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Florida Deputies Gun Man Down as His Son Tries to Explain that He’s Deaf

“I kept telling them that he can’t hear them,” said Miller. “I kept telling them he can’t understand them.” Daytona Beach, FL -- A 52-year-old...

Cops Taser Deaf Man Having Diabetic Attack

Lawsuit: Instead of calling paramedics, officers punch and shoot man with tasers Steve Watson Infowars.com February 19, 2014 Yet another case of police tasering a deaf person who...

Innocent man beaten and tasered by California police for signaling he is deaf

RT.com A California man was allegedly beaten and tasered multiple times by four police officers while attempting to signal that he was deaf. Now, he's...

Cops Beat a Deaf Man for Seven Minutes Because He didn’t Respond to Their...

Pearl Pearson is a 64 year-old diabetic deaf driver who resides in the Oklahoma City area. On the evening of January 3rd, Pearl crossed...

Nearly 3 Months Since the Vegas Massacre, Police Silent, Still No Images of Paddock,...

Las Vegas casinos are arguably the most intensely surveilled place on earth, oddly, not a single image or video of alleged Vegas shooter Stephan Paddock has been released.

Top Ten Conspiracy Theories That Turned FACT in 2017

2017 was a year that vindicated those who the media has constantly referred to conspiracy theorists, exposing the establishment in the process.

Disturbing Body Cam Shows Cop Murder Unarmed Mentally Ill Man With Hands Up—Cop Charged

An Oklahoma City police officer has been charged with 2nd-degree murder for killing an unarmed mentally-ill man on video.

Five Glaring Facts Showing that NBC Knew About and Allowed Matt Lauer’s Sexual Predation

While NBC claims it acted on the first report against Matt Lauer, evidence indicates that the network has been enabling his sexual misconduct for years.

US is Doing to Hungary, What it Says Russia Did to America and Media...

The United States has spent nearly $1 million funding media outlets in Hungary during its election—something it accused Russia of doing in the U.S.

WATCH: Man Swarmed by Cops, Detained, Cuffed—for Carrying a Pink Dildo

A man was held at gunpoint, detained, and handcuffed by police at an airport for carrying a bright pink dildo in his gun holster.