of what you believe…? I know a fella who doesn’t like Jews, maybe we kill the Jews? He’s standing up for what he believes in, after all. It’s the #honorable thing to do.

  • He charged the cops. He’s a fucking idiot. Pardon me, a dead idiot.

  • Why so few shots?

  • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

  • #ButtplugHaram

  • Well I’m done with this page!!!

  • You mean like a whole bunch of blacks over the years?


  • I guess now they know how BLM feels……

  • Trying to force privatization of shared public land by threatening with weapons is as wrong now as when it was done to Native Americans.

    • It wasn’t shared public land.
      It is owned by politicians using your tax money.
      You think you could just go and farm it/use it/build a house on it if wanted? That anyone could have?
      Blacks and whites keep fighting with each other and the state is laughing all the way to the bank.

    • That’s the definition of “public land” Einstein. Land, set aside, for the controlled use of the taxpayers. So that everyone can use it. In Oregon, our beaches are public, so some rich asshat can’t build a big house right on the coast and keep people away from a resource that has immeasurable value to everyone, regardless of their financial status.

    • If it’s so “shared by everyone” then why can’t I build a house and farm on it?? #HannahLogic

    • Yea, because the Chinese government is definitely the US public. That’s who that “public land” you speak of is going to, if you didn’t know. The US is outright selling land to the Chinese so they can take the resources from it and hold it for future profits to pay back an unconstitutional debt that the government and private fed, not the people, owe. You are completely out of touch with the situation at hand. Also, government land isn’t shared. Unless they say otherwise, you are prohibited any access to that land, or any facilities therein.

  • HE WAS NOT KILLED OR MURDERED.. he was martyred.. he knew what he wanted…

  • Then why are you still alive – witness?

  • Yeah, bullshit. The Feds have been all but delivering meals, tucking them into bed, and blowing them for change. An armed nutjob who declared that he wouldn’t be taken alive ran at the Feds with a gun. Hell, I’d have shot the stupid SOB and I’m a lefty. I’m not for killing the mentally ill and genetically stupid, but this is as valid as it gets.

  • I’ll wait for video. This feels like a lie to me, kinda making a point about Mike Brown.

  • time to unfollow your bullshit page. You’re actually supporting these assholes??? Fuck you PTP!

  • Like they always said to minority just obey the police.

  • Lol no.

  • Bullshit. They broke the law. They deserved it.

  • Actually on of he drivers of the other vehicles said that the guy charges the cops!

  • The trouble with Scotland is that it’s full of Scots!

  • Whenever I see cops with their faces covered I always wonder if they are paid foreign mercenaries.

  • When you use beans for brains and wave around weapons expect Mr. Murphy to come visit. When the Feds pull you over you don’t pull your weapon unless you’re retarded.

  • Murdered by the state, you’re not free in America anymore.

  • Peaceful my ass, they were/are a heavily armed militia, they took over government (public owned) facilities. armed I might add, stated that they would fight to their death. Just because they’re white, doesn’t make it right.

  • Perhaps “Just shoot me” means you should give me a moment for me to get my reptilian suicide brain to calm down”…

  • Isn’t this what we do to our enemies to make them back down and surrender? Kill a couple off, they surrender, the rest pay for their crimes by rotting?

  • They’d been dead long ago if they’d been black, native american, or non european hispanic.

  • This patriot died in the cause of freedom and justice. He was murdered by the FBI and the county sheriff. When the police disregard the laws of the land, the laws themselves become meaningless and invalid.

    • Charles Brooks — you son of a bitch. I can not call you a human being. You are something below that. Maybe some kind of ape that has learned to use a toilet. When your turn comes, as it does to all of us, I can only think that it will maybe make the world a better place.

    • Federal land is all of our land it is there to be preserved so we can all enjoy it weather it be hunting, hiking, camping etc these people had no right doing anything with my land my children’s land and my fellow Americans land if all land was private there would be no trespassing signs posted and we are all out

    • Bryan Muhlbauer — The land in question is deeded to the ranchers. They pay taxes on this land and use it to make their living. It was claimed and fenced and fenced by the BLM. Basically stolen with no due process or recourse. There are also grazing rights, which the government leases at it’s option. Though it is a hardship when the ranchers cannot obtain these grazing rights, that is not what is in question. The contention is that the government is taking land by any means necessary, that includes jailing ranchers for months pending charges and burning their homes.

      The basic contention is the rule of law. The question that is being settled is whether the government is required to follow the laws that it makes. They do not appear to be doing that now.

    • Your so full of shit. You believe anything you’re told….infant.

    • Erik Stapelfeldt shut the fuck up liberal shit bag and get your commie ass out of my country

    • Lorin Alminde — Erik is a person who chooses to believe lies. I can’t be bothered with a waste of skin like that.

    • Patriot my ass! He was a tealaban extremist that plainly,stated his intention die in glorious Mormon martyrdom to anyone that would listen!

    • Jeff Ex — So you truly believe that the government has the right to take your land (that you have a deed for and pay taxes on) with no recourse or compensation, and if you resist that manner of intervention, that makes you a terrorist, right? Got it. May your chains rest lightly on your shoulders and may posterity forget that you ever called yourself an American.

      The exact same thing is going on in north Texas in the Red River valley.

    • Thats a fucking troll he called him tealaban hahaha are you fucking kidding me you fucking moron

  • it makes me so proud to be an American!

  • FTFP!

  • Sure the PIGS wanted him DEAD…

  • What about the video saying he’d rather die than be locked up? Is that manufactured as well?

  • This stuff is almost comical at how blind the citizens of this country are. Last I checked; a terrorist is a person or group who uses violence or the threat of violence against citizens to get there agenda across. These men did nothing but take a stand for the US constitution which myself and all LEO’s; took an oath to uphold and defend. Since when was it ok to turn your back on and and kill the very citizens that we swore an oath to protect and defend. These men are out in the back country; exercising there 1st and 2nd amendment rights, mind you; people were coming and going from said location. Nobody was hurt or taken hostage; not one citizen of this country was threatened with violence or death. The land belongs to we the people anyway, correct? No one was hurt, in danger of being hurt, or threatened to be attacked. Simply just sheep not wanting to notice the wrong doing of the wolves; and only the sheepdogs are there to defend said sheep. But now are being labeled as terrorist and right wing extremist, people are FUBAR. Just remember when shit hits the fan; will you stand behind the wolves; or the sheep dogs that are there to protect you.

    • took a stand with guns and explosives when the people and community they allege to represent told them to go away. they were racist parasites looking for a handout on the public dime.

    • Plain and simple; there you have it.

    • A little what if scenario sir,
      Lets say the govt. came into your home and seized it, along with all your land and everything you worked for. A federal agent; whom not only took the same oath as myself, to serve and protect citizens like yourself. Wouldnt you want a, men like this to demand they uphold there oath? They could have taken the “racist parasite” route and used the “explosives” that you claim they have to blow up the place. Instead they utilized there rights as American citizens to make a stand and bring light onto the subject and corruption at hand. I have fellow soldiers whom i served with to protect this country on the ground providing intel on whats going on. And they are, FAR FROM RACIST PARASITES. They fought to give everyone here the rights that are taken for granted.

    • Anyone else notice this trend where everyone keeps trying to make this a racial issue instead of actually sticking to the facts and actually discussing the issue? They claim he’s racist like they know him. They say oh well he isn’t black… Who cares… They claim the men to be white trash…. There’s even an ass hat yelling that the police should go back to shooting just blacks (like only blacks have been or should be the only ones shot), but still no one is even willing to address the fact that they aren’t even terrorists, by definition, and are actually trying to take a stand to defend our rights… The divide and conquer tactics are working so well… This country is hopeless at this rate…

    • Thank you ma’am.

    • You can make your peaceful stand against the political machine without illegally confiscating a public federal building with firearms. If you are a Leo like you say you are, what part of that is OK? March on Capitol Hill like the rest of us law abiding citizens do.

    • Federal building on federal land; this land belongs to we the people. Not the feds. The founding father’s were law abiding citizens and refused to give into another person/groups agenga. And i quote “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” directly from Ben Franklin, but then again. They wouldnt be welcome these days because they didnt tolerate this type of bs. Dont worry sir; we will still defend your right to talk and Have what freedoms you have left. But when you law abiding citizens follow the law to not have any freedoms. Remember what you simply stated and believe.

    • Steven Orcutt they did not confiscate anything; it was a simple protest against the corruption while excercising there right; and it cost them there freedom and sadly; one of there lives. Remember, “Si vis pacem, para bellum”

    • Eminent domain is used all the time in every state of the Union. Are you saying that these people had ownership of land the government took and they were not compensated for this land in any way? Because I know of many cases and they are always compensated above fair market value

    • La Parca…BULLSHIT!!

    • You’re one deluded fuck….. Moron

    • You do realize that they didn’t even get the part of the Constitution that they were “defending” right don’t you? They misunderstood what they read and now they die/go to the pokey for being fucking idiots. I get the feeling that the people on here defending these fucktards are the same people that said “well maybe he shouldn’t have charged a cop.” When Michael Brown got shot…

    • Idk when the last time you checked what but dictionary definition of terrorism is using fear and intimidation to further your political aims and a terrorist is someone who engages in terrorism.

      So, yes they were terrorists.

      And yeah how noble of them to fight against the tyrannical government while also taking handouts from them. Face it. They were all too happy with the government until it didn’t do what they wanted.

      They quoted their own version of the constitution and manipulated it highly to have a lot more God in it and tailor it to what they wanted.

      Oh, and we call a lot of the Militia men racists because many of their more prominent members have spoken in very high support of police shooting and spoken out against anti cop pages such as this one.

    • Americans are drinking way too much “coo aid” and rolling over. 👍 this is awesome.

  • Because when the people started standing up for themselves against the 1% , the 1% owned media, started doing everything they could to turn us against each other. Now we are focused fighting and blaming each other and the 1% is sitting smiling. Because they are winning so long as the people don’t stand together.

  • So he had his hands up, but he charged police? How’s that work? https://youtu.be/aP-b6_X4M4k?t=3m

  • They should’ve shot all the terrorists in the head on the first day. Lock the rest up in supermax prison.

  • It’s fishy

  • No, it’s not “crazy” – it’s exactly what I would do if I sought to murder peiople. It worked.

  • Sad but these guys were arrogant and stupid

  • J. Edger Hoover would be proud of his boys. The father of the ambush killing.

  • making an example of him for the rest of us

  • #HandsUpDontShoot

  • And how did you all expect the government agencies to end this, over coffee at the local Starbucks?

  • Maybe time to engage in some thinking, free thought project?

  • Why does there have to be a “good guy” and a “bad guy” in this situation? The facts show that neither side is worth a damn…

  • “He took a stand for what he believed in & was brutally killed for it” = Bullshit
    Victims of police brutality are not the ones threatening others with assault rifles. Those are called terrorists.

  • Never ever ever trust the government – ever.

  • We need to band up state by state and get everyone there to help protect them guys

  • It’s so funny that people on this page love to blast the government when minority get murdered but once a good man is murdered and it just so happens he’s white…Then fuck those honkey cracker mother fuckers right. They had it coming. How dare they take a fucking bird sanctuary in the middle of nowhere and not be violent….you people on here make me fucking sick

  • The federal government is prohibited from owning land by law other than D.C. The land belongs to the state. It should anyway. Research it yourself before you continue being wrong.

  • This is TOTAL BULLSHIT, and I am disgusted that the media is even reporting this.

  • fbi stands for Fucking Bullshit Instigators

  • America need a new agency to monitor and prosecute law enforcement

  • Michael brown’s hands were up…until multiple reports and autopsies proved it was a load of shit.

  • Walmartyrs

  • What belief?

  • and rightfully so

  • Pics or it didn’t happen. EVERYONE knows to film the police nowadays. Even yall quaeda.

  • David Crook

  • I believe he was murdered in cold blood, period. I believe he should have seen it coming, and I believe they were being too nice from the beginning ,…I also believe this could start the next revolution which is what we need to happen.

  • They were invited to a meeting as a set-up by law enforcement, meant to isolate them in a cell phone dead zone on a road blocked off for 60 miles by cops! And they fell for it!

  • But that’s what he wanted,

  • They can do what ever they want, they are tools, not people when they do a “Job”, they are supposed to Kill, they train them that way,It’s Automatic reflex, Kill.

  • Hands up? What a little fucking pussy. What happened to fighting valiantly to the death. This was a true sign of weakness and honestly a disgrace.

  • People really need to look up the definition of terrorism….

  • SOP US Law Enforcement.. Psychotic, Paranoiac and Clinically Insane

    • This is standard Stuff for US law enforcement whenever there is a rebuttal of their obvious brutal authority.Paranoia and clinical insanity as regards retention of power will eventually result in the legal and rightful citizens of the USA being machine gunned down in the streets.Democracy is dead and has not been operating since WW2. Time for the rest of the world to excise treaties between the US and themselves. The US has become a psychotic contaminant. So perhaps it is better that your marines get out of Darwin Australia and return Pine Gap to the Australian people.Yankee please go Home.We are tired and fed up with your machinations.

  • They’re fucking terrorists. Deal with it. This is probably the one issue I don’t agree with you guys on.

  • stop making a martyr of this man. he was a vandal, a trespasser, and a coward. yeah, the cops are getting out of control, but remember the lonesome vigil underneath his bright blue tarp? he said right then he would die before going to prison. you are doing his work for him, by spreading his lunacy and lies.

    • Charles Brooks that was not only uncalled for and way wrong of you, but you also didn’t even try to put up a debate. You sir are a shining example of why everyone is more focused on race than justice. Zodicus zu’ul that land belongs to the people of the united States, not the government, so no he wasn’t trespassing. How is putting oneself in harms way to stand up for what you believe in cowardly? What exactly did he vandalize? I don’t recall anyone saying they destroyed or even painted anything… We will never see improvement in this supposedly free country if every time someone tries to stand up to our oppressor’s the oppressed demonize them…

    • What didnhe vandalize? Where did he tresspass? And standing up for somethinb you believe to the point of being killed for it is cowardice? Rather you agree or not with what they are doing there you really need to at least try to be factual in your comments otherwise you come off like an uneducated voter

    • when they took down a fence between the government land and a privately owned farm, without the farmer’s permission means they were trespassing on his land.

    • I trespass when I cut through my neighbors yard… Doesn’t make me a criminal. I bet you’ve trespassed before too. I doubt you would be OK with being shot for it… Stop straw picking. That doesn’t make them cowards either… I really don’t understand the logic of people that called them cowards… What did you put your life on the line for today?

    • Holy hypocrisy, Batman! Isn’t this the page I seen people advocating for the execution of cops, and their families, for pepper spraying school children? It becomes ok for police to shoot unarmed people when the unarmed people don’t share your particular political ideology?

    • Pamela Parker Yuh – it belongs to the people of the United Sates and so does the government.
      The people of The United States did not vote for anyone of those assholes nor for anyone to send them there to take over and dictate to give US public lands to the states or counties where bribery and local good-old-boy politics can sell it off to corporate interests and millionaire ranchers to foul with their cattle.

    • The people of Arizona didn’t vote for the blm to take that land as their own either. I love how everyone all the sudden seems to be a political expert when it comes to people sticking up for thier rights. Also how many rich ranchers are out there? I’m pretty sure you couldn’t call any of these men rich… How does cattle foul the land? That’s one I really don’t know the answer to so I would really appreciate someone explaining that part to me…

  • Now he is a good terrorist

  • i knew it…why the hell a spokesman is the only 1 to die?because obviously he try to talk the way out, it is his job as spokesman right, probably feds got spooks and then shot him..typicals law enforcement.

  • Everything these guys stood for was idiotic, what they did was illegal and they all deserved to serve time for it. That being said I think it is not just possible but likely that LE murdered this guy but we’ll probably never know the truth.

  • Fuck all them seasoned pigs cake um cake um pigs in a blanket fry like bacon devouring everything in there path good folks being shot for defendening the land there kids grew up on and there kids there should be repercussions expect us we r with u mitila we r with u !!!!!!!!

  • We Need to Demilitarize the State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and This Proof Why over 120+ Shots into Unarmed Peoples Vehicles Murdering One and Injuring Another in a Sick Set U[p Ambush By All Law Enforcement Form The Local sheriff To The FBI and AATF and BLM!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are we Banning Assault rifles and then Giving Local Law enforcement, ATF and FBI M16’s And AR 15’sAnswer to Set Up Ambush’s and Murders like in the Case Of This Man And True Patriot who Stood For The Constitution and Against The Corruption In Our Government and The Dictator and Chief Obama Himself!!!!!!!!!

  • The only one who stood by his words, his comrades bunch of bitches seriously. Fucking pansies

  • The guy that was set free probably helped set up the ambush

  • Who cares?!

  • Sure total BS.

  • Boo hoo, good riddance.

  • This time the cops were right

  • With Sandy Hook and all the other hoaxes.. I don’t believe it.. Any of it.. It’s staged..


  • Good riddance !

  • bunch over trained want to be army boys, lets Hope they get pay back

  • The revolution should be started because of this…George Washington is turning over in his grave

  • this is our rogue murdering government

  • What has me confused is this page is soo white privileged that this could not happen. Wake up people. It’s them versus us

  • I hear that he died from friendly-fire.

  • They need to shoot niggers not good white people.

  • did yall get pissed when the cops gassed beat and otherwise abused occupy members? no? fuck you

  • Hopefully everybody is ready for a civil war. That is exactly where it is headed. American citizens will only take so much until they fight back.

  • Don’t know about this case, but often there’s too much firepower, too many weapons ready. One shoots, everyone shoots. The cops are the first to shoot too often when it’s seems unnecessary.

  • You know it is bullshit when they say “120 shots”.

  • fuck ptp. lying sacks of shit. multiple militia eyewitnesses tell how lavoy fled after being stopped and charged agents.

  • These men were trying to stand up for your rights, I feel sorry for Americans right now. 🙁

  • And they thought they could trust the Feds? There is something fishy about this whole thing.

  • This seems to be happening more and more where officers fire a insane number of rounds like they want to make sure the person doesn’t survive! I do not care if the person is White or Black, Hispanic or Asian this needs to stop! And our government does not seem to care one bit when these officers are involved in these insane situations! Ether our government is on our side or they are not!

  • They’re just doing what they’re told.

  • Well, wherever his hands were, I’m glad he is dead. The country is a safer place without him.

  • war is comming

  • Hands up don’t LaVoy.

  • They took over a public building and we’re armed to their fucking teeth.
    I wonder, why it took so long?
    If they were black, they were dead or in prison after two days.

  • Really? Good! The world is blessed not to have a whanker like him in it anymore.

  • I don’t put anything past law enforcement, but this seems like a strange turn of events when they just let them do whatever for months… Why kill them off now? Seems counterproductive and against their whole plan so far.

  • i believe it !

  • They started talking about common law actions and voiding contracts, that’s the real truth on getting away from this commercial legal system. The gov’t wasn’t about to let it turn into a major spectacle in the public eyes,so they acted.

  • Look at all these lil freaks that fear guns so they celebrate this man being murdered, you’d all be whining and bitching if this where some other protesters. Some really hypocritical depraved pieces of shit on the far left. Cops tricked them into thinking they were going to a meeting and shot them are u fuckin serious, u lil punks really say he deserved it?

  • Those seizing Federal lands and armed are criminals. They wanted to die to become martyrs. Sorry for his death, but this is obviously what he wanted. If they were any other color than white, and seized a government building they all would have been dead in the first 5 minutes.

  • Justice for LaVoy Finicum

  • BS!

  • he waived his right to “justice” when he took the law into his own hands and denounced the laws that the rest of us all live under.

  • yay not black people were killed!!!

  • Bye Felicia

  • lexington

  • More disinfo being spread by two federal plants within the convoy. The men in this story were a mile away by this stories own account, yet they refute the only real eyewitness account of what happened, again, from a mile away. Lavoys vehicle went ahead when the initial stop took place and he ended up in a snow bank 1 mile ahead of the rest of the convoy at a police blockade. Lavoy, Ryan and Ryan and Shawna and the girl who gave her eyewitness testimony were the only witnesses besides police and FBI.

  • This is me calling their bullshit and being banned for it. #FUCKRAWSTORY

  • I have no love for police. But I can’t exactly get upset about a white trash terrorist who essentially declared war on the USA getting executed.

  • ya and everyone else in the car sustained minor injuries. doesn’t add up.why didn’t fill everyone full of holes? the free thought project might want to rethink their outrage.

  • normally I would be right there with you but I live in Oregon and have been following the Bundy circus. these people are bullshiters

  • THis is a lie!

  • We are are used against each other, brake away from the bullshit , you aren’t bad I’m not bad , let’s get over it and get On with it,
    Live free

  • your government taught you to hate us (Russians),because it is only from us you would learn how to deal with the government ,theres noone else on this planet who has any expirience whatsoever in actually rising up and dealing with shit except Russian people ,but yall raised to hate us from day 1 ,how could you learn ?

  • Because tarpman was insane?

  • They killed ’em in Ruby Ridge. They killed ’em in Waco. They killed ’em in Oregon. It’s the way they do “business.” Sad, but true. They have no honor nor integrity.

  • WOW ! This is reality ! Not reality television . but real reality ! been following this since the start , Lavoy was the one I liked , that seemed to speak from his heart and spoke the truth of his heart every time he spoke . More than one person will have to stand up to fill the boots of this honorable man . He stood for what he thought was right and died defending it . Say what you want about the occupation , A good man died , Respect that !

  • That’s a lie. He had a cop help him commit suicide.


  • These men have been breaking the law for months. I wonder, if it were a Mexican gang or any other gang who took a government building over, how long would it take for the police or FBI to go in and clear them out. I have no sympathy. I don’t care who you are, you can’t change the laws just because you don’t agree with them.

    • What laws were broken?

    • Billy Nightingale they took over a government building. The building is not their property to just move into and stop everyday business. You or I can’t just move in with guns. I would call that breaking the law.

  • hat’s true(and I’m not surprised)..Then I can’t stand with either side. That would mean pre medatated malicious intent, and/or personal gain through violence and/or threatening/endangering another’s life. Example: War. We don’t need another civil war or revolution. Rather a realization. And that reality is, if we all at once stood together, as one, there wouldn’t need to be a fight. Because we would have already won.

  • If they went that far to set that up why would they not have killed the Bundy’s?

  • If thats true*

  • Fuck those turds. Im glad somebody finally did something. If they were black or muslim they’d ALL be dead by now instead of just one. Good riddance.

  • I don’t much support scared and armed, racist-rednecks that receive FARM-SUBSIDIES that is WELFARE and use BLM lands for grazing without paying and owe millions of dollars to BLM and still have the nerve to threaten the FEDS and get away with it?!?! No, YOU live by the GUN, YOU die by the GUN, it’s biblical, it only reads “swords” in the Gospel by Mark, if THEY’d ever open up those bibles THEY cling to, instead of those guns… SMH…

    • Honest question. How much did you know about ranching, farm subsidies, and blm land before this issue? How much of your current knowledge on the issue came from the media?

    • Jason Hawk, first, thank you for your service, an old soldier myself. I came from a “one-horse” town and while everyone else was on summer-vacay, WE worked the lands for the farmers but, I was smart and asked questions and learn to recognize “welfare” when I saw it and in my time saw “free to very low-interest” loans galore and how the monies were used and at that time, WHO got those loans! Too poor for college so, like most Patriotic Americans chose to serve my nation in order to escape the Podunk Town but, I’m not an ingrate, for my loyalty and friendship, they gave me easier jobs like driving the tractor or combine. They taught me how to work and “getter done” but, I know what I saw and it was no different then me having to swallow my pride, standing in line for my “free-lunch” tickets, it fed me so I could concentrate and make through school and I’ll be forever grateful and for that reason never forsake others and ever say like Y’ALL, I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF while sucking on the government’s TEAT! Comprende???

  • Here come the cospirests

  • I find it amazing how fast people are to dismiss that is hands were up when people defended several black youths despite much evidence to the contrary. Black Lives Matter and these guys are on the same side fighting the same oppressive system. You’re letting a disagreement on how and skin color force a wedge and keeping to powerful movements apart

  • I sincerely doubt this eyewitness account. The truth is likely somewhere in between the press releases and this statement. I will wait for more information before forming a solid opinion. This occupation was unwanted by the local population and they and the refuge were being used for political expediency by outsiders with their own agenda. Give it up and go home. The point being made is not the one you are putting forward. This federal property is being used, it just isn’t the use you endorse.

  • Blood thirsty, murders, jack-booted thugs….does it take a bloody revolt?????????WTF is left?

  • Cowards…

  • Oh my god. Terrorists got what they deserved

  • Bullshit. Per 2 people who were actually there

  • McConnel aka “Fed Rat fuck”

  • Seriously if this page is gonna defend these terrorists, I’m going to unlike this page and go like Police One

  • Now that is some genuine bullshit. He was designated Xtian. martyr for this spectacle. From the first look at this fool under a tarp with a gun in his lap it was obvious what his agenda was. He got what he came to Oregon for. We have moe of it for any other out of state sacrificial lambs who want to play king of the hill with our PUBLIC lands

  • Cuz fuck those ranchers and their snacks

    • Yeah, those ranchers make sure you have food on your plate, everyday, fucking idiot

  • were his hands up like *HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT*

  • Thats a lie but even if it was true it was deserving. I would have shot them or sent them to GITMO. They are Terrorist and should be treated as such. Just like Bin laden.

  • Never believe the governments story

  • Justin your pathetic; and nothing more then a race bating troll stfu kid

  • Free White is my name

  • Admin please let me know if I shouldn’t post this here. I just thought it should be shared everywhere it can be. Eye witness account of events…https://www.facebook.com/FalseflagnewsCanada/videos/491646571040561/

  • I’m glad that asshole terrorist is fucking dead. I wish they were all dead.

  • and yet they didn’t do anything to make sure no witnesses would see them clearly murder a man with his hands up? I’m not so sure

  • Oscar

  • This is so not true…stop passing on this bullshit…it is dangerous and stupid.


  • Just waiting for shit to pop off… It’s time for a regime change.

  • peppered sprayed while occupying wall street=crimes against humanity. Shot in the face while occupying federal wildlife refuge=justice. This is how pathetic and blind our society has become.

    • Official story of Mike Brown=charged at cop, gunned down=outrage. Official story of Lavoy Finicum=charged at cop, gunned down=dead terrorist.

    • Yeah, double standard=hypocrisy

    • You aint seen nothing yet.. Wait untill they can not pay the national debt no more.

    • Hands up yelling I can’t breathe, on public property not resisting= choked to death. #Ericgarner

      #seanbell enjoying bachelor party in queens ny, drunk on duty plain clothes cops surround his car, no badges displayed demanding he get out the vehicle, tries to pull off cops fire 50 shots into his vehicle killing him and wounding his two friends.

      Trayvon Martin a 17 year old minor walking home was approached by some old pedophile asking where you going he ignores him gets stalked gets attacked then killed.

      I don’t stand on the side of those who commit crimes and get killed. Do the crime do the time.

      This man claimed he would die of anyone stopped him and just so happened he did.

      None of those black folks asked to be killed by police.

      I made this post to mock all you racist inbred pigs who feel because a black person is killed he is a criminal. No sometimes it’s a trigger happy or scared cop who is just a killer.

      Our people get shot while hands up while cuffed while playing in the park etc.

      We as a people feel the pain.

      You claim he was a patriot so where’s the white lives matter support at or the kkk or the rebel flag people?
      They only pop up to taunt blacks never for the good or betterment of their people or justice.

      Fuckin cowards.

    • I don’t play the race game. Sorry dude. The angry racist ranting does nothing for the cause of justice.

    • When their goal is divide and conquer, I wont partake.

  • I thought these guys said they would rather die than surrender to the Federal government?

  • NOT the story I’m hearing from the other passengers…

  • One word: Ambush.

    • Scott and here is the Evidence that seals it!!!! Please Copy and Share this as this same woman is Now In Hiding In Fear For Her Life!!!!!!!!!!! Chandie Morse Bartell Victoria Sharp’s Account: Victoria was a passenger in the back of the second vehicle driven by LaVoy. She witnessed events from the initial stop of vehicle 1 all the way through to the shooting. She has given a lengthy interview describing events – consistently and calmly. In her report Victoria states that when LaVoy was first pulled over, he and Ryan Payne (who was the front seat passenger) repeatedly requested to talk to the county Sheriff rather than the FBI. Her report is that this angered the FBI agents. In response to FBI demands LaVoy put his hands – both hands – out the window to show he was not a threat. She also reports that from the moment they were pulled over there were approximately 20 laser spots she could see on her and the other passengers, including from pre-positioned snipers in the trees, positioned on the side of the road up in the forest. Significantly, she also reports that the first shots were fired by the FBI when Ryan Payne looked out the passenger side window and was shot at, but was not hit. She reports that no one in the vehicle ever returned fire or pulled any guns or weapons. According to Victoria, after the FBI refused LaVoy and Ryan’s request to remove the two woman from the vehicle (who had come along to sing at the anticipated meeting), LaVoy explained that he was going to drive down to talk to the Sheriff and started to drive away. At or about this point, according to her account, Ryan Payne exited the vehicle and was arrested. The two women in the back seat (Shawna Cox and Victoria) along with Ryan Bundy (also in the back seat) tried to take cover laying on the floor boards because as LaVoy drove away the FBI showered the vehicle with bullets – “at least 120.” Victoria recounts that she and Shawna were screaming and pleading that the FBI stop shooting. Victoria then explains that LaVoy drove the truck into some kind of snow embankment and it was stuck, so he got out of the truck with his hands up. She says he was “just walking with his hands in the air.” According to her account, she then personally witnessed that the FBI, and multiple shooters shot him multiple times, including after he hit the ground and that as he lay dead on the ground his hands were still up above his head. She then says, after this, the government continued to riddle the vehicle with dozens, possibly hundreds of bullets, and that the only reason the two women and Ryan Bundy survived was that the shooters had a bad angle. Ryan Bundy was hit by a bullet or shrapnel caused by this firestorm.
      Thus, the most credible accounts, and the only complete first hand account, is that the government pre-planned this encounter, it was no “traffic stop” as the US Attorney is now reporting (“a traffic stop on protesters [that] turned deadly.”) It was deadly from before it started, because it was a pre-planned extraordinary show of force by the government, and shooting began without any shots being fired by LaVoy or the passengers in his vehicle. The government agents continued to fire on a fleeing vehicle despite having set up a road block and despite no threat of force by LaVoy or the passengers, and after one of the passengers exited the vehicle and was arrested. They shot LaVoy with his hands in the air, and continued to shoot him after he fell to the ground. The government then continued to fire upon the vehicle with three passengers huddling down in the back seat on the floor. This was, by all accounts, a military style ambush, and there is no indication that the government agents were in danger at any time, or that the excessive use of force was provoked or justified

  • OK normally I’m with you guys, but this is BS. Other witnesses state he was shooting at officers and his hands weren’t up. Make sure your story is concrete before you glorify this american terrorist.

    • Bill the other Eyewitnesses are Lying here is what really happened from a Witness that was almost Shot and Murdered By The Same FBI Agents And The Sheriff and His Deputy Hitmen!!!!!!! This Woman is Now in Hiding As She Fears for Her Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chandie Morse Bartell Victoria Sharp’s Account: Victoria was a passenger in the back of the second vehicle driven by LaVoy. She witnessed events from the initial stop of vehicle 1 all the way through to the shooting. She has given a lengthy interview describing events – consistently and calmly. In her report Victoria states that when LaVoy was first pulled over, he and Ryan Payne (who was the front seat passenger) repeatedly requested to talk to the county Sheriff rather than the FBI. Her report is that this angered the FBI agents. In response to FBI demands LaVoy put his hands – both hands – out the window to show he was not a threat. She also reports that from the moment they were pulled over there were approximately 20 laser spots she could see on her and the other passengers, including from pre-positioned snipers in the trees, positioned on the side of the road up in the forest. Significantly, she also reports that the first shots were fired by the FBI when Ryan Payne looked out the passenger side window and was shot at, but was not hit. She reports that no one in the vehicle ever returned fire or pulled any guns or weapons. According to Victoria, after the FBI refused LaVoy and Ryan’s request to remove the two woman from the vehicle (who had come along to sing at the anticipated meeting), LaVoy explained that he was going to drive down to talk to the Sheriff and started to drive away. At or about this point, according to her account, Ryan Payne exited the vehicle and was arrested. The two women in the back seat (Shawna Cox and Victoria) along with Ryan Bundy (also in the back seat) tried to take cover laying on the floor boards because as LaVoy drove away the FBI showered the vehicle with bullets – “at least 120.” Victoria recounts that she and Shawna were screaming and pleading that the FBI stop shooting. Victoria then explains that LaVoy drove the truck into some kind of snow embankment and it was stuck, so he got out of the truck with his hands up. She says he was “just walking with his hands in the air.” According to her account, she then personally witnessed that the FBI, and multiple shooters shot him multiple times, including after he hit the ground and that as he lay dead on the ground his hands were still up above his head. She then says, after this, the government continued to riddle the vehicle with dozens, possibly hundreds of bullets, and that the only reason the two women and Ryan Bundy survived was that the shooters had a bad angle. Ryan Bundy was hit by a bullet or shrapnel caused by this firestorm.
      Bill the other Eyewitnes are Lying here is what really happened from a Witnes that was almost Mudered By The Same FBI Agents And The Sheriff and His Deputy Hitmen!!!!!!! This Woman is now in Hiding As She Fears for Her Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chandie Morse Bartell Victoria Sharp’s Account: Victoria was a passenger in the back of the second vehicle driven by LaVoy. She witnessed events from the initial stop of vehicle 1 all the way through to the shooting. She has given a lengthy interview describing events – consistently and calmly. In her report Victoria states that when LaVoy was first pulled over, he and Ryan Payne (who was the front seat passenger) repeatedly requested to talk to the county Sheriff rather than the FBI. Her report is that this angered the FBI agents. In response to FBI demands LaVoy put his hands – both hands – out the window to show he was not a threat. She also reports that from the moment they were pulled over there were approximately 20 laser spots she could see on her and the other passengers, including from pre-positioned snipers in the trees, positioned on the side of the road up in the forest. Significantly, she also reports that the first shots were fired by the FBI when Ryan Payne looked out the passenger side window and was shot at, but was not hit. She reports that no one in the vehicle ever returned fire or pulled any guns or weapons. According to Victoria, after the FBI refused LaVoy and Ryan’s request to remove the two woman from the vehicle (who had come along to sing at the anticipated meeting), LaVoy explained that he was going to drive down to talk to the Sheriff and started to drive away. At or about this point, according to her account, Ryan Payne exited the vehicle and was arrested. The two women in the back seat (Shawna Cox and Victoria) along with Ryan Bundy (also in the back seat) tried to take cover laying on the floor boards because as LaVoy drove away the FBI showered the vehicle with bullets – “at least 120.” Victoria recounts that she and Shawna were screaming and pleading that the FBI stop shooting. Victoria then explains that LaVoy drove the truck into some kind of snow embankment and it was stuck, so he got out of the truck with his hands up. She says he was “just walking with his hands in the air.” According to her account, she then personally witnessed that the FBI, and multiple shooters shot him multiple times, including after he hit the ground and that as he lay dead on the ground his hands were still up above his head. She then says, after this, the government continued to riddle the vehicle with dozens, possibly hundreds of bullets, and that the only reason the two women and Ryan Bundy survived was that the shooters had a bad angle. Ryan Bundy was hit by a bullet or shrapnel caused by this firestorm.

    • I just don’t believe you. Your story is too contrived and it seems to me you’re one of those nuts yourself. If you take over federal land, expect arrest. I don’t think for a minute the FBI would want to martyr these assholes

    • So Paul Scott, as you so conveniently cut and pasted, as LaVoy was driving away Ryan Payne exited the vehicle and was arrested? And these two women weren’t meant to be used as innocent human shields, but we’re going to “sing at the meeting”? Were they invited to sing at this meeting? What about the eyewitness account from Ammons bodyguard…”he was not on his knees, none of that. He was none of that nonsense. You know, that was a miscommunication on someone else’s part. He went after them. He charged them” which eyewitness is the liar? The one you disagree with?

    • Welp, the video is out and the idiot reached into his pocket, dumb move. His hands were not up and he almost ran over a cop. It was an Oregon State trooper who shot him, not FBI

  • Bull Shit.

  • You guys are losing it

  • Support Public Lands give-aways by armed Mormon right wing thugs? No Fin way.

  • dashcam?

  • It is like the truth doesn’t matter if there is an opportunity to push your agenda. It is exactly shit like this why people don’t take cop violence seriously. Do some research.

  • 120 Shots? Complete bullshit.

  • Police the Police here is an Eyewitness of What happened in Oregon Tuesday Night!!!!!!!!!!!!! It Verifies everything You Have Posted!!!!!!!! To Everyone Please Copy And Post and Share This Account as this was A Planned Out Ambush and Murder by The FBI and The Sheriff of Harney County. I know it is long But Please Read It Anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chandie Morse Bartell Victoria Sharp’s Account: Victoria was a passenger in the back of the second vehicle driven by LaVoy. She witnessed events from the initial stop of vehicle 1 all the way through to the shooting. She has given a lengthy interview describing events – consistently and calmly. In her report Victoria states that when LaVoy was first pulled over, he and Ryan Payne (who was the front seat passenger) repeatedly requested to talk to the county Sheriff rather than the FBI. Her report is that this angered the FBI agents. In response to FBI demands LaVoy put his hands – both hands – out the window to show he was not a threat. She also reports that from the moment they were pulled over there were approximately 20 laser spots she could see on her and the other passengers, including from pre-positioned snipers in the trees, positioned on the side of the road up in the forest. Significantly, she also reports that the first shots were fired by the FBI when Ryan Payne looked out the passenger side window and was shot at, but was not hit. She reports that no one in the vehicle ever returned fire or pulled any guns or weapons. According to Victoria, after the FBI refused LaVoy and Ryan’s request to remove the two woman from the vehicle (who had come along to sing at the anticipated meeting), LaVoy explained that he was going to drive down to talk to the Sheriff and started to drive away. At or about this point, according to her account, Ryan Payne exited the vehicle and was arrested. The two women in the back seat (Shawna Cox and Victoria) along with Ryan Bundy (also in the back seat) tried to take cover laying on the floor boards because as LaVoy drove away the FBI showered the vehicle with bullets – “at least 120.” Victoria recounts that she and Shawna were screaming and pleading that the FBI stop shooting. Victoria then explains that LaVoy drove the truck into some kind of snow embankment and it was stuck, so he got out of the truck with his hands up. She says he was “just walking with his hands in the air.” According to her account, she then personally witnessed that the FBI, and multiple shooters shot him multiple times, including after he hit the ground and that as he lay dead on the ground his hands were still up above his head. She then says, after this, the government continued to riddle the vehicle with dozens, possibly hundreds of bullets, and that the only reason the two women and Ryan Bundy survived was that the shooters had a bad angle. Ryan Bundy was hit by a bullet or shrapnel caused by this firestorm.
    Thus, the most credible accounts, and the only complete first hand account, is that the government pre-planned this encounter, it was no “traffic stop” as the US Attorney is now reporting (“a traffic stop on protesters [that] turned deadly.”) It was deadly from before it started, because it was a pre-planned extraordinary show of force by the government, and shooting began without any shots being fired by LaVoy or the passengers in his vehicle. The government agents continued to fire on a fleeing vehicle despite having set up a road block and despite no threat of force by LaVoy or the passengers, and after one of the passengers exited the vehicle and was arrested. They shot LaVoy with his hands in the air, and continued to shoot him after he fell to the ground. The government then continued to fire upon the vehicle with three passengers huddling down in the back seat on the floor. This was, by all accounts, a military style ambush, and there is no indication that the government agents were in danger at any time, or that the excessive use of force was provoked or justified

  • xD

  • Total BS. Nothing like posting BS stories so you get more people to comment. No integrity here.

  • Thx for the post!!!
    I could smell the stench when I first got on this page,,, libtards stink like no other smell!

  • What the hell!! The officer’s did they job.

  • LaVoy is a real American!

  • This page just went in the shitter supporting these terrorists they all shouls have been shot on sight.

  • If the car was hit 120 times how were the others folks in the car not killed? Bullet fragments and shrapnel would have hit every person in the car.

  • show the video. y’all were smart enough to record that, right? *disbelieving stare*

  • Rip bro…

  • gimme a break.

  • Because this “eye witness” stood there and counted 120 shots? Come on.

  • If they were black I think they all would have been killed by now.

  • Hooray!

  • Gov’t employee brags about stealing land.


    What do these people make at the end of the year, putting food on your dinner table?

  • that sucks man. I knew something like this was gonna happen to this guy. They played it in on the young turks like this guy was pseduo threatening violence. All he said is that he has a gun because they have guns. He even said that they have no intentions of firing on lawmen unless fired upon. Then this hands in the air shot 120. Really pisses me off. People don’t understand how much control the government has to abuse. sickening.

  • Willing to be killed and being killed are two different things , This Man wanted to live a good life and Died believing it could happen ! Better man than most today !

  • It’s not going to be long before people start using those tactics against the feds. Karma is a bitch.

  • good people, of any belief if they have the good of others foremost should be supported.

  • Seeing as the area was off limits to civilians the only people up there were militia members and government goons.

    Meaning the eye witnesses are probably other militia members which highly calls in their credibility as a “brutally murdered with hands up” old man is just the perfect martyr.

    It’s like when the police kill someone and the other witnesses are all cops. We’d be here saying their stories are biased and bullshit.

  • The press was told a day before to leave, anybody else catch that?

  • I live in oregon. These guys are assholes. They are choosing to be killed. Fuck them.

  • Police target, falsely arrest and kill innocent unarmed minorities on a daily basis and I’ve never heard the Bundy family and friends express concern for these deceased Americans, demand justice for them or call for police accountability concerning these murders? Typical, it’s never a problem until it happens to white people.

  • He was a domestic terrorist, I don’t care if he was shot in the crapper, just glad he was taken out.

  • igh, remember when the stupidest Bundy we had to worry about was Al.

  • One less terrorist.

  • Suddenly hands up don’t shoot matters right? Fuck off!

  • The victim vowed his death before spending his life in a concrete room…He chose suicide by cops…

  • Because standing up for equal rights is different than committing Sedition and being a piece of human trash, obviously.

  • And because he’s a patriot and white there will be no media outrage thx jews

  • It’s Waco All over again

  • What about the statement given by Ammon Bundys bodyguard, which is the exact opposite story? He was not there? or doesnt it fit the narrative you wish to create?

  • Well what did they expect? They said themselves they were willing to fight and die. So the police set them up so if they did fight that they would win. I never side with cops but this kinda seems like the Militias fault…

  • Forget the artifacts..

  • Fought Daesh.. Passport taken away and jailed in Holland… Possible crime murder…

  • They must want that land bad must be worth alot!

  • Learn the truth then, first…

  • Pretty good rant by unemployed dread loc pussy rap star!

  • never trust a cop

  • For anyone who is worried about the “refuge”. There are very few real wildlife refuges in america. The rest are a fraud. This one wasnt but after what the blm did to the land the birds all moved away. Its in the fish and game department reports. The birds were there as a result of the ranchers and the water they brought in. In the end the refuge may be called a refuge but there is nothing left to protect.


  • Cops set them up for an assassination to bring an end to the stand off. The cops and the governor should be brought up on charges.

  • Terrorists get shot

  • Find them! And do what is coming to them! Maybe not now but eventually!

  • #JusticeForLaVoyFinicum .

  • I’m 100% Black Lives Matter. This is the same militarized police response to dissent that we all recognize. Any American can be shot in cold blood by the government, with impunity. This man had 11 children, was a peaceable Mormon. Whom was he threatening?He was the public-relations person. I’m ashamed of some armchair liberals response to this (shoot em all). Wake up ‘progressive’ people ….you will be next.

    • That’s a complete crock of delusional bullshit.

  • These assholes got exactly what they had coming …..
    Grow up …..

  • If there is one thing that these guys did… It was expose the inconsistent leftists that are on this page. You can mock some of his inconsistencies (such as the whole ranching on public lands) just as much as the right character assassinated Mike Brown (he was a thug thief), but until you actually have a witness not connected with the state, you can’t claim the “hands up don’t shoot” aspect of this case was a lie. We had several in the Mike Brown case refute the hands up don’t shoot. But what I love most about the contrast in these two cases is that the left said nothing about the looting that took place in Ferguson, but lost their minds when some dudes took over a park building in the middle of nowhere. These guys should have just burned down a quicktrip or camped out on private property (as occupy Wallstreet did) And in the process of the protest, there should have been crime, rape, and sexual assault (as Occupy had). What the left hates, is the idea that other members of their fractured constituency might look at this case and realize that maybe they too should be armed when they protest.

    • Nothing was said about Ferguson because the police arrested the criminals who were rioting and looting, thus justice was served…I understand their anger but their actions were wrong and provocative just like these Militants. Also I will remind you the Militants actually did destroy things…plenty of things actually… including the private property of another rancher, who then had to worry about his cattle wondering off the giant hole in his property. I am an ebil leftist…self described Communist actually and I have handled and shot at least 5 or 6 different calibers of handguns. There are plenty of leftists who are cool around guns, my question is why do conservatives always ignore their own side that is against gun rights? Such as the Evangelical side who generally seem to despise guns…the same side that also helped support Prohibition even tho the right piles all the blame on progressives.

  • how much longer will we allow this fascist police state to keep killing people,needlessly.so now when you protest,it’s ok for the government to kill you?……………..sounds like nazi Germany to me,not what america is supposed to be about,i smell a rat.

  • I wouldn’t say Garner died “standing up against tyranny”, he was murdered for selling individual cigarettes, which is probably worse.

  • Because every eye witness is credible. SMH

  • The man told everyone on camera while holding a rifle standing guard the he would rather die than go to jail. Later he drove through a barricade, jumped out of the truck and charged at officers. They did what they had to.

  • bless

  • Bullsh*t.

  • you cant really be supporting the domestic terrorists?? id rather a white terrorist be dead than a police officer any day…. at least one is trained how to use a gun and can fire for effect… (p.s. i support neither sides, both are fill with very very stupid people and we all knew it would end in shots fired)

  • It is amazing how fast people will start hollering the broke the law and should be locked up. It really does not matter if they are fighting for there freedom and yours while they are at it. Coal miners in the early 20th century figured out they were no better off than slaves unionized against the robber barons. People lived in housing supplied by the coal companies, were payed in script so they were forced to buy from company stores. and lived like slaves had lived. Coal companies had there own police machine guns mounted in high places pointed at there workers. When they unionized and started protesting there living conditions there leaders were gunned down on court house steps by company and county police. People that were not involved said they were braking the law and deserved what they got. The U,S. has never been the place they claim to be The home of the brave and the free. It never will be unless people wake up.

  • But, but wait. Why was he surrendering? He wasn’t going down like a punk, right? Guns a blazing?

  • Pity that only one of them is dead. Better luck next time!

  • I’m not seeing the ‘tyranny’ in preserving public lands – he just wanted to graze his cattle without paying the fee, he was entitled

  • This story is bogus. There’s an eyewitness video that says he jumped in a vehicle and tried to flee. Then when he was stopped again he got out of the vehicle and charged the officers.

  • It is not – killed , it is called justified MURDER by them

  • Law enforcement can only do as they are ordered to do just like the enlisted military do. IT is follow orders or go to Levenworth or get shot escaping incarceration.

  • Hogwash. FBI sharpshooters tried to “ambush” 8 people to “take them out” but ended up taking 7 uninjured prisoners instead? Really??

  • The cops created a event so they could kill

  • And that’s how you take care of domestic terrorism

  • Is this the domestic terrorist that got shot?

  • Appalled ! I cant even speak on it, but there motives are Oppression of Will and free thought, and should not be tolerated in any country let-alone MINE and OURS!

  • Without a doubt, that’s the next step…..

  • Good!

  • you cant play both sides of the fence. Just a few weeks ago you guys were insinuating these guys were terrorists and bringing up the “what if they were black” BS

  • Maybe he shouldn’t have used guns to get free fucking land that he was getting a 93% discount from the original price on. Especially when the government gave them money last year. enough to buy said land, then some. They were not fighting for everyone in the country to have more freedom, they were using guns to try to force the government to give them the land. This is a wildlife reserve, where they tried killing, and had killed endangered species, including birds. They killed and left endangered animals, they used guns to demand free than for themselves and no one else, they got more than enough money from the government for that land, they got a discount that cut 93% of the price, they invaded a government building, on government land that had people working in it when they stormed it with guns. It was being used, by the fucking U.S. government, not unused! Before you support some deadbeats who can’t even feed themselves, and wanted free shit for just them, at least don’t act like they are doing shit for a single other person. Because they were doing everything they had done, so that they could personally get a piece of free land for them to use to hunt endangered species, and leave them where they killed them.

  • And the winner is……the Federal government, by the apparent support of the freedom loving public who rejoice at the killing of one of their own. Kudos to big government to turning this one around in your favour. Now go out there and brutalise the public as you wish, the public support your violence against them!

  • Terrorist deserves to die I think.

  • These are terrorist. What’s good for the goose……

  • Hard to know, they were stopped on one of the most desolate roads in Oregon

  • sorry…I don’t believe racists.

  • V is for vendetta.

  • Is this true now, Americans killing Americans?

  • He wanted to die. He’s dead. Men that think they should be dead usually find a way to make it happen. Martyr martyr.

  • don’t doubt it.

  • Are you fucking kidding me? Justice for Lavoy? This is how you lose credibility and in turn, the real victims of police brutality.

  • Except all the other people actually present disagree with her statement and said that he charged at the police after first trying to ram them with a car. After attempting to use a deadly weapon it’s reasonable to believe he still had a gun; if he had stood still would they have fired? Who knows. But he didn’t, so he created a situation where it WAS reasonable for deadly force to be used.

    You can’t be effective in our fight against police violence if you’re going to descend to their level and use even the most absurd and topically-inappropriate news stories; these easily-contradicted claims harm the argument’s credibility. Yes, the police shot a person, but there *are* times where that is genuinely a reasonable act. Defending yourself against a person who has, on camera, stated they intend to go out in a hail of gunfire with police and has subsequently attacked with a vehicle and is now charging at you IS one of those times. Trying to play that up as police misconduct is a disservice to all the legitimate police misconduct and murder events which take place.

    It’s hard to tell, but Police the Police seems to be going so far askew as to be turning into an ineffectual parody of itself. If you want to be an engine of social change then you need to stick to reporting the truth, in a balanced manner. Headlines which clearly contradict reality.. bad form, man. The way it’s going this is going to turn into just another cop-hate group that can’t attract and inform the moderate Americans the cause needs to inform; your righteous indignation won’t get us anywhere if they start dismissing us because PtP is considered to be a rag that publishes things without fact checking or consideration of the truth.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAGxDWKrjPQ&feature=youtu.be

      Here’s a video refuting the “hands in the air” nonsense. He reached for something. 9:20 in

    • I have been saying this from day one. PTP is pandering to the anti government tinfoil hat fringe groups. You can be against government, police and statist violence and corruption without having one shred of sympathy or support for the Bundy Bunch. More privileged white men with their hands out.

  • That’s right. Hurry up with your lies before we see the video.

  • He got exactly what he wanted: to die for nothing.

  • As one can see,the FBI Authority is just as primitive as the normal local sick police force .

  • Enough said. Learn fifth grade grammar and spelling you moron.

  • So is there a dash cam or body cam video of any of this?

  • The Fbi did a terrible job, they only got 1 out of 6.

  • RIP!

  • So by now, there should be approx 7 million patriots converging on this spot to engage in Civil War II. Why haven’t we heard about it?

  • Finicum left his home state to be a martyr, saying he’d never go to prison. This was his stated intent. I find it hard to believe this was an unprovoked killing.

    The only eyewitness account you’re citing was in his posse. Hardly a neutral source.

  • Who cares.

  • Guess what? No one cares. These terrorist assholes have been threatening to kill people, even used the term “blood bath”. They’re lucky only one of them was killed.

  • So according to your headline these guys are total idiots? This is dumb. Unfollowing!

  • J. Edger Hoover said , ” never let a messiah to arise” .

  • “Eye-witness” by which you mean one of the Mormon Militia’s armed seditionists and insurrectionists that wants to overthrow the federal government, because of course they have absolute credibility and would never point weapons at federal officers. .

  • I wanted them to get treated like we would be treated. Dying in a hail of bullets. However I now know; noone should be treated how we’re treated. So-called African Americans are shot with our hands in the air on a regular basis. It’s “not cool” when it happens to your people. Is it? Imagine how we feel. Injustices have been happening to us since the first 11 were brought here aka “John Punch”

  • Rule #1: DON’T TALK TO COPS

  • The morons on this comment feed make me sick. You’re the same people who loved thugs when they were burning down a city… Now because this is a hard working white man who was standing up for something not just throwing a fucking temper tantrum like you idiots… Now you turn back to defending the Government and Police actions?! Hahahaha… Racist, dumb fucks who couldn’t survive one day in this mans work boots. Fuck you.

  • Nick McKay

  • Lots of slaves and loyalists. Wonder if they will be sucking off the gov if Trump is POTUS?

  • Most on the right in fact did support him, the left celebrating the death of a patriot didn’t happen against garner; and as sad as it is. Comparing the two is kind of ridiculous, one died while fighting for property rights and the freedom of Americans; other died for selling cigarettes. Again heart goes out to garners story, but only one of these people died as a patriot. Stand together for both tragedies, or remain divided and relive a historical hell that we will have brought on ourselves! #StandForLaVoy #StandForGarner #LibertyRising

  • A nutcase brags much that he will not be taken alive and then does not get taken alive and idiots claim it was a police conspiracy that they kill one of the bit players rather than Ammon Bundy?

  • Thank god lol fucking idiots

  • Shoot first

  • Typical lying terrorist. He says he will go down fighting, but surrenders as soon as things get tough. What a shame that American patriots are cowards. RIP, traitor

  • He threatened violence and broke the law. So why does the title of this editorial say “brutally killed”? A more factual title would be, armed seditionist killed as he threatened law enforcement.

  • No one had a camera….u don’t need reception to use ur cell phone camera!!!

  • this one i cant agree with his owb friends said he was agressive. and he had mental issues and that he would never get taken alive.

  • GOOD!

  • he had no right to occupy that Native land, looks good on him

  • Oregon cops got him. Not the Feds.

  • He was a crazy misguided soul that wanted to be a martyr…suicide by cop. Listen to the actual eyewitness account…he charged the cops after evading them and crashing into a snowbank.

  • About to stop following this site.

  • The people posting their glee over this man’s death are disgusting.
    Remember that when you complain out of the other side of your mouths about police brutality and government over reach.

  • These fuckers are terrorist and all of them should have been shot. Is this really something you want to stand behind police the police?!?!

    • Two quick questions.

      Did you feel the same way for recent (violent) protests in response to Freddy Grey, Michael Brown, and other victims of police shootings?

      Did you feel the same about occupy Wallstreet protesters?

      If your answer for either of those was “no,” you are either a hypocrite or blinded by partisan politics.

    • Hahahahaha so you think our government has handled any of the three the same? Lol talk about blinded

    • What is your issue with the nuts in Oregon? That they are breaking the law? That they are threatening law enforcement? That they are occupying land that doesn’t belong to them?

      Those are all things that happened during other protests, did you advocate for shooting them? If not, is it because this group holds political beliefs that differ from your own?

    • Yari, Your just a PIG love.. and you say whatever they tell you to say…

  • Are you so anti police that you’re defending these idiots??

  • The American way

  • So you think the teenage idiot who was going with her six siblings to sing to them is believable?

  • #yallquieda!!!

  • And your point? These are domestic terrorists. His hands were not up, they were reaching for a firearm. And no. I’m not a police apologist. Pretty much at the other end of the spectrum but that doesn’t mean I have any respect or sad thoughts about these domestic terrorists. I do, however, still have respect for the Constitution as it is written. Not as these groups would like it to be written.

  • teespring.com/lavoylives

  • I read these comments as proof of only three percent.

  • Dude I get that cops are corrupt but I will never side with American terrorist over cops this asshole deserved to die and everyone is glad he did.

  • What is up with you people? You point out every time the police abuse their power. Now that they are attacking right-wingers you’re all pro-cop all of a sudden. The black panthers can protest armed in front of a police station, shouting off the pigs, and nothing happens. These guys should also be free and not shot.

  • OK. I’m split, we know police lie all the time, yet we also know that the entire group are terrorists. So I don’t believe the or events of the cops were right, I do believe they are going to be killed regardless, the punishment of treason of terroristic acts generally is death. Those guys stole land from the government and at the same time stole land the land again from the native Americans

  • “Peaceful protest”…showing up armed using a wildlife reserve starting a conflict like a bunch of attention whores.

    I’ll oppose corrupt cops who victimize the people but not anti America seditious domestic terrorists.

  • Bundy made a call from the back of the police car, in a cellphone dead zone?

  • The reports I’ve heard indicated they shot him straight in the face. Not to mention they said he was one his knees with his hands up. Can we say catalyst event? Governments, or splinter factions of governments, have used tactics like these for thousands of years. What makes you think they e changed their playbook?

    • WATCH THE VIDEO, MIKE LAVELLE. You are clearly absolutely wrong in this instance. Deal with facts, not what you WANT TO BELIEVE, please. We get enough of Adamant Ignoramuses from the presidential candidates.

  • They were armed terrorist they got what they deserved. The Feds gave them every opportunity to leave and walk away. They want our lands for their own enrichment local control means bundy uses our land to graze his cattle for free.

  • Birds need both left and right wings to hold up the center.
    If they do’t work together, the eagle falls from the sky.

  • Bullshit

  • That’s right..

  • #InGodITrust

  • It wasn’t the cops this time. It was the feds.

  • how to beat the tyrannical government , send suzie hammonds a ten spot, one time gift. the gov is thinking that in five years that she will loose the ranch. give her ammo to defeat the premise.(pass it on)

  • They were trying to serve arrest warrants. This guy was a criminal and broke the law. Even taking down the electric company’s cameras. He said he would meet them with his gun. I personally viewed him saying this live on camera when he was underneath the tarp. If they wanted to – they could have killed everyone – so I am not buying what their group is saying. The loss of his life is tragic – but he had broken the law. He was occupying federal land – sacred Native American land. The eyewitnesses were part of his gang – so cannot believe them either.

  • You can’t support both, otherwise the plantation owners and slave masters in the rogue, anti-Constitutional ,federal government would loose their grip and manipulation over the slave classes.

  • Of course, YOU have no clue of the real story! And you are the one spinning it for more people to get angry. The truth is, you are not The Free Thought Project, but you are The Close Minded Project! I hope people see past you and think for themselves!!

  • Seriously… You are defending these asshats? Wow.

  • David Rowe

  • Did we expect anything else?

  • The thing that no one seem to be addressing is the fact that these people believe in what they are doing enough to leave their homes and families in the middle of winter to travel hundreds of miles to put themselves in harms way. People don’t make that kind of commitment in a void, and for no reason. They believe that they have a valid position and they believe it strongly enough to put their lives on the line. I personally don’t know enough about all of the issues here to take a side. I do know that the government has a long history of overstepping it’s authority when it wants something, and I also know that a lot of western ranchers have a long history of sucking off of the public teat. So what is the truth? I don’t know. I do know it isn’t the story that the mainstream media is telling. They haven’t spoken an uncolored truth in at least 50 years. It’s isn’t the right or left wing alternative medias for the same reason. The real truth is as usual lost in a haze of partisan Bullshit. What I can say is that the people who started the original American Revolution didn’t have a great deal more public support than these people do. These people and the people in the Occupy Movement and the Black Lives Matter movement all agree that the government is broken and corrupt, they just can’t come together on exactly how, and the government is counting on the hope that they never will.

    • Same with McVeigh and Bonnie and Clyde. Not a great argument.

    • I can see a potential line between McVeigh and the Bundy Bunch, but I don’t see how Bonnie and Clyde apply. What are they the same as? What Argument?

    • Steve Piersol Context. Research their time and what they claimed to be against. Depression while banks were getting rocher foreclosing on homes and farms. B & C were viewed as heroes, and threw some of their loot to bystanders.

    • Richer

    • Bonnie and Clyde were Bank robbers with no political agenda. They gave out money to the people for the same reason that Jesse James did, so that people wouldn’t be inclined to turn them in. It was essentially a business expense.

  • you’re kidding, right???

  • This murder just cleared the conscious of anyone who neutralizes a domestic terrorist combatant.

  • Are you telling me there is no video either way?

  • the willd wild west and the law posse shenanigans… Coburn and his deputies, murder for those who pay most

  • …and to think all you have to do in Chicago is be BLACK.

  • Most deranged nation on the planet. Reading some of these comment I see now why Murica is a totalitarian nation, enjoy your tyranny.

  • The one guy whos not a fed no doubt.

  • Well, they do it to black people like every day.

  • I generally agree with FTS but not on this. He chose a path that led to this. Suicide by Cop maybe but I can’t blame the Feds here.

  • Can’t wait till Americans: black and white unite against their common enemy, you may be neighbours but the govt. Is not your friend

  • Diana Gonzalez Bianca Taylor Autumn Sanchez

  • I’m done following this page. Goodbye.

  • Gotta call fact check on this account

  • FBI released the video. Your bullshit post is now confirmed 100% bullshit.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAGxDWKrjPQ&feature=youtu.be

    About 9:20, he exits the vehicle with his hands up. He then appears to reach for something.

  • Yeah, I’m not a fan of the cops but those idiots are straight up domestic terrorists. That dumbass got what he deserved. Bunch of backwoods sister fucking assholes

  • Next you’re going to tell us Osama was just a simple goat herder fighting for islamic freedoms, right? If you’re going to abandon journalistic integrity to pick sides, make sure you’re not siding with terrorists.

  • damn shame the overhead footage that has come out clearly shows him hands in the air with no weapon

  • Don’t defend these retards. For future reference: gunning down unarmed people=wrong. Shooting armed psychos occupying government property=wtf is supposed to happen.

  • Just suprises me 1 thing, why all law enforcement personnel dont wear mini camera on them, this is 21 century and they are not expensive.in Europe some parking officers even wear them.

  • Is this a joke? It’s on video, it was posted by THIS page… now this shit?!

  • “It’s a shame these whites won’t just obey the law. They always play the victim. If they’d stop acting like thugs.”

    Sound familiar?

  • The guy on the right had a gun and threatened to use it.

  • He didn’t have his hands up when they shot him, he was reaching for his pocket. You’re talking about a man who announced to the entire nation that he wouldn’t allow himself to be arrested and who has been engaged in criminal and militant behavior for the last several weeks. If I were a cop and I saw him going for his weapon damn right I’d take him down before he could take me down. He chose suicide by cop over prison and I feel bad for the officer who had to take that shot.

  • There’s a whole lot of stupid on this thread .

  • Seriously? You idiots support this moron?


  • They had guns and were threatening violence. Do proper research, and get your head out of hack job publications

  • You’ve picked the wrong hill to defend. These were not protesters. These were domestic terrorists who’s stated intention was to kill law enforcement and die in the “battle.” These were heavily armed men who took over a government building, not peaceful people blocking an intersection. They weren’t fighting for us or for our rights, they were insisting on privileges they were not due, and angry that they were not being acquiesced to, like usual. These people don’t care about this country or her people. They only want what they want, when they want it.

  • The set him up and murdered him. That is an assassination. Nothing lawful about what they did. And nothing will be done. He won’t be avenged. He died showing the world how the next revolution will play out with just one dead this time…

  • This was a case of murder by the imperial troops of the FBI and state police…


  • This is what the minority black community has been trying to tell America. Hands up, don’t shoot. Two groups now linked by bloody murders

  • The killer cop from la

  • lets have a look from the body cams on the swat team, this video is too far away to conclude anything either way, the jury is still out, this is the version they want us to see, common lets see some other angles!!!!

  • lmfao maybe if he just listened to the cops he’d be alive! and if they werent all thugs too ahaha

  • Lol

  • Is it getting clear yet?

    • …………..LMAO!

    • Congratulations on taking a still from a 9 minute plus video. And if I’m not mistaken it looks like his right hand is reaching for his left side.

    • I know it’s clear that he reached for his gun, twice.

    • Well, they shoot people for a lot less than that. If those peeps were black or muslim they would have ALL been dead 2 weeks ago.

    • Your kidding right?

      Is it getting clear yet in the BLURRIEST photo ever? Hahaha.

    • No mainstream media outrage because he’s was white.

    • Yeah, he reached for something three times. You can’t take a still and claim it tells the whole story.

    • Exactly. He began reaching. Noticed a guy behind him…probably planned to run that way…raised his hand again…then said fuck it and reached again. It is cut and dry.

    • his vehicle was pelted with bullets from the fbi, they shot him and he reached for where he was shot AS ANY HUMAN WOULD

    • Having a weapon is not grounds for summary execution.

    • Chuck Tilbury visibly REACHING for it is. PERIOD.

    • Really spread those lies..

    • Chuck Tilbury That’s only if you’re not white!

    • You got a still picture right before he reaches for his gun. What’s your point?

    • “Pelted with bullets” yup, with flashbangs and pepper/mace rounds when the dipshits wouldn’t leave the truck. Had they moved their asses, EMTs could have responded to LaVoy sooner and he might still be alive.

    • Chuck Tilbury Reaching for a gun is.

    • John Laplant The F.B.I. didn’t fire a weapon. It was state troopers that fired all the shots.

    • If they just murdered him they would all be dead and there would be no footage he gave then justification and they killed him, still not as bad as Tamir Rice

    • Chuck Tilbury Look at the context. What has he been saying that EVERYONE has heard, not just the cops? I won’t be taken alive. That pretty much tells the fbi that he is dangerous or at least intends to die suicide by cop.

    • John Laplant “as any human would” sorry but that isn’t scientific or medical fact

      And his car was “pelted” with SPONGE ROUNDS. Non lethal.

    • Chuck Tilbury pulling it on FBI agents telling you to keep your hands up is

    • Freeze frame is one thing. I saw the unedited video. So – it is clear to me. Why freeze frame it? Don’t want people to see what really happened? What’s your goal here?

    • Is it getting clear yet?

    • Shane Miles awesome still frame 😂😂😂

    • So I’m lost… are we spose to be mad that the police killed this terrorist… that’s what they spose to do ain’t it.. I wish they would of giving tamir rice that many chances to surrender and to live…

    • I’m glad they shot him. He is a terrorist

    • Hodari Turner exactly

    • You are f****** idiot and want to live under a god damn dictator its f****** stupid bastards like you that’s cuz this country to be so f***** up he was not a terrorist he is a patriot and he stood up against the f****** corruption of the government

    • Patriot huh…

    • John Laplant and how do you know this? Known flake and bullshitter Victoria Sharp whose statement has already been totally invalidated by the video who was face down on the floorboards shitting herself?

    • Paul Gross You mean the same guy who made his living off of warehousing retarded foster kids for the Government who was supporting men who grazed their cattle for free on public lands and took out government subsidized small business loans?

    • Congrats. You posted a picture of Bigfoot. What the fuck, Police The Police?

    • Paul Gross He broke the law – he trespassed – he refused to stop for law enforcement – he almost ran an officer over-he vowed he would shoot them – he reached for his gun – he vandalized the electric companies cameras by taking them down – he occupied land that was not even in the state in which he lived – soooo- what were the cops supposed to do when he reached for his gun? Wait and see if he kept his word to shoot? There was nothing patriotic in what they did – he did not have the right to do any of this. His hands were up initially but apparently he did that so that he could ‘sucker’ them – because I certainly saw him reach for his gun. There was nothing corrupt about the bird sanctuary. He and the others were domestic terrorists. No bail – and they are in federal jail. Now they can occupy THAT federal building! Had they been any other race or ethnicity – they would have all been dead on day one!

    • Paul Gross you folks are bad news. If you use or need guns to impose your twisted world view, expect to be shutdown. Actually you guys were treated with kid gloves, no other group of people on the plane it would’ve been allowed to go on that long. Anybody else would’ve been killed in a long time before.

    • John Laplant you’re wrong just face it.

    • Paul Gross by definition he was a terrorist. Your argument is invalid.

    • Robert Van Meter When we live in a world where twisted people have guns, like this idiot, you will need guns. What? Were they supposed to let this guy shoot them?

  • Might I suggest all you morons who support these domestic terrorists go up there and join them then, instead of being hereos on your keyboards.

  • 120 shots
    When and at what?

  • Yeah, all those nice peaceful men, armed to the teeth were just victims of the law??? Who do you think you’re kidding??

  • Good! they were wackos with no real agenda. Police the Police when needed but you guys need to stop jumping on every news story involving the police

  • Finicum did not die standing up against tyranny. He died as a member of a seditionist band of crybabies.

  • Righty’s: You could just as easily have used Tim McVeigh for this meme…ha!!! Also, you don’t really come across a lot of leftist memes on FB. It seems only one side can have their ideology reduced to an e-card/meme. Speaks to the attention span of their constituents.

  • Anyone else who pulled this shit at a traffic stop much someone known to be armed, threatened to shoot cops and said he would never be taken alive, would have had his truck shot into swiss cheese and everyone else in it.

  • Here is a better phot0 PTP. Hands out Not hands up. Hands out daring them to shoot. Every statement by Mark McConnell and Melvin Lee that can was confirmed by this video and nearly every word from Victoria Sharp was shown to be bullshit by some flake hiding on the floorboards. It was said that LaVoy was shouting “what are you going to do shoot me?” which is exactly what I see in how he is holding his hands and his body language.

  • The delusion is strong in this one. When it came time to take down LaVoy he went down like a ton of lead. Thats because unlike most of these gun nuts and nearly every cop on the beat these agents know what the fuck they are doing and how to handle firearms. Especially if there were any Hostage Rescue Team members. You get shot in the guts without any visible flinch or reaction and all you do is sort of reach in and check it out? Bullshit. More fantasy rationalization for the fact that he was reaching for exactly where he like to carry a handgun and where a loaded handgun was reported to be found. Funny how most of the people on here trying to make some LaVoy kind of hero are the same ones cheering on cops shooting black protesters and liberals.

  • This is the mother of false equivalencies. Including MLK as if he’d fall for this shit is horribly disrespectful to the man.

  • Look at all the statist slaves. Doesn’t matter if one was armed or not. Standing up is standing up. Pussies.

  • Because “fuck the other side”

  • Another Media WMDistraction that’s why they let them come & go at will, gave toooooo many chances & they should make the rest walk their butts home or jail! How many kids were shot on Chicago streets not armed? not making threats to murder, not demanding to seize property or getting on gov. computers looking up private citizens info? I am sorry this guy was an idiot. I would not want to be the agent that had to go up against him to decide should I wait while he went for a gun. I feel for his 11 kids, his wife- if the media ignored it, shut off the power & closed the roads day 1, they were driving into town heavily armed threating to not be taken alive & for what? So the Koch bros that supported this for drilling & logging with promises of free grazing- insane that land once ruined would be sold to the brits or China just like our tx shores…

  • Is the black man the one who was killed while being apprehended for selling cigarettes, if so, I remember many Constitutionalists supporting him.

  • Don’t use the words of a pacifist or an unarmed victim to support the actions of an armed insurrection. I won’t let you. MLK would never support using threats or weapons to make a statement. Eric didn’t go looking for an excuse to start little “Patriotic” insurrection either. This is insulting for the memory of both men that died unarmed by people that didn’t think they were even human. That’s why.

  • Don’t dare compare these people as if they were fighting for similar reasons or using the same messages. Dr King would never condone guns, violence, or the threat of violence to stand for his cause. Two people in the meme were unarmed when they died. Two people in this meme were not even regarded as human by their killers. Only one was armed and actually charged their killer. I won’t let you whitewash history to support treasonous acts. https://www.facebook.com/WorldChannel/videos/1063192270399970/

  • There is no difference. In each case the man was killed by police officers and in each case everyone I know was outraged. Selling singles shouldn’t get you killed and you shouldn’t be summarily executed while your hands are up.

  • The Powers That Be want us all hating each other, because a house divided against itself cannot stand, especially standing up to Tyranny!

  • I think its obvious that the police and all the govmmnt agencies are sending us a message that they can kill/murder us anytime they want, but i think its time to organize coalitions to start offensive ops!!

  • Real USMC Patriot

    Don’t even try it.

  • Real USMC Patriot

    These were illegals, not patriots. We were all eye witnesses when we saw the video of the shooting. We can fight our battles like everyone else fights them: IN THE COURTS. We cannot go around saying that the Federal Government has no authority and believing it because it simply is not true.

  • Real USMC Patriot

    From my viewpoint, it is you lawless domestic terrorist types who flount the government and ignore the rights of the rest of America for your selfish desires who are the threat. You are not my friend. Until these foolish violent insurgents started this nonsense here in the US, the only people I thought took up arms against the US government were our ENEMIES in foreign lands.

    Americans, black and white and everything else, HAVE united against their common enemy. Domestic terrorists.

  • Brad Watson

    Wow you really think he was reaching for a weapon, did you not see the bullet holes in front windshield so taking gunfire as he approaches, he gets out and the cop he almost hit shoots him first lower left so yes his arms dropped he was shot then shot 2 from pick up dude shot 3 guy standing behind his truck shots 4and 5 guy from behind he had no weapon but after killing him 3 agents flipp off his dead body to me that says it all maybe your dad is next but 11 kids lost a dad

  • Brad Watson

    Suicide by cop is when he exits the truck shooting and you feel bad for the mercs who pulled the trigger with ease murdering that unarmed man yea they felt so bad they flipped off his dead body both arms straight out and you support those fine men that after killing a human being 3 of them firsts thought was let’s flip his dead body off to me is disgusting no remorse at all I’m disgusted in your comments

  • vladtheimpaler

    get your head out of your asshole liar.

  • vladtheimpaler

    LIAR……how can you say that,we can see it forourselves,dont try covering the murder of a citizen by a negro president.and traitor.david ward’s days are numbered.

  • vladtheimpaler

    yeah and commit murder,dont exaggerate now.

  • vladtheimpaler

    I got your tyranny hangin