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US District Court Rules “There is No First Amendment Right to Film the Police”


Philadelphia, PA — In an asinine blow to freedom of speech, U.S. District Judge Mark Kearney of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania issued a ruling Friday stating that citizens do not have a First Amendment right to record the police in public.

The ruling was based on the cases of Geraci v. City of Philadelphia and Fields v. City of Philadelphia. Both Geraci and Fields filed suit against the city of Philadelphia claiming their First and Fourth Amendment rights were violated when officers confiscated their cellphones after they filmed police or were barred from filming police.

According to The Legal Intelligencer, 

Neither of the plaintiffs, Richard Fields nor Amanda Geraci, were filming the police conduct because they had a criticism or challenge to what they were seeing. For Fields, he thought the conduct was an interesting scene and would make for a good picture, Kearney said. And for Geraci, she was a legal observer trained to observe the police, Kearney said.

Fields was walking down a sidewalk when he saw 20 police officers standing outside of a house party and decided that he would take a picture of it. When he took the photo, a would-be tyrant police officer approached him and asked Fields if he likes “taking pictures of grown men,” and demanded that he leave. When Fields respectfully declined to leave a public area, the officer handcuffed him, emptied his pockets and took and searched his ­cellphone. He was charged with obstructing the highway and obstructing public passages — for taking a photo.

In Geraci’s case, she was only attempting to film a fracking protest. As she got closer to the scene, police physically restrained her from filming, despite not yet having begun to record.

“The citizens urge us to find, for the first time in this circuit, photographing police without any challenge or criticism is expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment,” Kearney said.

“While we instinctively understand the citizens’ argument, particularly with rapidly developing instant image sharing technology, we find no basis to craft a new First Amendment right based solely on ‘observing and recording’ without expressive conduct and, consistent with the teachings of the Supreme Court and our court of appeals, decline to do so today,” he continued.

In other words, had Geraci and Fields challenged the conduct of the officers while they were filming, then their ‘speech’ would have been protected. However, they were only passively observing, which, according to this rookie judge, is not free speech.

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Kearney explains this failure of logic in the decision,

We find there is no First Amendment right under our governing law to observe and record police officers absent some other expressive conduct

Fields’ and Geraci’s alleged “constitutionally protected conduct” consists of observing and photographing, or making a record of, police activity in a public forum. Neither uttered any words to the effect he or she sought to take pictures to oppose police activity. Their particular behavior is only afforded First Amendment protection if we construe it as expressive conduct. Because we find this issue dispositive on all of Plaintiffs’ First Amendment retaliation claims, we first address whether Fields’ and Geraci’s conduct is constitutionally protected activity under prevailing precedent.

We analyze Fields’ and Geraci’s conduct mindful of the Supreme Court’s admonition “[w]e cannot accept the view that an apparently limitless variety of conduct can be labeled ‘speech’ …. ” “[I]t is the obligation of the person desiring to engage in assertedly expressive conduct to demonstrate that the First Amendment even applies. “ “Expressive conduct exists where ‘an intent to convey a particularized message was present, and the likelihood was great that the message would be understood by those who viewed it. “’ “[T]his is a fact-sensitive, context-dependent inquiry, and … the putative speaker bears the burden of proving that his or her conduct is expressive.”

Applying this standard, we conclude Fields and Geraci cannot meet the burden of demonstrating their taking, or attempting to take, pictures with no further comments or conduct is “sufficiently imbued with elements of communication” to be deemed expressive conduct. Neither Fields nor Geraci direct us to facts showing at the time they took or wanted to take pictures, they asserted anything to anyone. There is also no evidence any of the officers understood them as communicating any idea or message.

The irony here is that had these two individuals challenged the tyrannical cops who attacked them for filming, like Kearney recommends, they would have probably been beaten or worse.

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In another failure of logic, ignoring the fact that their phones were taken for practicing their First Amendment, Kearney acknowledged that since the police physically confiscated their property, their Fourth Amendment rights were potentially violated.

“The citizens are not without remedy because once the police officer takes your phone, alters your technology, arrests you or applies excessive force, we proceed to trial on the Fourth Amendment claims,” Kearney said.

According to the Legal Intelligencer,

The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania represented the plaintiffs along with Jonathan Feinberg of Kairys, Rudovsky, Messing & Feinberg, John Grogan and Peter Leckman of Langer, Grogan & Diver and Seth Kreimer of the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Mary Catherine Roper of the ACLU of Pennsylvania said the parties couldn’t appeal until the remaining claims are addressed, but she said she anticipates this case getting before the Third Circuit.

Roper said the practical implications of this decision come down to the fact that a police officer can’t know what the intended use of the image truly is.

“Anybody who makes a drawing, who takes a photograph, who makes a movie is literally creating a communication,” Roper said. “We think it is the act of creating that communication that is in itself an expressive act and is protected by the First Amendment, whether or not you intend to criticize or praise or hide your light under a bushel.”

Only a government that lives like cockroaches in the darkness would criminalize the act of turning on the light.

  • Tim Spake

    Yet they can run their dash cams and lapel cams?

    • BIGRED

      When the haven’t purposely broken them, yes.

  • Phillip Marsh

    The First, Seventh, Ninth and Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that filming is protected under the First Amendment. Circuit Court of Appeals is over District Judges. The ruling will get overturned. Further, the US Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to the filming rulings more or less saying they agree that filming is protected.

  • whateva i do what i want! 😀

  • So who is responsible for bringing these people to justice when they do the wrong thing and mame and injure ..

    • Militia.

    • it seems that is the direction the government wants things to go.. I am in Australia and see things like this happening over there in the US and wonder how long it will be before it happens here..

    • Revolution is the answer at this point….the planets history has proven this to be true……

    • sadly I think you may be correct.,.. makes you think about a lot of the conspiracy theorists doesn’t it.. some of what has been said may in actual fact have some truth to it..

  • But the state has a ‘right’ to record…?????????????

  • WTF

  • Such bullshit

  • there they go…

  • I smell an appeal in the near future…

  • Flush……

  • Don’t worry guys, this will never stand. This is a rookie judge.

  • So maybe hidden cameras are in order.

  • Shared….

  • Just film then run. Fuck da police

  • …this hack judge is an obama appointee. this a softball decision thrown out to force this issue during an election year. the us supreme court says its ok to film cops. this judge must have skipped that law school class.

    • Actually, you’d expect an Obama appointee to be pro-1st amendment protections. Really, (aside from the fact that most judges don’t much like being mocked and thought stupid) it is more like the judge softballed an opinion to the plaintiffs that was so obviously silly that it would be guaranteed to be reversed on appeal, thereby ENSURING a binding precedent.

    • Considering that Congress has blocked more judicial appointments for Obama than the total of blocked appointments in the history of Congress put together, this judge must be to the right of Atilla the Hun to get into the seat. He might be an Obama appointment, but he was approved by this Congress.

    • Dex Sinister the law works in strange ways. 🙂

  • If they can record with their dash cams to protect themselves in court, then I’m guna use my cell to protect myself whether they like it or not. Period.

  • The SCOTUS disagrees

  • here comes the attitude with force….

  • Oath breakers have no credibility and all decisions by them are as null as he is.

  • And they still claim they are “free”

  • So, in the meantime we should expressly say we are filming them in protest?

  • Filming isn’t really a form of speech until you publish what you’ve recorded.. But, does government have the right not to be filmed? That should be the real question. If government passes a law outlawing the filming of government then we can no longer even pretend to say that we are free.

    • In order to express an opinion,you must first gather information . I think the judge was wrong here, very wrong

    • Nobody is free, yall are slaves. Always have been, always will be

    • government says “if we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to fear”,that is their answer for why they are spying on us. But it is funny that they can’t stand us watching them. I guess they have a lot to fear.,lol

    • You know who initially said that tho Robert? Joseph Goebbels lol

    • They are removing people freedom one step at a time… CAN’T YOU FUCKING SEE IT?

    • Do you still believe that you are FREE

    • Bashir Meah there’s a certain measure of freedom. If tomorrow they jail you for filming, you have even less freedom. Don’t be uselessly polemic or stupidly philosophic 😉

    • Andrej Černi, Joseph Goebbels was an extremely perceptive and intelligent man. The fact that the Jews have trained you to bark like a trained seal about him from the day you were born through their vice-grip on Media should not suggest to you that he was wrong for stating the truth about the acts of Germany’s enemies.

    • Stephan Williams easy with the antisemitism…you may lower your right hand now. Maybe you misunderstood my statement, and you clearly misjudged me. I actually sort of agreed with Robert there. Your media and your “jews” have not reached my ears until only not too long ago thankfully, and hence have certainly not influenced my much broader thinking. US is a police state, the media is far from free and fair, and as much as everyone here loathes and fears Nazism, there are more and more traits developing which are starting to resemble the Third Reich. The politicians will of course never admit their secret fascination with the power of propaganda and control witnessed during Hitler’s time. There were a lot of Nazis who were quite intelligent and brilliant in their own ways to achieve as much as they did militarily, politically, scientifically etc – but that still doesn’t necessarily make them correct, humane or good people. Also, those “enemies” you referred to were created by Nazis themselves because of their actions – internally and externally. Kind of like a lot of people don’t develop a hate towards police until they personally experience the whole “protect and serve” thing turning into deviance, abuse and corruption

    • Very well said

    • The government is just other people and they should be subject to the same laws as we are

    • If the government spies on us…then we have every right to spy on them

    • If they have nothing to hide……

    • Supreme court said yes. Who are these clowns?

  • Appeal Appeal Appeal. Being able to film police is the only defense citizens have against CORRUPT police officers.

  • Those that are in favor of Maximum Central Government will support any means bring forth their Police State and shielding the actions of criminal individuals acting under the shield of authority will deny the citizens the right to see what’s happening

  • Money is free speech, but filming the police isn’isn’t covered…

  • Bullshit….

  • He does not deserve to be a judge!

  • Of course that’s ridiculous, and allowing that would open up themselves to a lawsuit. This needs to go to the Supreme Court.

    • …it did years ago. US Supreme Ct. sez its ok.

  • I once knew a guy in a committed relationship that kept getting busted for repeatedly getting inappropriate text messages on his cell. His response? “I hate f’n cellphones! They cause nothing but problems for me”! Neither his cellphone, nor the cellphones filming the cops, are the root of the problem here 🙁 #epicfailDC!

  • Then a new amendment must be added that protects civil accountability via picture and video technology, as the times change as must the laws.

  • So, I guess that means that police are above the law…

  • Who does the government work for?!

  • That’s wrong

  • Welcome to the 4th Reich!

  • Public offices should not fear public display…..FILM THEM IN EVERY EVENT YOU SEE WRONG!!

  • Complete bullshit! Fuck this system!

  • Very well. They want everyone to be vigilant and record any wrongdoing for evidence. Yet if it is a police officer doing the wrongdoing it is against the “State.” Welcome to the western KGB

  • It’s a completely silly trial-court level decision that has no precedent (it doesn’t affect anything other than the plaintiffs). It will certainly be reversed on appeal. (Syndicated article by the premier 1st amendment attorney in the country follows: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2016/02/23/no-first-amendment-right-to-videorecord-police-unless-you-are-challenging-the-police-at-the-time/

    • spot on

    • Good point….

    • I sincerely hope with all my heart that you are correct

    • thanks for the link

    • Thank you for clearing this up. I saw the same article on the anti media site before this and that’s what it said. It was a rookie judge and it would likely get appealed by the ACLU.. it’s bad when you read stuff on sites like this and actually have to look for a reliable source to find out what’s true and what’s just anti police propaganda

    • With some of the bizarro judges we have on the federal benches I wonder. We have had 6-3 decisions on the SCOTUS against clear 5th and 6th Amendment violations, and one of the 3 correct ones was Scalie (the others were, oddly, Thomas and Ginsburg.)

    • With some of the bizarro judges we have on the federal benches I wonder. We have had 6-3 decisions from the SCOTUS against clear 5th and 6th Amendment violations, and one of the 3 correct ones was Scalia (the others were, oddly, Thomas and Ginsburg.)

  • Cindy Jones Maksin

  • they are the ones out of control and the evidence mounts daily, what really pisses me off are those who carry out the orders

  • Then there is no right for the justice system to use a video as evidence against anybody for any crime

  • What do the police have to hide?

  • Augustus Crane ….. Scary where this is heading.

  • There is NO reason to deny it either!! Cops are People and People sometimes make Bad decisions!! That means Cops are as human as we are!! Keep on filming!!

  • I wonder how much judges cost these days…

  • not right

  • welcome to right wing love it or leave it nazi america…….you have a right to an arsenal of weapons but not a camera? can anyone say WTF?

  • The police state marches onward.

  • The government IS public, so they have absolutely NO right to privacy. Criminal laws, or those that aid criminal activity will be ignored.

  • I thought the constitution began with “We the people…” If it’s the people’s document then why does a court determine it’s meaning and not the people?

  • WAHAT!?!

  • Funny in Colorado a measure was just passed that say if a cop doesn’t let you film they have to pay a 15000 dollar fine. Which is great. We get our tax money back to be given to another cop who does their duty with respect to our community.

  • If I can’t film you, then you can’t film me. It’s that simple!

  • easily overturned on appeal… “the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit held that a private citizen has the right to record video and audio of public officials in a public place, and that the arrest of the citizen for a wiretapping violation violated his First and Fourth Amendment rights.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glik_v._Cunniffe

  • we live in a capitalist totalitarian dictatorship. Ruling by Executive decision has no checks and balances.

  • there is no law preventing one from filming in a public forum, cops committing crimes in the public forum is free material for subject of the roaming camera, needless to say , the cops want you to report suspicious activities; well they happen too be part of the suspicious activity. Reporting is not snitching it is protecting you and your neighbors peraon and property, they cannot have it both ways.

  • Then “they” need to take down all of their surveillance cameras too. #justsayin

  • The argument should have been “pursuit of happiness” and “evidence” with the first amendment. Journalist, what does this mean for freedom of the press that camera holds a story. Tampering or destroying Evidence is against the law. Most attorneys and judges are proving to be worthless plants.

  • where in the constitution does it say you can;t film cops?

  • This only means that these fucking pigs are just going to escalate their abusive shenanigans even more what these idiots don’t realize they are doing is just ADDING more fuel to the fire now that its out of the court’s fucking doors you can sure bet shit like this is going to become pandemic.

  • Bull shit

  • Screw that. Here everyone, record away. The truth is the truth and NO ONE should be embarrassed to be filmed IN PUBLIC!!! http://www.copblock.org/apps/

  • Just goes to show what idiots out judges are. Meaningless fools.

  • we are one step closer to being the next Nazi Germany !

    • I hope so! That means everyone will have a job and the economy will be booming!

  • Bullshit. Fuck you cocksuckers

  • Power hates accountability.

  • Lol so many nazi Germany comments. Germany thrived during the third reich

  • Take it to the Supreme Court.

  • Derek Lutz

  • Police; by the government, for the government. Glorified tax agents with swat gear

  • Bernie Sanders plz help social justice, and we all should talk to our representatives and ask them to change insurance our rights or take them out of Office

  • Then it is time to hang the corrupt fascist Nazi judge.

  • Just as a by note to this page, I am a bit tired of the bloody pop up interrupting reading even after I have liked the page! It is one thing that will irritate me to the point of unliking it!

  • its called freedom of the press, become an intern today

  • Holy shit

  • If there is no rights to film in the first Amendment..then there is also a right to film …..

  • I guess the opposite must be true also… No 1st amendment mention not to, either.

  • Ferfcksake

  • Fine then we guns and shoot back wtf

  • Like that will stop people

  • Sorry for that it’s buy guns and shoot back if not we the people get our life ruined not cops ooooh because what they get badges or work under the government maybe we should sing petitions and evict all Democrats and repubicans

  • thats fuckin bull shit for sure just to cover there asses

  • Jeff Westby

  • then why do cops tape us? why do they put cameras on most intersections? you cant go into one building or walk on one street in NYC and not be video taped. so, if they can do it to us, we MUST do it to them. Keeps everybody honest.

  • Change the title it’s miss leading

  • Do it anyway so the aliens can view it when they get here

  • They are going to be busy because everybody has a camera these days! Seems kind of desperate to me, must be a lot of corruption that need’s hiding.

  • I will record every encounter I ever have with a police officer…. And if I’m passing by and see a fellow citizen in need… I will record that too! We need to protect each other! And don’t just record to your phone record on an app that stores the video to an online cloud that can be accessed later in case they try to snatch ur phone and destroy it

  • I don’t believe we have a “right” either. But, neither is it against any “right” to do so. For you’re out in public, you are free game. Don’t think so, look up, see that camera?

  • Tie the paparazzi’s right to indiscriminately film people to, and they will change it over night.

  • And there is still no law against it

  • Documenting public servants at work..is not lawful? What the fuck are we looking at press conferences for? Or watching sports..
    I guess cops filming citizens is illegal also….
    Perfect example of the fraud in this corporation called the US.

  • Fuck the courts. Fuck the police. And fuck politics. We are anonymous and we are coming.

  • There’s always more people recording from places the cops can’t see. It makes no sense to stop people from recording.

  • We have a right to photograph and video anything in a public place……as a photographer…..or citizen…..and you do not need a release from any one in public places to publish…….

  • Woooow. “There’s no chains around my feet, but I’m not free. I know I am bound here in captivity!”

  • Law of the land says ” to fucking bad i will film you if i want ” so fuck you an your dumbass law. You dont want to be filmed then quit attacking innocent people duchebags

  • How do you spell dumbass? Crybaby? Whiner? Begger? https://www.facebook.com/AustinAreaLEOs/videos/1116987151679454/
    Heads up everybody, if you break the law, suck up your tears, and do what the Police is requesting… not that hard to do. The word is Cooperate.
    FYI: I hope that everyone will stand up and support Sheriff Nocco. He’s the best Sheriff that Pasco County has ever had. Thank you <3
    https://www.facebook.com/pascosheriff (Y)

  • SCOTUS has already ruled on this. It is in FACT a First Amendment Right.


  • Republican states are racists police states.

  • If a citizen challenges an officer while the officer is doing his job, he can be charged with obstruction and jailed. We’re all on camera these days, in the name of public safety. Why should police get a pass from that?

  • Killer cops.

  • STUPID is everywhere!!!

  • Patrick Henry

    And you idiots in Philly elected these dimwits Now live with it or recall them.

    • Gene Harris

      The Police are not elected they are Hired. Furthermore U.S. District Court Judges are not Elected either. so why would you make a comment like this. Should they recall you too?

      • Verax

        JUDGES ARE ELECTED, IDIOT! Get a brain!

        • Anonymous

          Federal judges are appointed, not elected. Who’s the idiot?

  • Well the second amendment gives the right to shoot police with a gun. Let’s use that one

  • FUCK YOU !!!

  • Insane. Film anyway.

  • Another step rowards removal of people rights.

  • If the powers that be can demolish “Twin Towers” in midmorning New York City with such spectacularity ….What hope have you got to think that your free ???? You are all under control….

  • The Police State grows stronger every day. It will be far too late to do anything about it if Trump gets into office. Are you going to sit this one out on the sidelines? Your vote is really needed this November

  • Better hide it

  • A very sad state of America. This Judge should be whipped.

  • Then the right to film the police needs to be enacted into law [as] a first right amendment to the amendment.

  • I guess we all better invest in body cams! and keep them rolling in the event of a confrontation with “The Man”.

  • They should be allowed to film. Then all the cops would quit knowing they are on camera 24/7 and will eventually ( no matter how good or honest they are) and then get crucified (their families too). I think all officers should have vest cams. Let’s film nurses 24/7.

  • Then start stopping them when you see them abusing a fellow citizen! By what ever means necessary protect your rights as well as your fellow citizens against tryanny foriegn and domestic!! WE MUST STAND FOR WHATS RIGHT OR WE ALL SHALL FALL TO TYRANNY!! WE ARE NOT FREE! WAKE THE FK UP SHEEPLE!

  • yes there is…….

  • Courts don’t make laws, don’t forget that!

  • Do you think they rule this way in the lower courts to make it a supreme court issuebto settle the shit once and for all?

  • Of course I have the right… stupid court. Since it is a district court the supremes can’t overturn the verdict unless one of the 4-4 changes sides.

  • FTP and the Judges and Politicians who want to take away our rights and freedoms.

  • What you mean days after they killed Scalia? That makes perfect sense to me. The machine must continue to grind forward. The citezenry, the economy, the constitution. The very things that made us American. Now we’re just colonials again.

  • Is there an Amendment not to?

  • SCOTUS ruled on this is ’12. An appellate court cannot override.

  • Audio might turn out to be more important than video from the point of view of where the disrespect actually begins.

  • They don’t seem to have a problem filing and taking pictures of us.

  • I thought this was already decided by the Supreme Court back on 2012? http://www.courtroomstrategy.com/2012/11/supreme-court-upholds-legality-of-videotaping-police/

  • Ah, I get it. Apparently it would work for this obtuse fool of a judge if one were to verbally criticize the cops while filming them – THAT QUALIFIES AS PROTECTED FREE SPEECH. Fine – let’s make sure you verbalize your objections to assault and battery or murder AS YOU FILM IT.

  • we allowed are selfs to be weak and we let the goverment stab us in the back every day

  • Take it to a higher court.

  • Is there specifically a law against it? If so, why?

  • At least there’s still that second amendment just in case they try to murder us

  • Shocker

  • FILM ANYWAY, every time you get close

  • Does this mean security cameras are illegal now?

  • malene

    That’s a lie. It’s unconstitutional to prevent Americans FROM filming the police and the corrupt leftard court is lying and they should all be thrown off the bench. Philly is infected with toxic democrats, as is the State.

    • Verax

      Sound more like TOXIC RIGHT WING idiocy to me.

  • 10th ammendment covers it.

  • Alfred Janiten

    There is talk of 22 soldiers commit suicide every day, I would think they could do better things than that for their country. ?

  • Alfred Janiten

    If it come down to government video and no citizen video, one day a terrorist may be dressed as a police man and no citizen will help. Government has never seen the citizen of any value, until “WE NEED YOU AS A GOOD CITIZEN”.

  • And US govt fights wars and bombs countries to overthrow dictators so that democracy can be established

  • War in the streets then? Americans own guns, they don’t want to take them because of gun violence, they want them because then you’re vulnerable and the police state takes over. Just wait, it’s becoming more of a reality, the same government that massacres innocents through their drone program are suing the city of Ferguson for their response to the peaceful protesting there. It’s all an illusion.

  • BS

  • Jordan Picófigo Resendes

  • Muahahahahaha the American People geht the Bill for their ignorance

  • The creation of the SUPERCOPS. I guess they know where they’re heading to when the citizens the cops were made to protect now becomes the prey

  • The creation of the SUPERCOPS. I guess they know where they’re heading to when the citizens the cops were made to protect now becomes the prey

  • Nomi Shah


  • Nomi Shah
  • Fuck them punk pigs with a passion!!!

  • The only way to stop this is for the public to be armed up and shoot back hard!!! I call it changing of the guards!!! Very effective!!! I’d rather die than be trapped in this living hell!!!

  • Cowards is what they are!!! They’re preparing for the new world order!!! BE PREPARED AS WELL!!!

  • As long as I’m paying taxes, that’s all bullshit.

  • it makes no difference to me if some random court says i can’t film the police.. if i see a possible misconduct by them, im filming.. period.

  • I’m starting to geniunely feel american will fall. There are simply too many fat, ignorant, stupid people that think they know what they are doing. constant stories or police killing innocents, mass shootings, the country is fucking backwards. It sounds like obama is doing a good job but he’s polishing a turd really

  • Perhaps cameras could be considered a form of defense weapon?

  • Lol ‘Murica! :))))

  • Your stupid fuckin pop up made it impossible to read.

    Is it important to spread this knowledge? Design your site better dinguses

  • Adebayo Ahanu Wematin

    So a person must be talking while they are filming the incident and the video will be protected.


  • No photo chops

  • welcome welcome to the beginning of the end. We will now become slaves to the state.

  • Gee you might think they something to hide

  • We need to keep filming cops, how many cops have been charged without a video to back it up? Not many as it’s your word against the cops and the judge will almost always side with the cop, unless you have video proof. Don’t let the government take any more of our rights away. KEEP FILMING COPS!!!!!

  • I came to this country for freedom… After all, it’s no different than China ….

  • anarchyst

    The ruling will be overturned. As it stands now, this unconstitutional ruling only applies to the states in that particular federal court district–not the whole country…

    • Verax

      Fortunately! But the more we get idiots electing Right Wing lunatics as judges, we can expect more of THIS idiocy!

  • No law against either!

  • Fuck the police. If they have nothing to hide, then roll the cameras!


  • People it doesn’t matter they are public servants they work for us their privacy and security does not matter when they put on that uniform from the time it’s on until it’s off we own their asses people need to wake up and see that this country as a whole is having the constitution and the power of the people subverted in so many ways while not teaching the youth about their real rights its only going to get worse. People have allowed our representatives in DC to make themselves into the new noble class and dictating what the rest of the country can do that’s not how this republic works and they know it but due to greed that won’t stop til people stand up.

  • Sure wish I could read this article but there is the same Damn pop up on my screen that is always there! This Time There Is No X To Close The Stupid add

  • Hosea Mcadoo

    There is also no First Amendment right to watch TV, ride horses, drive cars, fly in airplanes, eat in restaurants, go to ball games etc.. so, what’s your point district court?

  • Traitors and felons opinions can be ignored…….

  • Back in the USSR boys…how lucky we are to have heavily armed police at the expense that could supply an army of beat cops. It is easier to corrupt a few then many and easier to control many with force especially when the cowboys are the ones with the rifles and their leaders are the ones giving out the back door to supply the Indians. Sounds like fork toungue politics. Police have cameras on them and patrol cars filming the general population…does this mean that the part that shows them will be inadmissable in court.

  • Bullshit.

  • This is bullshit

  • Sounds like Nazism to me. Kind of hard to show the bad cops beating the crap out of or murdering people when you can’t film them.

  • Hiding police crimes by not allowing filming!

  • If corporations have the right to film employees and these police department’s are our employees the we have the right to film and monitor them while they are on our payroll and our streets.

  • The court is wrong.

  • Nicky Zakzuk



  • Nicky Zakzuk

    According to sources, Scalia had been providing protection for an international pedophile ring and was murdered by “friends” who he had informed of the nature of his visit with Obama and the doom it signaled for those around Scalia, prosecution, ruin and Citizens United reversed.

    The mechanism Scalia used to provide this protection was the Federalist Society which chooses the judges throughout the US judiciary system so should any unfortunate pedophile find himself in court, the judge was under Scalia’s control, thus making a successful prosecution difficult to achieve.

    The Federalist Society grooms and recruits candidates to become judges at a young age – college age kids; they specifically seek out suitable candidates who have certain moral ambiguities that can be exploited.

    Thus a stranglehold is placed on the judicial system of the United States by a group which serves the interests of big business – corrupt corporations, big pharma, the oil and coal barons; this is how their interests are, time and again, placed ahead of those of we, the people….


  • Okay. Ninth amendment.

  • If we do not have LAWS and a unhindered police Force to do it’s duty, . The scum dead beats for profit and criminals will run ramp id!

  • Ken Vanstory

    no other way to put it… That is fucked up!

  • freedom

    OK for the record this poor excuse for a judge was appointed by Obama. Thank God we can count the months until Obama is out of office. I agree that this ruling will be outright overturned! People of PA, you need to call you federal representatives and get this jerk removed from the bench!

    Villanova University/Law School must be joke, did they guy actual attend any classes? How did this guy pass the Bar Exam?

  • John Finney

    Appeal his ruling. Appeal appeal appeal…their is no reason why a police officer can not be recorded the people pay his wages. He is a public servant, and When he puts the Uniform on he is subject to public scrutiny.

  • Robert Spies

    When you film cops, live stream it to the Internet. Then there will be nothing of value to them if they confiscate you apparatus.